Of Honeysuckle and Tulips

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Competitive weightlifter Kim Sussman notices what men first notice about orthopedist Michelle Becker. She’s cute, blond and slim and there’s no ring on her finger. Dr. Becker, wearing a white lab coat over blue slacks, looks all business as she examines Kim’s MRI on her laptop in a small office in the Medical Arts Building.

“The good news, your discs are fine. The bad news, you have a partial tear of your lower spinal erector muscles, plus sprained ligaments. Must have been lots of weight you tried to lift.”

“One-hundred and thirty kilos,” Kim reveals.

“Whew! And you weigh only what, a hundred and fifty pounds?”

“Around there. I lift in the sixty-nine-kilo class.” Kim smiles in spite of her high pain level, gratified that she seems to have impressed this pretty, thirty-something sports medicine doctor. Kim’s primary care doctor had ordered an MRI a couple weeks after she injured her back while competing in a local Olympic lifting contest. From there, Kim went to Hunt Valley Orthopedics, Michelle’s medical group. “My only consolation is that I made the lift and won the contest,” Kim says. “You think you can fix me? I’d like to return to training as soon as possible.”

Michelle looks up from her laptop. “The best fix is rest. You should also apply a combination of ice and wet heat a couple times a day and take Advil or similar drugs to reduce pain and inflammation.” She takes a few moments to look at her chart. “You’re twenty-four?” Kim nods. “How long do you plan on competing? I ask because from what I’ve seen, Olympic lifting can be mighty tough on knees, backs and shoulders. You’re still young, I know, but there might be a price to pay down the road from all that pounding. I do cross-fit which, as you know, includes the Olympic lifts, but with much lighter weight for high reps.”

“You might be right. But lifting’s in my blood. I love to train and compete.”

“Well, as a sports medicine doctor, my job is to prescribe treatments that will allow you to return to your activity as soon as possible. I’ll do my best.” She helps Kim onto the exam table. “I know it hurts,” she says in empathy, watching Kim wince. “One thing’s for sure,” Michelle adds, “you’ve got an impressive pair of quads.”

“Thanks. Lots of front squats, you know.” Wearing tight blue training shorts, Kim sits on the edge of the table, letting the doctor feel around her lower back. “Ah, that feels good. Do you give massages?”

Michelle chuckles. “No, not really, although I could. I’m feeling to see if there’s anything unusual about the contours of your back. So far, so good.” Michelle asks her to lift her feet and wiggle her toes. “Any tingling or numbness?”


“Any change in bowel movements?”


“Any change in sexual functioning?”

Caught off guard, Kim suddenly feels anxious. “Any change?”

“Are you still functioning normally is what I mean.”

“Normally? Well, yes. I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Scratch that. Yes, I can still function. Normally.”

Change is the key word, because Kim just broke up with her boyfriend Jeff, just one guy in a line of boyfriends that Kim dropped. Finally, she’s come to the realization that she likes gals, not guys, at least when it comes to sex and romance. For years, she had denied it, hoping it was an aberration, hoping she’d somehow get “normal.” ‘If it hasn’t happened yet,’ she had told Jeff, ‘it isn’t going to.’ So far, Jeff is the only one she’s confided in. She slept with him while thinking of other women, something she revealed only toward the end of their relationship.

Doctor Michelle Becker is one of those women that fuel Kim’s fantasies. She’s not only cute, she looks in good shape. Not all sports medicine doctors, male or female, spend much time exercising. “So you’re involved with cross-fit?”

“Yes. I didn’t have much time to train for it in med school. But now that I’m on a regular schedule—more or less—I’ve been training about four days a week, and even thinking about competing.”

“Cool.” Kim can imagine how sexy Michelle looks working out, her smooth skin glistening with sweat, her scent, deliciously feminine, her blond hair matted against her forehead. Kim’s never made advances toward another woman, and she doesn’t plan to start now—especially not with her own orthopedist who’s most likely as hetero as they come.

“Anyway, enough about me,” Michelle says, “now back to you. So again, rest that back and apply plenty of ice and heat. Take pain meds as needed. Any questions?”

“Will I be seeing you again?”

“I’m going to give you a follow-up appointment right now.” She helps Kim slide off the exam table, then sits down and checks her appointment calendar on her laptop. “I’d like to see you in two weeks. Can you make it on Thursday the seventeenth at four?” Kim nods. “Okay, you’re in.” Michelle wheels her chair away from her desk, crosses her legs and rocks slightly back. “So, Kim, what do you do when you’re not hoisting heavy weights?”

“I’m a parole and probation agent and attend law school part time at night.” illegal bahis

“Sounds like you’re incredibly busy yourself. When do you find the time to train? And where does all that energy come from?”

“Somehow I squeeze it in. As far as energy, I’ve always had plenty of that.”

Michelle nods as she looks her over, from her wavy, shoulder-length brown hair to those thick, muscular quads she finds so impressive. “So tell me how you got started in Olympic lifting. Another patient of mine said her boyfriend got her interested. Is that your story?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. Jeff, my last boyfriend, is into Power lifting. I began with that, then drifted over to the Olympic lifts. I find it more dynamic, more athletic, really. You need to be fast and flexible as well as strong.”

“Was Jeff supportive of your lifting?”

“WAS is the operable word. We’re no longer together.”

“Oh. Well, I hope it wasn’t because he got jealous. I know women whose boyfriends dropped them because their fragile male egos couldn’t handle their success.”

“No, it wasn’t because of that. It, well…” She laughs inside at the notion of telling her the unvarnished truth: ‘Actually, doctor Becker, it’s because I’m a lesbian, and right now I’m getting wet thinking about kissing that sweet mouth of yours and then getting naked with you on this exam table, spreading my amazing quads and…’ Kim stops there and shakes her head.

“That’s okay, I shouldn’t get this personal,” Michelle says. “Anyway, I’ll see you in two weeks.”


Little does Kim know that Michelle’s fantasy mill was also at work when she met with Kim. Unlike Kim, she’s experienced—with both men and women, though her sexual orientation leans toward women, strong, athletic women generally and now Kim specifically. Michelle’s had other female patients that stoked her desire. Thus far, she’s kept her feelings to herself, her libido in check. Number one, coming on to a patient would be highly unethical (slightly!); and two, she wouldn’t even consider such a move unless she knew said patient was gay. Kim? She doubts it. She had a boyfriend, right? Bisexual? Doubtful again. If she is, Michelle has no sense of it.

Michelle goes for strong, athletic women, women bigger than her petite, one-hundred and twenty-five pounds. She’d bet that Kim could lift her overhead with ease, then twirl her around a few times. Another plus: Kim has brains as well as brawn. Michelle likes bright, articulate, high-achieving women. Dummies need not apply. Butch looking lezzies need not apply. Man-hating, radical feminist intellectual types need not apply either. Kim’s very pretty. What with those full lips, perfect little nose and her smile, so cute and warm. She likes her coloring, too, a shade just short of olive. And then there’s her strong, shapely body—all so strikingly sexy!

She’s getting wet just thinking about all this, and somewhat concerned, because Michelle’s secretary has just informed her that Kim is now in the waiting room. Michelle admonishes herself for not having more discipline, for not banishing such thoughts from her horny little mind. She’s a doctor, a professional person, for crissakes, and she can’t let her libido overwhelm her professionalism, not to mention her common sense. “Get a grip, Michelle,” she says out-loud. “Ms. Sussman’s here for treatment, not to be seduced.”

Still, she can’t help but be impressed when Kim walks in wearing tight black stretch pants that accentuates a few of her assets—her big, curvy thighs, diamond-shaped calves and solid round butt. Michelle was never crazy about braided hair. However, on Kim it looks undeniably erotic. “How’s the back?” Michelle’s question sounds absurdly banal to her in light of what she’s been thinking.

Kim puts down her backpack and hops onto the exam table. “Better. I’m trying to be a good patient,” she chuckles. “Lifting no more than light dumbbells. It isn’t easy.”

“Layoffs suck, I know.” Michelle’s thoughts wander as she looks into Kim’s eyes, blue and beautiful, just like her own, or so she’s been told. Being the doctor puts her in control. Being professional and disciplined in most areas of her life stops her from saying inappropriate things, things that could get her in trouble. “Okay, Kim, lay down on your back if you will. We’re going to do some stretching.” After Kim complies, Michelle grasps her patient’s ankle and then slowly begins to lift her leg. “Raise your hand when your back starts to hurt,” Michelle instructs, lifting the leg inch by inch. Kim does after her leg passes forty-five degrees, with similar results when Michelle does her other leg. “Okay, now sit up and bend forward as far as you can. “Does that hurt?”

“A little,” Kim says after stretching to where she can touch her ankles.

After some probing and prodding, Kim sits on the exam table while Michelle types the exam results on her laptop. She’s dressed in formal business attire today—dark blue skirt, white blouse and high heels. She wears her hair up. “Looks like you’re dressed for a meeting or something,” Kim illegal bahis siteleri says. Her eyes focus on Michelle’s legs, crossed and exposed to mid-thigh, and then on the nipples of her breasts, pressed against the material of her blouse.

“Actually, I am,” she says. Her eyes stay glued to her keyboard. “Our team is holding a dinner meeting in about an hour.” Moments later, she turns her chair around to face her patient. “Because you’re still in some discomfort, I’d give it another week or so. Pushing it too soon could set you back. I know it’s frustrating,” she says, responding to Kim’s look of woe. “But you’ll get there, trust me. By the way, your hair looks nice. Does that help?”

“Only if you mean it,” Kim says, beginning to smile. “I usually wear it like this only when I’m training or competing. Today I just felt like it.”

Michelle nods. “I see. Well, just for the record, braids don’t do much for me, but they look great on you.”

“Thanks. Now, one good compliment deserves another. I like your outfit. You look really, well, sexy without looking slutty. If that makes any sense.”

“Thanks. You don’t think my skirt’s too short?” Michelle tugs at the hem, stretching it down an inch or so. “At one of these meetings, a male colleague told me it was distracting him. He said it in a joking way, but I could tell he meant it.”

“Well, us women like to look sexy for women, too,” Kim says, “and I don’t mean just lesbians. We crave the attention.”

Michelle rubs her hand over her shapely calve a few times, as if she were brushing something off it. “Agreed, although it’s an almost unconscious effort for straight women, I feel. For gay women, well, use your imagination.” She re-crosses her legs and flashes a flirtatious smile.

