Co-worker’s Man Ch. 20

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I awoke to the sounds of the news coming from my alarm clock/radio. I had slept straight thru since Mr. Wolfe had dumped me thoroughly fucked and totally exhausted on my bed. As I listened to the news I could still feel the slimy residue of his cum that had leaked out of my asshole and I could feel crusty patches as I ran my hands over the sheets.

I had never felt that totally exhausted in my entire life. After taking all those loads from Frank and Evan, Mr. Wolfe had appeared at my door and convinced me that he’d keep my secret about being queer if I did as he said. I reluctantly took the first load out of him; little did I know he’d end up giving me four more! And what loads! Did that man ever know what to with his cock! He had taken to calling me “cocksucker” and “faggot” during our sessions together and it had bothered me at first but I realized that if Mr. Wolfe thought of me that way; that was okay. I was quickly learning that there was an unspoken yearning within me to serve men like Frank and Mr. Wolfe.

I got up and went into the bathroom. As I used the toilet, I looked over at the enema kit Frank had bought me sitting on the shelf. The way the last few days had gone, I decided maybe I should use it; you never know what might happen. I also liked the clean feeling it left me with. I got myself good and clean with it and then luxuriated in a long hot shower. The pelting water felt great as it washed over me. I scrubbed the dried cum off my ass and thighs and when I was done, I felt like I was ready to face the world again.

As I ate my breakfast and made myself a lunch, I kept wondering how things were going to go with Lori at work today. I wondered how much Frank would tell her about the weekend. Based on the conversation he had with her on the phone, I would guess all of it!

I got myself dressed, grabbed my lunch and headed down in the elevator. When I got to the main floor, I checked my watch and noticed that I was a little earlier than usual. I looked one way down the main hallway that lead to the parking garage and then looked down towards the other end of the hallway……I found myself going the other way to the very end and knocked on the last doorway. I got no response and knocked a little harder.

“Hold on…..hold on. I’m coming,” I heard from the other side of the door. I heard the locks opening and then the door swung partway open and Mr. Wolfe poked his head around the side of the door. “Oh. Good morning Jon. What can I do for you?”

“Ummm….well…..ummm… you think I could suck you off before I go to work?” The words seemed to babble out of me almost unconsciously.

“Sure, no problem, cocksucker. C’mon in,” he said as he pulled the door open further. I slid past him and set my lunch down on a small table near his entry. He was dressed in a pair of loose boxers and I could see that he’d probably woken up with a hard-on when I’d knocked at his door. “Let’s go into the bedroom, faggot.” I followed him into the bedroom and looked around his apartment on the way. It was a typical bachelor’s apartment with stuff kind of scattered everywhere. It looked clean but untidy. He had a big bed with a wooden head and footboard and he must have turned on the light beside him when I’d knocked. He turned to face me when he got to the side of the bed.

“Get on your knees and crawl over here, faggot,” he commanded. I dropped to my knees instantly and crawled over to him on all fours as he stood with his hands on his hips. When I was right in front of him, I sat up so my face was directly in front of the protruding bulge at his crotch. “Get rid of those shorts,” he said. I reached up to his waistband and quickly pulled down. I watched as his semi-hard cock snapped back up out of his shorts to point straight out at me; that usual precum shining at the end. He stepped out of his shorts and sat down on the bed. He spread his legs and I crawled forward between them as my hands slid up his muscular thighs.

“Go for it, cocksucker.” I reached forward with one hand and wrapped it around his cock as I moved my mouth over the tip. As his precum started to drip down, I quickly licked it up and then fully wrapped my lips over the head. I bathed the spongy membranes with my tongue and felt him quickly start to get harder. I started bobbing my head as I slid the outer sheath of skin on his cock back and forth with my hand. As his cock started to extend and fill, I was able to put my other hand above the first one. I used both hands to churn away at his thickening shaft as I used my loving mouth on the end. In just a couple of minutes, his cock was rock hard as I made love to his full 9 ¾”.

I was moaning with lust as I kept bobbing my head and milking my hands along his hard erection. His engorged crimson head filled my mouth as I swirled my tongue against the V on the underside of his crown. I saw his ball drawing up in their sack and bobbed my head faster as I firmly shucked my gripping hands back and forth.

