Let Me Make You Feel Good

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Scene: A young woman lying naked on a bed. Long dark hair spread over the pillow, some tangled in her arms, which are stretched above her head, her wrists secured with steel handcuffs to the cast iron bedstead. Rumpled white sheets, and a soft white facecloth, wet, held in the hand of a man who kneels on the bed, gently wiping the perspiration from the woman’s face. He is as naked as she, and he’s apparently just come from the shower. He’s being very solicitous, wiping the cloth gently over her face, neck, and chest, and then holding a straw to her lips. She drinks, and he turns away to set the glass and cloth on the bedside table.

Her eyes close, and a small smile plays on her lips as he crawls into the bed alongside her. He offers again to remove the handcuffs, but she shakes her head. He lies down against her side, wrapping his arm around her, head propped up with one hand. They talk, quietly. The words aren’t important, only the tone, which moves between a loving murmur and a teasing banter. Soon his fingers are again moving over her body, dragging trails of fire across her skin. His nails tweak her nipples and she moans.

He illegal bahis moves over her, his hands moving lower on her body and his mouth dropping kisses on her face and neck. His tongue slips between his lips and drags wetly down her neck, and she writhes beneath him. As his fingers begin to slip between her thighs, his teeth drag over her shoulder.

She gasps and his fingers push into her. He feels the slippery moisture of her pussy, so very wet since he’s only just made love to her. His fingers slip and slide among her wet folds, as his teeth tease her shoulders. She whimpers as he rubs her clit, then moves down, stroking her soft lips, and further down to her ‘back door’, and she jumps when he touches that bruised spot. He feels his own essence there, escaping from her puckered hole, the greasy artificial lubricant, and her own natural wetness. Moving back up, he begins rubbing her clit in earnest, his eyes locking with hers as she bites her lip. He knows he can bring her to the edge this way.

Supporting his weight with his left hand and arm, he manipulates her pussy with his right hand. His eyes smile illegal bahis siteleri into hers, driving her closer and closer to orgasm. Her wrists pull at the handcuffs – not, he knows, seeking release, but to feel the metal biting into her skin. His teeth latch onto her nipple and dig in, tugging roughly. She moans, higher in pitch now, with a desperate note. He rubs more firmly on her clit, and his teeth release her nipple. He takes a deep breath, watching her face.

“NOW!” he shouts, and feels her thighs clamp around his wrist as her body shakes in release. Her shriek of pleasure sounds like music to him, her writhing body the symphony. He continues to strum her clit, as she rides the waves of her orgasm. He kisses her face softly, smiling at her. She opens her eyes and looks at him, smiling.

“Thank you,” she murmurs.

“Ohhhh my love I am not finished yet,” he says, and begins to trail kisses down her neck, around her breasts, and continuing down. She squirms as his tongue flicks her belly button, and moans as it finds the top of her sticky slit. He begins to lick her juices from her pussy and the insides canlı bahis siteleri of her thighs. She moans, her hands pulling at their restraint. She pushes her hips up towards his face. He licks and sucks, careful to avoid the traces of his own cum that he finds. He pushes his tongue into her pussy, catching her sweet nectar and seeking out more, his hands spreading her open to him. Moving to suck her clit into his mouth, he pushes two fingers deep into her pussy, stroking at her inner walls and searching for his favourite target. Her body stiffens as he finds it, and begins to stroke it slowly, flicking her clit with his tongue.

She moans, whimpers, writhes beneath him. He holds on, one arm wrapping around her hips to hold her still. He sucks harder at her clit, rubbing her inner walls with his fingers, his own moans joining hers as her juices flow into his mouth. As her moans begin to turn into shrieks he presses harder with his fingers, she bears down on him, pushing herself onto his fingers and into his mouth.

Finally he releases her clit and pulls his fingers from her pussy. She gasps for air, and he wipes his face with his other hand. Moving up the bed, he removes her hands from the cuffs and pulls her into his arms. She curls against his chest and mumbles incoherent words of love and thanks, and he smiles, holding her close as she drifts into slumber.

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Supreme Aunt

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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They had arranged to meet at a quiet bar in a nice part of town.

It was low lit and he thought, sophisticated enough to catch up with his aunt. He hadn’t seen her in 14 years and at 24, was now a grown man. She would be 37 now, last remembered by him when she was 23.

His aunt waited at the bar. She was new in town and was looking forward to catching up with her nephew.

A young man came to the bar to order a drink and began speaking to her. He offered her one and she was going to hesitate but decided one would be okay.

“I’m meeting someone, so if he comes in, I’ll have to head off” she explained.

“No problem, I’m meeting someone too, I understand” he said. They procured a quiet booth at the back and soon the talk turned a little sexual.

“So, what do you enjoy?” he quipped, grinning.

“Oh, nothing better than lying back and being licked for a few hours!” she grinned at him. “And you?” she replied.

“Being honest, a woman with legs like yours, I could understand why a man would love to do that, I get off on pleasing women but its just my thing” he responded.

Esther decided to text her nephew while her ‘acquaintance’ was at the toilet. She said she couldn’t make it and would meet him some other time, later that week.

They arranged to speak in 2 days once he texted back, funnily enough saying he was also a little ‘caught up’ and would look forward to her call.

Once the young man returned, she made a show of dropping her purse under the table, which was covered by a large cloth.

“Retrieve it for me, would you?” she asked and he bent under to pick it up.

Once he approached where the purse lay, he reached up from under the table to hand it to her. She cooly took it and parted her legs.

“Go on then, I’ve never been brought off in a bar before. I like to have my own way and having you down there would please me. Get on with it” she finished.

So saying, she dropped the tablecloth again and gasped quietly, as she felt his head between her thighs. Then he was parting her knickers and licking her slit as she tried to switch off from his oral ministrations.

Picking up a menu, she looked through it to take her mind off the young man under the table, striving to pleasure her with his tongue.

It was too much and she gripped his head with her thighs as she came hard against his face.

As he emerged from the other side, she said

“Lets get out of here. I need hours of that tonight and tomorrow. Hours and hours. And if you’re as good as that, we might even let you have some action. How about it?”

In a flash he was agreeing and they left for her rented apartment. Once there, she stripped off her top, bra and knickers. Then she took a seat on the sofa.

“Wine” she said offhandedly. He went to make her a drink and brought it to her.

“Well, take off my boots” she said and he did so.

Looking at her for approval, he couldn’t believe his luck. She had the fittest legs he’d ever seen and he was kissing his way up them. Her knickers had already been removed in the restaurant so he continued to her crotch until she finally parted her legs.

“Take your bahis firmaları time and I might consider what action you get tonight”.

He didn’t need told twice and immediately began to lick her crotch as she relaxed with her drink.

A few hours later, he was still down there while she finished off her glass of wine.

“Okay, time for bed” she declared and removed her thighs from over his shoulders at last.

He watched her amazingly supple legs head off to the bedroom and rose to follow. Once in bed, he was pushed under the covers.

“You can sleep between my thighs tonight. And I expect an oral alarm clock, understand?” she said.

“Anything you say” he complied and she smiled at that.

Next morning, she woke on her front to the amusing sensations of him valiantly trying to lick her pussy from behind.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“Erm, just as you told me to” he answered.

“I told you to wake me with your tongue. I said nothing about it being in my delicious pussy first thing. I usually waken on my front so from now on, I want to waken to your tongue buried in my arse. If I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you lick my fanny. Now you know what to do, what are you waiting for?”

He didn’t need to be told twice and licked towards her asshole, until relenting, he managed to get his tongue inside it, while Esther lay, smiling to herself. She was looking forward to him fucking her after a couple of orgasms. She was confident by the end of the weekend, he would be her submissive lover too.

2 days later, she was lying on her sofa, while he knelt between her legs, licking her leisurely as she demanded. He had already promised to be her sex slave and she was enjoying the idea of having this young man at her beck and call.

Picking up her mobile, she rang it. At that moment, his mobile went and he asked permission to answer it.

“Hello?” he said.

“Hi its your aunt Esther here” she said and they both gasped as they suddenly realised the situation.

“Oh my, so, um, you’re my nephew then?” she said.

“I guess I am mistress, I mean, aunt Esther” he replied. They both remained in stunned silence before she couldn’t control herself any longer.

“Finish me off and we’ll talk further” she said and he immediately leapt to it.

In a way, it kept things normal as he had done her bidding for the last two days and swore to treat her as his sex goddess only hours before. He brought her to a wet orgasm before she pushed him away.

“So what are we going to do about this. You’re my nephew but you’ve already agreed to be more than that. I’ll be honest with you. Nephew or not, I need a man to do my bidding. He has to be fit, young and complient. So, what are we going to do?” she said, her legs still over his shoulders.

“Um, I’m surprised, but I couldn’t believe my luck. I’ve always wanted a woman to have her way with me, auntie” he said until she gripped his hair.

“What did you call me?” she said. “Sorry auntie, I mean, erm, mistress?” he answered.

“This is between you and me. I want a submissive, complient but sexy young man to worship me. I can easily have anyone I want but I kaçak iddaa allowed you the privilege of having just a taste of serving me. So, are you going to be little nephew or are you going to be my sex slave. You have exactly 10 seconds to answer” she said.

“You’re sex slave, Mistress” he answered.

“Smart boy, you don’t want anyone else having the honour of eating this pussy, do you? Let me feel your tongue deep inside my arse while I think about this” she said as he snaked his tongue in to her bum cheeks and parted them.

As he worked his way deeper into her arse, she adjusted herself on the couch, letting him take the full weight of her legs while she pondered the situation. It was a pleasant distraction what he was doing and she knew if this continued, her sex life would be wonderful. The small matter of him being her nephew would have to be kept from family, but other than that, she quite fancied him anyway, although that didn’t mean she would be easy on him. For the rest of the afternoon, she had him pleasure her intermittently with his mouth, until his tongue was almost numb. Then she met a friend for coffee while he went back to his own place.

A month later, they were in a strange situation; he was going to visit his aunt’s sister in law.

He arrived at Esther’s place, ready to give her a lift to the town her sister in law stayed in. His aunt wore a summer dress that came just past her knees. Her stunning figure was only partly hidden but she looked the modest aunt the rest of his family would have assumed.

Once she reached her bedroom, she glanced at him as he followed her in. It had become a habit lately that before she went on a night out, she would have him kneel behind her and rim her enthusiastically, while she applied her makeup, before turning round to have him suck her pussy to orgasm. Even though they were to visit family, it seemed the custom was not to change.

As she applied her lipstick, he strained to let her feel his tongue deep inside her arse.

Eventually, she finished and pushed him away with a little motion of her bum. Turning round, she smiled as his tongue began to lick her pussy. It wasn’t long before she came and as he stood and walked off to wash his face, she stopped him.

“No, no. I like it when you wear my perfume” and he realised he wasn’t going to be allowed to wash his face.

They arrived at the house and Ellen greeted them warmly, although she looked at him strangely when his face was close to hers.

During the day his aunt had asked him to fetch things, which he automatically did.

“You certainly seem to have a way with men Esther” Ellen said.

“My dear, men are easy to control. Beautiful girls like us could easily have a man running around after her as if it were the most natural thing in the world” Esther replied.

“I’ll show you what I mean” she continued.

When her nephew returned, she said “My feet are tired, be a dear and give them a massage will you?” and continued talking to her neice while her nephew got down to do so.

Ellen was amazed but couldn’t deny she enjoyed seeing Esther take control of him in this way.

“Now Ellen, she’s been on kaçak bahis her feet all day” said his aunt. He hesitated briefly but one look from Esther was enough to stop any delay.

By this time, his Ellen was becoming excited and although she wasn’t sure whether or not it was the wine, turned on.

“Okay, that’s enough for now. Wait in the kitchen until I call you” she said and he got up and obediently left the room.

“Now dear, that is how you control a man. If you wanted, I could have him come in here and massage your feet with his mouth” Esther declared.

“Really? That’s amazing, I mean, I think there’s something more to all of this but trust me, whatever it is, I think I’m going to like it” said Ellen, grinning.

Esther told her how they’d met in the bar and not realised they were related and since then how he had a desire to have a woman be in charge. Ellen was astonished but still grinning and could feel herself growing excited.

“Don’t worry, this will be our secret Esther. Is he really that good with his mouth?” she said.

“Well dear, put it this way, if you wanted to relax and watch him at work and sample some of the treatment yourself, would you?” Esther quizzed.

“Um, oh this is so naughty. Yeah, definitely. I mean, I’m still trying to get my head around him actually being so obedient, but if what you say is true, I’ve nothing to lose” she replied.

Esther smiled and rose, entering the kitchen.

“Kneel” she told him and he did so. As he kissed her pantyless crotch she said

“We’re going into the livingroom and you’re going to keep doing this to me. You will also do anything I tell you today without hesitation” she continued.

“Yes mistress” he said obediently.

“Good. Well, follow me” she said.

Entering the living room again, she sat on the sofa across from her sister in law. As he approached she said


He did so and letting her skirt slide back a little she looked down at him.

“You know what to do” she said and he immediately moved forward, taking her thighs over his shoulders as he began to lick her pussy in earnest.