Kim slides her tongue over her lips. “Yeah, well, in my gym, the girls train in tight, very short shorts, exposing more leg than they have to. Not much imagination needed. The guys eat it up.”

“Yes, they sure do. I can tell you that from personal experience because I wear the same outfit in cross-fit. Some of the women eat it up, too.”

Kim nods and begins to swing her legs back and forth over the exam table. “Have you ever?” She shakes her head. “Oh, never mind. It’s not my place.”

“Kim, if you’d like to ask me something, go ahead. Don’t be shy.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure. Go ahead.”

“Okay, well, have you, um, have you ever been hit on by a woman?”

“Well, kind of,” she says, grinning cute and coy. She knows she should stop here. She also knows that the conversation wouldn’t have gotten this far had Kim not asked. There might be a lot more to this story. “Out of curiosity, why would you ask that?”

“Um, well, I don’t know.” She covers her mouth and giggles. “Just curious.”

“Have YOU ever been hit on by a woman?”


“Ever think how you’d react if you were?” Michelle’s skirt has inched up far enough to where Kim can see her blue lace panties. She’s looking and Michelle sees her looking, not saying anything, just looking, her mouth slightly ajar, her legs swinging faster. Could doctor and patient be in sync? Michelle senses they might be. “Kim?”

“Look, maybe I should go,” Kim says, turning away. “This is getting too…weird.” She takes a deep breath, then slides off the exam table. “Should I make another appointment?”

Michelle pulls down her skirt and stands. “Only if your recovery hits a plateau. And for any other reason you think might be important.” Standing inches from her patient, she reaches out and squeezes her hand. “Know what I mean?” She wiggles her tongue across her lower lip.

Kim squeezes back and holds her doctor’s gaze. “Um, I think I do.”


Kim decides to sit a few minutes behind the wheel of her Honda Civic. Her law school class begins in an hour, but she’s way too dizzy to drive. If she’s not mistaken, Dr. Becker was coming onto her. All she needed was Kim to make the next move and she’d bet they’d have been trading saliva in that office. Michelle—she’s starting to think of her on a first-name basis—looked so damn sexy, sitting there with her skirt up, re-crossing her beautifully shaped, athletic legs, her blond hair piled on top of her head. Just inches from her face, Kim could almost taste Michelle’s erotic scent, could almost feel her smooth, blond skin. She shoves her hand down her panties. “Ohmygod,” she cries, “I’m soaked.” Michelle’s words echo: ‘And for any other reason you think might be important.’ Kim envisions Michelle giving her a back massage, and then doing other things that Kim has never done with a woman but longs to try. She pictures her face buried between Michelle’s boobs, kissing her there, and then working over her nipples. “Oh yes, oh yes,” she whispers, as her finger goes to work inside, slipping and sliding, her imagination working overtime, vivid and wonderful. She can’t recall ever masturbating in a car—this is a first. “Right there, Michelle, right there,” she cries, picturing the sexy orthopedist finding Kim’s sweet spot. “Yes! Yes! Ohmygod!” canlı bahis siteleri Her climax washes over her in successive waves. Suddenly self-conscious of where she is, she glances out her car windows, looking around the parking lot: all clear.

She can barely concentrate in class. In fact, she can barely concentrate on anything since that second office visit. Should she call per Michelle’s invite? It’s been over a week, and her back feels well enough to where she resumes training, stretching and working with light weights, easing into it. There’s no medical reason to contact Michelle. There IS that “other” reason which Michelle alluded to and to which Kim said she understood. Yet she’s not sure how to approach her. To Kim, this is virgin territory—so to speak. She could just call, feel her out—so to speak. Michelle, she suspects, is a woman of experience when it comes to getting it on with other women. Kim? Nada. What does she say? What’s the proper approach—if one can call such an approach proper to begin with.

A week passes, and with it another week of healing, of lifting weights lighter than even her warm-ups. Still, she’s progressing. She’s confident her strength will return, perhaps in time for The Aberdeen Invitational, a couple months away. Michelle isn’t far from her thoughts, her fantasies, those vivid fantasies of her and the doctor doing things that leaves her soaked and panting. Finally, getting into her car after a workout, she calls. No surprise, it goes into voice mail: “Just thought I’d call to let you know how I’m doing,” she says.

Hours later, when she’s tucked into bed, watching TV, Michelle returns her call. “How’s the back?”

“Much better,” Kim says, then tells her about the upcoming Aberdeen contest. “I think I can make that one. Hoping anyway.”

“Glad to hear it.” Moments of silence follow. Then: “Anything else? I mean, since you’re doing so well, you probably don’t need another appointment.”

“Right, I don’t.” Kim finds herself rubbing her hand over her crotch. Damn, just the sound of this woman’s voice can get her going.

“So you called…why?”

“Um, well, it’s about what you said, about calling for any other reason I might think important. Remember?”

“Of course. And?”

Kim’s shoulders shake in a nervous shiver. “And so I was just wondering…oh boy, this isn’t easy for me.”

“Maybe I can help, and I’ll start with a question.”


“What are you wearing?”

“Just panties. No bra.” She hears a gasp.

“What color?”


“Oh my. Braids?”

“Not tonight. Disappointed?”

“Not at all. You’d look cute and sexy no matter how you set your hair.” Pause. “Anyway, I hope you now get where I was coming from in the office.”

“I kind of got it then, just wanted to be sure.” Kim’s beginning to relax. “So what are YOU wearing?”

“A short blue nightie, no bra or panties. How’s that sound?”

“Hot.” She hears Michelle laugh.

“And my smooth waxed legs are spread too—if that makes a difference.” Pause. “You’re breathing hard, aren’t you?”

“I’m doing more than that.”

“You are? Do tell.” Silence. “Kim?”

“It’s embarrassing.” She giggles.

“It’s perfectly normal if you’re doing what I think you’re doing.”

“Look, Michelle, can we get together sometime? Soon?”


Michelle rationalizes it this way. Kim is no longer her patient. Therefore, she sees no ethical violations in seeing her outside the office. Didn’t her own parents socialize with their dentist and his wife? Of course, double dating to dinner and movies is a far cry from what Michelle has in mind. Still, she feels comfortable enough to meet Kim for Happy Hour at Mel’s Place, a suburban bar and restaurant. She’s wearing tight yellow slacks, a blue button-down blouse and high heels. She’s parted her hair on the side, sweeping the front over half her forehead, with the ends just touching her right eyebrow. The back, flipped slightly up, rests on her shoulders. The style is new to her, something she had meant to try weeks ago but kept putting off. Her “date” here with Kim gave her the incentive she needed to get it done.

“Perfect timing,” Michelle says, seeing Kim come through the door. “I just got here myself.” Looking her over, she adds, “I like your dress.”

“Thanks. I wear dresses only for work and special occasions.” Pause. “Your hair looks great.” She reaches out, runs her fingers through it. “Silky and soft.” Leaning close, she whispers, “Not to mention sexy.”

Michelle chuckles. “Thanks. What are you drinking?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Anything you’re having.”

“Merlot?” Kim nods, and then Michelle leans on the dark wood bar top to order.

They take their drinks over to a small table by a window. “Boy, this place looks better than it did before the fire,” Michelle says.

“You’re right. Before the fire, Jeff and I came here for dinner a few times.”

Mel’s reopened just last month. The fire had gutted the place, leaving only the late nineteenth century stone exterior intact. It was perhaps a blessing in disguise, because the owners created a new industrial chic design—beam ceiling, hardwood flooring, hanging lamps, booths furnished with dark leather seats, big picture windows—that draws more patrons than ever.

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Bathtime Fun

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The quiet summer breeze caused her flimsy silk robe loosely tied around her waist to flutter. The evening was approaching, with cold air ensued. This caused her nipples to slightly portrude through the thin material. No one noticed, not even her. Her beauty and sexuality that exuded from every inch of her gorgeous body was like a gift to any man.

She entered her home and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. It had been a hot day sitting out in the sun for her, and she wanted to relax in a nice bubblebath. To her, it seemed like the perfect end to the day.

Closing the door tightly behind her, she smiled knowing that her husband was fast asleep. She was anticipating the moments after her bath, where she could snuggle up to him and run her hands through his hair and feel his breath on her face. Erotic thoughts seemed to hardly enter her mind, yet always seemed to enter his. She was still oblivious to this.

The bathroom’s light and airy atmosphere was comfort to her sweaty body as she let the robe fall to the floor. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead and trickled over the large mounds of her breasts. She rubbed her legs together feeling the warmth deep inside her pussy. She could only excite herself by thinking how nice it would feel to step into that bath.

She bent down to turn on the water and began pouring the bubblebath into the tub. As she turned around she giggled at the reflection of her gaping, sweaty ass in the mirror. As the water filled the tub sufficiently, she turned it off and delicately stepped in. She pulled her long dark hair up with a barrette and began lathering herself with the soapy water. Her hands glided over her creamy skin, dipping into crevices, parading over her large round breasts. Her husband said they were like two perfect cantelopes situated on her chest. All she cared about in relation to her monstrous breasts was the intensifying pleasures that sent lightning through her body when her rose colored nipples were sucked and tugged at.

But at this moment she thought nothing of it. She only smiled with the pleasure of cooling down that evening, and the refreshing feeling she received from it. Suddenly, at that point when she felt she was surrounded by complete privacy, the bathroom door slowly opened with a creaking noise. She looked up abruptly, although she knew the only person in the house besides herself was her husband Scott. Nevertheless, it was Scott himself, smiling and wearing only boxer shorts. Before Roxanne could utter a word of surprise, her husband casually remarked,

“Hey babe, how’s the water?”

He inched closer to her, not allowing her to ask any questions. She noticed him eyeing her breasts hovering at the top of the water, her nipples seeming to inch farther out with each step he took. Roxanne uttered a quiet giggle.

“It’s a little chilly, but it’s nice.” Scott smiled some more.

Her heart raced and she could only hope that something good would come out of this. Being married for less than 6 months, she and Scott had gone through what she felt was a dry spell for the last couple of weeks. It seemed strange to her, she always thought, because when they had first started dating, sex was the basis of their encounters. She stood up, soap forming in clumps on her body, and quickly grabbed a small hand towel hanging from the rack next to the tub. She bunched it in front of her and smiled at him some more. He reached a hand out as if to stop her.

