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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 07

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I had been kneeling in front of Ms. Panington for some time as she finished her breakfast of omelet, bacon, toast, and orange juice. My mind was firing in a confused fashion and I was unsure which of many thoughts, feelings, and impulses to pay attention to, and which to ignore. Fight or flight was quite pronounced and I contemplated getting up then and there and running from the room, somehow managing to get some presentable clothing, bolting from the offices of the Behavior Modification Institute, and getting a flight home. But I knew that I would lose Kelli, and I could not tolerate the thought of that.

More significant, though, was that I knew that, deep down, this is the life I wanted. As I knelt, naked, in front of this beautiful and dominant woman another part of me felt a serenity and security. Perhaps my life would be better. I enjoyed all of my private masturbation sessions, but I always felt guilty afterwards, and I always thought that if Kelli knew about my fantasies and how often I jerked off, that she would reject me. Now it is apparent that she has known for some time, even videotaped me pleasuring myself while wearing her things and she seems not only accepting, but wanting to take me further down this road than I ever imagined. I have known for a long time that I was a sissy, I just couldn’t admit it, not even to myself, and I had feared Kelli discovering this about me. Now, here I was kneeling in front of a woman who was ignoring me as she ate her breakfast and perused the morning paper, and I was incredibly aroused.

“I can’t help but notice, Tom,” Ms. Panington eventually broke the silence, “But your tiny penis is erect. Is there something arousing to you about kneeling there while I ignore you, Tom?” She laughed and returned to her paper, casually uncrossing and recrossing her legs. “I hope that you are not trying to look up my dress, Tom. Goodness. You are already in plenty of trouble.”

She was right. I had tried to see the crotch of her pantyhose as she crossed her legs, but I couldn’t admit that to her, not with the trouble I was already in for my accident. And it really wasn’t her legs and the chance of seeing her panty covered pussy that it excited me; it was the humiliation of my submission. So I said nothing and tried to distract myself by adding columns of numbers in my head. Unsuccessful, my cock remained erect. Meanwhile, Ms. Panington continued her breakfast as though I was not there.

Eventually Ms. Jensen returned. “Okay, the cage is ready in his room and Nurse Pyre is waiting in the nursery,” she said to Ms. Panington, ignoring me. “Oh look, he’s got an erection. Isn’t that cute?” and they shared a laugh.

“Did you bring a cock leash?” Ms. Panington asked.

“Yes, it’s here in my purse,” Ms. Jensen replied.

“Well I think it’s best that you use it. Who knows what he’s been thinking while he’s been waiting on his knees with his cute little wee-wee pointed straight up. And putting a leash on his little manhood will just reinforce that it no longer belongs to him,” Ms. Panington instructed, “He’s shown no ability to control it, that’s for sure.”

Ms. Jensen stepped towards me, “Get up, Tom. Your knees may hurt a bit, huh? Doing okay, hon?” The mix of kindness, authority, confidence, and cruelty that these women displayed towards me was confusing, for sure. It made me want to please them even more. She took an inch-wide leather band from her purse and secured it to my penis, cinching it tight with a Velcro fastener. There was a small ring attached to the band and she clipped a 4 foot dog leash to the ring. “Okay, let’s go.” I had no choice but to follow close behind.

Back to the elevator which opened to reveal three women in business attire. They all greeted Ms. Jensen as they exited, but ignored me and the leash she was holding. I figured this must be routine for them. Down a couple floors we went. As we stepped from the elevator I saw a group of five women dressed in elaborate canlı bahis maid’s uniforms following another woman, this one in full Dominatrix regalia. We waited for them to pass, I did a double-take, and realized that only the Domme was a woman. The rest appeared to be feminized men. “Are those…” I started to ask Ms. Jensen.

“Yes, Tom. Those men are being trained to service their wives as sissy maids. I believe that Ms. Carson is taking them to their cooking class this morning. Too bad that Kelli doesn’t want you all prettily made up like those sissies. She has other ideas about what will be most humiliating for you, But perhaps before you finish your time here you will be joining some of the maid classes,” Ms. Jensen explained.

Soon we were at a door marked “Nursery” with appliques of teddy bears and Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls on the door. Through a small window in the door I could see Nurse Pyre just inside. She greeted Ms. Jensen when we came in, then took a look at me, shook her head in mock disgust and said, “Poor Tommy, still can’t control his little wee-wee. Little Tommy’s wee-wee squirted all over Ms. Panington’s lap I understand. Did you have a little accident, little one?”

“Yes, Ma’am. I did.”

“And I understand that you got in some trouble regarding your fascination with my tits. Poor little boy. I know that I embellished the story just a bit when I told Ms. Panington, but I thought it best that she knew what lust you had for big breasts. I’m sure little Tommy would love to suck on them like a wittle baby,” Nurse Pyre continued making a display of cradling one of her tits with both hands, “And now you have yourself in more trouble. I think I can take it from here, Ms. Jensen, thanks for bringing him.” Ms. Jensen handed Nurse Pyre the leash, then left the room, giving me a light tap on the rear as she walked by towards the door.

“Look around you, Tommy. There are no panties to play with, no bras to try on, no grown-up clothes at all in this room,” Nurse Pyre said ominously. “This is a nursery, Tommy. You are here because you have been acting like quite a baby, having accidents and all. If you act like a baby, Tommy, you will be treated like one.”

I looked around the room first noticing that Nurse Pyre was dressed in a different sort of uniform today. No skirt, instead light blue scrubs top and bottom and the sort of jacket a pediatric nurse might wear with a print of teddy bears and dolls much like the applique on the door. And she was wearing sensible white nurse’s shoes with tie laces. Around the room there was an exam table—I thought it was an exam table anyway, an oversized high-chair, an oversized crib-like structure, a large play mat with Sesame Street characters, a couple brightly painted toy boxes, an over-stuffed easy chair, and rows of white cabinets.

“First things first, Tommy, let’s get that leash off of you. Baby boys don’t wear leashes on their cocks. They don’t even have cocks. They have wee-wee’s,” she laughed. When she pulled off the Velcro I could feel myself start to grow and I tried to will it to stay small. I didn’t want her to think that this latest situation was in the least bit arousing to me. It wasn’t…was it?

“Over here, Tommy,” and she took my hand and guided me to what I had thought was an exam table, “Up you go, Tommy, let’s get a diaper on you.”

“No, Nurse Pyre. Please, no, please not a diaper. I am a grown man. Please. I don’t want to wear a diaper,” I pleaded.

“Okay, then. I will call Ms. Panington and have her call Kelli. The contract you signed was quite clear that any refusal to cooperate would result in Kelli proceeding with her divorce. I’ll just make the call and you can be on your way….” she responded firmly. “Or, Tommy, you can accept your punishment for cumming all over Ms. Panington’s nylon stockings, and get on with your training. You decide. Which will it be?”

“D-d-d-di-di-diaper,” I said, almost in a whisper.

“What is it bahis siteleri you have decided, wittle Tommy? I didn’t hear you.”

“Diaper,” I responded somewhat louder.

“You want me to put a diaper on you like you are a little baby, is that what you want?” Nurse Pyre was making the most of this. “Ask me nicely, then, my dear wittle boy.”

“W-w-will you p-p-pl-please put a d-d-diaper on me?” I asked, my face now a beet red and racked with embarrassment, my entire body trembling from the humiliation of it.

“Of course, sweetie, nursie will put di-di on wittle Tommy. Get up on the changing table, wittle Tommy, and nursie will get you all fixed up,” Nurse Pyre said, now in the most sugary and condescending voice.

I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible, so I hoisted myself onto the table where she took off my arousal meter and set it aside, saying, “We must be careful that this doesn’t get too wet…electronics, you know. Now just so you don’t get any ideas about making a creamie in your di di, we will be testing them with a chemical that shows semen whenever you are changed. We will tolerate a slight bit of leakage, pre-cum if you will, but no messes. And, do not think that we won’t be able to tell the difference. Now raise your legs high in the air.”

I hid my face with my hands. I wanted to simply disappear. Nurse Pyre went to one of the cabinets and returned with what appeared to be several large fluffy cloth diapers, some transparent plastic pants, baby oil and powder. My penis had shriveled as small as it was capable of being, and I continued to tremble. As Nurse Pyre shoved the edge of the cloth diaper under me, tears began streaming from my eyes. I was so confused. I had to cooperate or I would lose Kelli. I liked the idea of being a sissy. I just had to endure this punishment and learn to control my ejaculations. But I was so humiliated to be treated as though I was a baby, and this humiliation was not erotic, not at all.

Nurse Pyre noticed the tears. “Oh wittle baby Tommy. It’s alright. Don’t cry wittle baby,” and she spread a liberal amount of baby oil on my penis and made a fist of her hand around it, pumping up and down until I was erect. “Baby Tommy has a stiffie. Baby Tommy has a stiffie. Baby Tommy has a stiffie,” she taunted. I thought about cumming right then and there as an act of defiance, but before I reached the point of no return she stopped rubbing me and, without another word, peppered baby powder all over the areas to be covered, pulled the sides of the diaper up tight, and pinned the sides with large baby blue safety pins. Next she slid the plastic pants over both of my legs and pulled them up snugly. “Roll over, baby Tommy,” she commanded. I did as told and could feel a tightening of the waist of the plastic pants, then heard the clicking of a lock. “There you are, Tommy, these are locking plastic pants. Just to be sure you remember who is in charge.”

“But what if I have to pee?” I asked innocently.

“Oh, I can guarantee that you will have to pee, Tommy, and you surely will have to poop as well. We expect it. And Ms. Panington is wagering that the humiliation of soiling yourself in the care of us women will be sufficiently humiliating to teach you a lesson. Little boys who cannot control their wee-wees must wear diapers,” she explained. “So don’t worry if you have to go, just go. I have two diapies on you, so it will be plenty absorbent. I heard that you’ve not eaten for some time. Down off the changing table and let’s do something about that.”

She went to a refrigerator where she removed something. I couldn’t quite see what it was, then she went and sat on the one easy chair that sat in a corner of the room. “Come here, Tommy, time to eat.”

Famished, I strode—wait, I waddled—over to where Nurse Pyre was sitting. “Up on my lap, wittle boy, time for your bottle.”

It took a couple minutes to get exactly in the position she seemed to want me. How it ended up is that bahis şirketleri I was lying across her lap with my head on her ample bosom and cradled in the crook of her arm. Once situated, she produced a large bottle containing a cream-colored liquid. It had a nipple on the business end which she pushed, with little resistance from me (I was so hungry) between my lips and I began to suck. The “milk” or whatever it was tasted wonderful if not a slight bit too sweet. After a few minutes I found myself to be very comforted by the warmth of Nurse Pyre’s breast against my cheek, the sound of her humming nursery songs to me, and the sucking sensation of drawing from the nipple. And, I had a stiffie.

Nurse Pyre took her free hand and rubbed the front of my plastic pants and they made a crinkly sound as she rubbed them. She must have known that I was erect, but said nothing and soon took her hand away. Soon the bottle had been sucked dry. “Okay baby Tommy, let’s get you in your high chair,” she said sweetly, pushing me up and off of her, “But first I will finished getting you dressed.” She produced a plastic onesie from a cabinet drawer, slipped it over my shoulders and snapped the crotch closed, securing the closure with another tiny padlock. “Okay, sweetie, up in the high chair.”

“No, please, Nurse Pyre, not a high chair,” I weakly protested, realizing that I would concede any battle.

“Babies can’t talk, Tommy. If you continue to talk I will have to do something about it. Babies cry, babies burp, babies coo, but babies don’t talk. I don’t want to hear another word out of you!” she said in a no-nonsense tone.

I made my way to the high chair where she strapped my legs in and secured my arms to the sides, then put a large plastic bib on me and secured the tray to the high chair. I was virtually immobile, was not allowed to speak, and all I could do is open my mouth when she began to offer spoonfuls of applesauce and strained peas. Yuck. Good thing I was hungry. Nurse Pyre seemed to be going out of her way to slop applesauce and peas onto my chin and cheeks.