“Men like him are very good at this. They need lots and lots of practice though and I need to give lots and lots of lessons. Usually more than one a day. Trust me, very shortly you’ll see exactly what I mean. Fuck that’s it, don’t stop” she groaned and came quickly.

“Take him, don’t think about being related, just think of it as a talented tongue you deserve to enjoy” and simply passed him over to Ellen.

She was a little nervous before but seeing the way her aunt had such control over him, turned her on a lot. Within minutes, she was sighing with pleasure. After that, both females simply passed him back and forth until they were exhausted.

“I’m afraid he’s all mine, but I’m sure I could help you find the perfect man for yourself dear. You can use him if I bring him for a visit but either way, I’m glad you’re going to turn out just like me. It’s such a good life being in charge” said Esther as they were about to leave.

“I can’t wait Esther. Bye Dominic, or should I call you fuckface from now on!” she said haughtily.

His jaw ached from the constant tonguing all day but one glimpse of the heavenly legs his aunt possessed was enough to have him thanking his lucky stars that she was his lover, albeit a dominant one.

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Sunrise Sunset Ch. 02

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The days and weeks following my afternoon with Jennifer at her house were like my rebirth as a man. The middle age funk that had plagued me for the past several years melted away and I was a new person. I felt like I was 18 again. Hell, I even started having spontaneous erections simply thinking about the time spent with her. I had believed that those “thought boners” were truly a thing of the past for me. I assumed that they were basically something for the youngsters, but now I found myself at work with a bulge in my pants that made me afraid that someone would ask me to come to a quick meeting and I would have to say, “In a minute.” Things would get even crazier as the days progressed towards Christmas and beyond. I would soon learn that Jenny was like no other woman I had ever known.

Arriving back in the office after leaving her house, I was expecting a lot of questions and a third degree from my secretary as to where I’d been all day. She only asked how my meeting went. I answered that the meeting moved into lunch, and that I was sorry I was getting back later than expected. I figured she’d never back-check my comments, and even if my client from the morning said anything in passing, I’d just say that lunch part of the meeting was with a second client. Actually, I was a bit surprised at how easy it had been to disappear for several hours of bedroom joy with Jennifer. Was that a good thing? Not being missed that badly? I wasn’t going to dwell on it. I was just walking on pillows and had a hard time containing myself. It almost felt like the night I lost my virginity the summer before I left for college.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel walking into the house that evening. There’s a long standing Hollywood cliché that after an encounter such as mine with Jenny, somebody can just look at you and say, “Hey, you’ve been having sex haven’t you?” That obviously didn’t happen. I walked in, poured my usual Chivas over two ice cubes, and started to glance through the paper before dinner. Part of me hated myself for what I had done, but another felt like maybe this was what I had needed to make me feel alive again. The thing that surprised me, and perhaps frightened me a little, was how easy it had all been. Nobody from my secretary to Ellen seemed to have a clue.

It wasn’t long into Thursday morning at the office when the phone rang. It was Jenny. “Good morning, Uncle Mike. How are you doing? Was everything OK yesterday when you got back and went home?”

I told her that all was well, and that I was dancing on cloud nine just thinking about it. “Me too,” she said. “It was so fantastic. I keep thinking about how sexy it was when you licked my pussy on the kitchen table; how much I loved feeling you inside me and smelling your cum all over me; how good you tasted. I had been thinking about you all morning yesterday, and couldn’t wait to see how it would feel to have you penetrate me. Last night, I could smell us when I got in bed. I got out my vibrator and pretended you were with me again. I spread my legs and played with myself till I came. I put my vibrator in me, and remembered you on top of me fucking me like an animal. I remembered how you fucked me on my hands and knees had fucked me in both my holes. It made me feel so good to know you wanted me so much. I was starting to feel like I couldn’t make a man need me like that anymore.”

God knows that I’m no prude, but frankly, I was tad shocked to hear her talking dirty to me like this on the phone at ten in the morning. I mean, I had known girls in college who would get a little heated up while you were having sex and could let out a few “Fuck me, that feels so good,” type comments. Ellen used to be able to lay out some interesting remarks when she’d get a little heated up and say things to me like, “Lick my pussy. I love it when you lick my pussy. Stick it in me.” But I’ve never had a woman just talking like this in on the phone in broad daylight, at least not one that you didn’t have to pay $4 a minute. My cock was so damned hard I thought it would break my zipper. I kept looking out the door of the office at my secretary while she typed orders and invoices into her computer oblivious to the conversation I was having. Thank God she didn’t pick up my extension.

“Uncle Mike,” she asked. “I want you to tell me what made you the most happy? What more can I do to really turn you on and satisfy you?”

I asked her to wait while I closed the door to the office. When I got up to slink to the door, I prayed that my secretary didn’t look in and see the bulge in my pants. I picked the phone back up again and told her, “Jenny, the whole time was so fucking hot and everything we did just keeps playing through my head and making me hard constantly. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when you just dropped your panties in the kitchen to show me your trimmed pussy. Then, when you came and gushed all over my legs, I was fucking amazed. I had never been with anyone that illegal bahis did that. I just loved it, not to mention when you got up on the bed, spread open and told me I could do anything I wanted to you. I didn’t tell you, but that spread open crotch pose with you offering yourself up to me is something that just drove me wild.”

“Ummmm, I love hearing that Uncle Mike. I can’t wait to be with you again. When can we do it again? Soon?”

“I wish I could come over all the time,” I said, “but it’s only a little over two weeks till Christmas, and it might be tough with all the work here and stuff at home.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “I don’t think Keith has any multi-night trips scheduled before Christmas. He just said he’d be in town pulling a lot of stuff together in the office before the holiday. I really can’t wait to see you again. I hope it’s not too long.”

I agreed with her and told her that I hoped that Keith’s job activities wouldn’t prevent them from coming to our house on Christmas Day. She told me there was no way that at least she wouldn’t be there. Then I told her I’d have to talk to her later because I had someone coming for a meeting in about ten minutes. We hung up and I just sat there thinking about the things she had said on the phone. I had always wished Ellen could do that, talk about sexy erotic things just for fun. It would be so great if she could call me at work with that sort of thing, but it’s never happened in a score of years. The thing that amazed me is that Jenny could do it like it was second nature. She was so relaxed and uninhibited that it didn’t seem at all “slutty”. It just sounded like two people talking about their sexual feelings and needs like it was no big deal. The difference I suppose was that the topics and language were so graphic and a bit “improper” on my office phone that it made it so fucking erotic.

Jenny called again the next day to talk. There was a moment of panic when my secretary interrupted in the middle of it to tell me my boss needed to see me ASAP. Fortunately, we weren’t saying anything really hot at the time, but still it made me nervous. That’s when I suggest that we might have to watch our phone conversations. She asked if she could e-mail, but I didn’t want that sort of mail coming to my company account. She agreed that it wouldn’t be good to have it in her mail box at home either. We decided to get anonymous accounts with one of the free services. That way, we could control who might have direct access to our electronic banter. Over the next couple of weeks, our e-mail would have made a horny sailor in a whore house blush. She’d go on about what we had done together that first time and the sorts of things she couldn’t wait to do with me; how she couldn’t help to wrap her mouth around my hot hard cock or to wash my face with her soaking cunt. I’d tell her that all I’d been able to think of all morning was burying my face in her fragrant crotch or slide my cock into her welcoming cunt hole. The dirty talk was giving my middle-aged dick a wake-up call.

One day about three days before Christmas, I got a message from her with the title, “open when alone”. I closed the office door before double clicking on her mail. The message simply read, “An early Christmas present for my Uncle Mike. Enjoy.” There were two attached .jpg files. The first was titled, “My Gift for Uncle Mike”. The second was called, “Wish You Were Here”. I clicked on the first. It was a picture of Jenny, stark naked, with her legs open and knees up in what I had told her was my favorite “beaver shot” pose. She had on one of those Venetian style masks used at the pre-Lent “Carnevale” masquerade balls. It looked like a doll’s face with a plume of feathers out of the top. She was also wearing a red Santa Clause hat. However, there was no question that it was Jenny even though I had only seen her sweet trimmed pussy up close and personal that one day. Besides, I could see that she had used a mirror to take the picture because part of her bedroom was reflected in the background. Her left hand was disappearing off the image, and it was pretty clear that she was using it to hold the camera since was also a bit of a flash aura in the corner. Rather than distracting from the image, its authenticity made it that much more sexy. This was no professional model set up to appear like an amateur. This indeed was an amateur, and one that I had the joy of knowing in the biblical sense. My growing erection made it necessary to adjust it in my pants so it was pointed up and not all bent backwards. I clicked on the second attachment. It was basically the same pose with her penis-shaped vibrator halfway into her lady-hole. My erection was in full hard-on mode and I couldn’t help rubbing a little through my pants. I felt like I wanted to jerk off right there, but knew that was an absolute no-no. The in-office taboo made me extra horny.

I quickly closed the image in case someone barged in. There was another illegal bahis siteleri message from her in the queue and I clicked to open it. “Dear Uncle Mike. Hope you liked seeing my Christmas presents as much as I enjoyed making them. It made me so hot while I was doing them to think that when you saw them, your hand would be in your pants. Please tell me I’m right. When I was finished taking them and sending them off to you, I had to use the apparatus in the second picture to get myself off. Too bad it wasn’t the real you. xoxo J. PS Call me so I can hear you panting. LOL!”

I picked up the phone and dialed her number. When she answered, all I said was, “The answer is ‘yes’, you had me putting my hands where they shouldn’t be during office hours. However, I don’t think playing with myself in my office is a good idea. I won’t say what might happen later. Jenny, your pictures were so fucking sexy. I can’t believe you did that.”

She giggled, “I LOVED doing them for you because I loved thinking about what they would do to you. You told me how you love looking at women posed like that. Now I know why women become strippers or post pictures like that on the internet. It’s one super rush to think that some guy is out there looking at you and wanting you.”

I told her that I would e-mail later with more detailed comments, but had better let it go for now. Besides, I might have to go off to the men’s room, lock myself in a cubicle, and take matters into my own hands. She giggled again. Before hanging up, I reconfirmed that she, Keith and the kids would be coming over on Christmas.

Christmas Day was the usual mob of family. I my parents and Ellen’s parents arrived early to help Ellen set up. Ellen’s sister and brother arrived next. Jenny and Keith, along with her two, Tim and Lisa, were late, and I was getting a little worried that something might have come up and they had to cancel. I was happy when the doorbell rang, and I looked out to see them all on the porch, looking cold but festive, carrying wrapped boxes. As they crowded in, there were greetings, kisses, and hugs all around. I was glad that Jenny just gave me the usual innocent hug, and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I carried coats upstairs while they carried presents into the living room and set them around the tree with the others.

The script for our family Christmas gatherings evolved over the years and became pretty standard. Generally, everybody started with a drink or two along with some snacks. Afterwards, everyone gathered to exchange presents and express wonder how in the world everybody came up with whatever gift they gave. Following the clean-up of wrapping paper, the afternoon moved on to more serious eating and drinking. Ellen had covered the dining room table with food she had prepared as well as with dishes brought by others. The buffet format let everyone eat whatever they wanted at their own pace. Most of the guys took food and beer into the TV room to watch football or basketball while the women tended to stay in the living room and dining room. At one point during the afternoon when things seemed a little quiet, I was able to catch Jennifer’s eye from the kitchen, and motion for her to come see me. As she came into the kitchen, I quickly secreted her through the door to our garage.

“What are you doing?” she asked as I maneuvered her to my SUV, opened the back door and urged her inside. I had purposely backed the car into the garage the day before so that the dark tinted rear windows faced the door to the kitchen. I pulled a small box from my pocket and handed it to her. “It’s not much,” I said, “but I wanted to get you a little something just from me.” She looked at me a little surprised, but a smile came to her face. “Uncle Mike, what’s this? You didn’t need to do this. You and Aunt Ellen already got us something.”

“I know, but that’s for both of you from both of us. This is just from me to you. It’s not much. I’m sure you have dozens.” She opened it to see the pair small gold hoop ear rings. She looked up smiling, and gave me a innocent kiss on the cheek saying, “That’s so sweet. I girl can never have too many gold ear rings. Now I feel bad because I didn’t get you something.”

“No problem,” I said. “I didn’t expect you to do anything like that. Besides, you can still give me one hell of a great Christmas present if you really want to. Do you know how a couple of weeks ago at your house you said that you might like to meet me in my car somewhere just to give a blowjob? Well……..here we are in my car. It’s been all I could think about for the past week.” I hoped my grin didn’t make me look too much like a leering dirty old man.

She looked at me. “You’re asking me to blow you right here in your garage?”

“If you think it’s too crazy just say no. I don’t want you to think I’m out of my mind, but I have to admit that it’s all I’ve been able to think about for days; ever since you sent canlı bahis siteleri those pictures. I was so afraid that something would happen that you guys would have to cancel and not be here today. I backed the car in so that even on the one in a million chance that somebody opens the door, they won’t see anything through the dark windows, especially if we stay low and keep quiet. Damn, Jenny, I’ve been so fucking horny thinking about this, it would probably only take ten seconds to get me off. But, if you don’t want to……”

“Oh wow,” she interrupted. “Look at my sweet shy Uncle Mike, actually asking me for a blowjob, and right here practically under everybody’s nose. I love it. It’s so fucking hot. You’re so cute all hot and horny for me. You’re grinning like a dirty old elf.”

