Daddy’s Boy Ch. 04: New Normal

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“Rise and shine, whore.” Was the first sound that I woke too in the morning. At first, I didn’t know where I was or remember anything that had happened in the past couple of days. I groggily lifted my head off of my mattress, feeling a pressure all the way around my neck and also inside of my ass. I shifted on my bed, feeling my anus probed further.

“Ow, ow…” I gasped, eyes flying open to the sight of Daddy opening my cage door with a key. Everything flooded back to me. That wasn’t a dream then- I really am Daddy’s sex slave. I tried to ignore the part of me that was flushed with horny excitement at the thought. Another part of me was instilled with fear and uncertainty.

Mostly, I just wanted this plug out of my butt.

“Greet.” Daddy commanded once the door swung open. I scrambled up, my body ridiculously sore from yesterday. I crawled down to the cold floor and positioned myself to be kneeling above Daddy’s boot, grinding myself into his leg and resting my chin on his bulge, eyes turned up at him. My master gazed down at me and shoved fingers through my hair, petting me. I humped harder. I realized that I loved when Daddy had rare moments of intimacy with me.

“How did Maxie sleep?”

“Good, Master.”

“That right?”

I gulped nervously. He gazed down at me with steely eyes. He must’ve seen me masturbate myself against my bed last night. I nodded.

“Y- Yes, Sir.”

“Anything you want to tell me?”

I weighed my options in my head. Either I lie and hope that he hadn’t seen anything or would just move on, or I could tell the truth and accept my punishment and get it over with. I thought while slowly grinding my balls into Daddy’s boot.

“Um… I… I humped my bed until I came, Daddy. I’m sorry. I was a bad boy. Please forgive me, Master.”

Before I could stop it, I felt a hard SLAP across my face. The forceful blow knocked me to the ground in a heap of thin limbs. I curled up on the cement, raising my hand to feel my stinging cheek.

“C’mere.” Daddy grunted, grabbing the back of my collar and lifting me up past where my hands could reach the floor. I dangled in the air, trying to get my knees to find solid ground to relieve some of the strangulation. Daddy tugged me over to the sawhorse and thrusted my body onto the beam. He forced my legs to spread on either side of the contraption, my penis lying on the beam in front of me. “Stay.”

I did as I was told and froze completely, wanting nothing more than to make up for what I did. Daddy shackled my feet to the floor on either side of the beam. He crossed the room, picked up a leash, and fastened it to my collar. Then, he threw the other end of the leash up over a beam in the ceiling and pulled, choking me.

“AHCK.” I gagged until Daddy let up a bit. The collar still dug into my throat, but I was just barely able to breathe a little. I wiggled uncomfortably on the sawhorse, my ass being spread by the beam wedged up against my buttplug. “This is for your own good, Maxie.”

Daddy reached behind him for the rack of toys and gadgets. With on hand still tugging my leash to consistently choke at my neck, he came back with a thin lashing whip in the other. I had seen people use that with horses on Television shows. Daddy held it out in front of my face and pushed the small leather tab on the end past my lips. I tasted salty leather on my tongue. He shoved it to the back of my throat and watched as I gagged.


I did, my teeth closing around the whip’s flesh.

“Since you were honest, I’m going to give you ten lashings instead of twenty.”

“Thank you, Master.” I muttered through the whip between my teeth. My heart was starting to pick up pace. I’ve never been hit with anything but Daddy’s hand. This thing looked like it hurt.

I was right.

When Daddy pulled it from my mouth and smacked it across my pelvis, I screamed.

“What do you say, slut?”

“Thank you, Daddy.”


Daddy whipped me on my right hipbone. I cried out and wiggled on the sawhorse, the glass plug in my ass fucking me further.

“Thank you, Daddy!”

He whipped my ass. I jolted, yanking on my collar and feeling the air be ruthlessly pulled from my lungs.

“Achk… Ungh…” I moaned in pain, my asshole clenching around the toy in my butt. I didn’t think it could get worse, but then Daddy brought the leather down right on my limp shaft. I screamed out and writhed away from the pain.

“MASTER!” I screamed, feeling white hot pain overtake my body. Daddy whipped my thighs, my stomach, and my ass some more. When he finally got to ten, I was a gasping, heaving mess. My eyes stung with tears of pain, but I felt a wash of relief that it was over. Somewhere deep inside, I even felt proud that I could take his punishment.