The door opened and it was Ms. Jensen. “Looks like you have things under control here Nurse Pyre,” she laughed, “Did you put the laxative in the bottle like Ms. Panington wanted?”

“Sure did. And I put a mild diuretic in as well,” Nurse Pyre responded, much to my horror.

“Well, when you are done feeding him I am ready to bring him to his cage,” Ms. Jensen said, “He’ll be spending some time there in his diaper—give him some time to think about his selfish ejaculations. By the way, how long should we let him go between changings do you think?”

“Well, that completely depends on how humiliating Ms. Panington wants it to be. I suspect that he will be filling the diaper within the next hour. The longer he remains in a wet or messy diaper, the more he should learn his lesson, don’t you think?” Nurse Pyre responded.

“Oh, yes. Almost forgot. Do you have those kneed pads so that he can crawl back to his room. We don’t want his knees all scraped up. And those bondage mittens? Ms. Panington wants them on him before I leave him in the cage,” Ms. Jensen asked Nurse Pyre.

“Sure. Anything else?”

“Umm, how ’bout if you leave the mess on his face until I get him to his room. You never know who we might meet in the hallway. And I love the onesie. Nice touch.”

It was crystal clear to me what was going to happen. I would be crawling back to my room on my hands and knees, diapered and covered only in this transparent plastic onesie, green mess from the feeding on my face, then I was to be locked in a cage like an animal. With the laxative and diuretic there is no way I could avoid filling the diaper I was wearing. The only question was how long they would make me remain in my soiled diaper before I got changed. If I wasn’t already dependent on these women, I would be even more so. I would have to depend on them to unlock my cage, feed me, and unlock my plastic pants and onesie so that my diaper could be changed. I couldn’t explain it, but as the two women talked about their plans for me, my little cock had grown and was pushing into the soft cotton of the diaper. Why?

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A ‘Live’ Moment

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Kristiansson (Kris) , Hamilton (Ham) and I were all employed by the county medical examiner’s office, so we have seen more than our share of stiffs in every condition possible, so when we got a whole week off at the same time, we decided a cabin vacation in the woods away from the usual patter of dead bodies, autopsy suites, conferring with cops and the smell of formaldehyde was looking more than very attractive.

The three of us were buddies for a long time; the old timers at the ME’s office weren’t too thrilled about me coming there when I first hired on, being I was only one of four women employed by the ME’s office, and the other three had been secretaries. They obviously weren’t used to a woman actually being in contact with the bodies themselves.

But Kris and Ham had a different (read: modern) view of things; we’d become quick buddies during my first few months with the office.

Ham was thirty-eight, a strapping six foot three guy with dark hair and built like a bouncer. He had been a former cop before becoming an ME. Evidently, the women in his life weren’t thrilled about either of his vocations, because Ham had been divorced twice and already had broken up with yet another girlfriend. Kris and I razzed him about this all the time.

“Better off sticking with the dead ones, Ham,” I teased one day.

“You got that right. They don’t give me as many headaches.”

Kris was thirty, somewhat shy around live bodies, five foot ten and had sort of an average build, a blue eyed dishwater blond, with sun streaks running through his always-tousled hair.

Kris was the man was what the two younger secretaries deemed ‘cute’ in an unconventional way. He had never been married; always joking that his job was his wife. He may have not minded the secretaries much, but once in awhile, I would catch Kris eyeing me.

But before what would happen at the cabin, I saw him as nothing more than a buddy.

On the day we were supposed to leave, we almost didn’t make it out that day.

“Dr. Cavanaugh,” the coroner indicated to Kris, tossing a file onto his desk. “We need this autopsy ASAP.”

Kris had sighed and pulled a lock of blond hair behind his ear, reading the file. I picked up that if he’d had his way, the coroner himself would have been Kris’ next body.

“You know you and Ham can go ahead if you want, Jordan. I shouldn’t be long on this one.”

“We can wait,” Ham announced. “We have the place for a week anyway and we aren’t due up there till later tonight.”

I agreed; it wouldn’t be the same traveling without Kris and I needed to finish some paperwork anyway.

It seemed it hadn’t taken long for Kris to finish his case; he then went back to change out of his scrubs and shower. He then came out in a light blue sport shirt and jeans.

I couldn’t help myself when I saw Kris in those jeans; he seemed to fill them out nicely, especially in the behind. No wonder those two young secretaries liked looking at him.

“Nice ass, Dr. Cavanaugh,” I teased, knowing it would turn Kris beet red. Ham got a laugh out of it.

“If you weren’t such a good friend, Hartman, I’d have you for sexual harassment,” Kris came back, blushing deeper.

Once we did get out of the ME’s office and on our way, the roads that were easiest to travel to the cabin were washed out, and it took several hours to get there.

“Jesus Christ,” Ham complained. “I honestly think we’re not supposed to do this thing.”

We finally made it shortly before dusk, crawling our way over illegal bahis the twisting and turning back roads as Ham cursed under his breath and Kris directed him from the map.

The scene was picturesque; the small church along, along with one pub and a general store looked like a postcard set against the mountains and trees. We stopped at the general store for a few things before going to the cabin. By the time we got there, it was already starting to get dark.

Inside Ham set up everything while Kris and I put away the groceries. The cabin had four bedrooms, one downstairs, three upstairs and two bathrooms (“One for us, and one for Jordan to take twenty years in, ” Ham would joke. “You know women, Kris.”)

The look of the cabin was very rustic with furniture that looked to be made out of smooth tree limbs.

There was even a bear skin rug in front of the fireplace that we probably wouldn’t be using. The cabin itself had originally belonged to Kris’ family.

We’d then had a quick dinner before cleaning up.

“It’s still early,” I said. “What do you guys want to do?”

After discussing it for a short time we decided to play cards, specifically Kris’ favorite, poker.

“Why don’t we make it strip poker?” asked Ham.

Kris turned a little pink and I gave Ham a look.

“I don’t know, Ham; Jordan’s been known to cheat at regular poker.”

“I don’t cheat!” I said, looking at him and defending myself. “I don’t cheat,” I repeated reassuringly to Ham, who just smirked at me.

“Whatever you say, Dr. Hartman.”

We played hand after hand, stripping off one article of clothing after another as we passed some beer around we’d gotten at the store. By now, I was left in a white cotton shirt and a thong.

Ham still had on his jeans, as did Kris. We were pretty tipsy by the time Kris had dealt the next hand.

I looked up at Kris and noticed he was not good at keeping his poker face; he was worried.

Smiling to myself, I decided to keep that hand I had; it wasn’t great, but I figured I could bluff my way to the win. We then each laid out our cards and I was right; Kris lost this round.

Kris then looked at me, sighed and stood up to peel off the jeans, revealing his nakedness underneath.

“Didn’t know you went commando, Dr. Cavanaugh,” Ham laughed.

“I told you she cheats!” he said to Ham.

“I don’t cheat,” I repeated to him, standing up and pushing in my chair.

“Those were your cards!” Kris said accusingly.

“You dealt the hand. Bluffing is not the same as cheating and it’s no one’s fault but yours that you didn’t want to wear underwear. And it’s not my fault that you play poker like a girl.”

Smiling, Kris said, “You’re asking for it, Hartman.”

“I’m not asking for anything,” I said defiantly.

I saw Ham out of the corner of my eye get up to stand by the fireplace.

Pushing my luck, I said to Kris, “You’re a sore loser, you play poker like a girl and I bet you throw like a girl too!”

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He lunged for me. I screamed, turning to run and got about two feet before running smack dab into Ham.

“Grab her for me,” Kris said.

Ham reached for me, one arm grabbing me around the waist.

“You know what man?” Kris said. “I bet you our Dr. Hartman here is actually ticklish.”

“Is that right?” said Ham, grinning from ear to ear.

“No!” I said. “I hate that. No, please don’t,” I pleaded.

Ham was too strong and I couldn’t illegal bahis siteleri pull away when I felt Kris’ fingers on my ribs. I can’t explain how ticklish I am and how much I hate being tickled. It’s almost painful.

Through my laughing, I screamed again, squirming to get away.

I couldn’t, so I wiggled out just enough to fall to the ground. I tried to crawl away from their maddening hands, but I was grabbed by the leg and pulled back onto the bear skin rug. I felt my ass exposed and then a hard smack against my butt.

“Owww!” I yelled. Then came another smack.

“You suck,” I cried. “You both suck!”

Kris rolled me over and I tried to scoot away again. Ham grabbed hold of my hands and held me down while Kris continued tickling me.

“Stop it!!” I screamed, but it came out more like insane laughter.

“Admit you cheated,” Kris said.

“No!” I said back. More tickling.

“Admit you cheated!” he repeated, but didn’t stop tickling me.

“I cheated!” I screamed, unable to take the it anymore, my ribs aching. “I cheated! Now stop before you make me piss everywhere! Goddamn you, Cavanaugh!”

His hands moved, but not off of me completely. They moved onto my breasts and then to the buttons on the shirt.

Ham continued holding my arms to the ground while Kris unbuttoned my shirt, peeling it away to expose my nipples to the cool air and causing them to harden.

“Let me show you how much I suck,” he said, bending to touch the tip of his tongue to one of my nipples.

“Mmmmmm”, I moan, biting my lower lip and not believing the bashful Dr. Kristiansson Cavanaugh, more at home with dead bodies than with a live ones, was doing this to me.

He circled it with his tongue, flicking it back and forth over the top before taking it into his mouth, sucking deeply. I arched my back to him and Kris moved his lips from my breast down a path to my stomach.

I feel Ham’s grip loosen and then his hand on my other breast. Kris slipped a finger between my pussy lips, feeling the wetness that was soaking my thong. He rubbed me through the flimsy material while Ham licked and sucked at my other nipple.

I had done two guys at the same time before back in college, so it wasn’t anything new to me, though it had been a long time.

Kris then removed his finger from my pussy and removed my panties. His lips brushed across my inner thighs, his tongue licking everything but my clit.

He’s teasing me, I thought to myself; he is driving me mad.

I pulled the back of his hair to try and guide him to where I needed him, but he wouldn’t budge, his tongue still avoiding my clit.

Reaching behind me, I slipped a hand between Ham’s thighs, feeling his hardness through the thick material of his jeans.

Ham stopped bathing my nipple to help me unfasten him. I slid my tongue up and down his length. He straddled my face and lowered himself closer to my mouth like he was doing push ups.

I gripped his hips and my lips slid up and down his shaft, taking him in completely.

After a few minutes, I whimpered and Kris realized he’s teased me enough. When his exquisite tongue finally made contact, a shock wave traveled through my body like I’d been hit by a lightening bolt.

As I came, Kris continued licking and sucking at my clit. Once my orgasm was over, he entered me slowly, sliding in and out in a slow gentle rhythm.

Ham was on his knees at the side of my head, resting his cock just above my lips. They canlı bahis siteleri each claimed a breast with their hands, Kris still thrusting gently but deeply and Ham still hovering at my mouth.

Before they came, they traded places, Ham settling between my thighs and Kris taking his place beside my face. I could taste myself on him when he rubbed the underside of his cock against my lips.

Ham entered me a little rougher than Kris did, thrusting somewhat harder. His thumb found my clit and rubbed in little circles. I contracted my muscles and moved my hips in rhythm with his, taking him in a little deeper.

Ham’s breathing accelerated and his thrusts quickened.

My mouth and hand still worked on Kris, whose head was thrown back, mouth slightly open, looking as if he was about to cum.

Ham was first to explode; he had pulled out and came all over my tits, stomach and pussy.

After Ham had cum and then sat back on the floor, I got on my hands and knees to finish off Kris, who moved my hair aside and watched as I performed for him, sucking him and sliding my lips up and down his cock, then swallowing him whole. Tangling his fingers in my hair, he finally came in my mouth.

I drank every last drop of his hot jizz, except for one, which ran down my chin. I wiped it off before licking it off my fingers, then looked up at him.

