Another Mom , Son , Camera Story Ch. 03

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Yes, there are many Mom & Son camera stories on Literotica. Yes they are often similar, this one is mine. If you do not enjoy this subject matter do not read it.

This episode is the third chapter of my story.

She was not lying in a fetal position, more curled & comfortable. I walked around the bed so I was facing her front. I grabbed my cock, slick, warm & wet with our juices, leaned forward and touched her butt cheek, effectively wiping my wet hand on her thigh & ass.

The camera was still on the bed, I started clicking photos of mom.

“You look beautiful mom, so serine, so relaxed; look at the camera please.” She lifted her head and stared directly at the camera lens, a beautiful smile shimmied across her lips as she started to straighten her body. Still on her side, her legs slid down, her chest lifted, her head moved up a little on the pillow. She was now lying on her side, full length looking directly at the camera. Her left hand moved over her upper thigh & left ass cheek feeling the drying juices I had wiped on her smooth skin.

“Mom, hold this look, open up your body.” She started turn her body to lie back, immediately exposing her breasts and vagina, I moved so my legs were touching the mattress, zooming in the camera view onto her face, my erect cock 6 inches from her face.

“Sweetie, I am not sure…” I bent my legs at the knees so my cock lined up with her mouth and moved forward until it was touching her lips. As she opened her mouth to say the word we I slid my cock between her lips.


“Mom, lick the top, look at the camera, let me slid in.” And she did. She licked my penis inside her mouth cleaning off our juices as she moved her head, enough to create an in out movement that I added to, my hips increased the action.

I did not allow her to change our motion as I climbed onto the bed crouching over her body, my cock buried in her mouth; my legs positioned either side of her chest. I could feel my ass cheeks bouncing off her nipples as I pulled out, fucking her mouth. I continued to snap photographs of her face with my cock buried between her lips at varying lengths as she moaned and I pumped. The camera seemed to neutralize her fears about fucking her son, at least while we were fucking.

“Mom, you suck great cock,” I tried, as her moans, my grunts & the sloshing of saliva accelerated.

“Mmmm, thank you honey, your father she stopped trying to talk & concentrated on sucking me off.

My cock exploded in her mouth, she swallowed as I squirted, she, still able to make mewing sounds as my load exited my cock.

“Ohh, mmm, nghhhh. ” Cum kept coming out of my penis, down her throat. My body positioned above her, appeared to increase the volume of ejaculate. I kept cuming, she kept swallowing.

“Oh god mom, you are so beautiful, this is so hot.” I managed as I stopped cuming and slowly pulled my deflating penis out of her mouth. Still towering above her, kneeling above her torso, I scooted down, grabbed the camera & snapped a couple of shots of mom’s face. Cock free with small dribbles of cum on either side of her mouth, her eyes barely open, an expression of apparent total satisfaction on her face, she looked great. I captured the moment.

“Sweetie, perhaps we should sto-rrrr,” mom started to say stop. I could tell from her new facial expression, even as she licked her lips to clear my cum, this was not going to be a good comment. I quickly slid down her body to kiss her on the mouth. It had not been my intention to kiss mom during our photo taking however, I could be flexible.

Our lips locked together, she immediately slipped her tongue between them and started to kiss deeply. My tongue entered her mouth as I kissed back as hard as I could.

I was kissing back primarily to stop her talking, reason 2, it felt great. It was like kissing a new girl friend, hot, deep, wet and sexy. Mom was kissing me as enthusiastically as I her.

Our mouths opened maintaining the kiss, lips still sealing in the saliva, our tongues exploring as much of each other’s mouth as we could reach. I realized mom’s mouth was coated in my cum, sticking to her teeth. My tongue tasted the slick saltiness (at least it was mine), my cock hardened fast as we kissed, my mind reliving my cock exploding in her mouth.

We were still kissing. My body lying on mom, my legs outside of hers, knees on the mattress, to take some of my weight. My chest squishing her breasts, cock hard between us. Then we stopped, at the same time our lips separated, tongues withdrew, I lifted my torso and kissed a nipple, then moved back to kiss mom again. She spoke.

“Sweetie we can’t be kissing, I am your mother, this is so wrong, please get off me.”

An idiot would have pointed out; our kissing was the least of our recent acts. I am not an idiot. I did not completely casino oyna understand how mom seemed to have no problem fucking with the camera in use but was uncomfortable kissing her son on her bed. I had a pretty good idea.

