The Bed , Breakfast

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I’ve had a tough week, impatient people and more than normal stress, I’m really glad it’s already 3PM on a Friday. Yesterday the bed and breakfast confirmed my room for the weekend. I’m packed, out the door and on my way, glad to get away from the city.

Its 8:00pm when I arrive, the lady at the B I notice that the moon is really shining thru the blinds. The bed has a black iron headboard and great sheets, kind of unusual but I’m glad that they are so soft. It’s a warm night.

Opening the windows for a breeze, the gentle sounds of the country creep in. I run a hot bath and it feels so good as I lean back and soak in the heat, the chocolate candle I brought fills the room with sweet smells and relaxes me even more. I thought to myself, god what I wouldn’t do to be with a man tonight as my fingers wander to my woman hood and I relax deeper as I bring myself to my release. I lay there for some time groggy from the heat of the water and my release until I feel the water cooling and finally pull the plug and let the water drain out. I reach up and grab the large towel as I stand up and step from the tub, admiring my body in the large mirror. I liked my looks, the smoothness of my stomach, my slim figure and my small but nice breasts. I towel myself off as I turn this way and that watching myself in the mirror admiring my body, the trimmed small patch of blond hair of my mound glistening in the light.

With the towel draped around me I move to the bedroom and with just the nightstand light on; I drop the towel and slip between the sheets wearing nothing. The sheets feel so good on my body, cool, and soft and with just a hint of lavender. I open the book I brought, a love novel, and lose myself in the pages of romance. I drift from page to page, feeling the story build, not just within the pages but the feeling it causes within me. I slowly feel myself sliding further away from my stress and entering into this love story, and the effect it has on my body. My fingers wander as I read.

He’s arrived late, this stranger, there has been a lot going on that day with him. The B it’s just a quick stop on the road but a welcomed one on the way for business tomorrow. The nice lady clerk offers him something to drink; he accepts and asks if he can he come back for it later. She says sure.

He’s settled in to his room and hits the shower, slips into an a clean t-shirt and some sweat pants with no underwear and heads downstairs, some juice is what he’s after. He picks up a small glass and heads back upstairs. Wow what a day, he’ll be glad to relax a little. His room is down the hall, last door on the left, so why does he turn right, open the door and take 2 steps inside?

He freezes as he sees me looking back at him and thinks to himself, this woman laying there looking at him is breathtaking. Without realizing it he just stands and stares and I stare back at him. I can see his embarrassment, his face is flushing red as he becomes aware of his swelling manhood and sees me looking there as it is now almost sticking straight out, straining to be released. The color of his face deepens further in his embarrassment as he returns to the moment, blinks and turns away as he stammers, “I’m so sorry, what have I done” and starts to walk out.

I had gotten so involved with the story I wasn’t thinking clearly; the heat between my legs had me in this fog and I wasn’t really aware of what I was saying or doing.

I said, “Wait. Come back.” Thinking to myself all the while, this is a stranger, what am I doing?

He stops and slowly turns just his head around and looks at me. I have these great blue eyes and a smile to die for and motion for him to come back into the room. He turns and walks back in closing the door behind him. He stands there looking somewhat foolish, his hardness had not lessoned and was straining at his sweats as I beckon him over to me and pat the bed and tell him to sit. He is still somewhat embarrassed yet obedient and sits on the bed where I indicated beside me. There is only the sheet covering me and he sees this, causing him to swell even more, he knowing that something very good is likely going to happen.

He’s very fit and smells so good, like he just got out of the shower and I think to myself that I was sorry to have missed that.

That’s when it hits me, I want him, need him and close my eyes and take in a breath and draw in his essence, such a clean light scent, and it sends a rush thru me. I turn my head to tell him and without hesitation, he kisses me. He places his left hand behind my neck and gentle pulls at the hair at the base of my head. It’s a passionate deep kiss and I feel his strong back as I reach to hold him. He traces my hip and down my thigh thru the sheet with his hand to just below my knee. It feels so good, the touch of his hand, him tracing my curves. There is no need for talking now, I feel myself wanting him even more as the heat flushes within me. My need for him is building in my tunnel of love as the lips guarding it swells and parts, aching for him.

The feelings happening to my body under the sheet feels so good pendik escort as he runs his hands over me. He draws his hand from below my knee up my inner thigh so slowly it seems like a minute, and then turns his hand to lay his palm across my mound of joy and touch me there with his fingers thru the sheet. He now realizes I’m not wearing anything and using 2 fingers, he slowly and gently begins stroking my slit of passion, searching for my clit thru the sheet while continuing his nibbling and biting at my neck, working his way down to the shoulder and back up. My breathing has become more noticeable, slower and deeper. He can feel the warm, wetness on his fingers as my moisture seeps thru the sheet where his fingers are. I let out a small sigh as he moves his hand away and slides it down the inside of one thigh and up the other.

He reaches for the sheet and pulls it back far enough to move his mouth to one of my erect nipples sending shivers through me. I tremble as he slowly begins running his tongue around the areola and occasionally just barely biting and suckling at the nipple.

His breathing has now become deeper. He gets up and moves to the blinds and pulls them up and moves over to me and turns out the light. The moonlight turns the room into a cascade of shadow and illumination. He pulls the sheet off me, takes my hands in his and lifts me up to my feet on the bed leaning me back against the headboard and wall completely exposing my nakedness to him. He quickly strips and positions himself on the bed in front of me on his knees and grasps my hips and pulls me to him as I reach back for the headboard to steady myself and lean against it to tilt my hips towards him, exposing more of me to him.

I am fully and completely exposed to him now, my shaved and trimmed pussy hot and swollen, with moisture seeping from me. The lips guarding my pussy are swollen and pulled back from my dark cave of love exposing its opening, it craving for him. He leans in and inhales my lust, his nose placed at my mound and I thought he was going to plunge his tongue into my heat and I pushed myself into him. He suddenly stood in front of me, pulled my mouth to his and kissed me deeply and passionately while pushing me against the wall and headboard. His engorged love muscle pressed between us poking me in the stomach. I reach for it and as I grasp it he brushes my hand away. He leaves me breathless as he slowly kisses his way down me, starting again at my mouth with a deep passionate kiss, moving down my neck working across my breasts, down to my navel, kissing across my smooth flat stomach, across it to both hips and down to my inner thighs. Once he gets there my breathing changes to very deep, almost gasping breaths and I lean back on to the wall and grasp the headboard. He kisses and sucks his way oh so slowly towards my wet pussy and I thrust myself out to him spreading my legs for him. He can smell my lust for him and wants so badly to taste me. I can see it in his eyes and face and the hardness of his love muscle, the tip turning a light purple it was so engorged.

As he inches his face closer he can feel the heat of my pussy and I can feel his hot breath. I taste so very good he says. He starts slowly on my clit with the lightest circular touches he can manage with his tongue. I’m moaning now as I can see the tip of his tongue gliding back and forth across my swollen clit and see it disappear as he plunges it into me. The tingling grows and envelopes my body to the point I feel weakened and he can feel I’m almost to the point of being unable to stay upright.

He holds me by my hips and helps me down onto the bed and lays me flat on my back, he is on his knees between my legs and I spread them wide to accommodate him. He lifts my legs upward and outward and leans down and slides his tongue into me as deep as he can and fucks me with it. He listens to my breathing and feels the movement of my hips and my own thrusting to him and times his tongues thrusts with it; he can tell I’m just on the edge of starting to cum as I whimper and my body stiffens and begins to spasm.

My release sends hot fluid to his eagerly waiting mouth yet he never changes pace. I can feel and hear the sucking sounds of his tongue driving into me as he tries to capture my entire flood. I can’t believe how good it feels, wave after wave of spasms passing thru my body as I slowly drop my legs down onto his shoulders. He’s timed his motions completely with my heavy breathing and I feel like I’m riding a wave on the ocean, as my body seems to float, rising and falling in one long continuous orgasm. He stays at it until he feels my legs trembling and knows I am now so sensitive that I’ll need a little time to recover.

He lies down beside me and pulls me to him and we embrace tightly and kiss deeply. I can taste myself on him, liking it and whisper to him to hold me tight and give me time to recover. I can feel his engorged manhood pressing into my stomach as we hold each other tight. I was wondering why he had not entered me for his own release. I lie there in his arms thinking of what I will maltepe escort do for him in return as my hands move down and hold him.

I recovered rather quickly. Although my release had been hard and deep, I had not had a man do something like that to me before. He was still beside me, holding me against him, his hardness hot between us in my hands; he had not softened but seemed to be harder still. I knew what I had to do, what I needed to do for him and me as I rolled over on top of him, kissing him deeply. I looked into his eyes and smiled the twinkling in my blue eyes an indication of what was to come. I sat up and slid myself up onto his chest and in placing my knees beside his head I positioned my pussy at his mouth. He quickly with out any hesitation lifted his mouth to meet me and dove in, his hands grasping my hips holding me.

I discovered I was still sensitive from his earlier activity there and knew I wouldn’t last long with him doing that and quickly back away from his mouth with his mouth trying to follow and his hands trying to hold me there. I knew what I wanted to do and slowly slid myself down his chest leaving a streak of my moisture there as I slid lower down to his stomach. I leaned down and again kissed him deeply, savoring the taste of me on his lips. I followed the wet streak of my moisture down his chest with my tongue, stopping at each of his nipples to suck on them, hardening them in their own way. I was working my way to his navel and discovered as I slid my pussy downward, I was blocked by his stiff hardness against my backside.

I lifted myself up and in grasping it, started rubbing the swollen hood between my own swollen lips guarding my cave of passion. He stiffened further in anticipation as he thought I was going to position him and sit down upon him and he thrust upwards into me when he felt it at my opening. I was not anticipating his thrust and stopped it by lifting myself up as his engorged head entered me. “Not yet lover,” I said as I quickly twirled around and sat down on his chest, my back facing his head. He now could not see what I was doing and I had him pinned to the bed by my weight on his chest.

I noticed there was a little precum on the head of his cock mixed with my own moisture from him trying to enter me and bent down and licked it off, digging my tongue into his sensitive opening. He stiffened even more at my touch.

I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked hard. He moaned in surprise and eagerness at my sucking. He thought I would never do this, but it seemed I was determined to give him my all.

He moaned, “Yes, make me cum, suck me dry.”

When I said, “No I have other plans.” I sucked him and ran my tongue up and down his shaft and sucked on his balls. Each time he was getting close to cumming, I would back off putting pressure on the swollen head and the base of his shaft and let him cool down.

He was bucking and pleading, “Please love, make me cum, swallow me, and suck me dry”.

Each time a spot of precum would form in the opening of his cock I would let him cool down and then lick it off. I liked the taste of him but I had other plans.

I knew his balls were starting to hurt. I have been doing this to him for close to an hour already and tears were starting in his eyes as he pleaded with me to let him cum when I finally said, “Yes, it is time.” I could tell he could explode at moment; I could tell the pain was getting to him. He needed the release and I needed him to release inside me. I quickly twirled around and straddled his cock and lowered my pussy down over the engorged head and shaft and guided it into me as I sat down on it. As the head of his cock reached its total depth, I felt his cock stiffen and start to throb as it pumped all that beautiful stored cum into me.

He screamed, “Yes, Yes, Yes. Oh God yes.” It seemed like his cock and balls pumped into me for hours but it was only for a few long seconds. He had been in such pain but now total release. He exhausted himself with the pumping of cum and as his flow lessoned, I lay down on his chest and kissed him. He was in total exhaustion. We lay that way until his cock was limp and slipped free. I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy.

I raised up and moved my pussy up to his face, kneeling as I had done before and said, “I now want you to suck all of your cum from my pussy. I want you to suck it dry and make me cum.”

He protested but it was too late. I had his mouth covered by my pussy and all he could do was hold my hips and suck and lick. He sucked and licked me into orgasm and I almost drowned him with the amount of juices I released. I had been totally hot and had almost cum several times when I was playing with him. I had been in as much pain and needing of release as him.

We lay in bed together all night and made love whenever he became hard. I didn’t know how many times he unloaded deep into me and I didn’t know how many times I had my releases but by morning, we found ourselves entwined in each other’s arms, not wanting to get up and go our separate ways.

I kartal escort was disappointed when he left, lying in bed as he was leaving, I asked him if he would ever be back this way again and he said he didn’t know. I then asked him if I could know his name, and he said Mike. When I told him I hoped I could see him again, he smiled and said maybe and gave me his cell number as he left.

I snuggled down under the sheets and blanket that somehow had climbed back up over me, not wanting to get up. He left early; it was still dark outside, wanting to get on the road as he had a long ways to travel. I knew I found a man that could satisfy my needs and as my fingers wandered to my love nest, I could feel the stickiness and soreness of our heated passion of the night before. I smiled at the thought of him inside me, the feel of him and the taste of him. I could not explain the feelings I had of him as he filled me with his cum, the satisfied feeling it gave my whole body.

I was beginning drift back into sleep when the thought it hit me like a hammer. Unprotected sex! Sara, I thought, you weren’t safe. You dummy. You could get pregnant or worse yet some incurable sexually transmitted disease like HIV or herpes. This was a stranger, a one-night stand. You have never done something like this before and you weren’t prepared. Startled awake and in a panic, I thought no, he was too nice and would not be a carrier of some disease but him getting me pregnant yes. I thought damn, I haven’t been on the pill in over a year and I tried to think back to when I had my last period. Thinking a little more clearly, I thought no, my period should start Monday or Tuesday and this was Saturday. I should be OK but to just play it safe I thought I should get several pregnancy test kits on the way home. For now though, there was nothing I could do about it and my mind drifted back to him and the beautiful love we had made together. My fingers wandered down to my love nest and I could feel the stickiness of our lovemaking and the moisture seeping from its depths, our moisture, our stickiness, his cum and mine. I wanted to hold it inside me and tried to block the leakage with my fingers but it still seeped from me and I gathered it in my fingers and rubbed it across my mound, wanting to keep it there. One hand drifted to my mouth and I tasted the moisture of our lovemaking on my fingers. I could taste him I discovered as I slowly drifted into a light sleep.

I awoke with a light knocking on the door and I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 7:00 AM I hollered just a minute and got up looking for a robe but found the towel on the floor and wrapped myself in it. I went to the door and found the clerk there, she said breakfast will be served at 8 and was making sure I was awake. She smiled at my disheveled look, looking down at my pubic area and legs and teasingly acknowledged there was a lot of late activity in my room last night but there were no complaints and left with a laugh.

