A Second Letter From Maggie Ch. 01

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This is purely for those reviewers who were so kind in comment and eager for a follow up. I started to write it as a mix of two topics, but have decided in view of the comments left to send it in two parts as the ‘orientation’ of them is quite different.

Written as a letter it is ‘newsy’ . Please rate it based on what you like about it rather than anything you don’t. My apologies for taking so long to complete this follow up to the first ‘Letter’ story – I hope you are not disappointed – just a work of fiction, but inspired by one or two of my own cameos. Here goes…

The old fashioned hand written envelope that dropped through the door could only be from one person. Sure enough, as Krissy sat in her sun filled kitchen, nursing a good quality coffee and croissant, there was Maggie’s distinctive handwriting. Krissy held the letter and wryly smiled at the ways of her old-fashioned mature lover.

The ceremony of letter opening and sitting to anticipate the read like the arrival of a new best seller, only served to heighten the thrill at its receipt. The thirty-something knew which tale would be told in its contents and she had spent weeks wondering if Maggie had succeeded in seducing her young employee Lucy. It was a wicked thought, but one which made her juices really flow…

“Hi Krissy,

I really hope you, and of course the lovely Julia, are as well as can be found and enjoying this fabulous summer we are having. The good weather certainly lightens the mood. Mind you, my mood needs little help in lifting since we met on holiday.

My body is continuing to make me feel alive as I continue the path which you so deliciously set me on. I guess I owe you a return favour and would love to offer some suggestions as to how I might repay you – of course, most involve you being naked in my bed, but I will leave you to put fill in the detail on how that time together could be spent…

However that is not the tale that is to be told this time. As promised, I am writing to fill you in on what is happening with both Sara, that wicked bitch niece of mine, and of course the lovely innocent that is Lucy.

Sara has continued to corrupt me with her devilish behaviour. Every time she leaves and I think what she has made me do, I am almost horrified by myself. I’ll tell you more in a minute, but the contrast when I think about Lucy is incredible – where Sara seems to wrap me round her finger, I am the one guiding events with Lucy. Where Sara and I seem to share pure lust, with Lucy I have had to think about and plan every move in detail. I love both relationships, though I use that term loosely in respect of both of these girls…

The twists with Sara have continued to stretch my experience further than I could ever imagine. I really don’t know where she gets the ideas for what we have done! Recently she has developed a real taste for me licking- rimming she calls it – her asshole. Sorry to be so matter of fact – I can’t believe that I accepted her demand so readily, but then you have seen that tiny tight ass and can appreciate how delightful it is to get so close to it.

The first time was a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday evening. As usual she had arranged to stay when going out for the night in town. As usual she came over late in the afternoon and made a big play of getting ready at length. While she was getting cleaned up, she had me strip off while I watched. I was then made to kneel behind her while she put her mascara on at the bathroom mirror, naked herself of course, and begin to slide my tongue up and down her ass crack. She told me she wanted me to loosen her up back there for something naughty she had in mind later on.

I did manage the occasional taste of her pussy, especially once she was getting wet and turned on. She was so deliciously smooth – you know how gorgeous in this respect young women are – after all you have one of your own.

After a while, once she had deemed me to have got her wet enough, she got me to force my tongue further up her ass. I was glad she had showered first, but this was turning me on immensely. Sara bent over the sink loving the subtle feelings canlı bahis şirketleri I was able to deliver her. I was fit to burst and prayed she would not deny me my orgasm for too long.

Sara soon wanted more though and that was in the form of a finger, then two, eased into her now soaking rear. She made some lewd comments about my thicker mature fingers really stretching her and that would be perfect preparation. For what I could only guess. She reached down and gave her clit a rub and soon she was at her climax, not a huge one, but an obvious and moist relief.

Turning round, she sat me on the bath and as if to read my mind, almost matter of factly reached down and within a minute of rubbing up and down my slit I was cumming all over her fingers – it was a perfect release. I hung off her for a couple of minutes while she let me regain my breath, gently stroking my heaving breasts. As she let go and finished getting ready her comment that I might want to give my own ass some ‘attention’ sounded ominous.

She left me lying on the bed with a glib ‘See you later’. Reflecting on what she said, I decided to try being a bit bolder with what was a virgin hole for me. I know anal is a pretty common thing for Sara’s age group, but to me it was almost taboo. Of course a finger tip or two had been up there, but nothing bigger. There had been a couple of clumsy attempts by ex-boyfriends, but my back door had always remained closed. I doubted whether I could retain that honour for much longer.

I got myself on all fours, reached back with the bottle of baby oil we now kept near the bed for general lubrication (you know how things are), and liberally spread it around. Looking back I could see my ass in the mirror and began to circle the anus with a finger, gently probing the hole as I had done with Sara earlier. Almost instantly I felt I needed more and first a finger, then two were pushed in. Now I knew how Sara had felt and picturing my gorgeous niece I was soon close to orgasm number two.

Something made me not take the easy route and I reached for our stash of toys next to the bed. I selected a small blue vibe and slowly but easily pushed it into my rear. My oh my, it felt good and it was not even turned on, though god knows I was…

In my mind I reckoned Sara would have me on the other end of the strap on again, but that it sounded like she wanted to try riding my ass now. If I was to take her strap on back there, I knew I had better limit my pleasure in that hole. I contented myself with a long slow plateau of pleasure, lots of lubing up and a feverish anticipation of Sara’s return.

Her eventual return came accompanied by a couple of extra voices. Usually when Sara brought her man friends back to the house, she took them to her room leaving me to listen to her taking her pleasure with them. God knows what my sister, her mother, would think if she knew what went on when her daughter was staying over with Aunt Maggie…

This time was different. I was called down to the lounge. You would have admired my confidence to walk in dressed only in a sexy satin number. The guys she had brought back were a surprise to me, much older than usual, perhaps mid forties. Both were well dressed and confident looking, and no wonder, probably both thinking they had pulled and were going to fuck such a gorgeous young thing as Sara. Judging by their looks when they saw me enter, they seemed to approve of the older aunt as well.

As I approached it was obvious why they looked so pleased – Sara had both of their cocks out and was languidly wanking them as they sat either side of her.

‘Maggie, meet my new friends – I would like you to come and help me get them really hard for the fun I have in mind.’ I was made to get on my knees and both of them stood and approached me. To be offered two cocks at once was something new to me. All I could think of was the porn I had seen and what the women had done on them. Clutching both, I did what was asked and expected of me and began to suck.

This was heavenly. Both were a good size but not uncomfortably so. Their appreciative noises told me that I was doing a good job, switching canlı kaçak iddaa from one to the other, occasionally pushing both together and trying to get both into my mouth at once. Seeing two hard cocks touching each other was triggering all sorts of fantasy buttons in me. Sometimes I don’t know where I get these thoughts from…

The men were stripping themselves as I did my duty, but then suddenly I was aware that their attention was suddenly moved elsewhere. I looked up and across the room and saw why. Sara was stood there dressed only in black stockings and hold ups and her costume necklace that matched her smouldering dark hair. Her nipples were hard as bullets, her pussy sporting just the tiniest triangle of dark pubic hair. Sensational.

‘You look ready guys, so follow me – you as well Maggie.’ She walked off and the guy nearest the door followed without a second thought. I guess he reckoned that would give him first go with this young slut. The second helped me to my feet, kissed me hard on the lips and ran a hand over the top of my large breasts. It felt so good and my hand fell instinctively to his cock. He in turn dropped a hand to my sopping slit a trawled a thick finger right up the middle of it. As he crossed over my clit I could have just pulled him into me there and then. But Sara had called and I needed to know what she had in mind.

As we followed her into her room, she turned and kissed the lucky first guy in. She lowered him onto the bed and it was obvious what was coming next. For the first time I was going to watch my niece fuck one of her victims right in front of my eyes. She stared intently into his eyes and swung a leg over his torso before slowly lowering herself onto his rock hard cock. This was a glorious sight seeing her labia forcing open and the cock disappearing into her. She began to ride him taking her own pleasure at his expense.

I still had hold of the second guys cock and was gently fisting it while my own hand played around with my own pussy. My man took his chance to get me naked and removed my delicate nightdress. His hands cupped my breasts and firmly squeezed them from behind, pinching my nipples hard causing me to shudder and roll my head back. In my mind I was realizing that I was going to be at the mercy of the three of them for the evening. I didn’t mind one little bit.

A small orgasm had soon taken over Sara and slightly breathlessly she called for me. ‘Do what you did earlier to me – you know what I mean Maggie.’ I knew all too well and reluctantly let go of my play cock then approached the bed and bent forward. I couldn’t see either face of the men, but could imagine what they would be feeling as my tongue dived at Sara’s ass.

It tasted absolutely gorgeous, her juices smeared all over it. I carried out my task enthusiastically and was rewarded with an opportunist cock nudging my cunt from behind. It was gorgeous feeling it slide inside. To be honest, I have not enjoyed the pleasure of a man in my bed since we met. Sara’s demands and my own wicked play have been enough. Call me an old traditionalist, but I was quite relieved to discover that I have not become some old dyke and can confidently and happily say I am liberal and bi in my leanings now. Krissy, you have a lot to answer for – that said I think girls are definitely ahead in my ratings at the moment!

When Sara realised I was being fucked she said to my lover ‘Good, get yourself nice and wet for me, I’m just about ready for you.’ Suddenly I realised why I was rimming her ass as I was gently pushed to one side. ‘You’ she nodded at him ‘Ease that cock of yours up my ass – it’s nice and ready for you.’ To emphasize the point, she slid a finger right up her own asshole, dragging a load of spit and lube into it. Her eyes closed for a moment as she felt the pleasure of that extra penetration, then opened them, reached back for the cock which had just moments earlier been buried in my pussy. ‘Watch carefully Maggie, it’s your turn next…’ and with that she lined up the cock with her hole and let his weight fall forward onto her.

My God, I could not believe her petite frame would accept both cocks at the same canlı kaçak bahis time, but it did and the two guys clearly could not believe their luck. After a minute or so of wriggling and moving to establish a rhythm, they began to fuck her, slower than they would have done if just one of them had been taking her, but clearly at no cost to her pleasure. Her cries and moans just grew and grew. I recognized some of these extreme noises from other evening when she had been staying over. This was definitely not her first time with a cock in her ass, and almost certainly not the first double penetration she had enjoyed. It was all I could do to rub myself and from time to time reach out and touch breasts or balls, cock or ass, steal a kiss or feel a foreign finger slyly disappear up my tunnel.

Although Sara was clearly staggering from one climax to another, she cautioned the guys against cumming. Their control was admirable in the face of this horny and gorgeous young thing mounted on their cocks. Coming down from a large cum, Sara expertly unravelled herself from her intruders, looked at them and said a simple ‘Now fuck her the same way’ and looking at the guy on his back said ‘But you can have her ass!’

I could not believe that my anal virginity was going to be given away just like that. But I had no mind to stop her. She positioned my ass above his cock, my back to him and lowered me onto him, slowly forcing it in. I was glad I had practiced earlier and in reality felt him enter me with, well not exactly ease, but more pleasure than pain.

Feeling the cock inside me and his gentle pushing up to get deeper meant I was well in control. Surrendering to the feeling, I began to ride him slowly, all the time feeling Sara’s hands on my breasts and pussy helping me enjoy the moment still further. Soon I was shuddering with pleasure, the waves building in me. At that moment I was presented with that second, more familiar cock at the entrance to my pussy. It was mercilessly pushed in this time. No ceremony, just pure animal lust.

I was little more than a large breasted rag doll for them to satiate themselves on now. They had been controlled and rhythmical with Sara and now this was just the push to a climax for all of us. Sara added one final word to them both ‘I want both of you to cum in her ass – make sure you do or the night will be short.’ I could only wonder what she meant, but for now was utterly absorbed.

Clearly reaching the end of their endurance, which could have been a minute or an hour so much had I lost track of time, my pussy was emptied of cock. I was flipped over and my ass began to take a much harder fucking. I was screaming my lust as the cock remorselessly drilled in and out. Sara presented me with her swollen and sodden pussy to cover with my mouth. It afforded her a view of the guy cumming in my ass. I was given no chance to recover when my first lover took his turn on his second ass of the night. Any pretence to anything more than being somewhere for him to leave his cum, would have been a lie. Slippery and lubricated from what felt like a huge load in deep in me, his cock entered so easily. The noises emanating from my rear were lewd in the extreme. They combined perfectly with the noises escaping from my two lovers sharing my pleasure at that very moment. I came again with my fingers hard on my clit, another cock emptied itself inside me and Sara enjoyed another of her own.

I was left lying on the bed while the others took turns to shower. I could feel the cum slowly sliding back out, a strange, corrupt and delightful feeling. Our night did not finish there. I was sent to my bedroom with my first lover, who would have me twice more that night. Sara came in and sent me to her room in the morning, so that we could share each others for one last fuck before sending them away. I was raw but utterly pleasured by the time I sat down for breakfast late that next morning.

Sara told me later that she chose the older guys for a number of reasons. I thought that them being handsome and definitely ‘up for it’ was enough but no, she hoped that their experience would mean that our asses would be treated gently on what she knew was my first time. Also she was aware that the guys would be just as appreciative of my older form as they would be excited by her youth. Their nice modest cocks were a bonus for an anal experience.

I think Sara is smart beyond her years.

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A Sensual Education Pt. 02

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CHAPTER 7 – A Bed-time Story (Gabby learns a little about her mother)

Gabby had sucked her father’s dick to its full height, stroking his beautiful balls as her head lay against his belly. How she loved having that rod in her mouth, swirling her tongue around its firm flesh as her father’s tension rose until at last he grasped her head, thrust with his hips, and a torrent of his creamy essence exploded from it.

But now she was torn, for much as she loved sucking him off, the itching in her groin tonight had become more insistent, and she knew that she wanted—she needed—to impale herself upon that powerful pole, to feel it stretch the walls of her pussy as she ground her clit against him until both their bodies throbbed and pulsed in love’s climax. She moved her right hand from his balls and began rubbing her clit, then fingered her labia, spreading the grateful moisture her body was already supplying so copiously. One finger slid in easily, then a second, and she stroked in and out a few times while her thumb pressed and rubbed her clitoris.

Fully prepared, she quickly clambered astride him, and with her left hand holding his shaft, directed his large, strong cock into her snatch. First just the head, teasingly, and she raised herself off him, then back down, the head re-entering, followed by an inch or two of the shaft. Up again, her father gasping with pleasure at the friction as his cockhead once more withdrew from her pussy, then back down as she buried the entire shaft within her cunt. Pressing her hands against his chest, she rocked her hips and ground her clit against him. Leaning forward, she kissed him deeply, then brought his hand to her mouth, sucked his middle finger to wet it with her saliva and moved it to her lovely rump.

Her father understood immediately, and began probing her butthole. The tip encountered only slight initial resistance, and after a few strokes his finger was fully buried in her backdoor. Clutching her to him with his left arm, his hips thrust urgently toward her, as his body tried to get even more than all of his cock within her. And then Gabby was crying out, and his passion overflowed, his cum spurting deep into his beautiful daughter.

She lay atop him, both of them utterly spent, his softening cock still within her cunt, his strong middle finger still within her ass.

“Daddy,” she asked softly, “could Ricky join us sometime, so the three of us could fuck?”

“Would you like that, pumpkin? Would Rick like that?”

“I know I’d love it. I love when we fuck, and I’ve always loved fucking Rick. Sometimes, he’ll fuck me in the ass while I use a dildo, and I think it would be so much better having real cocks in both holes instead. So it’s okay with you if I ask him?”

“Of course, sweetheart. Making you and Rick happy is the most important thing to me.” He smiled and gently stroked her cheek. “Have you ever discussed this idea with Rick?”

Gabby frowned slightly. “Well, no, we’ve never talked about it. But he always loved it when we’d fuck with Michelle, and the time Jen spent the weekend with us.”

Dr Grant nodded. “Yes, most men love getting attention from two beautiful girls, and seeing the girls making love to each other. But a threesome involving another man? Men aren’t always comfortable with that idea, even if the other man isn’t a blood relative.”

“But why is that? Why is there such a double standard? Why do guys think it’s so hot for girls to have sex together but not guys? I love sucking dick and eating pussy, and I love seeing other girls do both, and guys too. Why isn’t it the same for guys? Aren’t we all just people?”