“I never thought you had it in you, Cavanaugh,” I said sexily when his now-limp cock slid out of my mouth.

I guess that was proof that we needed to watch out for the shy ones!

“I was about to say the same about you, Hartman. Jesus, I guess it is true that you can suck dick as well as you can cut up a body.”

By now, Ham had stroked himself into another erection and wanted his own cock sucked.

“Suck me, baby. Suck me off now. Give me what you just gave Kris.”

I wrapped my hand around his massive tool and leaned forward and flicked my tongue over his swollen head, then wrapped my lips around his girth and slid down his throbbing shaft.

His cock was less than halfway inside my mouth when he started to push it more into my mouth, practically face fucking me. I slid my tongue under his shaft and sucked even harder.

“Good little cock sucker, isn’t she Ham?” Kris asked with a grin, getting semi-hard himself watching me go down on Ham.

Ham groaned in agreement, pushing more of his cock into my mouth.

I was sucking and slurping away on his massive shaft when I felt Kris’ now-hard cock pressing against my wet pussy. My swollen, shaved mound welcomed his throbbing tool as he pushed it into me and began fucking me.

Now I had a big cock in my mouth and another one stuffed in my soaked pussy. I was in heaven as the two hard shafts of flesh fucked both ends of me. I was going to cum at any minute as I felt my approaching orgasm working its way to the edge.

I exploded as I felt hard, hot streams of Kris’ cum spray into my cunt. My body tensed, then jerked violently in a series of orgasmic spasms.

Somehow I held Ham’s cock in my mouth as muffled moans and gasps escaped as I came.

All this had the desired effect, as I felt Ham’s orgasm work its way up. I slid my fingers under his huge balls, rubbing them as I sucked. Hot creamy seed began to fill my mouth as Ham groaned out in ecstasy.

I swallowed it down my throat as quickly as he pumped in my mouth. I continued sucking him until he was completely drained. I sat up and wiped the excess cum from my lips and chin.

We then collapsed back, exhausted and satisfied from the sexual play we had just had and dozing off onto the bearskin rug.

The last thing I remembered before dropping off was Kris whispering to me that we had to come up here again–next time without Dr. Reese.

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A Private Show

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It was Saturday morning, when Emily received the message from her boyfriend Christian. They are now 2 months apart, Chris staying in Australia for half a year due to work, and Emily staying at home. After he was gone, their sex life went a little downhill, since they couldnt screw around like bunnys anymore. The only thing left were the toys, which they used quite a lot on cam for each other, but something was missing for Emily. That`s why she was even more excited, when she read his message: “Hey Honey, I hope you slept well. I know you are a bit sad that I`m gone, and I really really miss you too, the sex especially. And for that reason, I ordered a little surprise for you, that should arrive today. I hope you like it, even if its a little extra I´d say. Meet me online this evening, I´m really excited.

Love you, Chris.”

Emilys heart was racing, her thoughts went all over the place. What was he talking about, what did he order? She got excited, even a bit aroused. Emily asked him what he was talking about, and if he could explain it a bit further. After half an hour went by, she knew that he wouldn´t answer her.

So she went to the living room, sat on the couch and waited, waited for the mysterious package to arrive. Another hour went by before the door bell rang. She took the package inside, it was quite heavy Emily thought to herself. After it was open, she couldnt believe what she was seeing. The first thing that she noticed was the black and white lingerie set inside. It was a matching set of stockings, garter belt, bra and thong, together black heels. She took the lingerie out of the package, amazed by how sexy it looked even with nobody wearing it. A little note fell on the floor, saying: “I hope you like it, please wear it for me later. And I also hope you dont get scared by the little toy.”

What toy? She took a second look into the package, noticing a machine down there. Her eyes widened, she felt a mix of arousal, lust and passion. “You are so crazy” she said out loud, looking at the fucking machine in the package. It was one you see in pornos, that could fuck you faster than any men could possibly do. “You are so fucking crazy!” she said again, but still smiling from ear to ear.

The evening was still a few hours away, so Emily went to the bathroom and got under the shower. The longer she stood under the hot water, the more illegal bahis sexual thoughts came to her mind, her hands beginning to run over her own body. When her hands reached her pussy, she regained her senses and an insane idea came to her mind.

She got out of the shower and went to the bedroom, the lingerie still on the bed and the machine in the package. Emily explored it further, noticing a remote control and two dildos, one small one and a bigger one. The manual also said you could put in a program, that would get the machine to work a set amount of time and with a set speed. Another big smile came to Emilys face, getting the red sex chair out of the closet that she and Chris bought together. She positioned it infront of the machine, then hooked the smaller dildo into it. She dropped her bathrobe, laid down on the chair and positioned the dildo at her pussy. She got wet just from being in this position, but didn´t turn it on. She got up again, preparing everything she needed for the evening.

Emily felt really sexy in the lingerie, even kind of powerful. She decided to play with Chris, tease him and drive him crazy. She positioned her webcam so he would get full view of the chair and the machine, and herself of course. She received another message from Chris: “Are you ready?”

She answered:” You have no idea.”

She turned on the webcam, posing for him. His face turned up on the screen, his eyes immediately getting wide, seeing her.

“Oh my god Emily, you are so damn sexy!”

“Well, you sent this to me, so I guess you do have good taste after all.”

“Since you are wearing it, I guess you liked the whole package?” He grinned.

“Oh you are such a pervert Chris!” She said with a smile “I haven`t tried it out yet, but I bet I will like it. But before I begin my little show, how did this idea came to your mind?”

“Well, to be honest Emily…”

“Did you see this thing while jacking off your little cock to some filthy porn?” She bent down towards the cam, pressing her boobs together with her arms, presenting them to Chris.

“Fuck…Yes, I did honey…God you look so damn sexy, I wish i could fuck you right now!”

“Well, your little gift will do that for now i guess. Hopefully it doesn`t fuck me better than you do, otherwise you can only watch this thing from now on.” She turned around, slapping illegal bahis siteleri your own ass to make it jiggle for Chris. She took the remote control from the bed, standing over the chair now. She bent down on it, laying down fully. She pulled her thong aside, positioning the head of the small dildo into her pussy. She looked at the webcam, biting her lower lip.

“Do I look like one of your pornsluts now, Chris?”

“Yes you do Emily!” His cock was hard, and he was slowly stroking it.

“Should I behave like one of your pornsluts for you?”

“Oh fuck Emily, this is so hot!”

“Do you want me to behave like a slut?”


“Mmmmh okay honey, then you better enjoy the show.” Emily winked at the cam, ready for what she is about to do. She took the remote control, setting the machine to a slow pace. She felt the small dildo entering her, then pulling out, then entering again. She enjoyed the slow pace, it made it easy to get used to the machine. After she was feeling comfortable, she turned up the speed, letting the dildo pound her like Chris would do. Emily let out a moan, getting really into all of this. She felt an orgasm building, then turned it off before she could cum.

“God, Emily, why did you turn it off? I want to see you cum so bad! You are such a tease!”

“I know I am, and you will see me cum. A lot. I wasn´t sure what to think about your little gift at first, but after I inspected it further it got me pretty horny. So now, for the next thirty minutes, I will be your little webcam slut. Ok?”

“Wow Emily, I have never seen you like this! This is so fucking hot, I cant believe what you are doing here!”

“Well honey, you were the one sending me that package. And don´t say you don´t want me like this, I know what little pervert you are, so enjoy the show.”

Emily blew him a kiss, then took the remote again. She changed the dildos on the machine and put the bigger one in, then layed down on the chair again. The head of the dildo entered her pussy easily, and she started the set program she put in. The dildo disappeared into her pussy, then slowly pulling out again. Emily moaned loud, then looked into the webcam again. She threw the remote into the bed, then reached beside the chair to reveal a pair of handcuffs to Chris. She teased him with them, then cuffing her hands together before canlı bahis siteleri her body. She put them up above her head, smiling into the webcam.

“Emily, what are you doing?” Chris said a bit confused, but still aroused.

“I am a slut, just like the ones you like. This machine will now fuck me for the next thirty minutes, and it will only stop after that amount of time. Don´t worry, the key to the cuffs is on the bed, but I can only get it after that dildo pulls out of my little pussy. Now shut up and enjoy the show honey.”

Emilys heart was racing, since she didn´t look up anything about the machine. She just put in a program that would build up speed slowly, at the peak fucking her at full speed for 5 minutes. The small dildo did a good job of preparing her, so the bigger dildo was easy to take at the slow pace. She moaned, enjoying this even more than she thought she would. She liked the sexy outfit, she enjoyed the machine fucking her, and she loved being watched while doing it.

She felt the speed building up, and her first orgasm too. She came, and the machine didn´t stop. The lust took over her body, her body rocking on the chair and her senses beginning to blur. It took her another ten minutes to cum another two times, shaking through her whole body. She wasn´t able to hear what Chris was saying anymore, the machine got to its peak and fucked Emily merciless, and she came again. She can´t really remember everything after that, only that she came again and again, before the machine eventually stopped. After she regained her senses, she looked at the webcam and the screen. Chris was still there, cum over his body, his dick soft. He smiled at her.

“Honey, this was so insane, in a good way! I enjoyed it so much, and you look like you did too.” He giggled

Emily got up, her legs still a bit shaking. She retrieved the keys, opened her cuffs and sat infront of the webcam.

“Fuck, I really enjoyed it. I really felt like a slut! The outfit, the cuffs, getting fucked by a machine, even with heels on. And especially with you watching, it was so hot knowing you are watching me cum so hard!”

“So you enjoy being watched? Are you going to be a cam girl?” Chris joked

Emily grinned “You really want me to be a slut dont you?”

“If I have evenings like this, then hell yes! I guess I´m going to send you a few more packages the next weeks!”

“You should be careful, if you get me worked up like this I might get a real cock to fuck me next time you watch me.”

“Oh you are so dirty Emily, I love it.”

“I love you so much!”

“I love you too!”

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Hot Tub Love

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I open the patio door slowly, into the glow of the lazily setting sun that slowly turns the day into night. Holding 2 glasses of Santa Isabella Chardonnay, I smile as I near the warm air from the hot tub. Seeing you sitting back, head resting on the edge with your arms out to the side and your eyes closed, enjoying the massaging bubbles on your back, I give an adoring smile as I approach you.

Setting the glasses on the outside border of the hot tub I quietly kneel, sliding my fingertip over your shoulder. You stir and smile, looking contentedly upwards at me. “Hi,” I whisper, leaning down giving you a soft kiss, my lips brushing softly over yours, warm and inviting. Quietly you whisper, “Joining me?” I smile and nod as I begin taking off my robe.

Taking the glasses in my hands, I step into the warm water, letting my body take in the soothing bubbles as I sit next to you. Handing you your glass I smile and ask, “Feeling better baby?”

“Yes… much better,” you reply, smiling back at me.

Slowly I lift my glass to my lips and take a small sip. Leaning back in the water, closing my eyes, a low moan escapes my lips as the massaging bubbles relax tense muscles from the day. Slowly I open my eyes, turning my head to look at you, your smile saying the words you don’t have to say.

I set my glass down, taking yours from your hand and setting it beside mine. Moving slowly through the water to kneel in front of you, I take your hands in mine, holding them, leaning in towards you. Giving you a soft kiss on your lips and then slowly taking your lower lip in my teeth, I give it a little tug before releasing it. With my lips so illegal bahis close to yours, I look deep into your beautiful blue eyes, mouthing, “I love you”.

As you smile, my lips press on yours before you have a chance to respond. I move my lips slowly over yours, so warm, soft, moist. Still holding your hands I kiss my way slowly along your chin to your earlobe, taking it between my teeth, nibbling softly. Letting go and placing soft kisses down along your neck, I move around to your other earlobe, taking it into my mouth and pulling it gently between my teeth.

Smiling and giving a soft moan, I let go and place soft kisses around your ear, as you turn your head turning slightly, giving me access to let the tip of my tongue trace behind your ear. I plant more soft kisses down along your chin, down to your slightly parted lips, kissing the corners of your mouth, before resting my lips on yours and kissing you gently.