I smiled back at her and closed the door and headed to the bath to clean up. I dropped my towel and as I ran the tub full of water I looked at myself in the mirror. It was then I noticed and felt the wetness that was leaking from me and running down my leg and knew what she had been looking at. I smiled at the thought of that and my lover of last night and cupped my hand and caught the remaining leakage and rubbed it across my breasts stiffening my nipples as I rubbed it in. I dreamily stepped into the tub and sank down for a short soak wishing he were still here with me. I scrubbed myself well, making sure I was squeaky clean for breakfast, apprehensive of what the other guests would say if they had heard the activity in my room. I wondered also if the staff would say anything and thought I would skip breakfast but the pangs of hunger were starting in my stomach. I discovered I was famished and quickly left the tub, brushed and dried my hair, put on what little makeup I used and dressed. I thought what the heck, this was my weekend and I was paying for it. I deserved it and needed it. It had been a long time since I had someone and I wasn’t going to let anyone else ruin it for me. I went to breakfast. There were few guests there, many had left early, something I didn’t understand but then there were only a few motels in this small town and many travelers wanted to get on the road, just like my lover of last night. Thinking about it, I didn’t mind, fewer to question the activity of last night if they heard it.

Breakfast was good, casual conversation in a warm family type atmosphere. I liked it here and wished I had more than the weekend to spend here. I asked the hostess of the B&B about the sights and activities around town since this was my first time there and discovered things to do and look at. The town itself was a museum of history, full of antiques, every small store full of them and I knew what I would be spending the day doing. I loved looking at antiques, it was one of my passions and I quickly ate and headed back to my room to put on comfortable shoes and grab a wrap and my purse. The day was mine and I would window shop until the town rolled up the sidewalks, which was what small towns like this did at night. There would be no night activity around here. I didn’t think there was even a bar in town. I didn’t see one when I drove in.

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The BBW’s Guide To Sex

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I skimmed over all the articles in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, and an ad in the back caught my attention, claiming to be the surefire guide for large BBW to pick up men for great sex, or as the ad stated, how to get P-E-N-I-S:

P erfectly
E enjoyable
N aughty
I ncredible
S ex

I was taken in by the model, who was probably my age, 26, and my size, 5’6″, 268 pounds, and filled out the order form, inserted my check for $29.95 plus shipping, and sent it off. Three weeks later, I was unwrapping the DVD and manual and slipping it into the player.

Over the weekend, I ended up watching the DVD 3 times and reading the manual from cover to cover twice. It gave incredible advice on how to find your appropriate quarry, how to get them out on a date, how to get them and bed, and sexual techniques once you had them there, to drive them wild and make them totally willing to please. It even provided a quick reference guide in the end which summarized the whole program:

1.Identify your “lucky” male (Should be shy, well mannered…best success)
2.Make your approach (Ignore his shyness and initiate talk)
3.Continue Pursuit: (Bend over to show ample cleavage)
4.Continue Pursuit: (Initiate Physical Contact)
5.Set Date for after work (Don’t allow time to back out)
6.Stay aggressive during date (Shy men love a woman who can lead)
7.Drive him home and ask to come in.
8.After small talk, initiate kiss, then initiate sex (Continue to take the lead)
9.Fuck his brains out

I had chuckle a bit at number nine, but if this plan got me to that point, I would not complain one bit since it has been six months since I had a good fucking. I memorized all of the steps and planned and practiced all weekend.

When Monday morning rolled around I showered and applied my makeup lightly to bring out my full moist lips, and deep blue eyes. I wore my jet black hair pulled up and away from my ears to reveal sparkling diamond studs in my ears.

I slipped into a scoop necked sleeveless dress which clung to the large curve of my ample buttocks, with the hem ending three inches above the knee. I topped off the outfit with a pair of toeless heels which accented the pink polish of my toes.

I entered the lobby of Jason Williams and Son, my place of employment, and also the employment of the man I had identified as my first sexual target. Jerry Walters worked in Accounting. A cute guy who was quite a bit older at 53, but he had all the qualities I was looking for in my plan. He was a gentleman, shy, divorced, so he had at least a little sexual experience, and his boss was an aggressive woman, so he had no problem with assertive women.

I went to my office and dumped my briefcase, and retrieved the spreadsheet I was going to have Jerry look over.

I went to his office and tapped on his door and said “Good Morning Jerry. Got a minute?”

He looked up from his computer, took off his glasses then quickly looked down at his desk and said in his quiet voice, almost whispering, “Sure Ms Richards. Please come in.”

I moved to the front of his desk and watched his eyes as they surveyed my ample curves and breasts. I leaned over, placing the spreadsheet on his desk and made it impossible for him to look up and see anything but my ample cleavage. I could fee the slinky material fall away from my breasts, so I knew he was getting a clear view of my soft fleshy mounds lightly contained in my sheer lacy black bra.

My confidence took incredible leaps as I watched the pencil shake in his hands as he tried to concentrate on the figures in the spreadsheet but was unable to keep his eyes from returning to my nearly exposed top.

After 15 minutes he had reviewed all the figures and I could see sweat actually begin to bead up on his forehead as I slowly moved, so my breasts were having a hypnotic effect on him. He pushed back from his desk to put a distance between us, but still snuck peeks at my enticing mounds of flesh.

“The figures look fine Ms. Richards.”

“Please Jerry. Call me Sharon.”


“Now that we got that little bit of business out of the way, do you mind if I talk to you about a personal matter?”

Jerry squirmed in his chair with a half smile, still avoiding my eye contact and said “Well sure. I guess that would be all right.”

“You don’t mind if I close your door do you?” Without waiting for an answer, I slowly turned and walked to the door accentuating the sway of my massive hips fighting the constraints of my skirt. I could feel his eyes on my shapely thick legs as I reached the door and gently closed it.

I turned and leaned up against it, crossing my left leg over my right, with my hands behind my back and my huge breasts thrust forward.

“Jerry, I just wanted to tell you that I find you quite attractive.”

I thought he was going to fall out of his chair and land on his head, but he caught pendik escort the edge of his desk at the last moment and stammered, “Oh sure.”

“Really. I do. I find you very attractive and was wondering if you had a steady girlfriend or if you were available.”

Jerry gave a nervous laugh, wringing his hands, straightening his tie and whispered “Well thank you Ms. Richards…I mean Sharon. Um…No I haven’t dated much since my divorce five years ago, so I don’t have a steady girlfriend.”

I repeated silently to myself ‘Continue pursuit, Continue pursuit,’ and slowly moved toward him as his eyes grew wide.

“Please stand up Jerry.”

Again he gave a nervous almost giggle and said “Why?”

“Just stand up. You’ll see.”

Ever so slowly he pushed back his chair and rose, but stared down at his feet unable to meet my gaze as I stood now just two feet from him.

“What are you, about 5’9″?”

“5’7 ¾”

“I’m 5’6″. That’s a pretty good height differential between a man a woman don’t you think?”

“Um. Yes, I suppose it is.”

“I’d like to hug you Jerry. You wouldn’t mind would you?”

“I…I guess it’s alright.”

I moved my big body into his and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Put your arms around my waist Jerry.”

His shaky moist hands were only able to reach around to the edges of my broad back, and he held them motionless, unsure of my next move. I smiled and without asking, moved in, and joined our lips in a soft kiss. I rubbed my hands over his neck, then began to move them over his slim frame, down his back, and when I squeezed the cheeks of his buttocks while inserting my tongue into his mouth, he let out a startled moan, which quickly changed into a moan of pleasure.

I withdrew my tongue and invited his tongue into my mouth. As I gently sucked and held it captive, I slowly moved my hand around to his crotch and felt the hard rod causing his pants to stick out. His legs parted with a will of their own, and I knew he was where I wanted him, so I removed my hand and broke the kiss, leaving him breathless as he tried to hide his erection, looking a bit bewildered, begging with his eyes, ‘why did you stop?’

“I would like to continue this after work Jer. I’ll come by around 5:15. I can follow you home, then we can go out to eat and take it from there.”

Not believing his good fortune and still out of breath, Jerry gasped, ” Well okay. Sure…sure. That will be great.”

“Fine. I’ll see you at 5:15 then.”

I turned and slowly slunk out of his office, wanting to jump for joy with how well part one worked, and how easy it was to grab control. I hated to leave the poor man in such an aroused state, but I planned to more than make up for it later in the evening.

I had to admit, I was riding a super high, returning to my office, and my pussy juices were flowing from the mixture of power and lust, having him in the palm of my hand. I couldn’t wait until part two of my plan, and was thrilled when 5:15 finally rolled around.

I grabbed my briefcase and went to Jerry’s office. The poor man looked like a bundle of nerves and let out a little shout of surprise as I tapped on his door. God, it was fun feeling like a femme fatale.

Once again I took the lead and told him that I would follow him home, then take him to dinner at Le Maison de Fleur.


After parking his car, he entered mine and sat in the passenger’s seat. He let his eyes constantly move to my meaty thighs, and I let my skirt ride up six inches above my knees so he had an ample view of my parted thighs all the way to the restaurant. I had to carry on 80% of the conversation, but that was expected.

When we were directed to my table, he seated me like a gentleman and took the chair opposite me. I took the liberty of ordering the wine, and the meal for the two of us, which brought no objections to Jerry, and even seemed increase the looks of admiration he was giving me for taking charge.

With the wine and the terrific meal, Jerry seemed to be loosening up, to the point where I was only having to carry maybe 65% of the conversation.

“Well dinner was fabulous Jerry, and I thank you for joining me.”

“It was my pleasure Sharon.”

Just as he was drawing the coffee cup to his lips and taking a sip I calmly said, “After dinner, I would like to take you home and make love to you.”

Jerry choked, nearly spewing coffee everywhere, and coughed until his face was a deep scarlet. “You…you want to make love…with me?”

“Yes I’d like that very much. We’re both adults, so I thought I would be honest and just tell you what I want.”

“Well, um, yeah. Sure. I guess. What I mean is, yes, I would like that too.”

“Great that’s settled. Shall we go?”

Jerry was once again a nervous wreck, but managed to help me up from my chair and open the door for me as we reached my car. The trip to his house was made in complete silence, maltepe escort but I was okay with it, and let the sexual tension build up in Jerry’s mind.

We entered Jerry’s house and after he closed the door behind him, he turned to me and looked everywhere but in my eyes.

“Sharon I don’t know if I can go through with this. I mean the difference in our ages; and my lack of experience, and well, I don’t have the best body on earth, and….” Before he could continue his tirade, I moved in and took him in my arms firmly and gave him a probing moist kiss. He had no recourse but to slowly wrap his arms around me and kiss me in return.

Once again I sucked his tongue and took the lead as I ran my hands up and down his body causing him to gasp for breath. I could feel his heart almost pounding from his body as I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor. I ran gentle slow circles around his nipples then pinched them, causing him to moan louder. I then proceeded to run a finger around the edge of his navel and into the small opening causing him to shutter and suck with abandon on my tongue.

I undid his belt and the clasp of his pants, lowered the zipper, and let his pants fall to his ankles. I went to my knees running my tongue down his stomach, then over his thighs as I removed his shoes, pants and socks. I was eye level with his jockey shorts protruding with his rather large organ, but I was not going to release it yet.

“Where is your bedroom Jer?”

Unable to speak, he pointed down the hall and I took his hand to have him follow me. Once in his bedroom, I asked him to undress me. Shyly, he approached me and awkwardly removed my dress, shoes and bra so that both of us were now just in our panties. Once again I took the lead and moved in to deliver little bites over his neck, cheeks and ears, causing him to moan with pleasure.

I ran my hands behind his back and massaged up and down his spine, then let them travel into his jockeys and squeeze the taut cheeks of his ass, as I whispered in his ear, “Take my panties off baby.”

He knelt and slowly pulled them down my thick legs. “It would really turn me on if you picked up my panties and smelled them Jer.”

It was obvious that Jerry had never done anything like that, but he slowly picked them up and drew them to his nose, taking a deep breath. He exhaled, then smiled, and inhaled once again, enjoying my musky feminine scent.

While he continued to smell my panties I dropped to my knees and slowly pulled his jockeys down over his raging hard on. I was pleasantly surprised that he measured about 6 ½ inches, but was very thick, with a huge dangling ball sack. I placed a hand on each side of his cock and gently stroked him up and down, then moved a hand to his balls and applied enough pressure to cause just the right amount of pain making him cry out.

“Be still Jer.”

“I’ll try, but it hurts a little.”

“Yes, but I can tell by the way you’re getting harder that it hurts so good. Now spread your legs a little more…yes, about shoulder width. That’s it.”

I went back to squeezing his balls, causing him to groan and flinch a bit, but otherwise, stand as still as a statue, trying to follow my directions. I slipped the purple head of his dick into my mouth as I kneaded his nut sack, licking the sweet precum, then took him into my mouth inch by inch. I had to admit he did have a gorgeous pink cock. Hard and smooth, sliding perfectly into my mouth and glistening with my saliva.

I increased the pressure and pace of my mouth on his dick as I squeezed and pulled on his ball sack.

“Oh God Sharon. That feels sooooo good. I’m going to cum any moment.”

I removed him from my mouth, and grasped the head of his cock and held firmly until the urge to cum had passed. I stood and while holding him firmly, once again ravaged his lips with my lips tongue and teeth, and then attacked his neck, sucking on his skin until it turned a deep brownish purple.

“Please let me cum Sharon.”

“In time Baby, but first I would like to you to do a few things for me. Would you do that Darling?”

“Oh yes. I’ll do anything.”

I slowly stroked his cock while making him moan by gently licking his ear, then whispered to him. “It would really turn me on if you would lick my feet.”

“Well, okay. I’ve never done it before, but will do my best.”

I slowly lay down on the bed as he knelt naked at my feet. He tentatively took my left foot in his hand and gave it an exploratory lick up my soul.

“Oh yes Babe. That felt good.”

He continued massaging and licking, getting bolder with my constant coaxing and directions, and began slowly taking each toe into his mouth and sucking on it hungrily. I lifted each huge breast in my hands and alternated on sucking each nipple as I stroked my hot wet pussy.

Jerry’s eyes were closed, totally absorbed in sucking up and down on kartal escort my big toe like a tiny cock, then running his warm tongue in between each toe. I inserted two fingers in my dripping slit and pumped in and out as he sucked.

“Yes Jer. Suck me hard! I’m cumming. Oh Yeeeesssss!”

After a wonderful orgasm, I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked on them, taking in my juices, and Jerry stopped sucking on my toes, but continued to massage my feet.

In a quiet voice, he said “Um, Sharon. Would you mind if I tried something?”

“What’s that Hon?”

“Well, my ex wife never let me lick her vagina or buttocks because she thought it was nasty. So, well, if you wouldn’t think it was gross, could I lick you down there?” Unsure of my reaction he quickly added, “You don’t have to let me do it if you think it’s not right.”

“Actually Jer, I was going to suggest that you do that next, but instead of just having you lay between my legs and lick me, I want to sit on your face. That way it’s easier to move around and let you know where it feels best.”

I got up from the bed and let him lay down on his back, then gently moved my ass and pussy over his nose and mouth as I faced his feet. His cock was already rock hard at the thought that he would finally be permitted to taste a woman.

