The Curse and Blessing of Skype

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The Curse and blessing of Skype…….

I’d been living with Briony for a few months when she and her mother discovered Skype. It had been a great few months. Briony, 23yrs old, at 5 foot 6 inches, slim, long blonde hair, was great to live with. Her body was shapely without being too large – or too small. She was hot, kinky and experimental in bed……..and in the kitchen, and in the living room, and in the shower, and three times in our backyard! And Briony had another characteristic to treasure as well – she was a great cook! It was something she had learnt from her mother, and an obsession she still shared with her mother. Often they would phone each other asking for tips, wanting to know how to prepare some obscure ingredient, sharing recipes.

I had met Briony months before when she was on a trip for work to the town where I live (30 miles from where she lived), where we met in a bar. After dating for a month or two, quite out of the blue, her company asked if she would take over the office in the town where I lived. I asked her to move in with me to save on the rent for both of us, and it was the best thing I had ever done. Not only did I get the best sex ever, I got the best cooking as well!

Briony’s mother June was rather different to Briony – perhaps Briony took after her father. Different psychologically, not physically. June was the same height as Briony, same build – she was Briony 25 years older. Her hair was shorter, but she was still a very attractive woman, despite dressing and living very conservatively. June had been brought up in a rather puritanical home, and was fundamentally a puritan herself. However, in her innocence and naivety in her late teens she had been swept off her feet by the local Romeo, and married him despite the warnings of her parents. Her parents had been right. After two years he had taken all of June’s earnings, salted away all of June’s savings, and disappeared with the girl who worked on the till at the local shop when June was 8 months pregnant.

Many people had tried to court June, but from there she had dedicated herself to looking after her daughter, something she did wonderfully, while working full time as a dental receptionist to pay their way. Briony had lived at home with her mother through college, and worked for a local insurance company when she left college. Briony had always been a bit wild, but had kept most of that from her mother. June refused to hear anything bad of her daughter, even when rumours did reach her.

June was a bit ambiguous about me. I was the sort of guy most mothers were happy for their daughter to be seen with. Six foot, with a footballer’s body. Short dark hair. Working as a surveyor after college, doing well. On the one hand I was mister good guy who was good for her daughter, but on the other hand no-one would be good enough for her perfect daughter. We got on fine. I enjoyed her staying with us. I think she liked to visit. When they were together Briony and June were happy, with 80% of the conversation being about cooking. They were actually two women who enjoyed “being in the kitchen together!”

And then they discovered skype.

Why we put it on the computer we had in our bedroom I will never know. But we did! And because it was free, they felt they could talk as long and as often as they wanted. At first I smiled when they were talking. Then began to get irritated every time that deep sounding beep went off. And then it got very very irritating. It seemed like every time we were about to have sex, or in the middle of sex, or warming up for sex the bloody thing went off. And Briony could never leave it, or turn it off, or pretend it wasn’t there. “Mum might need me,” she would say.

The final straw came one day in a particularly hot session just after we both had got home from work, before we had even thought about what we were going to eat. We had ended up doggy style, on the floor, on the deep pile carpet we had in the bedroom. It was a pink carpet! I was moments away from filling Briony’s pussy with cum, when I heard it. The dreaded deep peep. Why couldn’t skype have a call sign like everyone else’s? And Briony had simply crawled away on her hands and knees, pulling herself off my cock before I could move, standing up, grabbing a dressing gown and began to talk to her mother. I was left with a stiff, sticky wet cock, and balls about to empty, with nothing to empty them into!!!!!!

After they had chatted for about ten minutes, I put on my dressing gown, said high to June, explained that our meal was just about ready and we had to go. I turned off skype and gave Briony the screwing I deserved. And she thoroughly enjoyed!

It was enough – I had to do something. I couldn’t have every bout of sex interrupted: my balls would explode! But thinking about Skype, and her mother interrupting, and me turning her mother off, started to give me ideas. Fun ideas. Even kinkier ideas. And the truth is – I knew Kinky was Briony’s nature as well, and her desire for bahis firmaları ever more kinkiness. Luckily I know my way around a computer. It took a few days when Briony was out to set it up, but changing a few settings quickly had the computer as I wanted. The magic of “hotkeys!” I’d be ready the next time she Skyped……

It was almost a week later when it happened. We had both got home from work, both feeling really horny after Briony’s period. I had nearly ripped her clothes off when she had got in, and had rid myself of mine just as quickly. I knew it was the evening June was likely to Skype – she often did on Wednesdays, so I took my time. I caressed Briony all over, spending extra time playing with her breasts, squeezing her nipples until they were hard, then sucking them to even greater size. I let my hands roam. I explored between the cheeks of her ass, before caressing between her legs, gently caressing her clit, pushing one, then two, then three fingers inside her, threatening one day to give her a real a good fisting. She knew I wouldn’t, but just talking about it turned her on even more (talking about kinky things was always good for extra excitement for Briony).

After she came down from her first orgasm I heard it. The deep beep. Skype calling. Rather June was calling on Skype, just as I was wondering what to do with the hardest erection I’d had that week. I was left lying on the bed, stiff cock waving in empty space as Briony pulled on her dressing gown quickly to talk to her mother.

I left it for about 5 minutes, before moving over to the computer, putting my head into the shot to tell June that sometimes the power cable on our computer monitor (with inbuilt speakers) gave out, so sorry if the connection broke down while she and Briony were talking. I’d already mentioned it to Briony before, who had probably told her mother of the problem before this evening. I hung around as they chatted a bit more about cooking Langoustines then pushed the Control and caps locked button on the keyboard. Instantly our screen went blank, as if the computer had shut down.

I apologised to Briony, said I’d get it going again in a bit, but why not finish off business first? She gave a smile, so I pushed her chair back, then turned it sideways towards me, then pushed her head down to my cock, thrusting my cock into her mouth. It was all sexy fun for Briony, and she started giving me the blow job of my life. Her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock, then she took as much into her mouth as she could, then pulled back again. Her hand was squeezing my balls, until I was uncontrollable. Briony sat still on the chair as I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth harder and harder, telling her she was the best cock-sucker I’d ever known – which was true. Suddenly Briony had stopped, pulled her mouth off my cock, looked hard into my eyes and said “Fuck my mouth honey, and shoot your spunk right down my throat.”

It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse – I pulled her head back onto my cock and began to fuck hard. She was so good with her tongue – in seconds I was moaning, thrusting hard, filling her mouth with my cum, pumping hard, over and over, as she swallowed as much as she could. Even then, some of my cum seeped out the side of her mouth and down her chin.

Briony smiled up at me, knowing she’d milked every last drop of cum from my cock, and said – “Nice starter, now let’s eat those langoustines.” She disappeared, carrying her dressing gown with her. As she disappeared I turned back to the computer, again pushed the control and caps locked buttons for the screen to come back on, and to see a figure disappearing from the Skype screen.

It was later I got the real benefit as well. Not only had I set the control and caps lock buttons to killing our monitor and speakers, but to start the record function as well. When Briony was watching her favourite soap opera I went to watch the recording. It was amazing. A small picture in the corner of Briony giving me the best blowjob she could, the big screen showing her mother’s reactions as she watched. That terrible, exciting mix of horror and fascination covered her face. But she stayed watching……. The final moments of the recording showed June rushing away from the computer. I imagined her rushing to her bedroom to relieve herself.

Chapter two.

It took a few days to work out what to do next. It was helpful to know that it worked! That I could kill the computer monitor and speaker our end, while June continued to watch, and I could record what we would have been seeing on Skype if our monitor and speakers were on! It was also good to have June believing there was something wrong with the connection, so she might be hearing and seeing, and we weren’t. The next time we would just give her a show she could watch. It was again just after Briony and I had arrived home from work.

I had arrived first, and gone to our bedroom, waiting for the door. In the next 5 minutes I had cleared our desk, leaving kaçak iddaa our cam at the far end, and had removed all my clothes. After a further 5 minutes or so I heard Briony’s key turn in the lock. As she took off her coat and hung it in the hall I simply put the call through on Skype to June. It was all a bit rushed, but I called Briony to the bedroom, and pushed the control and capslock buttons as I did so. When Briony came into the bedroom, the computer looked dead, although I knew June would be watching.

“Blimey – you’re ready for action!” Briony smiled, as she stared hard at my already stiff cock. I wondered whether June was staring hard as well. I only wondered for a moment! I stepped across to Briony, lifted her over to the desk and bent her over it. I lifted her skirt, pulled her black lacy panties to her feet, lifted her feet and pulled them off. It was just as I had planned – Briony’s face was inches from the cam, looking straight into the cam, although she wasn’t aware the cam was working or turned on.

I noticed that the lips of Briony’s pussy were already glistening. Perhaps she had been dreaming of something like this on the way home from work – we often did before we ate our evening meal. I let my hand rest on Briony’s pussy, and gently eased a finger inside her, playing around inside her pussy, trying to press on her G-spot. Briony was purring, moaning softly, softly saying “Yes, yes……..”

After a couple of minutes I removed my finger, moved right behind her and let my cock rest under her pussy, moving softly across the lips. I whispered to Briony “What do you want me to do?” I know Briony loves to talk to dirty, and she didn’t disappoint.

“I want you to fuck me!”

I hesitated, and asked her again what she wanted me to do.

“I want you to put your cock in my cunt. I want you to pound your cock in and out. Fuck me, please.” Briony increasingly begged, getting louder and more yearning. I wasn’t going to disappoint her! I pushed hard into her, plunging my 7 inches fully into her. Briony’s moan of relief as I filled her was unmissable, and she said in obvious desire: “Oh, your cock feels so good in my cunt, feels so good in me.”

I held for a moment, then slid half-way out then plunged back into her. I repeated it three of four times, each time Briony moaning in desire.

After plunging in and out of her I stopped, and let my finger start to play with her beautiful tight rose, gently pushing my cock in and out of her pussy at the same time. Briony was breathing hard, then suddenly cried out “Do it, please do it.”

I knew what she meant, but asked her “Do what, honey?”

“Put your finger in my asshole. Fuck me hard. Fuck my cunt. Finger fuck my hole, please…….. both……”

I still played naive, although we both knew it was part of the game. “What do you want me to do with my fingers? Why?”

Briony didn’t hesitate. “I want you to finger fuck my asshole. It feels so good, when you are fucking my cunt with your hard cock…………….”

I was too aroused to wait, I began to thrust my cock hard and deep into Briony’s pussy, Briony pushing back to meet my thrusts, moaning loud. I let my finger thrust in and out of her asshole at the same time, feeling it on my cock through the membrane. Faster and faster we fucked, louder and louder Briony moaning until she screamed out loud, her body shaking, wrything in orgasm, as I pumped my cum deep inside her……………………..

Later as Briony was loading the dishwasher I watched the recording from Skype. In the corner of the screen I could see Briony’s face, and hear her crying and moaning, speaking crudely. On the main screen I watched June responding to what she was seeing and hearing on her computer. I don’t know which was hotter – watching Briony responding to what I was doing, or watching June as she watched, her hand clearly between her legs over the jeans she was wearing…………..

Chapter 3.

I’m not completely sure what effect my teasing of June was having – although I could guess. When we saw her, and her and Briony were chatting – normally about food and recipes, their great love, there was no sign that June had been watching us. Of course Briony didn’t know, and June didn’t know that I did know, and had recordings of her watching us. I was still wondering whether and how I should push things even further, before I confronted June. I didn’t know how June would react. I knew that Briony would blow her top when I told her that I had been recording her, and recording her mother watching, and that I had tricked June into watching. I also knew that Briony’s innate Kinkiness and lust would take over very quickly, and it would be the beginning of something even kinkier.

I decided – one more session of teasing June, although the final part would take a little more setting up, with an extra microphone or two. Thank goodness there was a Maplin’s around the corner from our flat with all I needed.

The forecast for the following kaçak bahis Saturday was terrible. Wet, rain, more rain, on top of more rain as well! I hoped I would have time to set things up on Saturday morning when Briony was out shopping with her mother, and have time to make sure it was working. Truth be told, it set up very easily – the extra microphones, linked to the computer through a multi-socket. The hardest part was hiding the cable under the carpet, although hiding the microphones themselves was easy enough, and I did no more than hide the multi-socket behind the computer. I still had time to drink a can of beer before Briony got back.

We had lunch, and decided going anywhere was really out of the question. Briony had already been soaked once just going from the supermarket to the car, and loading the car. She didn’t fancy another soaking. As she washed the few lunch dishes, I crept up behind her, put my arms around her and grabbed a handful of tit, and squeezed. Briony tried to push me away, but not too hard. She told me to let her finish the washing up, so as she did I reached under her t-shirt and undid her bra.

Before I realised what had happened, Briony had spun around and thrown a glass of water all over me, giggling. Cold water.

“You little monster!” I pointed at her as I shouted it.

Briony pouted. “Now you know how I felt earlier doing your shopping!”

It was a typical exchange – the mock row, which often ended up in gentle wrestling, and hot sex! This was no different. We shouted at each other. We wrestled. We ended up kissing each other hard, as I pulled her hard to me with my hands on her ass. At last Briony pushed me away. “You’ve got me all wet,” she complained. “You’re soaked. Get upstairs and get your wet clothes off!”

It was all the invitation I needed. “Only if you come and take yours off as well!” I insisted. I ran up the stairs – I knew Briony would take her time, that she would saunter up in a few minutes. As soon as I got to the bedroom I clicked on the Skype, to contact June, and when she answered I quickly pushed the Control and Caps-lock buttons on our computer, to kill the sound and screen our end, as well as starting the recording of what we would have seen had our speakers and screen been on. I quickly removed my clothes, and lay on the bed naked. I knew June could see me clearly on the bed, and would be able to hear much more clearly what we would say to each other with the ultra-sensitive microphones we had around us.

Seconds later Briony appeared wiggled her body provocatively. She smiled before speaking: “No, I’ve decided I’m not going to take my clothes off!” She turned for the door, knowing I wouldn’t let her escape. I didn’t – I leapt to my feet, grabbed her and we started to struggle, both of us giggling. I quickly removed her t-shirt. Her bra, which she hadn’t done up, fell off at the same time. It took a bit more struggling, before I managed to remove her jeans, and pull her panties down her legs, then off her feet, with Briony lying on the floor laughing helplessly.

“Right madam,” I said in a commanding voice. I picked her up, threw her on the bed on her back, and was lying on top of her in seconds. I immediately thrust my cock deep into her pussy, which was already sopping wet, and held her hands above her head. Half-heartedly she attempted to throw me off, but she didn’t struggle enough to make me fall off her, and quickly sighed, stopped struggling and seemed to give in.

One of the things we like to do is for me to lie on her, in her, and chat – kinky hot chat. We had plenty of time, so I thought I should start chatting. “Do you know what I’m imagining this afternoon?”

Briony smiled, knowing this could end up somewhere kinky before replying. “No, what are you imagining?”

