Lustful Cedar Key

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Chapter 1 – Midnight Swim

“With their feet in the sand and the warm wind caressing their faces, who else watches the moon floating above the sparkling horizon? Who else listens to the sound of the waves whispering to the shore? There’s no telling what goes on just beneath the surface, and no one will ever know if tonight two people should decide to join together in another Midnight Swim.” Craig Chaquico

Rachel stood in the doorway between her bedroom and the second floor deck. She approached the rail and gazed out over the sandy white beach, gently kissed by the white surf and dark blue ocean. Her face turned upward toward the evening sky savoring the display of dusty colors of mauve, blue and gold sprayed across the scattered clouds. Breathing in deeply, relishing the wonderful scent of the ocean, she thought back on her life before moving to Cedar Key a year ago. The sensual sound of the surf was relaxing as she stood watching the waves caress the shore.

Constant noise, she thought. Rachel certainly didn’t miss having to work a second job just to make the rent on that tiny studio apartment. The streets were always so crowded with people pushing their way past, never smiling, just always in a hurry to get somewhere. The ocean breeze gently kissed her soft cheek, chasing away her last thoughts of the city. She turned back into the bedroom to finish dressing for the Memorial Holiday weekend beach part.

Rachel loved it here. She had finally warmed to the slow-paced lifestyle, so different from New York. The locals were pleasant and had welcomed her into the small community. The tips she earned at Jake’s Pub from wintering snowbirds were as good as those from the vacationing summer crowds. With her evening schedule at Jake’s, she could spend her mornings sunbathing, something that was almost impossible to do back in the city. Best of all, the rent was reasonable, sharing it with Theodora, Theo for short. Theo wasn’t her first choice in a roommate, but Rachel loved the house and her bedroom, and as a bonus, it was close to work.

Slipping on her sandals, Rachel checked herself in the mirror. “Not bad” she complimented aloud to her reflection that smiled back at her. Green was her best color as she adjusted the gauze halter-dress one last time, swirling around, letting it float back into place. And with a quick spray of cologne, she pranced from her room and down the stairs.

“Theo? I’m off. See you at the party.” But Rachel’s mood suddenly changed as she rounded the corner to the kitchen. Bowls, pots, pans, and dishes were heaped everywhere in the small space. “Damn it!” she yelled, “Why can’t you clean up after yourself?”

“I’ll clean it later,” Theo impatiently answered, walking in behind Rachel. “I was making a casserole for the party, when I realized that Derek would be here soon, and I wasn’t dressed yet.”

“Yeah, and you’ll get home later and be too tired, as usual, and not clean up. You can’t even see the sink!” Rachel’s anger peaked.

“Hey, it’s really easy; if you don’t like it – MOVE,” Theo snarled back.

Neither of them liked the other much. Theo acted like a spoiled princess most of the time, expecting everyone to cater to her ever whim, and daddy was always in the background with his wallet open. Rachel had learned to fend for her self back in the city, struggling to make ends meet. But until she got a little more money behind her, Rachel couldn’t afford to move into her own place. They were stuck with each other. Rachel prepared to snap back but was interrupted by a quick knock that brought Derek through the backdoor.

“WOW. Don’t you two look great,” Derek flattered, smiling at the two beauties, leaning over to kiss Theo. “All set for tonight?”

“I need a few more minutes,” whined Theo. “Rachel is having a friggin’ cow over the dishes, and my casserole isn’t quite done.”

Derek glanced at Rachel just in time to see her dart her tongue at Theo. But Rachel blew him a kiss with a wink, and danced out the front door with a large bottle of wine.

Smiling, Derek turned back to Theo, kissing the back of her neck while she scrubbed out the last pot. “Why don’t we go smoke one before we go?” He breathed down Theo’s neck to tingle her nipples.

“Go ahead and roll one, I’ll be just a sec,” said Theo, turning to face him, softly kissing his mouth.

Playfully, he grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her into his pelvis. “Don’t be long,” he commanded coyly, rubbing against her. He released her, his hands slowly moved up her torso, circling upward to caress Theo’s proud nipples. Smiling at him she sent him off with a quick soapy slap on the hand.

Derek walked to Theo’s bedroom, but he couldn’t help thinking about Rachel. Such a tease, he thought to himself. Damn, she looked hot in that dress, leaving just enough for the imagination.

The two women were as opposite as a reflection in a mirror.