I took his cock in my hand as I lowered my ass to his lips. Taking his dick into my mouth I felt my first ever stroke of a man’s tongue on my ass as he made one long slow stroke from my pussy, and up high between my fleshy globes. Both of us moaned simultaneously as we began to devour each other.

His cock glistened as I fucked him up and down with my lips. I once again firmly squeezed his balls and inserted a finger into his puckered asshole as I held his head captive under my heaving pussy and ass. His tongue probed first into my pussy, then dove deep into my asshole, causing me to rock frantically on his face. Years of pent up need and frustration made him ravage my pussy and asshole like a starving man, and I once again exploded, covering his lips and mouth with my sweet pussy juices.

A little winded, I still wanted to feel this man move inside me, so I slowly got off his face and moved around to face him.

“God, that felt incredible. Now I’m going to fuck you ’til you pass out.”

I straddled his cock and took him in my hand, running the tip of his dick across the opening of my pussy, then I gently lowered myself down on him, causing his head to tip back, and a moan of pleasure escape from his lips.

I pinned his shoulders to the bed with my arms and leaned over so he was forced to take the nipple of a massive breast into his mouth and suck greedily. I was crushing the poor man with my great weight, but it only seemed to excite him further as I began to slowly move and suck his dick in and out of my pussy.

Over and over my big body came down on him, and I quickened the pace and devoured his lips with my own. I was an animal, attacking my prey as I pounded into him with my pussy over and over again.

Sweat was pouring from both our bodies as we panted and moaned with each thrust, and I could feel the muscles of my pussy tighten around his hard rod as a third orgasm shook me, causing Jerry to throw back his head and cry out as he shot a huge load of sperm into my body. I was totally spent, and lay my big body completely on Jerry as we both regained our breath.

Jerry almost begged me to spend the night, but with my newly found sexual freedom, I wasn’t really ready for a permanent relationship, so I explained that I had to go and got up to dress.

“May I dress you Sharon?”

“Sure Jer. If you’d like.”

He placed my massive breasts inside my bra and hooked the snap. Then took my dirty panties in his hand, and hesitated.

I looked at his expression, as he looked like he was searching for words, then said, “You can keep those if you’d like.”

A huge smile came to his lips as he exclaimed “Really”?!”


“Oh thank you Sharon.”

He helped me on with my dress, then helped me into my shoes, paying special attention and admiration to my toes and feet.

I grabbed my purse and we walked slowly to the front door. I turned to kiss him one last time, and added, “I had a wonderful time Jer.”

Jerry looked down at his feet and quietly said “You’ll call me sometime?”

I patted his cheek and said “of course”, and gave him one last kiss as I stroked his cheek.

As I closed the door to my car I thought to myself how unusual it was to have a man totally addicted to me, tying to do anything to please me. It might take some time to get used to, but after tonight, I knew that it was worth the effort. The $29.95 for the “Guide” was the best investment I had ever made. Some people might call the “new me” a wanton horny slut, but I prefer to think of myself as an emancipated woman who knows what she wants, and now knows how to get it.

I thought about Jerry’s boss’s boss, David Thompson, my next conquest, hopefully for the weekend and laughed as I started to drive home saying, “I guess that is what is meant by working your way up the corporate ladder.”

The End

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The Bare Truth

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I’m Rick, and I’ve been seeing my massage therapist, Gail, for nearly four years now. How do you explain a man and a woman with two entirely different backgrounds meeting for the first time and just knowing one another as if they had been life-long friends?

I get a massage from Gail every two weeks, whether I need it or not. It’s part of my down time. We usually spend most of that time talking while she is working on me. And does she ever work on me! I’ve never had better massages. We talk about her relationship with her husband, her two boys, my relationship with my wife and children. We talk about her very non-churchy spirituality. We talk about my lack of spirituality and my ultimate awakening and departure from my hard-core, cultish, religious belief. And we talk about sex.

It was about my sixth visit, when I asked if I had to keep my underwear on and be tangled in the sheets all the time. I asked straight out if I could just be naked on the table. The truth – the bare truth as Gail put it – is that I could be any way I wanted to be so long as I was comfortable. And right there in front of her, I stripped to my birthday suit. I’m not incredibly endowed, but I gave up long ago being embarrassed about my body. I got on the table and she began her work. There was no illicit touching; I was simply more comfortable naked, and Gail was okay with it. We continued like this for almost four years. And even though I would have had more, and we did talk about it several times, I’m not the pushy type, so we went on with no problems, no touching, no issues.

I strolled in one Saturday morning at my normal time with a gift of a bottle of wine and noticed that Dee, the regular appointment before me wasn’t there. I asked Gail if Dee was okay, and it turned out that she had to travel over the weekend for business. Very matter-of-factly Gail said, “You’re my only client today, my last one cancelled also. Let me get the room ready. Go ahead and get ready, and we’ll get started.” She went into the therapy room and was there quite a while, something that isn’t usual. Meanwhile, I got ready. I stripped. Her business is a private one and with no one else there I took the liberty of getting bare and walking around a little bit to see some of the “spiritual” items she carried.

I heard the spa music come on in the treatment room, and then I heard her call out, “The room is ready and so am I. Come on in.” I walked in and was shocked. Gail was completely naked, lying on the massage table with her legs wide open, leaning back and propped up on her elbows with a big smile on her face.

“Surprised?” She asked with her beautiful smile.

“Well, yes.” I responded. “We’ve talked about this before, and it wasn’t where you wanted to go, so we didn’t pursue it.”

“I thought about it a lot, and it’s a place I want to go now, if you are still wanting it. You’ve been unashamed in showing me the bare truth, I thought it only fair that you get the same in return and maybe some interest to boot”, she said. “I had it waxed just for you”, she said touching her pussy. “I know you like to see what you eat.”

I looked at her bald pussy, gleaming with wetness in the dim light of the room. All I could think of at that moment was that I wanted more than anything to have that wet pussy in my dry mouth. “I’m still wanting it, Gail. I always have, but pendik escort you had the key to this. Looking at you right now, I can barely speak, and I think the best solution to my dry mouth is your wet pussy.”

She laughed and said, “Don’t get in a big hurry just yet. As much as I want you sucking my juices out of my pussy, and as much as I want to squirt my girl cum all over your face, I want it a certain way. Look around the room and tell me what you see.”

Prying my eyes from her sweet body for a moment I looked around. My eyes popped open. Laid out on a table at the side of the room were a nipple and clit clamp, a bondage thigh restraint sling, a “cool wax” candle, a leather paddle, a vibrating dildo, a cat o’ nine tails whip, a ball gag, a bottle of water based lubricant, and a feather – a damn feather!

I looked back at Gail and said, “I see toys.”

She smiled just a bit shyly and said, “I don’t know if we’ll use all that today, but I wanted to be ready just in case.”

I wasn’t sure who she wanted to be the sub, but all doubt was removed when she said, “Put me in the thigh sling. I’m always in charge in my business, and this time I don’t want to be concerned with anything other than the pain and pleasure you inflict on me. I don’t want to make any decisions during this time.”

I understood as I have researched and seen this philosophy before. I lifted the sling over her head so the top part was across her shoulders in back and across the top of her breasts in front. I connected the leg attachments to her thighs holding her legs in a wide-open position and placing her in a sitting position. I attached wrist cuffs to her wrists and then to the outside of each leg, allowing her to be able to watch everything being done to her, but unable to reach out to stop or enhance any action.

I picked up the nipple and clit clamp. She no longer had any control. I quietly looked her in the eye and said, “If any line is about to be crossed that you are unwilling to cross, your escape phrase is ‘fire engine’. Do you understand?” She nodded quietly.

I reached to her left breast and tweaked the nipple. Gently at first and then harder until she moaned. Her nipple stood out and I attached the clamp and then used the thumb screw to apply more pressure. She moaned more until she suddenly sucked in her breath in surprise as I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and bit down on it. I nibbled all around it until it had grown enough to be clamped. Again, I put the clamp on it and tightened the thumb screw. She sighed. I looked her in the eyes and brought the clit clamp into view, squeezing and releasing it to open and close it. She groaned, “Oh, God…” I dropped between her legs. I’m sure she was expecting the clamp immediately, but following the same process I used with her nipples, I applied my mouth. But not just to her clit. I licked her from her back door to her hole, stopping to taste her lips on both sides of her pussy, and only then did my tongue travel to her clit. I licked it. I laid my tongue flat on it and held it there, tasting her. I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. And I sucked her clit until she started rocking and moaning. I stopped. She flinched at the suddenly cessation of feeling and looked down in time to see me mount the clamp on her clit and tighten the screw clamp.

She begged maltepe escort me quietly “Don’t stop. Please! Don’t stop”

“Shhh! If there is too much noise, I’ll use the ball gag, and then how will you tell me if I’ve crossed a line?”

She laughed and quietly said, “I’ve created a monster. But…some monsters are good.”

I picked up the leather paddle, rolled her slightly to one side and smacked her left ass cheek. I moved to the other side of the table and gave the same treatment to the right side. Her skin tinged a little red. “I like red”, I said, and spanked several times again until she was moaning.

I spanked just below her ass and she jumped. Three spanks on each side and she was straining a bit at being spanked on a more sensitive area. But she didn’t give me the escape phrase. So, we’re all good, and I put the paddle down and reached for the candle. I looked her straight in the eyes as I lit the candle and rolled it around, allowing it to gather wax. I moved closer to her, never breaking eye contact. Carefully, I tipped the candle over her right nipple. It was pinched in the clamp, and as I released the clamp allowing blood to flow freely into her nipple, I dripped the wax. The heightened sensitivity of the released nipple and the immediate warmth of the wax jolted her as I continued to drip wax to cover her nipple.

I slowly dripped wax down her body until I was just above her cleanly waxed pussy. I stopped. I picked up the feather and moved my face between her legs, just inches from her clit and labia. I lightly blew on her. She groaned lowly. I lightly brushed the feather in the junction between her legs and her pussy – first one side and then the other. I gently blew on her, and as I released the clit clamp I dragged the feather up her slit from her backdoor to her clit, releasing the clit clamp as I did so. Soft unintelligible whispers came forth from her.

The feather was wet from her juices. I looked up at her and licked the edge of the feather. She tasted amazing! I moved up and dragged the feather across her lips slowly. And then, our first kiss as I leaned down and placed my lips on hers. Her mouth immediately opened to receive my tongue. She gave me her tongue and we dueled, getting hotter with each second.

I broke away, picked up the candle again, and gave her other nipple the same treatment as before. Releasing the clamp, I dripped wax on her nipple and had the same reaction. The increased sensitivity of the clamp being released and the warmth of the wax hit like a shock wave. She groaned and arched herself as much as she could within the confines of the sling. I continued walking the wax down the front of her sweet body. I didn’t stop above her pussy this time though. I dripped wax down the crevice on each side of her labia.

She whispered desperately, “Now! I need you now!”

I looked at her and smiled, prolonging her satisfaction just a little bit longer. I reached over and took the vibrator in hand. I turned it on. Hmmm, multiple speeds and multiple types of vibration. I set it to straight vibration at the lowest speed and touched her clit with it.

“Oh, my god!” she nearly shouted.

I rubbed it up and down her slit; I rubbed her lower lips; I touched her asshole with it. I used it to massage the arches of her feet, then her calves, and then the insides kartal escort of her thighs as she whimpered her approval. Holding the vibrator with one hand, I picked up the bottle of lube with the other and squeezed a small amount out.

Switching hands, I carefully massaged her wet lower lips. I suddenly switched the vibrator to high speed and slipped it into her love canal. I looked as I saw her eyes open quickly in surprise as she sucked in her breath. At the same time, my lubed finger slipped in her back door. She squealed and then groaned out loud. I now had two of her holes filled, and she was humping like a woman gone crazy.

“More!” She said. “More, uhnn, now, oh, uhnn…”

I switched the vibrator to pulsating mode, leaving it on high speed, and began pumping it and my backdoor finger in and out.

“Ahhhh! Oh, my god! Oh, Oh…” she panted.

I went down on her clit, sucking it into my mouth like a small dick.


I stopped sucking and began licking it quickly.


She is nearly knocking me away with her humping. “How can anyone do that while in a thigh sling?”, I quickly wondered. The thought was fleeting as I began flicking my tongue over and around her clit. I could feel her juices increasing as my face slid up and down her luscious brown and pink pussy.

“I gonna cum!” she said loudly.

I took her clit in my mouth, sucking hard, and rolling my tongue around it.

“Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my… fuck meeeeeee!” She screamed as she exploded, gushing her girl cum all over my face. “Get it out! Get it out!” she screamed as I reduced the speed of the pulsating vibrator that was suddenly too much for the sensitivity of the moment.

I went back down on her, placing my tongue flat against her delicious clit, as I gently moved the tip of my tongue in the regions below, and gently pumped my finger in her back door. I slowly came to a stop having reduced the speed of the vibrator until it was off, and I removed my finger from her ass, and then licked her from top to bottom as she shivered and shivered again as I did it once more. She was covered in a light sheen of perspiration.

With no words between us, I removed the sling and slowly removed the wax from her body, gently kissing each spot as I removed it. As I finished up with her nipples I first kissed, then sucked, and then kissed again each of them. I moved to her lips and gave her a deep, hard, loving kiss. She responded by returning my kiss in like fashion, and now that she had her hands free, she moved them to the back of my neck and held me there while kissing me all around my mouth and nose.

She looked down at my dick. I was as hard as I’ve ever been. She licked the pre-cum off it, working around it to get the amount that had been produced. She took the head in her mouth, but I backed away.

“This was for you, sweet Gail. Today is yours. Just rest and bask in the glow.”

“Then the next time is for you, and we’ll use the same equipment”, she stated firmly.

That’s when I knew who would be dom and who would be sub the next time. “Yes ma’am”, I said with a slight bow of my head, already assuming my role for our next time together.

I went into the office area, opened the wine, gathered two glasses of the set she kept on hand, poured the wine, and returned to the room.

“Here’s to an amazing woman!” I toasted as we clinked our glasses.

“And to just as amazing a man!” she returned the toast.

We spent the remainder of the morning chatting, hugging, kissing, and touching until there was no more wine.

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The Bad Professor Returns Ch. 03

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Nicole’s final class was a lecture with Dr Chambers. She’d had no hint or suggestion from him that anything would happen; in fact they’d had no contact at all since the webcam chat. It was a sign of the peculiar effect that Dr Chambers had on her that, although she was in a fairly advanced sexual frenzy, and full of anticipation as to what might happen next, Nicole was actually calm about the situation she found herself in. She felt she had offered herself unambiguously to him, and that, when the time was right — for him and for her — he would take things along. It was part of the pleasure that she had no control — no knowledge, even — of when and how that would happen. Perhaps wearing the skinny jeans was one little way that Nicole could remind Dr Chambers of what was available to him, whenever he wanted it.