“Mom, I love you so much, I am sorry you feel this is wrong. Why don’t you put on your pretty swimsuit and let’s go improve our tans.

“Take a shower, I’ll meet you downstairs.” This was a risky suggestion; mom was naked on her bed, our combined juices seeping out of her pussy & her mouth sticky with her son’s cum. I was betting that the effect of her drinking twice the amount of alcohol she usually drank in a week, in an hour, on an empty stomach, would cloud her judgment.

“Okay sweetie, I won’t be long, see you soon.” I was correct, the buzz was still on.

“Cool mom, see you in a minute, I’ll refresh our drinks.”

“Honey, I’m not sure I should drink anymore.” I let that comment go and raced to my bathroom, washed my cock, rapidly showered, put on swimming trunks (my shorts were still in mom’s bedroom) jumped down stairs and made us new drinks.

The new drinks were simply vodka (still the strong one), lot of cranberry juice & some sprite with ice. No need to over-spike the drinks. What mom had already drunk, topped up with this drink should keep her happy without a crash, I hoped.

I heard our patio door open behind me. Mom had showered and changed fast, her drink had a thin layer of condensation, mine was also wet, nearly full.

“Hi mom,” I turned to look at her.

“Wow mom, you look fantastic, that bikini rocks.”

“Thank you sweetie, it feels good to wear something sexy.” The white suit did look great. Cut high up her thighs and barely enclosing her breasts, they moved as she moved, thin straps struggled to hold everything together. Her ass was covered as was her front. This was no teenage thong; it was a sexy bikini for an adult. I had moved our loungers into the sun, small table between us, camera was on the table. (I had grabbed the camera as I left mom’s bedroom instead of my clothes).

“I made refreshing drinks, try a sip.”

“Honey, I am not sure I should drink anymore, I have not eaten today, and I feel a little tipsy.”

“Okay mom, no problem, just try a taste, it’s cranberry & Sprite.”

“Hmm, that’s good, is there any alcohol in it?”

“A little, it’s mostly juice & soda. Vitamin C is good for you.” Mom took a bigger drink, when she put her glass down half the drink was gone.

“I’m glad you get to wear your bikini mom, you look beautiful, you’ll get a better tan and I get to check you out.” I laughed as I spoke the last words so mom knew I was kinda joking. Obviously she did not have amnesia but I felt we were back in a more normal mom & son relationship, tanning on the patio. Cum, juices & sweat washed off, a new beginning.

“Thank you sweetie, I can feel the sun on my skin”.

“Same here mom, ‘feels good.”

Those were the last words we spoke for 25 minutes. Cloudless sky, early summer, it was hot & our drinks were finished.

“Sweetie, I’m not sure I want to get up, can you get me a glass of water please.” I looked over at mom, lying on her back, eyes closed.

“Sure mom, you want a drink?” Mom raised her hand to block the sun’s rays and looked over at me.

“Oh my god, look at you, you’re burned all over.”

“Mom, it’s nothing but some color, to get me ready for the summer.” I sat up and realized I was pink, all over except when I lowered my swim trunk waistband.

“Oh my god sweetie, look at your white skin.” Mom was right, it looked pretty cool the pink of my stomach that contrasted with my white skin below the tan line.

“Mom grab the camera, you gotta get some pictures,” said I. I saw her hesitate to touch the camera; her hand literally hovered above it.

“Mom, come on the pics will look great.” I interrupted whatever thought was slowing her down, apparently not enough to prevent her thought pattern.

“No sweetie, the camera seems to start…” I interrupted what was going to be something bad.

“Mom, it’s okay, why don’t you put sun tan lotion on me, I’m starting to feel the burn.” This was a lie but it did stop mom’s train of thought.

“Okay sweetie, you are looking very pink.”

I lay on the lounger and mom went to work rubbing sun block on my back & legs. She was performing in a very business like way, no gentle rubbing, fast & thorough when I said.

“Mom let me remove my swim suit so you don’t get lotion on the fabric.”

“Son, I am not sure that is a good idea, your bottom is white.” If that was mom’s only reason we were in good shape.

“No problem mom, I need to get some color on my ass, in case I buy a smaller swim suit.” By the time I had finished speaking I was naked.

“Okay sweetie.” Mom rubbed lotion onto my ass same slot oyna as she had my back & legs. She did it carefully, quickly & without pausing when she rubbed my butt.