Her father shook his head. “I’m not sure why, pumpkin. It’s not a prejudice I share, though it certainly does exist. It’s pretty common, in fact. I hope your brother is more broad-minded than that, for your sake and his own. I would hate to think he would miss out on a harmless pleasure because of some antiquated taboo.” He caressed Gabby’s lovely breast and kissed her on the nose. “But you need to talk to Rick about it, and make sure it’s something he’d like to do.”

Gabby looked at him shyly. “Couldn’t you talk to him, Daddy?”

“Dearest, whose idea was it for you and me to sleep together?”


“Had we ever talked about it? Had you ever felt that I thought of you sexually?”

“No, never.”

“Why was that?”

Gabby closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Because you didn’t want me to feel awkward, to feel that I had to either please you or risk disappointing you.”

“And shouldn’t it be the same for Rick? Don’t you think it should be his choice?”

“I suppose so Daddy.” She put her hand on his, the hand which was still on her ass, its middle finger still in her butt-hole, and pressed it. “But do I get to try to talk him into it?”

The warmth of the conversation, and of his daughter’s ass as she pressed his middle finger into herself, were causing Dr Grant’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cock to stiffen again, and he sighed with pleasure before answering. “You’re certainly free to tell him what you’d like, pumpkin. And that I want the two of you to be happy. But let him know that neither of us want him to do anything he’s not comfortable with.”

Gabby, feeling the renewed firmness of her father’s prick, began moving her hips as she lay atop him, and the doctor’s hips began rocking as well. She took his face in both her hands and kissed him deeply as their passion rose once more. Their rocking intensified, the father’s cock filling his daughter’s cunt, the hunger of her pussy increasing as his prick grew. The finger fucking Gabby’s asshole, the cock filling her cunt, seemed to merge, she was no longer being pleasured in separate places, she simply was pleasure. And then her father gasped as his cum spurted once more inside her throbbing cunt, and he kissed her hair as her head rested on his chest.

After a few moments, Gabby spoke softly. “Oh Daddy, I hope Ricky will want to join us. Not just so we can do a DP. It would be so great to see him suck your dick. I just know that if he ever does, he’ll love it as much as I do.”

“Dearest, if your brother loves you half as much as I think he does, I doubt you’ll have any trouble convincing him. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use your power wisely. Be gentle with Rick, and I’m sure you’ll get your way.”

Gabby kissed him gratefully, and the two slowly drifted off to sleep, the father cradling his loving daughter in his arms.

Morning came all too quickly, and Dr Grant had to rise in order to get ready for work. Gently kissing his young daughter, he whispered,”Sorry, sleepy head, daddy has to go to work,” as he slid from under her. “But you stay here as long as you like.”

Gabby opened one eye, yawned and stretched as she watched her father’s trim butt disappear into the bathroom. Slowly, she climbed out of bed, thinking she’d go to her own bathroom to begin getting ready for her day, but on her way to the door she paused by her father’s dresser. Like the rest of her father’s life—indeed, like her father’s mind—it was orderly and uncluttered. Ranged across the surface were several small picture frames, with photos of the doctor and his family. There were of course pictures of Gabby and Rick at different ages, and of the three Grants together, and a lovely picture of Michelle which Rick had taken just a few months before she’d left them. But behind these were a number of older pictures. One in particular always made Gabby pause. There was a tall man, young but still recognizable as Dr Marston Grant. In front of him were two very small children, a boy and girl perhaps eighteen or nineteen months old, in a two-seat stroller. Next to the man, her left arm around his waist, her right hand on his chest, was a beautiful young woman. Gabby glanced at herself in the mirror, then returned her gaze to the picture. “Hi Mom,” she said softly. “Miss you. People say I look a lot like you, but I think they’re exaggerating. I wish it were true, though, because you’re so beautiful.” She picked up the picture, kissed it, then set it back down and headed to her room.

That night, there were only two for dinner at the Grant house. Rick was up at the north end of the island, helping Dr Weiss to install some equipment for one of Dr Zimmer’s experiments, and wasn’t expected back until quite late. Indeed, if things went as well as Rick hoped, he’d intimated to Gabby earlier, he and Dr Weiss—Julia—would be spending the night together. Gabby had wished him well. “Good luck,” she’d said. “You’ll need it.”

“What? Do you think she’s out of my league?”

“If you were seven years older, she’d be out of your league. As it is, I don’t think you’re even playing the same game.”

“Huh. We’ll see about that, missy.”

“Go, prove me wrong,” Gabby said as she kissed him good-bye.

Father and daughter were quiet through much of their meal, the occasional smile or brief touch on hand or arm providing all the conversational reassurance either required. But after a while, when she was almost done eating, Gabby said, “Daddy? Tell me about Mom.”

“What would you like to know, pumpkin?”

“I don’t know…How did you meet? What was she like? What…plans did she have?”

Dr Grant smiled. “In other words, everything.”

“I guess so,” laughed Gabby. “I remember you used to tell us things when we were little, about how she’d read to us, or the songs she’d sing. But there’s so much more I’d like to know! I’ve wondered for a long time, but Rick and I always thought we shouldn’t ask too much, that it might be hard for you to talk about.”

“Oh sweetheart, no! I love remembering your mother, thinking about her. Of course I miss her, and it’s painful that she died so young, but I’m so lucky that she left me you and Rick.” He smiled, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri somewhat sadly, and shook his head. “You remind me so much of her. The way you look, your kindness and thoughtfulness, your laugh. When I hear you laugh, it’s like she’s in the room.”

“I love that picture you have on your dresser, the one of the four of us? She looked so happy, so beautiful.”

“She was beautiful, and I think she was happy too.” He paused briefly. “That picture’s very special to me. Dell Keller took that picture for us.”

“Dr Keller? Jen’s dad?”

“That’s right. It was just a couple of days before he left to take a job in San Diego. Three weeks before your mother’s accident.”

Gabby reached out and touched her father’s arm. “I’m so sorry. That’s awful.”

“No sweetie! It would be awful if I didn’t have the picture, so you couldn’t see how beautiful your mother was, and how much she loved life. How much she loved you.”

Both were quiet for a moment, then Gabby said, “So you were friends with Dr Keller before he came to work for the Foundation?”

“Dell? Oh, sure. We’d become friends when we were in grad school.”

Gabby nodded. “And Mom? How did you two meet?”

Dr Grant chuckled. “So, you want to know the whole story of Marty Grant, the luckiest guy in the state of New Jersey, and his beloved, Emma Woodley? I tell you what, pumpkin, I have some work I’ve got to get done after we get this dinner cleaned up, but then we can make an early night of it and curl up together and I’ll tell you a bed-time story.”

Gabby laughed. “Okay, okay, chores first, then we snuggle.” Her father nodded. “Daddy?”


She put her arms around him and leaned her head against his chest. “I love it when you call me pumpkin.”

Two hours later, Dr Grant said, “Now, where were we?” as Gabby nestled against him in his bed. “How did your mother and I meet, right?”

“Yes please. The whole story.”

“Okay. So, I was in grad school, and I was a teaching assistant. Conducted some of the classes, met with students who had questions too basic for the professor to be bothered with, did a preliminary look at all the tests and assignments that were handed in before the professor did the final grading. Anyway, in one section there was this very pretty girl-”

“Mom?” asked Gabby.

“No interruptions please, miss, the storyteller works at his own pace.”


“So, there was this very pretty girl, but since I was a generally conscientious TA, I knew it would be totally inappropriate for me to see this girl socially while she was taking the class.” He sighed and shook his head. “That term was very long. Extremely long. I’d say interminable, but it did finally end. So. The term ended, the new term was beginning, and I checked the rosters for the classes I would be assisting with. Imagine my relief when I saw that the girl I wanted to date wasn’t in any of them. Now I just had to figure out some way to find her, introduce myself as a person rather than a TA, and ask her out.”

“Couldn’t you just look her up online? Didn’t the school have a directory?”

“I’ll ignore the fact that you interrupted me again, because I’m flattered that you think I’m that young. This was long ago, dear—think the dark ages—before there was an internet. Before everyone shared their personal details with everyone, before everyone carried a telephone with them everywhere they went. Undergrads didn’t even have phones in their rooms; there’d be a pay phone down the hall, so you couldn’t look up a number or call anyone unless you already knew what floor of which dorm they lived on. And the administration looked askance at grad students asking for information about random undergrads. No, I had to find her the old fashioned way, by keeping my eyes open, walking around a lot between classes, checking the library at different times.”

“Sounds hopeless.”

“Well, it pretty much was. I’d had no luck at all and was getting quite discouraged. Then, one day, two or three weeks into the term, I was leading a class discussion and happened to walk toward the door of the classroom while I was making a point to the group. And there she was, just walking by the room. I was stunned for a moment, but recovered enough to say ‘Excuse me a second!’ to the class and dashed out to catch her.

“She was almost to the end of the hall when I called her name. She turned, looking slightly annoyed, and I was sure it was all over. But then she saw it was me, she smiled (what a relief that was!), and walked back toward me. ‘Hi Professor Grant,’ she said. ‘How are you?’ Well, I had to say I was fine and ask how she was, but I also had to remind her that I was nothing so lofty as a professor, and she should just call me Marty, and then asked her where she was off to. And she said she was just going back to her dorm because the person she was supposed to meet hadn’t shown up. And I said, güvenilir bahis şirketleri oh, could she wait a few minutes, my class was almost done, I’d like to talk with her for a bit and catch up. She said okay, and I went back, wrapped up the class discussion, and made everybody happy by dismissing them ten minutes early.

“I went back out, and there was Greta-”

“Wait! Greta? I thought this was Mom?” said Gabby.

“I never said this was your mother. I said it was a pretty girl—and she was quite pretty, still is as a matter of fact—who I hoped to date. Now, no jumping to conclusions, and no more interruptions please.”

“Sorry Daddy. But just a second…you said Greta. You mean Mrs Keller? Jen’s mom?”

Dr Grant laughed. “When you go to the theatre, do you interrogate the actors like this? Yes, the pretty girl I’d been looking all over for was Greta Arnesen, who later became Greta Keller. Now, may I continue?”

“Sorry,” whispered Gabby, and put her finger on her lips.

“There was Greta, and we started talking, but after a moment she said she had to get back to her dorm. So I said, in my most proper manner, May I see you to your door? She chuckled, said okay, and we started walking back to her dorm. I asked about the classes she was taking, and how she’d done the previous semester, and what her major was, and what she’d done during the term break, anything I could think of to avoid falling into a deathly silence. I was so nervous! I’d been thinking about this girl for four months, and I’d been falling in love with her, or rather, with my dream of her, that whole time. Once I got beyond all the mundane questions I’d peppered her with I had no idea what to say. Quick word of advice, pumpkin: always get to know somebody before you fall in love with them. The reverse just doesn’t work.

“Luckily for me, my questions, and her answers, lasted until we got back to her dorm. Room 635. I still remember that; I’ve thought of it as my lucky number ever since. We said good-bye, and I walked away so pleased, until I realized that I hadn’t actually asked her out, or gotten anything more than a vague ‘see you around’ from her. But now I knew where she lived, so at least I’d be able to find her again.

“I waited a couple of days, which was hard to do, even though between my own course work and my teaching duties I was busy pretty much all day, every day, before I decided to go back to say hi to Greta. I had a break of an hour or so in the early afternoon—I should’ve been preparing for my next class, but I wasn’t able to concentrate on it anyway—so I went back to Greta’s room. Knocked on the door, a voice called ‘Come in,’ but when I opened the door, Greta wasn’t there. Just her roommate. I said, ah, you must be Emma, and introduced myself. We chatted a bit, and when it became clear that Greta was in fact out, not just hiding in the closet, and Emma had no idea when she might be back, we said good-bye and I left.

“A few days later I tried again, again no Greta, but I stayed and chatted with Emma again, a little longer this time, and decided she was nice, and interesting, and attractive. Every few days I would try again, almost never finding Greta in her room—and when I did, there was always a tiny bit of small talk surrounded by long, uncomfortable silences—until one day, after three or four weeks of this, I realized that I wasn’t going there hoping to find Greta; I was going to see Emma.

“What a weight off my mind that was! I’d spent so long thinking about Greta, imagining who she was, that I’d convinced myself I was in love with her, and because of that I was too nervous to have even the simplest conversation with her. But Emma, I’d had no thought of her before we met, I had no expectations or preconceptions, I’d just accepted her for who she was. And who she was was this quiet, intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful young woman…whom I loved. The realization floored me, and all at once, the most important question in my life became, could Emma Woodley love me?”

He was silent for a few moments. Gabby smiled up at him and caressed his cheek. “I suppose you know the answer to that, sweetheart. But would you like to hear more of the story?”

“Yes, please, Daddy. I want to hear it all.”

Dr Grant smiled at his daughter and kissed her softly before continuing. “So, having realized what the question was, it became urgent that I try to get the answer before it was too late. It wasn’t possible that such a beautiful girl didn’t have hordes of eager young men hoping to impress her, so I knew I’d better act fast. First chance I got, I went over to her room to ask her out. Of course, when I arrived, this was the time that Emma wasn’t in. Only Greta.

“Now, this was awkward for me. I was sure that Greta knew—she had to know, didn’t she?—that I’d been trying to muster the courage to ask her out. And now here we were, only I was quite obviously disappointed that Emma wasn’t there. Certainly, if I’d still wanted to go out with Greta, and if she’d ever thought of me as anything more than the former TA who had unaccountably been haunting her dorm room for the last six weeks, my hesitation and downcast look would’ve ended my chances completely. Oh, sure, she said, she’d let Emma know I’d come by. Anything else?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