Nicole was waiting for the class to start when Christine Fenwick came in, and, to Nicole’s surprise, made her way along the row to sit next to Nicole.



“How’s it going, Nicole?” A couple of days ago, Nicole would have been overwhelmed simply that Christine was talking to her, but in her current mood of sensual horniness, she crossed her legs in a leisurely way, making sure that Christine could see her legs.

“Yeah, I’m good, thanks. How are you?”

Christine leaned in conspiratorially, and Nicole could feel those small but sweet little creamy breasts pressing against her arm. “Oh, you know, keeping going, finding fun where I can.”

Nicole turned to look Christine directly in the eye, another act of confidence that would have been completely unthinkable. Perhaps the greatest mystery of the whole current situation was whether or not Christine Fenwick was “in” Dr Chambers’ club. It was possible that Dr Chambers had instructed Nicole to check Christine out for the very reason that she wasn’t part of his schemes; and, at the beginning, Nicole had been horrified to think that someone as stuck-up as Christine was in any way favoured by Dr Chambers. But now, oh dear heaven, Nicole hoped beyond all hope that Christine belonged to Dr Chambers just like Nicole did, so that at some point in the near future they could all fuck.

Looking at Christine now, Nicole had no hint of what the truth of the matter was. She wondered if she could try to seduce Christine in any event, but rejected the possibility: that wasn’t what excited her, that wasn’t how she needed it to be. She could imagine, now, that fucking Christine would be exciting, but she also knew that it would be nothing like the two of them fucking under the direction and guidance of Dr Chambers.

“Fun?” replied Nicole, a small smirk on her lips. She crossed her legs again, the tightness of the jeans and Christine’s immediate presence making her feel hot between her legs. “Yup, you’ve got to find fun where you can.”

Walking out of the lecture room, Christine reached her arm lightly around Nicole’s waist. It was the sort of gently intimate gesture that was pretty common between friends, but to Nicole it felt absolutely electric. She wondered what could be the cause of the dramatic change in her relationship with Christine. The most likely explanation was that Christine, like Nicole, was being guided by Dr Chambers, but it was also possible that the change in Nicole had led to the change in Christine. Before that first momentous moment in the swimming pool changing room, Nicole had kept to herself, unsure how to relate to the younger students, and content to act and appear relatively anonymous. Now, however, Nicole was on fire, and surely that must be visible to others. Was it surprising that Christine related to pendik escort Nicole the sexpot in a way she never had to Nicole the shy and retiring flower?

Loosely locked together, the two women walked past Dr Chambers. Nicole was sure that she could feel his eyes burning into them, more specifically, burning into the way that her jeans shaped around her bum and legs. That, surely, had been Christine’s idea, and just as they were leaving the room she leaned in close — again — and talked quietly into Nicole’s ear.

“We’re going for a drink a little later; care to join us?”

Once again Nicole’s heart raced; every few minutes she seemed to be reduced to a helpless teenager. She leaned her own mouth close to Christine’s ear, savouring the scent of the blonde girl. “Sure, that would be nice.”

“Okay, see you later.” Almost regretfully, it seemed, Christine released her arm from Nicole’s waist, and walked off. Just then, as Nicole watched Christine’s bum curving its way down the corridor, Nicole’s phone buzzed. From Dr Chambers, it said quite simply: “Come to my office straight away.”

“You seem to be getting on very well with Christine, now.” Dr Chambers was sitting behind his desk, the usual inscrutable half-smile on his face.

Nicole smiled. “Yes. I may have misjudged her.”

“Indeed, it’s easily done. Believe it or not, apparently most of my colleagues think I’m gay.”

Nicole laughed. As her attraction to Christine intensified, she had wondered whether her more complicated feelings for Dr Chambers might dissipate. But sitting here now, she felt the same intoxicating tingle, albeit one that was different in nature to when she was with Christine.

“I enjoyed our chat the other evening,” Dr Chambers continued. “Thank you.”

Nicole blushed. Although she was generally feeling highly sexed at the moment, the abrupt reminder that Dr Chambers had watched her open her legs and rub her pussy, while thinking about licking Christine’s bum, was both hot and embarrassing.

“I enjoyed it too,” she replied, looking at her knees, not unaware that she was stating the totally obvious.

“Good. I want to take things to the next level, Nicole, is that what you want?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“So far I’ve kept things virtual. But I want us to move things into the “real” world. Are you ready for that?”

Nicole felt the blood rushing around her body, charging her with new excitement. Combined with her recent conversation with Christine, she felt she was almost ready to feint. “Yes, I’m ready for that,” she said, finally. “I’ll do anything you want.”

Dr Chambers raised an eyebrow. “Really: anything I want? When I hear that it makes me think I need to explore it, to discover whether it’s really true.”

Nicole looked down at her knees again. This had been going on long enough for her to know what she could offer, and right now it was true, she wanted nothing more than to be told by Dr Chambers to perform any task he desired. “Anything,” she said, spreading her hands out: anything.

The smile had gone from Dr Chambers face now, replaced by an expression of utter intent. “I could demand anything, now, no matter how sordid or depraved, and you are saying you would do it for me?”

Nicole looked up. She found the sense of menace and danger exciting. Looking Dr Chambers in the eyes, she felt calm: “Anything.”

A slight smile came back on Dr Chambers’ face. “Good. Lock the door, please.”

Nicole complied, more conscious than ever of the way her jeans hugged her bum and legs, knowing that — however much Dr Chambers was formally in charge — it was the sight maltepe escort of her body that was also driving the erotic tension in the room.

“Now, bend forwards over the desk.” Nicole smiled: she’d been right about her bum.

Dr Chambers stood up, and walked around behind Nicole, so that she could no longer see him, and only feel his presence. “I’ve not seen these jeans before, have I?” Dr Chambers asked.

The desk felt cold and hard beneath Nicole’s body. It felt so strange to be bent in this position for somebody else, and yet the buzz between her legs told her that strangeness was also turning her on.

“It’s the first time I’ve worn them,” Nicole told him, a slight tremor in her voice. She was nervous; and horny.

“You have a phenomenal body, Nicole.” In the past, Nicole would have mentally denied the suggestion, but — however strange it seemed — bent double for Dr Chambers with her bum poking up she accepted it was absolutely true.

“Thank you.”

“I want you to show me more of it. Unbutton your jeans.” Nicole reached awkwardly under her body to comply with the demand. She was shaking so much it seemed to take ages.

“Do you want to show me your ass, Nicole?”

Despite her awkward posture, Nicole found herself nodding. “Yes, I do.”

“It’s better if you say it fully, Nicole,” Dr Chambers explained, quietly.

Nicole nodded again. “Yes, I want to show you my bum.”

“Pull your jeans down then, Nicole.”

Nicole could feel the pounding of her heart against the desk as she reached behind, fumbling to get her thumbs under the skin-tight waistband of her jeans. As she began the slow task of easing her jeans down, Nicole felt truly exhilarated. She knew that, to anyone able to see Dr Chambers’ room, the picture was one of complete sexual subjugation, and that was what thrilled her.

Inevitably the tightness of the jeans meant that the process of pulling them down over the round curves of her bum took a long time, but Nicole felt sure that was simply increasing the erotic thrill for both of them. It also gave Nicole the opportunity to consider what Dr Chambers was going to do with her.

Would he fuck her? Given the oblique approach that Dr Chambers took to everything, it seemed unlikely. It would feel delicious, though, bent over with his hard cock slamming into her.

Would he fuck her bum? Nicole had struggled on the couple of occasions when previous boyfriends had attempted to penetrate her anally, and it had always ended in failure. But right now she could imagine that it would be thrilling to give her anal virginity like this, and that the sheer rudeness of having her bum taken in such a sordid way would surely overcome any discomfort, however intense.

Finally Nicole considered the possibility that she would be in the perfect position for Dr Chambers to spank her bum. Strangely she had never been able to persuade previous partners to get into properly paddling her behind, and she would quite willingly thrust her bum up to meet the slaps, however hard, from Dr Chambers’ hand.

Then, finally, Nicole’s jeans were around her thighs, and save for the mauve thong she was baring her naked bum to Dr Chambers. She heard him let out a long sigh. “Incredible,” he said, simply.

Nicole did wonder what Dr Chambers was doing. Was his cock poking against his trousers, or had he already taken it out, and it was standing proud alongside the soft whiteness of Nicole’s buttocks? Even that simple mystery excited her.

“You’ll do anything for me, right, Nicole?” Dr Chambers’ voice was quiet now, and serious.

Wow, it felt awesome kartal escort for Nicole to have her bare bum thrust up and be asked that question. What would Dr Chambers do to her? “Yes,” Nicole whispered, she wanted him to do anything he wanted.

She waited for his touch, but then realised that, for now, Dr Chambers wasn’t going to take them to that level. “Pull your thong to one side for me,” he said.

Nicole reached back with shaking fingers and pulled the soft satin material of the thong from between her cheeks, and held it to one side. She thought she knew what Dr Chambers was doing, that he was taking his inspiration from her own dirty imaginings about Christine.

“Do you want to show me your asshole, Nicole?”

Nicole flushed with excitement. “Yes, I want to show you my arsehole.”

“Then open your ass cheeks as wide as you can; show me your asshole.”

Reaching with all her fingers to pull her ass cheeks wide apart, Nicole briefly realised that she had showered many hours ago, and been wearing particularly hot and humid clothes. No matter, if Dr Chambers wanted her hot sweaty bum, that’s what he’d get.

Dr Chambers let out another sigh as Nicole held her cheeks wide apart, stretching her bumhole wide. Nicole heard the sound of his fly zip — so there it was! She relished the possibility that he might suddenly decide to fuck her there, to without warning push his hard cock up inside the tight passage that had never been successfully penetrated before. Even that remote possibility excited her, as much as the more likely outcome that he would spunk over her arse.

How did this happen, Nicole wondered, and how come it feels so wonderful? Here she was, aching with excitement, bent over her professor’s desk, holding her sweaty bum wide open, desperate for him to suddenly rape her arse or just wank himself off over her hole?

Not for the first time with Dr Chambers, Nicole found that her excitement emboldened her. “I’d like to talk for you,” she said quietly. “Do you want that?”

Dr Chambers grunted his assent. It seemed he wasn’t the only one who was able to ascertain exactly what turned other people on.

Nicole knew exactly what she wanted to say. “Imagine you had Christine over your desk next to me; bent over, with her skirt up and her panties round her knees, opening her bum up for you to look at. You can see Christine’s creamy white bum right next to mine, look at her cute arsehole being offered to you, for you to do anything you wanted to. Two creamy white bums, naked, exposed and vulnerable; two tight dark bumholes, there for any use you choose: Christine and me, giving our arseholes to you.”

Dr Chambers let out a low groan, and Nicole pulled her cheeks even wider apart, willing him to cover her with his seed. Then she felt his semen splashing onto her cheeks, thick jets of it, before he moved so that the final spurts ran down her bum crack, the very last one splattering directly onto her arsehole.

Nicole felt so excited, but she knew her own satisfaction must wait, and be the better for it, too. When she knew Dr Chambers had completely finished, she slowly let her bum cheeks close, and stood upright.

Dr Chambers slumped down in the easy chair in the corner, his cock still full and only slightly flaccid after his orgasm. He looked Nicole in the eye, and raised both eyebrows to express his wonder at how it had all worked out. “Do you need to…?”

Nicole tugged the mauve thong back over between her bum cheeks, and tugged her jeans back up again. Dr Chambers semen felt hot, and sticky trapped under her thong and jeans, and Nicole felt satisfyingly like a whore. She looked at her watch. “I’m just right like this,” she said, smiling. In ten minutes she was meeting Christine for a drink.

{Author’s note: please keep the comments and feedback coming, there’s so much more I want to write about}.

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The Babysitter

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After three knocks, the front door swung open.

I was surprised to see an incredibly striking man in his late 40s on the other side of the door.

I couldn’t decide which I found more attractive: his piercing green eyes or full head of dark hair with a grey hint.

“Mr. Anderson?” I asked.

“Yes, you must be Arielle?”

I nodded in confirmation. “Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.”

“Come in, come in. Jake is in the living room, playing with his toys.”

As I entered, I saw an adorable toddler playing with his green monster truck on the living room floor. So immersed was he, he didn’t even look up to see his new babysitter.

“This is Andrew,” Mr. Anderson said. Andrew looked at me with a shy smile. He had the same green eyes and a full head of black hair like his dad.

I introduced myself to the little charge. “Hi Andrew, I’m Arielle. We are going to have so much fun here tonight.”

His cute little dimples were on full bloom when he smiled at my reply.

Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Anderson bid us goodbye and was on his way to his business dinner.

Four hours later, Mr. Anderson returned to a quiet house, and Andrew asleep in his bed.

“How was he?” Mr. Anderson asked.

“Andrew was just lovely. Very energetic and well-behaved.”

“I have some bad news Arielle,” Mr. Anderson said somberly.

“What is it?” I asked worriedly.

“Well, the storm has gotten worse, and they were closing the roads as I drove home. I don’t think you’ll make it back to your place tonight in this weather.” He must have noticed my sunken face. “But, you are more than welcomed to stay in the spare room.”

I gave it just a few moments before agreeing to his proposal.

A couple of bottles of wine later, we were getting to know each other as the heavy rain bounced off the roof. Somehow, the conversation turned to sex and dry-spells. pendik escort When I saw the look in Mr. Anderson’s eye and the ever-growing bulge in his pants, I knew we both wanted each other.

“Wow,” I uttered in surprise as he lifted me from the couch and carried me to the master bedroom. He laid me on the bed, leaning over to kiss me gently on the lips.

“I don’t want it gentle,” I told him when he came up for air.

“Perfect,” came his sultry reply.

He grabbed my shirt and pulled me up. Before I can react, he had my shirt over my head and was working on my belt buckle. I gladly assisted and shimmied out of my jeans. As I threw them to the floor, I saw Mr. Anderson stripping off from the corner of my eye.

He very quickly joined me on the queen-size bed, and I took an unabashed lustful look at his glorious body. We laid on our sides, facing each other. Our bodies, with all their flaws and beauty, on display. As he looked me in the eye, he trailed his hand up my leg, hip, back, before finally resting on my neck.

His hand rested on my neck for just a second, before he pulled me in for a deep, longing kiss. I smelt a slight hint of cologne when he went in for the kiss. Which? I have no idea. But somehow, the scent was perfect at this moment.

“Your tits are fucking incredible, Arielle,” he said when we broke free from the kiss.

“You’re more than welcome to show your appreciation,” I said teasingly. Mr. Anderson didn’t need to be told twice!