“I’m imagining,” I began slowly, after a pause when I pulled my cock out a little and pushed back in, causing Briony to moan softly. “I’m imagining we’re having a threesome with another hot woman. I’m imagining she is naked, and on the bed with us, and you are going to make hot, wild love to her.”

Briony sighed. “Typical man – always dreaming of watching two women.” I knew Briony had been with a couple of other women: she had told me on another occasion like this. “Which of my friends are you thinking of now?” She spoke with a mock resigned tone.

“Oh, not one of your friends. Much kinkier than that.” Again I eased my cock in and out gently, causing Briony to sigh.

“Kinkier? What’s kinkier than that?” Briony managed to gasp out the words.

Time to drop the bombshell. “Your mother.”

“My mother?” Briony said in a shocked voice, but I felt the pulse from her pussy, suggesting it had another effect on her as well. “You’re mad. I’d never dream of that………………” I thrust into her a couple of times, making her gasp, feeling her pussy was soaking.

“Would love to see it.” I paused, then continued quietly, talking softly into her ear. “Imagine. You naked. She’s naked, and very nervous. But we roll her onto the bed, onto her back, then you sit on her face with your pussy, then lean forward and bury your head between her legs.” Again I felt Briony respond as I spoke.

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The Credit Card Caper Ch. 02

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The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd & Melina series, Interludes 1-5, Sperm Wars series, Russian Roulette series, Case of the Murdered Lovers series, Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series, The Swap series, Interludes 6-10, The Murdered Football Player Series, Case of the Black Widow series, Teresa’s Christmas Story, The Case of the Black Badge series, A Case of Revenge series, Trilogy Series, Dark Side Of The Force series, Caught In The Act series, Case of the Murdered Bride series.

The Credit Card Caper, Ch. 1-2.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, extreme language, and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial or racist language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 6 – Disavowed

October 19th: After getting back to Headquarters from my very pleasant lunch hour with Gayle and Laura, I received a setback.

“Commander,” said Lt. Teresa Croyle as she entered my office with Detective E.J. Jefferson, “Spence Foster is nowhere to be found. His assistant at his gun range said he was taking a couple of days vacation. He’s not at his home, either.”

“How conveeeeenient.” I said. “Okay, put out a full APB on him. I absolutely need for him to be found, and quickly. Go check back with his employees and see where he might have gone on a vacation.”


“All right, Don,” said Special Agent In Charge Jack Muscone as I entered his makeshift office in the FBI Suite in the Federal Building on Courthouse Square, “Salem, U.S.A. has issued a warrant for your arrest. You are to be tried on charges of witchcraft, of inexplicably knowing things you absolutely should not know, and you are going to be sentenced to being burned at the stake. My God, how did you know?”

“I wish all my cases were this easy.” I said. “So you found a link between Alicia and the Corrigan cell?”

“I sure did, once you told me where to look.” Jack said. “And you were right: the reason your wife and her assistant Roberts haven’t been told anything… is because Alicia Foster was ‘disavowed’ by the CIA.”

“Yep, it makes sense.” I said. “So what’s the story?

Muscone began his story: “After the Sommes and Willoughby treason came out, the CIA’s internal auditors, and some FBI people as well, began looking very hard at all the CIA people at DynaCorp. That included Gayle Roberts, Alicia Foster, and a couple of other engineers, who have since left the firm and been re-assigned to other places.”

Muscone continued: “They cleared Roberts pretty quickly, and your wife subsequently employed her at the University. The other engineers were also cleared, but the Agency believed that Alicia had been committing industrial espionage and taking some of the classified stuff at DynaCorp. That actually was their first clue that there was a rogue group within the CIA, though your actions really brought that out. So the highest levels of the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security had me and your wife begin looking into that. You know that story, and how your grenade launcher accuracy ended it.”

“Don’t I ever.” I said. “Though there are still a few of them out there. I can feel it.”

“Yes. Anyway, since they didn’t realize at the time what the Corrigan cell was about, they thought Alicia was giving the stolen information to someone outside the CIA. So they disavowed her.” Jack said. “So my question is: how did you know she was ‘disavowed’? That’s one of the CIA’s biggest-kept secrets. They weren’t all that happy when I started asking about it.”

“The charitable trust.” I said. “She knew she might get caught, and she planned to use that money in the event she was ‘burned’.” When an agent is burned, whether disavowed or not, his or her credit cards and bank accounts are cut off without warning.

“So,” I continued, “I reasoned that she was intending to take the money and run. Apparently she made it as far as Coltrane County.”

“So what’s left for you?” Jack asked. “Trying to find who used her credit card? You can pass that off to your J.G. Detectives, can’t you?”

“Oh, sure.” I said. “And I will… but I want to talk to Alicia’s husband, Spence Foster, first. I think he can tell us more than he has so far.”

“Think he’s involved in the espionage?”

“I tend to doubt it.” I said. “If the CIA thought he was, they’d have his FFL revoked. He still has it; ergo, he’s not a suspect in their eyes. But I still need to talk to him and-“

At that moment, FBI Agent Sandra Speer brought two lovely ladies to Jack’s office. They happened to be my Lieutenant Sisterhood: Cindy Ross and Teresa Croyle.

“We’ve gotten a tip on where Spence Foster is.” Teresa said. “He’s illegal bahis up at Lake Amengi-Nunagen, apparently on a hunting trip, and he’s camping on the Federal Wildlife Management Area up there.”

“What the hell can he be hunting up there this time of year?” Jack Muscone asked derisively.

“Hogs.” I said. “They’re legal all year, though I don’t know the regulations for hunting them on the W.M.A.”

Sandra Speer said “They’d like to get a Federal warrant and have us go arrest him. I’m going to give the go-ahead if you don’t object, Jack.”

“Fine by me.” said Muscone. “But consider him armed and potentially dangerous.”


As we waited for the FBI to get Spence Foster into custody, I had two important duties to attend to. The first was painful, but important. I called in Father Romano, our Catholic Police Chaplain, to be present for this one.

“Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood, I really appreciate you coming in today.” I said as the Sherwoods were seated in Interrogation-A. Crime Lab Technician Christina Cho was also in the room. “I’ve called you in to ask you both to submit DNA samples, to aid in the identification of your daughter should we find her.”

“Has there been any news? Do you know anything?” Mr. Sherwood asked.

I took a breath, then replied. “I have… hopes… that we will be able to find your daughter, and soon, sir. However, I must warn you now that those hopes do not extend to finding her alive. I’m sorry, but I believe it is more likely that she is dead than alive.”

The Sherwoods sagged, Mrs. Sherwood becoming emotional. Trying to hold on to any hope, she said “Commander… you haven’t actually found her yet?”

“No ma’am, not yet.” I replied.

“So… there’s still hope?” Mrs. Sherwood asked.

“Ma’am, sir…” I said, “… it would be very wrong of me to give you false hopes. I asked Father Romano here so that you can talk with him, and so he can help you prepare for the worst if and when that time comes.”

Technician Cho took the cheek swabs and I escorted her back to the Crime Lab (to have two-man control) while the Sherwoods talked with the priest.


The second duty was to quell a Disturbance in the Force, i.e. to referee a verbal spat between Cindy and Teresa. The debate happened in my office.

“I’ll be glad to let you have Lorena Rose.” said Cindy. “But I am not taking Sharples into MCD!”

“Well,” retorted Teresa, “I’m not giving you anyone else. Joanne Cummings is starting to get the hang of things, E.J. is good but I don’t know if he can withstand the Iron Crowbar in MCD, and even Geiger is getting better in there…”

“Okay, ladies.” I interjected, having heard their points… many times over. “I’ll consider a Rose for Cummings swap. Don’t say a word about this, but Claire Michaels is likely going to be promoted to Lieutenant and put in charge of the SWAT team. That’ll happen November 1st, during our ‘interim’ promotion period. I agree that Rose would fit better in Vice than MCD, and Cummings has shown some brilliant observation and deductive abilities.”

“And Sharples?” Teresa asked, near bitterness. “Maybe we can promote him to something in the Uniform division?”

I said “Sergeant Thompson is going to be promoted to Lieutenant, also, but that’s for other reasons, Rudistan is pegged to become a Sergeant, and Ronnie Kirkpatrick a Corporal – yes, the first since Feeley. No room for Sharples, even to be demoted to Sergeant like he apparently wants.”

“Damn.” said Teresa.

“We’ll talk about that.” I said. “Meantime, both Vice and MCD are getting short of people again, and we’ll need to promote promising young officers. You two need to keep a sharp eye out for who you might want as J.G.s.”

The Detective (J.G.) rank was actually a uniformed officer position, though within the Detective track. Most J.G.s still wore uniforms unless authorized for plainclothes missions, so it was a small but important step up for uniformed officers selected into the Detective program. I still felt pain about not having put Pete Feeley into it, but at the same time had to run my Police Force and put the best people in the best places.

“Cindy,” I said, “I need for you, Julie, and Lorena to go and interview the manager of that charitable trust. His name is Mr. Coleman of Guaranty Trust Company in the City, and he is expecting you because I called and made an appointment for you to see him early this evening. If the need arises you can deputize yourself into the SBI Reserve. And call Teresa the moment you have any kind of information we can act upon. Teresa, stay here so we can talk.” Cindy scooted on out the door.

“Let’s go take a walk.” I said to Teresa. “I don’t want to talk about this inside the building here.” Teresa didn’t know if I was about to chew her out or what, and she looked nervous.

We took my Police SUV north on the road that runs in front of the Headquarters, past the back of the City Hall building and up to Ronald Reagan Park. It was situation illegal bahis siteleri on the River at the northwest corner of Town, and had playground equipment, a long (1.5 mile) looping bicycle/running path, a frisbee-golf course, picnic tables under awnings down by the riverbank.

Teresa and I found a bench under some shade. “I wanted to come here to keep this between you and me, Teresa.” I said. “It’s about Sharples.”

“Oh.” Teresa said, still not knowing if she was in trouble or not.

“I understand that you want that fatass piece of crap out of your squad.” I said. “I’d love to make that happen, also. But I can’t, at least not yet, and for two reasons. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but it’s only fair to tell you if you’re going to be leading my Vice Squad.”

Teresa nodded and I continued: “The first reason is the Police Union. Sharples has gone running to them twice when I tried to reprimand him in writing. Admittedly it was for flimsy stuff and I was trying to create a paper trail in his file so I could fire him, and the Union is pushing back. Sharples won both grievances, and I ended up doing more harm than good.”

“Fuck them.” Teresa said, scowling.

“I hear ya.” I said. “But they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, I guess. Anyway, the second reason is far more important, and you can’t say a word about this:

“I’ve also talked to Internal Affairs about Sharples.” I said. “I’ve been contacted by an SBI agent who has been watching Sharples for years. He thinks Sharples may be trying to set up drug connections, maybe broker one group like-” I paused, not finishing.

“Like they say Captain Malone did.” Teresa said, finishing. “Yeah, I’m still skeptical, but I understand.”

“Out of sheer curiosity, why are you still skeptical?” I asked.

“I know there’s some circumstantial evidence that points in that direction, Commander,” Teresa replied, “but I still believe that if it were really going on, I or someone else in Vice would’ve found out about it. I just can’t believe that no one in Vice got wind, and I don’t think they’re all dirty enough to hide the secret if they’d found out about it.”

“I agree, and I agree with you that they’re not dirty.” I said. “Anyway, Sharples has developed quite a reputation around Town, to the point he has to watch his back. That’s an angle to work on. I.A. is watching him, as well. I’ve talked to Curly Goodwin several times, and they’re working to get a bead on Sharples.

I finished up: “And the ramifications of that for you is that you’re stuck with Sharples for now. If we move him anywhere else, I.A.’s work gets set back, and he’ll just be a problem elsewhere. So we can’t move him to MCD, we can’t move him to precincts when they happen, we can’t really move him anywhere… I’m sorry, but that’s the deal for now.”

“Thanks for telling me.” Teresa said. “Anything I can do to help with all that?”

“No.” I said. “And don’t do anything at all. You’re not supposed to know. If you start trying to facilitate situations where Sharples can be caught, he might catch on. He’s very cunning that way. So just keep bitching at him and carry on. Meanwhile… I’ve got to go get dressed properly. If you think Sharples is bad… I have to face the Council tonight. Want to be a Precinct Captain, Teresa?”

“Hell no,” said Teresa, “and you better shoot down any attempts to make me one. I am very happy in Vice, Sharples notwithstanding, thankyouverymuch.” Inside I was extremely relieved and happy to hear that.

Part 7 – Precincts

(Author’s note: sorry folks, gotta lay groundwork somewhere. Please bear with it.)

The Town & County Council’s public chambers were an impressive auditorium in the City Hall complex, but they had chosen to go into ‘executive session’, as some of the discussions actually involved personnel. Therefore we were in the Council’s ‘private’ meeting room, a rather snug room that had a long conference table, a projector screen at one end, and some chairs that a few other people could sit in.

The Mayor sat at the end of the table, at the far end from the projector screen. The Town’s representation sat to his right, and the County’s to his left. Chief Griswold and Captain Charles were sitting in chairs on the County side, just because that’s where the chairs were. And up front, standing, wearing my Duty Dress uniform, was Your Iron Crowbar.

After the Mayor called upon me, I began. After opening pleasantries, I said “Let me start with Precinct 3, which goes from the farms to the west of the River above the midline of the County…” I pointed on the screen on the map at the location. “… and which carries over the mountain ridge to the subdivisions and communities east, including the Mountain Valley Golf Course.” That fun golf course was owned by Ian McGhillie, who was sitting in front of me as one of the Council members; he was also the father of one of my patrol officers.

I continued: “The County Jail is still being used to house prisoners. canlı bahis siteleri It also used to be the County Police Headquarters before the merger of the Town and County Public Safety departments. The space there is not being used, would be ideal as a Precinct headquarters, and would require nothing more than a good cleaning up to become fully operational again. Infrastructure such as communications and I.T. is already in place. In addition, the outdoor Police range is in this precinct and not far away, giving them an existing place to train.”

I saw several heads nod as I looked around the room. Precinct 3 was easy. Now for the much harder parts: “Now, let’s look at Precinct 2, which I know is the precinct that some of you are most interested in. Precinct 2 covers the farms west of the River and south of the midline, Junction Station, the ‘Strip’, as we call it; the ‘Tenderloin District’, as we call it; and the Southwestern areas of Town that were once part of the industrial sector. It also contains some of the industrial areas.”

The ‘Southwestern Ghetto’, which I astutely chose to not call it by, was the blighted area of Town, where the Public Housing was and where the majority of the crime was. It was Reginald B.F. Lewis’s sector, and it was mostly Black.

“There is an ideal location for us in this area.” I continued. “The old Cannon Building, which is called the ‘The Old Mill’, was an industrial fabrics manufacturing facility near the River. It is empty now, but the structure is not run down and the insides can be cleaned up and molded into what we want. The front entrance faces north, and faces Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.” MLK Avenue was a major east-west road through that area, and one of the few roads that had a bridge built over the river to get to the west side. The road connected with the bypass road on the other side of the River.