Slowly you spread your legs, letting me come between them. Your hands tighten around mine as you intertwine your fingers into mine. Tentatively I slide the tip of my tongue to touch yours, teasing and playing with your tongue. Feeling my body tremble even in the warm bubbles I deepen the kiss, pressing my lips on yours. My nipples grow erect touching yours, and a low moan escapes my throat.

Releasing your hands, and resting mine against the back of the hot tub, I kiss you harder, your hands sliding up over my back, pulling me closer. Taking my mouth off yours, I whisper, my voice filled with passion, “I want you Laura… I want you so much!”. In reply, you move your hand up to the back of my neck, pulling illegal bahis siteleri my lips back to yours, kissing me with the same wanton lust that I’m feeling.

Taking you in my arms I lift you gently onto my lap, before moving back until I’m resting against the opposite side of the hot tub. My arms slide around your waist, and you wrap your arms around my neck. Still kissing each other, our lips not moving off one another’s, you wrap your legs around my waist.

Sliding one hand around to your breast, cupping it gently in my hand, rubbing your nipple with my thumb, as I kiss you deeper, harder. Our breathing becomes laboured as I tease your nipple with my fingertip. Slowly you release my lips, staring down at me.

Closing your eyes again, you tilt your head back ever so slightly, feeling my warm fingertip flicking your nipple under the water. I look up at you, my lips, parted wanting you so much.

Bending my head down, I lean you back and lift you slightly to expose your breasts. I place my hand on your lower back to support you, bringing my tongue to your breasts to lick and tease each nipple. Tonguing each one, I nibbling back and forth, taking each one into my mouth and sucking it in deep.

With your hands in my hair, holding me for support, I tug and nibble softly on your nipples, sliding my other hand down between your parted thighs. Taking my lips off your breasts, I give you a small smile, knowing that what I’m doing is making you crazy.

Slowly, I slide my fingertip over your exposed clit. You feel my finger gliding easily up and down, making your clit hard and tingling. Your thighs tighten canlı bahis siteleri around me as I make small slow circles around your clit and your breathing becoming deeper, faster.

I dip my fingertip inside you, my other hand still steadying you on your lower back. Letting my finger slide deep inside you, you take a deep, sharp breath in, letting it slowly back out, with my eyes fixed on your expression.

Feeling the passion grow, your fingers dig into my shoulders, into my skin. You return my gaze and fix your eyes on mine while I add another finger inside you and both fingers thrust in and out slowly. Your pussy tightens around them and I quicken the pace. My palm brushes your clit with every thrust in, and your legs tighten with the oncoming rush of feelings from your throbbing, tingling pussy.

Gripping your lower back I thrust harder. I feel that you are close and I stop, holding my fingers inside you, wiggling them back and forth.

Hearing you whimper, “Don’t stop, fuck baby don’t stop!” I smile and drive my fingers in and out, my palm hitting your clit as my fingers fill your pussy over and over. Your breathing becomes short little gasps, you whisper my name over and over, “Fuck Carrie ..Carrie oh fuck Carrie!” your hips thrust forward, and then, you start to cum for me!

I pull you close to me as you cum, kissing you hard, letting my tongue play with yours. Your moans are muffled by our kiss as you grip me close. You release your lips from mine and lay your head onto my shoulder, your arms tight around my neck, breathing deep and quick, feeling your pussy throb with each sensation of your orgasm.

I smile as I kiss your shoulder and your neck.

Turning my head to kiss your lips softly, you smile, sated and content, letting the bubbles ease you back to normal. Your breathing slows and I let my lips move softly over yours. You smile, and whisper…

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A New Adventure Ch. 01

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As he sipped his beer, Jason took stock of his situation. He was 57, newly divorced after twenty years of marriage, and without any firm plans for his future. The divorce had come so suddenly and unexpectedly that he had had little time to adjust. Coming home early from the conference and finding Julie in bed with his colleague, Tom, had been bad enough, but the separation and divorce that led to the disruption of his daily routine, and indeed his entire life, had been even worse. Over the past few months it had been difficult to maintain his schedule of classes, lectures, and writing, but he had somehow managed. Now it was Spring Break and he finally had a few days to clear his head and begin planning for the future.

That is how he came to be sitting at the bar, alone, drinking this, his second beer of the evening. For the moment his mind was clear and he was relaxed. He paid only slight attention to the din that surrounded him, though he was aware that nearly ever stool and table was occupied. He had wandered into this bar because it was the closest one to his office. He found it suitably small and dark enough to fit his needs, but, because it was close to the university, its clientele was young and fairly loud. He would have preferred a quieter place in which to mull over his situation, but for now this would have to do.

After 20 years of marriage, he now felt fairly lost. Through the years of his life with Julie, he had thought that he would always be married. Now he was not. He had never given thought to contingency plans or to a future alone; there had simply been no need. And yet, now here he was, alone in a bar with only uncertainty before him.

He swiveled on his stool to look behind him at his fellow patrons. Some were town folk out for a drink after dinner before heading home. Most were students–young, vibrant, intelligent, with their whole lives before them. His scan of the room confirmed what he already knew. He was not like them. Actually he had never been like them.

Jason was a geologist, and he dressed the part. He wore jeans and a cotton work shirt, the same outfit that he wore every day except on those occasions when he had an important meeting, and even then he just put on a tweed jacket over his work shirt. As he scanned the faces in the room, he realized that he possessed the only facial hair to be seen. His full, gray beard set him apart from the younger men in a striking and unsettling way. HE had never made friends easily, always focused on his work, preferred to listen when in groups rather than participating, though he was an active conversationalist one-on-one. A frown crossed his face as he thought for a moment about these qualities and how they might impact his ability to find companionship in the future. With a shrug, illegal bahis he turned back to his beer and, for the moment, pushed aside any fears and doubts that tried to wedge their way into his thoughts.

As he ordered his third beer, he noticed that the stool beside him was now occupied. The woman sitting there was in her early 40s, attractive but not beautiful, with carefully coifed red hair and wearing a long, dark skirt and a fitted blouse that highlighted herfull breasts. He noted that she was not wearing any rings, and the thought flashed through his mind that she was probably meeting someone who would arrive at any moment. She turned toward him and smiled and they exchanged pleasantries, and then they returned to their respective drinks.

Jason thought about this woman, wondered if it was even worth attempting to start a conversation with her. It had been so long since he had been in this situation, and he had never been very good at it, but he decided to press forward for the practice if nothing else.

“So, do you come here often?” he asked lamely.

“No, first time. And you?”

“Mine too.”

“I’m Jason.”

“Susan. Nice to meet you.”

That was enough to break the ice, and in the following minutes it seemed that she was as much in need of companionship as he was. They spoke in hushed tones of their past, their present, and their hopes for the future. She had been divorced for a year, was now back in school to get a graduate degree, lived alone, never had any children. As the noise level rose in the bar, it became apparent that this was not the place for such a conversation. He asked if when was waiting for someone, and when she said she was not, he invited her to leave with him. It surprised him when she agreed.

They drove to the park by the river, and he parked in the empty lot where they could see the moonlight sparkling on the ripples of the rapids. As they talked he could see the reflected light dancing across her features, and her voice blended easily with the murmuring of the river’s song.

She leaned over and kissed him as he spoke of his recent fieldwork in the nearby mountains. The kiss was a real surprise to Jason. So far as he could remember, he had never kissed—or been kissed—on a first date, and now here was this woman he had only known for an hour kissing him.

The feel of Susan’s lips on his surprised him. He was used to Julie’s kiss, but Susan’s kiss was different, or perhaps he was simply more focused on her than he had been on Julie these past several years. He felt the warmth of Susan’s lips on his, a pleasant warmth that suffused itself through his body, drawing him closer to her. He placed his hand behind her head and drew her toward him, causing her lips to part and allowing their tongues illegal bahis siteleri to intertwine in passionate exploration. He could feel her breathing change as they kissed, and her body began to move in the seat as his fingers stroked her back. She pulled away, attempting to catch her breath, straightening her clothes, looking into his eyes with desire.

“Let’s go for a walk,” she said. Jason was glad to agree, because the bucket seats in the car did not lend themselves to further intimacy.

They had walked only a little ways when she stopped before a bench. “Sit down,” she said.

He sat, and she knelt on the ground in front of him. She ran her hands up and down his legs, kissed his thighs, caressed his chest through his clothes. Eventually her hands moved to the hardness between his legs and she leaned forward to kiss him there. As her lips stroked along his covered shaft, she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants so she could reach inside and grasp his cock with her warm fingers. He shivered at her touch, his first touch by a woman in more than a year.

She stroked her hand along his shaft, toying with the head, caressing him in ways he had never been caressed. When his cock was fully erect and throbbing with need, she lowered her head and took it inside her mouth. She sucked and kneaded and caressed his cock with her tongue and lips and teeth. She was a master at sucking cock, and he marveled at her abilities. The sensations that swirled through his head made him feel faint, and now he needed her as he had never needed any woman before.

He reached down and pulled her up to her feet. She glanced around before reaching beneath her skirt and tugging off her panties. She handed them to Jason, and he tucked them in his pocket. She straddled him on the bench, and he could feel her warmness beneath her skirt as she moved over him. She reached between them and guided his cock to her wet slit. She had obviously been aroused by sucking on him, because his full cock slid easily inside her as she lowered her body. As his erection slid deep inside her, she held onto his neck and leaned her head back, savoring the hardness that filled her.

They remained immobile for a moment, enjoying the intimacy of that first penetration. He loved the feel of his cock deep inside this woman, a woman he had known for only an hour or so. Her pussy was tight and wet, and he could feel her squeezing his shaft as she caressed it with her muscle contractions.

She began moving, rocking her hips in a way that caused him to move within her, filling her engorged pussy with his erect shaft, caressing it with her slickness. She started slowly, but soon her movements became fast and fluid. Jason felt himself sliding down on the bench as her actions canlı bahis siteleri became more heated and she pounded her pussy down onto his cock. Her pelvis ground against his as they moved together, coordinating their movements to maximize the powerful sensations they were generating as they built toward climax.

As she moved toward orgasm, she began to make low, animalistic sounds—yelps and mews and whines. At first these sounds were whispered in his ear, but as her climax approached, they she became more vocal and more demanding. Jason held on to her waist to keep her from bouncing off of his lap, at the same time making she that he did not slide off of the bench. In the end, he focused all of his attention on his cock buried deep inside her slick pussy and the sensations that were being generated by their fucking. It had been too long since he had felt those luscious sensations, had heard the sound of a woman in heat, had felt the warm slickness of a passionate fuck, had heard the slurping sounds made by a pussy trying to hold on to a hard cock.

They came together and they came hard. Susan cried out, screeching into the night as her body convulsed and his cock shot its load of cum far up inside her. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she bounced on top of him. Her pussy convulsed around his cock, milking every morsel of cum from him, unwilling to let him retain a single droplet. He came hard, enjoying the weight of her, her animation, her sounds, her passion, her need.

Once it was over, they did not move. She leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder. Their chests heaved together as they worked to catch their breaths. He kissed her neck and side of her face. She moved her body slowly, allowing him to stir the pool of cum within her. He felt the pool of wetness spread between his legs, but still they did not move apart.

They heard voices of an approaching couple, and he was sure that she would move off of him, but she made no such move. She remained with her head on his shoulder, his cock in her pussy, as the couple strolled by only a few feet away in the semi-darkness. There was no way that they could not have known what was going on—perhaps they even imagined his cock buried in her seeping pussy—but they neither spoke nor slowed as they passed.

Later, as they walked back to the car on unsteady legs, Jason had his arm around Susan’s shoulder. She leaned into him, her body still alight with their lovemaking, small tremors still coursing through her body. They both knew that somehow, in this great big world, they had found each other and that what they would share would be something special. Neither knew exactly what that was or where it would take them, but both were ready for the adventure. The kiss they shared as they leaned against the car was filled with passion, with need, and with promise.