Then I turned over, as quickly as I could & without warning. Knowing if I asked or hesitated, mom would say no.

“Honey, what are you doing?”

Mom please put lotion on me; I’m pink on my front as well.” Obviously not keen but mom was still mom.

“Okay sweetie.” She started at my chest recent memories ensured I was still exited and ready for more of mom. As she leaned over me her cleavage gapped as her breasts swayed.

“Mom you look fantastic, you are looking pretty pink though perhaps I should put lotion all over your body?” I could almost hear the gears turning in her brain; son, lotion, mom’s body, touching, all over. In an effort to delay me touching mom, mom touched son.

She slurped more lotion onto her hands and grabbed my cock. She began sliding her hands up & down my shaft & then over my balls. It was like watching a porno, live before my eyes. Mom kept on touching and massaging. If she was delaying me doing her, she really couldn’t stop.

“Wow mom, this feels fantastic, don’t stop.” I was still lying on my back in the lounge chair. I opened my legs apart so she would put the sun tan lotion under my balls towards my ass. Nothing too intimate but it gave her a new place to rub and use up the lotion.

“Son I think you are ready for some more sun,” she stated beginning to stand up after leaning over for so long.

“Hold on mom, you look beautiful in your bikini, let me take a pic.” I was starring at her cleavage as I spoke, my intent pretty obvious, her brain slowed by alcohol, my actions faster. I turned & grabbed the camera from the table.

“Err sweetie, I am not sure,” camera rapidly in hand I snapped a shot.

“That was great mom, lean in you look so beautiful & sexy, step over the lounger, foot either side.” And she did.

Standing astride my body (on the lounger), her legs nearly 30 inches apart on the ground, she leaned down as I clicked the camera, photographing first her cleavage, her face & then her crotch. The shape of her shaved pussy lips were visible through the bikini fabric.

“Mom, this is fantastic you are so hot, I can see your wetness.” The strain on the bikini fabric from having her legs apart was riding into her pussy, I could see a faint change in the texture of the white fabric. God this was hot, so was mom.

“Mom, take off your bikini top.” I lowered my voice, enunciated the words as an order, I was pretty sure she was hooked. Her breasts swung free as she threw her top behind me.

“Sit on my cock, mom.” Another order, followed.

She shuffled forward a little and lowered her vagina directly onto my very hard, erect penis. Perfect aim as she slid the bikini bottom aside to allow my cock to enter.

“Mmmm mmmm, “we both echoed as her vagina filled with my penis.

She started working her pussy on my cock, like a machine, up & down, mom was doing all the work. I lay there studying her face, breasts and then watching my cock appear & disappear as she worked. This was one fit lady, in control and obviously enjoying ever pump. Moans echoed from her mouth as little tremors raced through her sweaty body every 2 or 3 minutes. Just like in her bedroom, she was an orgasm machine.

Ten minutes in I realized I had forgotten to snap any pictures as I stared at mom. She was astride my body, powering up & down on my cock. I took a couple of photos, adding compliments. Mom, oblivious at first it seemed.

“Ohh mom, you are the best, this is the best sex I’ve ever had.” And by some measures it was. Seeing my mother pumping my cock with her pussy, entirely by her own effort, tits swinging, legs astride my chair, leg & stomach muscles flexing, her face showing multiple expressions as she maximized her pleasure, was incredibly sexy.

“Mom, look at the camera.” She obeyed, her eyes looking straight through me as I clicked a couple of shots. Her expression was something almost surreal, balanced between dreamy & intense, not with me in person but wrapped around my cock like a skin graft.

I put the camera back onto the table and sat up. My lips closed around her erect nipples, sucking, tweaking and switching between breasts as fast as I could. Mom’s moans confirmed she liked the contact, without me clicking photos we were still fucking. I placed my arms around her glistening body; even for a fit mom this workout was breaking a sweat.

I caressed and touched her shoulders, back and quickly reached her ass cheeks. Not sure how long I had without the camera in action, I slid my hands under her ass cheeks & touched my cock still sliding in & out of mom’s vagina. Both hands surrounded my cock and touched her pussy, she groaned out loud as my contact increased. canlı casino siteleri Her juices were flowing, my fingers were quickly soaked as I moved one finger to her asshole.

Crouching astride my lounger, lowering her body up to my mind my fingers had discovered her asshole wide open. My middle finger slid in.