“No no, its ok. You don’t have to get out,”

She looked down and her hands were shaking. “It’s ok baby.” He reached over and took the towel from her, letting it fall to the floor. Roxanne could say nothing. bahis firmaları Scott’s body was on point and her mind began racing with thoughts and feelings. He reached over and squeezed some soap out of the dispenser, rubbing the liquid between his hands and kneeling down next to her as she sat naked in the tub, her body there for the taking. He inched closer and closer and Roxanne let herself accept this sudden invitation. He began rubbing the soap directly on her breasts in circling motions. It warmed her nipples and to her it felt so good to look down and see his strong hands pressing against her breasts, her nipples turning into hard knots that poked at the skin of his hands.

Scott pressed his lips against hers and she pulled her wet hands out of the water and grabbed his face, slowly inching her tongue in and out of her mouth. He pulled away after a moment and said, “Is it okay if I come in there with you?”

“Mmmmhmmm…” was all Roxanne could say, smiling with glee.

He stood up, and the familiar bulge which formed between his legs was apparant through the fabric of his underwear. She began to get hungry for his cock which she always knew as large and powerful. Her still soaked hands reached up and quickly pulled his boxers down, letting his large cock bounce free from the cramped space and stared her in the eye. Her mouth watered as Scott’s cock became harder and seemed to be a missile holding back from firing her clear in the face.

She backed her body against the cold plaster of the tub as he slowly stepped in. He sat on the edge of the tub and by her hair, he pulled her close to his cock which now seemed to quiver with anxiety. She looked up at him, smiling, and placed her mouth over the bulging head and began moving up and down his shaft as he guided her with a strong hand against the back of her head. She pulled his hand away, which made him gasp with glory that she was in the works of taking control. She reached under and began softly twisting his balls back and forth as her mouth comforted his cock with quick licks and sucks up and down his reddening shaft.

Soft moans came from his mouth which only caused her to suck harder. He leaned his head back and she felt his hand dip into the water and rub her back, and then inch in front of her and massage her breasts as she worked on his long rod. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and began flitting her tongue against the tip of it. As a drop of precum slowly formed, Roxanne smiled and felt her nipples being pinched between Scott’s fingers. She quickly licked it off and guided the cock back into her mouth with her hands and looking back up at his opened, moaning mouth, Roxanne took him deep into her mouth, down her throat without a gag or a noise at all. The only noises came from Scott who leaned his head back farther, clenching her hair and moaning with pleasure. She however, couldn’t believe that she was giving him this much gratitude.

“Shiiiiiiit… ” He gritted his teeth as she took prolonged, hard sucks at his cock before finally letting it hang free, dripping wet. She wiped her mouth and watched as he stood up in the bathtub and commanded her to turn around.

She got on her knees in the tub, and placed her hands on the bathroom floor. She felt her pussy opening slightly and felt his cock brush against her smooth ass. He looked intently at her pussy as he was beginning to enter it. It was like no pussy he had seen before. He always took pleasure in entering her, for her body was something of a miracle. Her pussy was like a tight canal, skin that had been slashed open to create the tightest slit, the edges lubed with her own liquids.

Roxanne bit her lip as she felt kaçak iddaa him finally enter her slowly. It was the sharpest pain and greatest pleasure at the same time.

“Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhawwwwwhhhhhhhhhh……” Her prolonged, crying-like moan escaped her mouth as she felt his entire cock deep within the walls of her hot cunt. Scott responded to her with a moan of his own, and grasping her ass with his hands, he began thrusting back and forth, slowly at first, which caused her to move her head back and forth and cry with pleasure. He kept slithering in and out of her like a snake, his cock covered already with her juices. As he pulled it out for a moment, she heard him mumble,

“aaaaaawhh fuck…. yes”.

When he entered her again, he entered with a sharp thrust which caused her to go wild. He began fucking her harder and harder, in a quick even motion. The slapping noise of his balls against her ass was only accompanied in rhythm with the swaying of her breasts beneath her as he moved back and forth. She looked up at the ceiling, mouth open and moaning more. Taking control again she reached behind her, attempting to push his cock deeper within her, harder and faster.

He realized her desire for more and smiling he entered her harder, faster and then slowly pushed closer to her, trying as hard as he could to be within her as deep as possible. With one last thrust she felt her whole system explode. As they orgasmed at the correct moment, she threw her head back, her hair coming free and falling down her back. He tugged on it as he screamed with desire to fuck her harder than the last thrust, to be deeper within her than the time before.

As Scott was pulling out, more cum sprayed from his cock. Roxanne felt the warm liquid flowing down her vaginal canal and coating the labia of her pussy. As if to answer her internal wishes, Scott, with his dangling wet cock still hard, bent down and began licking her pussy. His own cum formed little rivers within her and to add to the glorious feeling, she felt his hot tongue thrust within her, jolting around and then he nibbled at the raw skin.

She got up after a moment of being eaten and stepped out of the tub. She slid down against it, sitting on the bathroom floor with her legs spread. He too, stepped out and sat directly in front of her, the tip of his cock pressing against her pussy hairs and almost begging to enter again. Roxanne grabbed her husband’s face and said,

“Scott you better fuck me hard! HARD!” This was something thought to be screamed, but she said it steadily with a whisper. He kissed her, and as his tongue dipped in and out of her mouth she grabbed his hard ass and slammed his cock deep within her. This surprised him.

Roxanne’s hand remained gripped to his ass, and her lips remained locked to his as she pushed him hard in and out of her. As they fucked so closely she moaned between kisses and thrusts. Her pussy lips were wet and smooth and seemed to engulf his cock on their own. Scott felt the veins in his cock tense up as her hand scratched against his ass, still thrusting. She bit his lip as she felt the sharp jolts of him sliding in and out of her hot pussy.

He gripped her shoulders and sucked hard on her tongue as he felt himself unload deep within her once more. It seemed to be a neverending waterfall of hot warm cum that flowed between her red pussy walls and warmed her clit as it kept approaching her gaping slit.

Finally as they both pulled their lips apart and gasped for air as if they were suffocating, Scott let go of her shoulders and slithered out, sprawling his body out on the cold linoleum. But nevertheless, Roxanne wasn’t finished. She seemed kaçak bahis alarmed that he was qualifying himself as spent, as hot and horny as they both were. She wasn’t going to let him get away just yet. Crawling over to him with her teeth clenched and her long, drenched hair falling in wispy pieces in front of her face, she grabbed his arms and straddled him, his cock still poking straight up in the air.

Scott accepted this sudden movement and began massaging her breasts as she positioned herself over his cock. Slowly, she slid down over it and he instantly began to moan as he watched himself bury deeper and deeper within her, her pussy hairs tickling the edges of his cock as it went in. Finally, when she sat on him she bounced up and down, letting the sharp pounds of his cock get her off. He reached up and massaged her large tits. She looked him straight in the eye as her hand went down to her pussy and guided him and down.

“Fuck me. Fuck me and lick my tits baby!” She said to him diligently. He smirked.

“Baby I’m so hard right now, “

“I know, I feel you in my pussy. You like my pussy gliding over your huge cock, babe?” She raised her eyebrows and after slow motions back and forth she began riding him harder than he could ever remember her doing.

“Yes baby, let me lick your tits. Let my big cock explode inside you!” He smiled but knew that his ejaculations had since ended before. To compensate, he held her against his cock, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He bounced her up and down and each bounce was accompanied with Rachel’s wild screams of “Oooh, ooh, oooooooooh!” He leaned forward and nibbled at her tits. This felt so good to her and holding his neck with one hand, she reached down and guided his mouth over her large bouncing breasts.

He nibbled and licked and then lowered her to the floor. She spread her legs wide open and with his moans of simple “Uhhh, uhhh yeah, uhhh…” He shook his cock and let more cum dribble over her wide open pussy. She watched as it dripped into her hole and he pushed forward, his cock in between her breasts. Unexpectantly she pushed her tits together, letting his cock rest between them.

“Yeah, that’s it baby. These tits are for you and only you. You like how they rub against your cock?” She licked her lips.

“Mmmm…” He moaned some more. She began squeezing her tits against his cock more and this gave her great pleasure.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!”

As he then pulled away, letting her breasts fall back into place, they both layed on the floor, smiling toward each other. She had ahold of his cock while his fingers traveled from her nipples down to between her legs, finishing the passionate endeavor.

Roxanne stood up and found her robe. She reached down and picked up Scott’s boxers.

“Here honey, put that thing away!” She jokingly motioned toward his still throbbing cock. He waved a hand at her to drop them.

“Babe, now that you’ve taken your bath, why don’t we get in bed and have a little fun huh? I mean its been such a long day.” She smiled and knew that this was all going to make up for the weeks of no pleasure. She quickly tore her robe off again, and let the tub still be filled with the water which seemed dirtied with their lovemaking now, and ran naked down the hall with Scott, her breasts bouncing in sync with his cock to their bedroom. Before entering however, Scott ran to the kitchen and in moments came back to Roxanne who had already sprawled out under the covers. She looked up to see him holding a can of whipped cream and a bottle of honey.

“Maybe we should dirty you up a little, you’re looking a little too clean.” Roxanne smiled and watched as he sprayed a round clump of whipped cream on the end of his cock and jumped onto the bed as the door closed behind him.

To be continued. . . . . .

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One , Two Make Three Ch. 2

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All characters in this story are 18 and older.

* * * * *

Well from the bad experience of my sister when she lost her cherry I decided to do it right. And as it turned out the perfect guy happened to be Jake my next door neighbor.

I asked a lot of questions from my girlfriends who were fucking about what they thought about different guys they had fucked. I never asked about the guy they were currently going with. I didn’t want to break up any ongoing relationships.

I had always liked the guy next door. We lived a little out in the country and he was always working in their back field weeding the irrigation ditch or in the summer harvesting big juicy watermelons they grew to sell at a stand in front of their house. He was okay looks wise and had nice muscles from all the farm work. He wasn’t a real hunk that all girls were chasing, or so I thought. He just seemed nice and kinda shy. I was soon to find out he wasn’t shy in the dark!!!

When it came to love he had a real international technique. Roman hands, a French tongue, and a BIG cock that like to be in the “united state” all the time!!! …But I’m getting ahead of my self. I didn’t find about that until I got him alone in his “pup tent”

As I said I kept asking girl friends about guys to find one that would make losing my cherry to him a loving experience. No I didn’t want a guy to marry. That would come later when I had a little experience. One of my best friends was Sindy Jake’s younger sister.

