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Big Tits

I want to say thank you to those who follow me. It’s so encouraging to know that you like reading the things I write. This story is for you.



I’m already in bed, sitting up, flicking through my emails. It’s still early but it’s been a torrid week at work and I’m very glad it’s Friday. Mistress has not told me of any plans for so hopefully it will be a cuddling and chilling weekend.

And now you are sitting on the bed, holding on to my ankles through the duvet. Serious look. This is precisely when my hormones go on red alert.



“I need to ask you a big big favour.”


“Someone I know from way back, Fiona, has invited us for the weekend. Now before you say anything…”

I feel your hands tightening.

“Fiona is a Domme she like to watch.”

Hormones on amber alert now, possible about to turn green.

“She want’s to watch me whipping you.”

Uh Oh! Red again!

“She won’t accept us pretending Suzy, it has to be for real. And it will hurt for real too.”

Silence. I give Mistress what she calls my ‘big brown eyes treatment’.


“And she will want to touch you to.”

“Oh Suzy, I can’t refuse her, I owe her this.”

Wrapping my arms around my knees I put my head down and you can see me chewing the corner of my mouth.


“OK Mistress. But you are NOT to leave me alone with her. Not even to go for a pee.”

My voice sounds resentful and I don’t mean it to.

“And after you’ve done it, I would like to be cuddled until I feel better but NOT while she’s watching us.”

I can see you relax a little.

“Once I feel OK again you can both do anything you want. But Fiona is not to hurt me.”

You are nodding, casino siteleri eyes moist.

“AND.. I don’t want to embarrass you by using the safe word, but I will if I absolutely have to.”

You hold out your arms and I lean in and let myself be gathered up. You are kissing my face and stroking my hair while I go all runny in your arms. We stay like that for a long time. Slaps and spanks, the riding crop, the back of the hairbrush (and lately the handle too) all these things are part of our life and our love. There is a very special reward in being completely helpless and receiving punishment. Hard to explain but it is part of my subby psychology as much as being a lesbian is too. It’s all about balance. The way willing acceptance perfectly balances absolute control. But who controls who? Right now we have no time for philosophy because I am busy kissing the woman I love.

The kiss deepens, it would be impossible to say who initiated it but deepen it did, until the two become one. It’s only a brief struggle before the release. One of us makes a sound like a wounded animal but I’m not sure if it came for your lips or mine.

“Thank you Suzy!” are the last words I hear as I feel you relax beside me. I don’t sleep for a long time. I’m too excited.

When we are in the car together, there’s something I love doing. I tuck my legs under me and sit sideways in my seat, facing you. I don’t watch the road, I watch you. I love watching you drive, I love the funny things you shout at the other drivers.

But this morning’s journey is different. Our two overnight bags are on the back seat and I sit facing the road. To tell the truth I’m frightened and you know it. I tried not to let it show because I knew it would only make you feel worse about it.

I listened in silence as you explained why slot oyna this visit was important. How Fiona had helped you out of a jamb before we met and today was payback. Fiona had specified what she wanted to watch and would not change her mind. It seems only a whipping will suffice.

Fiona was very different to what I was expecting. A bit older than my Mistress and plainly butch. She held herself in a ‘manly’ way and I disliked her from the very first moment. It seemed as if she wanted to get straight into it for I was led round to the back of the bungalow. It wasn’t overlooked, I could see cows in the field at the back. Mistress undressed me which was kind and she tied my wrists to two iron rings set into the veranda ceiling. My ankles were fastened to rings in the floor and I was stretched out like a star. It was very uncomfortable.

It seemed out hostess approved as she looked me over. I kept my eyes lowered, not out of respect for Fiona but respect for YOU. It was all so different from the loving slaps and spanks that I received at home. Fiona handed you a long thin cane and you held it to my lips for me to kiss. I was then blindfolded.

The sound of the wind in the eucalyptus trees, birds singing the occasional sound of a truck on the freeway, then an explosion of pain. Pain consumed every part of my body. Gradually it became more localised and my bottom burned and stung. This time I hear the sound of the cane and I screamed. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t but it just came out. Then nothing. The dreadful pauses between the strokes. This was the mental side of the torment. The pain followed by the waiting for the pain. I didn’t bother to count, I knew that this would continue for as long as Fiona wished. At one stage I sensed she was standing very close to me. I heard you clear your throat and canlı casino siteleri you sounded tense and strange.

I was beyond tears, I peed myself at one point. My wrists burned I as hung from the straps. Pain followed by the waiting for the pain. Someone (not you) put their hand between my legs, I felt the palm of a hand against me the palm was wet and sticky, not from me though. Our safe-word was on my lips.

“OK – enough.” Fiona said.

First my ankles and then my wrists, then the blindfold and I collapsed into your arms and you carried me into the house. We clung to each other, neither able to speak, I kissed away your tears and you kissed away mine. We stayed that way for a long time, in each other’s arms.

“Is it finished?”

“Yes it’s finished, my wonderful brave girl.”

I wriggled as a reply and you kissed my lips.

“Will she want to watch me come Mistress?”

“That’s up to you my Love, could you bear it?”

“So long as she doesn’t touch me and just watches, then it’s OK.”

“Oh Suzy, so proud of my brave girl.”

Fiona lay back on the sofa, her jeans undone and her face red and blotchy. I tried not to look at her while your caressed me. You were so careful and considerate in the way you licked me and touched my rosebud. We did pretty much everything. I came three times before our little performance was over.

Sitting in the car I watched as you and Fiona talked on the veranda steps. A handshake, a sense of finality.

I curled round in my seat and watched my Mistress as she drove very fast indeed away from the bungalow. We didn’t talk much. My bottom burned but the pain was easing.

Later after we had eaten and cuddled together you left the room and returned with a little parcel. You watch as I unwrapped the package and opened a beautiful leather box. It was a necklace, silver, very simple and very very elegant. You took it from me and fastened it around my neck. We kissed. We kissed again. Then you led me to the bedroom and we kissed a whole lot more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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