kapali bayan bursa feribot

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


kapali bayan bursa feribot
7:30 feribotuna yetişebilmek için bayağı hizli bir sekilde mudanya ya dogruilerlierken bir yandanda misafirlere yolculuk,ekonomi ve siyasetle ilgili dilimizin dondugunce bilgi alışverişinde bulunuyorduk.07:20 de feribota binmiş, bilet numaralarimiza gore yerlerimize oturmustuk.Yaninda 4-5 yaşlarında bir çocukla 1.65-70 boylarinda kapali bir bayanin sanırım şu koltuklarda bizim demesi ile irkildim. Musade ederek koltuklarina gecmelerine izin verdim. Ama gözlerim gercektende inanilmaz olan basenlerinde kaldı. Vücudunu saran dar mantosu kalçalarini ve göğüslerini ortaya çıkarmış yaptığı hafif makyaj benim diyen kadınlara 10 basar hale getirmişti. İnanın bakmaya doyamiyordum ama elimdende bir şey gelmiyordu.Beni ilgilendiren giydiğim dar takim elbiseden sikimin belli olmamasıydı. Ilk defa boyle kalabalık gördüğüm feribotta rezil olmak istemezdim. Ama sikim her sağa dönüşümde bir tık
daha zonkluyordu. Aksilik gece istanbuldan hareket ettiğimde iç çamaşırlarım kurumadigi için donsuz bir şekilde gelmiştim bursaya. Sonucta misafirleri alip hava limanina birakip evime geçecektim. yanında ki çocuğu hic durmadan soru soruyordu.niye bitmiyor nasil gidiyor.bu denizde kopek balığı varmi bizi yermi vs bunun gibi bir suru gereksiz soru ve karsiliginda bunalan annesi ve biz.bir ara donup lan sikecem anani sus diyecek bile oldum ki elindeki su sisesini ustune ve oturdugu koltuga doku verdi cocuk.ayaga kalkan bayan o koca kalçalı götünü bana dönüp koltuğu elindeki selpakla silmeye başladığında kaynar sular basimdan dokuluyor gibi olmuştum. Gozumu kapatıp hayalini kurduğum göt bir karis önümde domalik bir vaziyette sallanıyordu. Hemen elimi kol yaslama yerine koydum.Saliselerle bile sinirli olsa o kalçalar elime ve koluma değdiği andaki aldığım haz tarif edilemez bir durumdu. Maalesef sikim artik uyanmis kalkik bir halde kalçama doğru yön
verdim ama kafasindan gelen islaklik hemen belli etmişti kendini pantolonumda. Bayan rahatsiz ettiysek Özür dilerim deyip tekrar yerine oturduğunda ben sikimi farketmemesi için dua etmeye başlamıştım. Bayanin cocuk işte durmuyor durdugu yerde dedigi anda artik konusmadigini ve sikimi yasladigim sol kalçama bakarak eli ile koluma vurarak beni ikaz ettiğinde. Şimdi rezil rusva oldum diyecektim ki kikir kikir guluyordu hanimefendi.bende bozuntuya vermeden kusura bakmayin ama boylesine guzel bir kalcayi kim görse benimki gibi olurdu sanirim diyebilmistim.ona dogru egilerek.misafirler yabanci olduğu icin konusmamizdan birsey anlamiyor ama banada bir problemmi var diyede sormadan edemiyorlardi.Kendisi ile konuşmama ve kalkik sikime soz etmeyen bayan cocugu oyun salonuna birakip geleyim dediğinde. Imkansiz ayga kalkamam dedim.sonuçta sikim dimdikti ayağa kalkarsam herkes onda durumu
görebilecekti bu nedenle olmaz işaretini verdiğinde sen bilirsin dedi ve o koca götüyle karnımı sürtüne sürtüne koltuktan çıkmak zorunda kaldı.4 5 dakika sonra geri geldi gözlerin hafif ıslanmış olan pantolonumda birazcık inn sikimdeydi.olan bitene anlam vermeye çalışırken. Beylikdüzü ne nasil gidecegini ogrenmek istedi. Nerde bizde o sans diyerek – eğer bir sakincasi yoksa once hava limanına ugrayacagimi sonra isterse onlari istedigi yere goturebilecegimi soyledim.bir anda elimi tutarak gerçekten birakabilirmisniz?inanin valizlerle çocukla otobusun kendileri için işkence olacağını söyledi. Hic onemli olmadığını soyleyerek elimin üstünden tuttugu elinin icini parmagimla oksadim. Oda o anda elimi sıkınca.inanin o dar pantolanun bike kumasi zonk zonk oynuyordu.ust disleri ile alt damagini isirip tebessumle hmmmmhhh diyerek sagina döndü ama ellerimiz resmen birbirini sikiyordu.anansu duydugumuzda elimi cektim ve baska seylere konsantre olarak
sikimin inmesini temenni ediyordum ama islaklik artik cosmustu.akilli kadinmis elindeki suyu ustume döküp beni bir cileden kurtarmisti. Assagi indik misafirlere bayanı tanıdığımı eşinin onlarin yoneticisi olgu fabrikada çalıştığını ve ayni yerde oturdugumuzu mumkunse onlarida araca almak istediğimi söyledim. Gemi yanastiginda o minubusun önünde yanima coktan oturmuştu cocukta camin kenarindan waay diye birseyler mirildanip gereksiz sorular sormaya devam ederken.ben her vites attigimda kucuk parmagimla bacaklarna dokunuyordum.misafirleri hava limanina biraktiktan sonra ne yapmak istersiniz diye sordum.okullar tatil oldugu için kayinvalidesi ve kaynanasinin ogleden sonra istanbuldaki evlerine geleceklerini o zamana kadar vakitlerinin olduğunu dilersem onlarla beraber kahvalti yapabileceğimi söylediğinde su dakikadan sonra ölüm bile olsa eywallah dediğimi söylediğim de yanagima bir buse kondurdu.
Valizini asansorden alip evlerinin kapisindan i eri girdiğimizde. Çocuğu baba biz geldiiiiik dediginde beynimden vurulmusa döndüm. Kolumdan tutup elime kadar gelince elimden çekerek korkma gel bak dediğinde cocuk buyuk bir resimi öpüyordu.bana neler olduğunu anlatmasini istediğimde. Kendisinin ogretmen olduğunu. Eşinin zoru ile kapandığını ama sonra tekrar açılmasını istediğinde kavga ettiklerini.tartismalarin uzamasi uzerine boşanmaya karar verdiklerini. Eşinin yurt dışında olduğunu. Bugün geleceklerini anlattı. Esi ile evliliklerinin iyi olduğunu cocuktan sonra zaten ayrıldıklarını ve assagi yukari 3 yildir da internetten siparis ettiği yapma sikle kendini tatmin ettignini. Sabah yaşadıklarının.kendisini yine bir kadin gibi hissetmesine sebep olduğu için arzularina yenik düştüğü için bu sekilde davrandığını tum samimiyeti ile anlatti. kendisine  benimde evli olduğumu ama gorusmemize engel teskil
etmediğini dilerse kalabilecegimi istemezsede gidebileceğimi söylediğimde dudaklarima oyle bir yapıştı ki.dilimi ve dudagimi resmen vakumluyordu.ceket ve gömleğimi nasil çıkarttığını hatırlamıyorum ama önüme baktigimda ayagimda coraplarim kalmıştı. Sikim dimdik olmus kafasi zonkluyordu kafasından zevk suyum bozuk bir musluktan damlar gibi damliyordu.bense sadece cocuk diyebilmistim.bos ver dediğin de biz coktan yatagina uzanmış sanki 3 aylik sex diyetinden cikmis gibi opusuyorduk.kulak memesini emdikten sonra islak dilimle boynunu yaliyor.ordan tas gibi iri ve taze memeleri sikip uclarini isiriyordum.gobegine geldiğimde.  dur sakin oraya inme dediğinde. Agdasiz olduğu kendini kirli hissettiğini söylediğinde.  merak etmemesini zaten kıllı amciktan hoslandigimi ama cok rahatsiz hissederse dişlerimle killarini alabileceğimi söyleyip beyaz üzeri dantelli ic çamaşırını indirdigimde o manzara hafizama
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kurdugum kalçalara surtune surtune tekrar odaya geldik.hala ismini soylemedin dedigimde nikahina mi alacan dedi…sonrasinda ustelemedim bile. tekrar onumde domalmasini istedim. Ve boşalma ma neden olan o kalçalara ve kesinlikle hiç eldegmemis olduğu orumcek agi gibi kıllı götünü yalamaya başladığımda once bir irkildi. Ordan yapmam dediğini duyduğum da dilimle çoktan götünü sikiyordum. Kılları sacimin onundeki percem kadar vardidilimle islatip saga sola yatiriyordum kılları ve burus burus olmus götü dolma kalem kalınlığında ki ağzı açılıp kapaniyordu.iniltileri yatak odasında yankilaniyordu.amindan akan sular salep kivaminda ve sundukce sunuyordu her yaladigimda oooohhhşş diye ses cikartiyordu.aya kaldırdım yillardir özlemini kurduğu yarragi agzina dayadim. Her agzina soktugumda boguruyordu.ne olur sok şunu amıma dediğinde aniden yataga fırlattım bacaklarini araladim once kafasını
sonradan hepsini yükledim o kıllı amciga.anam diye bagirinca cocugun anne anne nerdesin sesi ile ilkildik cocuk odaya girdiğinde annesi gozlerini aki cikmis vaziyette disari cik gelicem dediginde cocuk coktan yatagin ustune annesin ciplak memelerine vuruyordu annesinin ağğğhhh ağğhh hoh ohh seslerinden korkan çocuk sacimi cekip bana vurmaya başladığında kadin birden kalkti cocugu dışarı cikartti gelicem simdi dedi ve tekrar odaya geldi. O geldiginde sikim göbeğime dan dan vuruyordu.tekrar yatirdim hem o taş memeleri emiyor hem kıllı kukuya yasliyordum.kulak memesini emerken o büzüğüne girmezsem dedim omuzumu ısırdı. Uztunden kalkip domalmasini istedim.domaldiginda kalcalarina yakin oturdum ve sikilmekten gevseyen dudaklardan sarkan am suyunu dilimla alip gotune sürüyordum sadece lutfen ııııgh diyebiliyordu.ayagaa kalktim zonklamaktan morarmis koca kafayi Göte dayadim lutfen diyordu.ama asla onu dinlemeye
niyetim yoktu.kendisini sikmamasini ne kadar sikarsa o kadar aciyacagini soyleyim yavas yavas yasladim.flooopşsh sesinden sonra yandim yandim  cikart diye bağırmaya başladı tam cikaracaktim dur dedi daha cok acıdı. Hareket etmemesini birazdan daha rahat olacagini ve zevk alacagini söyledim .dedigim gibi de oldu mukafatimiz oldu aldigimiz zevk…en son amının icine bosaldigimda eyvah dedi . Boyle seyler aklimda olmadigi icin korunmuyordum dedi uzulmemesini kotu durumda gereken neyse yapacagimi söyledim. Sikimi yavaşça çıkardım. Osurma gibi birses ten sonra amsuyuilde karisn beyaz spermlerim kıllı amindan süzülmeye başladı. Gelen spermlerini yutmak isterim dediginde anlamistim tekrar bana spermlerimi yalatacak ti…bu benim enbuyuk zevkimdi kendi spermimi tatmak..dilimle gotune dogru süzülen spermlerimi alip alip agzina dokuyordum sonra agizlarimiz ve dillerimiz ile degisik oyunlar oynayip
yutkunuyorduk. Sonra bir kere daha beraber olup dus aldık kahvaltimizi edip.telefonunlarmizi paylaştık ve ayrıldım…..kaza kurşunu çocuk…. Gelecek hikaye 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

KIZIM DERYA – 4 alıntıdır

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


KIZIM DERYA – 4 alıntıdır

Daha evvelki 3 mektubumda anlattıgım gibi kızım deryayı en son kucagımda salonda çırılçıplak dans ettikten sonra yatak odamızdaki yataga yatırıp mutfakta sakladıgım viagra hapını da içtikten sonra yanına gittiğimde bana babacım biliyormusun sana numara yaptım esasında içkilerin çogunu döktüm içmedim gerçi içtiğim kadarınlada şu anda çakırkeyfim ama maksadım senin beni sarhoş zannedip rahat davranmandı

ama artık buna gerek kalmadı herşeyi biliyorsun bende herşeyi arzu ve istekle yapıyor ve zevk almak istiyorum deyince deryam kızım tatlım benim geçen akşam arkadaşın gülü götünden sikerken sende sanırım pencereden seyrediyordun degilmi dedim.

Evet baba çok heyecanlanmıştım ama gülde sanırım çok zevk almış ki nasılda inliyordu belk**e esas babasından bile böyle zevk almamıştır kızı yalnız merak ediyorum omu güzel benmi diye sorunca kızım ikinizde güzelsiniz zaten 17 yaşındaki bir genç kız çirkin olamazki heryeri kütür kütür diri ve tazedir ama sen başkasın senin vucudıun balık etinde oldugundan okşarken bakarken bile insanın beli gelir

hele şu amcıga bak nasılda kabarmış yarıgı nasılda kımıldıyor açılıp kapanıyor ohhh derken oda baba senin sikinde çok büyük ve kalın her kadın böyle bir sike sahip olmak ister deyince kızım ona sik denmez o kategoriden çıkmış artık babanınki deyince oda ne denir babacım dedi bende 20 cm aşan siklere yarak demek daha dogru olur kızım

demekki babanınki neymiş kızım diye sordugumda derya yarakkk baba ohhh babamın koca yaragı kızının ellerinde derken hadi derya şimdi ben uzanacagım sende kalçalarını götünü benim başıma gelecek şekilde tersten uzatacaksın bu şekle 69 denir sikişte dedim, yüzün ve agzım kasık aramda olsun dudakların degsin şeye dedim hemen tamamladı sözümü babamın yaragına dudaklarım degsin

ohhh deyip pozisyonu alınca o nefis göt ve kalçalar başımın altına koydugum yastıkla tam agzımın önündeydi hadi baba sende kızının amını yala em kokla öp onu dedi zaten sözünü tamamlamadan yumulmuştum 17 lık agdalı küçük ama şişmiş amların en güzelini yalıyor emiyordum.

Derya yaragımı emerken kazık gibi olan sikim agzına zor sıgıyor baba bu kadar büyük bir şey nasıl ama göte giriyor hayret derken bende eger amı ve götü erkegi zevklendirir sulandırırsa kadın biraz ilk girişte acı çeker ama zevkin dorugundayken sikildiği için o bir anlık acı yerini korkunç zevk dalgalarına bırakır kızım yalnız göte sokarken biraz götüde kremlemekte fayda var böyle kocaman olunca yarak ister dedim.

Ohhh baba ne güzel yalıyorsun amımı derken sabaha kadar yalasam doymam bu ama kızım dedim. Bana babacım ben sana bu gece sadece götümden siktirmeyi düşünüyordum ama şimdi amımıda sikmeni istiyorum onuda sik ilerde evlenecegim adamın ne malum böyle yaragı olacagı veya senin gibi bilgili olacagı ya tam zevke varmadan kızlıgımı bozarsa zevk almadan kızlıgı bozulan bir kadın herhalde hayatı boyunca sitem eder üzülür

bu yüzden sen boz kızlıgımı bagırta bagırta sik beni zevklerin en ğüzelini yaşat sonra istersen oraya degilde götüme boşaltırsın salebini deyince ohhh tatlım çok iyi olur hem merak etme kızlık zarını evlenmeden 1 ay evvel diktiririz teknik ilerledi 250 dolara dikiyorlar kocan anlamaz bile dedim.

Ohhh ne güzel tamam babacım hadi konuşmayalım sikişelim şimdi derken emdiğim amcık büyümüş am dudakları aralanarak dili kilitorisi dışarı sarkmış olan bu muhteşem amcıgı bir an evvel sikme arzusuyla kıvranan ben kızımı dogrulttum yataga yatırarak ayak parmaklarından başlayıp yukarı dogru yalamaya başladım.

Bacakları ve kasık arası derken dışarı sarkmış am dudakları ayni küçük sigara böreginin kıvrımları gibi açılmış dilimle o pembe dudakların arasının içine soktugum dilimle sikiyordum şimdi deryamı ohhh baba derken yukarılara çıkıp göbeginin çıkurunu emdim sonra sıra küçük portakal gibi sert ve diri memelrini yalamaya emmeye başladım

uçları leblebi gibi olmuştu memelerinin daha yukarı çıkarak kolllarını arkaya getirirken dilimle koltuk altlarını yalıyor hafif terlemiş koltuk altını yalarken kızımda zevk ve gıdıklanmayla karışık offf uhhh hadi baba sok artık şu yaragını kızının amına istiyorum hadi dayanamıyacagım hazırım babacım sokkk derken yaragım am dudakları etrafında dimdik gezinirken dudaklarından öperek tamam kızım hazırsan mesele yok serbest ol sıkma kendini dedim.

Çılgınca öpüşürken hadi baba sik kızını koy amına parçala amını kızının derken yaragımı am dudakları hizasına getirip elimle pembe dudaklarının arasına güçlükle başını yerleştirdim çünkü daracık ve küçük bir amcıga girecek olan bu yarak şimdi hazır vaziyette beklerken

hadi baba amımın suyu gelecek nerdeyse dediğinde ellerimle kalçalarından yakalayıop hızla kendime çekerek yaragı o minik sulanmış ama köküne kadar soktum.

Ohhhh çok tatlıydı ya bu esnada derya ahhhhhhhhh diye bir feryat ettiki pencere kapalı olmasa komşular duyabilirdi inanın daha sonra arkasından ohhh sesleri baba çok acıdı çok acıdı ama devam derken yaragım amdan çıkarken baktıgımda kanlanmış deryanın amının kenarındanda kan geliyordu sanırım bu kızlık zarının kanıyla beraber gençliğinde annesininde başına gelen yaragın büyüküğü ve kalınlıgından am duvarlarının tahriş olarak kanamasından bu kadar fazla kan gelmiş oldugunu düşündüm

ama bunu kızıma söylemedim sok baba çıkar sok baba derken ohhh geliyorum babam benim erkegim diye titreye titreye boşalmaya başladı yavrum çırpınıyordu kollarımın arasında zevkten o çırpındıkça yaragım dahada şevkleniyor daracık ama giriş çıkışlarında şimdiye kadar hayatımda ilk defa böyle bir sikişi bu kadar zevkli bir sikişi kızımla yaşayacagımı hiç düşünmemiştim.

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Beth Joins Jenna and Emily in Bed

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As I drove toward home my pussy was tingling, from both the after-effects of Allyson’s lovemaking and the anticipation of what awaited me in my bed. I navigated the few miles home quickly, with very little traffic late at night. When I walked into my dark house and looked at the clock. It was almost midnight and there wasn’t a sound. I wondered if everyone was asleep as I hurriedly walked to the stairs.

I hastily started up the staircase, and about halfway up a loud moan stopped me dead in my tracks. Someone was awake, and obviously enjoying themselves. I hesitated, listening for more, but after a few moments of silence I continued my ascent.

At the top of the stairs I looked toward my room. The door was ajar, with light spilling out into the hallway. As I paused, I heard more soft moaning, beckoning me, but instead of making a mad dash toward the source of the sounds, I detoured to Sara’s room. I eased the door of her room open and peeked inside. She was sound asleep. I eased the door closed, confident that Sara would continue to sleep till morning and then immediately turned and walked the few steps to my bedroom.

