First Time With A Woman

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I am travelling through South America during a hot summer, on the local inter-city transport. It is sticky and humid and I can’t wait to get to Rio. The bus empties and I am the only one left sitting near the back of the bus. There is this other girl sitting a few rows in-front of me. She has this long brown hair and olive skin like the Latin Americans. She is wearing an orange cotton t shirt and a pink skirt. We get to Rio and when offloading the suitcases it appears that hers was taken by somebody else. She is a tourist and has nothing other than her luggage, which was now stolen. She was very upset and she asked me to help her. I didn’t know what to do, but offered her to come stay over with me in my hotel. There was nobody else there, the bus drove off, and she came with me to my hotel. She couldn’t communicate with me as she spoke Portuguese only, but we managed with a few English words she knew..

We get up to the room and I change out of my sticky cargo pants and I put on a clean blue t shirt and some satin white panties. It was so hot that I didn’t put a skirt on. I put the ceiling fan on high. This girl, whose name was Tia, also wanted to change, but had nothing to wear. She showered and then came back into the room, and asked me looking at my clothes if she could borrow something. I told her to find something that fitted her and it would be ok. She drops the towel, revealing quite small breasts probably size A, but with large areolas. She puts on one of my white t- shirts and then puts on a pair of my pink bikini casino siteleri cotton panties. I thought it unusual for someone to wear my underwear, but in the circumstances, well , there was not much choice. It was so hot. She sits up on the bed and doesn’t put anything else on. We turn the TV on and watch some Spanish program we both don’t understand.

I turn to my side and fall asleep from the tiring journey. Some time later, I wake up hearing little groans and I think maybe Tia is sleeping and having a nightmare. I turn from my side and I see her sitting up against the back of the bed, her knees up and her one hand touching herself on top of her underwear, actually my underwear. She doesn’t see me notice as her eyes were closed. I am shocked but I keep staring. Her nipples were hard , pushing out against the white t shirt, her areolas showing through as her right hand is slowly rubbing her nipple under the shirt, her left hand is dangling in-front of her open knees, while her index finger is slowly twitching up and down in controlled movements against her pussy. I had never seen a women masturbate in-front of me before.

I looked on knowing I shouldn’t be looking. Seeing her doing this excited me, I don’t know why, I had never had any lesbian tendencies before. I felt myself start getting wet, and my mouth dry up with a salty feeling as the onrush or hormones took over. She was moaning softly as she continued to touch herself. I then saw her fingers pull aside the panties and start turning in round little motions slot oyna over her clitoris. I couldn’t see much more, but I suddenly find myself involuntarily guiding my right hand down to my panties, and start stroking up and down my vulva on the outside of my panties.

Suddenly she starts talking to me about going to get food. I quickly release my hand and look over at her and see that she is lying down on her front trying to turn the TV off. I am relived she didn’t realise that I knew what she was doing and she didn’t see what I was doing. I pull on a skirt and she asks if she can borrow something from me. She looks in my suitcase and found my bike pants, but first pulls off the panties and then puts it on. I knew that some girls don’t like wearing panties under bike shorts because of the panty lines, but these were my shorts. I didn’t know how to say no in her language so just left it. She went to the toilet and I looked at the pink panties I had lent her. They had a wet patch on the front and I don’t know why I did, but I lifted them up and noticed a white wet stain on the inside. I quickly moved away from the bed as she opened the toilet door.

We went out for dinner, and got so drunk…Tia and I danced with each other on the dancefloor of this pub. We ended up dancing close as there were so many people. I suddenly felt her ass around my waist, and I put mine around hers. I felt her chest come against mine. Her nipples showing through the t- shirt and hard were pointing right into my breasts. It felt strange but I was so canlı casino siteleri drunk I didn’t think. Her fingers relaxed a bit and dropped onto my ass holding it. I don’t know what got into me, but I let my hands caress her but and i stuck my fingers in the side of the bike pants and felt her skin. She looked at me in the eye. She had a dazed look and her lips came closer to mine. My eyes closed and we kissed each other slowly, passionately and deeply. The music stopped, as the band was packing up. We took each other’s hands and in our drunken state made it back to the hotel room.

Giggling, we open the door and I lie down on the bed. Tia, pulls off the bike pants revealing a bush of dark brown hair. She pulls off her shirt and I see hr perky breasts. She then comes to me and sits on top of me. Her bush was right against my mound, yet on top of my skirt. She leans down to kiss me and my hand reaches upwards to touch her breasts. My palm covers her whole breasts and my fingers brush against her erect hard nipples. She moans as I touch her. She pulls off my skirt and then pulls my white panties to the side. Before I know what is happening, her tongue is licking strokes up and down my pussy. It felt so good. She then nibbles my clitoris, which is swollen like never before. It was aching with tension. As her lips tighten around it and pull it I felt rushes and rushes of pleasure mounting from my inner core. I move my fingers to touch her wetness and my finger enters her hole. It was soaked. I rub I up and down and she groans and moans loudly. Her mouth now moving to lick my nipples which were hardening.

We continued like this for an hour or so, I think. The next day we didn’t remember much. We woke up naked on the bed lying next to each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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