With that, I lay back against the door, and we both started unbuckling and unzipping my pants. I wriggled them down to my knees. I was already hard, and she bent over to take me into her mouth. There was no wasting of time with a lot of preliminaries. No nibbling or kissing or licking. She just went right down on it and started mouth fucking me. Her right hand masturbated me and her left hand cupped my balls. This wasn’t one of those “loving and erotic” oral sex sessions. This was like the $50 hooker giving me a quickie in the back alley. I didn’t care. I just wanted and needed to get off in her mouth more than anything I’ve felt for a long time. I stifled my moans, but couldn’t help moving my hips to fuck her mouth with the rhythm of her head bobbing up and down. I’m sure it was only a few minutes, but it seemed to go on forever because I couldn’t help worrying that somebody would open that damned door to come into the garage looking for something. This was the craziest fucking thing I had ever done, but I had been telling myself for days how much I had to go for it. It was now or never. It wasn’t long till I reached the “point of no return” and knew it was only seconds before I would erupt. Jenny knew it too. I figured she could feel my balls contracting as my cock got super hard. She probably tasted my pre-cum because she gave a little, “ummmm” sound. Then the flood gates opened. I felt the release of pleasure rocket through me as the first surge of my semen spurt from me. She didn’t pull away or balk, but continued her mouth-fucking and hand action as my fluid filled her mouth. I could tell that she was swallowing it all.

As my heart rate slowed, I began to come down from my orgasmic high, and our eyes met. “Well my dear sweet Uncle Mike…..and a very Merry Christmas to you too.”

“Let me do you,” I said huskily, “right here.”

“She looked a little surprised. “Right here? I’d have to take everything off and what if somebody comes out? I’d never be able to get dressed in time.’

“Just let me pull everything down to your ankles. It can work.” I pulled her jeans and panties down around her ankles, pushed her legs up so I could get to her pussy with my tongue. I set right to it licking her from hole to her clit and all around her entire crotch. I savored her scent and taste like the best of Christmas sugar plums. I pushed my thumb into her and fucked her with it while I licked her wet slit and clit. She was circling her hips to help and she seemed like it was really good for her, but after a couple of minutes, she pushed me away gently. “I’m sorry Uncle Mike. I just don’t think I’m going to get there, not here. Not like this. I’m too nervous being totally exposed like this. I’m sorry. It’s not you. Please understand. I want a rain check, and don’t doubt that I won’t collect from you when I can relax more and not feel all strung up like this.”

Disappointed as I was, I did understand and helped her get her panties and jeans back in place. “I mean it,” she said, “a rain check, redeemable for one tongue-job to be collected at the holder’s convenience.” We both laughed out loud. The next trick was getting back into the house. I told her to go in first. If anybody saw her, she was to tell them that she wanted to check out my SUV because she’d been thinking about getting one. She could tell them that I told her that she could come out and sit in it to check it out. I would wait for a few minutes and come in with a few extra six-packs to add to the cooler. If anybody saw both of us, I could say I had taken you out to see the car.

She agreed and added, “You’d better head right to the powder room and wash your face and hands. You wouldn’t want to be sitting next to somebody who might think you were using aftershave that smelled like pussy.” God, I loved this woman’s mind and her ability to tell it like it is. Then she asked if she could use the upstairs bathroom, and of course I said it would be fine.

All my worrying was for naught because nobody saw us or nobody cared. Once again, I was amazed at how all of this could play out so easily. I did wash up and went into the TV room with the guys. About ten minutes later, Jennifer caught my eye from the hallway and motioned for me to come over. She held her hand under my nose and then put her fingers into my mouth. “What do you taste?” she asked. I had no doubts. “Pussy,” I said, “and for sure it’s your sweet pussy.”

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Sun, Sand, Sex and Starshadows

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Hainora took a deep breath, inhaling the rich scent of the sea, and exhaled before she opened her eyes again. Her toes curled in the fine white sand of the beach, the radiant warmth soaking into her feet while the bright sun warmed the rest of her through her loose white cotton clothing. It felt good to be out of the carriage, taking the air and feeling the sun again. It hadn’t been her idea, and at first she’d resisted, but she was already beginning to be glad she’d listened to her wife’s suggestion. She turned to look back at the others as they wandered into view across the dune, raised a hand to wave.

The first over were two of her daughters. It was impossible to mistake them for anything but. All three of them stood tall – in Hainora’s case, a full two heads above the norm – and statuesque, strongly built with long blonde hair, prominent noses, and unusually long ears for a Quel’dorei. Melos was the shortest, born of Hainora’s voluptuous wife Bliss, her features softened slightly by her mother’s blood along with her hips, the modest swell of her bust, and her thighs. Tifereth, the younger of the two, was however the spitting image of her sire at her age – tall, flat-chested, well-endowed (favouring nakedness in the sea over a swimsuit, Tifereth’s fat uncut cock was freely swaying between her legs as she walked) and with a decidedly sharp, predatory look to her face. She bore little of her mother, Anwen, about her. Even in temperament, she resembled Hainora the most strongly of both her parents.

After them came a third daughter, Nala, and her wife, a curvy half-elf named Maitreya. They were a stark contrast together. Nala (not born of Hainora’s own blood, but of two of her wives’ union together) was a peach-skinned, somewhat tall elf with raven-black hair and a body best described as toned and firm, marred by vicious scars from an animal mauling along her right flank. Her features were playful, angular, typically Elven in their precise beauty if lacking the preternatural predator aspect of the true Starshadow line. Maitreya stood a head shorter than her wife, but what she lacked in height on her she more than made up with curves. Immense breasts jostled in her tight white swimming top, her hips carried an enticing sway, and there was the slightest pad of fat over the sturdy muscle of her core. And of course, between her legs, packed into a too-small bikini bottom, there was a handsomely large cock, too large by most standards, bulging out the fabric.

Bringing up the rear (save of course for Kayla, a short elf who endeavoured to avoid notice as a good slave, simply serving without drawing attention to herself. She, at the time, was lugging a large heavy basket up over the dune behind all of them, having already set out the large expanse of towels and rugs to spare her employer’s from the indignity of lying on bare sand while wet) was one of Hainora’s wives, Bliss, with her half-sister Ariana and her wife Letalya, Maitreya’s parents. Ariana laughed and danced ahead of them on the sand, gleeful at the prospect of frolicking in the water, an innocent even at her age. Her auburn hair was tied tightly back, and she wore a simple one-piece suit in black. Her build was unremarkable – not especially skinny, but not fat – but the way she moved was graceful, lithe. She had a dancer’s instincts.

Just as Maitreya stood in stark contrast to her wife, Letalya stood to her’s. She was human, a rarity in the north, but more than just human, she was a vision of confident beauty. She might be described as heavy quite accurately, but her movement bore sensual grace and certain confidence, echoed in the warm depths of brown eyes set over a strong aquiline nose. Immense breasts, broad hips, a soft belly, thick thighs. It wasn’t to Hainora’s taste – she favoured the extreme hourglass of her wife, Bliss, whose immense bust nearly challenged Letalya but who (with the aid of extensive years of corsetry) stood considerably thinner. Her ass and thighs lacked the same fullness, but she was nonetheless pleasingly thick everywhere but her carefully cultivated waist. Artistically, when she had dabbled as a painter, such proportions would have been regarded as stylized and impossible. But the two had crafted them together, painstakingly, in real flesh. It contributed in no small respect to Bliss’s continuing career as a porn starlet – a unique look, just slightly grotesque enough at first glance to draw the viewer in, but possessing a carefully sculpted beauty on closer examination. Her body was a breast fetishist’s dream come to living flesh.

“Come on! Let’s get in the water!” Ariana cried, met with a cheer by Tifereth and a soft laugh by Letalya. The curvy woman pressed a kiss to her wife’s cheek, shaking her head softly.

“In a little while, baby. I’m going to get some sun with Bliss. You go on ahead with Mai.” She said, kissing Ariana’s cheek again before turning away to move over to the towels with her friend and casual lover.

It illegal bahis was a ritual for the two of them, whenever they went to the beach together – both would laze in the sun for a while, oiled and gleaming, simply to enjoy the warmth before taking a swim. If, that is, they dipped into the water at all. Melos and Hainora joined them (the younger finding her beach entertainment with a novel, the elder with a bottle of rum) while the rest raced each other over the small crest between them and the sea.


Lying there, a bottle of rum in one hand and a fistful of her wife’s silky blonde hair in the other, Hainora was quite perfectly content. The trip to the beach had taken hours on the road, but with Bliss’s lips wrapped around her throbbing cock, suckling it with expert skill and teasing it with flickering strokes of her tongue, it was worth it. It was hard to begrudge a few hours in a carriage with the skills of an expert fellatrice making up for it. With another pull from the bottle, she lay her head back, shut her eyes, and melted into the attentions of her wife. She’d been unable to resist temptation, and had ordered Bliss over to attend to the erection created watching Kayla massage first Letalya, then her with olive oil for their sunbathing.

Leaning back on her elbow in the shade of a towel rigged to a pole and line, Melos couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of her two mothers. They were as shameless as beasts, and in truth so was she. She might wear conservative clothes – even here at the beach, she favoured loose trousers down to her ankles and a comfortable blouse, sleeves rolled up only to her mid-forearm, in part to hide the countless healing cuts and small scars from her love of the knife – but the sight stirred hunger in her, stirred fire between her legs, made the scars on her thigh tingle with memory, anticipation, and need. Her book was already forgotten only moments into the display. The hand turning pages had slid down between her muscular thighs instead, and the other had cast the slim volume down. That arm was now employed in propping her up for a better view of her curvaceous mother fellating the muscled gangster who had sired her, her sun-kissed cheeks hollowing around the impossibly thick cock.

As fingers found her clit, already drawing shyly back into its prominent hood, she shuddered with delight. Her breath hitched in her chest a moment, and her cheeks burned with their flush, heightened by the warmth of the midsummer sun. It wasn’t quite as good as Tifereth or Hainora doing it, but Melos knew just how to coax her swelling nub back from its hiding place, stroking just right at its base to tease it back, sighing in delight as slicked fingers lightly capture it, rolling it slowly, delicately before gliding down over velvety lips, gathering beads of her own nectar.

The small whimpers and sighs of pleasure were impossible to ignore for Bliss, for all she might try and focus on Hainora’s cock, on the slight press down at the back of her head urging her to take more and more of the jaw-achingly thick member between her plump lips. Her own wetness grows, vulva throbbing with need, neglected. The knowledge their daughter is watching, delighting, thrills her. Shame and shameful pleasure course through her body, curl around her stomach and slide like electric snakes sinuously down to the throbbing centre of her being. In front of the camera, it’s never a problem, but here, so intimate, it’s distracting to be watched, to hear the sighs and the small sounds of fingers moving over wet flesh.

Her distraction in turn does not go unnoticed. Hainora’s eyes flicker open and she looks down over her nearly flat chest to the sight of her wife trying to ignore the source, to focus on her task. Her hand pressed down harder, forcing Bliss to suddenly take her into her throat without warning. A less experienced woman might have gagged, might have retched, but Bliss’s years of practice near instinctively relaxed her throat instead, letting the cock slide in smoothly, without trouble, its path on full display in the obscene bulge pressing out.

“That’s it…” Hainora growls out, pressing harder, relentless in her hunger. “Deeper.” That hand only tightens in Bliss’s hair as she pushes, the curvy blonde’s suppressed gags turning to shivering as more and more cock plunges into her throat. It takes only moments until Bliss’s lips press to its base, her nose buried in Hainora’s pubic mound, tongue still slowly massaging the underside of her cock, eyes closed tight against tears.

“And as for you…” Melos shuddered as her mother’s attention turned her way, as glowing green eyes took in the sight of her so openly masturbating to their crude display. Her tongue slid out over her lips. “…get over here and help your mother.” Hainora said, no question of disobedience permitted in her tone. Just the words send an electric tingle through illegal bahis siteleri Melos, and biting at her lower lip, she obeys without hesitation, sliding onto her knees to crawl over and lean in close to Bliss’s head, hands coming to rest on one of Hainora’s muscular thighs. The second Bliss drew back slowly for air, Melos leaned in to eagerly take her place, wrapping her lips around her mother’s crown and suckling lustily at it, savouring the sour tang of Bliss’s spit and the musky undertones of Hainora’s cock.

Looking down at them was electric for Hainora, raw physical pleasure heightened by taboo. The resemblance between Bliss and Melos was impossible to miss. They shared the same turn of the nose, the same shape of eye, the same inviting and enticing lips, even if Melos’s athletic build owed more to Hainora’s own blood than Bliss’s. It could only heighten the experience, and it made her shiver, enhanced each stroke along her shaft by Bliss’s soft hand, each swirl of the tongue around the ridge of her tip. For a brief moment, she even forgot her words, struggling for a moment before managing to growl out a simple “Good girl.”