I stepped into the doorway and the sight on my bed took my breath away. The lamp on my bedside table was on, bathing the room in soft light. Illuminated by that light were Jenna and Emily. The two 18-year-old vixens were both nude and totally unaware of my presence. Emily was kneeling, facing away from me, her shoulders on the bed, legs spread and her ass raised. Jenna was kneeling behind Emily, her hands on her ass and her face buried in Emily’s ass.

“Oh God, yes, keep licking my ass Jenna. It feels so fucking good.” Emily groaned, removing any doubt about where Jenna’s tongue was. From my vantage point I could see Jenna’s smooth, wet cunt and ass, the sight fanning the flames inside me. I speedily stripped off my clothes, haphazardly throwing them on the floor as I watched the two teens.

I had never witnessed anyone having sex before, and found the sight to be incredibly arousing, even more since I knew I was going to join them. As much as I wanted to jump into bed with them immediately, I hesitated, reveling in my voyeuristic pleasure. My fingers crept between my legs as I watched and listened to the young lesbians. I breathed deeply, the smell of their overheated pussies filling the room, as did Emily’s moans. My fingers teased my sodden cunt as my eyes took in the sexy scenario playing out before me.

Finally, the lure of their naked bodies writhing on the bed was too much and I padded quietly across the room, stopping at the foot of the bed with Jenna’s cute behind calling to me. I softly slipped onto my knees on the bed behind Jenna and grasped her firm buttocks in my hands. As I touched her for the first time, I heard Jenna moan into Emily’s ass as she realized I was about to transform their lesbian coupling into a ménage à trois.

I sunk my fingers into the flawless globes of Jenna’s ass and pulled her open. Simultaneously, she shifted her knees apart on the bed, exposing her perfect pink pussy and wrinkled rosebud to my gaze. I leaned down and softly blew on her glistening cunt, wanting to tease her before diving in. A moan escaped her lips as she felt my warm breath on her exposed flesh. As much as I wanted to tease, I couldn’t wait any longer. I lowered my head and took a long slow lick, with the flat of my tongue, up through her steamy pussy, collecting her sweet nectar on my tongue as it sloshed through her wetness. The thought ran through my mind that I still had the remnants of Allyson’s pussy on my lips, and now here I was with my tongue in her daughter’s cunt. The depravity of my actions turned me on tremendously. The unthinkable act crossing taboo barriers, but that didn’t stop me.

I slowly drug my tongue through the warm, wet folds of her pussy, across her perineum and stopped on her tight anus. Another moan, muffled by Emily’s ass, escaped from Jenna at the touch of my tongue to her tender asshole. I wanted her to feel what she was to doing to Emily as I began lapping at her nether hole. I licked her backdoor as I had her cunt, with big, wide strokes of my tongue, and then switched to light flicks with the very tip of my tongue over her tight hole. I felt her push back into me, wanting more contact, and I was happy to oblige.

I teased Jenna’s tight rosebud like this for quite some time, slobbering all over her. Pulling away slightly, I could see her pink asshole glistening with my saliva. I dug my fingers deeper into the crevice of her ass and pulled, her puckered hole winking open slightly. I quickly buried my face in her ass again, the tip of my stiffened tongue probing at her taut asshole, entering a fraction of an inch. I was lost in my forbidden, erotic thoughts as I tried to worm my tongue deeper into Jenna’s snug asshole, when Emily’s voice snapped me from my reverie.

“Don’t stop Jenna!” she exclaimed, overwhelmed by her lust. “I don’t know you get your tongue so deep in my ass, canlı bahis şirketleri but don’t stop. It feels so fucking good. You’re going to make me cum again!”

Emily’s voice trailed off in low, guttural moan, and then she erupted.

“Oh, Gooodddd,” she wailed as orgasmic tremors wracked her body. I could feel the bed shake as her young body convulsed from Jenna’s tongue. Her orgasm seemed to go on for minutes and I could hear Emily gasping for air as pleasure crashed through her body.

Hearing and feeling Emily’s overpowering orgasm drove me wild with desire. I could feel my juices trickling down the inside of my thighs and I attacked Jenna’s asshole, working to spear my tongue into her puckered hole. I felt her rigid anus yield slightly, and my tongue slipped inside deeper, Jenna moaning loudly as my tongue explored her wet asshole.

As Emily’s orgasmic sensations waned, I felt Jenna begin to squirm on the bed. I roughly pressed my tongue into her asshole, as deep as possible, and Jenna erupted, her body succumbing to the pleasure I was giving her. A high-pitched squeal echoed off the walls of my bedroom as Jenna came. I continued my assault on Jenna’s ass as her shattering release sent ripples of sexual gratification through her body. My eager tongue continued delving into her clutching asshole as she clawed at the sheets in ecstasy. As my angelic vixen gasped for breath, her body’s spasms slowing, she spoke for the first time since I entered the room.

“That was incredible,” she groaned, still reeling from her climax.

I pulled away, my tongue slipping from her asshole, and Jenna turned and looked back at me with hooded eyes.

“Beth, your tongue always does amazing things to me.”

“Wait, what? Beth is here now?” Emily asked as she lifted her head off the bed, turned and looked back over her shoulder at me kneeling behind Jenna, a look of shock registering on her face, her cheeks flushed from her climax.

“I told you I had a surprise for you,” Jenna replied, smiling. “Surprise!”

I saw Emily trying to comprehend what was happening.

“How long have the two of you…?” she asked, her voice trailing off, not finishing the question.

“For a few weeks now,” Jenna answered. “Beth is who encouraged me to have sex with you. I thought it would be fun for her to join us.”

Emily’s eyes went back and forth between Jenna and I, apprehensive and confused, but not protesting.

“Roll over on your back,” Jenna commanded. “I want to lick your pussy again. And I want Beth to sit on your face at the same time.”

Emily’s eyes went wide at the request. Wordlessly, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide open, exposing her smooth, hairless pussy to me for the first time. Unlike Jenna, her outer lips were thick and fleshy. My eyes feasted hungrily on her oozing crease as Jenna ran her hands up Emily’s baby smooth thighs till her fingers were at the edge of her pussy. I watched, transfixed, as Jenna drew her hands outward, spreading Emily open and exposing the wet pink flesh of her pussy. I felt my heart flutter at the wicked display of Emily’s innocent pussy.

“Sit on Emily’s face Beth,” Jenna said matter-of-factly, snapping me out of my lustful thoughts. I averted my eyes from Emily’s pussy to Jenna, who had turned to look at me.

“I want you to cum hard and soak her face with your juices while I eat her,” she said with a devilish grin before turning back to Emily, lowering her head and starting to lap at her pussy. Emily sighed sexily as Jenna’s tongue went to work.

My body was trembling with anticipation as I clambered to Jenna’s side on my knees, watching Jenna lick her best friend as I moved, finally stopping beside Emily’s prone body. Emily looked up at me hungrily through slitted eyes, her mouth open as she gasped for breath. I leaned down and covered her mouth with mine, kissing her deeply. Our tongues danced together, enflaming my passion. My hands found her heavy, full breasts, kneading her firm flesh, as we kissed passionately.

Emily moaned into my mouth as our kiss lingered, and I could vaguely hear Jenna softly purring as she licked Emily’s pussy. I broke our kiss, my insatiable cunt in need of relief. I moved my left knee closer to Emily’s head and pivoted, lifting my right leg over her head and placing it on the bed, now crouching over her face, looking down across her body at Jenna buried between her legs.

I could feel Emily’s hot breath on me and quickly shifted my knees outward, lowering my pulsating pussy to Emily’s mouth. Instantly I felt her tongue delve into my drooling pussy, a groan escaping from me as a wave of lust rolled through my body.

It became readily apparent that Emily’s tongue wasn’t as talented as Jenna’s, but what she lacked in skill she more than made up for with unbridled enthusiasm. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once as I rode her face.

I closed my eyes, savoring the sensations of Emily’s tongue exploring canlı kaçak iddaa my hot cunt. Her moans, elicited by Jenna’s tongue, vibrated through me, adding another layer of stimulation. I felt a gush of wetness leak into Emily’s mouth and knew I would be supplying her with an overabundance of juices when I came.

I opened my eyes and leaned down to take her big tits in my hands again, massaging the firm globes before moving my fingers to tease her perky nipples. My eyes traveled down Emily’s body, stopping between her legs. Jenna was sucking and tugging on Emily’s labial lips, her blue eyes sparkling with desire as she looked up at me.

“Does Emily’s cunt taste good?” I hissed. “You love licking her cunt don’t you, just like you love licking mine.”

Jenna responded by gluing her mouth to Emily’s smooth skin and thrusting her tongue deep into the silky folds of her best friend’s pussy. I envied Emily, knowing how good it felt to have Jenna’s long tongue probing inside. Our eyes were locked together as Jenna ravenously ate her friend.

I began pinching and pulling on Emily’s nipples harder, her moans of approval muffled in my wetness. She was squirming beneath me and I sensed she was nearing orgasm again. The dual sensations of Jenna’s tongue in her pussy and my fingers on her nipples, not to mention the fact that she was eating my pussy and taking part in her first threesome, making her desperate to cum.

As I watched Jenna, she pulled away from Emily’s pussy and sucked two fingers into her mouth for a few seconds. Satisfied that her fingers were wet enough, she removed them from her mouth and I watched as she lined up her fingers and slid both slender fingers deeply into Emily’s fevered pussy. Lowering her head again, Jenna’s nimble tongue lashed at Emily’s clit.

“Cum for me Emily,” I implored. “I want to hear and feel your screams as you cum in Jenna’s mouth!”

It only took a few seconds more and Emily’s body writhed in a shattering climax. Jenna’s fingers pumped in and out, and her tongue was a blur on Emily’s stiff bud as she clamped her plump thighs on Jenna’s ears, her screams of joy reverberating through my body and bringing me closer to my own release. I released her right nipple, shifted my hips slightly and began furiously frigging my aching clit as Emily struggled to lick me as her orgasm engulfed her.

My pleasure level escalated rapidly and overwhelmed me as my orgasm hit. I lifted my cunt off Emily’s mouth a few inches and erupted like a volcano, spewing Emily’s face with a massive blast of wetness. I heard her sputtering as my copious juices covered her face and filled her mouth. A second, smaller squirt added to the wetness on her angelic face. My body trembling in the aftershocks of orgasm, I lowered my dripping cunt back to Emily’s mouth, her tongue instantly lapping at my leaking hole. I could hear both Jenna and Emily noisily slurping up the juices flowing from the pussy they were licking.

As our orgasmic sensations abated, Jenna lifted her head from between Emily’s legs and licked her lips to capture more of her friend’s sweet ambrosia, her face glimmering with wetness. I lifted off Emily’s face and gazed down at the teen, her face covered with my juices, droplets in her hair and even her eyelashes.

“Oh, my God!” Emily exclaimed excitedly, her eyes wide with wonder. “What was that? How did you cum like that?”

“Isn’t that awesome?” Jenna answered. “Beth squirts like that when she cums hard. I love it when she squirts on me. Did you like it?”

“I wasn’t expecting it at all. I thought she was peeing all over me!”

“No, it’s not pee,” I reassured her, reaching down and lightly stroking her cheek. “It’s just a woman’s way of ejaculating. I do it a lot. Most women can if they are stimulated properly. I made Jenna squirt once, and I can try to make you squirt too if you want.”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Did you like it Jenna?” she asked.

Jenna smiled up at me, her youthful and innocent face shiny with Emily’s juices. “Yes, I loved it when Beth made me squirt, and like I said, I love it when she squirts on me. I love how it tastes.”

Jenna slid up Emily’s body and I watched as she licked at her cheek, capturing some of my creamy release on her tongue before moving to Emily’s mouth searching for any juices that may have pooled in her mouth. I saw their tongues move languidly in one another’s mouths, and watching triggered a new hunger in me. A hunger I knew would not be easily satisfied, but with two eager, young lesbian playthings in my bed, and all night to indulge in my fantasies, I wondered if I could fully quench my ravenous appetite for sex.

After Jenna was satisfied she had cleaned Emily’s face of my juices she lifted onto her knees and kissed me deeply. I could taste the combined juices of our pussies on Jenna’s tongue and lips as our tongues danced together.

Jenna broke our kiss, her face still masked with desire. “Could you taste Emily’s pussy on my mouth? canlı kaçak bahis She tastes so sweet. I think you need to lick her pussy and make her cum too,” she blurted out.

I smiled at her youthful exuberance and reached out to softly stroke her cheek.

“Is that what you want Jenna? Do you want me to eat your girlfriend’s cunt?” I asked, teasing her.

“Yes!” she exclaimed immediately, lost in the heat of the moment.

I looked down at Emily, lying beneath us, her face red and flushed with excitement.

“Would you like that Emily? Do you want me to eat you, and make you cum like Jenna just did?” I asked, the thought sending a shiver down my spine.

Emily’s eyes were wild with desire as she stared up at me in wonder. “Yes,” she responded in a barely audible whisper, like she was afraid to admit she wanted to continue our Sapphic threesome.

I looked back at Jenna, salivating with hunger as I anticipated licking my third pussy of the evening. I leaned in to kiss Jenna, her eyes fluttering as our lips and tongue came together. Our passionate kiss brief, as I pulled away and leaned down over Emily’s body, perching my dripping pussy on Emily’s mouth once again as I rained soft kisses on her smooth mound. Emily’s tongue slipped into my hot pussy again as I teased her. She spread her plump thighs wide open, inviting me to move to her feverish pussy. Emily’s erotic scent overwhelmed me, urging me to her bald, pink, puffy-lipped pussy.

My heart raced in anticipation of going down on her as I lowered my head and licked her wet, wanton cunt and I felt Emily shiver with excitement as I began teasing her pleasure center. I nibbled on her thick lips, sucking and pulling on them as Emily’s tongue lapped at my twitching cunt as we pleasured each other in a classic 69.

I was in no hurry to make her cum, wanting to savor the heavenly taste of her sweet, young pussy. I slipped my tongue between her thick, swollen pussy lips, penetrating her perfect little tight cunt, which elicited a moan from Emily, which was muffled by my creaming cunt. We licked and lapped at each other in unison.

With my tongue pressed between her plump lips, her scent filling my nose and her exotic taste filling my mouth, I was lost in a sexual fog, my mind completely overwhelmed with sexual desire. Instinct took over as I feasted on her cunt. Emily continued to eat me enthusiastically, her darting tongue teasing my steaming cunt.

I could feel Emily’s lush body writhing beneath me as I continued my oral assault, her passion escalating. My lust was slowly rising also, a burning need for release percolating inside me. The fire that was slowly building became an inferno when I felt hands on my ass, and a few seconds later, Jenna’s tongue lapping at my asshole.

“Oh, fuck yessssss,” I screamed, pulling my face from Emily’s pussy. I had never experienced the tantalizing sensation of two tongues on me at once. The dual feeling of Emily’s inexperienced tongue exploring my pussy and Jenna’s warm, wet tongue teasing my anal opening was like a sexual utopia. I felt like an insatiable bitch in heat, driven by nothing but wicked desire. I buried my face between Emily’s spread thighs, voraciously eating her delectable cunt as my two young lesbian lovers licked me toward what I knew was going to be a mind-blowing orgasm.

I attacked Emily’s hard clit with an animal hunger, alternating between sucking on her pulsating clit and flicking it with the tip of my tongue. At the same time the two teens’ tongues licked me aggressively, Emily on my clit and Jenna penetrating my tight backdoor. My orgasm burst upon me instantly, a tidal wave of pleasure crashing through me. My cunt convulsed and, for the second time, I sprayed Emily’s eager young face with a huge blast of cunt cream.

Beneath me I could feel Emily’s body shaking as a huge climax ripped through her. Somehow, as my body shook with intense pleasure, I managed to keep my tongue working on Emily’s clit. Her orgasm, or maybe it was more than one orgasm, seemed to extend for minutes, her curvy body writhing all over the bed. My body was trembling with orgasmic aftershocks as both girls licked me softly. Finally, Emily whimpered “no more, I can’t take any more”, and I reluctantly pulled away from her ripe cunt and rolled to my side on the bed.