“It is not too large, it’s fenced in nicely, and, as I was saying, the floors inside are still in good condition; in fact, these floors are really fantastic, made of old hardwoods that could not be replaced at any price today. All they need is a good buff shining, and I have some Police Academy Cadets well suited for that task.” There was general laughter at that, then I went on.

“I really like the feel of this old building when I go inside it, too; it has… ‘character’, for lack of a better term.” I said, trying to sell the idea. “Anyway, the downstairs can be converted into a Precinct headquarters. The right side here,” I put up a photograph I’d taken, “can be converted into holding cells and booking, with an exclusive entrance on that side. There’ll be locked doors to the rest of the facility, with similar security to our current Police Headquarters.”

I went on: “The upstairs can be used for storage for anything except weapons and evidence requiring a chain of custody, and we might can create an evidence room if it’s ever needed. What I really like is that we can, and will, put some secure servers and radio communications facilities on the upper floor. The Headquarters is getting short of space for this technology, and we can really wire this place up.”

“Who owns this building?” asked John ‘Jack’ Colby.

“J.P. Goldman Bank. Foreclosure.” I replied, nodding my head towards Mr. Goldman, who was sitting in the room as a Council member. “And because a certain public service body promoted me to Commander and gave me the ability to sign contracts for the Police Force, I’ve already secured an option to buy the property.”

That ‘public service body’ was the Council itself, and they got the joke. However, it was ‘aggressive’ of me, and that’s putting it mildly, to take that action before the Council had made any formal decisions; it was almost putting them on a spot of being pulled into it; and it bespoke an untoward confidence in me of my plan. So fire me, I thought to myself.

“It sounds good, so far.” said Mayor Larry Vaughan, the People’s Choice, sitting at the end of the table, conveying his own approval of the idea. “So, what about Precinct 1?”

I knew this was going to be the toughie as I started. “Precinct 1 is from the Industrial and Warehouse Districts of Town north to the City Limits, as well as the University and what are actually State-owned properties. This encompasses most of the Town, and is of course the largest precinct by population.”

No getting past it, time to dive in: “I know some of you might object to this, but I really think for the time being that Precinct 1 should be headquartered in the current Police Headquarters. With two precincts moving out, there will be almost too much room in the Uniformed Officers areas of the building. It will simply save the taxpayers money to use this existing facility rather than convert another building or build a new facility.”

Reginald B.F. Lewis immediately spoke up. “Commander, I’ve loved what you’ve said to this point. However, I’m fearful that if one precinct is housed in the Headquarters, there will be a favoritism towards that precinct over the others, do you not agree?” I knew Lewis’s real objections: he pretty much wanted these precincts to be separate, semi-autonomous little police departments, especially Precinct 2… which was what I was trying hard to avoid.

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The Count of Cowley Manor

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It was time to relieve my dear nephew of his riding breeches. Of course the handsome young fellow kicked like a mule in retaliation, causing the overhead beam to creak in protest, it was the least I expected of him; but with his arms suspended above, it was a fairly simple matter to wait for the right moment, approach him from the rear, immobilise him with one arm around his thighs, and with my other, undo his fly.

His face was a high colour, betraying his indignation and outrage and he spat venomously at nothing in particular. I ignored this pathetic tantrum and continued with my intention to denude him in front of his pretty young wife who was herself gagged and securely bound to the heavy wooden chair next to an old chest of drawers where I kept my instruments.

I could see my actions were having an effect on her, but it was difficult to tell whether her passions were being inflamed in a positive, sensual way because of it, or a negative one, with her wishing me ill will and spite. But she was very worked-up, that much was obvious from her constant fidgeting.

However, I cared little for her trifling thoughts at that moment because she shouldn’t have been present in the first place. She was an encumbrance I had not bargained for and I was rather peeved at her.

However, the flush of hot colour on her husband’s boyish face was most enchanting and went some way in compensating me for the interruption and inconvenience she had caused me.

His ice-blue eyes flashed their defiance at me at every opportunity, their piercing blueness incredibly striking under his flaxen locks. But this only served to stiffen my prick even more as the thrill of sadism took hold and began to warm my loins in readiness for the salacious adventures ahead.

Having undone his fly I took the further liberty of slipping my hand inside his underclothing and feeling him. He had a magnificent nest of hair and it was no surprise to find his magnificent prick in a state of semi-arousal. I knew my actions, despite his vehement protests, were exciting him and arousing his curiosity. How vulnerable he felt, despite his extraordinary dimensions. It was as if I was holding his whole life in my palm, his power to fuck and procreate was at my mercy. How fragile his world appeared to me at that moment.

His response to my ribald fumbling was indeed encouraging. I could feel his prick stiffening between my fingers and I anticipated an enjoyable afternoon’s entertainment.

“Have mercy on us, Uncle Jack,” he said, now virtually resigned to his fate. “Please, not in front of Penelope.”

I was certain his constant wriggling and squirming was as much attributed to his own perverse pleasure, as to his pretence of unwillingness to comply with my wishes. His resistance now was minimal; his movements lacked any real conviction. His continual energy-burning struggles against the bonds that contained his wrists above his head had taken a heavy toll on his physical reserve.

“But you are so obviously enjoying what I’m doing to you… Your eager prick here tells me a different story, dear boy. It doesn’t lie to me in the way that your mealy-mouth does.”

“Oh please, Uncle, you shame me. If you must do what you intend to do… then go ahead. But please, Uncle Jack, not in front of my wife. At least blindfold her for her own sake for it may kill her to see me humbled at your hands.”

“Or even in them,” I added, rather saucily and wittily. “I rather fancy she might enjoy the spectacle, young man.” I looked across at my nephew’s pretty young wife. Her dark brown eyes widened with trepidation and she shook her head. “Well, perhaps not. Although, I still feel it would be educational for her to witness your seduction — an education for both of you, in fact.”

“No, Uncle Jack! You may do anything to me, but please spare Penelope from seeing my defilement. If you have an ounce of pity in your bones, you will spare her from witnessing the two of us in intimate and obscene conflict, sir!”

“You are in no position to request favours, Nicholas. It is I who will do the bargaining, all you have to do is agree to whatever I have in mind. I have you exactly where I want you, dear boy. I have planned meticulously to get you into this situation and I am hardly likely to abandon my intentions now just because of some pathetic protest from you and the unforeseen presence of your wife. However, my soul is not in complete absence of pity.

“It is most unfortunate that Penelope chose to arrive at such a critical time; but arrive she did and I have to deal with it. I am still committed to achieving my goal. I think you understand I had no choice but to subdue her, tie her up and keep her with us until it’s all over. I’m sorry for any fright or discomfort I have caused her, but I will release you both as soon as I’ve sated my desire.” I paused to assess the size of his considerable gonads (for he was hung like a bull in the testicular sense), weighing them alternately in my palm. I then continued with my rhetoric…

“You illegal bahis have considerable assets, young man, and I don’t need to spell out in what sense I mean that. I am suitably impressed by your physical attributes and I know they will provide me with the utmost pleasure in the coming hour or so. If Penelope didn’t know before, and I suspect at only nineteen years of age her experience of the more sophisticated, but darker side of sensuality is somewhat limited, she will soon become enlightened by what I have in mind for you. I would very much like her to see that a man, a husband, can be equally pleased by another man. It is not so naturally a woman’s gift or prerogative to be able to satisfy the male of the species. We are adequately equipped to perform that function — if called for.”

“Oh my God!”

“Tell you what, though… If you promise to always avail yourself of my urges in future, I’ll blindfold Penelope right now and we will continue in her blissful ignorance. What do you say to that?”

Nicholas didn’t answer right away. He seemed suddenly to be in a state of limbo, lost in a moment of blind ecstasy. I fancy my continual ribald and suggestive dialogue was playing havoc with his mind. I began manipulating his testicles in a slightly threatening fashion. They felt heavy, possibly laden with pent-up, frustrated spunk. I wondered just how much molten seed he would release when I finally led him to an intense orgasm.

“Well?” I compressed his balls together, urging him to give me a positive reply.


Nicholas’s face contorted in the throes of pain. He snapped out of his self-indulgent reverie and once again gave me his undivided attention.

“W-what do you want me to say?” he said, blearily. He sounded resigned and fatigued.

“Do we have a deal? Or will it take a few really firm squeezes to get you to agree to my proposition? I can cause you intense discomfort if I have to.”

“No, that won’t be necessary, Uncle. Ugghh! Please let me go. You are very persuasive, sir…” Nicholas had suddenly come awake, but he paused to catch his breath, which was now coming in short, urgent pants. “You can have me whenever you want. I’ll subject myself to your whims whenever you like, Uncle, but please release your grip and do the honourable thing — blindfold Penelope.”

“Of course,” I said, finally, although somewhat reluctantly freeing his remarkable genitalia from my grasp and making my way over to the tool chest next to Penelope, where besides various torture implements, I kept several useful accessories and adornments – in this case a fur-trimmed sleeper’s blindfold.

It is a useful aid for concentrating the mind and to heightening the sensual sensations a skilled torturer like myself, can bring upon a person’s flesh. But in this case it was to be used for its most basic function — deprivation of sight.

I fitted it snugly around her eyes, smoothing it out, ensuring that it was both comfortable and fit for purpose. “Perhaps I ought to block your ears too, my dear… Hmm? What do you think?”

Penelope shook her head.

“What? You mean you’d rather hear your husband’s cries of supplication, his sighs of surrender, his bellows of ultimate relief?”

She didn’t answer, so I took her silence to be in the affirmative.

“So be it,” I said. “Listen to your beloved one succumb to his uncle’s caresses, if that’s what you want.”

My gaze fell to her magnificent bosom. I watched it rise and fall for a few seconds, visual evidence of her aggravated and excited breathing. I could not resist feeling her wonderful assets, which, though hidden in a pretty floral summer dress, were admirably defined, full and ripe to the touch, and suitably impudent in outline. I could hear her muffled protests behind the gag as I squeezed the plump, warm mounds unhindered and felt for her protruding nipples. Even through her dress and chemise I could feel their bullet-like stature. They were proud and magnificent, like two miniature soldiers standing to attention. I wondered then, if her cunt was also speaking well of her at that very moment in time.

Her eyes flashed their anger and outrage and it happily stimulated my prick no end. It was a mouth-watering sight watching her pathetically inadequate responses to my outrageous familiarities with her breasts. Her body jerked delightfully but hopelessly against her bonds allowing my libido to be cranked up to the very limit. But I had to save myself for Nicholas. I could enjoy Penelope later if I so wished, perhaps even save her for another day.

My head was full of such sadistic delight and licentious anticipation that I suddenly felt quite light-headed and had to steady myself against the tool chest.

As soon as I had gathered my wits I left Penelope to herself and approached my nephew, who was himself visibly steaming at witnessing his wife’s abuse at my practiced and tormenting hands. But the long-awaited moment was fast approaching. It was high time I completed the seduction of my handsome young charge.

End illegal bahis siteleri of Chapter

New Chapter

I yanked my nephew’s riding breeches all the way down and pulled the leggings free of his feet. Then I relieved him of his underclothing, freeing his monstrous prick which bobbed and danced with a hot pulse in a the narrow shaft of sunlight that was pouring in through a gap in the roof. There were motes of dust swirling in the beam of light. His eager prick reminded me of a hungry bird, impatient to be fed and watered, longing for attention, urgent for relief. It was a magnificent sight and I was tempted to fellate him immediately. But I wanted to draw out his ordeal and extract the maximum sadistic pleasure by enforcing his seduction. Only then would I allow him the ultimate pleasure.

“A fine specimen, my boy.” I said, drawing myself up to his full six feet and meeting his eyes. “You are extremely lucky to have been born with such a gift. The gods have indeed smiled upon you.”

“It used to embarrass me, Uncle. I was afraid of anyone seeing it and then being called a freak.”

“It is only men with small cocks that should fear ridicule. Yours is something to be proud of. I have never seen such a magnificent beast.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Is it the cause of any marital distress?”

“As far as I know, Uncle, Penelope is very happy with the physical side of our marriage.”

“She is well appointed?”

“Indeed she is, sir.”

I walked round behind my cousin and began feeling his well-muscled rump. His cheeks clenched and unclenched as my hand wandered across the summits. He had the narrow hips of a matador, the cock of a bull, the arse muscles of an Olympian sprinter. How I longed to penetrate him and rub his cock, fuck him until my molten seed spurted deep into his bowels. I parted his arse cheeks to get a peek at the crown jewel. And there it was, seemingly winking at me in the hairy, humid cleft. I bent over to smell his odour, quite pungent in this heightened state of arousal. My prick twitched and stiffened at his maleness. I undid my fly and released my semi-erect charger. I paraded slowly and deliberately in front of him, fisting myself to draw out the length, squeezing the shaft to exaggerate the knob. But I was no match for him in that department, yet I knew I could easily thrill him with what I had, maybe even hurt him.

I arranged my genitalia so that my balls as well as my cock were exposed and hanging lewdly outside my tights. In this attitude I could project an air of insolence and menace to my hapless victim which would suitably intensify his humiliation. I went over to my tool chest and fetched a thick leather belt from the second drawer. I ran it through my fingers and palm noting its suppleness, its coolness. I sniffed it, savouring the seductive smell of leather. I cracked it through the air, and stepped towards Nicholas. I aligned myself face to face with him, close enough to feel his breath on my face. I allowed the heavy iron-buckle to dangle on his cock, which by this time seemed to have lost some of its fervour, but still looked magnificent in its semi-erect state. In fact, it is always my favourite condition when appraising the qualities of a nice prick.

“Kiss me, sweet nephew,” I said, matter-of-factly, while I playfully menaced his genitals with the large iron buckle.

When he didn’t respond to my request I stepped back and aimed a couple of quick flicks to his cock and balls with the leather end of the belt. His yelp of pain registered with Penelope, who visibly squirmed at her husband’s brief distress.

“Kiss me, Nicholas,” I repeated. “Otherwise I will hurt you more.”

He relented and offered his lips in a kissing gesture. I accepted.

A first kiss is always special to me, but Nicholas was holding back, his lips clamped tight. I drew away. “Kiss me properly, nephew, as you would your dear wife.” I made a loop with the belt and cradled his great balls as if in a hammock. I tightened the loop. His mouth came open and then we were kissing as lovers should. My tongue entered his mouth and we sparred, as if with swords, tongue against tongue. When mine retreated, a little tightening of his balls told him that it was probably a good idea to follow my tongue with his and reciprocate the favour. He did, and splendidly so. When I was satisfied he’d fulfilled my request I released his balls and stepped back. “There, dear boy, that’s better. It’s so much better to be intimately acquainted, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Uncle.”

“Kiss the belt that is to humble you.”

He did so.