Muscles tensed in her body under the sensations rolling through her, and reluctantly, Hainora tore her eyes away from the intoxicating sight. So much easier, she thought, to focus when the physical is all there is. She leaned her head back again into the towel while her hips rose of their own accord, thrusting her cock at her daughter’s eager mouth. The coiling serpent at the base of her cock slowed its movements, relaxed, even with Melos redoubling her efforts with greedy glee, bobbing her head up and down the red hot cock spearing her lips, here and there bumping against Bliss as the older elf suckled at Hainora’s left ball, bathing it lovingly with her tongue, cheeks burning with sublime humiliation at cavorting so openly on the beach.

Bliss’s trembling moan of denied need – her cunt was near dripping with arousal at it all, throbbing and begging for any touch at all but given only the grind of her own thick thighs together – vibrated through the heavy nut in her mouth, and stirred a shivering sigh from Hainora in turn. The sound of that sigh was high praise, exquisite compliment, and even in her shame Bliss felt pride blossom in her chest, and quickened her strokes along her Mistress’s cock, putting aside her own needy cunt again in the service of Hainora’s own lusts.

In their heated lusts, the three had forgotten the others. It was a natural thing with Kayla. Slaves are, afterall, property. They are noticed only when they are wanted or when they have failed in some way. It was far rarer to forget Letalya, who stirred with the sound of their moans, their sighs, their shuddering tremulous gasps, raised from her peaceful nap basking in the sun’s light only a few feet away. The gleam of the oil on her rich olive-toned skin had faded to a supple and luxurious sheen, and with feline pleasure she stretched out before rising to her knees.

“I doze off for five minutes and you three start going at it.” She said with a laugh in her voice. Kneeling there, her bare breasts brushed against her thick thighs when she leaned towards them, broad dusky areolae tightening and raising in small bumps at the incestuous display. Her eyes lingered not on the greedy oral, the slight struggle for dominance in the two submissive elves, but on Bliss’s ample body. The curvaceous elf was the only member of the household who could rival Letalya’s own lush curves, though she lacked the exaggerated hourglass Bliss had created by years of corsetry. The sight never failed to stir softness in her, mixing with raw and naked arousal, a peculiar and romantic wistfulness.

The recollection of long nights spent in bed with Bliss were jarred from her thoughts at Hainora’s laugh. “Why don’t you come join us then, eh?” The muscular blonde said – not a trace of a slur despite the not insignificant amount of rum now missing from the bottle.

Letalya shook her head, smiled back again and stretched as she spoke. “No,” she said, “I think I might just watch for now. The others should be done with the swimming soon, and this is going to get out of control when they come back to see all this.” Another stretch, smoothly extending her legs into the air and then drawing them back to her breasts, followed. An afternoon with the family could be a tiring affair without adequate preparation.

“Kayla,” she said, “Will you pass me the oil again?” She favoured the quiet slave with a smile, and took the bottle, spreading some of the olive oil onto her hand. It wasn’t quite their usual lube, but it would serve nicely for the warm-up. Sliding onto her side on the towel, perched to watch the display, Letalya dipped two of her fingers into the palmful of oil and reached back to begin.

Hainora’s attention had already returned to the greedy pair of cocksuckers so busily earning her approval and her cum, and she groaned canlı bahis siteleri as Melos made a slow retreat along the length of her cock while suckling firmly, cheeks hollowing around the fleshy shaft until she reached her mother’s crown, sucking just a little harder for the brief moment before it slipped free with a slick pop. Bliss was quick to seize the advantage, quickly releasing Hainora’s balls from her warm mouth to run her tongue up along the underside of her mistress’s cock, to capture the head and dance her tongue under the foreskin.

As she watched, heart quickening, Letalya’s fingers slowly stroked over her well-trained asshole, over the slightly puffy pucker, oiling it and teasing it, calling it to life. While not as much a devotee of sodomy as the rest of the family, it was all but a foregone conclusion that when the other four returned she would inevitably wind up sandwiched between at least two of them at some point. With a gentle sigh, her fingers eased past her ring with a fresh coat of oil, stretching and soothing her hole in anticipation of the hours to come.


As much fun as the sea had been, Maitreya was glad to be under the stream of fresh water diverted from the creek mouth. It was vanity, mostly – the salt water played havoc with her long auburn hair, frayed it and dried it. That, and a desire to see her mother and aunt sunning themselves, as they invariably did on the warm sand. They were over a dune from the shore, out of sight, and so the only hope of watching them glisten naked in the hot sun was to come out from the sea. Just the thought was enough to make her cock, heavy and flaccid, twitch a little and begin to firm between her lush thighs.

This wouldn’t have been at all a problem if she hadn’t been sharing the slow waterfall with three other women, one of whom immediately laughed and grabbed a hold of it with both hands and squeezed, grinning at her. Nala had the infuriating gift of knowing exactly what her wife was thinking – literally. The telepath gave another squeeze and a wink before releasing her cock and oh-so-casually bending over with the pretext of washing her hair more thoroughly. Her ass, toned and tight, swayed back and forth in front of her wife’s swelling cock, tempting her all the more.

The youngest of the four made no attempt to hide her own arousal. Tifereth’s cock had scarcely softened more than halfway since the others had stripped, a gorgeous slab of wrist-thick meat throbbing with hunger and need as the blonde pumped her fist along its impressive length, grinning at the sight of the other three. Youth and hormones together made Hainora’s bastard a veritable sexual hurricane, a wild storm barely constrained under the most formal of circumstances, let alone when bathing naked with three gorgeous women and anticipating an inevitable spiral into debauchery.

Ariana alone was simply enjoying the water washing over her body, and the uniquely clean sensation of the salt coating washing away. She delighted in that sensation, in the way it made her skin feel fresh and clean and new, and ran her hands over her body. Other times, the way she cupped her breasts would have been deliberate, a tease for the others, but though it made Maitreya only stiffen further and groan, the happy-go-lucky elf was in her own world of flowing water, warm sun, and the glow of a day at the beach.


Melos threw her head back with a soft, wavering cry as Hainora entered her, thrust her thick cock into her in a single smooth stroke. Even after so many times, it was so thick it hurt a little, tickling her masochistic urges even as it sent waves of rippling pleasure from her inner walls through her hips to curl in her belly. If her hands weren’t being held above her head by one of her mother’s own, she’d have reached up to grab at the muscular blonde and pull her deeper. As it was, she had no choice but to settle for pressing her hips up and staring at the scarred woman penetrating her, begging her for more with her eyes, flushing under her attention.

It was an exquisite torment for Bliss, who sat beside them and watched at her mistress’s order, biting her lower lip. Forbidden to touch herself but wanting to do nothing more, forbidden to touch either of them, all she could do was sit there jealous and needy. These games of denial never failed to have the desired effect. She hated them, and loved them in the same breath. Her chest rose heavy with her breath, fast and ragged from raw and untouched desire, only heightened by her inability to bring the slightest relief to herself save for the slow grinding of her thighs together.

This was the sight that greeted the rest of their party on their return from the creek. Hainora, fucking deep and slow into her own daughter. Bliss a whimpering mess next to them. Letalya casually watching, masturbating, preparing for their return. Maitreya bit her lip at it, shivered and felt her cock pulse and swell again. Ariana launched herself at Letalya with a laugh, landing on the blanket next to her wife and leaning to kiss her with playful familiarity.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Sofia sat at the bar nursing a beer. She needed a project break and was hanging out in her brothers’ bar. Her shop was behind the bar and it was easy to sneak for a while. The place was only half packed for a Tuesday night. She chatted with the regulars and enjoyed that anyone and everyone came here. Bikers, poets, hookers, working class in general and the occasional mailman.

The speakers cranked out classic rock keeping her foot tapping to The Greats. She watched the crowd and dragged a hand through her long wavy blonde hair. It felt good to let her hair down and actually get out of overalls into a vest and tight black jeans. She didn’t think she was too bad looking with soft pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, DD’s busting out of her vest and a bit of curve to her hips. Her career kept her in shape and it didn’t hurt she loved to swim.

She watched as the bouncer broke up a fight then noticed that someone was looking at her. He lifted his drink and smiled. She tipped her beer and smiled back. He had a cowboy hat on, black hair resting on his shoulders, black shirt rolled up to the elbows. He had a mustache that framed soft looking lips, trailing up his jaw line. He looked lean and a rush of sexual thrill ran through her. She watched as his eyes traveled down her body and back up. He smiled again.

Damn, she was turned on. Her nipples tightened and her breath caught. What had it been? 8, 9 months since she had sex? Yeah, she was horny as hell.

The bartender waved some papers in front of her and she turned to check on the orders. When she turned back around, he was gone. Oh well, it was nice to be ogled, she thought. She grabbed her smokes and walked out.

She sighed and lit up as she walked into the cool night. As she walked down the side of the bar, she saw him sitting on her beloved El Camino having a smoke. She paused for a moment and then smiled. She half wondered how he knew that was her car, but then dismissed the question. Some things were better left unasked. She sat on the hood next to him.

“Beauty,” he said. His voice slid over her skin. English. Mmmm.

“Yes, she is,” Sofia replied as she took a drag. She inhaled his cologne. It was warm, spicy or maybe it was just him. Oh, how she wanted to find out.

“Ian,” he said and offered his hand.

“Sofia.” she shook his hand and almost purred at warm it was. He turned her hand over and kissed her palm. “Oh fuck,” she breathed. She felt calluses on his hand. He rubbed his thumb over the rough spots on her hand and looked at her questioningly.

“I’m a welder,” she said and turned his hand over.

“I’m illegal bahis a musician,” Ian replied. “Never met a female welder. What do you work on?”

Sofia pulled her hand away, fished her keys out and hit a button. A statue about 30 feet away lit up.

“Aphrodite,” he said, lighting up again.

“You know her?” She asked surprised.

“Yea, there’s one in Amsterdam.” He turned and looked at her fully. “It’s you.” He smiled softly as his eyes raked over her.

“Yes it is. There are five total. But she was my first creation and I’m keeping her.” She turned off the lights.

“You’re well known,” he said.

“So are you. I’m coming to your concert tomorrow night.” He stared at her and she blushed deeply. “I’m not any good at flirting, but-” He leaned forward and kissed her.

“I wanna taste you on my tongue,” he whispered. She shivered and swallowed loudly. She kissed him again and he groaned. Ian pulled her against him and she felt a hard, lean body. His hands ran up her back and into her hair, gripping it tight. She tasted whiskey, cigs and sex. She pulled away and slid off the car. He followed her across the lot, stairs into her loft. She flipped a switch and turned on soft lights and metal filled the room.

“Nice,” he murmured. Sofia slid her hands up his chest.

“Mmhmm,” she mumbled. Warm cotton, hard muscle under her hands and slid up his shoulders, neck, surprisingly soft cheeks. She took off his hat and dropped it on the stand by the door. She ran her hands through his hair and kissed him lightly. Ian pushed her against the door, hard hands roaming her body, up to her breasts. He pinched her nipples through the leather and kissed her hard. Sofia groaned and slid her tongue past his lips. She raked her nails down his shoulders as he pressed his hips into hers. Damn, he was built! He unzipped her vest and cupped her breasts, kneading them softly. She wiggled her hips, as her top fell to the floor.

Sofia popped the buttons on his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. He shed the shirt and seized her breasts again. She HAD to touch him! He was incredibly fit for an older man and obviously ready by the hardness of his cock pushing at her hips. He kissed her again. She was sweet, tasty and wondered how her juices tasted. He broke the kiss and trailed his tongue down her cheek, neck, nipping lightly on her flesh.

“Oh shit!” She gasped and grabbed his head. Ian chuckled and slid down her left nipple. Sofia went rigid, panting. Her hands massaged his shoulders. He moved to her right nipple and sucked it deep in her mouth. He flicked his tongue over it illegal bahis siteleri and Sofia flinched. He let go of her, kneeled, and unbuttoned her jeans. Ian slid his hands over her hips and pushed the fabric down. He smiled. She was smooth and swollen. He could smell her excitement and groaned low. He wrapped his lips onto her, sucking her clit into his mouth and flicked it quickly.

Sofia gasped! Her knees buckled as a strong orgasm ripped through her. She exploded in lights and sensation as fire lit inside her. All she could do was hold onto his shoulders and gasp as he kept flicking her clit. One long orgasm rolled through her and she couldn’t take it anymore. She doubled over him and gripped him.

Ian let go of her and stood, pulling her with him. He loved the feel of pink flesh throbbing on his tongue. He may be getting older but he could still make a woman cum instantly. Play and fuck, that’s what he loved doing.

Sofia lifted her head and smiled. “Holy shit.”

“We just started baby,” he said and kissed her. She could taste herself. Ian pulled away and shucked his boots. He started to unzip but she pushed his hands away. She unzipped him. She tongued down his body as she cupped his ass and pushed his jeans down.

His cock bumped her cheek and she pulled back to see a lovely long, thick cock with a big purple head. She passed her hands over his thighs as she grazed her lips over the tip. Hands rifled into her hair. She inhaled deeply, smelling the spicy scent of male. She kissed the head softly and ran her tongue over it. Sofia opened her mouth and slid him in. she was genuinely surprised at his size and had to stretch her mouth wide to fit him half way in. her fingers didn’t touch as she gripped it.