My body was covered with a fine sheen of sweat and I could feel juices trickling from my tingling pussy. Lifting my head, I looked at my two young lovers. Emily’s eyes were closed, her face slick with a fresh covering of juices, and her tremendous tits heaving as she gasped for breath. Jenna looked at both of us with lust and excitement in her eyes. I could only imagine how horny the young girl was after our tryst.

“I want your pussy now,” I said to Jenna as I rolled flat onto my back, my unquenchable thirst for pussy not yet satisfied. Jenna hastily moved to me, straddling my head, the sweet folds of her bare pussy hovering a few inches above me. I could actually feel the heat of her young cunt as she teased me, rotating her hips slowly.

“Is this what you want Beth?” she asked in a sultry voice, looking down at me with smoldering eyes. “Emily’s pussy wasn’t enough for you, now you want mine too?”

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A Sinful Holiday with Mr. Westcott

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Winter break is approaching quickly, and I am half way through my sophomore year here at the University. I usually go back home to visit my mother, stepfather and almost all my family members for Christmas but this year I was going to travel with my best friend, Cassandra her dad Caleb, and her little brother Trent.

Cassandra’s mother won’t be coming on this ten-day excursion with us since she’s this international lawyer who constantly travels all over the world. Mr. Westcott or as I call him “Caleb” is a CFO for this huge fortune 500 company here in the Los Angeles area.

Her family owns this huge Alaskan style vacation home in Lake Tahoe, right by the ski resort. Their calling for a huge snowstorm heading straight for that area, but perhaps it will subside within a couple of days of being there.

I was particularly excited that it was only going to be the four of us there, since I knew Cassandra was going to be occupied with tons of schoolwork, and Trent with his video games that would leave Caleb and me together freely to do whatever we pleased.

Caleb is a very attractive man for a man who is his late 40’s since most men his age don’t take care of themselves, but it was apparent that he does.

Now Cassandra has no idea not the slightest clue that I have been crushing on her dad since we were growing up, and I intend to keep it that way for the time being. Although, it would be hot to have to her watch Caleb and I fucking each other senseless all over the house.

Snapping back into reality, I heard Cassandra’s voice from the living room “Mel, are you ready to go.?” to which I shouted, “Yeah girl, I’m ready.” Quickly packing up the last remnants of clothing and other miscellaneous items I headed out the door with Cassandra.

Hoping into my Jet Black 2016 Jeep Patriot, with Cassandra by my side we are en route to Lake Tahoe. The drive is about 7 hours, so it’s a good thing that its only 9 in the morning.

The ETA to the vacation home is 4 in the afternoon, but we had to add an hour since we need to stop for gas and lunch in the bay area.

Finally reaching San Francisco, after a grueling 6-hour drive we head into In-N-Out for burgers and shakes then immediately hit the road, since we had one more hour to reach Lake Tahoe.

We finally arrived at Lake Tahoe, after almost 7 hours of being on the road. I was mentally exhausted and needed a hot shower and bed immediately, but I was extremely horny from the thought of being (almost) alone with Mr. Westcott that my cunt practically is dripping wet since I am always insatiable and horny 99% percent of the time.

I mean, lets be honest for a moment to say any young woman in my position was with her best friend’s dad while the wife is away they obviously would do the same thing.

Which is why I intend to seduce Mr. Westcott, and to be fair its not difficult since he’s already caught a glimpse of my skimpy outfits whenever I come over to their house to hang with Cassandra and not to mention when I’m almost half naked tanning outside by their pool.

Pulling into their driveway, I noticed Mr. Westcott’s Jet Black 2016, Tesla, as I quickly parked right beside his car, making sure not to park so close. Cassandra hopped out of my car, and we both hauled our luggage from my trunk and made our way into the mansion.

Looking around the neighborhood, I was noticing how beautiful the scenery and surroundings were but my mind is fixated on one thing: Mr. Westcott.

Cassandra knocked on the door, and who other than the devil himself stood the strikingly handsome Mr. Caleb Westcott. My jaw dropped with astonishment to the vision that stood before me, I had seen Caleb a few dozen times on occasion it was a here and there situation, but never did I expect him to look this ravishing.

He stands at 6 foot 2 with short dirty blonde hair slightly graying on the sides, emerald green eyes clean shaven face and from what I could tell from just staring at his well built stature was that he not only takes care of himself, but also I definitely knew that under those jeans of his lies a huge which circumcised 8 or 9 inch cock.

Giving Cassandra a huge hug, he planted a quick kiss on her cheek and put his arms around both of our shoulders welcoming us to their residence. I’m particularly excited that his bitch of a wife isn’t around since her bad attitude always makes me want to punch her in the face.

Glancing around the huge Alaskan style mansion, the stunning fixtures, and elegant design looks so pristine and eloquent. Luckily the two of us have our own rooms, in which were adjacent to Mr. Westcott, and Trent’s room was located at the end of the hall.

Stirring up lewd thoughts, about Mr. Westcott sneaking into my room in the middle of the night has my cunt dripping wet with fervor for his married white cock.

The entire night when the four of us were having an incredible dinner made by Mr. Westcott, I was curating various places in which I wanted to fuck canlı bahis şirketleri his brains out, and I have just the place in mind.

Of course but no limited to, by the fireplace, in the bed he shares with his wife, and, of course, we cannot forget about both the shower.

Finishing up the last remnants of my enticing filet mignon, I quickly said goodnight to Caleb, Trent, and Cassandra as I headed to my bedroom to get some much-needed “shut eye.” aka playing with my soaking wet, insatiable cunt.

Luckily, I didn’t forget to pack my favorite deep stroking rabbit vibe and my favorite lube in which was crucial at a time like this. I was getting fucking teased by Caleb all night, and I know I needed to have him, there is no way that he is going to get away with teasing me.

Climbing into bed, I literally tore off my clothes and immediately grabbed my rabbit vibe and lube and began to squirt a small amount of the slippery liquid onto the head of the rabbit, aiming it directly at my dripping wet snatch as I began to turn it up on high.

The deep stroker rabbit vibe began thrusting deeper and deeper into my sopping wet cunt as I could hear the delicious sloshing sounds coming from my needy cunt.

I was imagining Mr. Westcott taking me from behind, slapping my tight ass and pulling on my thick dark hair as he pounded my cunt with his married white circumcised well-endowed manhood.

The tight confines of my pussy walls were gripping onto the vibe, as it stretched my tight fuck hole wider with each and every powerful, exhilarating motion.

Beads of perspiration covered my entire body as I felt myself approaching closer to my second orgasm of the day, as I kept furiously fucking myself with the rabbit vibe until finally I collapsed back into the huge king sized bed utterly satisfied but not to a full 100%. I had to fuck Mr. Westcott, and I was not going to leave this trip without doing so.

Quickly grabbing my robe, I headed into the bathroom for a well-deserved rinse off to wash away the entire day of traveling and the remnants of my post orgasm. The shower was eloquently designed, with a huge rain showerhead that cascaded water down onto my body, causing me to go into another state of euphoria.

I reached down to grab my razor and began to re-shave my tight snatch once more, so it was silky smooth, and I began to get soaking wet as I placed the shaving cream onto my pussy lips.

Beginning to shave my cunt lips, I was becoming more and more aroused while I fantasized Mr. Westcott “accidentally” stumbling into my bathroom and joining me in the shower.

I would bend down and worship his well-endowed cock as his head tilts back; eyes are rolling to the back of his head as I deep throat his impressive cock while my eyes water since he’s so large.

Bending me over the edge of the standing shower, with my ass in the air Mr. Westcott would take his huge mushroom head and tease my pussy lips from behind furiously rubbing me with it until I was practically begging for it to be inside of me.

With one hard, powerful thrust he would bury his cock balls deep inside of me. Luckily, the door was locked, and the shower was loud enough for me to play with my insatiable cunt once more.

Startled from my daydream, the shower was starting to get cold, so I quickly hopped out as I heard Mr. Westcott’s voice outside of the door.

“Melody, are you in there?” he said, in a rather surprised tone I mean obviously since there’s only the four of us in the house, who else could it be? “Yes Mr. Westcott, it’s me I’ll be right out.” I grabbed my towel, as I proceeded to open the door.

Mr. Westcott’s emerald green eyes widened with trepidation as I opened the door slowly emerging from the steamy bathroom with just a towel around me.

I could tell he wished the towel was not covering me up, from the way he was eyeing my body up and down, my hard dark pink nipples were poking through the thin towel. I quickly scurried out of the bathroom, before he could say another word and headed back into my room.

The next morning I woke up feeling extremely horny; which is not a rare commodity since I had an erotic dream about Caleb fucking me six ways from Sunday all over this place. Hopping out of bed, my hair was a frizzy mess, and since I didn’t want to look like a homeless person in front of everyone this morning, I decided to toss it back into a quick ponytail.

I put on a crewneck sweater to cover my tank top and erect nipples and kept my pajama shorts on which were quite short, but I wanted Mr. Westcott to get an eyeful of my tight ass as I walked past him.

Making my way downstairs, my nose was instantly attracted to the smell of bacon being cooked downstairs, causing my empty stomach to growl.

When I reached the kitchen, I noticed it was Caleb cooking a huge feast for the four of us, and this man had managed to look his best in just a simple dark gray t-shirt and checkered pajama pants. My eyes canlı kaçak iddaa immediately fixated on the slight bulge in his pants, which I imagined being the best-looking cock I have ever seen.

“Good Morning, All,” I said. “Good Morning, Mel,” Cassandra said as well as Caleb, who stared at my shorts for a good 2 minutes before snapping back into reality to greet me.

“Good Morning Ms. Melody.” I smiled sweetly back at him, to which he returned with one back. “I hope you like a big breakfast since we don’t want anyone in this house leaving the table hungry” I smiled back at him “Haha thanks, Mr. Westcott,” I said shyly.

“Please darling call me Caleb, Mr. Westcott is what they call me in the office.” he gave me a quick wink as he finished making breakfast and brought all of the delicious foods to the table.

We all ate our breakfast and had the usual banter here and there until Caleb surprised all of us with a ski and snowboard trip to the resort that was right next to the house. I was excited since it meant I could show of my skills in front of him.

I’m a black diamond skier because ever since I was a little girl my parents made sure I was well at two things: ice skating and skiing. I was never a big fan of snowboarding because I failed miserably, but I was well at a few other sports.

Cassandra and I headed back into our rooms to change into some warm gear since it was quite frigid out on the slopes as Trent and Mr. Westcott cleaned up the kitchen.

The four of us got dressed, and we’re ready to head to the slopes. Heading out the door, Mr. Westcott gave me a devious smirk and caught me by surprise when he slapped my ass.

I quickly turned around thinking it was Trent, but I gave him a devilish smile back, which means that he is going to get it tonight.

Reaching the ski resort, we were rather disappointed since the officials had notified us that the snowstorm is arriving tonight and that we should head to the store to stock up on emergency and safety items.

Frowning at Cassandra and Trent, Mr. Westcott drove the four of us to the nearest grocery store to grab some food, flashlights, batteries, etc. just to be prepared. We also bought a ton of candles and wood for the fireplace, so I’m crossing my fingers that neither of us burns the house down.

Heading back home, I noticed Mr. Westcott constantly glancing over at me and I definitely knew what is on his mind, a part of me wishes that Cassandra and Trent would get lost so I could reach over, pull down Mr. Westcott’s pants and pull out his aching hard cock giving him the best road head he’s ever received in his entire life. Waking up from my daydream, I knew I had to seduce Mr. Westcott and tonight is going to be the night.

We reached the house and immediately began setting out the things we got around the house. Lighting candles, placing out the flashlights with extra batteries you name it we got it done.

Shortly after we finished the tasks, Cassandra went upstairs to her room to finish up some bio homework and Trent was busy with his videogames up in his room. I decided to head quickly upstairs and take off the monstrous mountain of clothing that is suffocating me to the brink.

Tossing on a pair of comfortable plaid pajama shorts and black tank top it felt much better after stripping off what felt like 50 pounds of ski gear.

The house was surprisingly warm, so I was able to wear this outfit, as I was making my way downstairs I saw Mr. Westcott’s bathroom door slightly open and I wondered if he had done that on purpose since he knew I was the only one who wasn’t occupied.

I was right, Mr. Westcott has the most amazing body and one hard throbbing delicious married white cock. I could see his head tilting back as he was stroking himself nice and slowly, as his pointer finger kept caressing his mushroom head, to which I saw his body jerking back since it’s the most sensitive place on a man’s cock.

It had to be done, and this was the perfect opportunity to seduce him since the bathroom is so large and the other occupants in the house we’re busy doing whatever.

Sneaking my way into the spacious all marble bathroom, Mr. Westcott kept his eyes closed as he was stroking himself off, I heard tiny moans escaping from his mouth with each and every stroke. I quickly stripped naked, and since the shower was an open area, there was not a door, which meant he couldn’t hear me joining in with him.

Well, that and the fact that the water was loud cascading down from the rain showerhead. I slipped into the shower, and Mr. Westcott was startled at first “OMG Melody! What are you doing in here?”

“Shhh, Caleb I don’t want them to hear us, you know I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I laid eyes on you freshman year and now here’s your chance” Caleb smirked at me wickedly and his emerald green eyes quickly turned dark and lustful for my hot tight body.

Without saying another word, I bent down, worshiped his impressive circumcised canlı kaçak bahis manhood and began stroking him nice and slowly, while my dark brown eyes locked directly with his lustful emerald green eyes.

Taking my tongue gently across the tip of his cock, as I dragged it up and down his veiny shaft. Sucking on his balls just a bit, but to an extent and I needed his cock to be inside of me right now.

Mr. Westcott grabbed me by my hips and bent me over the edge of the shower, burying his cock into my soaking wet cunt, which caused me to moan so loudly that I thought Trent and Cassandra would hear me. Much to my luck, the water was extremely loud which meant he could fuck me loudly, and they wouldn’t suspect a thing.

Raising my leg of the shower seat, he bent down, and tongue fucked my sopping wet cunt rhythmically and hard to the point where I could feel myself approaching an orgasm quite quickly.

Very tediously and with great caution, I managed to not to slip in the shower when I jumped onto his throbbing manhood, as he cupped and smacked my firm round ass with both of his strong hands whilst holding onto my body.

I began bouncing up and down his rock hard veiny shaft, fastidiously and making sure I could take him deeper into my cunt.

Seeing his head tilt back, and eyes rolling to the back of his head semi loud moans were escaping his gorgeous lips while he pounded my cunt like there was no tomorrow.

I hadn’t had a hard fucking like this since I could remember, and I believe it was about a year or two ago when I was having an affair with another married white man who was local to me back in the D.C. area, he was quite dominant and really knew how to take control of what was his.

I could feel Caleb’s ball’s tightening each and every time I bounced up and down harder and faster onto him. I screamed “Cum inside of me, Mr. Westcott oh god please cum inside of my cunt” “You want me to cum inside of you, baby is that what you want?”

“FUCKKKK YESSSS FUCK YES!! THAT’S IT CUM, SHOOT YOUR HOT MARRIED CUM INSIDE OF MEEEEEEE” almost collapsing in his arms, I was not falling behind short on my orgasm as I nearly toppled over as I held onto him tightly while my orgasm overcame my body as a whole.

Usually, I tend to have full pussy orgasms rather than your normal clitoral induced orgasms, which women tend to have and I was ready to have even more with him later tonight.

Shortly afterwards, the two of us got out the shower to dry off, and I told him that I wanted to fuck him in two places: the bed he shares with his wife and by that amazing fireplace that has quite the impressive real animal fur rug splayed across the wooden floor.

Describing my plan to him, his cock began to twitch out of excitement, and I saw that sly expression developing on his handsome, clean-shaven face.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about Caleb, with the incredible sex definitely at the top of the list, was that unlike my previous married lovers he kept on his stainless steel wedding band on the entire time.

I adore that and its so arousing to me, that he enjoys the fact that he’s fucking a hotter younger tighter and much more exotic woman like myself, unlike his white American blonde with fake tits and not to mention her horrible plastic surgery on parts of her body.

I have naturally full 38D breasts, with a lovely firm and round ass complete with a body much curvier than her slender and unattractive frame.

The second both Cassandra and Trent fall asleep; I am going to sneak into Mr. Westcott’s bedroom so that he and I could have a mind-blowing fuck session, that would later resume near the spacious fireplace.

The time was now 8:00 PM and Mr. Westcott grilled us some delicious shrimp and vegetables, but all I could think about during dinner is what types of positions I was going to fuck him in.

Shortly after dinner was over, Trent went back to his room and so did Cassandra, which meant that in a couple of hours both of them would be sound asleep.