I tickled the leather end across his chest. The central hollow of his breastbone was wet with sweat His whole upper body in fact, had a beautiful golden sheen and seemed to define his muscles quite magnificently. His nipples stood out like gun pellets. I fingered them, noting their tightness and texture in contrast to the smoothness of his torso. I plumped them even more with some skilled agitation, and then took aim with canlı bahis siteleri my belt. The swollen, pinky-brown nubs made enticing targets and I couldn’t resist the challenge.

I administered half-a-dozen sharp flicks, three to each nipple and watched them darken and bruise before my eyes. Nicholas whimpered like a chastised dog. I took the nipples in my mouth, each one in turn, and soothed them, swirling by tongue around the tender points of flesh. They tasted deliciously sweet, which was in marked contrast to the saltiness of his body sweat. When I had made my peace with them I slid like a snake down his torso, trailing my tongue wetly towards his navel. I swirled it around the hard knot of flesh in its little salty pit. As I worked my tongue around I looked up at him and met his eyes. It was the moment when I knew he was ready to surrender himself completely and, despite his captivity, willingly. He was mine for the taking.

Then I followed the narrow track of pubic hair that led from his navel to his crotch until I was on my knees. I lay the belt on the ground beside his feet and placed my hands behind him and upon his buttocks and drew him towards me. His long, pendulous cock dangled before me. It smelled of man sex, slightly fishy. Already his early pre-sex secretions were drying in tiny snail-trails around the knob. Nicholas needed reviving and I took his magnificent beast between my lips and began fellating him. He was deliciously savoury, with a faint taste of urine to add an element of spice to the mix. There’s nothing quite like tasting and feeling a soft cock come alive in one’s mouth. He became erect very quickly and I almost gagged with the rapid transformation of his organ. I could have continued and taken him to orgasm, but my immediate aim was to keep him aroused and interested while I amused myself with other activities before the grand-finale. I had yet to prepare him for a delicious bottom-fucking.

I released him from my mouth, his cock now saliva-wet, springing to attention, a shining ivory tower of man-flesh. I almost felt compelled to salute; such was its supreme stateliness. I moved behind him and eyed his superbly muscled buttocks.

I always like to whip an arse before fucking it, to tenderise the rump. It raises the intended receptacle for my desire to an agreeable temperature and increases comfort for the protagonist, if not the victim. The exquisite warmth caused by a good spanking or whipping makes the penetration so much more pleasurable. But burying oneself to the hilt inside a hot and throbbing posterior is too delicious to be able to describe with any justice. Suffice to say, it is one of the great pleasures in life and no man worth his salt should be denied such a unique experience. At a calculated guess, I estimated Nicholas to be a virgin in that department. His deflowering would be an exquisite, almost divine experience.

I took up the belt again and began teasing his arse-cheeks with the heavy iron buckle, mentally plotting where I would plant the first lashes when they came. His buttocks clenched and unclenched with nervous tension. I could feel the sadistic delight rising like a demon inside me. I coiled the belt around my right hand and drew back my arm to take aim.

The belt fizzed through the air, landing plum on the right summit. The sound of leather striking flesh is both evocative and seductive. But there came no sound or movement from Nicholas and I wondered whether I had suddenly lost my touch. It is so satisfying to elicit a high-pitched yelp from a victim, particularly a brave, handsome young man, but this was not forthcoming. Had my first effort lacked the necessary velocity to rouse him? I coiled the belt once again, winding it up for the next whip. A pink stripe was already forming from my first attack and my second strike, this time harder, was aimed rather cruelly at exactly the same spot and this had the effect of making my nephew draw a sharp intake of breath and I gleaned some encouragement from this. But I was surprised to hear him suddenly break the otherwise silent atmosphere with a calm, clear and articulate voice:

“Beat me well, Uncle. Beat me raw and then fuck me hard, sir! It’s no less than I deserve for my humbling at your hands, for you have cleverly shamed me, reduced my status and prepared me for what is God’s will. Please do not be lenient with me.”

“Are you begging me?”

“Yes sir, I am.”

“Very well.”

Penelope was shaking her head on hearing her husband’s declaration of surrender. Her brief protest, as demonstrated by her pointless and energy-sapping struggles against her bonds, only spurred me on to even greater salaciousness.

Nicholas had given me carte blanche to punish him as I pleased and I thus began laying into him. Each whip of flashing leather was met by a soft inward sigh of ecstasy from my lover-in-waiting. In fact I felt so intoxicated with lust that I almost lost control. I quickly worked myself into a frenzy, a sadistic orgy of arse-whipping and before I knew it my selected target was a mass of stripes, welts and bruises. I suddenly came to myself and immediately stopped the thrashing, breathlessly casting my weapon aside. My face was hot with excitement. I needed to let the red mist clear and regain control of myself.

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Marie’s Senior Year: Cumsluts

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Disclaimer: This story is still part of the Marie’s Senior Year series, but I have decided to release them as independent stories in order to avoid discouraging readers from checking out new installments. If you have never read a Marie story, feel free to start here or anywhere else. For those who like to read the series in order, this is part 7.


Marie stepped out of her mini cooper and checked herself out in her make up mirror in the parking lot of her school. She adjusted her white hair and touched up her dark red lipstick as always before locking the car door and walking through the gate onto main campus. She had spent the holiday break doing what she always does: fucking guys for money. Her boyfriend, who she had initially had an agreement with to simply have affairs for money, discovered that she had been having an affair with a cute redhead named Alice, who was also in the business, and with a handsome boy named Kevin, a former customer turned fuck-buddy.

The break up honestly did not affect her very much. She hadn’t been spending much time with him and was receiving all of the sexual satisfaction she needed from her friends Alice and Kevin. And now that she didn’t have a boyfriend, she took the opportunity to rededicate herself to her work.

Marie found it slightly difficult to walk due to having been ass-fucked for hours on end by Kevin the night before. “I wonder if Alice is hurting too…” she thought to herself.

The first bell rang and it was officially the start of her last semester of high school. She was happy to have been put in AP Chemistry with Alice. The two sat next to each other in the back of the room as tons of guys fought for seats near them. At this point, plenty of guys from Mayflower High School knew these girls could be payed in return for sexual favors, so they were pretty popular.

“Hey Marie” Alice whispered, “Some guys from Greenbrooke are having a party tonight and it’s supposed to be super crazy. Want to be my date?”

“Greenbrooke? Those kids are super fucking rich aren’t they?”

“Definitely. It will be a good opportunity to make some money don’t you think?”

“Of course I will come along!”

“It isn’t far from my house so just drive over to my place and we can walk together.”

Lunch time came later that day and Marie found herself walking by her old biology teacher’s classroom when she heard him call her over.

“Oh hi Mr. Webber!”

“Come in and let’s talk!” Marie walked into the familiar classroom expecting him to ask for another blowjob. She had been sucking him off every now and then for $30 during nutrition break when she was his student.

“I guess you must have missed me huh Mr. Webber?” she asked as she slowly strutted past him.

“Very much. Listen I don’t got a lot of time so I’m just gonna ask. How much would you charge for a quick fuck?”

“Wow, the whole way? Tired of blowjobs already?” She asked.

“It’s just my wife never puts out and I haven’t really been, you know, touched by a woman since you and I last fooled around. And I can’t help but wonder what you feel like.”

“Well, sir, given that you only really have twenty five minutes, and you have been such a good customer to me, I will only charge you $50.” She said as she began to unbutton her blouse.

“Perfect” he added before immediately charging over and pinning her down on the table. He kissed her lips and bit on her neck passionately, only moving to bury his face in her breasts as he tugged her mini shorts off of her caramel body. He quickly dropped his own pants and boxers, exposing his thick cock. Marie tugged on it with her right hand as he began to remove her panties.

“Not wasting any time, are you sir?” she asked while giggling. Her laughter was interrupted by a gasp as his cock entered her tight pussy. “Ffffuck.” she said under her breath. Mr. Webber gripped her throat forcefully as he rammed her pussy. The entire table rocked at the force of his thrust sending Marie into complete ecstasy. She rubbed her own clitoris as he fucked her hoping she could manage to cum before having to go to her last class.

“Do you know how long I have been waiting to do this?” he asked.

“No, Mr. illegal bahis Webber. Show me. Show me how long you have wanted my slutty pussy.”

He turned her around and bent her over the table and went on to fuck her from behind. Marie’s knees began to wobble as waves of pleasure rushed her body. “Mr.. Mr. Webber I’m… I’m going to cum!” She moaned and dug her nails into the table as her pussy gripped his rock hard cock tight all through her orgasm.

“I’m next. I’m gonna cum.”

Panting and out of breath, she reared her head and managed to let the words “You can cum in my pussy if you want.” work their way out of her mouth.

To that, Mr. Webber responded by furiously ramming her from behind until his thick load flusher her pussy. He stood for a few seconds as his body remained in ecstasy before collapsing back into his chair. Marie turned to face him and slowly kneeled to suck the remaining cum from his cock as he pulled the cash out of his wallet. “Thank you, love.” he said to her.

Marie’s lips smacked as she lifted them from the head of his cock. “Anytime, sweetie.” She put her clothes back on and blew him a kiss before leaving the room.

Marie dressed up in a pink tube top and the shortest white skirt she could find. Upon sitting in her car she realized it wasn’t even long enough to cover her ass when she sat. “I’m sure the boys will love this.”

Marie knocked on Alice’s door and her parents let her in. She made her way to Alice’s room where she was still getting ready.

“Wow Alice you’re looking super cute.” She said flirtatiously, shutting the door behind her and walking over to touch her.

“It’s just my underwear Marie” she responded, now rubbing Marie’s sides as well.

“You know I love seeing you in that red lingerie Alice.” The two girls began to make out before moving over to Alice’s bed. Marie eventually slid down and pushed Alice’s panties to the side in order to lick her pussy up and down. After ten minutes, Marie’s tongue brought Alice to an orgasm.

“Damn it Marie now we are going to be late!” she said jokingly.

Both girls arrived at the party and knocked on the door. Marie whispered “This house is fucking huge.”

“Yup. And I may have already told the host here that we were down to fuck for cash so it should be a pretty sweet night.”

Alice wasn’t kidding. Upon entering, dozens of guys were already getting them drinks and trying to sweep them off their feet. Marie was dancing and grinding up against one guy when another came up and shouted in her ear over the loud music “I just really need a blowjob right now!” Marie took his hand and walked over to the restroom. There she kneeled in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. She gently worked his cock at the base with her right hand and massaged his balls with her left, managing to effortlessly bring her lips from the tip of his cock to the end of her fist with each pump. ” Damn, you’re like a pro.”

Marie thought this was a bit of a stupid thing to point out. “Of course I’m a pro” she thought to herself. “I literally do this for money.” As her thoughts raced she heard him beginning to grunt and moan. She pulled off and asked. “You about to cum?”

Without saying anything he took his cock in his own hand and jerked it as cum splattered all over Marie’s face. She attempted to dodge it but it was already too late. She was caked in it. “Are you fucking KIDDING ME?” she asked angrily.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help it.”

“How am I supposed to go back out there?”

“I don’t know uh… here.” He handed her a one hundred dollar bill. “Sorry, bye.” He quickly left the restroom and marie remained kneeled on the floor. “Now I have to wash my face and re-do my make up.”

After twenty minutes she finally left the bathroom. It wasn’t long before more guys began to pursue her. One guy offered $300 to fuck her and let him cum in her in the garage. The two of them ended up accidentally walking in on Alice getting nailed from behind so they just did it in the back yard.

It was getting late when Marie wiped a bit of cum off her chin after giving what she thinks was one of her best blowjobs. “Thank you!” she answered happily as he handed her a $100 bill illegal bahis siteleri and walked off.

She walked into the house again where Alice was letting guys do body shots off her. “This place is a fucking gold mine” Alice said to Marie.

“I know right!” Both girls did shots together as guys kept pouring drinks for them when Emmanuel, the host of the party, approached them both.

“Guys, my dad wants to talk to both of you.”

“What?! Why?” they asked, both very confused.

“I don’t know but he seems really mad. He is waiting in his room.”

“Wait, he is here?!” Alice asked.

“Yes go now before he comes down here!”

Both Marie and Alice made their way up into the master bedroom where they found Emmanuel’s dad and a four of his friends sitting around. The room was covered in empty beer bottles.

“You called us, sir?”

“Yes. Shut that door. Now, what the hell are you doing?”

“What?” Marie asked.

“Do you think I’m going to own a $1.6M property and not have it properly secured? There’s cameras everywhere.”

“Oh my gosh sir we are so sorry!” Both girls began to apologize.

“I really don’t want to hear it! You know I really don’t understand you teenagers. First I let you all in my house and I buy you food and loud music. Then I even agree to buy you all booze and you still find a way to disrespect my house? I’ve never heard of two young girls like yourself whoring around for money.”

Alice jumped in. “Sir I promise we didn’t mean any disrespect. We will leave immediately.”

“Like hell you will. Stay put I’m calling your parents.”

“NO!” shouted both girls.

Marie added “Please sir do not do that they will kill me.” He picked up the phone and began to dial.

“Sir we are begging you.” Alice uttered.

Emmanuel’s dad looked at them and then looked around at the other guys. Then they all began to laugh. “You should have seen the looks on your faces! You really think I’m gonna call your parents? What you think I’m gonna say? ‘Hello, I let your daughters get drunk in my house and now they are fucking my sons friends!’ I don’t even have their numbers!”

The guys continued to crack up when Marie angrily jumped in “Why the FUCK would you scare us like that?”

“Relax, it’s a joke. What are your names.”

Marie glared at him for a while before answering. “It’s Marie.”

“And I’m Alice.”

“You see” Emmanuel’s father jumped in. “I’m Charlie. This is Ray, Ben, and Lucas.” He announced as he signaled over to the guys surrounding them. “The real reason we called you up here was because we want in.”

“In on what?” Alice asked.’

“On the action.”

“You wanna fuck us?”

“Absolutely.’ they all laughed again.

Marie, still steaming, asked “And why should we after that shit you just pulled.”

“Because we wanna pay up $1000 each.”

Suddenly, her tone changed. “Really?”

“Yes darling to be honest $1000 ain’t shit for any of us. What we really want is to show you girls what it’s like to really get it from a group of real men instead of little boys.”

“So you want to do it all at the same time? Like a gangbang?”

“Yes Ma’am.” answered Lucas as they all began to unbuckle their belts.

Marie found herself laying on her back. Charlie had only waited long enough to remove her panties and began to fuck her fully clothed under her skirt. Lucas kneeled above her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. She drooled and salivated as he forcefully shoved it into her throat.

Alice sat on Ray’s face while he licked her pink pussy. Meanwhile, she unbuckled Ben’s pants and announced. “Holy fuck.”

“What?” Marie asked after removing the cock from her mouth.

“This guy is fucking hung.”