He sighed softly and lightly pushed her head forward. Sofia slid her mouth down his cock, reveling in the taste of him, the feel of him hitting the back of her throat. His breathing picked up as she sucked, sliding back and forth. Her eyes drifted closed.

He stiffened and pulled her off him. “Bed.” he growled. Sofia stood and pulled him to the bed in the corner. He pulled her into a deep kiss. His hands slid down, kneading her back, hips, ass and ground his cock into her sex. Sofia started whimpering and clutched him tightly. He pushed her onto the bed, covering her body with his. She spread her legs and pushed her hips up, trying to get that delicious cock inside her.

“You’re so lovely,” he whispered and licked along her jaw, settling at her throat. He moved his hips and knew when his cock found her sweetness.

“Thank you,” she breathed. She canlı bahis siteleri arched against him and pulled her legs around his hips. She could feel his cock nestled at her opening and she started wiggling, trying to pull him in. she needed his thick hard cock buried deep inside her.

“Not yet.” he said and Sofia whimpered. Her hands wouldn’t stop caressing him and skimmed her nails over him. He moved down and pressed her breasts together. He nipped and sucked at her nipples. Sofia groaned and whimpered. Her body was on fire, needed him to fuck her, make her cum over and over.

He moved down lower and settled at her sex. Ian latched onto her clit and suckled it. Sofia came instantly, crying out his name over and over. Juices coated his chin, moustache. He slid two fingers inside to that magical spot and pressed hard on it as he flattened his tongue and made her cum again.

“Ian!” she screamed. He pulled his fingers out suddenly and fell on top of her, slamming his cock in deep. Sofia arched against him. Damn, he was huge! She felt his head push in, spreading her wide. Her legs wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in. He trailed his lips on her cheek and loved the feel of being buried inside her. He pulled back, hovering for a moment and slid deep.

Sofia whimpered and pushed against him. She was so very wet. His cock stretched her out, rubbing her, throbbing inside her. He knew she was close, but then so was he. He fucked her deep and steady, capturing her lips, letting her moan into him. He went faster, pushing her over the edge. He released her mouth and had to pause as she cried out and gripped him so tight he had to pause. He fought back his own orgasm because he loved the feel of a woman cumming around his cock. He hammered into her, making one orgasm roll into another and buried his head in her neck and growled. He pushed in deep started hammering into her hard.

“Oh yea, that’s it. Cum again. Cum hard,” he growled. Sofia couldn’t speak, couldn’t breathe as her body took over and climaxed hard around his cock, muscles milking him. He tensed and groaned as he came, spilling inside her, shaking, hips bucking. He could feel her nipples hard against his chest, her nails digging into his shoulders, and her hot, wet, tight as hell pussy milking him dry.

He collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the bed. He pushed in deep once more, then relaxed. Sofia hadn’t cum that much in her life. She relaxed her legs and stroked her hands over his arms.

After a few minutes, he raised his head and kissed her. “I need a smoke.” Sofia smiled and handed him the spare pack she kept by her bed. He slid sideways, keeping one leg over her. Once they had finished, he kissed her again.

“Ready for round two?” He asked, grinning wickedly. Sofia just smiled.

“You better fucking believe it,” she said and rolled him over.

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Leaving University

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Awesome Cock

It is Sunday, the weather is hot and I am sitting in my office reading a book and listening to the radio. My paper work is all done and not much is happening, maybe I will watch a DVD on the computer till I go home. There is a knock on my door and I go to answer it, there is no one here but some of the students return their house keys to me and sometimes with a cheque, so we take these in for security.

I open the door and am greeted by a student who is about five foot six or so with a dark tan, she is wearing a short wrap around skirt and a white t-shirt. She hands me her key and tells me that she is leaving as her course is now finished, she speaks with a slight accent that I make out to be Italian, we have students from all over the world come here and most are not short of a bob or two. She asks if I can call or if she can use the phone to call a taxi, I pick up the phone and call the cab firm, I ask her name and she tells me it is Lucy, I make a comment about it not being Italian, and she tell me it was her dads idea as he is British. The cab firm tells me it will be at least an hour, and I tell Lucy this and that I will phone another firm. I phone another three firms and all have a long wait, I explain to Lucy that an hour is the best I can do, she agrees and I phone up the first company and book the taxi.

Lucy asks if she can bring in her cases till the taxi arrives and I go to help her to carry them in. I ask if she wants a cup of tea or a bottle of water as it is hot and she says yes to the water, I ask her if she wants to sit down while she waits. We both start to chat, and she tells me that she had put any romantic involvements to the side while she has been there, I ask if she had any boyfriend that will miss her once she has gone, she replies with a smile that when she said romantic involvement she meant no contact at all as she had no time with study and rotations.

The chat becomes more relaxed and she continues the theme of sex and she says that she has only ever slept with an Italian man. I ask if she has any regrets about her stay at the university and she replies with only one. I get an email and I start to answer it, while I am doing this I ask Lucy what her one regret was. I keep typing away waiting for her reply when I suddenly feel her behind me, I start to turn and she gently kisses my lips. I am shocked and she leans to my ear and then whispers into my ear that she would only regret one thing “that illegal bahis I had never fucked her”.

Lucy pulls my chair around, she then starts to kiss me and undo my shirt at the same time, her fingers run down my chest to my belt. I kiss her back and pull her to me while she undoes my belt, I run my hands down her hot body and I start to pull her top up. I hold her top up and I lean her back so I can kiss her soft belly, my lips brushing across the top of the skirt. My lips finding her belly button as I kiss her gently.

Lucy removes my shirt completely and throws it onto the floor, she now pulls me up and before she can do anything I move to lock my office door. The door locked Lucy moves towards me with her top still up showing her belly, she reaches me and we kiss while I remove her top, she pulls away so I can remove her top, my hands as they run against her bra, feeling her nipples as they press against the material. We kiss and move as we head towards the desk, Lucy kisses me deeply as I realise we do not have long before she has to leave. I hold her against the desk and I start to kiss her neck moving my way down to the start of her shoulders, she moans as my fingers trace patterns over her skin. I start to kiss her shoulder and then her throat as my hands run down her, reaching her breasts, I run my hand over her breasts cupping them as I start to move down her body, kissing her gently as I go.

Lucy pulls me closer and kisses my lips and she rubs her hips into my cock as it starts to swell pushing against my trousers. She pulls back and undoes her bra and lets it fall to the ground at our feet. Lucy kisses me pushing her soft breasts against me, feeling her nipples swollen and hard rubbing against my chest, makes me strain harder against the material and feeling this, her hand reaches down and undoes my trousers then pulls them slightly to let them fall around my feet. She kisses my lips and with both hands she pulls my shorts down, she moves down as she does this and starts to kiss me as she lowers herself. I feel her breath as her mouth moves down my belly; I feel her breathing as the air rushes over the tip of my now throbbing cock. She gently cups my balls as she takes the tip of my cock slowly into her mouth, all I see is her mouth slowly covering my cock and her breasts as she lowers under the desk.

I watch and feel Lucy as she slides my cock deeper into her mouth; she squeezes my balls as she takes me in illegal bahis siteleri and squeezes me with her mouth and throat, watching her mouth as my cock slides in and out as she sucks me. Her hand strokes my cock as it slide inside her hot wet mouth, my cock is aching as she strokes it and suck me hard, her throat as she swallows my pre cum. Lucy looks at me and slowly takes my cock from her mouth, her hand still strokes me as she goes to kiss me, her body hot against mine as she pulls closer and kisses me, I can taste my pre cum as her tongue probes my mouth.

She stops kissing me and moves the short distance to the desk, she then grabs the top of her skirt and I watch as it falls to the ground and I look on as I see she is naked, her pussy is shaved and there is a little hair at the top. I watch as Lucy lifts her naked backside onto my desk so it is resting just on the edge, I can see her lips as they part slightly, I move towards her and I kiss her again on the lips. I move my way to her neck, it feels so warm and delicate as I kiss her, biting her gently as I move down her kissing the top of her breast. My cock is throbbing as I kiss her belly and I feel the warmth from her pussy and I can smell that she is wet.

I kneel as I start to kiss the top of her hips, I move around kissing but not touching her pussy, I can see she is wet and she moans as I start using my thumbs, I hold her lips apart and I watch as she contracts and tightens seeing her pussy squeeze closed and wet. My cock is aching as I start to tease her pussy with my tongue, I can taste her in my mouth and my cock aches to fuck her. I slowly use my little finger to push her lips apart and I slide my fingertip gently teasing her, sliding my finger tip gently into her warm soaking pussy. Feeling it tight around my finger I can’t help but use my tongue to probe her, feeling her juices in my mouth. Sensing my thoughts Lucy pulls me up and kisses me tasting her own juices as she does so.

She bends back and rests her hands onto the desk top and pushes her self forward, I move forward and hold her back as I kiss her, we probe each other with our tongues as my throbbing cock rests against her thighs. I have to stand back as Lucy moves her hand between us, I watch as she uses her fingers to tease herself then she slides her finger inside her soaking pussy with a loud moan. I move my hips towards her and watch as she takes my aching cock in her hot hand and she canlı bahis siteleri guides my cock towards her lips, she holds me there using the tip of my throbbing cock to tease her pussy, she brushes the tip along her pussy then gently pulls me forward using the tip to push her lips apart. I stand there watching her wet pussy as it opens and the tip of my cock as glistening it teases, slides and touches her feeling her hot and wet against me.

Lucy moans and I watch as my throbbing cock slides its tip inside her, feeling her moan as her pussy tightens around my shaft. Lucy moans loudly and I feel her muscles tense as my aching cock slides slowly and gently into her pussy, watching as her pussy sucks me watching her lips as they surround my cock. I stand back so I can watch as my cock slide in and out of her pussy, I feel her tighten around my shaft and she moans as she explodes in her first orgasm, I watch my cock as it comes wet with her juices from her pussy and her lips slide over me.

I bend down and I take Lucy’s nipple into my mouth, gently tugging as I move my hand to pull her towards me and I slide deep inside her, I feel her tighten onto my shaft as she moans loudly, I start to move my hips back and forth feeling my cock as her pussy tightens milking me as I slide in and out of her wet pussy, still gently squeezing her breast and taking her pert nipple into my mouth my tongue running around it. I feel her pussy tighten as my hips grind into her, I pull her forward pulling her pussy deep onto me as she moans loudly, and I feel my self reaching orgasm, my cock throbbing and twitching. I pull Lucy hard to me and my hips move faster and harder as I bury my cock deep into her. I feel her tighten harder as her orgasm arrives and I pull her tight onto me I grind my hips deep into her as my cock explodes, she screams as my balls empty deep inside her, feeling her sucking me deep and tight into her pussy. I continue to slide in and out of her dripping pussy slowly feeling her muscles milking my every drop of cum my cock still twitching. In side her. We are both spent our legs feel tired and her taxi is due soon, I slide my cock from her pussy and watch cum and her own juice drip from her.

I go to pull my trousers on and I hear the cab outside, Lucy throws her skirt around herself and I put my shirt on, she has no time to clean so she rushes to get dressed her top now on. I carry her bags outside to the taxi and Lucy follows looking flushed and so am I, we both look a mess everything out of place, she kisses me deeply and we exchange email addresses, I wave as her taxi pulls away for the airport and I cannot help but smile, knowing that part of me will travel with her.

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Sant’s Workshop

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This story was written with much more incestuous participation but I am really turned on by the older aunt situation so I rewrote it during editing. Merry Christmas to all.


Watching Misty grind her torso against the gold pole was getting to be a typical Thursday night for Steve as he sat in Jake’s Go-Go Bar, with a beer and sandwich in front of him. With only four patrons in the joint, she was doing her best to make the most of it and earn some good tips. Steve never got bored looking at her tight little 30 year old body. Her small firm tits jutting out from her chest like softballs, with little pink nipples, and under her very small G-string, a cleanly shaved pussy.

Steve had dated Misty, whose real name was Margaret, for about six months. It was a rebound relationship for the forty-five year old Steve since his divorce and one of many for the young dancer, but it was destined to failure because of her job. Margaret loved the money and Steve wasn’t in to all the comments her audience made. Anyway, they parted friends and so here he sat content to eat, drink and watch his friend hump her body against the steel like erection.

“What’s shakin’ pal?” Jake said as he sat down next to Steve. The two grew up together in the small town and when Jake bought the bar a year ago, Steve became a regular, just about the time his marriage ended.

“HI Jake, nothing new, same job, same bar, same dancer.” Steve looked at Jake and smiled, “Not that I’m complaining.”

“I guess not”, Jake laughed. “You know her-in the biblical sense.”

Misty had come down from the stage dressed in a T-shirt, her set being over, and wrapped her arm over Jake’s shoulder. The music was playing loud for the next dancer who was getting a lot of attention for her colossal tits that she was rhythmically oscillating to the thumping beat.

“So did you ask him yet?” Misty yelled in Jakes’ ear over the noise.

“No!” he shouted back at her. “I just sat down. Give me a chance girl.”

“Listen Steve, Jake’s got another party here next Wednesday night and he needs your help,” Misty blurted out, and getting an annoyed look from Jake. Misty was always impatient and full of energy, on and off stage.