If you have comments on this story or suggestions for what Jason and Susan might do together, feel free to send me email or a message here at Lit.

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Alpha Bear on Campus Ch. 05

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“John, do you have plans tonight? I would like you to come over for dinner if you are available. I hope you had a good rest of the weekend.”

It was 10:00am as I sat at my desk reading this text message from President May. Saturday had been quite the eventful day. I had my first sexual encounter of my relatively young life with my university president. It was a thrilling experience that culminated with me in his bed getting topped for the first time. I had been thinking about that experience ever since. It didn’t take me long to reply.

“Yes Sir! I would love to join you for dinner tonight. What time?” I waited a few minutes before receiving his next text.

“Come over tonight at 7. Don’t be late, son!”

That last word caused a stir in my pants, but I fought to push it out of my mind as there was a full day’s work ahead of me. I replayed the weekend’s events in my mind as I drove to the president’s house. I had wanted to stay longer on Saturday and maybe get a second opportunity to suck his dick, but after a shower together (which was another thrilling highlight of the day) and a quick dinner, President May said it would be wise to call it a night. He wanted me to have some time to process what had happened on my own. He said he would be in touch with me on Monday.

I parked in the circle drive and made my way up to the front door and knocked. The door swung open, and there stood my daddy bear looking handsome as always – this time in a pair of form fitting jeans and a checkered button up shirt with different shades of red and white. The jeans showed off his big thighs and he left the top two buttons of his shirt undone to show off his sexy tan skin and chest hair.

“Johnny, come on in.” He stepped aside and I entered the foyer of his beautiful home. He checked his watch as he closed the door. “Right on time, too. Good boy!” I blushed at the use of my favorite nickname and stood unsure of how I should greet the man. A handshake seemed too impersonal, but I wondered if a hug was appropriate as well. President May made this decision for us and extended his arms inviting me in for a big hug. My hands could barely fit around his back while his arms wrapped all the way around me and then some. He squeezed me tightly. I felt small in his arms. I liked that feeling.

“Dinner will be ready in five minutes. Follow me.” He led me into the kitchen where I saw two big steaks being seared over a skillet pan. There was also a dish of mashed potatoes and a bowl of a delicious looking salad. He offered me a glass of wine, which I accepted, and the evening was off and running. The main floor of his house was a big open layout with the kitchen, dining table, and living room all in one large space. The dining table was to the side of the kitchen island and looked out onto the deck that sat above his beautiful pool and backyard. Our conversation during dinner carried on smoother than I expected. I was finding it easier and easier to talk with this man that had accomplished far more and greatly outranked me in every facet of life. The food tasted great, and I could tell the wine was a much nicer quality than I was normally accustomed.

“So, I know how your Saturday was,” President May flashed me a mocking sort of smile, “but, tell me, how was Sunday?”

“It was good – a pretty lazy day to be honest.”

“That’s not what I mean, John. Did you have a chance to think about what happened between us on Saturday? Now that the euphoria of the moment has passed, how do you feel about it?” I found it debatable whether or not the euphoria of the moment had passed. It was all I could think about. I answered as if this were the case, however.

“I feel great, Sir. It was a lot of fun for me, obviously.”

“I know the first time can be different for everyone. It’s always fun in the moment, but the aftermath can bring with it a whole host of emotions, sometimes even regret. Be honest with me, now. Do you have any regrets about what happened on Saturday?” He reached out and gently touched my knee. His stare was serious but expressed a sense of safety.

“Oh no, Sir! Not at all! I am glad my first time was with you.” I reached down to my knee and placed my hand on top of his. He smiled. He looked relieved. Was he afraid I was going to reject him?

“Good! I was hoping I wasn’t too forward or moved too quickly for you.” He took a sip of wine and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “The next thing to do is to figure out where to go from here. I’ve taken a great liking to you over this summer. I’ve expressed my fatherly affection for you and am happy to play that trusted mentor role in your life. However, I’m not going to lie, young man. I’m not one for one night stands. I would like to pursue something deeper with you. I find you extremely attractive both inside and out. I wanted to have you over for dinner tonight to make my intentions known. I want to be more than a mentor or one time under the sun fling. I want to be your man – to put it in illegal bahis a PG sort of way.”

He paused to get a read on me. I could not hide my pleasure at hearing these words. I felt like it was my turn to speak.

“I feel the same way, Sir. To be honest, I have had a crush on you for a long time. I would love to see where this goes. I would love for you to – err – be my man.”

“You could make me a very happy man, John. Come here.” He grabbed my hand which still rested on his knee and pulled me towards him. He leaned closer to me as well, and we started to kis. The kiss quickly escalated in passion as he forced his tongue inside my mouth. His hands ran through my hair; he directed all our movements. After several seconds, he stood us both up from the table.

“Finish your wine, boy, and let’s move this to the couch.” I followed orders and downed my glass. He led me under his arm to the couch in the living room. He sat on the end of the sofa and pulled me to sit on his lap. This was the best seat in the house I thought as I wrapped my arm around his head, and we continued our makeout session. His right arm went around my back and held me tight against his stomach. His left hand explored my stomach and chest eventually making their way inside my shirt. We ventured on like this for several minutes until he repositioned me, having me place one knee on either side of his hips, so I was straddling him. We continued to kiss, and now, both of his hands were free to explore my body. He groped my ass and played with it according to his pleasure.

“I had a lot of fun with this sexy thing! How does it feel today? Is it sore?”

“I wouldn’t call it sore but…” I struggled to describe its feeling.

“You can tell there was a big cock up there recently.” He was blunt and to the point!

“Yes Sir, a little. I think you really gave it to me.”

“Oh no, Johnny. I took it easy on you. I would never hurt you. You aren’t ready for the whole bull just yet.” He gave me forceful slaps on the butt to emphasize this point. He noticed the obvious tent that was now developing in my pants. His hands moved to stroke my hardening member a few times before undoing my pants and zipper to alleviate their uncomfortable tightness. There was a small wet spot now forming at the top of boxer briefs. He dabbed his finger mockingly on this wet spot to call both of our attentions to it. His smile told me he was proud of his ability to turn me on. He resumed stroking my shaft through my boxer briefs. His touch felt much more sensitive now. I let out a small gasp and shuddered at his touch.

“You like that, boy?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Try again, Johnny. Sir was a good name for me at dinner. What’s my name now?”

“Daddy,” I responded.

“Good boy.” His hands moved to my backside once again and slipped inside my boxer briefs. They grabbed two big handfuls of cheeky flesh. I loved how his hands made my ass feel nice and warm as they moved across my skin. This was such a turn-on that I instinctively started to grind against his boulderous stomach. He must have liked this because he assisted my slow bucking by using his grip on my ass to push and pull me in and away from him.

“Take your shirt off.” I did so right away and as fast as I could. “Now, your pants. Leave the underwear on.”

I stepped down temporarily to accomplish this task and then climbed back on my daddy bull. I resumed grinding against his stomach. His hands traveled along every square inch of my hard abs and muscular chest.

“Such a hot, young, stud boy.” His hands gripped me with a sense of ownership. Finally, he placed his hands on the front of my hips and stopped my grinding.

“Take off my shirt.” It drove me wild how everything was a short command. No discussion. No conversation. Just do what you’re told. That was a skill that came naturally to me.

My fingers immediately began fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. I made quick work of this task and untucked the two tails letting them fall to his sides, so I could salvate in the glorious site in front of me. With a nod of his head he gave me permission to explore his hairy chest and big daddy belly. But he cut my fun short. I couldn’t be allowed to lose sight of who really mattered here.

“On your knees, boy.” He said with a gruff voice. That was poetry to my ears.

“Yes Daddy.” I slid off the couch onto my knees and rested my hands on his thick thighs.

“Take off Daddy’s pants. It’s time to feed you your dessert.”

Before reaching for his belt buckle, I leaned forward and kissed his protruding bulge. He liked this sign of respect and ruffled his fingers through my hair like he was petting me. I grabbed hold of the end of the leather strap and pulled it free from the clasp of his belt buckle. It reminded me of a key opening up a lock to get at the treasure that lay hidden inside. His belt was undone; his zipper pulled down; and now he lifted up in his seat, so I could pull illegal bahis siteleri his pants all the way down to his ankles.

I kissed my way up his hairy legs before stopping to behold his tightly worn black boxer briefs. My mouth watered even more than it already was as I took in his hefty package. I looked up wanting some sort of direction to do next. He peered down at me with his alpha look, and instead of speaking his next command, he grabbed the back of my head with his right hand and plunged my head deep into his groin. He directed my movements for a few seconds and then left me to the desires of my own will. Back and forth I went, in and out of each crevice between his balls and thigh and all over the outline of his thickening daddy dick. I let my senses become filled with their sweet aroma. I was allowed to enjoy this new playground for a bit longer before I received a tap on the head.

“Daddy left his wine at the table. Go and fetch it for me, boy.” I quickly rose to my feet and hurried over to retrieve his wine receiving a smack on the rear end as I departed. My hardon bounced back and forth in front of me on the way held down only by my boxer briefs. When I returned, President May took his wine, called me a ‘good boy’, and pointed down at the space between his legs.

“Back down, boy.”

I resumed my position and was then instructed to fish out his cockhead through the flap at the top of his boxer briefs. Daddy’s cock was as big and thick as I remembered. I stretched my mouth wide and leaned forward to give a sloppy wet kiss. All the memories from Saturday came flooding back – the taste, the smell, the strain I felt in my jaw, the increased difficulty of breathing. I became drunk on these sensations and plunged further down his shaft. As I did on Saturday, I bobbed down too far and was forced to come off his dick and release a small gag.

President May’s belly bounced up and down as he chuckled to himself. “You okay?” He stroked my cheek with his free hand. I looked up at him through watery eyes. I gave a slight nod.

“You look so cute down there, Johnny. Just a beginner – still learning how to suck his Daddy’s cock.” He let out a small growl. “Don’t worry, you’re going to get plenty of practice. In time you will be able to take all of Daddy. But for now, my boy, be patient and go slow.”

The palm of his hand slid from my cheek to the top of my head. He applied pressure and guided me back down on his waiting cock. His hand stayed on my head moving it up and down until I learned the slow rhythm he desired.

“That’s it Johnny. There you go!” He said through heavier breathing. “You’re going to make a fine cocksucker; I can tell.” He took a sip of wine. “You just need a little training, that’s all.”

President May spread his legs wider and instructed me to lick his balls. I did so using every bit of my tongue and making sure to get all the way underneath them too. His balls were big and heavy. I buried my nose as deep as it would go into the president’s crotch. I absolutely loved this form of submission.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy. Lick those big balls!” He finagled his foot in between my legs and began to play with my own balls with his toe. I felt he was feelling to see how my size compared to his own. Mine were no match. “That’s enough, boy. Back on my cock. Keep up the hard work and you’ll get a reward.”

I continued providing service for several more minutes. My jaw was beginning to grow tired. I did not yet have a true cocksucker’s stamina yet. I looked up hoping my eyes could communicate this to the president. I didn’t want to have to pull off his dick and admit such weakness. President May took a long sip of his wine as he looked at me through the other side of the glass. He brought the glass down and gently hit it against my forehead. He then held it against my ear, so I could hear the rippling sound waves that bounced around its rim. He did this a few times. It was very loud inside my head. I held his cock in my mouth and looked him in the eye the whole time as I watched his amusement from this new little game.

“Alright Johnny, Daddy is ready to shoot. Since you’ve been such a good boy and you’re still new at this, I’m not going to make you swallow my cum. That is…unless you want to?” I stopped sucking and raised up. There was a hesitation in my response. President May read into this and held my head in his hands and leaned forward to kiss me on the forehead. “It’s okay. Not all guys like to swallow, and it can be scary for beginners. I’m not going to force it on you right now. I do need your help finishing though. Follow me to the bedroom.”