“Ohh mmmm,” said mom. My index finger joined it, in mom’s ass.

“Ohh sweetie, I’m not su,” started mom.

“Mom, this is sooo hot, don’t stop.” I growled as I kept the two fingers invading her ass motionless and started sliding my other hand & fingers all over her labia & pussy (yes, to distract her). Meanwhile my brain said yeah.

“Ohh sweetie,” sounded like something felt good.

It was obvious mom was tiring, the frequency of fuck lifts had slowed and her leg muscles appeared to be stiffening. Time was running out. The fact I had been lying effectively motionless for the last 20 minutes while mom did all the work meant I was strong & she was weakened.

Mom was still orgasming, although less often; her pussy, my crotch & prick were soaked with her juices.

That is why when I placed my free hand under her ass, close to her center & kept the other hand, 2 fingers still in her ass in place, lifted her body up and forward she only squealed a little, when I removed the 2 fingers and dropped her body onto my cock, straight into her asshole.

“Eeewww, ohhh sweetie, oh my god.”

Man it felt good, so tight, mom’s pussy was tight and her vaginal muscles had clenched and gripped my cock as we fucked for the last 20 minutes. Her ass was another level of tight. I felt my cock throb inside her as I tensed my own muscle and lay back on the lounger to enjoy the sensations. Mom looked down at me, her body layered in a sheen of sweat, breast hanging a little, nipples hard.

“Son, what did you do, I can’t believe you did that, your cock is in my ass.” She was right. I could feel her sliding her feet forward, presumably to get a better angle to lift her crotch off my body. I sat up fast, put my arms around her in a hug of love & control.

“I love you mom, please don’t move.” She tensed against me, gave up fast, she had to be exhausted and I was holding her in position. My cock moved a little, her ass muscles tightened & relaxed as she got used to the sudden invasion. I moved my head to gently lick & kiss her nipples. Her body moved a little more, I felt her whole butt relax I suckled gently on her nipples.

“Sweetie, mmmm, mommy only did this once before, with your father, he was rough like you, this feels better but.”

“Mom, I love you,” as I spoke I grabbed the camera and aimed at her face snapping one shot.

“Mom you look fantastic, your body is glowing (with sweat), I’ve got to take photos, you are radiant.” Actually mom looked tired & a little sad. My cock was not tired. I aimed the camera lens at my cock, not visible, sank down to my groin in mom’s ass.

“Mom, let me get a pic.” She knew what I meant and lifted her body a little so I could see my penis between our bodies. I snapped away, mom appeared to perk up.

“Mom, you need to be on your hands & knees.” She nodded and moved off my cock, the wetness audible as her ass released me. She was on her feet only long enough for me to get off the lounger and her move on. In seconds mom was on her hands, then her elbows facing away from me. Her ass high in the air her body ready.

“Mom, your ass looks spectacular, move it a little,” I kept taking photographs, mostly of her ass & pussy, some of her hanging breasts, her legs, her back. She kept ‘posing’ then I put the camera down on the table.

My cock was very hard & immediately wet after I slid it in & out of mom’s pussy a couple of times. I placed my cock head over her asshole. It was starting to close so I jammed one & then 2 fingers inside, spread them apart, then put my cock inside.

I started slow, mom made satisfying sounds as my penis began to slide in she was taking most of our combined weight as I pumped her ass. I really didn’t care as I pushed harder.

“Eeeee, mmmmm oh baby, she muttered as I pounded on. Slowly I felt my cum rising, I kept on pumping, twisting her nipples & grabbing her breasts harder as her pleasure noises continued. She orgasmed at least 3 times, and then my cock exploded in her ass. Cum jetted out as my cock pulsed inside her, I could feel mom’s gigantic orgasm hit, just as my second ejaculation squeezed into her ass. We both yelled and collapsed onto the lounger, I kept cuming in her ass. She appeared to experience a rolling orgasm that lasted long after I had expelled the last of my cum.

As I lay on mom’s back, bodies aligned, my legs on her legs, my cock still in her ass, our sweaty bodies nearly sliding apart, I put my arms down to lift my body weight off her very warm slippery body she spoke.

“Sweetie, can we just lie a minute, this feels so good; can you get a photo of your cock in my ass?” I felt my cock harden inside her as I brought my hands up to her sides to touch her breasts.

End of Part 3.

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