What she told me about Jake sure surprised me. She said at their church it was an open secret among the young single girls that he was very well equipped and knew how to use it. He would sing in the choir in the morning service flirting with the girls in the congregation. They had certain hand signals that the single “in group” knew about. All the guys and girls used the same code. A guy or girl in the choir wiping their lips with their finger in any manor and looking at some one of the opposite sex in the congregation was saying “Hi sexy” to that person. Rubbing the outer edge of your eye meant you were asking the person they were looking at if they wanted to sit with them in the back vestibule illegal bahis in the evening service.

Either of the two back vestibules were sort of the place to sit in the evening service for the young singles. What the deacons and minister didn’t know was that lots of hot sex action was going on in the two back rows during the main service. The preachers daughter, Kelly, sat there and she was usually in the hottest action.

One time she had even given a guy a quickie blow job as her father was delivering a particular intense “hell fire and brimstone” sermon. She had worked her boyfriend up to the point of no return with her hand and then acted like she was picking up something on the floor. As she bent over she pushed aside the lesson book he was hiding his cock from general view with and took him in her mouth and swallowed his load of cum as she pumped and sucked furiously. When the guy closed his eyes and leaned his head back the preacher probably thought he was carried away with the sermon. Kelly’s head came back up thirty seconds after disappearing. Only the couples on the back row around to her knew her closed mouth was full of fresh cum. She put her hand to her mouth. In her had she was hiding her tiny bikini panties. She had removed those the minute they sat down as most of the girls had. You don’t think the guy she was sucking on was just letting her do all the work do you. His fingers were busy massaging her clit and plunging as deep as they could into her hot quim while her hand pumped.

She gave the cum filled panties to the guy and made sure his hand was tight against her pussy. It was her turn to get off. She got off just as her father reached his sermonic climax as she usually did. Throwing her head back and swooning as several of her boyfriends fingers lodged deep in her very non-virgin hole and his thumb massaged her love button clit, Kelly bit her lip to keep from screaming our loud.

Her father, assuming she was swooning because of his words as he always did, probably had some very impure (in his religion any way) thoughts as he watched her writhing in unison with his shouted exhortations. It was almost like to him the only audience that mattered illegal bahis siteleri was Kelly.

Wow I got so carried away with that story I forgot what I was telling you about, my deciding on Jake to take my cherry.

Sindy told me one of the reasons for Jake’s popularity was his nine inches and that it was kinda thick around too. She said not only was he well equipped but he knew how to use it. She told me how he was very good when it came to foreplay and getting the girl he was with off as well or better than he got off. I didn’t ask Sindy how she knew so many exact details of her brothers love life. I would find that out later. (keep reading hehehe).

I quickly decided after listening to Sindy that Jake was the perfect guy to deflower me. Hey SIZE matters. I learned that from watching my sister. She moaned the loudest when they were the biggest. I knew from the wetness in my panties when Sindy talked about Jake that I would be lubricated enough when the insertion time came so the entry pain would be minimal. Besides I had already inserted the tips of some of my sisters big dildos inside me when she wasn’t using them.

It took me a while to formulate my “Seduction of Jake” plan. Of course he would think he seduced me. Don’t all the guys. My dad always said I was the biggest flirt in the family. He said as I even flirted with the boy babies in the maternity ward. Now I was going to do the most serious flirting of my life.

Jake loved jet planes and rockets. He had them suspended from the ceiling in his room and tree limbs in the yard. He had a tent in the back yard under a big fig tree too. He would peer at the heavens some nights through a telescope and sleep in the tent if the weather was nice.

If he loved rockets I would give him rockets! If he wanted to see stars, I would help him see stars. I would take him to heaven with my angelic moans! (Maybe that was my NOT SO angelic moans!!)

I got all the books I could on rockets and stars from the library. I made sure Jake helped me carry them off the bus for a week so he would know I was interested in them. I seemed to work. Every day Jake talked more and more to me about the latest rocket canlı bahis siteleri stuff. At last the time was ripe for the final event that would insure Jake and my cherry met.

I had made mom get me a package of water rockets. You put water in them and pumped air into them and pulled back a plastic sleeve. They were supposed to swoosh skyward. There was a big one and a small one and launchers for each.

I waited till late evening when Jake was outside in his yard. I played around with the rockets for several minutes playing like I couldn’t get them to work very well. I knew Jake was watching me. He always did. (Did I mention big tits run in our family.) I was wearing a low cut short dress that showed off jy legs like I usually did if Jake was around. Even from a distance I knew Jake liked the view.

Finally as if in exasperation I picked up the rockets and launchers and headed for Jake.

“Hi Jake, how are you tonight. My mother got me these rockets and I can’t get them to work. Can you help me, maybe?”

“Sure can, I used to have ones just like them. Let me see how your doing it.” He said as I set the little tub of water and the rockets down.

“Well I put some water in this little spoony thing and pour it in the bottom of the rocket.” I said as I showed him my technique while I knelt at his feet. I knew that gave him a real nice view of my cleavage. I knew he could even see part of my nipples.

I didn’t get enough water in the scoop and made sure I spilled most of it too.

“Yeah I see your problem.” he said looking at my tits and not the rocket. I guess he had real good peripheral vision.

Besides you shouldn’t shoot them off here near the house. They’ll land on the roof and you’ll have to go climb a ladder to get them. Of course I would have had HIM climb up and get them but I knew he was thinking of the view up my dress as I climbed while he steadied the ladder.

“Your not using enough water and your spilling most of it. Lets fill up this pail with water and go up in the back field.” He told me as he filled the bucket. I let him take the rockets in it while I carried some lawn chairs to the field. I had a reason for the chairs.

I knew that night I would return home a woman. I also knew the biggest rocket would be shooting in me very soon. What I didn’t know was the fun Sindy would be adding to our experience. Changing our duo into a trio.

To Be Continued…

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Illicit Desires Ch. 02

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Mekalai had discovered something about Sundar ‘anna’ (big brother) earlier. The first time it happened only because she had collected the clothes basket earlier than usual. Sundar anna’s lungi/ dhoti was there and her hand touched upon the wet, sticky area where Sundar had spent himself.

She spread out the cloth and saw the area where his cum was. She did not exactly know what that was but she knew it was something naughty and sexual. She wondered about whether it was that the cloth was used as a bed sheet by Sundar anna and his wife.

She didn’t think they had a sex life there and she reasoned out that she was correct. Curiosity got the better of her and Mekalai touched the part where a wad of cum lay accumulated. She felt the slickness of the viscous fluid her mouth agape in fascination.

At 19, the young housemaid was a virgin. She had this young man from back in her village to whom she was promised. And she and he petted heavily. She had felt stirrings of desire and allowed him to caress her in places her body told her was linked to that desire. And on occasion he had been bold enough to hold her hand and press it to his erection. She had squeezed the hardness she felt through his trousers and noted both warmth and moistness seep through. Was that moistness this fluid she saw in the cloth before her?

Mekalai had grown to admire Sundar anna over the years for his cordial manner with the maid and his completely non-sexual demeanor. She had heard stories of the men of the house, young and old, seeking dalliances with the daily help. She had heard of other working women – also old and young – from her community willingly allowing themselves to be taken. (But what it did it mean to be ‘taken’? She knew not.)

For some women it was one more source of pleasure. It had the added advantage of buying them privileges. Some others, less fortunate, obliged the masters for the privileges. For some it was the sexual pleasure, combined with the luxurious settings of a well kept house in contrast to their own living quarters.

And then there were some like Mekalai who avoided having anything to do with the houses where they worked, beyond their duty. Some worried about the ladies of the house. Some worried about the consequences for themselves. Some were just not the type.

And yet, almost all could relate tales of having been watched, given lecherous looks, touched inappropriately or propositioned.

Given all those tales, Sundar anna was an exception. In fact, Mekalai’s mother felt completely safe leaving her daughter unsupervised at his house, including at times when she went away to her village for a few days. There were few places in a big city where a beautiful, luscious lass like her daughter could be safely left behind. It was partly the city, but it was also partly the girl, if the hot-blooded nature of the women from her community was anything to go by.

Her daughter was not like those others. Neither was Sundar anna.

This excellent working environment allowed Mekalai to be as free as free could be without any worries. There emerged an unspoken closeness between the 72 year old master of the house and the 19 year old maid of the house.

She never really took care to cover herself though she wore the more practical and work-safe ‘chudidar’, which is like wearing trousers with a top whose hemline reaches below or around the knees. The alternate traditional dress is the very sexy saree. A blouse that ends just below the breasts leaves the entire midriff open. The blouse itself could be tailored daringly.

The back of the blouse could be left completely bare as some of Sundar’s daughter’s blouses were. It left nothing to imagination as men gawked as the vast expanse of smooth skin, inviting to be touched and caressed.

The breasts could be confined illegal bahis tightly and the thinner material might clearly outline the breasts in all their glory, leaving nothing to be imagined about the position, shape or size of the nipples that topped them.

Simply simply cutting a low neckline to the blouse could also expose the upper slopes of the breasts. Depending on how a woman was built, that could show off lovely rising slopes, or deep-valleyed cleavages.

There are even blouses which have no side panels so that a lucky man might catch a glimpse of a bulge of breast, bursting through the confines of the blouse. There was something to a breast pushing at the limits of a garment. It reminds men of ripe fruit waiting to be taken.

And if the blouse itself was not enough, there was the diaphanous length of cloth, which forms the saree itself. It could cover everything – but it could also reveal it all.

And even if it covered everything, the part that covers the upper body could be allowed to fall at a very precise moment, bringing more allure to the woman.

The lower part of the saree brings eroticism to the visual experience by where it is tied. Tie it lower to show the curve of your hip. Arrange it to go below the swell of your belly so that your belly button is on display and men feel the urge to feel that swell of curvaceous belly.

Tie it still lower and tantalize the men with visions of your hip and your lower abdomen. “How much lower will reveal her pubic area?” a man might catch himself wondering.

And finally, one tug of the knot that held this all together and a shrug of the shoulder and the woman would be open to her man of choice. The blouse added to the seductive charm. The skirts could just be lifted up…

Like sun, clouds and the play of light on an undulating landscape below bring poetry to flow, so it is with the saree.