I stood up and followed him down the hall to the room he had taken my virginity in two days ago. He told me to get on the bed and lay on my back so that my head was hanging off the edge of the bed. I did this and from an upside down angle saw his naked bull body step forward and straddle my head. My vision became dark as I stared up at his canlı bahis siteleri hanging balls and glorious round pumpkin ass. He dropped his hips a little so his balls came to rest on my mouth; my nose and forehead pressed against his ass.

“Lick my balls.” I began to lick sloppily and heard the sound of President May stroking himself. His other hand rubbed my chest and flat stomach and reached all the way down to my pelvis. “I’m going to cum all over my stud boy – all over you chest and stomach.” I tried to say “Yes Sir” but made only a muffled sound.

He stepped forward a little more, so that my mouth was closer to his ass. I got the message and began licking the bottom of each ass cheek. I reached my hands up and grabbed the top of his ass to get a little leverage. I was now able to lift my head up high enough to squeeze my tongue in between each cheek. How many times had I fantasized about kissing this ass? Now, it was a reality.

“That’s good, boy. Now, back to my balls. I’m getting close.” I obeyed and began to lick at the king’s stones once again. His growling told me he was close. Then, with a loud grunt, I felt shots of a heavy liquid landing on my chest and stomach.

A few seconds passed, and President May stepped back. I could see light once again, and I stared into the president’s satisfied face. He lifted my head and supported my neck, so I could get a look at my covered torso.

“Look at the mess you made, Johnny!” We both laughed – him more than me. He brought my head back down and bent down to give me a kiss. “Now, if you are going to truly be my boy, you’re going to have to learn to swallow! Do you understand, young man?”

“Yes Daddy!” I said smiling up at him.

“It will save us this next step. C’mon, let’s get in the shower and get you cleaned up. Be careful getting off the bed. If any cum gets on my sheets you’ll get a spanking…”

This sequence of events happened every few nights over the next couple of weeks. President May would invite me over to his house for dinner where we would talk about a great deal of different topics. He always led the conversation, but my comfort level with him grew and grew to the point that I was more active in the conversation. I could tell this was to the great pleasure of President May as he began to open up to me and more about his life and the many experiences he had lived through. I soaked in all the little bits of wisdom that would pour from his mouth. He was the most impressive I had ever met, and each night this fact became more and more solidified in my mind. In my mind he was infallible, and I began taking his word as gospel. It was only natural to give him my absolute obedience whether it was on the type of clothing I should wear, the research I should conduct for my classes, or a simple command to get on my knees.

Dinner was usually followed by a trip to the couch where we would start watching a movie or documentary. Though I was asked for my opinion on what we watched, President May always made the final decision. He was a big fan of documentaries and new films that had been nominated for the awards shows. During this time I would either sit at his side hip to hip or lean against him with my head laying on the top of his bear belly. Sometimes, however, he would pull me to sit on his lap, so he could fondle and kiss my body as we “watched” the movie. I noticed my positioning depended how god the movie was!

Further, it was only right that he got to pick the film not only because of his alpha status in our relationship but also because I never ended up seeing the whole thing anyway. At some point in the first thirty minutes I was always summoned to service between his legs. I never complained about this though. His crotch was entertaining enough for me!

As on the first night, when he was ready he would take me to his bedroom and put me on my back, so I could lick his balls while he finished on my chest. “You know the drill” he started to say. On the fourth evening at his house he placed me on his bed in the same way, but instead rolled my legs up and placed them over his shoulders and gave me my second fucking. It was easier than the first, but I still struggled with his girth. Afterwards, we soaped each other up in the shower and then returned to finish the second half of the movie.

My work day became a lot more occupied with President May’s needs also. Whenever Dean Parsons needed something signed or had an errand to run down to the president’s office, he always selected me to go. Then there were times when President May would text me directly. It was always in some sort of command; he never asked. He expected me to be able to drop everything and see him right away. I was running down to his office so frequently that his secretary, Dianne, and I started developing a friendship. She was a middle aged woman with curly dark hair, very delightful and joy filled personality . She called me “Johnny,” like the president did at times, and didn’t feel the need to phone President May before allowing me in. It was like I had a VIP badge to head on back to his office.

On this particular Friday, I received a short text from President May. “Johnny boy, I need to see you in my office pronto.”

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Good Friends

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I was waiting for my friend Lisa to meet me for lunch. Lisa and I are good friend we always seem to be flirting with each other its always harmless but fun. Lisa is a 5’6 110lbs 32b firm body red hair green eye we always get looks when we are out together. Well I was waiting I was looking around hope she would get there soon when I noticed her walk in a knee length skirt and white blouse she walked right up and sat down we talked for awhile well we flirted a little as always. She rubbing my legs with her shoe making me shivers starting to really turn me on.

I excused myself and went to the lady room to try to calm myself down. When I got into the bathroom stall I lifted my skirt touched my crotch shivered and felt my panties were soaked through I decided to take them off and put them in my purse and walked out of the bathroom and a breeze hit my pussy and my pussy started to drip down my leg turning me on more as I walked down to the table.

I sat down and looked at my friend that casino siteleri was smiling brightly at me a sly smile knowing that she has turned me on so I decided to take my soaked panties out of my purse I had them gripped tightly in my hand and told her to hold out her hand on the table so I could put something in her hand. She did and I put my panties into her hand she quickly closed her hand and pulled my soaked thong under the table to look and feel them she smiled and said I think we should leave.

We walked out to her car and got in. as we drove away I decided to up the stakes and started to slide my hand slowly up her thigh I could feel her shiver as I reached her panty line. I slipped my fingers just under it very close to her pussy lips now seeing her panties are soaked as well now I looked up at her and smiled as my fingers moved closer to her pussy lips. My fingertips finally reached her pussy and softly traced my fingertips around her pussy lips seeing her white cotton panties getting slot oyna wetter. My fingertips traced the inside of her pussy and she said. Wait Cindy please I need to pull over before we go any further. We pulled over into a park well I still traced her pussy lips. She parked and we got out.

We walked to a covered area layed down a blanket. Kneeled down and started to kiss very passionately like we’ve been doing it for years. I undid her skirt and pulled it down as we continued to kiss exposing her wet panties my found her waist band right away and slowly slide down between her legs softly stroking her clit in small circles. She moans into my mouth as I start to rub a little harder Lisa starts to move her hips with my finger trying to rub harder against it. I remove her panties with my free hand revealing her shaved bare pussy. Sliding 2 fingers into her dripping wet pussy starting to move them in and out slow and deep at finger picking up more speed as I good in seconds she was cuming all over my fingers. canlı casino siteleri I removed them from her pussy and with out thinking I put them in my mouth tasting pussy for the first time. Taste sweet but tangy I loved it.

I pushed her down and spread her legs and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy licking it furiously loving her taste licking her sooooooo deep she was cuming in seconds spraying her sweet juices into my mouth. I licked all her sweet and tangy juices I could some running down my chin. Lisa looked down at me and smiles and said your turn as she layed me down took off my skirt and then spread my legs wide as they could go she kneeled there looking at my thighs seeing that they were soaked with my juices. She then leaned down and started to lick my pussy meekly then as she tasted me more the more she licked my pussy deeper and deeper faster and faster till I exploded on her tongue she licked all she could Lisa then looked up at me and smiled.

She crawled up and kissed me deeply we tasted each other on our lips and the kiss became even more passionate we layed there for the next few ours kissing and touching till night fall when we left and from then on we have been together.

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Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 23

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Diary of a Cock Sucker. Chapter 23.

In which our hero enjoys sweet dreams.

I waken with a start. The room is dark and silent. And then I feel Thad behind me and the reason why I have woken. His erection is hot and urgent, pressing against me. He has his arm around me, his belly and chest pressing against my back. I feel his cock throbbing and it is all too clear that he wants me again. Thad fully aroused behind me, eighteen years old and his first sexual outlet. He wants sex all the time. And who can blame him. I was eighteen when I had my first sexual outlet and I thought I had finally given up masturbating forever, wanted to fuck all the time. And that is what this is all about. He wants to fuck me again. In a flash I recall the evening leading to this moment, the first time he has slept over. Besides the delightful opening cock rubbing effort where he ejaculated like a fire house, he fucked me energetically on the couch, and then again when we went to bed. And now he wants to fuck again. To have him here with me was my choice so I can hardly deny him.

I reach between my legs and guide the head of his cock to my rectum. I feel him push and he slides in. I hear him groan in pleasure. He has one arm pressed on my back, his fingers wrapped around my shoulder, and the other hand on my hip to hold me in place. When he slides in all the way, he grips me tightly and I feel him shudder with pleasure. I wonder how long he has laid there thinking about this with his cock hard and tormenting him, no return to sleep until he ejaculates. I recall many times finding myself in the same state, sometimes gratefully finding the woman I was sleeping with receptive and occasionally joining me in a shuddering climax, and other times, silently masturbating off so that I could get back to sleep. Thad slides his hand around me and finds my cock. I am impressed that it occurs to him to offer that I join him. But I do not need to do it again now so I slide my hand over his and draw it up to press on my belly. I tell him to do it, do it hard, that I want him to fuck me hard. He moans loudly and begins fucking energetically, driving his cock into me with considerable force, his belly slamming against my ass. I know exactly how he feels. I have been in his place. This is not a time for delicacy. This is a time to empty his balls into a willing and cooperative partner.

To that end, Thad applies himself with energy, long driving thrusts of his hips, his rigidly hard cock plunging into me. He is moaning with pleasure. I feel him begin to shake as he thrusts, his climax clearly approaching. I urge him on, do it I tell him, don’t stop, fuck me hard. These words of encouragement register in his brain and he groans loudly, lunging into me, his hips trembling. I feel his hands grip me strongly and he bellows, his hips shaking uncontrollably, and he slams in a final time. I feel him climax inside me, his bursting cock clenching strongly again and again and again. He slowly relaxes as his climax comes to a conclusion. Finally a great shuddering exhalation and it is over. We both relax and his grip on me softens. He holds me closely and I feel his breath on my shoulder. I reflect that it has been just a few minutes since I woke up. I feel him jerk as he drifts off to sleep, the torment of his desire slacked for the moment. He holds me in his arms and eventually I drift back off to sleep myself.

I wake and it is morning. I have a business trip, a conference in Minn*** to attend and I depart on a flight later today. Thad is asleep as I shower and complete my morning ablutions. I note with some surprise that I am actually a bit tender, an outcome of Thad’s energetic attentions. I reflect not for the first time that I need to think through all of this, the male lover and the intrusion into my life. I complete consuming some food and I am sipping a second blueberry coffee, looking out the window at the bright sunshine, when Thad makes his morning appearance in the kitchen. He takes my breath away yet again, dressed only in an open shirt, his elegant slim body subtly rippled with musculature. And of course I cannot overlook that magnificent cock. We chat as he eats, voraciously as only a young man of his age can manage without turning to fat. And there is very little fat on his magnificent body.

He helps me clean up and the kitchen is soon put in order. We have been moving past each other in the confined quarters and occasionally touching. He leans against the kitchen counter as I complete the last task and I turn and look at him. He is half full but I don’t care. I want him. I stand in front of him looking at his beautiful face. I reach up and push the shirt off of his shoulders. He has his hands on the counter behind him, just standing there in front of me, waiting and expectant. His cock begins to swell as it becomes clear to him that I am going to suck him off. I have sucked him off perhaps a dozen times in the last month that I have been seeing him. But the enthusiasm does not seem to casino siteleri have ebbed for either of us. I put my hands on his chest and caress. His skin feels like velvet, soft and warm but the texture under the skin is hard and powerful. I feel his heart beating under my hand. I feel the head of his cock brush against me as he has become fully erect.