Jakes’ Go-Go Bar was a popular choice for retirement and bachelor parties and occasionally a bachelorette party. When he ran one for the girls he hired male strippers from an agency to come in and dance. The ladies were a good time and he put on a first class show for them. For the guys, all he needed to supply was some chips, beer and hot women, but Jake went all out for the ladies. He dressed the tables up with linens and center pieces, a nice buffet and an open bar. Of course they paid him well for it. The male dancers, usually three, were always good looking studs. Jake reputation for a top notch event was known.

“Yea, here’s the deal,” Jake interjected, giving Misty a look, “I’m throwing another bachelorette party next Saturday afternoon with a Christmas theme. The girl is getting married right after the holiday and her friends asked if I could do something special.”

“So, you always throw a good party,” Steve replied with a mouthful of his sandwich.

“Jake wants you to help out the dancers,” Misty said, butting in again.

Steve almost spit his food from his mouth. “Are you kidding? I don’t dance, and besides, those guys are fifteen-no twenty years younger than me.”

“Mist, will you please let me handle this,” Jake pleaded with the girl.

Misty got pouty and sat down next to Steve. “Okay I’m sorry,” she said.

“Look Steve, I’m getting paid a lot for this one and I’m doing something special that you could help me with, and it doesn’t involve dancing. I want you to dress up as Santa and let the ladies sit on your lap.”

“You’ve got to be kidding Jake,” Steve laughed.

Misty was shaking her head to the affirmative and began hugging Steve.

Jake put on his best serious face,”No, listen to me Steve. I’m going to clean out that small utility closet over there and put in a chair, all decorated up like Santa’s throne. All you have to do is sit in there, and when the ladies come in and climb up on your lap, you say, “What would you like for Christmas little girl?”, and just adlib. You know? Ho-ho-ho and all that shit.”

“Yea Steve,” Misty breathlessly injected, “and I’m going to dress up like an elf and take their picture on your lap, if they want it.”

“Ye-e-a-a-a,” Jake scowled at Misty for talking again, “and I’ll pay you two hundred dollars for four hours work. How’s that?”

“Come on Stevie,” Misty pleaded. “It’ll be fun. Pl-e-e-e-s-s-s-e!”

Steve thought for a minute. “Okay, only because you’re my pal. And you,” squeezing one of Misty’s tits, “you got a great body!”

“Great!” Jake said happily, “I’ll have a costume for you. Just be here a half hour before the party starts. Grab a bite to eat AND HAVE FUN!”


Steve arrived at Jakes at 1:00PM the following Saturday only to encounter a locked door. After banging on it a few seconds, ankara escort the door opened with Misty’s chirpy greeting. She stood before him in her homemade outfit not quite fit for the children’s age Santa visit. Twirling around for him she modeled her red mini skirt with white fur trim, a red satin corset with her boobs trying to spill out of their cups, candy cane colored leotards, red stilettos and a red Santa hat.

“Look at this!” she purred. Lifting her skirt she revealed that her leotard, crotchless, exposed her fleshy labia squeezing thru the stitched opening. “It’s in case someone wants a sweet treat. What the ho-ho hell!”

“Okay Mist, where’s my outfit?” Steve mumbled as he walked over to the buffet table picking up a beer. He was starting to have his doubts about getting involved in this deal.

Misty wiggle walked Steve over to the room that was prepared for his role which Jake had spared no energy in making it look good. Over the doorway was a colorful homemade sign reading ‘Santa’s Workshop’ and stepping thru the door Steve saw that a large high back chair was decorated in white and gold cloth ribbon creating Santa’s’ throne. Lying on the chair was Steve’s costume. He closed the door, leaving Misty standing outside, and began changing. There was a mirror on a side wall and Steve checked himself out as he put on the white beard. “This looks pretty damn good,” he thought.

When he opened the door Misty was standing there with her makeup case.

I just want to put a little red blush on your nose and cheeks, you know, theatrics. Tee-hee. You really look great Steve, and no one will know you.”

“I’m sure I won’t see anyone I know. Not here, anyway!” he said as he took a swig of his beer.

Just then there was a pounding on the front door and Misty took off to greet the women due to arrive. Running across the floor in her extreme heels, Steve laughed as his friend held onto her breasts to keep them from popping out of their cups. In they came, two and three at a time, carry gifts of all sorts, all laughing in anticipation of the party. Women of all ages arrived, from young twenties to women who were old enough to be the grandmothers of the twenty year olds. They knew they were coming to see young men dance nearly naked for them and the giggling and cheerful revelry had a nervous quality to it.

Jake came over to the ‘Workshop’ to check that Steve was ready to go and that he was in costume. The owners’ job thru the party would be to make sure everybody had a good time, nobody got out of control and to keep the refreshments flowing. Of course, once the dancing started, the ladies would lose interest in the food. For now, all the guests were at the tables eating and celebrating with the new-to-be bride.

Misty skipped over to join them and brought with her a camera to show Steve.

“Look, Jake brought this in for me to use. It’s an old Polaroid and if the girls want pictures I can take them and hand them out right away. Cool, huh?”

“Yea, you bet,” Steve said, but he was distracted by something at the tables.

“You happen to know the name of the bride or the family, Jake?” Steve was suddenly serious.

Jake peered back at the crowd. “Collins is the name of the young lady who booked the party. Why?”

At that moment four more women came thru the door to join the party. When Steve saw them he stepped back into his room.

“Holy shit. Holy shit. H-o-l-l-y shit!” Steve muttered, “That’s my family. Collins is my mother’s maiden name. That’s my Mom and there’s my sister and my cousin and my aunt. I’m going to this wedding. That bride is going to be my cousin’s wife. I can’t be here!”

“Slow down, slow down. I didn’t know. I’m sorry!” Jake stammered. “Look, you’re only dressed up as Santa. You’re not stripping. Besides even if they see it’s you they’ll think it’s cool that your part of it.”

“Bullshit Jake. I don’t want my mother to know I’m here when she’s watching guys strip!”

“Steve,” Misty said as she took his arm, “you’re all the way in here and your disguise is great. Come on, everything will be okay. Besides, Jake can’t get anybody else to do it this late.”

Steve took a few minutes, a few deep breaths and finally agreed. He downed the last of his beer, handed the empty to Misty indicating he needed another and off she wiggled to get it. Once the cold one was in his hand he sat down on his throne to wait for the event to begin. Misty gave him thumbs up and walked out with Jake to get the music going.

Over a four hour period the girls would have two hours for their traditional food and gift time and then the dancers would come for the last two hours. Jake had told the party planner that the guests could visit Santa anytime thru the four hours but he expected them to be preoccupied with the strippers. He told Steve to be prepared for most of the women to come to him in the beginning of the party.

Once they had some food and a few drinks in them the girls started to visit Santa. Steve was prepared to ask what they wanted for Christmas but escort ankara they were way ahead of him.

The twenty-something’s giggled and dared each other with suggestive talk, “G’head Mary, tell Santa you wanna guy with a big cock for Christmas. Misty, take Debbie’s picture with her hand on his Santa’s dick.” They posed holding their boobs or each other’s.

The thirty and forty year old babes were a little more mature. They would tell Santa they wanted him to ring their bells or that they’ll be waiting up with milk and cookies. Their picture poses were shown with a little leg or hugging Santa.

Two young women came in dancing to the loud jukebox music and laughing, “Come on Santa, let’s get it on.” It was obvious they were hammered, and the party had two hours to go.

“Oh boy,” thought Steve, “I knew this was going to happen.” His hands were wet with sweat.

A slim blond, Steve’s younger sister Steph, was a wild one. Still single, always ready to party, she had a string of guys chasing her. Her cousin, Lucy, was a short, voluptuous redhead and a constant companion of Steph’s. Steve hated it when Lucy showed up at family gathering because she was always coming on to him. He wanted in the worst way to throw a good fuck into her with her big tits but he knew he would take a load of shit from his sister. He sensed they may even be lovers.

Neither girls recognized who Santa was and they got right on his lap and started to have their fun. Steph sat on Steve’s right leg and Lucy climbed on his left, their knees touching. Both girls leaned into Santa and started telling him what they wanted for Christmas.

“Um, Santa, I wanna giant Ken doll,” said Lucy, “with a big vibrating dick on it!”

Steph leaned in real close to Steve’s face. “Yea and I want six guys for a gang bang that I can keep in my closet for whenever I want them!”

Steve’s response was a series of halfhearted, “Okay, uh huh, alrighty little girl.”

Both girls screamed laughing and were wiggling their asses on Steve’s lap. He had his arms around the girls’ waists and he innocently felt each of their breasts. Suddenly, Steph stood up, turned, and sat back down with her back to Steve, straddling his leg.

“Come on elf, take our picture!” Steph yelled above the music, and lay back against Steve, spreading her legs open, giggling.

“Okay, now were partying,” laughed Misty as she kicked the door closed with her foot and came in for a shot. “Come on girls, show us some tit!”

“Whoa, whoa there, Misty,” Steve called out in his deep Santa voice. “This is getting crazy,” he thought, “This is my sister!”

“Shadd-up Santa! We won’t tell Mrs. Claus,” hooted Lucy, grabbing at Steve’s cock and squeezing it. “O-o-o Santa, your candy cane is getting stiff.”

The girls howled and turned their attention to Misty. Lucy swung around on Steve’s leg, imitating Steph, and leaning back opened her blouse, unfastened her bra allowing her tits to flop out for all to see. Steph quickly followed suit, squealing with laughter and grabbing at her cousin’s tit.

Misty snapped a shot,”Come on, give me more,” she yelled with the camera up to her eye.

As both girls were going thru lewd poses, holding their breasts and spreading their legs, Steve was going nuts. He could feel his cock getting harder and creeping down his pant leg under Steph’s ass. She looked around, smiled, and wiggled, feeling the thick manhood. His animal instincts kicked in and he reached around to fulfill his long held desire, taking hold of Lucy’s left heavy milk bag and embraced it with his big hand. Steve then grabbed for his sister’s tit that were like a teenager’s; small cones jutting from her chest, nipples large and puffy. As he held her tender flesh in his grip, Steph ground her pubic bone onto his thigh.

“Oh fuck, yea,” Misty said as she took a picture. About six photos were lying on the floor where they had landed, falling from the camera as Misty was shooting each erotic scene. No one took notice that she had one hand up her skirt vigorously rubbing herself.

Steve was intoxicated with lust, the young women so tantalizing, and his sister in his hand. He now had no illusions about his sister and Lucy. The smell of the girl’s sexual fragrance emitting from their bodies rose up to his nostrils, animal lust racing thru his cortex.

“Stop, that’s enough,” Misty cried out as she straightened up, “we’ve been in here for fifteen minutes and somebody’s going to wonder what going on!”

“Yea, come on, Lucy, my Mom will be looking for me. Let’s go show her how to put bills down the dancers G-strings,” Steph snickered.

Both girls scrambled to straighten their cloths and pic up their pictures off the floor.

“I’ll be looking for you on Christmas Eve, Santa. Hope Mrs. Claus takes care of that hardon!” Steph called back to him as she ran out of the room.

“I can’t believe I did those things with my sister!” Steve yelled at Misty, when they were gone.

“Oh, chill out, Santa. I’m going to get together with those two again, you ankara escort bayan can bet your sweet ass!” she panted as she left the room to get more film for the camera.

Things were going strong at the bar as Steve stood up and went to the doorway of the “Workshop” drinking a beer, watching the women reach out to touch the dancer’s cocks and put money in their skimpy costumes. One adventurous lady was leaning in to a guy who was grinding his cock filled G-string into her face while holding her head, simulating a blow job. She was loving it and he wondered if the same woman would let her husband shove his dick into her mouth.

A few minutes had passed and Steve, sitting back on his “throne” and still sporting an erection saw Misty at the door.

“Oh Santa,” she said in a pixie, sing song voice. “These young ladies would like to see you.” She knew who they were and in her devilish way was enjoying the situation.

Steve’s worst fears were soon realized as his Mom and aunt walked thru the doorway. Entering the room under the insistence of Cass, Betty came over to Santa protesting, “Oh this is so silly!”

Betty, a pretty hip woman for her seventies was no one to tangle with. Her younger sister Cass is only ten years older than Steve. There were eight children in Betty’s family and it is said that there probably would have been more if her father hadn’t passed on in the throes’ of an orgasm.

Cass, a real looker and a widow for five years, came around the family house a lot and was always flirting playfully with Steve. Although he thought she was very pretty and a classy dresser he was shy when his aunt showed him any attention.

“Now come on Bett!” Cass insisted. “Sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas.”

Steve was looking at his aunt as she was pushing his Mom towards him. He was staring at Cass’ black halter dress. Her breasts, spilling over the top, looked bigger than he imagined they were, but then again he never looked at her that much, being too embarrassed by her flirting.

As Betty fell onto Steve’s lap she unexpectedly encountered his firm appendage. It was like sitting on a stick of TNT. Betty popped to her feet and stepped away from Steve.

“Oh my goodness! Young man, what do you have in that suit?” she scolded.

Steve sat mortified, but couldn’t reveal himself, as Misty burst out laughing.

