Finally – Dessert

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Every time we went there, she was there.

Beautiful-with brown straight hair half way down her back, in a mini with amazing muscular legs and beautiful green eyes. She drove me crazy.

As she walked up to our area, I felt my face get red hot as she smiled at me.

“Hey guys, welcome back to Gonzos. Starting with shots or mixed?”

Shots were the consensus from the table of 14.

This is where we came every game night. Gonzos, the sports bar down the road that was cheap, good beer, lots of TVs and super hot waitresses. So we had made ourselves regulars. Helen would tease the new additions when they came, by shots or flirting relentlessly then getting pissed off when they tried to make a move. But when I started coming it was smiles and drinks nonstop. And ass grabbing while drunk, endless winks, leg shots, bending over and invites out to smoke. I never liked girls before but this girl just did something that made me need new panties at the end of every night.

Derek was out of town again, business did that a lot, but we were ok with it. We would web cam and send sexy pictures and messages while we were apart and have the craziest sex that just keeps getting better and better when he got home.

So I texted him.

‘Baby, this waitress is driving me nuts. She’s hitting on me like crazy! OMG she’s making me want some dick bad’

‘…well, get her number and when I come home maybe we can have a 3some, if you are ok with it.’

‘You know I’ve never…but idk, she is fucking hot. I think I’d need to try it on my own before I added you into it. I’m just not sure how to feel about her. God she’s fucking sexy. We need to webcam tonight; maybe I’ll surprise you with her there too 😉 ‘

‘OK baby, that’s fine with me! Have a good night, don’t get kicked out’

So I had permission from the husband to get some pussy that night. OMG…what do I do?! I’ve never been in this situation before……

I lean over to my good friend and tell him what Helens legs and butt were doing to me. He agreed and said that it would totally be worth it and I should at least leave her my number.

As the night went on, we watched the game, my drink was always full and I was feeling pretty loose. Every now and again Helen would invite me outside to sit while she smoked and we would talk about how disgusting most of the guys were being-especially one at my table. As one of the other girls came out we filled her in on the conversation and decided Helen needed to do her thing and tear his world apart. That was a huge mistake for me.

As she flirted and touched and brought out shots for Mr. big guy, casino siteleri all I could do was watch helplessly as she flaunted around, and pray she would come back to me again soon, touching my back asking if I was ok, bringing me a drink and grabbing my hand when she sat it down.

Tonight she added a new twist onto her flirting/rejection. He finally gave in, how could you not, and tried to grab her ass. She turned around with a big smile and kept walking. Guy was like oh yeah, got it in the bag! When she came back though…

“So, you like my ass?”

“Yeah baby. I wanna fucking lick it.”

“Hm, well what about your friend over there–ever touched her ass?”

“No, she’s married, and really a bitch, like she’s cool but she’ll say whatever, and that isn’t what I want in a girl. Even for just a little assgrab”

“Hm. She like girls?”

“Um…I don’t know. I’ve never seen her with one.”

“Think she would go for me? You should put in a word for me.” Then she winked and walked off. He sat there absolutely fuming and giving me the death look all night and for the rest of the night and I had no idea why. But I didn’t care; I knew Helen did something to fix his ego.

So after 4 long islands, a jager bomb, a few other random shots and specialty mixed drinks from the bar, it was time for the check. I got out my debit card and handed it to miss sexy legs and winked as a graced her hand while handing it over. Alcohol makes me a little bit braver. She smiled back and took everyone elses checks. Most of the table got up to go smoke, the others got their checks back, signed and left, so I was the only one left at the table, waiting for everyone to come back from outside. When I got my check back, my copy had a note on the back.

‘Hey doll. I know your husband is out of town again and these guys all seem pretty lame, no offence. But anyway, my roommates are out of town and I’m all alone in my house, I really hate it…

So my number is 867-9305. Give me a call anytime you want some company.’

Holy shit!! I was in love. That was it. And I was so happy everyone else in our group was gone or outside so they couldn’t see my huge grin and beet red face.

As everyone came back in to sign their tickets, we all hugged Helen and I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and told her I’d see her soon. Then it was back home.

One of the guys decided to have people over to drink, so I decided to call Helen to see if she wanted to chill. She said she would love to.

After copious amounts of flirting and hand grazing thighs and boobs for about an hour and a half, I announced I was headed home for slot oyna the night, and whispered in her ear that she needed to get out to my car so we could get to a more private setting. Like my bed. She giggled and went to tell everyone bye.