I kneel in front of him, my hands sliding down his belly, his magnificent erection throbbing in front of me. I lean forward and caress the organ with my face, rubbing my cheeks on the shaft. His cock feels electrifying on my skin. I rub my cheeks on it, one cheek, and then the other, rubbing the shaft all over my face. His balls are hanging down loosely between his legs. I bend down and rub my face on them. I have my hands on the front of his thighs, pushing his legs apart. I lift his balls with my face; they roll back and forth over my face, his great cock jutting out above me. I am mesmerized by his body. I open my mouth and engulf one of his balls, sucking very gently on it. I lick, teasing the skin of his balls with my tongue. I suck on both of his balls, his cock resting on my cheek. I feel it throbbing there on my face, beckoning to me. I lean back and look at his cock, throbbing and alive in front of me, waiting for my supplication, for my mouth to pay homage.

I lean forward, intending to tease the head of his cock. But again I am overwhelmed, engulfing his magnificent organ at the first touch on my lips. I take him in my mouth, filling my mouth and my senses with his cock, moaning in pleasure before him, sucking on his cock. I draw slowly off the shaft, my lips pressing on the skin, the taste of him flooding through me. I taste the first essence of him on my tongue, unmistakable now after these many times, his essence, unique, the taste of him that I cannot ever get out of my mind. I lap the underside of his cock with my tongue, licking him, supplicating in front of him on my knees and licking his cock. I slide my hands up over his hard flat belly, rubbing my palms on the skin, my fingers touching and caressing. I slide my hands around his hips and grip his ass cheeks. I squeeze them in my hands, rock hard in my hands. I moan again, impossible that I can be so aroused like this, for his cock, in my mouth. I want this to go on forever, on my knees, his hard cock in my mouth.

I feel his hand on my head, holding me in place. He begins thrusting his hips, fucking his cock into my mouth. I moan again, press my lips on the shaft as it slides in and out. I realize that I want him to fuck my mouth, to use my mouth as an adoring receptacle for his magnificent organ. My tongue cradles the shaft as it slides in and out of my mouth. I want my mouth to be perfect for him, for his cock, to provide pleasure to his cock. I lick the underside of his cock as he fucks my mouth. I hear him moan and I feel a thrill of pleasure race through me, knowing that my mouth is providing him pleasure. I strain to look up at him as his cock slides in and out of my mouth. We make eye contact and he adds a second hand, holding my head. We look at each other and recognition and understanding flow between us. He increases his pace and fucks, fucks his erection into my mouth. We acknowledge that he is going to ejaculate in my mouth, use my mouth for the pleasure of his cock. I am moaning and shaking in front of him, such is my arousal. I squeeze my lips on his shaft, tease the underside, and wait, the pleasure all his to take at his leisure.

I see the muscles in his face working as he thrusts his cock into my mouth. I can feel him begin to shake and know that it is only a moment. I moan again in rapture that I have this beautiful cock in my mouth, fucking my mouth, preparing to flood my mouth with his semen, my lover’s semen, my male lover’s semen. I grip his ass cheeks and urge him, fuck harder, faster, thrust the cock into my willing mouth, let me supplicate fully and completely. His hips shake violently and his thrusting ceases. I know this is the moment. I wait for his ejaculation. A long moment passes with his hips shaking uncontrollably. And then a powerful blast of his semen jets into my mouth. I jerk involuntarily at the first burst of semen, immediately followed by a second jet of his cum. I moan loudly as he pumps another blast of his cum in my mouth. I move my hands to his balls, frantically squeezing and milking them, urging him to give it all to me. He clenches again and again, emptying his balls into my mouth. I hold him there, on my knees in front of him, his cock pulsing in my mouth, the last of his ejaculate flowing onto my cradling tongue.

We remain joined for long moments, reposing on his cock as his climax comes to a conclusion. I am in no hurry to move, content to hold his slowly deflating cock in my mouth, bathing in his semen. My mouth is filled with his cum, the now familiar faint nutty flavor. He pushes my head away, his deflated cock flopping down my chin. I look up at him in profound adoration, and I swallow slot oyna his cum.

Several hours later I am in my seat on the airplane, on the way to my conference, away for a week with no Thad, no S**, and no bicycles. As I sit there looking out at the clouds, I reflect back on the last month. I have seen Thad three or four times each week. When he has access to a car, he comes to my apartment, once or twice per week. Yesterday was the first time he slept over. The other times I have picked him up in my car and we have gone to the parking garage, except for the first time in the video booth. I reflect that I have not been back to the video shop since that day with Thad. In the car it is handjobs and blowjobs, always a blowjob and either a handjob or a second blowjob. When he comes to my place, he wants to fuck, early and often. What else would he want at his age with access finally to a sexual outlet? I reflect on this morning. I get hard thinking about sucking him. He is nothing if not a diligent lover. I pang over that reference; lover, male lover, I have a male lover.

And then there is S**. She is a very nice woman and a good companion with whom I share common and pleasurable interests. I recall Saturday and yesterday morning, club bicycle rides and then dinner Saturday night and a sleep over at her place including wonderful and fulfilling sex. I fucked her and brought her off in my mouth. I reflect on the crushing climax she reached and her ardent gratitude. And then Sunday morning, another lovely fuck followed by another club ride. And then a post ride social lunch with the others on the ride, S** more or less announcing our couple status. I felt a distinct discomfort about my life being ordered for me. We drove separately as I had to go home to pack for this trip, and to host Thad. I omitted the Thad part when we parted.

I go back to this morning. I get hard again thinking about his cock ejaculating in my mouth. I can feel his shaft in my mouth, the taste of his cum in my mouth. When he was done, he reached down and pulled me up, turned me around to lean against the counter. He pulled my slacks down and my cock sprang out, wet from my leaking. I watched as he knelt in front of me and took my cock in his mouth. I gasped in pleasure as he sucked on me, deeply and with passionate enthusiasm. I felt my cum bubbling to the surface, almost there, I could almost feel myself ejaculating, the relief of it almost within reach. And then he withdrew, my cock wet and glistening, bobbing up and down. He looked up at me and asked me if I wanted to cum. Yes, I responded. He reached a hand between my legs and gripped my balls, holding me there with my erection jutting out. I watched him lean forward, his mouth open. And he licked the underside of my cock. The sensation was so rapturously pleasurable that I almost climaxed. But his tongue was gone before I could reach the pinnacle. He hesitated and then licked again. I clenched powerfully but again his tongue was gone before I could climax.

We continued together, he kneeling in front of me, the tantalizing torture going on and on. He licked and I throbbed and clenched. He held my balls in his grip with my cock jutting out. He licked again, slower this time, a slow languorous caress of the underside of my cock with his tongue. I clenched twice and almost climaxed. He withdrew again and knelt there, looking at my throbbing cock. He looked up at me and asked me if I wanted to cum. He licked, hesitated, licked again, another hesitation, and then another lick. Well, he asked, do you want to cum? I tell him in a rasping voice that I am desperate to climax. He puts his mouth on me and sucks energetically, the room filled with the sounds of his wet, noisy cock suck. I feel myself trembling, just about to climax, I groan loudly, announcing that I am going to cum. He takes his mouth off of me and wraps his hand around the base of my cock. He opens his mouth and rests the head of my cock on his tongue. I can see the head of my cock as he pumps vigorously on my shaft. I feel the cum flooding up from the very depths of my soul. I emit am agonizing plea that he not stop. He pumps vigorously on my cock and I jet my cum on to his waiting tongue. I watch my cum ejaculate out of the end of my cock, pulse after gut wrenching pulse, covering his waiting tongue.

I groan in an agony of pleasure at the intensity of the climax. He squeezes my cock and my balls, pushing the last of my semen out of the end of my cock and onto his tongue. I am gasping for breath and clenching while he holds me in his hands. Finally he takes me in his mouth, squeezing on my cock, letting me soak in blissful repose. We remain thus until my cock finally deflates, immersed in his mouthful of semen. When he finally withdraws, my cock flops down, my balls drained to exhaustion. He stands in front of me and we embrace. He presses his lips on mine and I feel his tongue penetrate my lips. I taste my semen on his tongue. I part my lips to accept his tongue and we kiss rapturously, canlı casino siteleri sharing the cum. He whispers to me that he loves doing that, loves making me cum.

The stewardess interrupts my reverie with a glass of water. I am hard again, thinking about the morning. I have two lovers, a woman and a man. This is not anonymous sex. I have to make time for two people. It is already a juggling act. I reflect again on having a male lover. I have never wanted a male lover. I look out the window and watch the clouds pass by. I have wanted anonymous cocks to suck, that one can enjoy and then they are gone and forgotten, like these clouds that disappear behind us. And then the smell of his skin comes back to me with such sudden force that I flush and swallow a catch in my throat. How can this be I ponder, a male lover.

The conference has the usual meetings and presentations followed by free time before dinner. On the way from the airport to the hotel, I noted a video shop as the taxi weaved through the city streets. Just a few blocks walk, I arrive and enter finding the typical front area with books, magazines, videos, and the usual sex pandering paraphernalia. There is a door leading to the video booth area and I head for that, finding the usual warren of narrow halls and booths. There are a few men standing around and booths in use with red lights overhead. I enter a free booth and immediately note a glory hole on both sides. These have been cut and finished so I conclude that the proprietors have outfitted the rooms for the intended purpose. I have a seat and wait to see what will transpire next. My wait in not long in coming as a long white cock is soon thrust through the glory hole to my left. This is a marked departure from the video booths that I am used to where there are no glory holes and you have the physical presence of the man. Here is the very definition of anonymous male sex, a disembodied cock. I can’t imagine some of my business suit engagements being able to muster up an erection to stick through the glory hole. And I think it would be preposterous to stick a limp dick through the hole.

In the event, I reach out my hand and brush the backs of my fingers up and down on the bottom of the shaft. I see the cock clench at my touch and the owner presses forward against the wall, his cock straining for more. It is a bit surreal, playing with the disembodied cock without being able to see and feel the owner’s reaction. I caress the cock with my fingertips, sliding slowly up and down over the top, sides, and the bottom. The cock is beautiful, hard with ridges clearly defined, snow white in color. I wrap my fingers around the shaft and squeeze gently. I feel the heartbeat of the owner through the shaft and he clenches strongly in my hand. I reach into the confines of the glory hole and ease his balls through. The cock and balls are like a carving on display, mounted on the pedestal of the wall surrounding them. I lift the balls in the palm of my hand, squeezing them gently, caressing the skin with my fingertips. The cock clenches again in desire. I slide my hand up and down on the shaft, a light brushing caress. The cock clenches again and again, the owner obviously aroused and more than ready to climax.

I kneel in front of the glory hole, the lovely cock and balls on display in front of me. I have my hand loosely wrapped around the jutting cock and I caress my thumb over the sweet spot, back and forth over it, again and again. The cock stiffens as I tease the sweet spot and strains forward. I lift the balls with my other hand, rolling them in my fingers. I make a ring of my fingers and use this to pull on the balls, lightly twisting them and squeezing in the palm of my hand. The cock begins thrusting through the wall and in response I wrap my fingers around the shaft. I pump on the cock, squeezing tightly and pumping up and down on it. I can feel the owner clenching his cock, the organ pulsing strongly in my gripping hand. I tease his balls with my fingers, rolling and squeezing the nuggets in the palm of my hand. The cock is lovely to look at as I pump on it, straining and clenching in my hand. I pump harder, at the same time teasing the sweet spot, using his leakage as lubricant. The cock stiffens strongly and I pump vigorously, up and down on the shaft, faster and faster.

I hear a loud groan through the wall and he ejaculates, powerful bursts of his semen spewing out the end of the cock. I continue pumping on the cock, slowing as the ejaculation subsides, squeezing the shaft in my hand. I squeeze firmly on the shaft and draw my fingers from the base to the head. The last droplets of semen flow out of the cock and it is over. I hold him there in my hand, his cock losing rigidity until he finally pulls back and I let go of him. There is semen all over the floor under the glory hole and of course I have some on my hand. I pull some Kleenex from my pocket and wipe off. And then I hear a voice observing that that was lovely. I turn and see that the occupant of the next room has been watching through the glory hole on that wall. Indeed it was lovely to watch the cock ejaculate, that beautiful long snow white organ convulsing in ecstasy, the semen showering out in powerful bursts.