Theo stood about 5′ 8″, her sultry Greek heritage blessed her with full breasts, a nicely rounded ass; her legs were long, shapely, pendik escort and smooth. She had long, thick, black hair and deep-chocolate brown eyes that complemented her dark olive skin. Theo’s personality left much to be desired at times. She could act like a spoiled child, frequently crying to daddy on the phone or pouting until she got her way.

Rachel, on the other hand, was fair-skinned, but easily tanned a golden brown. A real beach bunny, she was perky, petite at 5′ 3″, with shoulder-length, blonde hair, almond-shaped, green eyes, and full lips. Full, rounded breasts accentuated Rachel’s small frame, strong, lithe arms and legs. She had lived on her own since she was 18. She seemed confident, streetwise and quite capable of dealing with the curves that life sometimes threw at her. At times her aggressiveness would showed through when provoked. If Rachel wanted something, she went after it.

“Any man’s dream,” thought Derek, wishing now it had been Rachel he met first instead of Theo.

Derek smiled as he rolled a joint, thinking about Rachel’s mouth. His heart beat faster as he thought of those succulent lips, large and full, delightfully sweet-and sucking his cock.

“Why the smile?” asked Theo, entering the bedroom.

Her voice jolted him back to reality. He nonchalantly leaned back on the pillows, lighting the joint. “Oh I was just thinking about you in your new bikini tomorrow,” he lied, taking a deep toke, then passed it to her.


Walking down the path to the clubhouse, Rachel smiled as she thought of Derek. She had felt an attraction toward him from the first time they met. Theo had brought Derek home after a meeting they had at realty office where Theo worked. Derek was an investment broker checking out some rental properties for his clients.

His smile was genuine. His sparkling, green eyes staring deep into hers and his firm handshake had made her weak in the knees. Derek’s hair was thick, dark, long and layered. His beige slacks were tailored to his hips. Wisps of dark, curly hair peaked out of his white shirt opened mid way, begging to be tugged. The colors complimented his lean, fit build and luscious dark tan. As difficult as it was, Rachel kept her desires in check.

A few weeks earlier, Derek had stopped in at Jake’s for a cold beer. Derek explained that he and Theo had been fighting, again. He began questioning himself about his relationship with her. And further explained to Rachel that nothing he did seemed to make Theo happy. Rachel, the ever-attentive barkeep, just kept the beer coming and listened patiently. She had noticed the small spats between them were becoming more public than behind closed doors. Could this be trouble in paradise? She had thought, putting another beer down in front of Derek. Since that afternoon, Rachel just couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Nearing the clubhouse, Rachel noticed that there was quite a large turnout, better than she expected. She had been looking forward to the all-weekend party, even though she would have to cover the next three weekends at Jake’s. But it was worth it. Dropping off the bottle of wine at the bar, she started to mingle. Everyone appeared excited about the new events planned for pool-party/barbeque the next day. There were a few interesting guys, who tried to keep her attention, like Mark, her neighbor from two-doors down, and Steve, who worked at the boat rental/repair shop. But, when Theo and Derek arrived, Rachel’s focus was on Derek, regardless of what trouble it would cause later.

After their talk at Jakes, Rachel had been aware that Derek was checking her out more and more at the house. He seemed follow her at times just to strike up conversation, causing Theo to shoot daggers from those hard, brown eyes.

I’m sure I could pull him away from the group. I just have to think of how to get him away from Theo long enough, she thought. The moon was full, illuminating the water with its silvery light, which helped Rachel check out the beach for a quiet place.

Turning back to the crowd, Rachel noticed Mark walking up to Theo, tugging at her wrist, coaxing her to the dance floor. Heading off to the bar, Derek waved Theo off. Rachel seized the opportunity. Hips swaying in time to the music, she walked up to Derek, leaned on his arm and flashed him a big smile.

“So she deserted you for Mark,” Rachel cooed, reaching for a fresh drink, her left breast slowly grazing his arm.

“Well, you know how she is,” Derek laughed. “Always clinging until some young stud comes along.” His tone expressed his disinterest in Theo’s overt flirting.

“Care to join me on the beach? I promise to behave,” Rachel winked her lippy tease, turning toward the sand, drink in hand. Her fingers traced down his arm, beckoning him to follow as she slowly walked away.

“No, you won’t,” Derek commented in a husky voice. His thoughts were lusty remembering her brief flirt at the house earlier. He downed the remainder of his drink and followed Rachel out to the sounds of the maltepe escort surf.