Marie turned her head and witnessed the enormous cock dangling in front of Alice’s face. That thing was easily seven inches while still flaccid. Alice began to jerk it and Charlie turned Marie on all fours and began to fuck her from behind. She watched in awe as his member grew to an enormous size. Alice then attempted to take it into her mouth and began to gag only half way down. Lucas stood back and jerked off, clearly turned on by what was going canlı bahis siteleri on. “You girls really like Ben’s cock don’t you?”

“It’s just so big…” Marie responded.

“Let’s see you both try to work on it.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Sure” Charlie responded, pulling his cock out of her. “That will definitely be amusing.”

Ben sat on the edge of the bed as both girls kneeled between his legs on the floor. The rest of the guys slowly stroked their cocks and watched. “It is so big.” Alice added.

Marie said “My fingers can’t even reach all the way around when I hold it.”

Alice moved down and began to lick his balls while massaging the bottom half of his cock. Marie wrapped her hand around his cock just above Alice’s hand and began to bob her head up and down on his cock. Both girls slurped and moaned as they thoroughly enjoyed his cock, often switching between who was licking his balls and who was sucking the tip.

Ben said “I really just need to fuck one of you.”

Marie added “Oh please just let me be first.”


“Yes baby please I need it.”

Ben scooched up on the bed and Marie straddled him. The rest of the guys approached Alice and said “I guess we are taking you back.” Marie held onto Ben’s cock and slowly guided it into her pussy. Only the tip had made it in before she began to moan and squeal. This didn’t stop her however, as she continued to envelop his cock with her pussy all the way to the base. Once it was fully in, he squeezed her ass and began to fuck up into her with her eyes closed and her jaw drop. Marie’s voice quivered as she struggled to keep quiet when his cock stretched her to new limits. She turned her head and saw Lucas laying under Alice with his cock in her ass, Ray arching over her to fuck her pussy and Charlie face fucking her from behind. The sight of her friend taking three cocks sent Marie into overdrive. She began to bounce furiously on the huge cock and guide Ben’s hands across her body.

“Fuck, Ben. Fuck I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming.” He stared at her intently while she bounced on his cock through her orgasm. Her head immediately felt light and she hopped off his cock. She went back to sucking his cock again with more motivation than ever. She progressively began to slide his cock deeper into his mouth.

“Oh my god. Are you actually gonna…” Ben said quietly.

Marie responded with action as she gagged and choked, but slowly ended up taking his cock all the way down and pressed her lips against the base. “Marie, no one has ever deep throated me before. Oh my god…”

Marie remained low on his cock and continued to force it up and down her throat. When he announced he was going to cum she railed up all nine inches of it and slobbered on the head of his dick. He held her hair as he began to shoot a load of cum worthy of his massive cock into her mouth. It quickly filled her mouth and began to overflow onto her chin. She swallowed a huge gulp, but there was still cum in her mouth and all around it. Marie rose and Ben was clearly done. She walked over to Alice and Charlie took the cock out of her mouth. The two girls began to make out and swap Ben’s cum, driving the rest of the guys crazy. Charlie went around behind Marie and fucked her as they continued to do this.

Soonafter, the girls found themselves kneeling as three mens hard cocks face them. The girls jerked and sucked on the cocks trying very hard to address them equally. That’s when the first string of cum shot across both of their faces. Charlie stroked his cock as he emptied his balls onto both of the girls, shooting into Marie’s hair and Alice’s eye. Ray’s cock began to erupt inside Alice’s mouth but he quickly pulled out and spread his cum on their cheeks. FInally, both girls came close together as Lucas began to shoot his load onto their foreheads and lips.

Each guy took a seat and the girls sat on the floor, licking the cum off each others faces and making out. Slowly, the licked up and swallowed all the cum while fingering each other on the floor while the guys drank and made bets as to who would cum first.

The night drew to a close around 4am when Marie and Alice found themselves outside Alice’s house. Exhausted, Alice went in and face planted onto her bed. Marie, however, decided to take one more customer. He bent her over the side door of her mini cooper and fucked her from behind. Just as he began to cum in her pussy, Alice’s parents walked out.

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The Conner Family Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

“Gifts On Christmas Morning”

Continued from the story “The Conner Family — Ch 01 – “A Gift On Christmas Eve.” I strongly suggest that you read that one first. Then this one will make sense. — Rugrat60

Jennifer Ann Conner opened her eyes and looked into a room that was in semi-darkness lit only by the soft glow of blinking Christmas lights of different colors. She was laying on her right side and she was holding on to Ken’s arm with her left hand. Then she felt the hot warmth of Ken’s body spooned behind her shift a little, then there was a deep intake of air followed by a warm breath which she felt on the back of her neck. It was then she felt his hand resting upon her bare right breast move. Then his fingers suddenly flexed and then relaxed. It was a nice feeling.

She too took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she smiled into the darkness.

Then her thoughts turned to the past few months and her smile faded. She glanced at the clock on the small side table next to the bed. The time was 2:38 AM. Jen was not surprised that she had woken up, as she had done so for months as it was the time when the mild painkillers would usually wear off.

Her smile returned as she realized that it was Christmas Morning. And she was home.

She thought of the man behind her, who held on to her in her sleep. Then she remembered that she was in bed with her life long best friend. Now her lover. And now, her soon to be, future husband. The last two occurring the same day. She smiled again. With the prodding of their parents and family. Well the proposal anyways.

And it’s Christmas Morning, she thought happily.

It had been hard those first couple of months after the accident and then the long seemingly unending days of her recovery. But she, as she had been taught by her parents, thought of certain events as gifts. Even if they did not seem so at the time. Of course it only took her until now to think of anything concerning her accident a gift.

The first gift she thought of was of her cousin Ken taking care of her for those long months. illegal bahis Her best friend was there when she needed him. Only now they were not really cousins, both had been adopted. That fact did not change how she felt about him. It only opened up other options.

There was Ken’s gift of his unending friendship and unconditional love. That’s two and three she said to herself.

Ken’s left hand upon her breast felt real nice. Another gift that she was still alive to feel his hand upon her body. That was four.

His arm about her made her feel safe. That was number five. Another rare gift in today’s world, thought Jen, remembering her years in the Navy as a fighter pilot. Knowing that Ken was a man whom she could and did trust completely. More so than she had with her ex-husband who had abandoned her.

No! Jen told herself. Not today. Only good thoughts today, she told herself. It’s Christmas.

Ken was behind her with his naked body touching her skin, which made her feel wanted. That was number six she counted.

Jen again felt the soft whisper of his breathing on her neck and she did not know why, but it made her feel special. Perhaps because he wants to sleep this close to me. Another gift. That’s seven she told herself.

Jen gently lifted her left hand up off of Ken’s arm and with her forefinger and thumb she touched the necklace about her neck tracing down it until she felt the ring and cross. With her remaining fore finger and thumb she lifted them so they glinted in the blinking Christmas lights before her eyes. She had parents who had enough love in their hearts to adopt her. Number eight, she thought.

Her brother Brian and cousins came to mind. Nine was family.

The simple gold band, which hung on the necklace, given by her father to her mother as her engagement ring, then it was given to Ken to give to her. The gift of history. That’s ten, she whispered.

And with the ring Ken had given her the promise of his love. Eleven.

She paused in her thoughts as she laid the necklace back down on her chest and placed her hand back on Ken’s arm. She wondered illegal bahis siteleri what was number twelve. There was, after all, always twelve, the song says there is, she told herself.

Ken’s arm tightened about her slightly then relaxed as he shifted about behind her but never left the spoon position.

Jen wondered what their future would bring in their life together.

She suddenly smiled. Twelve, she thought. Taking a deep breath and letting it out as she closed her eyes and relaxed. Christmas Gift Twelve, A Future.

Ken’s hand began lightly tracing circles across her right breast. The nipple might be gone, but the soft touch of his hand was … sensual a gift. Made more so because Ken looked beyond the scars.

She felt the soft brush of his lips on the back of her neck. Part of her mind was still counting. Fourteen.

Followed by his tongue making a moist trail across the back of her neck that sent a shiver down her spine. Fifteen or sixteen? Jen asked herself enjoying the sensations.

Ken’s left hand moved and lightly dragged his fingertips across her chest to her left breast and pinched her left nipple. Twenty said her mind as she lost herself in the feelings of pleasure her body was giving her.

Thirty she breathed as Ken’s hardening cock made its presence known in the crevice of her ass.

Thirty-five counted her mind as she felt moisture begin to gather within her folds.

Thirty-six was another kiss on the side of her neck.

As Ken bit gently on the side of her neck, she shuddered and felt her vaginal walls contract.

Ken’s left hand then cupped her left breast and squeezed, pressing in on the hardened nipple. Defiantly forty, counted her mind.

“You okay,” he asked softly into her ear.

“Yes,” she hissed, as he sank the tip of his tongue into her ear then Ken bit down gently.

A soft moan escaped her lips as her mind continued to count. I think that’s …. that’s forty-one or two. Maybe three?

He kissed her neck then licked as he squeezed her left breast again. “Oh,” was all she could mutter. Her canlı bahis siteleri mind called out, “Fifty!”

Jen took a ragged breath and asked softly, “How’d you know I was awake?”

“I taught myself,” he whispered, “to monitor your breathing. In case you woke up from the pain. Or you needed help.” He kissed her neck again. “Or,” he nipped at her neck again, “just needed someone to talk to.”

“You did that?” she questioned, remembering that during the months of recovery, Ken had always been there whenever she needed him. Even when she awoke with pain and she remained silent. He was there.

“Anything for you, Jennifer Ann.” He then dragged his tongue down her neck to her shoulder and sucked upon her flesh.

She smiled. Sixty.

Jen gave out a long shuddering gasp as she reached up with her left hand and held Ken’s face, as somewhere in the back of her mind she heard herself count. “Seventy-five!”

Suddenly there were fingers rubbing over her clit and Jen could not help but rock herself against those fingers.

Then those probing fingers dipped within her moist, slippery folds and she quickly began to feel that wonderful full filling as her vaginal walls clamped down on the invading fingers. Then those fingers began to rub on that wonderful inner spot. It did not take her long to climax. It was not a big climax, but it was enough to be satisfying. “One Hundred!” her mind called out.

Ken’s hand, still wet, had returned to cup her right breast. She could still feel his hardened cock poking between her cheeks as Ken pulled her back into the spoon position.

“Ken?” she whispered as she tried to roll over.

But Ken held her in place. “No, I’m fine. I’d rather snuggle right now.”

“But?” she asked.

As he snuggled up behind her again, Ken whispered into her ear, “We have time now, Jennifer Ann.”

“I like when you call me that,” she whispered.

Then Jen could feel another kiss on the back of her neck.

Ken whispered softly, “Jennifer Ann, I love you so much.”

“Love you,” she whispered in response.

Then his breath was again on the back of her neck.

And there was the security of his arm around her, which she held a little tighter to her chest.

She closed her eyes and as she drifted off to sleep, her mind called out. “One Thousand!”

The End

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The Eros Project Ch. 01

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This is a lighthearted and not very serious attempt to explain why all the characters in my stories have big tits and big dicks.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

“You are full of shit,” Mark said.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not,” Luke said with a shrug. “I guess we’ll find out over the next day or two.”

Mark frowned at his cousin, looking from him to the papers spread out on the table in front of them, and back to him.

Luke smiled. “You’re starting to believe me, aren’t you?” he said.

“You’re saying our moms are part of an experiment started in the 70’s, and which has continued to this day, to produce almost constantly horny, super-fucking-hot MILFs who are attracted to their sons once the sons turn 18?” Mark said.

“Crazy, right?” Luke said. “But it’s all there, all the research, all the notes I’ve found on the web and shit,” he added, pointing to the papers. “Some guy called Professor Nicholson started up this secret Eros Project in the 70’s, supposedly to give women better figures. Years later, those women were either widowed or divorced and ended up banging their grown-up sons. And every one of those women were slim and stacked like you wouldn’t believe.”

“You’re right, I don’t,” Mark said. He flicked through the papers on the dining room table, admiring the photos of the women his cousin said were part of some weird project. He had to admit, they were all gorgeous and all had really big tits.

Just like his own mom. Just like Luke’s mom. Just like most every mother of his friends on the football team.

His mom, Angela, was drop dead gorgeous, that was no lie. He had never admitted to anyone, even Luke, how many times he’d fantasised about her. His mom was blonde, slim, with huge, soccer ball sized tits that somehow managed not to sag, and a round ass that he’d stared at so many times. His dad had died ten years before in a car accident and since then, it had just been him and his mom.

Her sister, Victoria, Luke’s mom, was almost her twin despite being a year younger than her. A little shorter, she was just as blonde, and just as stacked as Angela. She had divorced Luke’s dad years before and had raised the computer nerd on her own. Another secret Mark had kept from his cousin was how often his Aunt Vicky featured in his fantasies.

The two boys had grown up together almost as brothers, having been born only days apart. Mark, the athletic jock had turned 18 just two weeks ago, while Luke, who had grown up to be the brains of the pair, had celebrated his own eighteenth a week later.

Now, sat in Luke’s dining room, Mark looked again at the research his cousin had presented him with. The Eros Project was, Luke had claimed, the reason why their moms — and most every mom of their friends — looked like they’d walked out of a porno.

Luke stood and looked out of the window.

“Tell me, Mark,” he said, beckoning his cousin over. “You really think I’m making this shit up when both our moms look like that?”

Luke’s mom was mowing the back lawn, pushing the electric mower over the grass, under the hot afternoon sun. She wore a pair of sneakers, some denim cut offs that barely covered the pert cheeks of her ass, and a black bikini top that did nothing to restrain the movement of her huge tits as they jiggled as she mowed, sweat running down over the firm mounds. She looked up to see them watching and waved at them, her big jugs moving back and fore.

Luke waved back while Mark quickly returned to the table.

“She’s been wearing outfits like that for the last week or so,” Luke said with a smile. “And man, has she been flirting with me!”

“You’re imagining it, man,” Mark said, thinking of his own mom. Had her T-shirts become tighter over the last couple of weeks? Her skirts shorter? Had she been a lot more attentive to him? “I should get going.”

“Sure, no worries,” Luke said. He gathered together his papers and put them in the manila folder marked Eros. “Don’t fight it, man,” he said. “Whatever happens, happens.”

Mark shook his head. “You are so full of shit,” he said with a smile. “See you tomorrow, maybe.”

After Mark had left, Luke stood in the dining room, flicking through the files he’d pulled off the internet, smiling at the photos of the big-titted moms who’d unknowingly been part of Professor Allison’s crazy experiment. According to the Professor’s own research, they’d all ended up fucking their sons and, when they had them, their daughters, too. And, Luke noted with a big grin, when the mothers had sisters of their own, they’d been more than happy to fuck them, too.

“What’s got you so happy?” Vicky göztepe escort asked as she walked into the room, smiling at her son.

“Oh, just hoping some research of mine is going to pay off, soon,” Luke said, looking his mom up and down. Her ankles and lower legs were covered with grass cuttings and sweat ran down her neck and over her huge, bikini-clad tits. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail and lay flat against her back.