He pushed me onto my back and started to suck on my nipples gently. A soft moan purred out of me as he lavished attention on my breasts. He was cupping them, nibbling and biting my nipples. He took particular care to give each tit adequate attention. Mr. Anderson was a guy who knew the value of foreplay.

He continued his exploration of my body and left a trail of kisses. maltepe escort One kiss under my breast. Another just above my belly button ring. Further and further, he descended until he got to my inner thighs.

I opened my legs wider for him and grabbed the back of his head. I ran my fingers through his soft dark hair as he kisses drew nearer to my pussy.

My grip on his hair tightened as he started to lick my clit.

“You have such a tasty tight cunt,” he murmured. Before I could even reply, he started to eat me out. His tongue went back and forth, tracing circles around my pussy lips and plunging deep into my cunt. Every time I got used to what his tongue was doing, he switched it up on me – keeping my senses and excitement heightened.

An unrestrained groan escaped me as he pushed two fingers inside of me. I pulled his head closer and couldn’t help but grind against his fingers and mouth. I reached down with one hand to rub my clit while Mr. Anderson devoured me.

The pleasures that were running through my body was unreal. I struggled to keep it down. But we were forced to keep silent, so we didn’t wake his kid. We both knew this was taboo. Illicit.

He moved my fingers from my clit and lightly bit my clit. Oh, that was certainly a new sensation! I nearly bucked, but he held me down with one hand. When a third finger entered me, and his continued nibbling on my clit, I just couldn’t help it anymore.

I came hard. I shoved a pillow over my face, drowning out the loud moans as I felt the orgasm explode through my body. My toes curled, my cunt clamped down on his fingers, keeping them there until the pleasure subsided.

“That sounded like it was amazing,” Mr. Anderson questioned. I could only nod. “I can’t wait any longer; I want to fuck you now.”

As he laid on his back, his cock stood at attention. It was beautiful kartal escort but intimidating!

“How big are you?” I asked, in awe of his length.

“Just under 9 inches,” came his startling reply.

I couldn’t even answer. There’s no way I could take this, I thought to myself.

“I want to stretch your cunt and make you my gaping whore. Ruin you for other guys.”

He reached down and pulled me on top of him, guiding me to the tip of his cock. He held onto my hips as I started to lower myself onto his cock.

He was right. He was definitely going to ruin me for other guys! I had to stop every so often to get used to his girth. My breathing labored as I opened up for him.

I could tell he loved watching the pain he was causing me. Knowing I was barely handling him. His fingers tightened on my hips, and I saw the sadistic look in his eyes. I screamed out as he plunged the last 5 inches inside of me. He wrapped his muscular arms around me, pulling me in so I couldn’t move.

I had no choice but to get used to his cock, destroying my cunt.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You’re such a tight fucking bitch.”

I felt his cock against my stomach walls. I had never felt like such a slut before. Being taken advantage of by a man I only just met. His cock sinking deeper into my cunt, and I had no option but to take it. Yet, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter with each thrust.

His cock was coated in my juices. I loved being used by older men.

“Fuck, Arielle,” Mr. Anderson groaned, “you have no idea how fucking good you feel on my dick.” He couldn’t see it, but I smiled. I knew just how good my pussy was.

He started cursing underneath his breath, and his speed increased. His arms somehow managed to pull me in tighter. Barely a millimeter existed between us.

“Fuck, Arielle, I’m gonna cum!”

His body shuddered against me, and I felt his hot load shooting into my cunt. As his panting slowly subsided, he gently lifted me off of him, and his cum dripped out.

As we laid side-by-side, he turned to look at me.

“I can tell you will be an excellent babysitter.”

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The Awakening

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My eyes feel heavy as I try to turn on my side and stretch. My motion is stopped by something unseen holding my arms above me, and my heart starts to pound. My worse fear has always been, being raped in my bed, in the middle of the night by an intruder. My mind jumps to this horrific conclusion, as I raise my head off my pillow to scream for you. My eyes try to adjust to the pitch-black room and see where you are, but, before I can scream for help, I feel your hand cover my mouth, and your breath on my cheek. “Shhhh… It’s ok, I’m here.” You tell me, as your unshaven face brushes against my cheek.

My eyes take in the scene I have awakened to. I’m in my bedroom with you beside me, yet the blinds have been drawn tightly, and my long frame, is held securely down by ties at my wrists. Jasmine scents the air heavily, and I watch candle wax dripping down a candelabra by the window, the only light in the dark room.

“What the hell is going on here, why are my arms tied? Untie me before I kick your ass.”, I demand.

You shuffle next to my side, opening the drawer of my nightstand. I hear the strike of a match, and watch you cup the growing flame, lighting the small candle on the table. I watch you hesitate to look at me, and than slowly you sit on the edge of my bed and place your arm around my waist and lean close to my face to speak to me.

“Well…if I untie you, it will ruin everything, you see. I went to a lot of trouble to plan this baby, so if you think you can kick my ass, all tied up, as you are, I’d like to see you try.”

You smile at me and I turn my face from you, staring at the opposite wall, I feel anger boil within me, and I refuse to meet your eyes, wishing I could disappear through that thick wall.

“No, you’re not going to start getting mad.” You say as you turn my face towards yours.

“I don’t like this at all. I’m not into this, you know that, I’ve told you, before, damn you.”

You smile at me and I feel the urge to slap your smug face, knowing you like seeing me like this, at your total mercy, your plaything, to be used, making my fear a reality.

“The only thing you don’t want to do is lose control, you know that. I’m not going to hurt you ever, but I’m not giving into you this time. So go ahead get raving mad, but I’m warning you, the madder you get the sexier you look to me.”

“Your such a jerk.”, I say smiling, turning my head.

You lean into me and lightly kiss my lips, your eyes serious, dark with desire.

“Yep, pay back is a bitch, ain’t it love?”

I stare at pendik escort you in disbelief, afraid to totally trust you, knowing your words are true. I’m afraid to not be in control.

I watch you get up and walk across to the dresser and rummage in a plastic bag, for some unseen article. My heart begins to race and I close my eyes, and feel panic rise in my throat. I concentrate on breathing, knowing if I give in to my fear, I’ll hyperventilate.

“Are your arms hurting? If they start hurting tell me and we will stop, ok?”

“I’m ok.” I say, in a shaking voice and I see a flicker of concern flash across your features.

“Trust me.” You say and my heart knows your testing me.

A crimson piece of fabric is clutched in your hands and you raise my head off the pillow to tie it securely around my eyes.

I open them desperately, trying to see something, but my eyes see blackness, as I close them and lay my head back on the pillow. You lie beside me and pull my face towards you and kiss the tip of my nose. My breathing increases as I feel your hand circle on my breasts, and I feel your lips crush my lips in a deep kiss.

Your intensity shocks me, as your kiss remains demanding, yet your caress stays gentle. The bed squeaks as you raise your self over my body, straddling me, with your thighs on either side of me.

I feel trapped, and before I can complain I feel you kneading me through my thin cotton nightgown. Shivers run through me, and my skin begins to tingle when you fondle my nipple into hard pebbles. My mind blurs, and my breathing increases as you lean forward and take one into your mouth, clothed. You fumble for something on my nightstand, and I feel something rest on the bodice of my nightgown, feeling it’s cold weight.

“What is that? I ask, worried.

“My pocket knife.” you say without explanation.

“What??? Let me up!” I say trying to lift myself off the bed.

“If you’re not quiet, I’m going to gag you too.”

“Trust me.”


I hear you flick the top of your pocketknife open and imagine seeing it’s blade, my heart knowing you would never hurt me. I feel the side of the cold steel, lightly against my throat. You run the side down to the top of my bodice and unexpectantly suck a nipple into your warm mouth.

“Ohh…” I moan into the air.

“You know how bad I want you tonight? I’ve laid here watching you sleep, thinking of ways to fuck you, and every time you moved in your sleep, I’ve wanted to rip your clothes off.”

You pull your mouth from me maltepe escort and I feel the night air on both my damp nipples, making them respond, and tighten. With a flick I feel you tug at the top of my nightgown, surprising me, exciting me. I hear the sound of ripping as you rip my night gown down to my navel, air rushing across my pale skin, igniting it as you claim my breasts in your hands cupping, molding them to you. I arch my back into your hands begging them to continue as I feel you kiss down my torso, making me gasp as you grab me by the sides lifting me up, my legs falling apart at the knees, begging you to taste me.

Your hands grasp me hard and bring me to your mouth, I feel you lick me through the cotton nightgown, wetting it with your tongue, arousing me, further, I feel your hands clench the night gown and rip it completely off, burying your head in me as you throw it beside the bed.

My arms tug at the cords tying them to the bedposts as your tongue slips inside of me and hits home on my clit.


Your tongue circles my clit sending me into my head with pleasure, as you increase the pressure and suck on me hard, bringing me so close to orgasm that my muscles contract, and you raise your head.

“Not yet.”You whisper.

Your hands travel down my vagina, and I open further seeking my release, knowing you can give it to me. You thrust two thick fingers into my tightness and I moan in surprise. You know my labia so well, know where to push, where to pull and your fingers are your magic tonight, circling, around my opening, making me buck on your hand, taking you in as far as I can, wanting to consume your entire hand.

“My God….I want you inside me now,” I plead, but the only response I receive is the harder thrusting of your fingers.

I feel you withdraw your hands and reach for something unseen, and my heart pounds, my body ache with un-released passion, and my clit is throbbing.

“You trust me don’t you?”

I shake my head, praying silently that you will hurry and end this cruel game.

You brush my dark hair off of my breasts and dip in to tease them with your teeth.

“Please…I’m so close.”

“Please what?” you say sucking harder on my hard tit.

“Please stop?”

I shake my head, frustration making me clutch your head to my breast.

“Please fuck me? Is that what your saying?”

Your eyes glitter, as you watch me shake my head yet again.

“Say it.”

Your hands ram into my vagina, making my stomach leap.

“Your pretty kartal escort wet, your enjoying this aren’t you?”

I shake my head and arch my hips, riding your hand.

“Oh… God….mmm..”

“Say it.” You say stopping your hands from bringing me closer to cumming.

“Say I’m making you wet, tell me what I’m doing to you, what you want, tell me.”

“I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me. Ohh….uhhhhh…please.” I say to you as your thumb caresses me in a new place, inches below my vagina, that sacred place no one has ever dared to touch, sending shivers up my ass.

“When your fingers are in me, you make me so hot, uhhhh…that. I want to cum so bad.”

“You like this?” you ask as I feel something hot, splatter on my chest, making me cry out, as my mind adjusts to the pain on my chest and your fingers ramming into my hole.

“I knew you would like that. How about some here? You don’t wait for me to answer, take my moan as a red light and splatter lightly some wax on my stomach trailing down inches from my mound.

“Uh …Uh…Uhhhhh.” I moan my voice rising higher , Sounding foreign to my ears.

I feel your erection against my leg, and hear you concentrate on breathing, knowing your watching me. I know it’s only a matter of time until you’re to excited to do anything but fuck me, your pre- cum dribbling on my bare thigh already.

You stroke my legs inside, and I feel you lifting them, running your tongue behind my knee.


You place my right leg over my left half turning me and hold on tightly to my right thigh, as you push into me your hard length. Your hands go over my head untying my hands from their prison and the ribbon around my eyes.


“GOD….fuck it’s tight.” You blurt out thrusting into me, creating a tighter ring around your large dick by our position.

My hips arch towards you and I grab hard onto your shoulders, letting you have complete control, thrusting hard into me and giving me your entire length, I feel it hit the top of my womb and I moan.

“Oh I’m gonna cum soon… I can feel it.”

This excites you and I hear your breathing become labored as you continue to push further into me sending us both closer. Your deep inside of me when I squeeze around your dick tightly, cumming onto you, and I bite your shoulder, my nails drag out blood underneath the surface of your skin as you cum inside me, filling me up with your hotness.

“Uhhh…Uhhhhhhhhhhh.” Your orgasm seeming to last forever as I feel you rush into me again, with a short stream.

Our breathing is fast as we lay together in my bed, and I think this has been the best sex I’ve ever had. You look into my eyes, and I feel your dick twitching again coming to life as you say in that sexy voice,” See, I told you to trust me.”

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The Artist

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Lady Boy

The spring internships were about to be announced, and most of my classmates were buzzing about Jackson. Jackson this, Jackson that. If I believed everything I heard, he had single-handedly saved the avant-garde American art scene from its inevitable irrelevance.

Truth be told, there were several local artists and studios which took interns from our academy each spring, and I was excited about the opportunity to work with any of them. It just seemed that Jackson was the fascinating character who most captured the imaginations of my young peers.

“Did you read the New York Times’ review of his MoMA show?”

“Did you know, every intern he’s ever chosen has gone on to a successful career?”

“Did you hear, he has work in his loft that nobody has ever seen?”

“Haven’t you ever seen him walk on water?”

OK, so I made that last one up, but it’s not much of a stretch. Me, I wasn’t getting caught up in all the fuss – I just felt lucky to be at the academy. I would be happy with any internship placement I got, because it would mean my first steps towards becoming a professional artist. It’s all I’d ever wanted to do since leaving behind my small town life, my small-minded family.

The morning the internship announcements were to be posted, I calmly sat down on a bench at the end of the hallway outside the academy’s main office, my coffee cup in hand and my art supplies resting at my side. The rest of the students gathered in a bunch outside the office, the guys trying to look cool and the girls nonchalant, as they watched out of the corner of their eyes for the director to emerge with the single sheet of paper which would reveal the next few months of their future.

After fifteen or so minutes of tense silence, the office door opened, the academy director emerged with the paper, weaved his way through the throng of eager students, pinned the paper to the bulletin board outside his office, and as quickly as he could, retreated again into the safety of his office, closing the door behind him.

I waited and watched as the other students dove in, pushing each other aside to get to the information, some of them crying out in excitement, and others just crying. I jotted down a few quick sketches in my notebook of the mob before finally getting up myself, walking towards the bulletin board as others walked away, and moving my eye over the page until I finally saw my name:

Tatiana: Jackson

Wow. Without any lobbying, without any political maneuvering on my part, Jackson had chosen me. In just a few days, I’d be meeting the notorious character, completing whatever tasks he saw fit to expand my potential as an artist, starting on my way towards my dream career. I could only smile as a few jealous students gave me dirty looks on my way out of the building. I’d worked hard, I’d put in my time, this was the reward.


I was just a little bit nervous as I knocked on his door at the appointed hour on the appointed day. I’d done enough research about his quirks to know that it was vital that I arrive on time, professionally dressed and ready both to show him samples of my previous work and answer any questions he might have about my background. Anything less would be disrespectful to someone of his standing in the art world: successful, but also mysterious and unpredictable.

I expected an assistant to open the door to his loft studio, but instead I was greeted by the man himself. Jackson was a handsome and athletic man in his mid-late forties, and was dressed in the uniform of a self-confident artist – clothes which were at one time expensive and tailored, but which were now untucked and splotched with oddly shaped stains in various colors of paint.