And for that precise reason it had given way to the ‘chudidar’ for the working woman.

So Mekalai was by definition modestly dressed. Within that, she never bothered to wear the chiffon sash around her chest to cover herself. She felt at complete ease around Sundar ‘anna’. She leaned to work and treated Sundar to a feast for the eyes.

When she saw him looking, she laughed openly at him with an innocence that over time slowly warmed Sundar to the sexuality simmering just below the surface in their relationship. She was an alluring mix of innocence and impishness. She was warm with him and mischievous. There was nothing sexual about it, even though he was on many occasions actually observing her body.

And then one day Mekalai found his dhoti loaded with his cum. And then she started looking for it every time she took the wash basket out. Some days it had dried. On other days he seemed to have done something just now. But what had he done? She knew not.

She knew that the male organ swelled up in proportions as it did with her fiancé. She knew what it looked like and how different that part of the anatomy was for the two sexes. And there were many scenes in the movies that were sexually explicit in foreplay to give her a sense of how couples played with each other. But there were no scenes that actually showed the act. All of that was speculation and giggles between the girls in her group. Some knew more but would not let on lest they be branded promiscuous. Others knew less but wanted to know more.

And then came today. She thought she heard her name being called. She was busy organizing the dressing table and the lady of the house had gone to the market. In her spontaneous response as the maid in the house she had tried the door of the bath and it had opened.

There was Sundar ‘anna’ lying in the tub. He was in his dhoti but his hand was vigorously moving over his cock and his hips were thrusting illegal bahis siteleri up and down. He was moaning her name over and over again and she saw the wet spot appear on the dhoti. So this was how ‘anna’ messed up his dhoti. He jerked and convulsed, ignorant of her presence.

And then it was too late to hide what had happened. In instant she knew. That is the beauty of the human mind and of the primal instincts of the human. In one instant everything can go from fog to clarity. There was no script to what she knew now. It was just that a man entered a woman and with the same motions she had seen Sundar ‘anna’ engage in, emptied in her.

Sundar ‘anna’ looked up and their eyes met. In that instant she wanted to love him. Her chest throbbed and her breasts felt constricted. She shut the door to hide herself from him and him from her.

She had seen the mess in his dhoti so many times! Had he fantasized about her all those times? She wondered.

Her fiancé had never known a woman as far as she knew. Much of what he wanted from her could be put down to lust. But Sundar ‘anna’ seemed different. And what a man who had enough experience of the world wanted from her seemed special.

She was willing to love him. Like in everything else, he would probably be kind and teach her and she could be a better wife to her own fiancé. Her fiancé seemed more interested in the sexual aspects of their relationship and had promised that he would not bother with the quality of her cooking or housekeeping. Her mother too kept advising her to know the ‘arts of a woman’ without explaining anything more.

She felt her breasts flush with a rush of blood and her pussy warming with juices at the thought of letting Sundar ‘anna’ do whatever he wanted with her.

She retreated to her own cul-de-sac in the back balcony of the house and sat down. She could not imagine him being anything but tender with her. Suddenly, she wanted to lose her virginity to him – she knew it was the right way to lose it.

She wanted to show him more of her breasts than her dress allowed her to. She wanted to be touched and felt there. She often felt the need for her breasts to be sucked and wondered if ‘anna’ would do that for.

Only she did not want to call him ‘anna’ any more. But what else could she call him? Definitely not by his name! All other relationship names used by servants were blood relations of one sort of another. They ranged from elder brother to uncle through to father or simply ‘elder’.

It was not those names that bothered her. It was the name by which she would want to call him when he filled that void between her legs.

Mekalai lay back and dreamed of Sundar ‘anna’ on top of her. This was not her hand under her top – it was his. It was he kneading her breasts and tugging at her nipples.

She slid her other hand down the pajamas and fingered her curls down there. This was his hand too. She closed her eyes and imagined the hand snaking down to her pussy was his too.

And while on another day just a few strokes of the pussy and perhaps a shallow thrust of her fingers might have been enough, today she raised her hips and hunching her back, tried to push three of her fingers all at once into herself.

This was he too, she thought, her breathing growing ragged. She had expected three fingers to stretch her but today they proved inadequate. She rammed them in harder but her own hand could not go too far.

“Sundar, anna!” she whispered as she fucked herself best as she could. It would not do. She was sure he was more filling than this. And if she was to imagine him, her cunt would have to be fuller than her three fingers could manage. She looked around and found a discarded fragrance dispenser. With its snub nosed cap and just-so thickness it seemed it would do canlı bahis siteleri the trick.

She raised her hips and wiggled the pajama lower down so she could spread her legs as wide as would be needed to get Sundar ‘anna’ in.

She brought the spent canister to her lips and ran the snub nose on her lips. It seemed cold and Sundar she imagined would be hot, hotter. She dipped one of her fingers and it went further than those pouted three. She finger-fucked herself fast with no satisfaction at all. She brought out the smeared finger and applied the juices to the head of her improvised dildo.

And she pushed it gently, and her hips thrust up more aggressively almost by reaction.

“Anna!” she called out, aching for him. The incongruousness of calling out to a lover as brother receded as the aches and demands of her body soared.

The slender canister slid deeper and with each sliding motion it became easier for her to fuck herself. Her throbbing cunt grabbed at the now slick steel contours of the canister.

Mekalai played with her breasts that she knew her Sundar ‘anna’ watched. In desperation to feel more pleasure she pinched and twisted her nipples.

The canister flew faster, in and out. The thrusts became shallow but furious. Twisting and turning she found an angle at which it seemed to do the most.

Her head tossed about in pleasure as she called out to Sundar anna again and again. Having got the angle right she slowed down so that she could push the canister as far as it would go. This was not the canister; it was Sundar anna’s cock. Would he reach so far into her? At this point would not his weight be on her?

Oh, where was he! She mauled her young breasts in desperation as she wanted the man and now. The canister combined the angle and the depth of fucking. It seemed to create a wave inside her body.

She did not know what would happen next. She knew from the dhotis that a wad of cum spewed. What would happen to her? She did not know. But her instincts told her to drive on and build the wave up higher. To angle and depth she added speed.

The canister touched her many erotically charged spots. And at its depth spread her cunt out wonderfully. The stretched lips and walls added to her pleasure. And with the speed, the waves were not allowed to recede – they combined with each other and became a wave of waves.

That was how Sundar anna would fuck her, is it not? With speed the way his own hand had sped over his cock? That fisting would be provided by her cunt. That canister would be replaced by his cock.

They would fuck, ‘anna’ and she. The way she was fucking herself. And the hands on the breasts would be his. And then…

And then she exploded deep in her womb. Something gave. Her body thrashed and she called out, “Sundar, anna!”

As her pussy walls quivered she spent on the metal canister and it became slicker and of less use to her. After thrusting it in a few more times she cast it aside and put three fingers again, this time holding them slightly apart for her cunt was now used to a wider body. She allowed her bucking and thrusting body to hammer up onto the fingers. She deftly used them to touch herself and caress areas that seemed to need more touch than thrust.

With each shiver of pleasure she called out his name.

She now knew what it felt like when a woman came. She had never masturbated so furiously or vigorously and never before spent the way she had just spent.

Her body sagged from the release and she slowed down to toying with herself.

As sanity returned she thought of the all the chores she still had to finish.

She sighed. She was content with the release and unsatisfied from the wanting of Sundar anna. She looked around and saw the canister need washing – not from her cum but she seemed to have bled from the vigor of her actions.

She opened her eyes. And there was Sundar ‘anna’. He had come looking for her, worrying that the girl had fled after spotting him in the bathtub.

It was his turn to close the door and leave.

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Ignorant Village Boy

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Life was tough in the village. Financial challenges at home denied me the privilege to seek better jobs or even to wait for appropriate jobs offer. After sleepless nights pondering over the directions of my life, I made one final decision, join the others, move to town, take what ever job that pays.

That weekend, the village youths returned from their working places. Most of them construction labourers. They seemed to have so much stories to bring home. After seeking information on jobs and the employers, I decided to try out with Benedict, whom we fondly called Ben.

Sunday morning came, I carried a bag and $30 in my pocket, waited for Ben and two others. We waited at a small village grocery shop. Went all was ready, we boarded the 10am bus to town some 80km away. My dad and youngest brother were there to see me off.

By 1pm we arrived at the so called workers hostel. The hut was hot though spacy. There wasn’t any rooms/bedrooms, a spacy common room where we were supposed to sleep, a bathroom with toilet and a kitchen space. The walls were made of boards. After resting, Ben brought me to their employer’s house not too far away.

Boss, he’s my village buddy and would like to work, said Ben. The employer, a man in the 70s looked at me from head to foot then back. A can of beer in his hand which he seeped from time to time, ok, come tomorrow he said as he continued his beer. What a man I thought.

I was tasked with a wheelbarrow, ferrying sand, gravel, bricks and cement. It was quite fun I thought. 10am break, everybody crowded round the employer’s station wagon. There were packed noodles and packed and iced tea for everyone. The boss himself drank beer all day long. By 4.30 pm, the boss did his round to see the progress of our work. Then we called it a day.

Once a fortnight we’ll be having dinner at our employer’s illegal bahis house. Then he’ll pay us our half month salary. I received $225. We were all treated to a night of beer, drinking at his garage space. All except me, drank pints and pints of beer. I drank coke. I was called into the house, our employer’s wife, a plump woman in her late 60s asked me if I was a new worker, my hometown, etc. I answered her positive for all her questions. Then told me to bring out a tray of dip fried chicken wings.

When all had enough, we headed back to our hostel. There I placed my hard earned money securely in my bag. The next day and days to come life was a routine. Another fortnight, and it was month end. We had dinner at our employer’s house as usual. We were given the balance of our salary. The drinking sessions resumed. There were also bottles of locally brewed wine. Knocking few workers out early.

I was again called to the kitchen, I was told by the boss wife to bring out a tray of chicken drumsticks and to return to the kitchen. As I entered the front door, a hand pulled me into a bedroom. Let’s fuck, quick take off your pants she sort of commanded me. I was shocked, I haven’t fuck a girl before. But I was thrilled, my cock immediately stood erect. She lifted her pyjamas top then pulled down her baggy pants. She rested her elbows on the bed and signalled me to doggy fuck her.