“Well I’m going to grab a shower,” Vicky said, leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek. She stared at him for a moment, their faces close, noses almost touching, both of them smiling.

“Want me to scrub your back?” he asked suddenly, surprising himself and his mom.

“I don’t know,” Vicky asked with a smile. “I’ve worked up quite a sweat. I’d need a really big loofah. Do you have a big loofah for Mommy?”

Luke gulped, his bravado suddenly disappearing.

“That’s okay,” his mom said, stepping back. “I can probably manage. See you in a little while.” She headed out of the room, her ass wiggling in her skin-tight denim shorts, Luke watching all the while.

“Shit,” he whispered when she’d gone. “Is this happening?”

Ten minutes later, he sat in his bedroom, his Eros Project folder beside him, listening to the shower running down the hall. Should he have walked in? Did his mother want him to do that? Was all his research about the Eros Project really coming to fruition? Despite his assurances to Mark, he found himself in doubt.

“Luke, honey?” his mother’s voice called from the bathroom. The shower had stopped.

“Yes, Mom?” he called back.

“I’ve forgotten to bring a towel in with me. Could you bring me one?”

Luke gulped again. “Holy shit,” he said. “It is happening.”

Eagerly he ran to the laundry cupboard and grabbed a towel, stopping outside the bathroom door.

“Should I — should I throw it in — or –?” he called.

“Bring it in, honey. I don’t want to get water all over the floor.” As he opened the door, his mom laughed. “And no peeking at your old mom!”

“You ain’t old, Mom,” he said as he walked in. The room was steamed up and the glass walls of the shower cubicle were covered in steam and water, making them opaque. Vicky stood in the shower, her back to him, looking at him over her shoulder. Her arms were at her sides and he could make out the swell of her tits even from this angle.

As he came closer, she slowly put one arm across her massive jugs while opening the cubicle door with the other. Luke’s eyes went wide as he saw her pert ass naked in front of him.

“Eyes up here, honey,” his mom said laughing.

“Sorry, Mom,” Luke said, quickly looking up at her.

“I suppose I should expect you to sneak a peek every now and then,” Vicky said. “After all, you’re a grown man, now, and I guess you’re at the age when even an old woman like your mom is worth looking at.”

“Mom, you’re not old,” Luke said again, holding the towel up for her. “But yeah, you can’t blame me for looking at a babe like you.”

“You think I’m a babe?” Vicky asked, carefully stepping out of the cubicle backwards, letting him drape the bath towel over her shoulders. “Well for that, I guess you can dry my back if you like.”

Luke wasted no time. He bunched the towel in his hands and started gently rubbing the soft, thick cotton over his mother’s shoulders and back. He stepped closer to her and, being a few inches taller, sneaked a look down her front at her big tits, still squashed by her arm, the deep cleavage dark and inviting.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” Vicky said. She reached out and closed the cubicle door. “Keep drying me, honey,” she said. She leaned forward, raising both arms and laying them against the cool glass door, the movement arching her back, pushing her ass out towards him. As Luke moved the towel up and down her back, he couldn’t help but bump into her butt — and she couldn’t help but feel the huge hard-on he had nudging against her.

“Is that — is that okay, Mom?” Luke asked, stroking her back with the towel, feeling her starting to grind her ass cheeks against his throbbing cock.

“That feels great, honey,” Vicky said, her firm butt cheeks gently swaying against his obvious stiffy. “Why don’t you reach round — and dry my front?” she asked, smiling at him over her shoulder. “You know — if you don’t mind.”

As they looked at each other, Luke moved the towel and slid it around and under her arms, stroking her rib cage briefly before moving his hands up — and filling them with her massive tits.

“Mmmm, that’s it, honey,” Vicky said, her eyes half closed as she looked at him. “Dry Mommy — dry Mommy’s big titties.”

Luke moved the towel over the two firm, heavy globes that he’d lusted after in secret for so long. Each one was too big for the hand that cupped it, full, round and perfect. He rubbed them gently with the towel, leaning forward to grab as much of them as he could, his huge hard-on pressing into his kurtköy escort mom’s ass as she pushed back against it.

“Aahhhhh yessss — that feels good, honey,” Vicky sighed. She smiled at him, loving the wide-eyed look of wonder on his face. “Do you like holding Mommy’s titties?”

Luke nodded, not sure he was able to speak.

Vicky giggled. “Mmm, I bet you do. They’re so big, they really take a long time to dry. Are you happy to dry them for as long as I need?”

Again, Luke nodded.

“Thank you, honey,” Vicky sighed as Luke ran the towel over her huge globes. “You know, lots of men would like to be — mmmmmm — doing what you’re doing now,” she said. “That’s it, be a bit firmer,” she added as Luke grabbed at her big jugs. “But if you want, I’ll let you be the only one — ahhhhh — who gets his hands on Mommy’s big titties. Would you like that?”

“Yeah, mom,” Luke whispered.

“You don’t think it’s wrong?” Vicky asked, pushing her butt back against his hard-on. “Drying your Mommy’s tits like this?”

“No way, mom,” Luke said, massaging her huge mounds. “I’ll dry them anyway you want.”

“Mmmmm, good — why don’t you try it without the towel?” She took hold of the edge of the towel and pulled at it, Luke letting go and allowing her throw it to one side.

Vicky leaned against the cubicle, naked in front of her son, her pert, round ass pushing back against the massive bulge in his shorts, her long, wet ponytail hanging over one shoulder and down in front of her, her enormous tits now freely exposed.

Luke leaned forward again, gently clutching his mom’s beautiful orbs, feeling the small, hard nipples pressing against his palms. He groaned as his fingers clenched a little, feeling the supple flesh balloon out around them, loving the weight of them.

“Mmmmm, that’s it, Luke,” Vicky sighed, licking her lips. “Bet you’ve wanted — mmmm — to get your hands on these for — aahhhh — some time, huh?”

“Fuck yeah, Mom,” Luke whispered.

“Hmm, I can tell,” she said, pushing her ass against his stiff cock. “Let’s give you a good look at them, shall we?”

She stood up, Luke reluctantly letting go of her tits, and turned around, standing naked in front of her son, cupping her own huge melons. Luke filled his hands with them again as he kissed his mother like no son should, their tongues swirling around each other. He dipped down, sucking first one nipple then the other, moving his hands over the rest of her body, grabbing handfuls of her firm ass cheeks as he sucked on her tits.

“Aahhh yeahhhh — you like Mommy’s tits, don’t you?”

“Mm-hmm,” Luke said, his mouth full of one of them.

“Wanna get your cock between them?”

Luke looked up at her, a huge smile on his face. “Oh God, yes!” he gasped.

Vicky slowly knelt down in front of him, running her hands over his taut belly that was revealed when he tore off his T-shirt. She unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down along with his underwear, and gasped as his prick lurched up in front of her face.

“Oh my God, Luke,” Vicky said, looking up at her son’s monstrous cock. “That’s fucking huge!”

Luke looked down past the throbbing length of his prick at his mother’s wide eyes, worried that his freakishly large cock had ruined everything.

“I’m — I’m sorry, Mom,” he said, moving his hands to cover himself.

Vicky was quicker, and batted his hands away, grabbing his shaft with both her hands, the fingers struggling to meet around his girth. She ran her hands up and down his length a couple of times, using the pre-cum that flowed from his big knob to lubricate her movements, jerking him slowly as she stared in amazement. Her ex-husband had been big, but her son had him beat by several inches.

“Don’t apologise, honey,” Vicky said. “Mommy loves your big — fucking — cock.”

Holding it tightly by the base, Vicky leaned forward and stuck out her tongue, lapping at the head of his prick, slurping up his almost constant stream of pre-cum. Hearing Luke groan in pleasure, she opened her mouth and slid her lips over the bulbous head, taking the first few inches into her mouth.

“Ohhh ffuuuuuckkk!” Luke gasped, watching his mom blow him.

Vicky bobbed her head a few times, taking him a little deeper each time, before pulling back and spitting on his shaft, coating it in spit. She repeated the move again and again, sucking on his knob for a moment or two before spitting on his prick, covering it in saliva.

“There,” she said, looking at it proudly. “Now you can fuck Mommy’s tits.”

Vicky let go of Luke’s cock and grabbed her own jugs, pulling them apart, allowing her son to push his thick, slippery length between them. She wrapped them around his shaft, the head poking up and out of her cleavage, bumping into her chin. Grinning like he didn’t believe this was happening, Luke started thrusting his hips, sliding his big dick between his mom’s huge mounds.

“Fuck that feels so good,” he gasped, watching his cock pendik escort slip in and out of his mom’s cleavage.

“Hold them, honey — hold Mommy’s tits while you fuck them!” Vicky said, moving her hands so that Luke could take hold and push them together, sandwiching his big prick. Just about every guy she’d been with had loved getting their dicks between her tits and she was pleased to see her son was no exception.

“Fuck — wanted to do this — mmmm — for so fucking long,” Luke gasped.

“Yeah? You like it? Like titfucking Mommy’s big titties?” Vicky asked him, watching his cock head appear and disappear between her boobs. “Yeah, that’s it — fuck Mommy’s tits, honey — mmmmmllllpppsppp!” Her words descended into noises as she bent her head and sucked on his fat knob as it poked out from between her massive mounds.

“Jesus, Mom!” Luke gasped. “You’re the fucking best!”

“Mmmm, thank you, honey,” Vicky said, letting his cock go. “But if you like this, maybe you should try fucking Mommy’s pussy. Would you like that?”

“Oh my God yes!” Luke babbled, eyes wide.

They quickly disentangled themselves, Luke stroking his hard cock as he watched his slim and stacked mother turn around and drop her head and shoulders down to the floor. Her ass pointed up at him, her huge tits squashed against the floor as she smiled up over her shoulder at him.

“Come on, honey,” she said, wiggling her ass from side to side. “Mommy’s pussy’s really horny — Mommy really needs that big fucking cock of yours.”

Luke knelt behind her and held his cock in one hand, his mom’s ass in the other, and aimed his knob at the swollen lips of her pussy. Slowly he pushed forward, easing inch after inch of his mammoth shaft into the hot, slippery cunt of his mother.

“Ahhh yesss — deeper, honey,” Vicky sighed. “Fuck Mommy deeper!”

With the first few inches of his cock in her pussy, Luke held her ass cheeks in both hands, moving his hips, stuffing his prick into her.

“Oooohhhh fuuuuuckkkkk! Fuck Mommy’s pussy! Fuck Mommy!” Vicky moaned as Luke started to thrust with longer, deeper strokes, giving her what she wanted. His cock spread her pussy lips wide as the meaty shaft went deep into her cunt over and over again.

Vicky mewled, her eyes rolling up in her head, her son’s huge cock giving her more pleasure than any other lover ever had, including his father.

“Ahhh — ahh — oh fuck — uuuhhhnn — I’m cumming, Luke — fuuuuuuckkkk — Mommy’s cumming!” she cried, her body shaking as her orgasm rippled through her stacked body. Her pussy clenched on Luke’s prick as he continued fucking her through her cum, pounding in and out of her twat, his fingers clutching at her ass cheeks.

“That’s it, Mom,” Luke groaned. “Cum for me!”

Vicky gasped and moaned as her son’s huge prick slid in and out of her tight cunt, prolonging her orgasm. She smiled as she felt him pull his fuck meat almost all the way out before driving it back in once more, fucking her hard and deep just as she liked it.

“Fuck Mommy — uuhhhnnn — fuck Mommy,” she muttered, looking up at him over her shoulder. He was watching his prick sliding in and out of her pussy, sweat dripping from his forehead, his tongue lolling from the side of his mouth.

Vicky knew this was wrong — she’d known it ever since she’d decided to seduce him, but she didn’t care. And now, having tasted his cock, having had it stuffed up her pussy, she knew there was no way she was giving it up. And judging by the expression on her son’s face, and the enthusiastic pounding he was giving her little kitty, he wasn’t going to give it up either.

“Oh God — love you, Mom!” he gasped, shoving his hard-on deep into her twat over and over. He was panting hard and as she felt his prick swell even more, Vicky knew he was going to cum soon.

“Are you close, honey?” she asked him. He simply nodded and grunted, still fucking her. “Cum for me, Luke — uuhhhnn — cum in me — cum on me — aahhhhh — anywhere you like!”

“Anywhere, Mom?” Luke gasped.

“Anywhere, honey!” Vicky sighed.

She was a little disappointed to feel him pull his prick from her twat but grinned as he quickly knelt beside her and gently rolled her on to her back. She folded her arms under her tits, gathering them together for him, the huge mounds presented as targets.

Luke jerked his cock a couple of times before it lurched in his hand and spat out a thick, wide line of jism that landed across her massive jugs. Another and another shot out the bulbous head of his prick, coating her in pearly cum. More and more of the viscous fluid decorated her orbs and she began to wonder if he would ever stop. She’d had plenty of men cum on her tits in the past, but never so much from one man.

“Oh my God! So much fucking cum!” Vicky moaned in delight. Even while he was still cumming, she pushed one of her tits up to her mouth, slid out her tongue and lapped as much of the hot, creamy sauce up as she could. “Mmmm, tastes so good,” she sighed, sucking up more.

Luke moved his cock and, as the last few spurts poured from his dick, offered it to her to suck. Vicky swallowed the last of his jizz straight from his cock before scooping up his cum from her tits and licking her fingers clean.

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Me and My Fuckboys Ch. 03

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Day Six

11 am

I woke up to Tom masturbating next to me, watching me sleep. I was covered in come, a mixture of his and my own, and this made him horny.

I pushed his hands away, giving him a blow-job to thank him for last night. I looked at him, naughtily, pulling my mouth away and played with the sensitive tip of his dick. His hands dug into my back as he climaxed and I quickly sucked his semen from his dick. I continued playing with the tip until he came one more time, deciding that that was a good enough thank you. I’d always been good at blowjobs, something that Tom complimented me on a lot.

“Last night was amazing. You’ll always be the best person I’ve ever had, ever,” Tom complimented me, impressed that I had managed to have two massive orgasms in the space of twenty minutes.

I smirk, posing before him, as I climb out of the bed to get ready to see his parents.

4 pm

The party was so boring and I was so unbearably horny. I knew last night had been a bad idea, even though I had enjoyed it so much. Tom’s dad loved his gift for some reason.

There weren’t enough seats in the garden so Tom volunteered me to sit on him which was such a bad idea. His dick was stone-hard and I could feel it against my bare thighs in my dress, so enticing. He could feel me shaking from the thought of it. I kept trying to make excuses to move, but Tom found my pain such a turn on.

His hand found its way up my dress and he found that my panties were utterly soaked, just the thought of me had made him so wet. When everyone wasn’t watching, he saw an opportunity to take my panties off me, slipping them into his pocket. He then moved me so my bare pussy was leaning against his stone-hard dick. Why did he have to make things so hard?