Helping Mr. Westcott clean up, he immediately came up behind me and started to grope my firm breasts with his masculine hands, as I felt his hard cock poking through his pajama pants. Whispering into my ear he said, “Oh baby, did I mention how fucking hot your body is?” I gave him a slight smirk while I resumed washing the dishes.

Without warning, he stuffed his right hand into my shorts and slipped aside my thong immediately thrusting two of his fingers deep inside of my cunt.

I moaned softly because I needed him to fuck me right there and right this second. “God your cunt is so fucking tight, I can barely fit my fingers inside do you like how this feels you little slut?” in which I responded breathing hitched and heavy “Yesss Mr. Westcott I do please, please don’t stop”.

He laughed softly as he whispered into my ear once again, “Who said I’m going to stop, baby?” and with that I was nearly being sent over the edge, and I am going to cum on his fingers in a few short moments.

This is going to my third orgasm of the day, and I am just getting started. “Cum for me, you fucking hot little slut cum, cum on my fingers and show me how much of a good little whore you are.”

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A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 02

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It was Friday night and the girls were getting ready to go out. In honour of her arrangement with her sister, Megan had declared it ‘little black dress night’ and all of the girls were wearing slinky, flattering dresses. Cindy and Melissa had come over to go out with them again and they were up in Vanessa’s room talking and having a couple of quiet drinks to stave off having to pay for some to get them going when they got there. Megan was hopping into the drinks too as they had agreed to take a taxi out since there was four of them (they were all going to stay the night at Megan and Vanessa’s place with mattresses already laid out on the floor of both Vanessa and Megan’s rooms).

They were well on the way to a good night out when Vanessa and Megan’s Dad called out from downstairs that the taxi had arrived. They all tossed down the last of their drinks and headed down stairs, Cindy and Melissa leading, then Megan and Vanessa. As they were about to leave the room, Megan turned around and said to Vanessa “Show me Nessy. Remember the agreement.”

Vanessa reluctantly lifted the front of her little black dress a little and Megan reached out and lifted it further and well clear so that she managed to get a great view of her sister’s naked pussy under the dress.

“Mmm, getting wet yet?” giggled Megan.

“No,” and I tell you, its not going to happen laughed Vanessa, though she looked less than 100% comfortable and Megan wondered whether asking her about it was going to have the desired affect. She allowed Vanessa to pass her and followed her down the stairs, reaching out near the top of them to lift the dress again so that she could see her sister’s butt as well. Vanessa quickly reacted, pulling it back down and glaring good naturedly at her sister, unable to yell at her because of the questions it might solicit from her father.

They left the house with the usual warnings and advice from parents and quickly hopped into the taxi, Vanessa taking the front seat and Melissa, Cindy and Megan piled in the back. Megan and Cindy surreptitiously held hands between them enjoying the closeness and the fact that the other two were oblivious to what was going on.

They arrived at the pub where they had decided to start out before heading out to a club and ordered drinks at the bar before attempting to find a table. Sitting down, Megan made sure she was opposite Vanessa and kept peeking to see if she could see up her dress. She was none to subtle about it so that Vanessa was made acutely aware of the fact that under the little dress, she was naked as the day she was born.

The girls attracted a bit of attention and it wasn’t long before Melissa was chatting up quite a cute guy and the rest of them were amusing themselves taking together and with the boy’s friends. One guy in particular seemed very interested in Vanessa, but Cindy and Megan made it pretty clear through the conversation that they weren’t particularly interested in relationships just now. Vanessa eyed here sister strangely as she was even more curious now as to where she had spent yesterday if she wasn’t on the prowl tonight.

The girls chatted and danced some more before announcing that it was time that they headed out for some dancing action. A quick trip to the toilets gave Megan and Cindy a chance for a quick kiss before they returned to the others ready to leave. Megan was debating whether to enlist Cindy’s help in her quest to bust her sister or not, but let it go, thinking that there’d be plenty of time later if it she felt like it then. A couple of the guys agreed to come along and they all walked down the street together to the next venue for the night.

The group all headed onto the dance floor, splintering off into various sub groups in the crowd, Melissa dancing with the guy whom she was obviously getting along very well with, Vanessa and a couple of the other hopefuls who were trying to impress her and Megan and Cindy pretty much on their own, but with one guy who had let them know that he was only out with the boys because his girlfriend was away hanging about a bit as he was somewhat stranded by his mates.

As the music pumped and ground, Cindy and Megan drifted closer together and teased the boy they were dancing with by touching each other, hands wandering over each other’s hips and tummies. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when Megan reached around from behind Cindy to caress her tits in front of him. It was obvious that he was torn between wanting to tell his mates about it and wanting to stay to see what the girls did next. They laughed at the poor boys plight and took it easy on him (much to his obvious disappointment) heading off to the bar for drinks.

A short time later they were joined by Melissa and Dan along with the other girls. Vanessa had to go to the loo and Megan offered to accompany her. They stood up and made their way to the toilets which were surprisingly quite empty. They were finished up and were about to head back out to join the others when güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Megan asked Vanessa if she was wet yet.

“Not yet, still happily dry,” said Vanessa.

“Oh well, there’s plenty of time yet, that nice boy that’s been hanging around you might just manage to do something to change it,” probed Megan.

“Well that he might, but that still won’t mean that I got wet just from wearing no underwear,” replied Vanessa.

“I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway since I’ve already bought you the dress. I should have put in a penalty clause so that if you did get wet I got something from you,” sighed Megan.

“Oh, and what is it that you would have wanted from me?” queried Vanessa.

“I don’t know, but I am sure that I could have come up with something,” laughed Megan as they headed back out.

They went back to join the others and there was only one seat. Megan let Vanessa have it as it was next to Pete, the boy they had been discussing. Megan made her way over to where Cindy was who stood up to let Megan sit before plonking herself down in the taller girl’s lap. With her hands out of view, Megan allowed one hand to slide up under Cindy’s skirt and caressed her inner thigh, drawing muted sighs from Cindy as she relaxed. Megan stroked Cindy’s legs and allowed her fingers to brush against Cindy’s underwear, Cindy gently pushing forward in response, wanting the touch.

Now it was Melissa who stood up to go to the loo and Cindy offered to keep her company, since Megan had just accompanied her sister. Megan settled in the chair to take part in the conversation that was going on and to keep an eye on what was unfolding between her sister and Pete. As Vanessa had had more to drink, she had shown more and more interest in Pete who was obviously pleased with the progress he was making, having secured Vanessa’s hand in his and sidled considerably closer together. They were obviously enjoying each other’s company and Megan was pleased to see that this was so.

Cindy and Melissa returned from the toilets taking up their previous seating positions. Cindy leaned over to put something in her bag and Megan adjusted to accommodate the movement. Having finished, Cindy positioned herself straddling one of Megan’s legs. Megan was about to comment that it wasn’t the most comfortable position when she realised that what she was feeling against her thigh was Cindy’s bare pussy. She had put her underwear in her bag and was now pleasantly rubbing her pussy against Megan. Megan relaxed a little and simply enjoyed the feeling, as Cindy was obviously having fun.

A bit more dancing ensued and then more drinks followed that. Everyone was getting happily intoxicated at this point and they were again camped at their table in the corner of the club. Cindy was again on Megan’s lap and Megan had her hand casually up Cindy’s skirt just running a finger up and down her slit, withdrawing it occasionally to suck on the juices that she was collecting with her finger. Cindy was squirming happily, using the music as an excuse to wiggle about in Megan’s lap.

Vanessa and Pete were quite chummy by this stage as were Melissa and Dan. There was some long meaningful kissing going on. Megan watched with surprise as she noticed Pete’s hands starting to explore her sister’s body whilst they kissed. She felt a twinge of jealousy, wishing that her hands were the ones that were getting to caress her breasts. She watched Vanessa’s face (well what she could see of it) intently as she noticed a hand slide up her thigh under her dress.

Vanessa had broken the kiss by the time Pete’s hand had discovered her little secret for the night. She smiled and laughed and Megan noted the look of surprise as Pete had realised that there were no panties to prevent access to the heaven that he sought.

At the same time, Megan felt a hand upon hers urging for more attention under the dress. She looked at Cindy, but Cindy was playing it cool, talking and watching, seemingly oblivious to all but the music and the conversation … except for her hand urging Megan on. Megan was happy to oblige and shifted her attention from a gentle caressing of the labia to a more persistent focus on her clitoris. She rubbed it around and around and back and forth and as the music pulsed, Cindy squirmed on Megan’s leg, apparently enjoying the change in pace that had just happened in the music (at least to the eye’s of an on-looker). Cindy closed her eyes and immersed herself in her own private dance and Megan worked her clit.

Megan sighed as she felt Cindy tense and shudder, a warmth spreading over her thigh as Cindy came, sliding her wet pussy sliding back and forth as she convulsed inside. Cindy turned to face Megan and kissed her. Megan melted into the kiss, forgetting where she was at that point in time, just happy to have given pleasure to her friend and to be able to entwine their tongues together in a lovely kiss.

As she broke the kiss, she noticed Vanessa güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri staring at her across the table in shock.

“Busted,” thought Megan.

Cindy, seeing the look coming across the table recovered the situation by jumping up and dragging Megan out onto the dance floor. Everyone else went about doing their own thing and Megan decided that she may as well just get on and enjoy herself and worry about breaking the news to her sister later.

The rest of the night passed quickly and the girls piled into a cab (after much kissing and tangling of tongues between Melissa and Dan and Vanessa and Pete) to head back to Megan and Vanessa’s place.

Seating positions remained the same as they had on the ride into town and the conversation was happily kept to discussing the boys the the two girls had hooked up with, no one quite willing to bring up the subject of Cindy and Megan getting in on the loving action.

Once inside, the girls all prepared themselves for bed, wiping off makeup, drinking plenty of water (they hadn’t exactly held back on the alcohol) and brushing teeth and stuff. The bathroom was crowded and there was plenty of good-natured pushing and shoving. They all said their good nights and Cindy headed off with Megan to her room, with some suspicious glances and hurried whispers between Melissa and Vanessa who made their own way to the latter’s room.

Megan and Cindy quickly discarded their clothes as soon as the door closed behind them and tumbled into bed together, skin brushing skin and hands beginning to eagerly explore each other’s bodies.

“Do you think Vanessa is going to be ok?” asked Cindy.

“Well, she knows you are gay, I guess its just going to take some time for her to get used to the idea that her sister is as well. Its hard to judge exactly how she is going to take it. I would have liked to have had the chance to tell her before just kissing you like that, but that’s the way it goes. I was too horny at that point to do anything but kiss you! We’ll get through it.”

“Its funny that I ended up with you here because I’ve always thought Vanessa was gorgeous and often wondered how it might be taken if I made a move on her. But I guess her actions with Pete give some idea how it might have gone over,” Cindy told Megan.

“You know, I never really paid much attention to the way that my sister looks before, but since I decided that I like women so much more than men, I came home and her sexuality hit me big time. You’re right that she’s gorgeous and there is this innocence about her that drives me crazy.” Megan replied.

“Too bad she’s your sister then. But I guess that’s good for me at least! Otherwise I might not have got a look in,” laughed Cindy, her hand beginning to explore between Megan’s legs.

“mmm,” murmured Megan, drifting off in thought from the conversation as the pleasure that was being applied started to work its magic on her. Megan relaxed, laying back as Cindy’s hand caressed her, fingers running through her pubic hair, dancing along her lips, teasing her slit.

Cindy’s mouth closed over Megan’s nipple sucking and pulling on it, drawing it out to attention, Megan moaning as she felt herself penetrated by Cindy’s hand. Cindy knelt up so that she could suck Megan’s other breast and apply more pressure with her hand, two fingers exploring inside her whilst her thumb rubbed against her clit. Megan’s hands found Cindy’s breasts and kneaded them, squeezing them together, spreading them, pulling them down towards her, pinching the nipples.

Cindy moaned before releasing Megan’s breast from her mouth with a ‘plop’ and a smile. She moved over the top of Megan, kissing her, their erect nipples crushed within each other’s embrace. Then Cindy began the slide down to Megan’s pussy, trailing her tongue over her lover’s body as she went, her crotch rubbing its way down her leg, a trail of slime marking its passing.

She reached the centre of Megan’s pleasure zone and plunged her tongue within the folds of her pussy lips, drawing out the nectar that she sought, eliciting gasps of pleasure from Megan at the same time. Then she settled into pleasuring her friend.

The trace of Cindy’s tongue about her clitoris sent spears of pleasure through her body. She felt Cindy slide a finger into her hole to be quickly accompanied by a second as her clit was engulfed by Cindy’s sucking mouth. She tweaked her nipples, enjoying the sharp pain that it sent through her, contrasting with the intensity of the pleasure being applied to her pussy.

Cindy thrust her fingers hard in and out of Megan’s pussy and sucked hard at her clit, driving her over the edge into her orgasm. Cindy gently licked around Megan’s pussy, tasting the juices of her labour before making her way back up to kiss her friend, sharing her juices with her before they tangled themselves together to sleep.

It was a couple of days later that Vanessa finally felt brave enough to speak to Megan güvenilir bahis şirketleri about what had happened. They were alone together, watching TV, their parents having retired for the evening when Vanessa turned to Megan.

“How come you kissed Cindy the other night? Are you gay?” she asked.

“When I was away, I met this girl and things just sort of seemed to happen. Eventually we became lovers. I guess that at this stage I wouldn’t say I was a lesbian but I am certainly on the lesbian side of bi. If the right guy came along, I might change my mind, but at this stage, beautiful girls just do something for me that I had never expected them to. Does it upset you?”

“I wouldn’t say that it upsets me, but it was a freak out when I looked up and saw you two swapping spit in the middle of the club like that! I mean I knew about Cindy and I knew you two seemed to be having a good time together, but I guess because you’re my sister I hadn’t even thought about the fact that you might be interested in her like that. So was that the first time that you kissed her?”

“Umm, no, that first night when we went to the toilets she hit on me and I just went along with it, so that was our first kiss.”

“oh,” said Vanessa, turning quiet and contemplating what she had just been told.

“Have you done more than kiss her? ‘Cause I mean, you know, I hear stories and …”

“Yes, I’ve done more than kiss her. We’ve slept together, she’s great fun and very talented,” Megan replied when Vanessa stalled. Vanessa went bright red in embarrassment when Megan mentioned that Cindy was talented. “Too much information maybe,” Megan thought to herself.

“Its ok, you know, I’m still your sister and I still love you, nothing’s changed,” said Megan, touching Vanessa on her arm in solace. Vanessa flinched a little at the touch, but Megan left her hand there, determined not to let this information destroy the close relationship that she had with her younger sister.

“Yeah, I know that, its just gonna take me awhile to get used to,” replied Vanessa.

“That’s cool, as long as we still get to have fun together whilst I am still home,” laughed Megan.

“Absolutely, I’d have it no other way,” smiled Vanessa in return. The two girls made their way to bed and Megan made sure that she managed to give Vanessa the usual hug and kiss before they went their separate ways. The hug was fine, though Vanessa seemed to ensure that the kiss landed squarely on her cheek and not on the lips as had happened a couple of nights previously.

Megan went to bed frustrated that this incident had seemed to put a bit of a barrier between them, but determined to break it down and resume the closeness that she had been so carefully cultivating.

The next couple of days passed uneventfully, Megan took advantage of the fact that her sister was aware of the relationship she was forming with Cindy to spend some more time doing exactly that, but she was sure to spend plenty of time with Vanessa also, not wanting to drift apart. Vanessa in the meantime was seeing quite a bit pf Pete as well which tended to limit her time with Megan but did help Megan to see Cindy.

It was Thursday night, the two girls had been left alone and had decided to get some dvd’s pizza and sit in and have a few drinks to see the night out together.

After having watched the first movie and consumed several drinks, Megan put the second movie in the player. They sat down to watch it and had a couple more drinks. They were sharing the couch together and had absconded with quilts and pillows from the bedrooms to get more comfortable. Vanessa was by this time lying up against Megan who had her arm casually draped over her sister (very aware of what she would be doing if this were Cindy and not Vanessa).

They came to a scene in the movie where two young girls kissed each other and Vanessa said to Megan, “So, given your new-found twist on your sexuality, does watching girls kiss like that turn you on?”

“Um, yeah, it does. Not quite the same way that say a good kiss or a touch on the neck does, but in a mmm that looks yummy and I’d like to try it kind of way… if that makes any sense?”