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Desiring Man Juice

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I got to work late that day because I spent some time at the park before I got to work. I have been weak and not getting any sex from my wife, making me even more weak. So I woke up this morning and decided to see what might be up at the park.

On this day I gave a young man the blowjob of his lifetime. He will be hard pressed to find a woman who can make him cum as quick as I did. Personally I take pride in my oral ability. Everything I have learned about sucking cocks, I learned from my wife, and she says I never pay attention to her.

When I got to the park, there were only two vehicles in the parking lot. A yellow Volkswagen and an older small brown Toyota pickup. As I pulled into a parking spot, I saw a young man walking away from the restrooms towards the ramp next to the pick-up. He looked to be in his mid twenties with light brown, shoulder length hair he had pulled back in a ponytail. He wore cloth shorts that reminded me of the kind you would wear if you were working out. Unfortunately those kind of shorts are too baggy to give anyone an idea of the size of a man’s package. With a clean T-shirt that had some sort of design on it, you could see he had a trim figure as the shirt was cut off half way at his flat belly. Sporting a nice tan it looked like he spent a good deal of time in the sun. His build was about the same as mine but he stood taller, probably about 6 feet tall.

I got out of my truck and walked past the brown truck towards the ramp. As I headed up the ramp to the sidewalk that leads to the restroom, I passed the young man on his way down the ramp. As we walked past each other, we both nodded politely. When I reached the top of the ramp, I looked back and saw him messing with some carpenter tools in the back of the truck, so I guess his tan comes from working in the sun all day. When I entered the restroom, I made a beeline for the toilet stall. I locked the door just enough to hold it closed, but loose enough that a small nudge would open it. I wanted to make sure that if someone wanted a blow-job, they could get in without me standing up to open the door for them.

After unbuckling my shorts and dropping them to the floor, I pulled down my underware and sat on the toilet. As I sat there, I tried my best to get my dick hard. I probably sat there about ten minutes before I heard some footsteps outside. One of the things I like about the public restroom here is the way you can see who comes through the door. There is a space of about a half-inch between the door and the metal door jam. Sitting on the toilet allows one to get a good look at who is coming into the restroom. From outside the stall it is too small of a crack to see much more then someone is in here. So, as I looked through the space, I saw the young guy from the truck walk into the restroom. I could see him as he hesitated for a brief moment to see if anyone was in the stall. Just before he moved out of view toward the urinals, I could see his hand rub his crotch. It was just enough to make my mouth water for what he might have to offer. I was getting nervous as I heard him pissing into the metal urinal, because I thought that maybe that’s all he was here for. Usually when a guy wants a blow job, he will not pee. He will just stand at the urinal, waiting for someone to offer him what he wants. So when this guy started peeing, and then he pissed a lot, I thought for sure he would leave after he was finished. Even though I was nervous, my little dick started to stiffen as I imagined how big his manhood he might be.

It seemed like he pissed forever before he finished. I could hear his piss hit the metal urinal in spats, and I imagined watching him shake off the last drops casino siteleri from his cock. Then there was silence, not a sound. I did not see him leaving and he wasn’t making any noise. I leaned towards the metal wall that separates the area and put my ear next to it. I could hear a faint slapping sound and his quiet moan as he obviously enjoyed himself. So the young guy is horny, he just needed to piss first. I waited a few minutes for him to really get horny, then I made my move. Breaking the silence, I spoke up and asked him,

“Sure takes a long time to shake off the last drops there.”

He answered back with a laugh as he told me,

“I’m not shaking off piss.”

As he was talking he stepped back and nudged the door, and just like I planned, it opened with out me having to unlock it. I was prepared for almost anything, but not for him to be completely naked as he stepped into view. He stood in the opening with his shorts and T-shirt in his left hand and a half-hard cock in his right hand. While he cut a nice figure of a man, all I had eyes for was the meat in his right hand. He was tanned from head to toe, accept where his shorts had covered him while he worked. His cock was about five or six inches and his balls were large as they hung down between his thighs. While he stood about three feet from me he stroked his cock, but as I said it was only semi-hard. His whole body was hairless accept for his head, even his balls were smoothly shaved. I looked him in the eyes and asked,

“You need relief?”

He smiled and as he held his cock up, he walked towards me. As he approached, I opened my mouth and helped him guide his manhood into my mouth. As his cock slid into my mouth I could her him say, ever so quietly,

“Mmmm… I like blow jobs.”

It did not take long for me to have this very good-looking young man pumping my face with his groin. I started sucking on his cock and felt his hand on my head as his hips started humping towards me. I cupped his balls with my right hand and started fondling them as I sucked on the head of his cock, then I pulled back and told him,

“We better close the door and lock it.”

He looked over his shoulder and exclaimed,

“Woe, yeah I guess so. I hope it’s safe.”

I responded by assuring him it would be ok, then I said to him,

“It’ll be even safer if we move over to the corner, so if someone does come in, they cannot see us.”

He agreed and moved into the corner. With his back against the corner, I got on my knees in front of him and started running my hand up and down his shaft. It was still wet from my saliva and I wanted to get him a little harder before I took him back into my mouth. Soon his cock was stiffer and every bit 6 1/2 inches from groin to the tip. As I held his cock in my hand I opened my mouth and slowly started sucking the head of his cock. I slowly went down on him and then backed off, almost all the way, but not quite letting it leave my mouth. I then went down on his manhood again and held it in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around it for a few moments. I heard him moan in approval as his hips shuddered just a bit. I could taste the distinct flavor of salty precum as it oozed from his still semi erect cock. I started to work his cock with my mouth by letting him push his cock in and out of me. I had my hands on his hips and was helping him pump his cock in and out of my mouth at a good clip. After a few moments my lips were starting tingle and my jaw was getting sore. That’s when I slowed things down a bit and started to slowly lift my head off his shaft until I just had the head of his cock in my mouth. I twirled my tongue around the head and soon I could slot oyna taste his precum ooze from the tip again. I stopped and pulled my mouth off him and looked up into his face. He had a shit eating grin on his face that reminded me of the cat that ate the canary, I said in the most compassionate voice I could muster,

“You have a great cock, and I really enjoy sucking it. Have you ever gotten a blowjob from a guy before?”

He looked down and said,

“No, but I always wanted to see what it would be like.”

I responded with a smile and said’

“Well, I really like sucking cock, and you have a nice one. I hope I don’t disappoint you. I also love swallowing cum, so when you get ready to unload, just grab my head and shove your cock into my mouth like it’s cunt. Just close your eyes and think of the most beautiful woman you know. Fantasize that you are pounding her cunt, and you are ready to fill her with your juice. Grab her ass and bury your cock when it’s time, and I’ll swallow every drop you have to offer.”

I looked at his eyes, and as I finished telling him, they closed and I could hear him quietly say ok. I redirected my attention back to his manhood and lowered my mouth onto his cock again. As I sucked his cock I started to get real horny, and wanted his cock in my throat. I had been practicing how to deep-throat by swallowing whole bananas and other cock shaped items. I wanted to make sure I would not gag, so I learned to control my gag reflex. Well, as I said I was so horny, I could not wait, so I opened up and slowly slid his cock into my mouth, and past my tongue. When the head of his cock hit the small of my throat, I remembered what my wife said to me once. She had just finished giving a friend of mine a blowjob, and I asked her how she was able to swallow him all the way. After all his cock was almost 7 inches long. She told me she just relaxed her throat muscles and let it slide in while she breathed through her nose. So, I did the same thing. With my throat muscles relaxed, I just shoved my head down and his cock popped into my thoat like it was the most natural thing to do. It must have really felt good to him, because his whole body shook when his cock slipped into my throat. I heard him mumble,

“Oh, man thats tight, ohhhh that feels soooo gooood.”

Because his cock slid into my throat like it was nothing, I started popping the head in and out of my throat. Then I held it in and swallowed him as far as it would go. I had my lips pressed against his clean shaved groin. After a few moments I had to let him all the way out so I could catch my breath. My eyes were watering and my whole face felt slimy from saliva and precum. Slowly I lowered my head back onto his cock and let him take control for a few moments. As I healed my head stiff and my mouth open, he started pumping his cock in and out of my face. Soon he was grabbing my head real firmly and trying to shove his cock all the way down my throat. I went with the ride and soon he had his cock buried in my throat. His hips were humping my face as his cock pretty much stayed in my throat. By now I was able to breathe through my nose and he was just holding me into his groin. I wasn’t sure how long this would last, but he was in complete control now. I can only imagine what the woman he was thinking of looked like. I could hear him moaning louder and louder, and then I heard him almost scream,

“I’m going to cummmmm,”

With his cock buried in my throat and him humping my face like it was a cunt, I could feel his whole body start shaking. He grabbed me by the back of my head even harder and started to squeeze my scalp like it was a woman’s ass cheeks. In anticipation of his canlı casino siteleri sperm that was ready to shoot, I grabbed him by his ass and pulled him into me to hold him in place. I wanted every drop this young stud had to give, and I was not letting go until he was finished. Then I could feel it oozing in spurts. His warm man juice was being deposited down my throat, and it felt so warm. He kept humping my face like it was a woman’s groin, as he moaned and shuddered with every spurt of cum entering my throat. What seemed like an eternity, was over as soon as it started. There was no more sperm coming from his cock, but he refused to let go. Like a man who just unloaded his sperm into his woman’s pussy, but cannot bring himself to let go of her. This guy held my face into his groin for was must have been two or three minutes. For him a brief moment, but if your the one with a cock in your throat, it seemed like forever. I swallowed every drop of sperm he had to offer, but I now needed to breathe. Finally he relented and let loose his grip. After his cock left my throat I felt proud of myself that I never gagged.

As I felt his cock slide out of my mouth I had the urge to start sucking his cock some more, which only made him shudder more. I wanted to let him know I enjoyed it as much as he did so just before I let his cock out of my mouth I held it for a moment and closed my lips around the head. I pulled him towards me again as I licked it with my tongue and reveled in the way his hips buckled as he tried to pull it out of my mouth, but I had such a hold on his ass that he could not pull it out. After a few moments that must have seemed like an eternity to him, I let his cock slip from my mouth like it was a lollypop. I tried to get every last drop of wetness off his manhood as it left my lips but it was impossible, because little drops of sperm kept slowly drooling out of his cock. When I finally let his cock out of my mouth, it dropped down hitting my chin and leaving a string of sperm from my mouth to my chin. I looked up at him as I took my right hand off his ass and collected the sperm on my chin with my finger and licked it clean. I stood halfway up and sat back on the toilet, my face was a mess. My eyes were all wet from the reaction of taking his cock so deep in my throat but I smiled and said,

“Mmm, finger licken good.”

Looking down at me, he paused for a moment with a look of bewilderment on his face. Finally in a soft almost out of breath type of voice he said,

” I have never gotten off so quickly, or so powerfully as I just did. I don’t even think I was completely hard yet.”

I shook my head and looked at him as I said,

“That is the first time anyone has shot his load straight down my throat like that.”

I wanted him to be impressed with me so I lied. He would never know, and besides I just gave him the best blowjob he has ever had. He will spend a good part of his life trying to get a woman to do what I just did for him. In all honesty, I did have one other guy shoot his wad straight down my throat. It happened almost four years earlier, while Sharee was in the hospital at UC Davis. He was an older guy from Sacramento, who was in town for business. I met him late one night at the Onemile Park area, and I gave him a blowjob he said was one of the best he ever had. Well, the young guy put his cloths on and left. I waited a few and then left my self. As I was walking towards the parking lot I saw him standing off to the side and he still had a look of bewilderment about him. I smiled at the young good looking guy, hoping I would see him again.

As much as we both had fun, this all took about ten minutes to accomplish. Affairs are cheep and quick, as long as you don’t mind taking one in the mouth. There is always some guy that needs relief, and I knew that if I got here early enough I would find some guy who needed some relief from a morning hard.

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