I dropped my pants and moved towards her backside. Just as the tip of my cock touches the smooth skin of her butt, I ejaculated. It was just beyond my control. As sperm splurted on her ass, she turned her head and giggled. I tried to penetrate her but missed her pussy. She then guided my cock in. This was my first time having my cock in a vagina. I started to pull and push, her hands massaged by testes from under. I ejaculated again. I just kept fucking illegal bahis siteleri her till my cock softened. She stood up, told me to dress up and go.

My knees felt weak, my balls empty and my cock rested limp in my pants. I join the rest pretending nothing happened. As I chewed the meaty chicken drumsticks, I kept on recalling, that’s how a vagina feels like. But I was quite embarrassed ejaculating early.

Somewhere middle of the week our boss called me. We were as usual working on a construction site. Tomorrow, you go to mow my lawn and tidy up the garage. He needed space for his new pick-up truck. I felt lucky to be working in shaded places. Back at the hostel, Ben and the rest teased me. You’ll be tidying bed sheets and pillows they joked. Pretending to be ignorant, I pressed for some meanings on their jokes. They all had been asked to fuck by the boss wife. It seemed the boss couldn’t fuck anymore while his wife still have strong desire. I wouldn’t mind if she’s young said a colleague.

I arrived at the boss house and was shown the tools corner, brush cutter, rakes, hoes, spades and all. The garage held empty buckets, crates of floor tiles, used tyres and all the construction related things. First I started mowing. Then I started cleaning up the garage. The boss left for town to buy break time refreshments for the others at the work site.

His wife came to the garage. I had a good look at her in broad day light. Her face was all lines. Her boobs though sagging was quite prominent. She smiled, then told me coffee was at the table. As she moved closer, I got a bit nervous. Your first time? I tried to smile. Come for your coffee. I followed her to the kitchen. There were doughnuts too, my favourite. I had an erection tried to hide. She must have noticed, she stood behind my stool. Her boobs pressing my canlı bahis siteleri back. I was half way through my doughnut when she tug my hand. Come she said tugging me along.

Once in in the bedroom, she stripped nude. Elongated boobs, thick body and belly. Big at her hips with butt shrinking. She climbed and laid herself down. I stripped and into the bed next to her. She held my erect cock and started stroking. I played her boobs, I have never touch a woman before. I tried licking her nipples at the same time touching the pussy. I stroked while separating her pubic hair. You can have a look at my pussy she said at the same time folding her knees up. I gulped at the sights of her dark wrinkled labia. She must have known I never seen a nude woman close-up, my first fuck with her told it all. She smiled at my stiffened cock.

This time I managed to penetrate and pump her. She have lots of juice. But I didn’t last that long as I had wanted. The sperm came splurting inside her. I tried to maintain my hard-on. It was futile. My cock started softening. She pushed me over, took my cock and started jerking me with her mouth catching the tip of my cock. My cock got turgid, then she mounted on me. Sat on my cock and it went straight in. She started bouncing on me. I couldn’t feel much of her orgasm as her pussy was soft. She lay panting on top of me. Then we both hurriedly got dressed up.

As I was back to my chores, the boss came back. Told me to finish up and have lunch. After lunch he sent me back to the construction site where the rest of us had just began work after lunch. As I joined the rest with my usual task of pushing heap of bricks with the wheelbarrow, Ben asked, how was the boss wife? How many times did you screw her? I couldn’t cheat them. They knew the boss wife better. I just answered, once.

Back at the hostel, they all shared their experiences one after another the whole night through. Everyone was in a light mood sharing and at times laughing. Ben related how he was almost caught pants down by his boss. I didn’t find anything funny as I secretly treasured the experience.

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Cousins in Love and Lust

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As I grew up I knew my mother had a brother that I’d never met, he was in the army and moved all over the world with his family.

After he retired from the army he moved back to England but lived over 300 miles from us.

A few years later he and his family moved back to the village we’d all grown up in.

It was arranged for us to all meet at their house just a few hundred yards from where we lived.

For the first time I met my three cousins, all girls, two were in their early twenties and then there was Mandy, she was 18 just a year younger than me.

Wow! Mandy was beautiful, natural blonde, slim and very very shy. Although she is my cousin, it was the first time we’d met so she felt like a stranger, but I fancied her like crazy.

As Mandy didn’t know anyone except family in our village and we were roughly the same age we spent a lot of time together over the next few weeks.

We went out to a local bar on Friday evening, I walked around to her house to pick her up, when she came into the room it was the first time I’d seen her in full make up, her blonde hair and pale skin made her red lipstick stand out and showing just a little cleavage she looked even more beautiful than ever. We walked to the bar and she told me she was nervous, but I reassured her I’d stay by her side all the time. I introduced her to my friends and she received a lot of attention from everyone as she was new to the area.

On a couple of occasions I felt really jealous when men were chatting to her, but she rebuffed all their advances and invitations to dance and even held my hand for extra reassurance. We only had a couple of drinks as I didn’t want to take her back home drunk and cause trouble with her parents, but Mandy was starting to loosen up with me a little and become more chatty, but she was still nervous and shy around others.

When the bar closed we left and I walked Mandy home, once again she grabbed my hand as we walked and she told me she’d had a lovely time. Her house was only a ten minute walk and when we got there we stood at the side of the house and chatted for a few minutes, we arranged for her to come round my house the following day as usual and I said goodnight, but Mandy grabbed me and gave me a kiss on the lips, just a quick peck and I said I wasn’t expecting that she said well you certainly won’t expect this either and pulled my head to hers and kissed me full on the mouth, I felt her tits press against my chest and my cock hardened in seconds. I could feel my hard cock pushing against her pussy and wanted her so badly. We finished the kiss and Mandy smiled and said see you tomorrow. She’d walked almost to her back door and I called her, she stopped turned around and I ran to her grabbed her and kissed her with more passion than I’d ever kissed a girl in my life.

I could have kissed her all night, but the door opened and her mum came out to look for her. I said goodnight to Mandy and her mum thanked me for looking after her. I then walked home thinking of nothing else but Mandy. It was wrong to feel like this but oh so right.

I woke on Saturday morning and my first and only thought was Mandy, my mind raced with what to do about last night. Mandy was due to come around in a couple of hours but luckily for me my mum was going to work so I’d get chance to be alone with Mandy and talk about where we go from here.

I’d just finished getting dressed after having a shave and a shower when I heard the door close downstairs, I ran down and Mandy was standing in the living room looking even sexier than last night.

I said you’re early.

She replied I couldn’t wait to see you.

I walked towards her, she had the most beautiful smile and we grabbed each other and kissed just as passionately as last night, Mandy smelled amazing and I kissed her neck and inhaled her perfume.

I said I laid in bed alone last night thinking of you, wishing you were laying next to me

I was stunned when she said I’m here now, let’s go.

Nervously I led her upstairs and into my room. She took off her jacket and put it on the back of a chair, she was turned away from me so I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck, she said I love that, I carried on kissing as I moved my hands to her front and cupped her tits in my hands through her blouse, I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it down slightly at the back to allow me to kiss further down her neck and back, Mandy finished undoing the blouse and unbuttoned the cuffs and I slipped it from her body and dropped it onto the chair. I put my hands back on her tits, she was wearing a satin bra and they felt so soft apart from her hard nipples.

My cock was rock hard and was pushing against her arse cheeks, Mandy put her hands behind her and rubbed my cock through my jeans, she then turned around and we kissed as she continued to rub my cock with one hand and held my head with her other hand.

She took off my t shirt illegal bahis and kissed my chest, going lower with each kiss until she reached the waist band of my jeans, she unbuttoned them then pulled them down to my knees before kissing my cock through my boxer shorts. Then she pulled them down making my cock spring from beneath them and bounce up and down, she stopped my out of control cock with her hand then peeled back my foreskin and exposed my head dripping with my pre cum. I looked down and saw those beautiful soft lips wrap around my cock and her blonde hair moving back and forth as she hungrily slurped and sucked on my cock, she was using one hand on the base of my shaft, one hand on my balls and her mouth on my cock to give me the greatest sexual moment of my life.

I couldn’t believe that this was the shy girl I’d first met only a few weeks earlier.

I wanted to cum so I took her head eased her up to meet me and kissed her, now it was my turn. I took her jeans off, sliding them slowly down, revealing her perfect soft pale skin inch by inch, she was wearing panties that matched her bra, as each bit of her panties was exposed I kissed it and could see her pubic mound bulging in her panties. I slid her jeans further down and could see her panties were slightly inside her pussy. I continued removing her jeans and finally slid them over her feet and onto the floor.

Mandy was now sitting on the edge of the bed, I reached around and unclipped her bra, I got my first look at her tits, they were amazing, more than a handful with pink puffy areole and hard nipples. I kissed and sucked every inch of those beautiful tits then laid her down on the bed, I kneeled on the floor between Mandy’s legs and kissed her pussy through her panties once again, only this time my tongue traced the gap left by the panties going inside her. I could feel her juices seeping through her satin panties and her pussy gave off an erotic smell that was unique, I loved it and needed to taste her.

I pulled at the waist of her panties and Mandy helped by arching her back and slipped off her panties, before me just inches from my face was the most perfectly shaved smooth pussy, dripping with juices that my tongue was hungry to lick. I licked the oozing juices so they wouldn’t go to waste then kissed all around her pussy teasing her, but soon gave in and licked the full length of her slit.

Using my fingers I parted her lips and exposed the inside of her pussy, it was so perfect and pink, I licked inside her, pushing my tongue in as far as it would go. Mandy reached down and held my head then started to grind her hips until her clit was on my tongue, she uttered a long gasp then I knew she wanted to cum, I licked and sucked on her clit and felt her juices dripping from her, my face was soaked in her wetness until she gripped my head with her thighs held me still and yelled as she cum.

After a while she relaxed her grip and I was able to move, I didn’t want to stop so I stayed there and licked every drop from inside and outside her pussy.

Mandy climbed further onto the bed and I got on beside her, we faced each other and kissed again, Mandy gently pushed me over onto my back then she sat up and straddled me, her wet pussy was touching my hard cock and she was leaning ever so slightly forward making her tits hang away from her body, she moved slowly towards my face and let them hang just above my lips letting me kiss them, she swayed from side to side as I kissed each one in turn, she reached between her legs and grabbed my cock, then lifting herself just away from me she started rubbing the head of my cock between her pussy lips and up and down the length of her pussy, then she guided the head of my cock to the entrance to her pussy and slid slowly down onto my hard wet cock taking the full length inside her.