Rachel removed her sandals as they approached the beach. The sand, still warm from the sun, soft and seductive under the arches of her feet, squishing between everyone of her toes. She led him toward one of the small rescue boats on the far end of the beach. Tossing her sandals inside, she took a large swallow of her drink before setting it down and turned to face Derek, checking out this firm body fully displayed under the full moon. His eyes glinted with lust as he smiled at her in the bright twilight. Rachel purred. She pulled a joint from between her breasts, watching Derek’s eyes as she asked him for a light. He quickly flicked a pocket lighter, and they smoked the magic weed, each lost in their thoughts of the other.

Finishing the last of the joint, Rachel broke their silence. “Care for a swim?” she asked as she reached behind her neck and pulled the string that held her dress up.

Derek feasted his eyes on her firm breasts as her dress fell softly to the sand. Rachel’s pink nipples, hard and erect, spoke directly to Derek’s heart and soul, and cock. His long fingers trembled with delight as his hands moved to caress her beautiful breasts. Rachel blocked Derek’s advances by clutching his strong wrists in her small hands.

She pushed him away playfully and said, “No! You can’t touch me. We’ve yet to kiss.”

She then released his wrists from her warm grasp and slowly slipped off her lily-white thong as she bent over to retrieve her clothes to drop them into the boat in top of her sandals.

“I’ll see you soon – if I’m lucky,” Rachel said as she walked into the edges of the lapping surf, flashing a teasing smile back at Derek.

My kind of woman, Derek thought as he admired Rachel’s naked heart-shaped ass before it disappeared from sight as she walked deeper into the waves. She stopped and turned her head back to Derek.

“Whatcha waiting for, Bad Boy?” challenged Rachel.

She lifted her arms to the night sky as if paying homage to the moon, the silky glimmer of her pretty buttocks sparkled in the moonlight as she dove into shimmering water. Derek’s cock tingled with pleasure. He looked back toward the dance floor and saw that Theo was still having a good time flirting and dancing with Mark.

“Screw it,” Derek murmured to himself, “We’re over after this weekend anyway.” Impatiently, he stripped off his clothes. Theo was having a good time, well, he would too. Following Rachel, he dove under the dark, salty surface, the water felt so warm and inviting.

He felt for and grasped at the back of Rachel’s upper thighs, pausing only for a moment to nuzzle and lick her little pubic garden before he slowly pulled himself up to break the surface. Rachel clasped her arms around his neck. With a free hand, Derek stroked his right index and middle fingers along the outer lips of Rachel’s pussy.

“Well, what a pretty little conversation piece this is,” he teased.

Rachel’s dreamy eyes danced with delight. Her right hand grabbed Derek’s growing erection, squeezing it lightly. Her unblinking eyes widened from dreamy to daring.

“Well, feel free to slip this into the conversation any time you feel like it,” Rachel said invitingly. Derek remained speechless as he concentrated on pressure coursing through his testicles.

“Cats got your tongue?” Rachel purred.

“Any time this little pussy wants it,” Derek replied, his fingers sliding up Rachel’s vagina. “Damn, you really are bad,” he whispered into Rachel’s ear.

Rachel whispered back, “And I’m gonna make you get badder.” She squeezed his erection harder. Derek feeling as strong as Samson, lifted a buoyant Rachel out of the salt water. A lusty growl escaped his lips as he licked the salty surf from Rachel’s hard, pink nipples.

He gazed into Rachel’s eyes. “I need the sweetness of your lips . . . now.” The urgency vibrated from the huskiness in his voice.

Rachel breathed heavily. “Take them,” she replied and wrapped her thighs around Derek’s hips.

Derek pulled her body close to his, savoring her lips as he nibbled them with his teeth. Slowly Rachel opened her mouth and teased the tip of her tongue to his. Derek’s lips pressed hers, tasting their sweet and salty softness. Their tongues danced and wriggled. Rachel played with the hair on the back of his head before she broke from their embrace.

Moaning lightly, Rachel relaxed her thighs slightly, her legs still locked at the base of his spine. She leaned back, her arms swept from her sides and unrestrained sigh of pleasure escaped her lips. The foamy waves gently rolled over her body and taut nipples. Her breasts bobbed up and down freely just above the water’s surface with each passing wave. Rachel’s tanned skin was pale in the bright moonlight, glistening seductively in the dark water. Derek’s eyes caressed her body as she moved with the gentle waves, his hands trailing where his eyes had been.