“OH YEAH! HERE YOU GO FAGGOT!” he bellowed as I felt the first rope of cum shoot forth into casino oyna the back of my mouth. I savored the flavor of his musky cum for just a second before I swallowed. I knew he’d have plenty more for me. His cock kept unloading into my mouth as I continued to milk his pulsating dick with my hands. Rope after thick creamy rope filled my mouth as I kept swallowing. I was purring around his cock as it kept throbbing in mouth as it spat forth his heavenly semen. His orgasm finally subsided and I lapped up the final trickles of dogwater that oozed from his gaping piss-slit.

“There you go, Jon. That load should keep you going for a little while anyway.” He said as he stood up and pulled his semi-hard cock out of my mouth. “What do you say, cocksucker?” he asked as we walked back towards the front door with his cock hanging heavy and full in front of him.

“Ummm….thank you Mr. Wolfe. Thank you sir.”

“What are you Jon?” he asked sternly as he stopped and face me.

“Ummmm…..a cocksucker sir?” I answered with a questioning tone to my voice.

“That’s right. And whose cocksucker are you?”

“I’m your cocksucker, sir.”

“That’s better. Is that your lunch? Nothing to drink?” he asked as he pointed to my small lunch bag.

“Yes sir. Uh, I usually just buy a drink at work sir.”

“C’mere,” he said as he motioned me towards his kitchen. I followed behind him and watched as he opened a cupboard and pulled out a large thermos. He screwed off the top and put the opening in front of the end of his cock. I watched aghast as he let loose and started to piss into the thermos! I saw the powerful stream disappearing behind the edge of the rim and could hear the sound of his salty acrid piss filling the thermos. When it was almost full, I watched as he took his other hand and pinched off the stream. He did that breathing thing of his and was able to release his squeezing hand from the shaft of his cock. He drew the final drop from the end of his cock across the rim of the thermos and then screwed on the cover and the drinking cup over top of that.

“Here you go, that should get you thru most of the day,” he said as he handed the thermos to me.

“Ummm….thank you sir,” I said as I felt the warm thermos in my hand. Fuck, this guy was unbelievable but I was reveling in being under his control. He seemed to know all my innermost desires before I did!

With his cum still nice and warm in my stomach, I drove to work and went to my desk. I put my lunch in the fridge and the thermos in my desk drawer. I was fantastically nervous about Lori’s arrival. I busied myself with checking the things I needed to do that day and was just about to check my e-mails when……

“Good morning, Jon.” I snapped my head up as I recognized Lori’s deep husky voice. She smiled over at me as she walked past on the way to her office.

“Uh….good morning Lori,” I stammered and felt myself turning red. She continued on and my eyes were glued to her. Her frosted brunette curls flowed about her face to give her a wild and sexy look. As I mentioned, her hair always reminded me of that sexy Greek woman on CSI New York. Lori was wearing a tight white ribbed sleeveless turtleneck that really showed off those tremendous tits of hers. As she moved past me, I could see that she had on a tight fitting black skirt with little slits at the bottom of each side. He skirt came to about mid-thigh. Her bare legs seemed to glisten with her beautiful healthy tan. Her muscular calves led into a pair of black ankle-strap sandals with about 3″ heels. The shoes were so sexy and made her long legs look fantastic. I watched her swing her briefcase in a leisurely confident walk as she entered her office.

I settled back into my cubicle and tried to do some work. Wow! Did Lori ever look great! This was the story of my life around this place though. She looked like that every day and I found it hard to keep my mind on my work whenever she would walk by. After only about fifteen minutes, my phone rang and I saw from the call display that it was Lori.

“Hello,” I said tentatively.

“Hi Jon. Can you come into my office for a few minutes please,” she said in that purring husky voice of hers.

“Sure, I’ll be right in.”

I tentatively knocked on her open office door and she didn’t even look up from the paperwork she was reading on her desk. She had on a pair of dark-rimmed reading glasses that gave her that sexy librarian look.

“Come on in, Jon. And lock the door behind you,” she said as she continued reading. I closed the door and locked it and then walked over and sat in one of the two chairs facing her desk. She set down the paper she was reading and took her glasses off and set them to the side. She got up from her chair and as she rose, I watched her magnificent chest straining at the tight material of her top. She walked around the desk and leaned against the front of it right in front of me.

“So, how did you enjoy your weekend with Frank?” she asked as she hoisted herself onto the front of her desk and casually slot oyna crossed one leg over the other. My eyes were glued to her strong tanned legs as her skirt rose further up her powerful thighs.