6 pm

Most of the family went to go and get dinner ready, so Tom grabbed my hand and lead me to a bathroom in the opposite side of the house where he didn’t think anyone would go to.

We couldn’t have sex, something that was so annoying, someone would hear me groan. We could masturbate however.

Tom went first, his dick extended over the toilet so the cum would drip in it. He stroked his erect cock, watching me, nodding for me to put on a show. I undressed myself slowly like I was a stripper and he climaxed twice. Some cum fell on the floor and I licked it off, tasting him. I wanted to have fucking sex so bad.

He undressed in front of me but I couldn’t come. I was shaking so bad, all I wanted pendik escort to do was orgasm everywhere. Tom noticed my pain and he put his fingers in my pussy, fingering my clit until I finally came, another huge orgasm. We were kissing so passionately, it was so annoying how we couldn’t fuck.

7 pm

After we ate I was dying. I wanted Tom so bad, I wanted to feel him inside of me more than anything. His erection was almost painful now, he had been erect for so long. We looked at each other, realizing just how badly we needed this.

I ‘fainted’ in his arms and he told his parents that I had thrown up yesterday (obviously emitting that that was from the come I had eaten)

8 pm

We drove out of their house, victorious, finally freed from that awful party. Tom drove as fast as he could, but we were so far away from home. I made him pull over, I couldn’t take it anymore.

We stripped so quickly and I straddled him in the front seat, forcing him to penetrate me deep and hard. We both started groaning, it was so intense. He came twice, like usual and he went to push me off, but I wasn’t done.

I gave him a hand-job while forcing him to play with my tits. He was so close to me, I could feel the lust in his every breath. My tits loved playing with him, they loved being sucked. He motor-boated me a few times before deciding that massaging my tits got the best response from me. I couldn’t focus on fingering his dick and I readjusted my position, my legs wrapped around his waist, his dick pressing against my pussy, my back arched and my arms out-stretched behind me. I climaxed and he took this opportunity to play with my pussy.

He looked at me, so fuckable, lying back, just asking for him to do whatever he wanted. He inserted his hand again and I screamed so loudly, the feeling so welcome and amazing. He then made his hand into a fist to which I screamed the loudest possible as my body was overcome by another huge orgasm. He continued playing inside me as I kissed him so frenetically, thanking him for touching me like this.

I gestured for him to pull his hand out and positioned my dripping, wet pussy at his face. He happily licked up the juices, pleased that I had responded so well to the actions. I then lowered my pussy on his dick and he fucked me a few more times until he came again.

I sucked his dick for a little bit before Tom realized just how long we had been here. He tried to make me put on my clothes but I refused, telling kurtköy escort him that he would have to stare at me all the way home if he wouldn’t fuck me more.

I gave him a constant hand-job as he drove home. He kept kissing me at the red lights, wanting to do more but knowing that it wasn’t possible. He came again while on the drive and I lent over, sucking the semen out of his cock carefully.

He dragged up the several flights of stairs as we were locked in a tight embrace, our clothes completely disregarded in the car. He threw me back down on the bed and pushed my legs into the air, pushing his dick so deeply into me. He kept hitting my clit and I climaxed again, this had to be the most successful evening we had ever had.

He flipped me over and laid on top of me and kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper into me. I kept groaning, louder and louder, until he turned me back around, kissing me so passionately. It was clear he had enjoyed this almost as much as I had.

Day Seven

7 am

I was awoken by the sweet smell of waffles travelling up to our room. I slipped on my dressing gown and headed downstairs to find Tom singing to his favorite songs. It was almost as if we were undoubtedly happy and that we weren’t cheating on each other.

We ate together, although quickly, as Tom had to leave for work. His work was always interrupting my sex.

7.30 am

Tom had put the hot tub on for me, hoping that jets would relax my muscles after our sex-filled weekend. I was so glad, everything ached. I laid back, trying to relax before I had to climb out and head to the gallery

9 am

I arrived at the gallery to find that my phone was flooded with hundreds of explicit text messages from Tom. He was describing everything that we had done last night and everything that we would do again tonight. I couldn’t wait, even though my body ached, yesterday had been amazing.

7 pm

Tom arrived back late from work. I hadn’t expected him to be here tonight, I thought he was going to spend the night will Holly. I was glad he had chosen me over that bitch, I would always have better sex then she would.

We had some nice slow sex on the kitchen table. It was kind of boring compared to last night so I clenched my pussy so it made things more interesting. Tom joked about that I was discovering all of the whore’s tricks and I laughed, he seemed so happy that we were having such good sex.

He interrupted our sex, showing kartal escort me that he bought a new sex toy for us. It was double-sided, with one end stimulating my clit and the other my g-spot. He placed it into me, excited by this new addition to our sex life. We didn’t use a lot of sex toys while together, I preferred using them when Tom’s dick wasn’t available, I loved our sex so much.

I could feel myself building up and Tom laid over me, like he was going to insert his dick into my pussy too. He thrust himself inside me and I immediately screamed, it felt so good being penetrated while he was fucking me too. He was excited by the vibrations too, it was something he hadn’t experienced before. He joked about how he knew how much I liked sex toys now, the vibrations felt so good.

He came three times inside me in the space of ten minutes, he was enjoying himself so much. I came twice, thrilled by this new feeling. He started playing with my tits too, he was doing everything I loved so well.

He pulled out and then removed the sex toy. He then started licking my pussy, so pleased by how well I had done with both him and the toy inside of me. I forced myself on top of him and started sucking his dick while he licked me. We were both so good at oral we could feel each other’s bodies shudder as we climaxed, again and again and again.

He turned me around, attacking my face with his mouth, Even this was steamy and intense, Tom could make the best things so interesting. He then put himself inside of me again, pushing his cock deeply in my dripping pussy. He pulled out, coming on my tits. I lent down, licking his come off my tits seductively, loving the sour taste in my mouth. Everything about this was so so good.

He joined me in the shower even though I thought we were over for the night, fucking me hard against the wall, pushing his dick as deep as it would go in my pussy. We both came yet again, so fascinated by each other’s bodies. It reminded me of when we used to do that at high school. after the school football games I would always sneak into the shower with him and we would have such a great time.

10 pm

I dressed afterwards and Tom brought dinner up into the bedroom with me. We watched Game of Thrones together, feeding each other our pasta. We were so happy, on a high from the amazing sex. I loved Tom so much.

Although we might both be cheating on each other, Tom and I had such a deep emotional bond and physical connection, I knew he would never be able to leave me for Holly. He hadn’t returned to her since last night, meaning that while the sex was good Tom would never be far from my bed and that suited me fine. I couldn’t leave him, our sex was too good to just leave behind.

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Maybe They Should Have

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After some 10 years of leaving home she feared her return would only prove to be a disaster. Yet she had no choice but to go home.

As a teenage girl she had fallen in love with her best friend. He knew her every thought, her every mood. He knew her.

She shared everything with him except the love she felt for him.

Maybe she should have.

She had never felt and has never since felt the way she did every moment she spent with him.

He made her feel loved and had woke something in her she had yet to discover existed.

Who was she kidding, He was her best friend. Everyone knows the best way to kill a friendship is to fall in love with them.

She had never met anyone like him; he was attentive, caring and respectful.

He always made her feel as though he’d move mountains for her if she’d only ask.

Maybe she should have.

In one night, in one moment of time. She had let that opportunity be stolen from her.

Someone else had stolen her moment and moved her mountain, placing it between them.

She could no longer feel that special warmth she’d felt in those moments spent with him. She no longer felt she deserved to have those moments.

No longer deserved for him to move those mountains for her, to push back the mountain now between them.

After years of separation. The first time she truly saw him, she could feel the shadow of that forgotten mountain looming over her, as he walked right through it bringing with him the warmth of the moment, she’d lost so long ago.

That feeling of unadorned affection and unconditional love that he had once instilled in her.

14 years have passed and He’s wrapped her in his affection. As attentive and caring as though she had never left him.

She feels it every moment they spend together. In every door he opens. The soft caring voice in which he speaks to her, the way he looks at her. (Or does he)

Once again he knows her, her every mood, her every thought (or does he).

Maybe he should have

He reads her; she feels it in everything he does. In the music they share, the way he smiles at her, the light in his eyes, the way he takes care of her.

Once again she knows his every mood, his every thought (or does she) They share everything with one another (or do they)

Maybe they should have.

Nothing has changed, after 14 years it’s still the same. He loves her, or does he? she loves him, or does she?

Maybe they don’t, or do they?

She fears his touch for the warmth that it builds in her. The desire it creates.

The feel of his hand and the brush of his skin only serve to build a fire within. That touch makes her crave him and remember how it feels to sleep by his side. The warmth of his body drawing her in.

Will they finally come together, (or should they)

Maybe ümraniye escort bayan they should have.

As she listens to his soft warm voice and closes her eyes she can feel his presence as he draws nearer. She can feel his hands on her waist and his warm breath on her neck, soft kisses behind her ear.

She’s dreamed of his touch for years now, such a warm gentle loving touch.

The feel of his hands traversing her skin. Eye’s still closed, heart now pounding from the growing needs inside her. The fear, longing, anticipation and excitement. As he moves his hands to her shoulders softly caressing her silky skin.

She can feel his hands massaging her neck, shoulders, down her arms.

The heat building in her, a shiver makes its way down her spine and she can feel a tremble in her legs.

The fear grows as she wonders rather or not she can handle this touch she’s longed for. The fear of not knowing what will happen next. The biggest fear of all; not knowing what will happen afterwards, in the days to come.

Will this be the first and last time she’ll ever know his touch?

She searches for self composure when the tips of his fingers graze her breast as his hands explore her arms.

The kisses and suckling he continues to lavish upon her neck cause her entire body to tingle. She feels the warmth and wetness make it’s presence below.

He turns her, face to face now she try’s desperately to hide her feelings from him, doesn’t want him to know how much she’s longed for his touch.

She thinks of how she needs him, how she wants him.

He whispers in her ear, I need you, I want you.

Was she thinking out loud or does he just know.

He nibbles her ear lobe then kisses down her neck to the hollow place, unbuttoning her shirt as he does. He caresses her breast; his touch and the feel of lace rubbing her sensitive nipples make her breast so taught and nipples so hard it almost hurts.

She can’t believe how sensitive she is to his touch. He un-clasp the front of her lace bra. She feels his lips meet hers, his tongue parting them as he kisses her long and passionate. His hands caressing her breast, fingers circling her erect nipples occasionally pinching them.

He releases her from his impassioned kiss and takes her breast in his mouth.

Her trembling body and low moans make him aware of just how receptive and sensitive she is to him. He’s careful, making every touch soft and gentle.

Her breathing becomes labored, legs shaking, body trembling. She feels her knees wanting to buckle under her.

She can’t handle his touch, can’t control the emotions and fire that’s fought so long to be released and she climaxes for the first time of the night.

He takes her hand and leads her to the bedroom. Slides her pants over her hips and lets them kartal escort fall to the floor, pushes her shirt and bra straps off her shoulders following them down her arms also letting them fall to the floor.

She wants to open her eyes, to see him take him in. Fearing it’s all a dream she keeps them shut to savor the moment.

She feels his lips trace over the flat of her stomach, kissing her belly button as he slides her panties over her hips and they drop around her ankles.

He caresses her rounded ass then works his hands down the backs of her legs, massaging her thighs, tickling the basks of her knees. Massaging her calves and ankles.

Her body once again begins to tremble.

The moisture between her thighs growing once again, throbbing and burning for him. She feels his hands now massaging up the inside of her legs.

He slips a hand between her thighs touching her tracing her slit with his finger. She gasps and moans.

She tells him she needs him. He rises to kiss her and tells her he’s needed her too.

She whispers “I love You” then fills with fear. Oh, god I didn’t mean to say that. I hope he didn’t hear me.

He pushes her down onto the bed releasing her pants and panties from her ankles as she slides back.

(She makes a sigh of relief, thinking he must not have heard her)

She watches him undress, taking his time as though the night will last a lifetime.

The fear and longing has reached its height, she shivers and trembles. Scared to move, scared to disappoint, scared the night won’t last a lifetime. Scared he’ll never love her or need her as she needs him.

He slides into the bed next to her, lying on their sides to face one another he places his hand on her hip and traces her skin back and forth over her hip and thigh. His touch causing her skin to tingle.

He kisses her long and hard this time as though he’s been waiting years for this moment.

He slides his hand between her thighs rubbing her softly. The tickle of her hair sends a tantalizing sensation coursing through her and she quivers.

He kisses her breast and then whispers in her ear “are you scared”

yes, she is, but she doesn’t answer. “Do you love me, I need to hear you say it again”

Yes I do, I love you.

“Then there’s no reason to fear me, trust me as you always have.”

She turns on her back and parts her legs for him as he explores her body with hands, lips and tongue.

Under trembling voice she tells him she wants him, she’s incomplete without him, needs to feel him inside her.

He says, “we have the rest of our lives.”

As he moves down her body she once again quivers under him. He kisses the flat of her belly, dips his tongue in her belly button.

When she feels his kiss on her nether regions she can feel her hips begin kartal escort bayan to move. She bends her knees and slides her ankles up to her rear.

Legs trembling body all a quiver she takes a deep breath and gasps loudly at the feel of his tongue parting her, sliding inside her.

Every moment has been so intense, every touch more ardent than the last she knows it won’t be long before she’ll climax again.

She’s lost all control of her senses knows he now has full control of her every movement, her every feeling.

He pushes his tongue as far into her depths as possible then runs it up her till he reaches her clitoris.

A broken scream escapes her lips. Her breathing once again labored breast heaving. He plays with it, circling with his tongue, teasing it.

“Oh, God please stop, I need to feel you inside me”

She reaches for him trying to pull him from her, pleading to have him inside her.

He pushes her back down, tells to lie there and enjoy.

She feels a finger slip inside her, slow and gentle working back and forth, then a second.

It’s been so long for her, 5 years since she’s let another man touch her.

She’s longed for him to touch her this way for so long that every touch, every movement is more intense, sensual, and exciting than any touch she’s ever felt.

She can feel herself tightening around his fingers with every stroke.

He takes her clitoris between his lips sucking it with such fervor she begins to feel off balance, head spinning, mind racing. As he increases his pace, her legs begin to quiver, muscles tightening. She squirms under him, her back arches and she lets out a moaning scream as she climaxes a second time for him.

He slides his tongue inside her and up her slit before pulling himself up to her and kissing her breasts and then her lips.

Again he whispers in her ear “do you love me, do you need me, do you trust me,”

under heavy breath and trembling voice she answers “I always have, I always will”

He asks her if she’s ready to climax with him, if she wants to feel him in her.

“Yes, I need you to be a part of me”

His kisses flow over her as he slides himself inside her. It’s been so long her body jerks and she gasps as his head penetrates her. He stops, “no, please don’t stop, I have to feel you, need to feel you”

He took her slowly passionately, making such sweet love to her; she climaxed over and over until they finally came one last time together.