“Yeah I think I get it. I mean seeing two girls kiss has never turned me off or anything. Not like it seems to for some of the girls at school. Some of them freak out just at the thought of another girl kissing them, but I just figure its something a bit different. I mean sometimes I wonder about what it must be like … I’ve just never bothered to find out.”

“Really? I didn’t even think you would have thought about it.”

“Well girls are just so nice, you know, like they know what you’re thinking and they’re sympathetic at the right times and sometimes I think I’d like to cuddle one .. like this is really comfy sitting here with you and just slopping on the couch … it seems different with boys, harder, more insistent or something. Like all they’re waiting for is the chance to get in your pants.”

“Yeah, harder …” laughed Megan

“Oh you know what I mean!” laughed Vanessa, jabbing her big sister in the ribs. They watched the movie in silence for awhile until Vanessa finished her drink and went to get another. “What do you want Meg? I’m raiding the bar!” called out Vanessa on her way out of the room

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Bi Awakening

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This is a true story; that is, the events are true although the timing as been condensed for artistic licence and the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I am around forty and am bi female. I have two children and even though I am married, I was sexually unfulfilled for years. I decided as an early New Year resolution I would be more adventuring with my sex life. My first response had always been to say “no” to any advances, so I tried to change this with mixed results.

I attended the office Christmas party and managed to get myself pretty much, well, drunk. In the process of getting inebriated, I tried to come onto Maurice, a good looking bloke from the accounts section. He was being very nice and I was all over him like a rash. In the end he offered to drive me home, as I had come to the party in a taxi setting out to be picked up, I accepted. I managed to sputter out my address for him, and then proceeded to nearly pass out when we got in the car. When we arrived at my address, the car finally came to a stop at the front gate. Maurice, ever the gentleman, came round to my side and opened the door for me, but I fell out onto the street. I found myself on my knees and thought, since I was done there anyway, I might as well reward him for getting me home. As I reached unsteadily for his zipper; he grabbed me by the arms and dragged me to my feet. He wouldn’t take advantage of me while I was drunk, such a gentleman! He wanted me, or so he said, but only when he could be sure that I wanted him and not just from the drink. He managed to get me to my door and I groped ungainly for my door key. He took the keys as I was about to drop them and unlocked the door for me. He made sure I was safe inside, bid me goodnight and left. I was too drunk to care and managed to stumble off to bed.

It was several weeks after the party before I returned his calls. I apologised for my behaviour and thanked him for being the perfect gentleman. When he invited me for a drink I could hardly refuse.

We met one night after work. I had told hubby I would need to work late and asked him to take care of the kids for me. A man from accounts was coming down to take a look at my “particulars.” The pub Maurice chose was a bit up-market, but what the hell he was paying.

After a few drinks, he asked if he could take up on my offer from the other night. My old “no thanks” was about to come out, but I was able to stop and a very unsteady, slightly excited ok, fell from my lips.

Maurice took me to a room in the pubs hotel. Once inside, we were both unsure how to proceed. I was too sober to start anything and he was too shy and timid to do anything. He stared at me and offered another drink. Not wanting to get drunk again, I told him I would like to freshen up a little. Once in the bathroom, my nerves got to me. Before I could change my mind, I decided to undress. I slipped a towel around myself and was about to open the door when I thought, no, drop the towel let him see what he is getting. I maybe forty, but I’m still in good shape. Alright the hips are carrying a bit of weight and the tits aren’t as perky, but after two children, who’s he expecting Kate Moss? After my self pep-talk, I opened the door.

I let the towel fall slowly to the floor and walked out into centre of the room. With a swing of the hips and a cat like grace, I stopped canlı bahis şirketleri and posed at the foot of the bed. As I looked around I saw Maurice’s clothes neatly folded on a chair, his socks tucked into his shoes and he tucked neatly. The cover was folded down and the sheet was covering him from his toes to his chin.

I almost got my clothes and walked out then but my sense of pride, and duty forced me to get on with it. I marched over to the bed ripped the sheet down and jumped on the bed next to him. I reached up to kiss him but his eyes were shut and his mouth open. It was like kissing a wet fish (don’t ask how I know, that’s another story). I left his lips and kissed my way down to his penis (I wouldn’t dignify it with the term cock) and took the whole limp two and one half inches into my mouth. After a few strokes from my tongue I started to feel a reaction. At this point his hands came down and stopped me from further ministrations. Thinking back, I should have been prepared for what came next, “Don’t waste it.” he rolled me over, spread my legs and entered me. I wasn’t wet or in the least bit prepared but to be honest, with his size it didn’t really matter. One or two strokes and he came. He rolled off me, reached for a tissue then headed for the bathroom. With a tissue in one hand and his clothes in the other, it was over. He dressed and left saying I could stay as long as he liked he had already paid for the room.

Well if nothing else, he made me appreciate the feeble attempts at foreplay made by my husband.

During the few weeks prior and a few weeks after my traumatic and totally unfulfilling “affair” I had been making friends with a young temp at work. Three students had been hired to work over the slow holiday period. The firm was moving my office and they were needed to help box everything in preparation for the move. There were two boys and a very pretty young girl. Her name was Pauline and we had been having coffee together these past few weeks. She had despite her age, a very dominant personality. On the students last day, Pauline and I arranged to go out for lunch. We chose a quite bar not far from the office, and ordered some drinks. We sat in a booth at the far end of the bar, and acted almost like sisters.

Pauline was the extroverted talkative type, and thankfully she was never uninteresting or boring. After a time my failed sexual foray came into the discussion. Pauline listened quietly and made sympathetic noises, while I told her my sad story. When I had finished I was almost in tears, then Pauline leaned across the table and kissed me gently but firmly on the mouth. It was a gesture of compassion and friendship but the thrill and sense of excitement it gave me was beyond anything I had previously known. She could obviously sense my excitement and suggested I come back to her place. I called the office on my cell and spoke to my secretary. I told her that Pauline wasn’t felling well so I was going to take her home. I left instructions for the lads to finish up and for her to lock up early. Next I rang home and told my hubby that a girl at work had taken ill and I was going to take her home and stay until her parents could come and look after her.

Having taken charge and got the logistics out of the way I left all the rest to Pauline. I gave her some money to cover the bill and told her I was completely canlı kaçak iddaa in her hands.

Pauline directed me to her flat, about a twenty-minute drive from the bar. It was in a block of four old fashioned units. Once inside, Pauline headed for the bathroom saying she had to pee. While she was gone, I took a chance and looked around. The flat was very small, consisting of a kitchenette in one corner and a shower curtain style wardrobe in another. Against one wall was a sofa bed, with doona and pillows stacked at one end. I sat on the sofa away from the bedclothes. I was very nervous as I was perched on the edge of the sofa with my knees shut and my fists clenched. I heard the toilet flush and jumped up as the bathroom door opened. When Pauline came gliding back into the room she was still wearing the lemon coloured tank top and short white flip skirt but in the light I could see through it all. She asked if I would like a drink, but I declined, saying that all I wanted right then was her.

She came up to me and took my hands and pulled me gently towards her. She then kissed me, only this time the kiss was firm and demanding. Her mouth was half-open and her tongue played around the edge of my mouth before forcing its way between my lips and dancing with my tongue. We stayed like this for what was only seconds but seemed like hours. She broke contact first and stepped back. I wanted to follow and maintain contact but she held me at bay. She reached out and started to unbutton my silk shirt. As each button came undone, she would lean forward and kiss me lightly. I couldn’t wait for her fingers to pop the next button so I could have my next kiss. Once all the buttons were undone she gently slid the shirt down over my shoulders. She then unzipped my skirt and it fell pooled at my feet. I hooked the skirt with my foot and kicked it out of the way. I was now standing before her in my pink bra and white full control briefs. I reached out to undress her but again she took control and bade me to stand still and just look. I was totally at her command so I just stood and stared as she pulled her top off to reveal her perfect tits which at her age did not require a bra, they were not large but they stood out and I believe the word “perky” came instantly to mind.

She slipped her little white skirt down her long legs and brought into view her apricot bikini panties. We were now standing there in our underwear. Having removed her outer garments she moved back to me and we hugged. In the process her hand slipped round and undid my bra. She held my face in one had while she kissed me, and then removed the bra with the other. Then came the pivotal moment in my life! I hugged a woman and our naked breasts met. That first experience of our touching tits was the most sublime feeling I had ever had. It was almost a shock when Pauline again broke contact in order to pull down my panties. This she did with a single movement before stepping back and skimming her own panties down revealing a nearly hairless pussy. It wasn’t that she shaved or waxed it was just that the peach fuzz of youth was still with her.

Having removed the last of her clothes she then leaned forward and gently forced me down onto the sofa. There I lay prostrate with my head on the armrest and one leg on the floor, thus showing Pauline my very hairy (new resolution: I must wax) canlı kaçak bahis and by now very wet cunt in all its glory.

Pauline knelt between my legs and ran her tongue up and down the inside of my thighs. Using her fingers to part the hairs on my cunt, her tongue began to lick around my exposed cunt lips. I was in heaven, the way she was using her tongue was sending me into raptures was amazing. I had never been so sexually stimulated before; I wanted the moment to last forever. She moved her tongue from my outer lips to the inner lips but not the clit. The suspense was an agonising pleasure waiting for her to reach my pleasure button. She then plunged her tongue into my cunt and at the same instant used her finger on my anus.

When she finally made it to my clit I was soaking wet and so close to cumming that the moment she hit my excited nub I exploded into the most mind-blowing orgasm that I have ever had. I now firmly believed I was in heaven, as nothing could ever surpass what I was feeling at that moment. Instead of finishing as I came, she started to suck my clit and to use her middle finger to punish my anus. With the sucking and the fingering I went from a gushing orgasm to a rolling orgasm, with wave after wave of sheer pleasure taking control of my body. I was totally exhausted by the time she finally pulled away; my mind had given up so I left it to my body to cope with all the intense feelings going through me.

Pauline stood and helped to stand, again our breasts touched and our mouths found each other. I could taste myself on her lips and her tongue; it was an incredible and sensual feeling. As we were kissing she manoeuvred me so she could lie down on the sofa and gently pressed my shoulders down so that I was on my knees. Once before her glorious pussy I realised it was my turn to please her as she had me. I was afraid, as I had never licked a woman before. I didn’t believe I could emulate the feats of her tongue and mouth.

I started slowly trying to do what had just been done to me. With my tongue I licked along the inside of her thighs, gradually making my way to her outer lips. Then my mind went blank, so I let my instincts take over. I plunged my tongue into her hot and moist hole. Running around the inside lips and trying to use the butterfly technique on her very prominent clit as she had done to me. With my mouth firmly planted on her clit I sucked and licked gently, glowing in the pleasurable moans of my new lover.

But soon my jaw and tongue were weakening due to the unusual amount of exertion, as I tried to pull my head away from her now writhing pussy her hands came down and pushed me further into her pulsating flesh.

As my tongue once more found her prominent button, her whole body stiffened as she let out a low animal-like moan. Her pussy flooded with her love juices, pouring into my mouth and down my chin. This was a whole new experience for me and I didn’t have a clue what to do next. Pauline kept the pressure behind my head and forced me deeper into her swollen, tender pussy. I again started licking but tried to steer away from her clit, which wasn’t easy as it was so big. I lapped and lapped for what seamed like hours but again I lost track of time. Pauline finally released her grip on my head, the first thing I saw when I looked up at her face was a warm look and the unmistakable grin of a well-satisfied lover.

Sadly, that was our one and only time together. Pauline went on to a university, and I went back to work… and my unimaginative husband. I also went on to look at other women in an entirely different way, but that is another story.

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Bianca’s Bi-Cycle Story

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Hi everybody, my name’s Bianca and I am home from college for my summer vacation. And, wow! Do I ever have a story to tell.

My parents went to a church conference this week leaving me with the house all to myself. From my bedroom window on the 2nd floor facing the street I’d noticed that there were these two women that walked up the street at about the same time each afternoon. They were always smartly dressed and carried attaché cases. I figured that they worked in some office downtown and took the bus which stopped at the intersection a couple of blocks down from our house. Meaning they probably lived on my street somewhere.

What I noticed most about them, though, was how sexy they looked. One was a tall blonde and the other a buxom redhead. Well, actually the blonde had nice big tits too. They just weren’t as pronounced at those of the redhead because she was slightly taller.

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy cock and have screwed a couple of guys in college, but when I masturbate I love to fantasize about women. I’d never tried it with another woman, but after watching some girl-girl porn and reading a few lesbian stories on Literotica that’s all I can think of any more.

So, each afternoon I’d park myself at my bedroom window to watch these two, very sexy looking women walk up the street—and I’d masturbate while fantasizing about doing things with them. Just thinking about them living together and possibly doing things with each other was more than enough to get my motor running—not to mention my pussy.

Then this one day I decided to take it one step further.

With my blonde hair done up in pigtails I slipped a tank top over my head. My tits were only little apricots compared to their grapefruits, but when excited my nipples always got nice and erect and the tank top didn’t hide much. I looked at myself in the mirror and toyed with my nipples to make them standout more; then I slipped on the skimpiest little skirt in my wardrobe. It barely came down to the bottom of my ass and fit tight enough to show off my shapely butt—as if it was painted on. With no bra and no panties, I was all hot and ready to do some serious flashing—dressed as I was so skimpily. Nothing on buy my tank top, skimpy skirt, and a pair of blue sneakers and white socks.

Our house was on a slight rise so that the front lawn slopped down to the sidewalk. I positioned myself so that as I sat on the lawn my pussy would be about eye-level to someone walking on the sidewalk.

I heard the bus approaching down on the main thoroughfare. My heart began to beat a little faster. The bus stopped, and I became more and more excited. My nipples tingled. My pussy began to wetten. And then I saw them walking up the sidewalk. They were both dressed in a short, tight business skirt and white blouses with enough buttons undone to show their ample cleavage. Heels and hose completed their wardrobes. As they got closer to me, it appeared that neither of them was wearing a bra because I could see their huge nipples poking through their blouses—and their breasts bounced and jiggled with each step they took.

As they approached I noticed them looking my way. I shifted my position so that my feet were planted on the lawn about a foot apart, and only inches from my butt—causing my knees to point upward. The two women were close enough now I could see that the both of them were really looking me over—their eyes lighting up at the way my nipples poked out my skimpy tank top, and smiles creasing their lips as their gazes ran up and down my legs noting how high my little skirt was hiked up exposing not only all of my smooth thighs but even a hint of the flesh of my ass cheeks.

Smiling at them I parted my knees a bit more so as they drew even with me they couldn’t help but see my shaved, glistening pussy smiling back at them like a target.

When they draw directly even with me, the redhead said “Ooops, Ingrid, I think I’ve got a run in my stocking. She turned towards me and bent down to run her hands up and down her sexy, curvy leg smoothing out her stocking. And as she bent over, her boobs practically plopped clean out of her partly unbuttoned blouse. I got to see down her cleavage, all that luscious, creamy flesh quivering so slightly from the movements of her arms. Every square inch of her mounds were exposed—right up to her nipples, with her blouse barely clinging to her nipples. And her nipples? They poked out even more than before, seeming to grow right before my eyes as she caught me admiring her tits. Her own eyes then stared right between my legs and up my skimpy skirt as she continued fondling her nylon-enshrouded leg. And I knew she was looking directly at my cunt—my cunt that was growing increasingly wet.

At the same time the tall Blonde placed her hand on her friend’s butt while also starring up between my legs. She too smiled at me and licked her lips.

The Redhead, still smoothing out her stocking, now ran her hands to the tops of her nylons, and pretending to adjust her garter strap, lifted canlı bahis şirketleri her skirt just enough to show some white panties. And of course, I zeroed in on the hint of wetness gathering on the portion covered by her cunt. She smiled at me, then the two women continued on their way.

I was like so totally turned on by all this that I was trembling. I jumped on my bicycle and rode after them. I followed close up behind them so I could watch their juicy butts move, flex, and jiggle under their tight skirts as they walked. I couldn’t help but rub my throbbing cunt on my bicycle seat so hard I had trouble keeping my balance.

With my tiny skirt hiked up so high my ass cheeks were mostly expose I passed them hoping that they’d notice the way my own butt cheeks flexed and rippled as I pedaled my bike.

After passing them I took a quick look back and was thrilled to see that they were indeed staring at me. I turned around and rode back the other way towards them so they could see the way my exposed pussy lips were rubbing on my bicycle seat. At the same time I got to admire their huge tits jiggling ever so slightly as they walked.