“Ummm….it was very good, thank you,” I stammered.

“Yes…..Frank told me all about it. And especially about how you love cum so much,” she said as she re-crossed her legs and I caught a glimpse of smooth inner thigh. “As I’m sure you could tell Jon, Frank has a very high sex drive. Basically, he’s insatiable. And fortunately for you, I don’t mind sharing,” she said as she casually her top leg swing slightly back and forth. “But between us girls, let me know, how did you like the taste of his cum?”

I felt my face turning red as she spoke. “Between us girls”, she had said….hmmmm. I brought my gaze up from her smooth thighs, past her ample chest to her beautiful face. She was looking directly at me with a sly knowing smile. “I….I….I loved the taste of his cum. It was so creamy and delicious. And there was always so much of it. I couldn’t get enough of it,” I answered honestly.

“Delicious? Couldn’t get enough of it? Well, I’m glad you feel that way.” She leaned back on her desk slightly and reached to grab something from behind her phone. As she leaned back, her skirt rode further up her thighs and I quickly looked down and caught a glimpse of white panties. She quickly sat back up and I saw her undo the opening of a zip-lock bag.

“Frank thought you might want a little snack this morning,” she said as she drew out a condom and held it up in front of me. I gulped as I looked at the big milky load distending the end. She swung it hypnotically back and forth in front of me as my eyes never left it. “Yes, one of the times he fucked my last night he put this on so you could enjoy it today,” she said as she handed it to me. “Go ahead, it’s all yours.”

I took the heavy condom from her and let it hang down as I brought it towards my mouth. She watched intently as the aroma from the outside filled my nostrils.

“Frank told me you were pretty enthusiastic about licking my juices off his cock. So go ahead, help yourself,” she said as she nodded towards the condom. I opened my mouth wide and slid the heavy end into my mouth. Once I had my mouth past the area containing his load, I closed my lips with part of the condom in my mouth and some of it outside. I ran my tongue over the outside and tasted her pussy juice left there.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned out loud and then quickly flicked my eyes to her and saw her smiling down at me. I resumed swirling my tongue around the smooth latex until I had cleaned it of every drop of her juices. I drew the heavy receptacle out of my mouth and let it hang straight down as I took my tongue and ran it along the area that had been outside my mouth, all the way up to the opening.

“That’s a good boy, Jon. But I know you’re not happy yet. Go ahead, get the good stuff inside,” she encouraged as she once again nodded towards the condom. I put the open end between my lips and tipped up the other end. Lori watched intently as I lifted it higher and Frank’s massive load of cum slid down to run into my waiting mouth. As I felt his cool semen roll onto my tongue, I sighed out loud and closed my eyes as I enjoyed that familiar flavor. I tipped it all the way up and the remainder flowed into my mouth. I swallowed every creamy drop and then delved my tongue into the open end as I tried to reach every little bit that was clinging to the condom walls.

“I think you’ve got it all, Jon,” she said as she saw my tongue pushing against the flimsy latex. “Here, give me that,” she said, holding out her hand. I passed the condom to her and she reached over and dropped it back in the zip-lock bag and set it aside.

“Did you like that, Jon?” she said as she leaned back with both arms behind her on her desk.

“Yes, very much. Thank you Lori.” I said as my eyes fixated on the outline of her underwire bra causing her large breasts to thrust against the stretched fabric of her top. The ribbing of her sweater was being stretched out, enhancing the look of her massive tits.

“Well, both Frank and I thought a hot snack would be even nicer for you,” she said as she uncrossed her legs and started to let them drift apart. “So…..he fucked me just before I came to work this morning and I’ve been keeping it nice and warm for you.” As she parted her thighs even further, her skirt continued to ride up her creamy thighs and I looked down to see a wet spot shining thru the silky material of her white panties. My eyes were glued to her erotic display and I felt my lips instinctively run out and lick across my lips.

“Take these panties off for me, Jon.” I reached forward with both hands and slid them under the sides of her skirt. She raised her hips slightly as I drew her moist panties down and working together we got them fully off of her. “Pull your chair closer,” she said as she parted her legs once again. I pulled my chair forwards until it was almost touching her desk. She brought her sexy canlı casino siteleri shoes up and put one on the end of each of the armrests. As her knees came up and drifted apart, I found myself inches from her glistening pussy.