Once we got to my house, it was amazing before we even got into the front door. She was kissing the back of my neck and I was grabbing her waist telling her just a sec, we are almost inside………

Ah! Finally the door open, us inside, door closed! I stopped; we looked at each other, and leaned in for one of the best kisses of my life. Her lips were soft, tongue wet and slippery. As I felt her lips first press against mine nothing else in the world was there. I slowly started to slide my tongue out and she welcomed it and started playing back with hers. The passionate kiss didn’t last long, soon we were groping and taking off clothes and we weren’t even half way up the stairs. I led her to my room and she eyed my bed, pushed me back onto it, climbed on top of me and finished taking off my clothes down to my green silky panties and bra.

She started at my neck. Kissed down my chest, pulled one breast out of my bra and started licking my pink erect nipple. She started to bite a little bit and I moaned while she rubbed the other boob. She reached behind me and unclasps my bra, then took my other nipple into her mouth. As she teased that one I ran my hand down her back and grabbed her ass that I had been staring at all night. Holy shit it was amazing–soft and firm. I couldn’t wait to get at it, but as Helen continued kissing down my body, I couldn’t move. She tongued my belly button, and then went to my thighs.

As her tongue graced the insides of my thighs, I let out a moan.

“Does that feel good baby?”

“Ohh yes, oh Helen I want you to eat me so bad! I want you to lick my pussy like I have since the first time I saw you—you are so fucking sexy.”

She had nothing more to say. All of a sudden I felt wet pressure on my clit, then a finger moving my panties aside, and then her tongue licked me from the bottom of my wet slit all the way to the top. Ohhhh God, I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to let her do this to me. She licked my length a few times then stuck her tongue inside me and fucked me—no one had ever done that and I loved it! She thrust her tongue in and out faster, then slower, then circled it around on the first inch of my inside, then she stopped, stuck two fingers in me and started fucking me with those while she started sucking my clit.

“Helen! You are making me cum! Oh My God, Oh baby I’m going to cum all over your hot ass face with you licking my canlı casino siteleri clit and fucking me like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

And that was it for me. I was over the edge, shaking the whole bed with juices flowing out of me like never before. This girl was fucking amazing! After I thrust about the bed for a minute or two of pure ecstasy, she tried to gently licked and played with my pussy some more, but I wasn’t going to have it. I wanted to lick her pussy and fuck her like she had just done to me.

So I pushed her a little away, and then went to my drawer to get out my bullet. As I climbed back on the bed, I went straight away to her clean shaven beautiful snatch and started tonguing it just a little bit.

She was already flowing wet. I guess getting me off really turned her on. She moaned as I began to apply more pressure to her with my tongue flat and broad against her inner lips. I rubbed my tongue up and down and gave her smooth pussy the feel of the rough side of my tongue. Then I turned on my bullet and put it just inside her as I started to attack her clit by sucking on it and humming into it.

She went fucking crazy. Thrashing about and screaming, calling out my name and swearing, telling me she never wanted it to end…then my favorite…

“You dirty slut fuck my cunt with your tongue and vibrator, make me cum harder and better than anyone ever has you worthless whore!”

No problem! I love being talked to like that, and she hit the spot for me. I licked her clit alternating sucking on it, licking, rubbing my nose all over it and flicking my tongue on it while she screamed and pulled my face into her deeper. My bullet was having the wet ride of its life, I could barely hold on to it due to how slippery her tasty juices made it. As she came, she drove my face into her beautiful pussy even more and her juices exploded out of her and I tried my best to get every bit of it up, I couldn’t breathe but who needed air when you had that amazing cunt in your face!

She calmed down after a few minutes, and I slowly kissed my way back up her amazing amaretto colored toned body. We laid there for a few minutes and she asked if this was my first time.

“Yeah, it was, but all night you were driving me crazy, I had never felt anything sexual toward a girl like I did toward you tonight. I mean I’ve kissed them and found them attractive, but you just fucking blew my mind.”

“Glad I accomplished my goal. Every since you came in with your husband I hoped you would come back every game night. You two are a hot couple, but you lady, are sexy all in your own. I wanted you so bad.”

We talked a little bit more, I left my husband out of it for the most part, but I think that maybe when he gets home I may have a new surprise for him. Until then, I had an amazing sexy girl that I wanted to ravish again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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