He took my outstretched hand in both of his, gripped it firmly, and with a smile but no words, motioned for me to have a seat on a sofa at the far end of the huge room, while he returned to his work of the moment. I sat down and watched as he added stripes of red to what was already a multi-layered and multi-colored canvas, an abstraction of incredible depth. I soaked in the whole environment, not just his artwork but also his slow, even movements, the eclectic mess of the large room, even the view out the windows of the top-floor loft.

He didn’t speak a word for at least an hour, occasionally stopping his work to look towards me, pendik escort but always seeming distracted, as if he couldn’t begin to acknowledge me fully until he’d finished the artistic thought on the canvas. When he did look in my direction, it wasn’t just my face he studied, but also my body, and that in a way that cut right through me, making me aware of every inch of my skin.

I had no way of knowing whether he was seeing me as a grouping of lines in motion, as any great artist might, or whether he was ogling me as a beautiful young woman. My mind wandered, wondering how many students had sat on this sofa before me, whether he’d looked at them in the same way, whether they’d felt as self-conscious as I did now.

I uncrossed my legs and sat up straight on the edge of the sofa. My petite 22-year-old frame was dressed in what I’d spent a few hours deciding was the ideal aspiring-artist-meeting-the-great-artist outfit: perfectly fitted jeans (classy but not afraid to get dirty) and a white blouse (professional but reminiscent of an artist’s smock). I’d left my long brown hair down that day, so it cascaded down past my shoulders, framing my face, as I continued to study Jackson with my big hazel eyes.

After a few more moments, he looked towards me once again, this time finally speaking in a voice which surprised me with its combination of affected British accent and kindness, “Don’t just sit there, make yourself at home, look around.”

Chuckling to myself at his impatience with me – that he was somehow disappointed I hadn’t made myself at home, snooping through the loft of a world-renowned artist, I nonetheless obeyed. I stood up and walked slowly around the room, stopping every few steps to admire some new discovery – from works of art which were familiar to me from my studies to a conglomeration of dirty dishes in the sink, remnants of days’ worth of meals enjoyed by a man at once king of his genre but also unable to perform basic household tasks.

I looked back at him once again, and finding him still engrossed in his current project, walked further towards one end of the room, where my attention was drawn in by a section of wall covered with what looked like old-fashioned poloroid photographs. From a distance, the content of the photographs was mysterious. As I came closer, I could clearly see that they were photographs of naked women – primarily torsos, focusing on their breasts, but also the occasional face or curve of a hip or leg – each caught in the perfect light and adorned with a design in some sort of white paint.

In any other setting, the dozens of pinned-up photos would have struck me as pornographic, perhaps even disturbing in the sheer number of women depicted. But in this room, in the studio of this great artist, I was tremendously intrigued. Each picture was perfectly staged, perfectly lit, and I studied them each individally and as a collective, unable to quite ascertain a pattern or purpose, but fascinated nonetheless.

After some time, I became aware that Jackson was standing immediately behind me, observing me observing his works, and I started as I turned to find him nearly touching me.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Tatiana, I didn’t mean to interrupt your observation. Do you have any questions for me?”

“Well, um, yes. I didn’t know about this aspect of your work, I’ve never seen it before. I mean, um, but it’s wonderful. Could you tell me more?”

“Certainly, darling. This is really a special project of mine, one I’m afraid the public isn’t quite ready to understand, so I keep it just for myself. What would you like to ask?”

“Well, um, what is the meaning of the painting on each of their bodies? What is your inspiration?”

“The meaning is a difficult question to answer, of course. That you might have to discover on your own. But the work touches you, yes?”

“Oh yes, absolutely. It’s very powerful. It’s hard to explain, but I can’t tear my eyes away from it. And the paint, how do you achieve that particular textured opaque white?”

“It’s a technique of my own, I call it casein unfiltered medium.”

I’d heard of casein, a paint base in which milk is the glue, creating an opaque watercolor texture. But I’d never heard the term he used. “Um, excuse me? I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that?”

“Of course not, dear, it’s not something they teach you maltepe escort at the academy. But I’ll be happy to show you if you’re interested. I usually refer to it by its acronym.”

“Um, OK, so casein unfilterted medium would be c, u, m… um, CUM?”

“That’s right.”

It suddenly dawned on me that I’d just said ‘cum’ to one of the leaders of contemporary American art. My eyes darted back to the photographs on the wall, and it was suddenly clear to me. These were snapshots he’d taken of beautiful young women after covering them with cum. His own, I could only assume. I blushed hot and red.

“I see that you understand now. You see, it’s quite frustrating to me, this genre of cum art being that which I consider my greatest achievement, yet one which the outside world simply views as pornographic.”

“Oh,” I said breathily, attempting to regain my composure, “but they’re beautiful!”

“Thank you. You see, only at the point of orgasm do I feel truly free in my expression. Any other genre – paint on the canvas, clay in my hands, I feel the constraints of academia, of centuries of art history. It is only at this point of release that I feel I do my best work.”

“Can I… um, help?”

“Ah, so you’d like to be one of my models?”

“Yes, it would be my pleasure.”

“Ah no, it would be mine. You are a beautiful creature. Please, step over here, take off your clothes.”

He guided me towards the light of the windows, and I quickly stripped down to my matching white lace bra and panties in front of the city view, my skin illuminated by the light from outside.

“Beautiful,” he said, smiling, as he too took off his clothes, tossing aside his silk shirt and slacks, stepping out of his boxers, revealing to me his impressive cock, long and already erect.

“Let’s help you out of these, shall we?” He stepped closer to me, pulling me into his embrace and unhooking my bra, tossing it aside, fondling my breasts for a moment before moving on to my panties, bending down as he pulled them down and quickly passing his hand over my clit and pussy lips before standing up straight again.

He was at least eight inches taller than me – six foot to my just-over-five-three, and with an athletic build to contrast my petite body. I quickly fantasized about the delightful challenge of taking his hard cock into either my mouth or my pussy, and could barely contain my excitement, a mood which I clearly projected.

“Calm down, my dear. We’re going to take this nice and slow.”

He hoisted me onto a nearby table, spread my legs with his strong arms, and began kissing first my toes, and then gradually moving up my left leg until he had finally reached my dripping pussy. Kneeling now, he focused his attention slowly and gently on my pulsing sex, combining fingers and tongue to pleasure me as I moaned and writhed beneath me.

After several glorious minutes of this attention, he abruptly stopped, and I looked up to see him walk a few feet to another table, where he picked up his camera and brought it back to where I lay before him, and began snapping pictures. With any other man, I may have felt self-conscious, worried about his motives in capturing images of me in such a vulnerable position, but with his man, Jackson, I simply felt beautiful, felt his saliva and my pussy juices glisten against my skin.

He set the camera down and motioned with his finger for me to move towards him. I climbed down from the table and knelt before him, taking his stunning cock into my hands, my long fingers wrapping around it and beginning to stroke up and down. I looked up at him with a naughty smile as I shifted my hands so that just one remained on his shaft, while the other cupped and fondled his balls.

After a few moments of enjoying this, he whispered down to me, “Take me into your mouth.”

I didn’t hesitate to do as I was told, and after a few moments of wetting his cock with my tongue, I began a slow motion up and down, taking his full length deep into my throat with each stroke. Once I had settled into a rhythm, he wrapped his fingers through my long brown hair, forming it into a tight ponytail, and began to guide me, moving me first to a faster tempo, then once again to a slower one, until I felt that he was moving closer to his climax.

Just as I thought the time was near, however, kartal escort he stopped and pushed me away. I looked up at him with a hint of disappointment, but I quickly realized he simply wished to prolong his climax and enjoy another position. He helped me onto the table once again, where I again spread my legs wide for him, as he rubbed the head of his cock tantalizingly against my pussy lips.

I desperately wanted for him to enter me, but he seemed to enjoy this teasing, asking me to hold my own ankles as he reached forward to squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples while he continued to rub back and forth against me. Finally, he too succumbed to the inevitable, pushing into me with one strong stroke, and then holding in that position, deep inside of me, as I adjusted to his size, panting and gasping for air.

Once I signaled with my eyes that I was ready, he began a steady in-and-out rhythm. I continued to pull my own legs back as far as possible, creating an intensely satisfying position, as he wetted his fingers in his mouth and began rubbing my clit. I wasn’t able to hold back much longer, and after just a few more moments, watched him reach for the camera as I came, screaming out in pleasure as wave after wave of sensations rushed through my body.

After snapping a few quick photos of my moment of climax, Jackson slid out of me and knelt beneath me once again, lapping up the juices which still trickled from my pussy. After allowing me to recover, he helped me down from the table and again down to my knees, where I too had the opportunity to taste myself, with no option but to lick my own juices off of him as he clutched me by the hair and forced me down onto his cock.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Tatiana?”

“Oh, god, yes. That was the most amazing orgasm of my life!”

“I’m glad to hear it. Are you ready to help me reach my climax, to be part of this important artistic moment?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Alright, I want you to take me into your hands, stroke me, and tell me how dirty it makes you feel to be fucked by such a great artist.”

I took his cock and balls into my hands, gently stroking as I carefully considered my words, being sure to play exactly the part that would get him off. I looked up at him with lustful eyes, and began to speak.

“I knew when I came here today that you were a great artist. I’d seen your oils, your watercolors. But now that I know you’re also a cum artist, I want nothing more than to be your dirty little cum slut. I want you to climax just as hard as I did, and cover me with your brilliant cum.”

“Yes, Tatiana, that’s it, keep going.”

I increased the tempo of my motions, fondling and tickling as balls as I firmly jacked him off. “I know you can’t get enough of my beautiful breasts, that you’re still remembering the sensations of fucking my tight little pussy, feeling my cum cover your cock. Now it’s your turn, I want you to cover my sexy chest with your cum. Shoot it all over me, cover me! I want nothing more than to be your filthy cum whore!!”

“Yes, yes, I’m almost there, Tatiana, keep going!!”

I tried to speak once more, but before I could, Jackson once again clutched me by the hair and forced me onto his cock, bottoming out deep in my throat and holding himself there as I gagged and fought for air. He released me for a moment, and I quickly began a rapid up and down motion, before he pushed me away for good, and I let myself fall to the floor beneath him, a blank canvas for his latest work.

He held his cock in his hands, and I looked up into his eyes as he jerked with pleasure as his orgasm arrived, and stream after stream of cum shot from his cock, splattering first across my breasts, then on my face, then down towards my belly. I lay, still and content, knowing that I needed to wait for him to recover, reach for his camera, and capture the moment for his collection.

His hot cum oozed slowly across my skin, dripping from my cheek, sliding down from my nipple, coming to a rest in my belly button, as I looked up into the camera. Poloroid after poloroid dropped to the floor around me as he continued to click the shutter, before he finally stopped, setting the camera down and letting his own weight drop into a nearby chair.

My eyes wandered from the wood beams of the ceiling to the view out of the windows as I pondered my contentment. Not only had I experienced the best sex of my life, I’d also been witness to the purity possible in art – expression in its most basic form. Not acceptible to the gallery-going establishment, perhaps, but a wonderful inspiration, nonetheless.

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The Appointment

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I arrived at my accountant’s office in plush new office park and took in the grandeur of the onyx tinted, glass-walled buildings and the impressive gardens and fountains. When I entered the lobby of the wing his office was in, my cell phone went off. Annoyed, I looked down to find that it was my accountant. I answered the phone as I stepped into the anteroom of his offices and smiled as I teased the receptionist by talking to her on the phone for several moments before she finally realized I was actually standing in front of her. she had called to cancel out meeting—ten minutes before it was to start.

She smiled up at me demurely and apologized for the SNAFU. I smiled down at her wishing that she would find a creative way to make it up to me. She was a small-packaged goddess. Probably in her mid twenties; long blond hair; shapely legs revealed by a well-cut, but professional skirt; her breasts were small, but very well-shaped as was the rest of her body; and she had a sporty flair to her that seemed to promise fun. She seemed to read my mind, or at least follow my eyes. “Mr. Kirshner apologizes for the last minute cancellation, but as you may have heard he has been recruited to solve the city budget problems and one of the commission meetings has run over. He has instructed me to reschedule the appointment and to offer a small token of his condolence. . .”

My imagination got the best of me and my minds eye watched as she slipped seductively from her desk chair, turned the door lock, and shrugged out of her dapper business dress revealing a well-curved body barely contained in ruby red lingerie. . .

“. . .If you have a block open this afternoon or this evening he would like to buy you drinks and a meal and he wanted me to pass this on to you.”

Her hand brushed my wrist as she handed me a small gift envelope. The touch was electrifying.

“I highly recommend them. They are located right here in our building. It is the most relaxing time you will ever experience. Would you like for me to book you an appointment? Since you are now free, I can probably convince them to fit you in. It just so happens that my sister is on staff there, and might I say, you uhhm,” she glanced at the erection in my chinos, “look like you need to relax.”

The information was passing me in a blur. I opened the envelope and saw a gift certificate for $75.00 to an exclusive day spa. I had heard their commercials on the radio, but assumed it was for women. I did not look forward to a facial and pedicure. I decided I had nothing to lose and the whole afternoon open, since I had predicted it would take a number of hours for my accountant to make sense out of my taxes.

“That sounds like an excellent idea. Just have Mr. Kirshner send me a voice-mail when he is returns. Tell him I will be downstairs at the spa.”

The receptionist seemed to flash me a devilish smile as she quickly made arrangements and sent me on my way.

I entered the spa unsure what to expect since it was my first visit. They were pendik escort complete professionals and ushered me into relaxation smoothly and efficiently. I had barely handed my voucher to the receptionist, and suddenly I was relaxing in a steam-bath, dressed in the plushest robe that had ever touched my skin, enjoying the tingling coolness of fresh kiwi slices on my eye-lids, and sipping chilled champagne from an elegant flute. No wonder women loved this place. After relaxing completely, I was escorted to another room by a very lovely young lady. She seemed to be a slightly older and more elegant version of my accountant’s office manager. I wondered if this was her sister. She had a slight Nordic accent, so I wasn’t sure. I had failed to catch her name. She helped me slide up and onto the massage table, lit several candles, and turned on a sound system that emitted the smooth flowing conjugation of light jazz and a babbling brook. She dim the lights as she slipped out of the room. Within moments I was drifting off to sleep. I awoke with a start as I felt a warm hand, smooth with oil work slowly and languidly from my ankle to my buttocks. It was then that I realized I was completely naked, except for a small sheet that was draped over the middle of my body. When she worked both my legs and lower back, her hands slipped smoothly and naturally beneath the sheet arousing me only slightly because of the state of rest my body had assumed under her skilled touch. I could barely open my eyes, but when I did I saw that my Nordic goddess was the one with the skilled hands. I sighed with pure bliss as a stunning woman gave me a fantastic massage. She had to wake me when it was time for me to roll over.