She slid her pussy up and down on my cock slowly at first before leaning on my chest with both her hands and riding me faster and faster until I could take no more, I reached up and grabbed her bouncing tits as I let my cock uncontrollably burst it’s full load deep inside her, Mandy smiled at me as I was pumping every last drop into her and my cock felt tender every time she moved, I thought that was it, but Mandy had other ideas, she sat upright and started to ride my cock again, luckily I was still hard, then she rubbed her clit as she fucked me until she screamed and I felt her pussy pulsating around my cock.

She then fell forward into my arms and I hugged her as we regained our breath and energy. We laid like this for at least 30 minutes talking and as far as I was concerned we could stay like it forever.

That night I came to the realisation that as we were cousins we couldn’t continue this relationship for long…or could we?

In company my beautiful cousin Mandy was a shy demure inhibited girl, in the bedroom she was a confident sex hungry woman that was happy to take the lead, and get what she wanted. Even though illegal bahis siteleri she is my cousin and I know it’s wrong I wanted her in my bed, I wanted to lick suck and taste every part of her body, I would do anything for her.

She had everything a man desires, she knew it and she knew how to use it. I craved her whenever I wasn’t with her and devoured her when we were together.

After our day of sex Mandy texted me that evening saying go to your bedroom and look under your pillow.

I looked under her pillow and there were a pair of her panties in a sealed plastic bag,

She texted, open the bag, take them out, sniff them, lick them, taste them and take a photo of you licking out the cum I left in them.

I took out the panties, they were a red silky thong, trimmed with black lace on the waist band. I sniffed the outside at the crutch area. The familiar odour of Mandy gave me an instant hard on, I removed my shorts and pants and stroked my cock as I sniffed. I then looked inside and saw a smearing of pussy juice where her pussy had been, I got my phone ready and took the photo Mandy had asked for, I put my tongue on the juices then put my tongue into my mouth to savour the taste, it was almost as good as tasting it straight from her pussy.

I couldn’t wait any longer and took a big lick of the remaining juice, and rubbed them all over my face, my other hand was stroking my hard wet cock so I put the thong over my cock and the cold feeling of the silk and Mandy’s juices was too much for me and I cum, the panties were now completely covered in my cum as well as Mandy’s.

I took more photos than Mandy had requested and sent them to her.

Immediately Mandy sent me some photos back of her wearing the panties that morning and masturbating in them.

I needed Mandy again and looked forward to seeing her the following day.

Mandy came to my house but my mum was still at home, as usual Mandy looked stunning and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. Mum was in the kitchen and we were in the living room, I asked Mandy if she wanted to watch a film, she said yes so I told her to choose a dvd that were in a cabinet, she crawled on the floor towards the cabinet and hitched up her skirt a little, she was wearing black stockings and nothing else, I got a look at her perfect smooth pussy from behind, she looked over her shoulder and giggled. My cock took just seconds to harden as I stuttered for something to say. After she chose a film Mandy came and sat down next to me grinning all the time.

Mum came into the living room and gave us both a cup of coffee and said she was going out, I was so relieved as it meant I could get my hands on my dream girl.

We cuddled as we watched the film and my erection was as strong as ever and Mandy teased me about it. She gently stroked my cock through my pants as we talked, she asked me if I’d do anything for her, I said yes, so she laid back on the other end of the sofa and put her foot up close to my face, she said kiss my feet, I’d never kissed feet before but took hold of it and started to kiss her toes, I looked at the length of her leg all the way up her risen skirt to her bulging pussy, the contrast of the black stockings and her white skin was amazing.

I sucked gently on her stocking clad toes and reached up her leg and slid off her stocking, then one by one I licked and sucked each of her toes, Mandy put her other leg on the floor exposing her pussy fully and started to rub her clit in slow circular strokes, she laid her head back closed her eyes and rubbed as I sucked her toes, I licked the under side of her big toe and the one next to it and she said don’t stop then she held her breath and cum, I could feel her shaking as she gripped her pulsing pussy.

Mandy told me to sit in the centre of the sofa, she stood up and took off her skirt then she put a foot on the seats either side of me and her pussy was right in front of my face, she then put one foot on the back of the sofa and pushed her pussy into my face, she was dripping with cum and it smeared all over my nose mouth and chin, I put my tongue inside her and licked tasted and swallowed as much of her sweet juices as I could.

I continued to lick her as my nose was grinding against her clit, she put one hand on the back of my head and thrust her pussy forcibly against my face making her cum once again, her wetness oozed from where her pussy was pressed against my face down my chin and onto my shirt, my face was soaking but felt and tasted amazing as I used my fingers to wipe it off and lick them clean.

Eventually Mandy climbed off me and removed my pants, my hard cock was dripping wet and Mandy straddled me and easily slid her wet dripping pussy onto my cock, she was sliding up and down and I grabbed her tits, she was still wearing her top but they felt great and jiggled with each stroke on my cock, she then got off and knelt on the floor between my legs and using just her canlı bahis siteleri mouth she put my cock between her lips and lowered her head slowly taking as much as she could in her mouth, she licked the full length of my shaft and played with my balls, it was too much and I couldn’t hold it in so Mandy put my cock back into her mouth just in time to feel my cum explode from my head, after I’d finished she tilted her head back slightly to show me her mouth full of my thick white cum, then tilted her head some more as it slid down her throat.

We picked up our clothes and went up to my bedroom, we took off our remaining clothes and I got into the bed, Mandy had a shower then came back in the bedroom, I marvelled at Mandy’s tits as she walked across to the bed they were a 36D, nipples pointing upwards and very soft yet firm, they swung beautifully and sexily as she walked across the bed and got in with me.

Mandy laid on her back and I laid next to her half leaning up on my side and we talked, as we talked I stroked her face and told her she is beautiful, she smiled and looked at me, I leaned forward and kissed her, as usual her kisses were like no other I’d ever had, the taste of her lips and tongue is so erotic, the way her tongue moves on mine gives me an instant hard on.

I cupped her tit as we kissed and her nipple was rock hard, I continued to stroke her chest and upper body just using my fingertips using very light strokes, it was making Mandy shiver and she was covered in goosebumps. I couldn’t stop looking up and down her perfect body and thinking how lucky I was to be in this situation, I knew she was my cousin but I was obsessed with her, and this amazing sexual affair could end at any time so I was determined to make the most of every second we spent together.

As I looked down her body her flat stomach contrasted with a beautiful smooth pubic mound, I stroked it very gently once again using my fingertips and teased her by stroking all around her pussy and groin area, Mandy was sighing and loving the attention. Her legs were splayed wide open and I pulled back the hood covering her clit and exposed her clit, l put a finger between her pussy lips and felt she was wet, then I scooped out a lot of her juice and rubbed it onto her clit, with a steady circular motion I rubbed her clit until she grabbed my hand and pressed it hard on her pussy and groaned in ecstasy as she cum.

Mandy sat up and I sat behind her with Mandy laying on my chest between my legs, she took my hand and guided it back to her pussy, she put two of my fingers inside her and she began to rub her clit, I finger fucked her while she rubbed and with my other hand I squeezed her tits one at a time, I was kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders, she was sweating and I licked her sweat as I kissed her.

All of a sudden Mandy’s thighs gripped my hand, I felt her pussy throbbing on my fingers as Mandy cum once again, breathlessly, red and soaked in sweat she laid back on me and I hugged her and stroked the soaking wet hair on her forehead.

My other hand was dripping with Mandy’s juices and I licked each finger clean followed by the palm of my hand that was soaked in her cum.

Mandy then turned around and sat on me I was sitting up with my back against the headboard, she started to kiss me and I could feel her soaking wet pussy on my hard cock, she moved until the head of my cock was between her pussy lips, she teased me by sliding her pussy on my cock head, then she just slid onto my rock hard cock, grabbed me around the neck and bending her legs she crouched and bounced up and down fucking me in a way that was totally new to me.

I told Mandy that I was about to cum, she slowed down and gently rocked as we kissed, I couldn’t hold it any longer and uncontrollably unloaded a stream of cum deep inside her, I could feel my cock pulsating against the walls of Mandy’s pussy, we continued to kiss and hug and were now both dripping in sweat.

Mandy eventually got off me and we just laid together on the bed regaining our breath.

The pleasure and excitement of being with Mandy was something unique.

Maybe it was knowing that we were cousins and could get caught at anytime.

Maybe it was seeing the other side of the shy, quiet almost virginal looking Mandy.

I don’t know what it was to be honest, but I do know that I wanted and needed Mandy in my life, forever.

Mandy and I spent all our spare time together over the past few weeks, we acted like boyfriend and girlfriend but didn’t admit to anything because of the stigma and thoughts of other people especially our families.

Mandy’s parents Al and Liz had gone away on holiday for a few weeks so Mandy and I spent even more time together.

One afternoon we were sitting on the sofa, I was one end and Mandy the other, she had her feet on my lap and was teasing my cock by stroking it with her feet. My cock was hard and I was dying to grab Mandy and fuck her but my mum was at home.

Mum walked into the living room and said “would you two like some…lunch”, she hesitated mid sentence which puzzled me slightly.

I said “no thanks” as the only thing I wanted to eat was Mandy’s pussy.