I repeated this action a couple of times, riding up ahead of them, then turning around and riding back towards them, and each time I passed them I exchanged flirt glances and smiles with them. Then, so horny I couldn’t stand it any more I rode my bicycle up onto the sidewalk and stopped right in front of their path, blocking their way.

“Hi, my name is Bianca. Do you ladies live around here?”

“Hi, I’m Sandy,” the redhead said, “and my friend’s Ingrid.”

They both shook hands with me. “We live just a couple of houses up the road,” Ingrid said, still holding on to my hand—the touch of her sending thrills throughout my body.

“Why don’t you come along with us and we’ll show you our . . . home,” Sandy said with a wink.

“Sure.” I said as I moved back out of their way.

I rode slowly beside them as I accompanied them to their house. Though we just chatted about ordinary things, my cunt grew more and more excited.

I parked my bike on their front porch and enjoyed the way they looked at me as I dismounted flashing them lots of pussy and ass.

The tall blonde bent over slightly as she slid her key into the keyhole giving me an opportunity to admire the way her own skirt hiked up to show me a hint of her bulbous ass cheeks. Opening the door she turned to smile at me.

The blonde stood to the side, and the redhead, standing behind me placed her hand on the small of my back and said, “Please come in.” Then, as she guided me through the door she slid her hand down to my ass making me quiver all over with excitement. They guided me into their kitchen first where they prepared iced soft drinks.

With each of us slacking our thirst with drinks in hand, Sandy the redhead said, “why don’t we retire to the living room and make ourselves comfortable.” She then grabbed my hand to lead me into the living room while the blond walked beside me placing her hand on my ass again as if to help guide me.

They had me sit in the middle of the couch while they sat on either side of me. As they crossed their legs I got to watch how their skirts slid up showing even more of their luscious legs.

I loved the way both of them pressed a long, nylon-enshrouded leg tightly against mine. Then they both began playing with my hair. Sandy the redhead said, “We really love the way you’ve done your hair up in pigtails. It looks so cute and girlish, just like the little girl both of us would love to have. Isn’t that right, Ingrid?”

God, how I was loving this attention.

Ingrid the blonde laid a hand upon my thigh, turned slightly towards me so her tit brushed against my shoulder and said, “We’ve seen you sitting at your upstairs window watching us each day as we pass by. Did you like what you saw?”

I felt my cheeks flush upon hearing that they’d caught me. “I-I-I think I want to be like you two, all grown up and in the business world.”

Redheaded Sandy placed her hand on my other thigh also leaning slightly towards me touching her tit to my other shoulder, and said, “Is that all? Because we’ve noticed that you’ve been masturbating while watching us pass by. The up and down movements of your arm and shoulder were unmistakable.”

I was on fire. “Y-y-y-your boobs, both of you. I wish I had boobs like that.”

“Maybe someday you will,” Ingrid, the blonde said. “But there’s a secret to growing big boobs like we’ve got.”

“Really? What’s that?”

“You’ve got to get someone to fondle and suck on your titties nearly everyday in order to make them grow. Ingrid and I have been sucking each other’s titties since we were your age and that’s why they’re so big now.” She fondled her own breasts and made them jiggle under her tight-fitting dress.

“G-g-g-g-gosh.” I couldn’t help drooling.

Blondie Ingrid moved her hand further up my thigh. “Would you like watch us? See how it’s done?”


“That’s canlı kaçak iddaa sweet of you,” Sandy, the redhead said, replacing her hand back down on my thigh and moving it up higher then the blonde had hers. She gave me a lingering kiss on my cheek. And, oh my God! The feel of her sexy, full, wet lips on the skin of my face made me tremble. The heat of both of their thighs pressing strongly against mine made my poor hungry pussy quiver.”

Blondie kissed the other side of my face as the redhead was doing, both of them turned more sharply towards me so each had a tit practically smothering my shoulder. Then Blondie Ingrid whispered into my ear, her lips lightly grazing my ear lobe—as both women rubbed the insides of my thighs. Both women were now rubbing the insides of my thighs. “But before we can get into putting on a tittie sucking show for you, we’d like you to do a little modeling for us. It’s only fair, since you’ve been watching us and masturbating to us all this time.”

“Yes, sweetie,” the redhead Sandy said practically licking my ear, “we think your little mini skirt is so very cute, we want to get a better look.” She ran her hand all the way up the inside of my thigh and slipped a finger under the hemline—a hemline jacked up so high that her finger lightly grazed my throbbing pussy lips.

“So, why don’t you stand up here right in front of us so we can admire your mini skirt.”

Each of them took one of my hands to help me up, then they slid close together their thighs touching each other. They had me turn around to face them, and move up close standing between Ingrid’s legs. The sexy, smooth feel of her nylon-enshrouded legs pressing tightly against mine was paradise.

“Such a sweet, sexy little skirt,” the blonde said as both women fingered my hemline starting in the front and moving around the sides.

Feeling two pairs of hands lightly grazing my upper thighs and hips was pure delight. And standing above them like I was as they both bent forward to better fondle my skirt, I could easily look down their blouses to admire their bulging tits.

Their hands moved around to my rear, toying with my hemline at first, then slipping up under my skirt to fondle my bare ass. “Ummmm, such a nice, sexy little ass,” Sandy said as both women looked up at me and smiled.

And I thought I was in heaven being the center of attention for two such sexy, beautiful, successful women—and their hands all over my hips and ass. Their faces so close to my crotch that their hot breaths steamed my horny cunt until I was quivering.

“Why don’t you turn back around, honey, so we can get a better look at your cute little ass?” The Blonde said. With their hands on my hips they turned me around to face away from them. The Blonde squeezed her thighs more tightly together to press against the outsides of my legs as both women continued to fondle my butt.

“Such a cute little skirt—and so tight it looks painted on,” Sandy said. “Let’s see if its painted on or not.” They lifted the rear of my skirt up exposing all of my naked butt flesh to their view, and their hot steamy breaths.

“I think she likes what we’re doing with her,” the Ingrid said, giving my butt a little love slap.

“Y-y-y-yeah,” I managed to say, with increasingly dry mouth. As if my enjoyment wasn’t obvious the way my panty-less pussy was dribbling my hot girl goo down my thighs.

As if reading my thoughts they each ran a hand up and down the insides of my thighs as they lightly blew their sexy hot breaths onto my ass cheeks. Each of them taking a turn to lightly touch my slobbering pussy. Then they withdrew their hands and I could hear licking and sucking sounds as they apparently devoured my sex juices from off their fingers. And that really turned me on.

“Ummmm, she sure is a hot one,” Sandy said as both women resumed fondling my ass, my hips, and my inner thighs.

The next think I knew a hand snuck up between my upper thighs to start playing with my throbbing pussy with real intention, while the Blonde rubbed her tits back and forth against my ass, her erect, hard-on nipples digging into my soft flesh. I began to moan.

Both women then stood up fondling me all over, teasing my erect nipples through my tank top, hands playing with my butt and cunt, and all the while pressing their sexy bodies against mine. They made a sandwich out of me. My face was mashed into the button busting bosom of the tall Blonde while the Red Head rubbed her tits against the back of my head.

“Would you like to play with our tits?” The redhead said while fondling my own tits. “To help get us ready for some hot tittie sucking?”

By then I was quivering so much, and so fucking turned on that I couldn’t do anything but moan into the blonde’s bosom.

The Redhead grabbed my hands and raised them up to the blonde’s tits. I didn’t need any more encouragement. The feel of her huge globes filling my hands sent new thrills all through me. My God! I’m actually feeling up another woman. canlı kaçak bahis

As I fondled the blonde’s tits, she fondled mine and the redhead fondled my ass and my cunt. Then they turned me around and made me feel up the redhead.

They both kissed me on the top of the head, then the blonde said, “why don’t you sit down now honey, and Sandy and I will put on a little show for you.”

“You can play with us if you want to while we work on each other.”

My knees were about to buckle anyway as I sat down with the two women facing each other while standing as close to me as they could.

First the two women lightly, and gently touched their tits together. Smiling at each other they rubbed their tits together side-to-side while I played with both of their butts. Then they kissed each other face-to-face, and watching these two sexy women tonguing each other was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. Then they fondled each other’s tits and kissed and sucked each other’s tits through their blouses. And I thought that the lipstick marks they left on each other’s blouses was so fucking hot. Meanwhile, with trembling hands, I continued running my hands up and down the backs of their legs and up under their skirts to fondle their butts. I wanted to feel their cunts but was still too shy to try.

Having warmed each other up, they sat down on the couch again on either side of me thrilling me again with the feel of their sexy legs against mine. They both began kissing me all over the side of my face and neck while turning towards me, their huge tits pressing against my shoulders. Sandy grabbed my face between her hands and kissed me on the lips sending new electric thrills through my body. Then her tongue began dancing on my lips. Each flick of her tongue awaking new thrills in my cunt. Then her tongue slipped in between my lips and began wrestling with mine.

My first time being sex-kissed by another woman! And wow!

My own tongue responded to hers doing a sort of dance. And then, before I knew it my tongue had fucked itself into her mouth. And as Sandy and I frenched each other out, Ingrid was fondling my tits, and my thighs and sticking her hand up my skirt to tease my pussy.

Then Ingrid turned my face away from her friend’s and mashed her own mouth against mine. And we face-fucked each other while Sandy fondled me like her friend had been doing earlier.

And I was so hot I was about ready to come—without my clit ever being touched.

Sandy whispered into my ear. “Why don’t you take Ingrid’s blouse off for her.”

“S-s-s-sure.” With trembling hands I began fumbling with the rest of the buttons on her already partially opened blouse while Sandy toyed with my erect nipples. And to see the blonde’s gravity-defying hills fully exposed, with her erect nipples sticking out nearly an inch and all red and swollen with excitement was like totally awe.

Then I did the same with Sandy.

Once both their blouses were all off, Ingrid said, “Now just sit back and we’ll show you how we women suck each other’s tits off to make them grow bigger.”

With that Sandy draped a leg over mine and turned to face Ingrid with her huge boobs almost directly in front of my face.

Ingrid then also turned in and bent down to start licking and sucking on Sandy’s nipples while both women fondled each other’s boobs. With my left hand I fondled Ingrid’s butt while my right helped her fondle Sandy’s tits. There was certainly enough to go around.

I watched fascinated as only inches in front of my eyes Sandy’s already huge nipples grew even longer as Ingrid sucked them off, clamping them between her lips and pulling them outward, working first on one, and then the other.

Then they switched positions and Sandy sucked off Ingrid’s tits.

After they’d both sucked each other’s nipples to unbelievable lengths leaving me totally amazed—and envious—they turned to me and as if by some signal known only to them they clamped their lips around my own aching nipples. With Ingrid on my left tit and Sandy on my right, they sucked my brains out. First they sucked on my right through my tank top leaving those sexy lipstick marks on it, then they pulled the material of the tank top aside to fully expose my little titties.

I could hardly believe it, these two beautiful women sucking off my titties while fondling my crotch and the insides of my thighs.

While they sucked on me and fondled me, my own hands were busy fondling their butts. They licked and sucked, and flicked their tongues against my little erections sending unbelievable waves of sensations throughout my body. Then, when I thought I could take no more pleasure Sandy said, “now that you know how good it feels, it’s time you returned the pleasure.” With that she grabbed me behind my head and forced my face right into Ingrid’s cleavage mashing my face into all that luscious tit flesh. As Sandy pushed me into Ingrid’s chest, I shifted my own position, turning in towards her and draping one of my legs across her lap.

With Ingrid’s mounds caressing each side of my face I began kissing the valley between. My hands, again with a life of their own, fondled her mountains as I began to kiss my way up one side and then the other of her cleavage.

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Beauty and the Beast Ch. 03

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I want to thank all of my readers for bearing with me while I find my groove so to speak. I do apologize for the short chapters and for any spelling errors that may have been found. I recently moved and started this account while my laptop was still packed away so I was typing on my phone. Thank you all for the positive comments and feedbacks and I will continue to write as long as you read.


My heart picks up speed as Master leads me down the hall to a room with a padlock on the door. Pulling a key from his jeans he quickly unlocks the padlock before pushing the door open. He turns back to me with his eyes glowing green; behind the glowing coloring I see something different. It takes me a minute to realize that its desire.

Master ushers me into the room and closes the door behind us. Looking around I see it’s quite similar to his bedroom; it has a large bed, two dressers and a big wooden x handing from the ceiling. “What is that Master?” I point towards the wooden x. Master laughs gently, his breath on my neck sends shivers down my spine.

“That, my pet, is fun.” I furrow my brow. “Come, we’re going to start your training with it.”

“Wait! Master I’m not wearing any clothes.”

“Angel, I need you naked for this.” I blush heavily while he turns me so I’m face to face with him. I look into his eyes and feel something within myself I had never canlı bahis şirketleri felt with my previous Master. I feel my breath leave my lungs and my stomach begins to feel like there are butterflies in there. Master walks me backwards until my wings hit the cool wood of the x.

“Stay.” Master disappears behind me and attaches a leather cuff to my left ankle followed by my right one. “I won’t bind your beautiful snowy wings,” his deep voice in my ear travels down my body and I feel a familiar tingling in my balls. I clench my eyes trying to will away the pending erection. My right arm is lifted over my head and secured with a cuff, my other arm is firmly in place when I hear Master walk away. I crane my neck trying to see Master. When he finally comes view he has removed his shirt and is holding a black piece of cloth. “I hate not being able to see your emotions in those beautiful blue eyes but it’s more intense this way.” I’m about to ask what is more intense but the black cloth covers my eyes.

“Master?” I gasp. His lips silence me.

“Hush pet, trust me. I won’t hurt you.” I nod my head and breathe deeply. Hands land carefully on my wings, petting them, playing with the delicate feathers. I make a deep noise in my throat, “Are they sensitive pet?”

I nod, “It feels good Master.” I make the weird sound again, “I’m sorry Master, I can’t help canlı kaçak iddaa that sound.”

Masters hands still, “That’s a good sound pet. It lets me know that you like what I’m doing. I don’t want you to suppress any sound during training; I cannot see your eyes so you need to communicate with me. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes Master.” The hands on my wings continue to explore every curve and crevice in wonder. Masters touch disappears and I whimper slightly.

“Oh angel, you’re so responsive.” I’m confused until his hand cups my hard penis. His warm hand circles my shaft and begins to slowly pump up and down; moaning loudly, I mindlessly thrust my hips into his hand. He releases my now aching cock, “Don’t move angel.”

“Please Master I won’t move I promise.” Master chuckles and his hand grasps me again. I moan and toss my head back when his other hand cups my balls, kneading them just enough to nearly send me over the edge, “Master, if you keep doing that I will come.”

“Thank you for telling me pet.” His hands release my gentiles and gently skate to the outside of my thighs. Masters warm hands leave a trail of fire as he slowly drags his hands from my thighs up my sides before placing his hands on my back just below my wings.

Warm, moist heat circles my right nipple, coaxing it to a stiff peak. I sigh sadly when his mouth canlı kaçak bahis moves but groan when he takes my other nipple in his mouth. I bite my lip and concentrate on not swaying my hips while he continues the assault on my nipples. Using his fingers Master tweaks my nipples just enough to sting before turning the best of pleasure. “Oh Master,” I moan.

I hear a dull thud in front of me and the sweet torture of Masters mouth takes the tip of my cock in his mouth. I gasp loudly and my back arches as much as it can due to the restraints. Masters mouth slides down my cock until the tip is nudging at the back of his throat; he bobs up and down while he rolls my balls in his hand. I feel my balls tighten and a weirdly delicious heat in my crotch. “Master, I thick I’m going to come.” My legs begin to shake beyond my control.

Master pulls off my cock for a brief moment, “Come pet.” He takes my modest cock back into his mouth. I feel a wave of ecstasy wash over me, taking me over the edge of pleasure. I scream as I come in my Masters mouth and feel him swallow around my shaft driving me crazy. My orgasm is short lived but drains the energy out of me.

Master removes the blindfold before undoing the cuffs on my feet, the cuffs on my wrists are the only thing keeping me upright. When Master undoes them I stumble a little but Master picks me up, folding me against his chest before I can catch my balance on my own. “Okay pet, I’m going to take you to bed. Today I give you pleasure, tomorrow I receive the pleasure.” My eyelids begin to feel like lead, I close them and fall asleep in Masters arms.

To Be Continued….

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