Within moments, my anatomy got the best of me and my erection made a great, big tent out of the sheet she had used to keep my privates covered. She smiled at me and whispered that it was a perfectly natural reaction and that I could pleasure myself as she finished the massage. I decided to take her up on it, and she moved her hands in slow circles around my pelvis while I did the dirty work. She let me lift up the sheet and service myself. She seemed to act indifferent to the sight of my erection. I pumped it and she swirled her hands a bit faster and a bit closer, but I had difficulty cumming.

She was now eyeing my stiff erection with mild interest. The harder I pumped and the more her hands swirled along my thighs and abdomen, the thicker my cock became. I began to moan slightly in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I could not make myself cum. She moved very quietly to the door and slipped the lock shut, then she returned smiling and turned up the music slightly. She poured warm oil all over my cock and I started pumping and stroking it with more effort. I felt and odd sensation and looked down to see that her hands had begun to swirl very rapidly along my thighs and with each pass she brushed the base of my cock and balls with her long fingernails. Still I did not cum.

Soon her skilled hands roamed nearly maltepe escort everywhere along the front of my body. She squeezed my nipples and encouraged me to cum. She would stop occasionally and bend down toward my pumping fist and lick her lips teasingly while winking at me. Despite her seductive coaxing, I couldn’t make myself cum. I had gone through the dollop of oil she had given me and the friction began to burn. She saw the problem and uncapped her bottle of oil and poured the silky stuff all over my erection for me while I stroked. She reached down and cupped my balls in her palm and squeezed them gently as she watched me resume stroking my oil-slicked cock. Her eyes seemed to glaze over and the next thing I knew, she pushed my hands away and began to pump it quite expertly.

I decided to push the envelope and caressed her legs while she worked. Her breathing quickened so I slid my hands further along her legs and under her skirt. When I started to slide my hand under her panties she smiled down at me and said, “We could get in a lot of trouble for this. . .your not a cop are you?” I did my best to reassure her, but she decided to error on the side of caution and kept moving away whenever my fingers tried to hook under her panties.

I tried a different tact and stopped caressing her buttocks and inner thighs and moved down her legs to the erogenous zone just behind her knee. I let my arms drop to the side of the table so that her pelvis pushed on my forearms and biceps as she bent forward to stroke my cock. I rubbed her calves tenderly and she seemed to like the contact. I felt her legs spread, so I slid my palm along the inside of her leg, enjoying the firm curves of her legs hidden just beneath her stockings. I moved my hand further under her skirt and I started fondling her rump as she bent over me, now pumping with both hands double clutching my stiff rod quite expertly.

Soon she became aroused enough to indulge. She smiled down at me and slipped her hands from cock long enough to unfasten her skirt and drape it over a nearby chair. I slipped my hand under her panties and teased her pussy. She moaned and leaned against the table, rocking slightly on her feet with her eyes closed. Her hands had stopped stroking my cock. They just rested there squeezing the stiff length occasionally as I slid a finger deep inside her and wiggled it slightly, probing for an angle to reach her G-spot. She moaned as I explored her soft, saturated folds. Soon she was grasping my cock stiffly and rocking back and forth on her feet as my finger wiggled further up and began stroking her g-spot right where she stood. After a little more pleasure she resumed pumping my cock in both hands, spinning her wrist slightly with each stroke. I felt my meat thicken and veins spasm. I was about to cum.

“Ohh no you don’t. You started this and you are going to finish it,” she chided me as she grabbed the base of my cock in one hand and the rim of my balls in the other and squeezed them tightly. The kartal escort pressure shut off my orgasm and nearly deflated my cock. The sensation was pleasurable, but nearly blanked me out. I suddenly realized that my Nordic goddess was skilled in the Tantric Arts.

She moved to the top of the table. As she started working my shoulders, her thighs pressed against the sides of my face. I parted her thighs a bit more and pushed my face forward. As she kept rubbing my chest, I rubbed my chin against her pussy and tried to pull her panties down. She slid forward and started to pump my cock in both oily hands as I struggled with her panties. When I reached up to just pull them off, she pushed my arms down and climbed further up on the table. She pinned my arms with her knees. It drove me insane having her lap hovering over my hungry mouth. I could smell her excitement. She was moaning and pumping my cock with her hands and would occasionally grind her pelvis in my face giving me a mouthful of wet panties.

She flipped the sheet off and bent further over me. I nearly exploded when I felt her mouth move on my cock. I pulled her panties down and grabbed her ass cheeks, clutching them in my fingers and trying to pull her naked twat to my hungry lips. At first I thought she was completely shaved, but then I realized that her pubis was a neatly trimmed triangle of fine blond silk. I lifted my head so that my neck was cradled in the sling of her panties and began twirling my tongue like a machinist drill in her lovely sweet trove.

She moaned around my cock and slid her hot mouth down deeper. I could feel her clutching lips around the base and began orgasm as she vibrated her throat and mouth muscles. I slid one finger deep inside her anus and fiddled her G-spot from the rear as I sucked on her pert clitoris and twirled my tongue deep inside her. Her limbs flopped on me as we came together. I gushed hot cum like a fountain into her retreating mouth and she choked on the white cream flowing in streams in her locked jaws. She scooted her wet gash on my face and a flood of ejaculate from her urethra squirted into my mouth and across my nose. It tasted like melon juice, and I lapped it up like a hungry cat.

We rested for a moment and then she reached for the steamed cloths to clean our bodies. A devilish smile reached her lips as the warm cloth rejuvenated my erection. I lifted her up on the table and pushed her legs back until her heels were against her thighs. I leaned forward and moved my waving erection between her legs. My cock slid easily inside her and I pleasured her with alternate jabs and plunges while standing beside the table. I slid my hand between our thrusting bodies and flicked my thumb along her clit. Soon we were moaning so loud that she pulled me and kissed me deeply so that we did not alarm the staff of the spa. We came a few moments later when I lifted her buttocks slightly and angled the hood of my cock against her G-spot. I tipped her handsomely and she slipped me her business card. I looked at the card after I had dressed. On the back was her home phone number along with a quickly jotted note.

“I share a condo with my sister—we enjoy sharing. Call us.”

I decided as I left, that I was not paying my accountant enough.

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The Amazon

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Monica swept into my surgery on a Thursday. She was a strikingly tall woman, six foot tall in bare feet. Her incredible legs were long in relation to her whole tall body. This was emphasised by a short, mid-thigh skirt and matching heels. Her legs were simply a thing of fantasy. But when you could tear your eyes and mind from them, you realised how much else there was to appreciate. Monica had a very pretty face framed by a short brunette haircut which only seemed to emphasise again her height. Her lips were full and incredibly kissable. She had a strong slim neck and the most wonderful breasts, full, ample and raised.

I was in the reception when she entered. I could feel myself draw breath. Here was an astonishingly beautiful woman. Chloe, my receptionist, also responded as this vision came in. She wriggled visibly and audibly. Then she slipped from her seat and moved round her desk to greet Monica. This was not Chloe’s normal method of greeting patients. I recognised the same response in her as in myself. I had discovered Chloe’s bisexuality recently when she had trumped my fantasy. Monica plainly filled her with lust.

I ushered Monica into my room. We exchanged pleasantries and I invited her to call me Sam. She smiled.

“Thank you, Sam. I’m Monica.”

“How can I help?” I asked.

“It is quite delicate.” She replied and blushed. She looked nervously down from my eyes. “You see … I think I may have caught an STD.”

“Well, have you visited an STD clinic? They can give you a swift diagnosis and the best help.”

“I’m too embarrassed.” She shook her head still looking down. “I would prefer to come somewhere that is more discrete and …” She looked up and her deep brown eyes locked onto mine. “and to have very personal attention.”

“Of course.” I replied, only too glad that this ravishing creature had come to me. I looked her back in the eyes. “I’m delighted to offer you my services. You simply have to ask if there is anything you need.”

Her tension eased a little and I felt it was time to return to the professional. “Tell me about your symptoms.”

“Well I feel sore and I’m in pain. It particularly hurts when I pee and I feel the need to pee quite a lot.”

“I see. Well, that may not necessarily be an STD.” I said.


“No. It sounds a little more like a urinary tract infection. They are quite common and easily treated.”

“I was so worried. To be honest, I’ve been living what I know is a risky lifestyle – sleeping around.” She laughed nervously. “I have very strong sexual desires. And I like to fulfil them, Sam.” Again, she looked me deep in the eyes as she confessed.

“Would you like me to examine you?” I offered.

“Yes, I would.” She murmured.

I looked at her long legs and felt my cock stir at the thought. “Well, you may undress and put on this gown.” I showed her the white cotton robe that was little bigger than an apron. “Then lie down on the exam table and put your feet in the stirrups.”

I sat back down behind my desk and pretended to search for something on my computer. But I was watching Monica. She unzipped her dress and slipped it off. She stood in matching black satin panties and bra, patterned top hold up stockings and her heels. My erection rose in my boxers. My hand slipped down from the keyboard.

She reached down to lift off her heels, glancing up as she did so. Our gaze met. I could not look away. She turned and put her foot on the chair. She rolled down the stocking along her incredible leg. She turned a little more so I could admire her arse as she took off the other stocking. I had never enjoyed a striptease quite as much as this. Monica stood up and uncliiped her bra. Invisibly to me I felt her wonderful breasts fall out of the cups. She looked over and smiled and then finally whipped off her panties. Her back to me, just a few feet away, she was standing naked; quite gloriously pendik escort naked. She picked up the gown and flicked her arms through it. Nonchalantly, she walked to the table, not bothering to tie the cotton string around her. For her, the table was comparatively low and she easily rested her beautiful arse on it, fell back and lifted her feet and ankles to the stirrups.

I had to shake myself. Tall and beautiful, she had me rapt. But naked before me, I was almost stunned. I stirred and moved to the table.

“I’m just going to take a look and then take a couple of swabs to go to the lab.” I explained. I don’t know how I had returned to my professionalism.

“I’m ready, Sam”, Monica breathed.

I lifted the front of her gown. It revealed a perfectly waxed pussy atop the longest legs I had ever seen or touched. I pushed the stirrups apart swinging her legs open. I could see a little redness around her lips to indicate an infection.

“Would you like me to apply a little analgesic cream so that it won’t hurt as much?” I enquired.

“Oh yes.” Monica replied.

I placed a little cream on the tips of my fingers. As gently as I could, I rubbed it on the outside edge of her pussy lips. Almost instantly, the air was filled with a pungent smell of pheromones. Her juice was powerfully strong! I folded the cream just a little on the inside of her lips just opening the pussy a fraction. Monica sighed heavily.

I stopped for a moment to allow the cream to numb the soreness. I gazed at her legs and then looked over to her face. She was laying back serenely, eyes closed.

“I’m going to take the swabs now, Monica.” I warned her.

“Yes, Sam.” She murmured. I swiftly slid the first cotton swab on its wooden spatula inside her. And a second, putting them in the tubes to mark up and send to the lab later.

Her head rolled, eyes opened and she smiled at me invitingly. I took the invitation. “Would you like me to give you a more intimate exam?” I asked.

She bit her lower lip and nodded. She turned her head back and closed her eyes again. I lifted the gown up and folded it above her breasts. Then with one hand on her thigh stroking the firm, beautiful leg, I started to stroke her tit. Her nipples were long and as hard as rubber corks. I stroked them as I massaged her breasts. My mouth quickly joined my hand, kissing and sucking the other tit. I grazed the nipple with my teeth. Meanwhile my hand continued to caress her thigh. Some part of my mind hand never left those legs. It slowly worked its way up the inside of her thigh. By now the air was racked with the scent of her juices. It was almost overpowering. My finger touched her pussy and found it soaking. I slipped two fingers in quickly and she flinched and grimaced. But she wasn’t going to stop at all. My fingers worked inside her. I curled them up to find the ridges of her g-spot and stroked. Lifting my head, my other hand came down to her mound, pushed up and exposed her clit. With my thumb, I began pressing and rubbing it. Monica was silent through all this. But I saw her breathing become heavier and faster. My fingers thrust and curled harder. My thumb flicked over her clit more quickly. Her legs braced and then her hips bucked. I felt her pussy lips clamp around my fingers and her body shudder. I watched her orgasm flood through her body.

Although I was hard and horny as hell, I stopped there. Monica let her head roll and she thanked me. I smiled. Then I said, “But I’m going to need you to pee into this cup so I can confirm it’s just a UTI! In the meantime, I will prescribe a general antibiotic that’s likely to clear everything up. But if you want to come back next week, I will have the test results and I can confirm or give you a more targeted antibiotic.”

Monica slipped off the exam table and dressed. “I will come back, Sam. You gave me the personal attention that I wanted. I have not had sex for maltepe escort days because I was so worried about this and it hurt so much. But still, that was a wonderful hand job!”

I signed the prescription form and gave it to her, savouring her presence- her tall, gracious presence. And then she left. Chloe appeared a few moments later.

“I could smell her out in the reception, Doctor. What on earth did you do?”

“I don’t quite know, Chloe. I think she is not just tall and striking, but she has an enormously powerful sex drive too.”

“An Amazon!” chuckled Chloe.

I laughed. “You liked her too, didn’t you Chloe?”

“Oh my goodness, yes.”

“Book her in for the last appointment next Thursday. I think you may want to see how things develop.” I smiled.

“Oh, thank you, Sam.”, said Chloe hesitating for a moment. “… I don’t suppose I could do anything for you?”

“… I am somewhat covered in pre-cum”, I replied.

Chloe stepped through the door into the room. She was swiftly kneeling beside me as I sat on the swivel chair. Quickly and expertly, her hands unzipped me. My cock sprung to attention again and her lips were around my cock tip. Licking and sucking, she made sure that I owed her a favour the following week.


Thursday arrived and so did Chloe. She looked quite stunning that day at work. Her long brunette hair was fuller and silkier today. Unusually for her, she was wearing a navy dress. It suited her colouring and her figure and legs looked fabulous in it. Clearly, both of us were impatient for the afternoon appointments to come.

And indeed around 4pm, Monica arrived. I had forgotten how breathtakingly tall she was. I’d forgotten how the sight of her legs instantly made you want them wrapped around you, squeezing every last breath out of you as you imagined her riding you. But I had promised Chloe that I would allow her some time to feast her eyes on Monica in the reception before showing her in. I heard them talking in a lively fashion, establishing a quick and easy friendship.

I buzzed the intercom. “Chloe, could you send Miss Fontaine through?”

A moment later the door opened and Chloe showed Monica into the consulting room. The two looked stunning but Monica towered over Chloe who had practical, flat shoes on. Monica in her heels must have stood a foot taller, her waist at Chloe’s sweet breasts.