“Now you think of that every time you think to disobey your Daddy.”

“Yes, Sir.” I choked out, imagining myself feeling the sting of the whip every time I tried to hump something without casino siteleri Daddy’s permission.

“Now touch yourself, boy.”

I opened my eyes and frowned at Daddy in confusion. Isn’t that why he needed to punish me in the first place? He gave my leash a yank.

“Go on.”

I did as I was told, taking my hands that were braced on the beam in front of me and nervously taking my cock. It was abused and tired from the other day, but still responded to my touch immediately. I began to gently stroke myself, feeling the shocks of pleasure start to return through the sore pain.


I did as I was told, fucking myself with my fist. My dick grew hard rather fast, pumping in and out of my hand eagerly.

“Let that plug fuck that little asshole of yours.” Daddy continued to command as he watched, hand still tugging on my leash that was laced through the ceiling beams and keeping me upright. I grunted and sat back a bit so that the exposed end of the plug was shoved in by the contact with the sawhorse. I started to grind myself into the beam, feeling the plug pump in and out, deeper into my ass. Meanwhile, I increased speed on my penis, stroking myself desperately.

“NNNNNNGHHH.” I cried, eyes rolling back as pleasure overtook my body and mind all over again.

“That’s it. Touch yourself for Daddy.”

“Y- Yeeees… Master…” I gasped, my body writhing fast and hard on the sawhorse while masturbating.

“You want to cum for your Master?”

“Yes, Sir.” I begged wantonly.

“Go on. Cum, slut.”

I screamed a groan of white hot pleasure as my body jerked in time with my orgasm. I pumped my dick into my hands and ground myself into the sawhorse, my legs sore and tired from being force open wide for so long. I gasped and jolted as my climax came to an end, the soreness returning to my crotch. I was left panting. Daddy even loosened his hold on my leash so that I could slouch forward.

“Th- Thank you, Master.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Daddy smirked, taking my leash down from the ceiling. I frowned and looked at him with wide questioning eyes. He glanced at my face and noticed, a dangerous spark to his eye. He scratched my head and then forced a finger through my abused lips and into my mouth. I sucked like a good boy. “I’m going to milk you dry today until I know for sure that you will stop and think before cumming without Daddy again.”

My heart stopped. I had never heard the term “milking” before, but I put two and two together. Daddy was going to make me cum over and over again until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was already sore and exhausted from yesterday! I didn’t know how much more I could take! I was seriously regretting giving into my slutty desires last night. I guessed that’s what Daddy was aiming to do. He knew how to be an effective master. I wondered how he was so expert at this.

“For now, I’m hungry. Breakfast time.” Daddy grabbed my collar and dragged me from off the sawhorse, thrusting me towards the ground. I crumpled, but scrambled to my hands and knees. I couldn’t take anymore punishment than what was already in store for me today. “Come.” He ordered with a quick tug on my leash, leading me to the wall of leashes and harnesses. He took a leather harness from a hook and reached down, taking my buttplug in his hand and yanking it out without warning.

“DADDY!” I screamed in pain, the egg-shaped invader stretching my anus open all over again before exiting completely with a pop. Once it was out, I felt like I could breath again. I wiggled my ass in the air, trying to get used to the feeling of emptiness. I was strangely starting to get used to the feeling of something stuffed up my butt.

“You are to wear this at all times unless I say otherwise.” Daddy directed, reaching down with the harness and starting to dress me in it. Leather straps fastened tightly around my upper-most thighs, right underneath my butt. Those straps led to a tight leather pouch that fastened over my cock and balls. It reminded me of a jockstrap. More bands of leather fit tightly around my waist and stretched up to my shoulders. A strap crossed from one shoulder to the other on my back, also connecting to my collar with a smaller strap.

“We don’t need this right now.” Daddy said, taking the strap across the back of my shoulders and using it to hoist me into kneeling position. “Sit.”

I remembered sitting position, immediately falling into obedience. Daddy reached down and removed the pouch from over my dick so that only a triangle of leather straps was left around my sore parts. Finally, Daddy finished my new outfit off by grabbing an extra leather strap and fastening one end below my balls and the other to a strap stretched around my waist so that it wedged deep into my asscrack. I couldn’t help but wiggle my butt to get adjusted to the band that slid against my already-abused hole.

“Good?” Daddy asked, grabbing my waistband and yanking it upwards a few times, causing the strap in my ass to grind slot oyna against my entrance while lifting my hips into the air, knees leaving the ground. I instinctively humped against the intrusion between my asscheeks.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good boy. Breakfast.”

