First Meet

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I meet you at my door, as I open it you see me, I am wearing a bodice that pushes my breast up and out, I have on black stockings with garter belt, but no panties. My pussy is shaved bare. You are wearing a short sundress that I can see right through. I give you a kiss and tell you to close your eyes and to trust me. You feel something soft and silky go around your eyes and being tied. I ask you to open your eyes and tell me if you can see, you tell me no, and ask me what I am going to do.

I don’t say anything, but take your hand a guide you into the living room. I tell you to stand and not to move. You feel my lips touch yours and I slid my tongue into you mouth, I kiss you and suck on your tongue, you taste wonderful. I move my hands over your body, up your back, your sides, across our breasts, never stopping at one place to long. You feel the straps of your dress being pulled off your shoulders, the dress falls to the floor. You are not wearing a bra and the cool air hardens your nipples. You have on a sexy little thong that barely covers your pussy.

You feel my lips take one of your nipples into my mouth, I gently suck on it, running my tongue over its hardness. I start to suck your whole breast into my mouth, taking as much as I can. They are soft but very firm, I keep sucking and licking. I hear you let out a soft moan. You feel me pull away from your breast. You don’t know where I am at, then you feel my hands on your thighs, they move up to your thong, you feel me pull the thong up so that the material in front slides between you lips, parting them, the pressure on casino oyna your clit feel so good.

You don’t know but I am looking at your pussy and how the thong is almost gone between you lips, it looks so hot. I take you by the shoulders and tell you to drop to your knees, you do as I tell you. You feel me spread your legs wide, and then my hand is rubbing your pussy, pulling on the thong, rubbing it on your now hard clit. Your pussy is wet with your juice. You feel me in front of you. I take your hands and place them on my ass. I push my pussy into your face and tell you to start licking me. You can taste my wetness, you feel my fingers spreading my pussy open so you can lick and suck me better.

I tell you to squeeze my ass and pull me closer to your face, my juices cover your face as you try to suck me dry. Then I pull away from you. You fell me hold you as I lay you down on your back. It gets quite and you call my name, but there is no reply. You feel me take your hand and something is being tied to it. It feels like another scarf. Then it is your ankle being tied, your leg is being bent and tied to your wrist. Then the other side is tied the same way. You know now that you are bound and that you cannot move. You also know that your are spread wide open and that I can see all of you. The next thing you feel is something soft like feathers brush your skin.

All over your body, around your breast, between your legs the feeling is soft but sends tingles down your body. This lasts for about ten minutes, and then stops. You feel me place my fingers into the waistband slot oyna of your thong and rip the material away from you. You feel my hands on your pussy spreading your lips open, then my tongue is on you, licking and sucking your lips, your clit, poking inside you. I feel you start to cum, and I go faster, you feel my tongue pulling out of you and then you feel my finger inside you, bend so that it puts pressure on your G spot. I finger fuck you hard and fast with one finger, then your feel another finger go inside you. You start to cum and I keep finger fucking harder and faster, you cum all over my fingers. I pull them out and you can’t see me but I put them in my mouth and suck off all your juices. You lay there trying to recover from your orgasm, but feel my fingers back inside you, they are only there for a minute then you feel me smearing your tight little asshole with your juices. You feel my finger poking into your ass, slow at first and just a little bit, then it is deep and is moving in and out.

You start to buck your legs but you cannot move. My finger feel so good in your ass that you tell me harder, I push it in deeper and you squirm, trying to get more of it inside you. I finger fuck your sweet little asshole, in and out, faster and then slowly, back and forth. You feel your self starting to cum over again, and this surprises you because you have never cum with just your asshole being played with. I keep fucking you know that you are about to cum again.

As you start to cum I work a finger into your pussy and finger it also, you scream at me to fuck you harder canlı casino siteleri and faster as your cum over and over. I pull my fingers out of you and let you rest just a second. You feel me untie your hands and ankles. I tell you roll over and get on your knees and move forward. You do and stop when you come to what you think is the couch. I tell you to put your arms on the couch and stick your ass up in the air. You feel me behind you put you still cannot see me. You feel my hands spread your ass cheeks apart and my hand begins to rub your pussy and my fingers start to slide into your both your pussy and ass. I play with you for a few minutes and then stop. You wait, not know what is going to happen next.

You feel something push against your pussy, its big, but soft, it slides inside you and you know that it is a dildo, then you feel one slide into your ass, both your holes are full and you think that you are going to split open, the I begin to fuck you, I thrust them both at the same time deep inside you and your ass pushes up to meet them. I pull them all most all the way out and then thrust them deep again.

Then I start to speed up, pushing and pulling them inside you, faster and harder. You start yelling at me to fuck you hard, to fuck you faster, You tell me how good it feel in your ass and pussy, you tell me not to stop, I’m fucking you harder and faster, I start to spank your ass after each thrust, you scream that you are cumming and push harder against the dildos inside you. Then you explode your body starts to shake. You are cumming so hard that you just whimper and moan unable to even talk.

I slow down as your orgasms come to an end. I pull out of you and remove the blindfold and kiss your sweet mouth, I hold you tight against my body. I tell you that I need you and that it’s my turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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