A Much Needed Visit

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I’m staring at the matte finish wooden door of my new office. You promised me that you would be here precisely at 6:00 pm, closing time. It is now 6:07 pm. I hope you’ll show up soon. My eyes are locked on that door waiting for you to approach it. Each minute feels like an eternity. I’ve waited so long for this. Finally at 6:11, I see the doorknob turn. I watch it rotate clockwise, waiting to see your slender hands grasping the handle. The door opens silently, and the tips of your fingers reach over the edge of the doorway.

You enter gracefully, with one beautiful leg crossing in front of the other. I stand up. “Where have you been?” I ask it almost accusingly. You back away a little, your dark curtain of hair shifting as you move. “I’m sorry.” I am really sorry. I never want to upset you. “I’m really happy to see you.” I move closer to you. I can’t get over how gorgeous you are, but I have to fight myself from saying it. It’s not appropriate right now. You reach your hand out towards me. I press it against my face. It’s been so long since I’ve felt it. You have the smoothest, silkiest hands in the world. I love the way they feel. I slide my fingers through your hair, down your neck, and across your chest, feeling you shiver beneath my fingers. I pull you close to me. I feel canlı bahis my slacks tightening. God, you are so warm and soft.

You lean in and press your lips to mine. I squeeze you against me, and began to move my lips lower, toward your neck, making my way down to your collarbone. The next step is your call. I can feel you shaking. I can’t describe how much it excites me. You proceed to unbutton your blouse, my lips following the motion of your hands. I help you slip of your top, and unhook the back of your bra. I slide my hands over your breasts. No one has tits like yours. I love to feel them, and press my mouth to them, and my face, listening closely to your heartbeat. You press my face into them, squeezing them around me. You always knew exactly what I like. I take off my shirt to keep my pace up with you. You wrap yourself in my arms, feeling my warmth. I want it so badly.

You press your lips against my chest. You always seem so timid, even though you are incredible. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I squeeze your shoulders as you make your way down and begin undoing my belt.

“No, it’s your turn.” I want to see you, every bit of you. You back away, sliding off your pants, looking almost embarrassed. How could you ever be embarrassed? I lift you up onto my bahis siteleri desk, continue where I left of at your chest, moving towards you panties. I slide them off, tossing them to the side. You resist a little, but I manage to spread your legs in front of me. It is so beautiful, glistening. I can tell how excited you are, but it’s not enough. I tease you with my tongue on your thighs, starting outside and moving inward. I feel you writhe with excitement beneath me. Finally after sliding my tongue around I gently press it to your clit, just flicking it back and forth. Your quivering is incredible. I listen to your soft moans escalate. I continue different motions with my mouth, occasionally inserting a finger just to feel how wet you are. I press my tongue and suck hard on your clit. I see your chest raise up. There is nothing more arousing to watch than you right now. I can see your eyes so intent and focused. I know you want to cum so badly. I replace my tongue with my finger for just a moment.

“I want you to cum for me.” You begin to shake beneath me, lightly, then intensely, almost bucking me off. I love it. Your moans are so loud. I hope no one else stayed late. I’m too aroused and happy to care. “Please keep cumming. I want to hear you louder.” I’m going full force bahis şirketleri now with my hand. Your body is gyrating violently under me. You’re practically screaming at this point. I come up and press my lips to yours to silence them and feel you soften your force against me.

I slide off my bottoms, and press my cock against you, teasing you as I always do. “I want you to beg for it.” I listen to you plead desperately, and finally satisfy your desire and mine, forcing myself inside you. I’ve forgotten how it feels. It’s been too long. It’s so tight and perfect. I slowly pull myself out, almost all the way, then push myself in, hard. I continue this motion, a little faster and more forceful each time, loving the way you beg for more.

I feel myself getting close, but I’m not going to let it go so soon. I slow down to change positions. I sit on my desk and slide you down on top of me, using my hands to guide you up and down, eventually leaving you up, while I pound myself into you from beneath. I love watching your tits moving with my force. I squeeze them together, as I continue thrusting. You yell my name, begging for more of it and I love giving it to you. I continue full force until I feel I’m about to explode. “I’m cumming.” I look in your eyes as my body gets tense. I pull myself out, throw you down and press my cock against your tits to finish. You look so beautiful right now with that wild hair and crazed look, a mixture of desire and fulfillment. I can’t help but lean over and kiss you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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