I cooked for the both of us. I was glad I remembered to ask before standing. While I bustled around the kitchen for Daddy who sat waiting at the table, it reminded me of what my life was like before all of this. I’d get up before Daddy and make sure to have eggs and bacon cooking before he came downstairs. It was similar except for the fact that I was fastened in a bondage harness.

“You eat in your bowl like a good dog.” Daddy said when I handed him his plate of breakfast. I glanced over to the food and water bowl, nodding.

“Yes, Master.”

I poured my food in and got on all fours, Daddy watching me. I hesitated for a moment, feeling humiliated by the whole situation. I had already thrown my dignity out the window though, so I leaned down with my ass in the air, feeling the strap dig into my ass. I didn’t realize how starving I was until I started eating the eggs and bacon with my mouth only, lapping every last bit up like an animal.

“When you’re done, I want you in rest position.” Daddy told me through a mouthful of food. I licked the rest of my meal clean and then crawled underneath the table so that I could hump Daddy’s foot and lay my head across his thigh and into his crotch. I heard the sound of him turning his newspaper over from above like it was a normal day. I supposed this was the new form of a normal day. I could feel Daddy’s cock start to grow inside his sweatpants, pushing into my face.

“Mm… Okay, Maxie. I want you to get used to cock being part of your breakfast every morning. Do you want Daddy’s cum down your throat?”

“Yes, Master.” I answered before I even processed what he said. Daddy reached down into his pants and released his cock, the large tip rubbing against my lips. I went to open my already wet lips, but he just massaged his dick against my face for a while longer, sighing happily.

“Are you going to be a good boy and hold Daddy’s cum until I say so?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Daddy immediately buried his hand in my hair and sunk his cock into my mouth after that, thrusting slowly up into me until his tip abused my throat. I gagged around his dick and felt tears spring to my eyes. My nose buried into his pelvis and I felt his stomach twitch with pleasure.

“UGH. So tight and warm, Maxie…” He groaned. I gripped his sweatpants tightly in my fingers in attempts to keep myself grounded. He pulled out of my mouth and then slid himself back inside, taking things slow. I let him do what he pleased with my body, more of a passenger or a doll than someone giving a blow job. Daddy increased his pace, pumping my head along his cock, sometimes thrusting up to meet me. “You do the rest.”

Daddy let go of me and resumed reading his paper. I let myself suck in some air before eyeing his penis and using my own incentive to take the whole thing in my mouth once more, letting his member stretch my lips wide as I sucked. I tried to imagine that it was a popsicle. I used to love popsicles in the summer.

“Harder, boy.”

I tightened my lips around his throbbing cock and sucked, closing my eyes and forcing myself to take his penis in deeper until it probed my throat. I gagged around Daddy’s dick, trying to remember to breath out my nose. Surprisingly, after a while, it wasn’t too bad. I started to enjoy the fact that I was able to pull moans from Daddy’s lips as he read his paper.

“Mm… Good… Thataboy…” Daddy would mutter from above the table. I couldn’t see him- I could only hear the flip of his paper once and a while. Sometimes, Daddy would surprise me by thrusting quickly up into my mouth hole, burying himself to the hilt. I’d choke but then resume my movements in pleasuring my father.

At one point, I heard Daddy put down his paper. I didn’t know if it was because he was finished or because he was getting close to coming. Either way, he sighed in finality.

“Alright…” He muttered calmly, his hand appearing under the table to painfully grip my hair again. He shoved himself deep into my mouth and started to mercilessly fuck me orally, forcing me to continuously deep throat his cock. I moaned in protest, but couldn’t do anything especially when he added a second hand gripping my head and pulling me down onto his shaft. Daddy pumped harder and harder into me until my head was shoved up against the bottom of the table, his cock fucking my face and wedging me between the table and Daddy’s crotch. He violated my mouth into the bottom of the table until his cock started to throb and he came, ejaculating into my throat and on my tongue.

“NUGH. That’s it. Take Daddy’s cum.” I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to hold the liquid in my mouth this time, not able to help as some went down my throat or dripped down my chin. When Daddy gave one last canlı casino siteleri jolt into my mouth, he released me and scooted out from the table, snapping his hand beside him for me to come to him. I crawled out from under the table, mouth still full.