“Come in, Monica. Please sit down.” I gestured, but my eyes were fixated on her legs again. Her dress was a little shorter still this time. I could see the pattern of the stocking tops, as she sat and her legs stretched out.

I nodded to Chloe. I had agreed to leave the intercom open. She shut the door returning to her desk.

“How are you, Monica? Did you complete the antibiotics course?”

“I did. And I’m feeling much better. No pain at all.”

“The results came back from the lab. It was a common infection – painful but nothing serious. The antibiotic course should have cleared everything up. Another sample and we can confirm.”

“Thank you, Sam. You were exactly what I was looking for.” Monica smiled and looked in my eyes.

“Have you been able to resume your sex life?” I asked as nonchalantly as I was able.

“Well, I wanted to. Except I was worried about it until I could get the test results. So I haven’t…” She leaned closer which had the effect of whispering into the intercom. “And don’t I just feel that now!”

Suddenly, a faint waft of her pheromones filled the air.

“Have you been trying other ways to satisfy yourself?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” she leant back.

“There are other ways a woman can be pleasured or might pleasure herself. Watching erotic films … touching her breasts … using a vibrator non-vaginally … sucking a man’s cock … A woman of your experience, I’m sure you have come up with many ideas.”

“Would you consider kartal escort me boring if I told you that I don’t really experiment much for the slut I am?” she said playing along.

“Not at all.” I replied. “If that doesn’t interest you, then there’s no reason to consider it.”

Monica leant back again and thought for a moment. “Supposing I did want to consider it?” She asked. The scent in the room grew stronger. And my erection hardened.

“If you lay on the exam table again, what would intrigue you?” I asked

Monica continued to be coy. “Such as?” She deflected.

“Monica. You are stunningly attractive – to both men and women. My receptionist, Chloe, could hardly contain herself.”

“Chloe! Beautiful Chloe. Well now that is a prospect.” She replied. The air was now hanging with the scent of Monica’s juices. She was flowing.

“Time for your exam?” I asked.

“Yes.” Said Monica, standing up, lifting her dress over her head. This time she wore no bra – just a white thong which was soaked. “And bring Chloe in.”

I stood; the bulge in my trousers was prominent. I leaned over the table and feigned to press the intercom. “Step in, Chloe.”

Monica pulled off her shoes and her thong. She stood her full six foot in just her stockings as Chloe lightly jogged into the room. Chloe was delighted and expressed it by immediately pulling off her dress and showing she was wearing nothing underneath.

“Sam.” said Monica. “You should undress with us.”

I smiled and started to unzip my trousers, hastily kicking off my shoes. Chloe lead Monica to the exam table and I watched as they caressed each other. Chloe was clearly overpowered by this extraordinary woman, while Monica was equally curious and excited.

I pulled off my trousers and boxers as Monica climbed on the table. I watched as Monica lay back and Chloe straddled her face. Chloe leaned forward and started to massage Monica’s boobs, playing the wonderful long, rigid nipples with her fingers. Monica’s legs were already parted and searching to wrap around something. Chloe lowered her pelvis inviting Monica to lick her pussy. Then I could see from Chloe’s face that Monica had taken up her invitation.

I moved between Monica’s long legs. My cock was desperate by now. I rubbed its head along Monica’s pussy gathering her strong juices. She arched and reached to pull me inside. Her hand quickly grabbed my cock and her pussy lips swallowed the long shaft. I started to pump myself on her. I reached for her leg and lifted it up against me. Her long thigh reached so her knee dropped over my shoulder. I took her other leg and swung it over my shoulder in the same way so we were in the butterfly position. I knew then how long and hard and deep my penetration would be inside her and I emphasised the longest strokes in and out of her. At the same time, the position closed her pussy tighter against my cock – the tight friction felt so good. It tilted Monica’s head back a little more, allowing Chloe to lean forward a little more. Our faces were close and Chloe smiled at me.

“You look good wearing Monica’s legs like that, Doctor.” She said cheekily. I smiled back.

“It’s nothing to how they feel!” I replied.

We continued fondling and licking and fucking for several minutes. Each of us was feeling the urge to cum beginning to build. Chloe’s finger had slipped to her clit as Monica worked on her pussy more. Then I saw her clutch and spasm. Chloe’s orgasm tipped Monica over the edge and I felt her buck. My cock instantly responded and started shooting its load inside Monica. I felt my cock bury its load deep inside her as she jerked and bucked to the climax washing through her body.

Chloe climbed down off the table as my cock slid out of Chloe’s body. Monica rested her feet back on the exam table. Chloe soon had her face buried between Monica’s legs. She was keen to feel the strong thighs around her and taste the perfectly waxed, scented pussy.

I moved along beside Monica, brushing my hands over the incredible breasts of this Amazon.

“And how was your treatment?” I asked as my lips touched her lips.

“Exactly what I needed, Sam.”

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The After Party, Party.

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The After-Party, Party

The anniversary party at Shayla and Raul’s house was wrapping up and the guests were now leaving. It was another great party with the closest friends I have ever known. However, I drank too much tonight to safely drive myself home. Realizing this, Shayla and Raul insisted I stay the night, for everyone’s safety. Always the best host, Shayla brought me some sheets and a pillow for me to sleep on the couch for the night.

I undressed to my shorts and tucked in on the couch as they retreated upstairs to their bedroom. I’ve always had a sexual attraction to Shalya but my friendship with Raul always prevented me from acting on these erotic thoughts and feelings I’ve had for years. As I slept on the living room couch, dreaming of Shayla and Raul in a naked sensual embrace, my cock became hard and began growing and eventually reaching out from the fly of my shorts. It was reaching out to them, to feel Shayla’s hand or lips upon it. A common dream I’ve had many times before. Up in the bedroom, Shayla and Raul were in a passionate embrace. He was kissing her neck and she was running her hands through his hair.

She whispered to Raul, “Baby, I want him to come in here, to be watching us. I want to be watched making love to you. I want to be watched as I am sucking your big hard cock. You know it’s a secret fantasy I’ve had for a long time. It is such a turn on for me to have someone watching me please you. I trust him, we trust him. Please?”

Shayla lowered herself, kissing his body as she now knelt in front of him. Looking up she whispered, “The timing is perfect, and he is the best choice to keep this between us. Please baby, call him in here. Let him see me kneeling before you, my lips and tongue sliding up and down your shaft while you hold my head by my hair. I want to see and feel both of you cum for me. Ooohhh, please, give this gift to me.”

Raul looked down upon her with a combination of love and lust at her most recent sexual request. Lately she’s been in a sexual frenzy, wanting it every day and in every way. He enjoyed this newly reawakened sexuality in her. But he was not going to be the one to call out to me. He wanted her to call out to me, to lead me in there by her own hand.

“Shayla, you know I love you, I always have and always will. You are a sexual dynamo for me. But if you want this, really want this, then you need to go down there and wake him by caressing his cock. Get it hard, tell him that we want him here. If he is interested, then bring him up to the bedroom. Once you are both here, get on your knees before me and tell him out loud what you just told me. Tell him as you stroke and lick me, beg him to watch. Ask him to stroke himself for you and that you want both of us to cum on your face and tits. Tell him you want to feel and taste the spurting of two men’s hot cum drop upon your sensitive skin. You will do that as a gift for me Shayla” he commanded her.

“Yes baby, I will, thank you. I love you so much for allowing me this time to explore my reawakened sexuality. You’ve been so understanding pendik escort lately in pleasing me that I want to do whatever I can to please you as well.” Shayla answered with a smile and glint in her eyes.

With that, she got up and strutted to the bedroom door still dressed in her sexy black lace lingerie with matching fishnet stockings. She looked over her shoulder, for one last approval from Raul. He gave her a slight nod and pointed downstairs. His forceful demeanor was new, and she liked it. She recently discovered she enjoyed being submissive towards men, it sent sexual shivers through her body. She walked through the door, heart pounding, her mind racing, realizing this fantasy was actually going to come true.

This secret dark fantasy that for so long she was afraid to tell anyone. Afraid of what others would think, but not them. Standing at the top of the stairs, she knew they were the closest people in her life at this moment. She wanted them both more now than ever before. She flicked on the light in the stairwell and began her way down to him.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner, she could see the back of the couch before her in the living room, bathed in beams of light from the stairway. She walked slowly, silently, around to the front of the couch to where I was sleeping. Her heart was pounding so hard it had her thinking it was loud enough to wake me from my slumber. She looked down as I slept on my back, my big hard cock exposed completely through the fly of my shorts. Its own throbbing making it dance before her eyes. She bent forward slowly and reached down, and she tentatively placed her hand mere millimeters from the head.

As she did this, she could feel the heat emanating from its massive size. The head a deep red, the pulsing veins running along the length of the shaft and disappearing below the fabric of the shorts. And then it happened, my cock pulsed, and her fingertips touched this hot object of her desire for the first time. She ran her fingers around the head, then down the shaft. It felt so smooth and velvety, yet powerful compared to her delicate touch. Up and down she caressed my cock, slowly closing her fingers around it on each successive pass. It was thick, and her fingers barely could wrap around its girth.

My dream was incredible, it was if I could almost feel Shayla’s hand stroking my cock. It felt wonderful, erotic, a desire being fulfilled. I dreamt I could even smell her delicate female scent wafting in my nose, intoxicating and erotic in itself. I let out a sleepy moan, coming deep from within me. I could feel fingers wrapping around my shaft…slowly stroking up and down. Was I waking up or was I still asleep? I was in a hazy interim state of both but wanted it to be true when I awoke.

I cracked my eyes open just a bit, to see if this was a dream. To my surprise, I saw Shayla standing above me, bent at the waist, her hand stroking my hardened cock. As my eyes began to focus more I could see in the dim light from the stairway she was dressed in the sexiest black lace maltepe escort teddy, with incredible fishnet stockings. Her legs were so sexy in and of themselves, being in these stockings made them beyond anything I had ever imagined.

It was at this point I realized I was awake, and she was actually there stroking me! My God, it felt wonderful…but, what about Raul? He and I were the best of friends, as good as this felt, I could not betray his trust. My thoughts traveled to the party earlier. I wondered if Shayla was drunk and was mistaking me for her husband? I shifted a little on the couch, trying to expose my face more clearly to her, in hopes it would resolve that thought. I felt her grip tighten around my shaft.

She looked me in the face, smiled, and spoke softly, “It’s OK, Raul and I were talking, and we want you to join us upstairs. I would understand if you didn’t want to or felt uncomfortable in doing so, but we really do want you to consider this invitation. I’ve had this fantasy, and Raul and I agreed that you should be the only choice to help me fulfill this since we trust you so deeply. Please, come with me, and I will tell you more when we get upstairs.”

She distinctly emphasized the word “come” by squeezing my shaft in her hand as she spoke that word. I was still a bit buzzed, and still not sure if this was really happening. Looking at this stunning beauty before me, I took a second to think and before I could answer she again spoke. For a second time she squeezed my shaft and stroked it harder. Repeating her invitation to “come with me” accompanied by more stroking while swirling her tongue around her soft and moist lips.

This was definitely not a dream. I sat up and she released her hold on my cock. She reached out her hand to me, I took it in mine and stood up. My cock still as hard as granite and pointing right at her. She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs. Once we reached the top, she turned off the light and we walked together into the bedroom.

There stood Raul, stark naked and hard as I was, slowly stroking himself. We walked toward him, as my heart was beating, and beads of sweat were forming on my head. I didn’t know what to expect at this point, but the anticipation was driving me wild. Shayla led me over to him and she kneeled down in front of us both.

Kneeling there, she placed her hands inside the waistband of my shorts, and slowly began to lower them down my legs. As the waistband reached my hard cock, it popped underneath the shaft releasing it from its confinement. As it jerked upward, it struck Shayla in the forehead, and swept through the hair on the front of her head. It felt so silky, warm, and made me even harder and bigger than I was downstairs. She removed the shorts from my feet and tossed them to the side. Shayla looked up and grabbed my cock again, wrapped her fingers around it as best she could and began to stroke.

She gazed lustily into my eyes and said, “I want you here, to be watching us. I want you to watch me sucking his big hard cock. It is such a turn on for me to kartal escort have you watching me please him. We both trust you to keep this between us and treat it as the special bond we will all share. I want to see and feel both of you cum for me, on me. I want you to stroke yourself while I suck and lick him until he cums. I want you to cum on my face and tits please, I need to experience this at least once.”

Raul grabbed a fistful of her hair and brought her face close to his pulsating dick. At that point she released her grip on me, opened her mouth, and let her tongue and lips caress his shaft. I watched her kneeling before us, her lips and tongue covering his shaft with saliva while I began to stroke myself before them in the bedroom.

It was such an erotic sight I was almost ready to explode then and there. But I need to watch more, so I did everything I could to pull myself back from the brink of orgasm. Shayla then, looked up at me and wrapped her moist lips around the head of his cock. She slowly impaled her mouth onto his long hard shaft while maintaining eye contact with me.

I whispered to her, “You are such a sexy woman Shalya. Watching you take all of him is so hot and exhilarating to see. That’s it, keep going, swallow his entire length. Do it for both of us, and we will definitely reward you with a shower of our combined cum. You will be covered in our sticky seed, and we will enjoy watching you rub that hot fluid all over your tits and nipples.”

A muffled grunt and moan could be heard from her mouth, while it reached the base of his cock. She had the entire length now in her hot mouth, her cheeks filled. She began to rock back and forth on her knees, raising and lowering herself on his cock. She was fucking her face with it, and Raul began pumping his hips in time with her movement. I could tell he was close to the end, close to exploding. My hand tightened and stroked faster and faster.

I watched as she left a thick trail of her saliva dripping from her lips and his balls. The wet sounds of her sucking were mixed with the grunting sound of Raul and me as we both reached the apex of our excitement. I pointed my cock at Shayla’s face as Raul pushed her face off his slippery wet dick. He exploded a thick stream of white cum all around her lips, over her face, and down onto her heaving breasts. That triggered my massive release directly onto her cheek, some splashing onto her hair, lips and nose. Then the next wave spewed more of my sticky cum onto her breasts, covering her nipples with a shiny glaze. Shayla was now rubbing her cum coated breast with one hand and frantically playing with her swollen clit with the other.

She began her own orgasm as she realized this fantasy come true, “YES!! YES!! Cum for me, cum on me. I want it all, I want all of it. I am your cum slut tonight, cover me in that tasty cream!”.

She proceeded to have a second and third orgasm in rapid succession. Her hand spreading the cum around both her tits. Her hips are undulating with orgasmic spasms as she was rapidly finger fucking herself. With her final orgasmic release, her pussy began to squirt her own fluid down her legs onto the floor. The only smell in the room is that of our mutual sexual arousal. Three people, all playing as one, enjoying giving one woman a fantasy of a lifetime.

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