Her delicate smell was intoxicatingly sensual. Womanly and full-bodied, yet not so strong as to be offensive. I breathed deeply thru my nose and let the sexual smell of her and Frank wash over me. It felt warm and luxurious.

Her pussy was totally clean-shaven. Her outer lips were large and full, just perfect for chewing on. Her inner lips were glistening and a bright pink as they pouted towards me, almost as if inviting me in for a kiss. I could see the nubbin of a large clitoris winking out at me at the top of her slick inner lips. Her lips were shiny with her pussy juice and I could see flecks of white mixed in. She drew her legs slightly wider apart and her inner lips started to slowly part. I could see a sliver of pearly white appear as her soft pink lips parted. I moaned as a gob of Frank’s cum slid forward and started to ooze slowly out of her.

“Well, don’t just stand there. I want to find out if that mouth of yours is as good as Frank says it is. Besides, you don’t want your little treat to get cold now, do you?” I looked up at her and she winked at me as she nodded down towards her crotch.

“Oooooohhhhhh,” I moaned out loud as I lowered my face to her sopping womanhood. I put my tongue on the lower edge of the oozing wad of semen and licked upwards between her silky lips. I instantly recognized the distinct flavor of Frank’s warm cum as I drew it back into my mouth and let it slide down my throat.

“Oh yeah. That’s good,” Lori said as I licked the full length of her slit and took a loving swipe across her clit. I ran my hands up her creamy inner thighs and reached forward with my fingers to spread her lips. As I did, I pressed my face flush against her steaming womanhood and slid my tongue as far into her as I could.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as she threw her head back. I licked and probed with my searching tongue for Frank’s cum. I slid my tongue all along her inner walls and captured the precious seed that he had deposited there. I pressed and probed from top to bottom and back again as she started to writhe and moan under my tongue. She allowed me to experiment and lick and kiss everywhere my heart desired for the next ten minutes. My cock was throbbing in my pants as I drew back and nibbled all along her swollen inner lips. She finally reached down and grabbed my head with both hands.

“I need your mouth on my clit now, Jon,” she said as she pulled my head slightly higher. I paused to look down at her engorged clitoris. I had not had a lot of women in my life but I had never seen a clit as big as Lori’s. It was swollen and red and seemed to be begging for attention.

“Are you going to do it or should I just get back to work?” she said as she started to drop one leg to the floor.

“NO! NO! Please! I want to do it, please?” I said as I looked up past her heaving chest with pleading eyes.

“All right then, pussy-licker. Get to it!” Her sensual husky voice had taken on an authoritative tone as she brought her foot back up onto the arm of the chair. At the same time, she took a firm grip on my head and pulled my open mouth onto her throbbing clit.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned and hummed against her rigid clit as I used my tongue and lips against the sensitive tissues to bring her as much pleasure as I could. I nibbled and pressed on that protruding bud as she kept her hands pulling my face against her. She pulled my face all around her steaming womanhood until my face was totally covered with her sweet juices. She pulled my mouth back right onto her hot clit and I lathered my tongue all around it.

“Oh fuck yeah! Your mouth is as good as Frank said it was.” I felt her strong smooth thighs against the sides of my face as she started to flop them back and forth as her lust escalated. I took her engorged clit tightly between my lips and drew on it as I swirled my tongue over the captured tip.

“OH FUCK! JUST KEEP DOIN’ THAT!” she moaned out loud as she held my head tightly in the same position. I kept up what I was doing as her moans got higher and higher.

“OH……OH……OH…..AAAAAAAAHHHHH……..” She started to buck up into my face as her orgasm overtook her. She was writhing on the desktop as I kept my mouth glued to her pulsing clit. Her hands gripped my head tightly and I felt her juices flowing out of her against my chin as she rode my tongue thru a powerful orgasm. Her writhing continued as I held firm with my tongue swirling over her sensitive nubbin of flesh. As her orgasm finally subsided and she eased her grip on my head, I quickly slid my tongue lower and lapped up the heavenly nectar she had released as she came.

She put her two arms on the desk behind her and sat back as she looked down at me softly licking and kissing her swollen womanhood. I knew she was sensitive and so I kept my oral activity soft and gentle. With my mouth still working delicately on her, I looked up and saw that massive chest heaving as she tried to regain her breath. I could see the shape of large nipples pressing out at the fabric. I moaned as I continued to nurse at her glistening pussy lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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