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Sınıf arkadaşım ve aşk

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O şekilde 10-15 git gelden sonra şap şap sesleri eşliğinde titreyerek içine ılık ılık boşaldım. Tuvalete temizlenmek için gidip geri döndüğümde hazırlanmış gidiyordu. Onu uğurladım. O gün mutluluktan uçuyordum. Akşam chatte rastladım.. Bana aniden “abi yaşadıklarımızı hemen şimdi unutuyorsun ve bir daha sonsuza dek açmıyorsun“ dedi. Yıkılmıştım. 1-2 defa denesemde terleyerek reddetti. Amerikada onun evinde kaldım ve yanyana yattık ama hiçbirşey yapmadık. O şimdi evlendi ve amerikada yaşıyor. 3-5 ayda bir görüşüyoruz fakat benim çok istiyor olmama rağmen maalesef onda hiç bir belirti yok. Artık konusunu da açmıyorum açamıyorum.O gün bugündür en çok zevk aldığım sex onunla yapmş olduğum. O günkü fiziksel şartlar ve lise aşkı olduğu için liseliler ve gençler bana çok seksi geliyor. Fantazilerimde her zaman o gün yaşadıklarım veya türevleri yer alıyor. Pasif gençler yaşadığım anımdan, yazdıklarımdan hoşlandıysanız seviyeli, düzgün bir ilişki için bana ulaşabilirsiniz…Gönderen: bioticA

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Hiç Aklıma Gelmezdi 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Merhaba ben ece hikayenin devamı burada hakanla sözleştiğimiz gibi hakan ve sisi saat 2 gibi geldiler ama bir terslik vardı çünkü evde ben tango erkek kardeşim var dı okulda toplantı olduğu için erken gelmişti zil çalındığında o koştu dur demeye vakit kalmadan açtı kapıyı hemen kardeşimi içeriye çağırdım ve kimseye bir şey söylememesi için söz aldım ve sana çok sevineceğin bir şey vereceğim dedimve kapıya dönerek hakanın yanına giderek bahçede beklemesini söyledim ve kardeşime olanları tabiki kendimi siktirdiğimi değil tangonun sisiyi siktiğini anlattım o da azının suyu akarak peki niçin bu gün de geldiler dedi ve yarım kaldığı için dedim o tama o zaman yarım kalan işlerini pendik escort tamam lasınlar dedi ve ekledi bende yanınızda dururum dedi bende kabul ettim hakanı ve sisiyi içeri aldım ve tabiki tango hemen sisiyle oynaşmaya başladı ve hiç vakit kaybetmeden sikmeye başladı tabi kardeşim ağzı açık manzarayı seyrederken bende hakana bizim iş yatar dedim o da bakarız diyerek kardeşimin yanına gitti ve nasıl hoşuna gitti mi dedi kartdeşim evet dedi peki sen hiç yaptın mı bu işi dedi kardeşime o da hayır dedi peki yapmak istermisin dedi ama ben çok şaşırmıştım çünkü kimi ve nasıl yapacaktı evet ama kimi dedi o da sisi yi yaparsın hem ilk olduğu için biraz alışırsın ümraniye escort dedi o da şaşırarakm nasıl olcakdedi tabiki bu arada tango sisiyi iki kez sikmişti bile bak şimdi sen tangoyu al dışarı çıkart ve gel dedi kardeşim dediğini yaptı ve döndü bu arada hakan sisiyi yanına çağırdı ve sevmeye başladı sisi masumca duruyordu kardeşimi yanına çağırdı ve onunda sevmesini istedi sisinin amı bana doğruydu ve epey açılmıştı ve hakan kardeşime amını okşamasını söyledi amına değince sisi kendini kasıyordu bu arada kardeşimin siki kalkmıştı belli oluyordu hadi ne duruyorsun soyunsana dedi hakan ve soyundu kardeşim siki epey vardı hakanınki kadar değildi ama kadıköy escort tangonunkini aratmazdı sisiye arkasına geçti ve amına dayadı sikini hakan yavaş yavaş sok dedi ve ekledi dur ama bir şartım var kardeşim ney dedi sen benim köpeğimi sikiyorsun ben ne yapacağım diyerek gözüme baktı o şaşkın şaşkın bakarken ablanı sikmeme izin verirsen siktiririm dedi kardeşim bana baktı ve bende tamam dedim oda tamam dedi ve soktu sikini sisinin amına ve gidip geliyordu hakan sisiyi bırakıp yanıma geldi ve beni soydu ve hemen yalamaya başladı kardeşim hem bize bakıyor hemde sisiyi sikiyordu ve dayanamadı boşaldı sisinin amına hakanda beni yatırdı ve amıma sokmaya başlamıştı kardeşim bize bakerken sikini tekrar kaldırdı ve sisiyi yanına çağırıp tekrar sikmeye başlamıştı çok zevk vericiydi ve hepimizde boşalmıştık sonunda kardeşim tangoyu getirip sisyi tekrar siktirdi ve o günüde kapattık ama bitmedi hikaye esas enteresan olaylar başlıyordu devamı sonrakinde

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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sürekli tahrit ediyordu

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben özel bir şirkette güvenlik görevlisi olarak çalışıyorum 25 yaşındayın ve biraz atletik vücudum var bir gün yine böle işe geldim ama gece nöbeti idi ve tabi orda her yerde olduğu gibi çok güzel vede alımlı bayan personeller var hel bir tanesi var o beni bitiri yordu aman allahım o kalçaları yokmu beni mahvediyordu birde o daracık kotu giydiği zaman neyse lafı fazla uzatmayım o gün onu işe gelince gördüm içim yine bi hoş olmuştu üstünde birtane kırmızı bi kazak birde kısa bir mavi etek giymişti ama boldu saat epeyce geç olmuştu ve birden oturduğum kulubenin telefonu çaldı sesi titreyerek geliyordu içim bi hoş olmuştu ve bana karnım açıktı sipariş verdim gelince getirirmisin dedi bende tabi ne demek büyük bir zevkle dedim ve yaklaşık pendik escort yarım saat sonra siparişi gelmişti ve odasına giderek siparişiniz geldi dedim ve odadan çıkarken nereye sanada söledim dedi sende ye diyerek beni yemeğe vede çok şeylere davet etmişti ben hayırdır bu gece geç kalmışsınız diyerek lafa başladım oda evet ya işlerim var diyerek cevap verdi ve muhabbet koyulaştı ama akılmda iki şey vardı ilk önce iş di daha sonrada bu kadar yakınken bırakıp gitmek aptallık diye düşünüyordum ben müsade isteyip dışarı bir bakım dedim ve çıkarken kapıyı kitle gel oturalım dedi ben zaten dünden razıydım hemen kontrollorleri yaptım ve yanına gittim gittiğmde ortam hazırdı sadece ben noksandım gittiğimde ışıklar loj bir ümraniye escort hal almış beni yanına çağırarak beni beğeniyormusun diye sordu bende her şeyi anlattım onunla ilgili fantezilerimi ve birden dudaklarımdan öpmeye başladı ve bende karşılık vererek öpüşmeye başladık ve birden sütyeni çıkardım ve göğüs uçlarnı emmeye başlaadım ve artık daynamıyorduk ve birden eteğni yukarı doğru sıyırdı ve önümde eğildi bana artık fantazilerni gerçekleştirebilirsin dedi ve bende pantolonu indirip onun o bembeyaz kilotunu dilimle yalarak indirdim ve artık benimdi yarağımı o amının içine sokarken için titriyordu amının içi ateş gibi yanıyordu ve ben ileri geri geidip gelmeye başladım ve artık beim fantezilerime gelmişti sıra onu masanın kadıköy escort üstüne yatırıp o daracık amının dudaklarıyla öpüşmeye başladım o çığlıklar atıyordu ben hala yalamaya devam ediyordum ve artık tam istediğim gibi olmuştu yavaşca o amının suları arasında yavşca içine girmeye başladım tekrar aynı şeyleri yaşamıştım ve bir kez daha orgazm olmuştuk ve yattığı yerden goğrularak sıra bende diyerek önüme eğildi ve yarağımı ağızna aldı öle şevhetle yalıyorduki bir daha boşadım ve beni sandelyeye otutturarak üstüme oturdu ve gögüsleri tam ağızıma kadar gelmişti ve yeniden emmeye başladım oda o sırada deliler gibi inliyordu tekrardan sarsılarak boşaldık ve yere yatırarak üstüne çıkarak eziyordum ve altımda çığlıklar atıyordu resmen ve orda o şekilde ikimizde uyuya kalmıştık ve uyandığımızda sabah olmuştu ertisi gün hafta sonu olması sebebiyle işe kimse gelmemişti ve apor topar toplandık ve daha sonraları daha olmadı ve 2 hafta sonra işten ayrıldı daha bulamadım buda benim en güzel hikayem… [email protected]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Koca Memeli Ablamı

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ablamın ve arkadaşının…ablam 18 yaşında fıstık gibi bir kızdı.büyük memeli sarışın ve götüde çok güzeldi.onu her gördüğümde sikim kalkardı(saklamak zorunda kalırdım).ablam üniversiteye hazırlanıyordu dershaneye gidiyordu onu dershaneye giderken gördüğümde üzerine hep dar kıyafetler giyerdi neyse konuya girelim birgün ablama ve derya diye bir arkadaşına(ablamdan daha güzel)tecavüze karar verdim.eczacı bir arkadaşım vardı ondan gizlice bir kıza tecavüze kalkacam diye pendik escort uyku ilacı çaldırdım(onada siktirecem dedimde). birgün ablam dershaneye hazırlanırken evde annem babam yoktu ablam,ben ve derya vardı benplanımı yaptım ablamla arkadaşı öbür odada hazırlanırken ablamı çağırdım ablam odaya gelince bayıltıcıyı ağzına dayadım bayıldı sonra deryanın yanına gittim ablam seni çağırıyo dedim arkasını döner dönmez ağzına dayadım uyutucuyu sonra onları ümraniye escort odamdaki yatağa bağladım bigüzel soydum ikisinide ağızlarına bant yapıştırdım uyanıpta bağırmasınlar diye sonra ablamın üstüne çıktım amını yalamaya başladım benim yarak dimdik oldu sonra amına sokmaya karar verdim ve girdim ablamın bakireliğini bozdum çok büyük bir zevkti ileri geri giderken derya uyandı bağlı olduğu için birşey yapamadı sonra benim yarak kırmızı kadıköy escort ışık yaktı hemen ablamın memelerine doğru çıktım ve akıttım o sırada ablam uyandı ama bişey yapamadı deryaya geçtim derya ilköceleri kendini kastı ama nafile sonra içine girdim oda bakireydi ama o biraz ağladıktan sonra zekle inlemeye başladı ben daha zevklendim ve hızlandım artık vakit geldi akıtacaktım deryanın götüne sokup ileri gerigidiyordum derya ciyaklıyordu ve boşaldım bi kere daha deryayı götten birdaha siktim ve artık yorulmuştum ogün ablamla deryayı tehdit ettim kimseye bişey demediler(derya hala istiyordu ve demezdi zaten). o günden sonra fırsat buldukça derya ile ablamı sikiyorum arada sırada deryayı pazarlıyorum iyi para getiriyor.Gönderen: coşkun

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32