Knowing how to get thru this situation Misty broke in. “Oh come on, it okay. It was a gag we played on someone else and Santa didn’t have time to take it out of his pants. Stand next to Santa and we’ll take a picture and you can get out of here.”

“Yea, come on Bett, I’ll sit, you stand,” Cass responded. “Go ahead miss elf, take our picture.”

She sat down on Santa’s lap, wiggling her fanny, obviously searching for the object of concern.

Misty took the photo and handed the picture to Betty who walked thru the door calling out, “Are you coming along, Cass?”

“You go ahead, Hon, go get a drink. I want to visit with Santa.”

Betty took off and Cass got up from Steve’s lap. She walked over to Misty and took here by the arm. “How ’bout giving me some private time with Santa?” Misty smiled and went to sit with Jake at the bar.

Cass closed the door, flipped the lock, walked provocatively over to Steve and sat down on his right leg. He could smell her perfume, a scent he was familiar with whenever he was near her. Being so close to her now, he saw how pretty she was. “She’s only ten years older than me,” he thought. He looked down at her chest to see her deep cleavage. His blood began to pump into his cock again.

“Now where is that thing in your pants that made my sister jump?” she cooed. Cass wrapped her left arm around Steve’s neck and pulled close to him.

He was afraid she would suddenly pull off his beard and he would be found out. Slowly unbuttoning the front of Steve’s pants she reached in thru the red suit and pulled his cock slowly out, into the air. It came out like a thick rubber hose, semi rigid, the meaty head peeking from under the foreskin. Lying in her soft palm, his boner was twitching to life again.

“Oh, God, when this gets hard it’s going to be huge,” Cass exhaled.

The lustful desire to have this woman, knowing it was his aunt was exhilarating. Steve knew he was crossing boundaries, “But, my God, she was holding his cock in her hand,” he thought.

He wanted to enjoy all the thrills of sex with her as he reached behind her neck, with nervous anticipation, untying the ribbon material of her dress allowing it to fall from her body. She sighed and smiled as her skin met the warm air when he unclasped her strapless bra, the cups liberating their contents.

Steve stared at Cass’ breasts. “If you took a grapefruit,” he thought, “and put it in a sock and hung it to your body, this was how he would describe hers.” They were perfect; her areolas, light brown and velvety in texture were the size of silver dollars with nipples that were like large gumdrops. He took one globe in his hand and lifted it, feeling its mass, then let it fall causing both to bobble side to side. Cass’ head fell back as she savored the attention to her body. Mesmerized, he did this again and again, playing with then, holding them, growing hungrier for her.

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Sandra, Mike and an Invitation

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The next evening when my doorbell rang, I was still thinking about last night fucking Sandra – and how Anne and Mike hadn’t even batted an eyelid. They really were an incredibly open and broadminded family. Sandra really was one hot forty year old. I really hoped that I’d get the chance to fuck her again.

“It’s open!” I called.

It was Mike.

“You’ve taken years off my mom! She’s been in the best mood ever all day today.”

“Hey, the pleasure was all mine. Your mom is hot.”

I was please Mike wasn’t cross with me.

“I know she is – I’ve fantasized about fucking her myself.”

“That’s so wrong – you thought about fucking your mother?”

“Yeah – but she is fit – and I’ve seen her naked loads of times. Anyway, it’s no worse than my sister, is it?”

I suppose it wasn’t – and I remembered the time I saw Mike fuck Anne in the countryside. That was a horny memory.

“Did you ever do it again? With Anne?”


Mike went on to tell me that last night, after they saw me with their mother, they went upstairs and had a wank together. Mike had blown his load all over Anne’s tit’s, and Anne had frigged herself to orgasm with Mike’s cum still running down her chest.

“That must’ve been a horny sight,” I said, “I’m getting turned on at the thought of it.”

“So I see.”

Mike patted the obvious swelling in my sweat pants. My dick responded by twitching. I responded by feeling the bulge in Mike’s jeans.

“Fancy a beer?” I offered.

“I fancy a wank.”

“You can have both if you like.”

I fetched two beers from the fridge, handing one to Mike. Mike opened his beer and lay on my sofa. I decided I wanted to tease Mike.

“Your mom has such a great body. She has the most suckable nipples and her pussy tastes fabulous.”

As I was talking, I knelt down and felt the bulge that was swelling in his jeans.

“Her cunt was so hot and wet. I almost blew my load the minute I slipped my cock in.” I continued.

Mike didn’t resist as I undid his jeans, and he obligingly lifted his bum up so that I could pull them down. His thick cock sprung out of his boxers. I gave it a squeeze and felt it harden.

“Just imagine how it would feel if she slid her warm cunt down onto your cock.”

After I said this I began to suck Mike’s cock head, cupping his balls with my hand. Mike grabbed his shaft and began to wank his member, but I kept licking and sucking the head. Soon, Mike let out a loud groan and his warm sperm erupted into my mouth. I swallowed most of it. The rest ran down over Mike’s balls and I massage them with the slippery mess as he moaned with satisfaction. I was now as horny as hell and my cock ankara escort was as hard as a rock. I stood up and washed the taste of Mike’s cum out of my mouth by drinking some of my beer. Mike pulled down my sweat pants and began massaging my cock and balls with both of his hands.

“What does my cum taste like?” He asked, ask he ran his hands expertly over my aching shaft and balls.

“Salty and warm!” I replied, “beer is nicer though!”

“I like the taste of my cum!”

“You can have some of mine if you want.”

Mike opened his mouth and I felt his hot breath on my balls. I took hold of my cock and he put out his tongue. I was ready to cum so I had no trouble stroking myself a few times to orgasm. The first couple of spurts missed, some going on his face and hair, but I managed to deposit a good teaspoonful directly onto his tongue. He closed his mouth and smiled.


“You like?”

“Yeah – different to mine.”


“Dunno, less salty maybe. Mind if I take a shower?”

Mike took off his clothes and walked off naked to my bathroom. I heard the running water and then I heard my door again. It was Sandra, Mike’s mom. She walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa – right next to Mike’s clothes.

“What have you boys been up to?”

She grinned mischievously at me. I didn’t think I needed to answer.

“Has Mike asked you about next week?”

“Err, no?”

“Well, we’re going to the cottage for a week – we wondered if you wanted to come?”

I knew that Sandra and her husband, Jerry, owned a cottage in France. I was self employed – so getting the week off would be easy. But I was worried about Jerry – what would he think if he knew I had fucked his wife and his daughter, not to mention sucking off his son. Sandra must have read my mind.

“Jerry knows all about you, don’t worry – he’s quite broadminded.”

“He’d have to be!”

“He is – in fact, he suggested you should come. He wants to ask you a favour!”

“What favour?”

“He’s always wanted to watch a man fuck me! I suggested you might be up for it?”

Mike walked back in, naked. He seemed quite unperturbed that his mother was sitting next to his clothes on the sofa.

“Hi mom!”

“You never asked him about next week! Sandra scolded, “too busy playing with each other’s willies weren’t you?”

Sandra turned too me, “Mike has such a nice willy don’t you think – quite distracting!”

“Yes, your son has a fine specimen – it was my fault, I was teasing him.”

“Teasing him?” She asked.

“It’s not hard…”

“I bet it was earlier!”

Sandra reached out her hand and gave her son’s cock a playful tickle. escort ankara Mike’s cock twitched at his mother’s touch.

“I bet that’s impressive at full stretch these days,” she commented.

“It is,” I confirmed, “very. When I was telling him about how it felt to fuck you it was massive.”

Mike blushed.

“Mike, have you been fantasizing about me?” Sandra enquired in mock horror.

Turning to me she said “maybe we should let him watch us next time?”

“Well, we do need to practise doing it with an audience, don’t we?” I said, thinking about Jerry’s request.

Sandra changed the subject:

“Well, a woman could die of thirst here!”

I realised that Mike and I had been drinking our beers, and I hadn’t offered Sandra anything. I went into the kitchen and fetched three more beers. I could here Mike and his mom talking and giggling.

“What did I miss?” I asked as I handed over the beers.

“I was just asking Mike we he didn’t shave his balls like you do.”


“He says he doesn’t know where to start!”

“How do you do yours?” Mike asked.

“With soap and a razor. Want me to teach you?”

Mike looked uncertain, but nodded. He certainly had a forest going on down there. I went to the bathroom and got my shaving kit, and a towel. Then I ran a bowl of hot water and carried everything through to the living room. I had Mike sit on the towel, legs wide apart. Sandra knelt next to me on the floor. First, I used my electric beard trimmer to groom the whole mass down to a manageable length. With less hair, Mike’s already impressive cock started to look even bigger. Then, I squatted a generous amount of shaving foam onto my hands and began soaping up his cock and balls. I spent some time massaging his cock and balls with the saving soap, causing his cock to swell and rise. I explained that it was easier to work with the cock hard! Then, I carefully shaved the hair which grew on the first inch of his shaft, and then his ball sack, gently stretching a little at a time, right down to his ‘taint’. Finally, I rinsed away all the soap and checked that everything was smooth.

“You’re done,” I said.

Mike reached down and felt his now smooth balls. Sandra also leant forward and felt Mike’s sack.

“You’ve done a lovely job,” said Sandra, “I should get you to do mine!”

“It would be a pleasure. No time like the present.”

Mike stood up, swollen cock bobbling about, and Sandra reached under her skirt and pulled down a pair of lacy white panties. She lifted her skirt to reveal her thick triangle of pubic hair.

“What style do you think would suit me?”

“Landing strip only,” I suggested.

She sat ankara escort bayan down on the towel and Mike knelt down beside me. I instructed Sandra to ‘spread wide’ and set off with the beard trimmer. Firstly I reduced everything to grade four, then I used grade one, leaving an inch wide strip above her clitoris. Then I soaped up the whole area and set to work with the razor. The area above her pussy was easy enough, but the labia involved a lot of me pulling things gently to one side and shaving very carefully. As I worked, her pussy lips became more swollen and juice was visibly oozing from her fanny. Finally, I rinsed up and patted her dry with a corner of the towel. As she reached down and felt the area, more juice oozed from her swollen lips.

“Look at you two!” She laughed.

Indeed we were a sight. Kneeling side by side facing Sandra’s fanny, Mike’s cock was rock solid and I had a big tent in the front of my sweat pants.

“Look at you,” I retorted.

I extended a finger, caught a drop of fanny juice that had formed on her cunt lips, and then sucked my finger. Sandra responded by pulling down the front of my sweat pants freeing my hard cock.

“I’ve never seen two hard cocks at the same time.”

She leaned forward and took one of our cocks in each hand and squeezed tightly. I reached out my hand and massaged her fanny which was sopping wet. She moaned and squeezed our cocks even harder.

“I’m so horny I’d let Mike fuck me!” She gasped.

“Can I really?” Said Mike.

“Yes – do it now before I change my mind!”

I moved aside and Sandra guided Mike’s thick cock into her oozing wet cunt. Sandra gasped as Mike’s thick cock entered her. Sandra put her hands on Mike’s buttocks, pulling him all the way in. Mike set up a steady thrusting motion and Sandra threw back her head and bit her lip. I unbuttoned Sandra’s blouse. Again, she was wearing no bra and I started caressing those great tits I had spunked over last night. Sandra moaned and whimpered and Mike’s cock made squelching noises as he pumped it in and out of Sandra’s dripping wet sex. Eventually, it was all too much for Mike, and with his familiar grunting he climaxed inside his mom.

“More, more!” Demanded Sandra.

But Mike was all done. As his cock slipped out, I was more than ready to take over. As I slid my cock in, Sandra’s cunt felt different to last time. It had been stretched already by Mike’s thick cock and had extra lubrication from his spunk. It was very warm and very wet. As I thrust inside her, wetness oozed out and ran down my balls. Sandra began rubbing her clit furiously. I felt her vagina contract around my cock as she climaxed. I responded by fucking her hard and fast. Sandra screamed with a few final thrusts, I too let go inside her. I slid out and watched as a double helping of cum oozed out of her.

Her breathing returned to normal before she spoke.

“Next week’s going to be fun, isn’t it?”

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House Tour

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You arrive at my door, opening it I see you are dressed in a long black coat, we exchange hello’s and I invite you in, closing the door behind you I offer to take your coat, you say thank you and you spin to turn your back to me. I reach up and slip the coat from around your shoulders. As I do you take a few steps forward allowing me to take you all in. Your standing there dressed in a short padded skirt, black thigh highs and open toed three inch black shoes and a very reveling bra-less white top As I step up behind you, I lean forward and ask you if you would like a glass of red wine. You turn and look and me smiling and say I would love one.

I walk to the closet and hang up your jacket, then turn and head to the kitchen where I have already placed two glasses and an open bottle of burgundy wine.

With two glasses of wine I proceed back to the living room where I see you looking at pictures on the wall, I step up behind you and bring my arm around you, offer you the glass of wine. You take it from my hand and turn to face me, and looking into my eyes, you thank me.

