First Chance Taken

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I click off my computer and straight away dial your number. When you answer, there’s some uncertainty in your voice.

“You’re wet for me already, aren’t you Tana?”
You have to admit that yes, you are.

“It’s alright to be wet for another woman.”

You give a tiny, cute little giggle.

“Tell me what you have on right now. Probably a gown and panties?”


My voice is very low, soothing. It’s so strange to hear this tone from female vocal chords. Exciting, scary. I whisper, “Are they the cotton kind that soaks up the wetness and stays damp all day or the nylon kind that gets all slippery and shiny?”

“The cotton kind,” you answer, your voice also a bare whisper, still unsure of this new situation.

“Touch the fabric and tell me how wet it is.”

Your panties are beginning to soak through. Something so new and taboo…

“Take them off, sweetheart,” I tell you. “Pull them off and then lie back on your bed. Get comfortable for me. Open your knees very wide.”

You do as you are told, knowing that I expect nothing less.

“Now close your eyes, Tana. Concentrate on only my voice. Shut out all other thoughts except what I tell you.”

Very quietly, you whisper, “Okay.”

“Feel me there in the room with you. I’m lying down on the bed between your legs. You can feel the bed sink down, you can feel my breath on your inner thigh. I’m examining your pussy.

I hear an intake of breath. You can feel me… knowing that I’m staring at your most intimate place.

“You are open just for me, aren’t you, Tana?” “I see your lips swelling up,” I tell you. The blood is causing them to be so soft and puffy. I see you getting wet, little drops of clear glistening fluid forming. I see your little clit growing into a hard pebble, peeking out from its hood.

“No you feel my fingers brush lightly over your downy hair, tickling it, caressing your. I drag my fingertips over the outside of the lips, across your thighs, down to the swell of your ass. Not invading you, but soothing you.

Your casino siteleri breath is a little quicker now, I hear you sigh. “No touching, Tana. Your pussy is my plaything tonight. My toy. You can’t play with someone’s toy without asking permission first, can you?”

“No,” you murmur.

“Do not touch.” Said more sternly this time.

“Yes, Ma’am,” that slips out without you being consciously away of saying it.

Now you feel my thumbs, pushing down between your puffy lips. I spread you open so I can see all of you. I spread you wide, spreading the inner lips too. Spreading them so wide that it is almost painful. It stings just a little bit… more pleasure than pain.

I use one hand to hold you open and with my longer middle finger, I push into that so hot, so wet tight opening. I ease it all the way in, feeling the folds of muscle and flesh inside your pussy. I hear you moan again.

Slowly, I begin to fuck you with this finger, sliding it all the way out and back in.

“My, how wet you are!” I tell you, my voice warming your ear. “Such a good girl.” To reward you, I add a second finger, pushing them into you slowly, twisting my wrist and turning them inside you. Stirring up your juices… I can hear the sounds of the moisture… the squishing sound of your excitement.

Your sighs tell me that you really like this. You really like the feeling of a woman’s fingers inside your pussy.

Then suddenly you gasp as you feel a warm flick over your clit. I flatten out my tongue and lick up over the whole area, tasting you for the first time. How sweet you are! I feel a flood of new moisture.

Now I make my tongue very hard and put it against one side of your clit. Not directly on it – like most men believe – but we know that can sometimes be too intense. I think the right side is probably your most sensitive spot and I concentrate there, stroking up and down.

But then over the phone line, I hear you moaning loudly, too loudly for just listening to me.

“You’re touching yourself, aren’t you Tana?” I scold you, already slot oyna knowing the truth.

You stay silent and that is as good as a confession.

I stop everything, even pulling my fingers out of you.

“Oh, Tana, what will I do with you?” I feel you bowing your head in shame, knowing that you’ve been a bad girl.

I stand up and my eyes search the room until I find a discarded silk tie – one of your husband’s. I pick it up and surprise you by climbing on top of you, straddling you so are hips are pressed together. I am naked too and you can feel the trimmed hair of my pussy tickling your lower belly.

I take your hands, putting your wrists together, binding them only tight enough so that you can’t pull them apart. Then I push them up over your head. When I lean forward, my breasts brush right over your face. You wonder what it would taste like to suck the small hard nipples, hardly noticing that I’ve secured your hands to the headboard. I sit back to admire my work and although you struggle to pull free, your struggles only tighten your bonds.

“No!” you protest. “That’s not fair!”

“Be quiet, Tana.” I lean over again to whisper in your ear, sucking the earlobe lightly between my lips. Then I climb back off the bed.

You turn to watch me rifling through my bag. You can’t see what I pull out but you see me putting on something, it almost looks like a thong from behind. This makes you very curious.

When I turn around I see something almost like fear in your eyes. The size of the strap on is big, thick as your wrist and at least ten inches long. I move to climb up on the end of the bed between your open thighs.

“I’m going to fuck you, Tana. I’m going to make you scream and make you know what it feels like to be fucked by a woman.”

Though your eyes are still wide with surprise, I see them gleaming with lust. I know you want this.

I lean forward and rub the cool rubber head up and down your slit to get it wet all over. You certainly are very wet. When it is too, I place the head of it right at the opening canlı casino siteleri and press forward again.

You moan loudly as it begins to invade you, your arms straining at the tie that holds you still. Using small strokes at first, I pull out and push back in, working the huge cock into you a little at a time, inch by inch. When it finally slides in all the way to the rubber balls, I start to slam it into you roughly.

I take your legs in my hands and lift them, opening you more and letting me have deeper access to your pussy. Harder and harder I fuck you, making you squirm, almost as if to get away, but it feels so good. You want to reach out to me but your bound hands are unable.

The sounds you make and the quickness of your breath tell me you are close to orgasm. I drop your legs now and lean over you, my face close to yours.

“Are you ready to cum now, Tana?” I asked you through my own gritted teeth. You have no idea how wet doing this has made me.

“Oh yes! Yes please!” you answer, pleading.

“You have to ask me nicer than that!” I growl, suddenly reaching behind the base of your neck and grabbing a fistful of your hair. I tug your chin up so that I can nibble on your neck while my artificial cock still slams into you.

“Ohhhhh!!” now you scream. “Please, please!”

I go back up on my knees now and reach one hand down between us, finding your clit. I start to stroke it with my thumb.

You writhe, hardly able to hold back yet afraid to let go until I tell you it’s okay.

I wait only a few seconds, enjoying the look of near-torture on your face, then I whisper, “Now. Cum now, Tana! Give it to me!”

Even though the dildo is not part of me, I can feel the contractions of your pussy on it – squeezing it, milking it. I love the way you are crying out, the way your hips are bucking from side to side.

As the spasms dwindle, I smile and speak very softly. “Good girl, Tana. Very good.”

It’s hard for you to catch your breath. I pull out of you, remover the strap-on and crawl up beside you, taking a moment to untie your arms. Then I put my arms around you, pulling your head down to my chest.

“You’re so good,” I sigh into your ear, stroking your hair softly. “I can’t wait till you do me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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