Trying to gain her balance, Rachel kartal escort used Derek’s arms to pull herself up to face him. But instead she caused them both to slip under the water and her legs broke their hold of his waist. Playfully Rachel sprayed water on his face as she resurfaced, giggling at the surprised look in his eyes. Gently, she wiped away the water from his eyes while he tried to wrap his arms around her. Rachel, still in a playful mood, pushed him away and dove under, flashing her bare ass at him before disappearing below the surface, again.

Floating upright, Derek spun around searching for water ripples with the moonlight aiding his search, covering the cove in its silvery glow. He felt her hand brush by his legs as she slipped past him. Rachel circled round and reached for his growing cock. While underwater, she teasingly licked the tip, pulling his cool shaft into her warm mouth. Her lips felt him grow harder before she finally came up for air.

Derek reached for her torso as she rose to the surface. She smiled wantonly, hooking her arms around his neck, pushing her tongue between his lips. Her French-kiss became more demanding and her legs again wrapped tightly around his hips. While grabbing a buttock in one hand, Derek tightened his hold on her head with the other, returning her kiss. The water splashed between them tickling their sensitive skin. His hairy chest chafed Rachel’s nipples to an aching hardness as Derek held her tightly against him. He relished the delightful feel of her hard nipples rubbing his chest as they bobbed in the surf, bringing on a familiar tightening to his balls.

Breaking away from her lips, he looked deeply into her inviting eyes. At a distance, they listened to splashing and unintelligible laughter. Smiling, Rachel nodded toward the dock at another couple near the ladder, rocking and bouncing in the water. It was more than obvious what they were doing, their carnal moans barely heard over the soft crashes of the waves.

Spinning her with a cheek in each hand, Derek pulled Rachel over his hard cock, rubbing it slowly and teasingly over her engorged clit.

“Ffucck me, Derek,” Rachel’s husky whisper tickled his ear.

Rachel tightened her legs, drawing him closer until the crown of his cock was barely inside her. “So you want me to fuck you, sweetheart,” Derek teased. “Well, not just yet.”

Derek’s hips rolled with the waves. He toyed with her by rubbing the head of his cock between the lips of her secret garden. But, he wanted to taste more of the demanding woman first, to savor her. Rachel’s aggressiveness was such a turn on, a refreshing change from Theo’s passiveness.

Lifting her high from the water, Derek feasted on her luscious nipples, so taut and sensitive. She moaned and held his head to her breasts, leaning over kissing and nibbling his neck and shoulder, tasting his salty flesh. Derek loosened his hold on her ass, sliding his cock between her warm, swelling vulva. Water sprayed between them as they rocked together, salty rivulets running over her straining nipples. Holding her hips just above his hard cock, Derek tauntingly stroked her throbbing bud.

She nipped on the hollow of his neck. Her body pressed into his, demanding more as she sucked his shoulder. Again Rachel tried to capture his hardness with her vaginal muscles, but he lifted her away. Chuckling, Derek grinned at the telltale frustration in her eyes and brow. He was teasing the tease and enjoying every moment. And she delighted in it.

Rachel’s breasts heaved against his chest. Her legs were strong and forceful as she tried to lower herself onto his cock. Derek kissed and sucked her puffy areolas, then lifted her body higher. Enjoying himself, letting her demand more, his grip on her ass tightened. Spreading her legs open, Derek pushed his forefinger inside her sex, the hardness of his erection rubbing her clit. Massaging her cheeks, he felt her ass quiver at the graze of his fingertips over its tight opening.

Rachel moaned, trembling in his grasp as she pulled tighter into him. The mushroom crown of Derek’s cock continued its gentle, stroking assault on her swelling bud as his finger pushed deeper up her pussy. Then a surprise. Derek thrust his thick middle finger into her asshole, forcing it deeper with each push of her heaving hips. Rachel gasped aloud. Her head fell backward as her pelvis thrusted forward. Her eyes winced shut. Suddenly, her vagina contracted as the first wave of orgasm washed over her with the warm surf. Her body trembled as another contraction took hold. She pushed back on him, her anus clamping tightly around his deep finger-fuck of her ass.

Derek slowly withdrew his finger from her pussy, making way for him to guide his cock up her silky warmth. Rachel’s muscles instantly tightened around him and their water dance began urgently. Their rhythm increased rapidly. Water gushed seductively between them and around them as they circled together. Their heads bobbed under the surface, moving together as one, their turbulent dance surged on. Their hips thrust fiercely with each stroke. Derek held Rachel tightly as he backed up toward the shore. Stroking deeply each thrust pulling Rachel down with him. He dropped to his knees gaining balance, only chest deep in the water.

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