I smile and say would you like a tour, you jump at the chance, so we go explore the house, we then pendik escort walk-in to the master bedroom, and you stop dead in your tracks, and I hear a slight sigh escape you lips. I ask if you are alright and you look at me and say I am fine. We then proceed back down stairs, and where I take you over to the dining room window and show you the view of the lake that I have every morning. As your standing looking out the window, I come up behind you pressing my body into yours and leaning forward kiss you softly on the neck. You turn and look into my eyes and I lean down and kiss you passionately on the lips for what seems minutes is in reality only seconds. I then back away and as you are you going to be a good girl for me. You answer yes, I then instruct you to turn around and walk over to the dining room table, as you approach I tell you to put your wine glass on the table in front of you and to pace your hands flat on the table on either side of the glass and don’t move until I tell you too.

Stepping up behind you, I reach past you and placing my glass on the table, while my other hand is resting on the small of your back. I then take both my hand and run up the back of your escort pendik legs slowing and over your bare ass, pulling your skirt up over your hips it to my view. Then with one hand on your back, I ask you again are you going to be a good girl for me, and just before you answer, I give you a slight slap on the ass. You jump for a second, and then gather yourself and answer me, oh yes sir I will be a good girl for you.

Stepping back I take each of your ass cheeks in my hand and spread them apart, leaning behind you I stick my tongue out and give you long slow lick over your naked pussy and up over the crack of your ass. Then back and forth until I hear soft moans escape your lips. Pulling your cheeks wider, I plunge my tongue into your wetness as deep as I can, sucking on your outer lips and teasing them with my tongue.

You push back into my face wanting my tongue deep in, I than push you forward over the table and getting to my feet, I slap you on each cheek once again, and say now I think I want to take you like a good bitch right here and now. Pulling out my cock, I stroke it a few times till it is ready to bust at the seams. Grabbing you by your hips I pull you into pendik escort bayan me, and guide just the head of my cock past your lips all the while telling you not to move your hands off the table. I than plunge into you as deep as I can go in one stroke, feeling my balls up against your ass reaching down I grab you by the back of your hair, and pull you semi straight off the table, with drawing my cock from you slowly and then pulling you by the back of your hair, kick my hips forward as hard I can plunging deep back into you again and again until I feel the wetness in you build. You push back into meeting me with as I plunge my cock into you, moaning and muttering oh god fuck me. You feel the desire build in you until you can no long hold back and say god I want to cum on you, please let me cum on you.

Pulling you harder into me I lean forward next to your ear and tell you to come on me like a good little bitch. You mutter something as I feel you shutter, over and over as you cum on my cock, then after a slight shake or two I feel you start to go limp and as I release my grasp on you, you slum relaxed over the table face down.

I then step back pulling my cock from you and pull you up from the table and turn you to face the stairs to my room, slap you on the ass and say, oh we have just begun my dear, and you have a cleaning job to do when you get upstairs, now move as I slap you on the ass.

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House Guest

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My daughter had invited a friend of hers to stay for a while. Apparently her house was being painted and it stunk and Chloe didn’t want to stay at a motel. Heather said sure, why not, and Chloe turned up. My input to the suggestion wasn’t required.

I could see I was going to have a problem right from that first day. Chloe was a flirt, a tease, an exhibitionist, or possibly a combination of all three.

The flirting part was mainly innuendo. She seemed to be able to turn any comment into something mildly suggestive. Teasing is about the only way to describe the way she would trespass into my personal space. We all have our own ideas about the size of our personal space. I knew young one lady from work who came from a culture where personal space was very small. She’d always stand what I considered uncomfortably close when talking to me, but that was just her way. There was no suggestion of teasing. With Chloe, the teasing seemed to ooze from her as she gently touched your arm while talking, or similar actions.

Exhibitionism? What else do you call showing off your body? She’d wear loose neck blouses and find excuses to bend over so you could look down her neckline. As often as not she wouldn’t be wearing a bra. When not dressed for work, skin tight yoga pants were the order of the day, pants so tight that if you stared hard enough you could find and count and moles on her legs. If she wasn’t wearing skin tight yoga pants then it was flirty skirts with sexy panties.

How do I know that she wore sexy panties? She’d find some reason to have to bend over, her skirt rising up, and her panties being flashed. Even coming out of the bathroom she’d wrap herself in the smallest possible towel. Yes, it covered her nipples and her groin, but only just. You’d swear that something was going to pop into view at any moment.

I suggested to my daughter that she should ask Chloe to tone it down a little. She just laughed and called me a fuddy-duddy. I retired, defeated.

Saturday morning and Heather was working. Chloe was not. I assumed that she’d be out shopping. Don’t all young women like to go out shopping? I was in the kitchen reading the newspaper, us fuddy-duddies like reading actual newspapers, when Chloe came strolling in.

She was wearing one of her short skirts, shorter than ever it seemed to me. A loose-neck gypsy blouse completed her ensemble, and a very loose neck it was. She strolled over and opened the fridge, needing to bend down to get the milk. Odd that. I’ve never needed to bend down to pick up the milk. Maybe she had short arms to go along with that short skirt and short panties. Short? The panties were nearly non-existent. Not that I noticed, of course, being busy with my newspaper.

She sat down and had some cereal and apart from saying good morning we didn’t really talk. After breakfast she stood up and then had to bend forward to pick up her plates. Why? If there was any reason other than to give me a scenic view then I sure didn’t know it. The scenic view, by the way, was not blocked by unnecessary items such as bras.

I gave up at that point. I waited until she’d rinsed her breakfast things and then before she departed I made a suggestion.

“Chloe, instead of giving me a peep show, why don’t you just take pendik escort off your top and give me a proper view?”

“I beg your pardon?” she said, sounding outraged.

“No, you don’t. You’ve been giving me peep shows all week and we both know it. So why not just go the next step and take off your top. I have to admit I’m interested in seeing what you look like from a frontal view rather than having to look down your blouse.”

“Well, I never. . .” she began, but I interrupted.

“Yes, I know, that’s why I’m asking you to do so now. You know you want to.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she protested.

“Yes, you do. Now be a good girl and take the top off.”

She looked as though she wanted to argue but she would have been arguing against herself, not me. I just waited and finally, blushing slightly, she took of her top and stood there, obviously proud of what she had.

She had grounds for being proud, let me assure you. Her breasts stood out, young and wholesome, waiting to be touched. Her nipples were peaking a little, not fully erect but ready to spring to attention if touched.

“You are really quite lovely,” I told her with great sincerity. “Come with me for a moment.”

She dithered for a moment but when she saw I wasn’t heading for the bedrooms she relaxed and followed along, Mary’s little lamb happily heading for the slaughter.

I went into the lounge room and settled into a comfortable chair. I beckoned her closer. As usual she came too close. Just couldn’t help herself, I guess. My hands were up her skirt and pulling her panties down just like that. She gave a yelp and backed quickly away but all that accomplished was her stepping out of her panties. Now all she had on was that short skirt.

“You had no right to do that,” she protested and I agreed while laughing.

“True, but I only took down your panties. I could have pulled your skirt down as well, but I didn’t. Why don’t you sit on the couch? I’ll stay here.”

She sat primly on the edge of the couch, looking a little nervous. I was still gently laughing at her.

“Not like that,” I told her. “Sit as though you were a model, showing as much leg as you can but without letting me see anything naughty.”

Chloe was looking intrigued now. Teasing was a game she understood. I just don’t think she’d ever done it without any undies on. I was sitting back, to help her relax, and she settled deeper onto the couch. She swung her legs up onto the couch, lifting one so that her skirt slipped down it. She was now showing a remarkable amount of leg and upper thigh.

I suggested a couple of other positions and she started giggling and going along with them. In one of those positions she was lying on her tummy, legs bent, skirt rucked up around her waist, giving me a view from her foot to the top of her bare bottom.

“That skirt just looks silly now, bunched around your waist like that. Why don’t you slip it off and drop it on the floor next to you? You can put it back on before you get off the couch.”

And Chloe did as suggested, giggling all the while, thoroughly enjoying herself, finishing up on her back. I could see the curve of her mons.

I arose from my chair and strolled over to look down at her. She escort pendik was still giggling slightly, but her hands did dart down to cover her groin.

“Seeing as you like to show off your body,” I said, “I’m going to position you so you can actually see your pussy as I enter you. Just think, you’ll be able to compare the hardness of my body to your softness as I sink into you.”

“What?” was all I got, along with a startled look.

For answer I caught hold of her ankles and lifted them high, bending her nicely in two. Now she was looking at her own crotch and, as her legs were nicely parted, she could see her own mound and her excited lips. I held her legs in position while I slipped down by trousers and briefs, letting my own equipment come to light.

“You can’t do this,” she protested. “Don’t be silly. I’ll scream and Heather will come out. Then what will you do?”

“Be very surprised that Heather, at work, can hear you scream here, at home.”

From the look of surprise she’d apparently forgotten that Heather was at work. I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

“My, my. You were doing naked teasing thinking that Heather might come out and catch you? Naughty girl.”

“I wasn’t,” she quickly assured me. “I knew that Heather was at work. I just forgot for a moment. You’re not really going to. . .?”

Seeing that I was kneeling on the couch between her thighs, her legs propped against my shoulders, and my cock already threatening her mound, did she expect a serious answer to the question. I leaned a little closer, my cock now pressing against her lips.

I started pushing past them and her eyes were open wide and she started this long drawn-out “aahh” sound. I pushed smoothly in with her watching every inch sink into her, not stopping that surprised sound. Her mouth didn’t snap closed until my groin ground against hers.

“Oh, my god, I didn’t think you would really do it,” she gasped. “Take it out.”

“OK,” I said, withdrawing.

She looked totally shocked, not having expected that.

“Roll over on your tummy,” I told her, already crossing her legs over each other to help her turn. She rolled over, not having much choice and I put my hands on her hips and lifted.

“Bums up,” I called, and she lifted her hips, presenting to me very nicely.

What could I do? I drove in again, rather faster this time, to the sound of a startled squawk.

“I thought you were taking it out,” she yelled.

“I did,” I pointed out.

“But you put it back. Take it out again.”

Geez. Some people. Never satisfied. I pulled out again, rising to my feet and pulling her up onto hers. Before she could say anything I turned her around, bent her over the end of the couch and was on my way in again.

“You’re doing this deliberately,” she wailed. No kidding?

“Take it out and don’t put it back in.”

Now that was getting harder. I pulled out, helped her to stand, turned her to face me, and lifted her up, hands on her bottom. She grabbed at my shoulders to stop herself falling backwards, which was just what I expected. I lifted her high enough so that my erection slipped between her legs and then adjusted my grip so I was holding her legs apart, lowering her down.

“I said don’t put it pendik escort bayan back in,” she yelled.

“I’m not,” I pointed out. “I’m just standing here. You’re sinking down onto me.”

Well, hey, gravity isn’t my fault. Her legs curled around me and she clung to me but, me not actually supporting her weight, she slid slowly down, taking my pole into her as she went.

She kept sinking until I was fully inside her, giving me an odd look the entire way. Then, with her wrapped tightly around me (body and cock), she finally spoke again.

“You’re not going to stop putting it in me until you’re satisfied, are you?”

“I prefer to think of it as continuing to put it into you until you’re satisfied.”

She giggled again. At least she had regained her sense of humour.

“How many positions do you know?”

“The Kama Sutra has over four hundred,” I answered. “Of course, there are errors in a couple of those but I still have a few more that I can try.”

“Um, I don’t think we need bother. If you’re that determined, you might as well just get on with it.”

“That’s what I thought from the very start but you did seem as though you wanted to experiment.”

I turned slightly so I was facing the couch and leaned forward, lowering her onto it.

With Chloe now firmly wedged between me and the couch I was finally able to start some real action. Intriguing though it was to shaft her and completely withdraw it was much more interesting to remain in possession while I eagerly applied myself to my labours of love.

I proceeded to demonstrate to Chloe that there were excellent reasons for doing what we were doing, the major one being the actual doing. I started thrusting into her with a vengeance, finding her pushing up to meet me with great enthusiasm. So enthusiastically that I was left wondering who had been seducing whom?

Now that she was committed she was also quite vocal, yelling her approval and urging me to greater efforts, a plea that I was only too willing to fulfil. With all due modesty I have to admit that I banged her long and hard (just like my cock). Her legs remained wrapped around me and her fingers were digging tightly into my shoulder-blades and she met me thrust for thrust, her pelvis firmly moving up to meet my downwards lunge.

The nice thing about noisy ladies is that you can tell from the pitch of their voice when they’re getting to that stage where you have to do that little extra to finish them off. At the same time the pitch also tells you when they’re not ready, letting you know to tie a knot in it and soldier on. In this instance our inclinations seemed to come together at the same time.

Responding to her tone I increased my service, valiantly giving my all. She gave a shriek and climaxed, her passage clamping around me, determined to extract my all, which I was only too willing to release.

Afterwards I had a little bit of advice for Chloe.

“Instead of leading me on, why don’t you just slip down to my bedroom and climb into my bed?”

“Oh, I’d love to,” she said, sounding very sincere.

“But? I can hear a but coming on.”

“But I’m going back home this afternoon. My house is finished and I’m free to move back in. Didn’t Heather tell you?”

No, Heather had not told me.

Chloe sniggered.

“You cut your timing a bit fine, didn’t you. If you’d put off your seduction effort until this afternoon you’d have missed out completely. Aren’t you the lucky one?”

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