I assumed sitting position and opened my mouth for Daddy to see that I obeyed this time. He smirked.

“Good little cumslut. Swallow.”

I winced but did what I was told, coughing afterwards.

“Thank Daddy for breakfast, Maxie.”

“Thank you for breakfast, Master.”

“You’re welcome, slave. Clean up.”

I got to work, cleaning up dishes and any cum that had escaped to the floor. Daddy watched me work in my new harness, the restraints rubbing into me and holding my limbs hostage. When I was done, I had a plan in mind- I had to ask a question, but I wanted to appease Daddy to ease into it. I assumed the “Rest” position, grinding against Daddy’s shoe without him asking. He raised an eyebrow and scratched my head.

“Master? May I ask a question?”

Daddy seemed to realize why I was kissing up to him. He chuckled and reached down to massage my left nipple with his fingertip. I felt my cock twitch at the contact.

“Go on.”

“May I go to the bathroom soon?”

Master ended up hooking me to a leash and leading me out to our backyard. I was nervous because we had neighbors. We didn’t really know the one on our right, but a fence luckily separated us. The neighbor on our left was one of Daddy’s oldest friends who had a son almost my age but one year older. I used to play with Kyle when I was younger, but we saw each other less and less as we grew up. In fact, I hadn’t seen him in a year.

“Go on.” Daddy yanked my collar so that I stumbled into the grass. I looked around and realized I was only to go bathroom outside now. I swallowed thickly and was glad that I only had to pee right now. I remained on all fours before reaching between my legs to direct my stream away from me. I took a deep breath and started peeing in the grass. “You always ask if you need to be let out. And if you make any kind of mess, it’s your job to clean up. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” I finished up, letting my cock hang between my legs once more. I was ready to go back inside and start my chores, but a voice sent spikes of fear through my chest.

“Hey! Rocco!”

I froze, the sound coming from the direction of our more well-known neighbor’s house. Rocco was what most people called Daddy, even though it wasn’t his real name. Sometimes I forgot he even HAD a real name other than Daddy… or now, Master.

“John! How’ve you been?”

I forced myself to leave my pride and look up at John crossing over into our yard, his eyes directly set on me. I shrunk back in embarrassment at my state, tied in leather bondage on a leash on all fours. What would he think?

“Can’t complain. Wow. This Maxie already?” He asked in wonderment, eyeing me up and down. I was shocked. Was he not? How were they talking about this like it was normal? I never grasped the idea of someone finding out about Daddy and my relationship. John didn’t seem surprised at all though. He looked downright gleeful.

“Damn right. Maxie. Go greet.” He commanded, reaching down to unclip my leash. Once he did, I glanced up at Daddy, unsure. He bunched up the leash and slapped my crotch with the tough leather. I whimpered. “Greet. Now.”

I crawled up to Mr. Johnny and “greeted” like Daddy taught me. I positioned myself around his leg and ground my crotch into his jeans, my hands grasping his thigh to help keep myself up. I pushed my mouth into his crotch, turning my eyes up to him while shamelessly humping away. John smiled and reached a hand down, parting my lips with his finger and shoving it inside my mouth. I choked a moan of surprise, resisting the urge to bit down. Instead, I slowly broke my hesitation and sucked like Daddy taught me. John pressed down on my tongue and admired the way my body gyrated into him. I moaned again, using the tip of my tongue to gently swirl around the man’s digit.

“Forgot what a tiny little thing he is.” John admired, taking his finger out and running it along my collared neck that was bruising from all the abuse Daddy inflicted onto it. “Teaching him right, I see.”

“Gotta be rough with them right out front. Teach them who’s boss.” Daddy agreed, taking the leash and whipping my ass as an example. I grunted but kept rubbing myself onto Mr. Johnny. “How’s Kyle?”

“Kyle! C’mere. Come greet Mr. Rocco’s new fucktoy.”

With the jangle of a collar, I peered around our neighbors leg until a boy about my age crawled over, collared like me with a jockstrap fastened around his waist. It had been a while like I mentioned, but there was no doubt that it was Kyle. I had to stop myself from showing signs of utter shock. I guessed Kyle and Mr. Johnny were kind of like me and Daddy.

“Max. Down.” Daddy directed. I quickly remembered the “down” position. I removed myself from Mr. Johnny’s leg and pushed the side of my face into the ground, keeping on my knees and sticking my ass up into the air. I pulled my arms behind my back and held them there, displayed for everyone.

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