He asked her yet again “do you really love me”

yes, I always have, I always will.

She then asked him “do you Love me”

A slight movement from her bed woke her, she sat up disoriented. Found his shirt with his beautiful smell lying on her pillow.

Was it a dream, had he really been in her bed?

She went to the bathroom, washed her face then headed to the kitchen. As she sat down at the dining table with her coffee she said good morning to him and asked if he had slept well. All the while thinking, wondering!

Was it really a dream? (Or did they)

Maybe they should have.

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Max’s Neighbor’s Wife

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My name is Max and my wife and I have lived in our home for more than twenty years in an older subdivision just outside of Atlanta. We have been married for more than thirty years and I have just turned fifty. Neighbors have come and gone over the years and most of them have been a pleasure to befriend. About three years ago a young couple, Chad and Sara, bought the house next door. They were in their early twenties, Chad is a nice looking blond haired young man who made his living selling plumbing supplies to Home Depot and his wife was a schoolteacher in the local elementary school. Sara was extremely quite and shy. She is tall at around five foot ten, tends towards the thin side and has a long mane of dark brown hair that reached down past her waist that she normally kept in a long ponytail. . I would clandestinely watch her doing yard work, as I would move the grass or do my outside chores. She was always friendly and pleasant but you could sense that she was very reserved. About a year and a half after they moved in they had their first child, a little girl, and as a lot of women do Sara’s build changed. Her hips seemed to be a little broader and fuller and her breasts filled out a full size or two. When she put her little girl in her baby carriage and would jog around the neighbor hood there was an enticing shimmer and bounce to her body. I have to admit that I sometimes fell asleep wondering what it would be like to enjoy her knowing that that opportunity would never come to a man twenty-six years her senior.

About a dozen years ago my wife had a series of operations that combined with her trip through menopause left her without a desire to perform her wifely duties between the sheets. As a result I found myself cruising the online dating line from time to time looking for a woman, in similar circumstances, which would fill the intimate void in my life. I’m not going to tell you I was always a saint, I could never turn my back on nailing a chick if the opportunity presented itself and surprisingly often times it did. I was in the Army Special Forces and then was a cop, a detective. For the past six years I’ve been in business for myself doing investigations and special assignments for Homeland Security. Imagine my surprise one day while checking out a dating sight looking for some new fresh pussy to enjoy when happened across an ad with a picture of my neighbor Sara. The ad read:

Married woman 25 looking for a lover who is dominant. I love my husband but he travels five days a week and I have found myself wondering during the night while I toss and turn in my bed alone what it would be like to be with an intense overpowering man. I please myself with a vibrator but what would it be like to be overwhelmed and ravished by a strong take charge guy. I dream of being made to do what he wants. You must be discreet, clean, disease free and sane. I am 5’10” with long brown hair, long legs and full lips. I work out and try to stay in shape. I am very nervous about placing this ad and don’t know why I’m doing it except that I need to be satisfied and sense that I am missing something important in my life and in my bed.

I saw that the ad had only been placed a few hours before and knew that I would have to react quickly or every man in the Atlanta area would be sniffing at her door like dogs after a bitch in heat. I printed a few copies on my color printer, copied the ad to my hard drive and then I sent her a quick note saying:

Sara you are being very a very stupid slut placing this ad especially with your picture attached. I know you; know where you live, where you work and the fact that you have a lovely little girl. If Chad found out you would lose everything. I am a dominant male and will make my presence known to you very soon. Take this ad off immediately and do not place one anywhere else. At the right time I will come to you and use you and enjoy you in the manner that you are crying out for.

I provided her with an email address that she could respond to me through. Within a few minutes the ad disappeared from the dating site. A few minutes later I received an email from her.

I do not know whom you are but you’re right I did make a very, very stupid mistake. It was just a game; I was not serious, just curious and would never have gone through with it. Please just forget you ever saw it and I promise to never do anything like it again. I love my husband and daughter and the thought of losing them terrifies me. I cannot imagine who you are but please just forget this ever happened.

I wrote her back a very simple straightforward note with a copy of the ad attached:

Sara it is not going to be that easy. You will become my slut whore and I promise that will never tell anyone what you have done. You know that you were not playing a game you have simply discovered at long last who you are. You need to be owned and enjoyed- apparently you’re not getting it at home. I will be in touch. Rest calmly my pet because you have found what you were looking for.

I kartal escort bayan formulated a plan and put it in motion. My wife and I had always been good neighbors and I dropped a hint that I had noticed that Chad had been traveling a lot lately and perhaps we should invite Sara and the baby over some evening for dinner. My wife jumped at the idea and two days later Sara and her one year old showed up to spend a few hours with us. I love kids and spent a great deal of time playing with the little girl while I listened to the two women talk. Sara opened up to my wife and shared that due to his recent promotion Chad was traveling five days a week, He normally left Monday morning and came back Friday evening three weeks out of four and it was killing them and their relationship. She had returned to teaching after their child was born but only in a substitute role and she was finding it difficult with just working a few days a week to keep the household together. With her husband constantly on the road everything fell on her to do. I volunteered to help her with any little chore around the house that she needed if Chad was gone. I told her sometimes it was hard to change a ceiling light bulb or even open a can. If I was around I would be glad to help. Our evening ended on a positive note with the offer for the two of them to join us again soon.

The next day after the mailman had come I put a plain unmarked envelope with a copy of the ad in Sara’s mailbox and then watched through the blinds as she picked up the mail when she returned home from her errands. When she pulled out the mail my envelope was on top. She opened the flap, saw what was inside and almost dropped her baby on the pavement before rushing down her driveway and into the safety of her home. We had not communicated for more than a week but a few moments later I received an email from her.

Why are you doing this? Please leave me alone, I mean it- back off.

I did not respond, I wanted her emotions and needs to build. The next day I began to email to her, twice a day, erotic stories about submissive females and their dominant lovers. There are a lot of sites that had countless stories posted and I selected those that had married women who were owned by men other than their husbands. I began to tackle a lot of chores outside when I knew she was home. A few days later I was outside when she opened the door and asked if I would help her with something. My wife was home and the timing was wrong for me to reveal myself but perfect for my plan. I jumped at the chance to be near the young wife. She took me to the kitchen and explained that the stove was not working for some reason. I could smell the sweet scent of her hair as she stood next to me holding her baby. It took every bit of self-control to keep from taking her in my arms and dragging her to her bed. I went down to the basement and found the fuse box. The fuse had tripped and a simple reset solved the problem. While she put the baby down in its crib I quickly got a chair and placed an old worn out nine-volt battery in the smoke alarm in the hallway. I knew that it would not last but a few hours before the warning beeper would begin going off.

With Sara’s thanks I returned home. A few hours later we received a call from my wife’s mother who lived on the far south side of town with her daily complaints. I suggested to my wife that she might want to go down and spend a day with her Mom; it might be good for the both of them. Her Mom would have some company in her lonely house and my wife would assuage the guilt of not helping her mother more. She agreed, packed an overnight bag and said that she would see me either the next afternoon or the morning after. All I had to do now was pray that the battery on the alarm cooperated.

As darkness followed dusk I changed into a lounging sweet suit, made myself a stiff drink and then put on a porno cd, that I didn’t get to watch when my wife was around. I worked myself into a bit of a sexual frenzy from the alcohol, cd and knowledge that Sara was so very close and ready to be taken. I went over to my computer and sent her an email saying solely:

Very Soon

I fell asleep in front of the TV and was awakened by the sound of the telephone ringing. From the clock on the TV I could see that it was almost eleven o’clock. It was Sara. Her smoke alarm was beeping every few minutes and she wondered if I could come over and possibly fix it for her. It was keeping her awake she said and she was afraid that it would soon awaken the baby. I felt my heart beat pick up and my cock swell as I agreed to come right over. Soon had now come. I would fix the alarm but Sara was not going to be getting any sleep for the rest of the night. I almost ran across the lawn to her front door where she was waiting.

Sara was barefoot and wrapped in a bathrobe; her hair was loose and hung down inside the robe. She had apparently taken a shower before going to bed and her hair was still a little damp. She pointed to the main hallway kadıköy escort and closing the door I followed her to where the alarm was beeping. I asked her to go get a chair from the dining room, which she brought over and placed under the alarm.

“You fix it Sara,” I said handing her a new nine-volt battery that I pulled out of my pants pocket. “You know the old saying, it is better to teach someone to fish than to bring them a catch of fish.”

The young woman climbed up on the chair and at my direction popped the lid off the alarm, unhooked the dead battery and installed the new one. I was so close to her that I could smell her and feel the heat of her body. When she was finished the time came for me to make my move. As she had worked on the alarm her bathrobe had gapped and I was able to see the blue nightgown that she was wearing that came down just below her knees. Her bare feet and recently shaved legs were intoxicatingly close. When she closed the lid of the alarm back up and started to get down off the chair I reached up and slid my hands up her legs and under her nightgown to her thighs.

“What do you think you are you doing?” she demanded. I could see that her eyes were wild and that the fear of waking her baby was the only thing keeping her from screaming.

My hands were gently rubbing her soft muscular outer thighs up to where my fingers touched the bottom rim of her panties. I held her firmly on the chair. “Sara you received my emails. I told you I would be coming soon to claim you.” I heard her whimper and I could feel her body begin to tremble.

“No that was a mistake. I told you it was a stupid game I was playing.” She said as I lifted her off the chair and carried her into her bedroom and stood her next to the bed.

“It wasn’t and isn’t a game Sara. It is who you are. You have realized that you need to be possessed, owned and used to be a whole woman. I am the one who is going to take you where you long and need to be.”

It took me just an instant to drop her bathrobe off of her and pull her nightgown off her shoulders to fall around her feet. She did not resist. With my hands on her shoulders I stood back just a few inches and admired her standing there trembling in just her thin cotton panties. The only illumination in the room came from a night light on the wall. Her pale light skin was made all the more beautiful by her dark hair falling onto her soft shoulders and down her back. I suddenly realized why her breasts had seemed so much fuller; she was still nursing her baby. It was a discovery that was beyond anything I had ever hoped for; there is nothing more delicious than a mother’s milk.

“Please don’t,” she said looking at me. “It was a mistake, I never meant it to actually come true.”

“You don’t mean that Sara,” I said as I pulled off my shirt and then drew her close to me and kissed her lips. Again she did not resist and came to me easily. Her lips were full and soft and it only took a few short seconds before she began to return my kisses. I felt the tips of her breasts begin to harden against my hairy chest as her lips opened and I began to suck on her tongue. Her husband had been foolish to leave his ripe horny wife behind for another man to enjoy. He had absolutely no idea what he had in Sara. She was very much a woman who sensed what she needed which was to be used and fucked by a strong dominant man on a regular basis. Lacking that at home she was frustrated and easily susceptible to being pirated away from her husband as I was doing.

I laid her down on the bed and pulled her panties off of her hips and down her long sleek legs. She raised her hips to make it easier for me. I dropped my sweat pants on the floor and my cock stood proudly out. I have a very nice thick almost eight inch cock. From his stature I would have been surprised if her husband was similarly gifted. From the look in her eyes I could tell that I was right, she was excited by my size.

“May I touch it Sir,” she asked? I smiled knowing that she had been reading the porn that I had been sending to her and learning from it. I nodded and felt her fingers begin to tenderly touch my shaft. Her hands were sleek with long tapered fingers and nails that she apparently had regularly done at the manicurists. She lay on her side near the edge of the bed and let her fingers and nails trace the veins of my now throbbing erection. Reaching down with one hand she gently kneaded my balls. I leaned over and took a handful of her hair on the back of her head and pulled her face to my crotch. Without being commanded the young woman opened her lips and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck on me like a famished baby. She was very good at giving oral pleasure to a man. I keep my one fist full of her hair and with my other hand I caressed her face, soft neck and throat.

“You need this don’t you Sara?” I asked and she nodded her head.

I pulled her head off of my cock and she fell back on her back on the mattress. She was breathtakingly bostancı escort bayan beautiful with her dark hair spread wildly over the pillows and sheets. Her nipples were erect with a sliver of milk seeping out and trailing down her bust. Sara’s lips were swollen and her face covered with saliva that had covered my shaft. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see that her cunt was covered with just a sparse covering of dark hairs and was already engorged and beginning to glisten with her juices.

“Sara I know that I used your ad to manipulate you to this point where we find ourselves.” I desperately wanted to fuck her silly but I had a grander long-term plan that I needed to sink they hooks for and I was willing to take a gamble. To be blunt if it didn’t work I could always say to hell with it and fuck her anyway. “I am going to give you one last chance. Right here and right now. It will never come again. You have to decide this instant. If you want me to I will leave, walk out that door, go home and destroy all of the evidence that I have of your ad. It will be over and gone. I will not bother you again” I watched her carefully to see her reaction to having been given the magical key for her escape. A key that I probably would not have allowed her to use but she did not know that. She looked at me and then at my throbbing cock that was only a few feet away from her. While she looked at me her left hand went down her soft tummy and then between her legs where she unconsciously slowly rubbed the wet tender lips of her pussy.

“If you give yourself to me it will be as my slave, my slut for the rest of your life. I will respect your marriage to Chad and will not interfere in your lives. But I will also begin to train you to please me in the manner that I choose, I will fuck you at my pleasure on a very regular basis and will share you with others as I please.” When I said that I heard her moan in a desperate reconciled manner. She closed her eyes and I saw her sink two of her fingers into her wet cunt.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. I had never seen such a look come over a person’s face. There was resignation, excitement and both sadness and happiness. “You know I don’t have a choice in this,” she said. “You are the only person in the world who knows what I am. I must have a man like you who can fulfill me. In the perfect world I should have married such a man but did not. Chad is a great guy and a good father but he is not the type of man a woman like me must have. I didn’t know it about myself at the time we were courting and learned it only later. I guess I could go out and look for someone as I did when you saw my ad but I don’t know whom that would be and the chances are pretty good that he will be crazy. I have known you for sometime. I know you to be a good man I just didn’t know about this side of you. I never imagined that it was you that had discovered me or I would have willingly given myself to you weeks ago. I am your slave, I am your slut to use when and in whatever way you choose. I’ve been waiting every night for the past few weeks for you to come and claim me as you said you would. And now you are at last here. “

I crawled onto the bed with her and kissed her lips. Sara wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tight up against her. I pushed her arms up over her head and then reached my head down and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth and began to nurse on her. Her milk instantly released and I tasted the sweet warm liquid begin to spray into my hungry mouth. For at least fifteen minutes I mauled her tits, chewing on her nipples, biting her tender flesh and draining her milk until I could drink of her no more. Sara moaned and cried out when my biting or sucking hurt her but did not resist as I devoured her. Her left hand remained in her cunt and I felt her body spasm at least twice as orgasms engulfed her.

I had a lot of plans for my new young lover but that would be in the future over weeks and months. At the moment though I just needed to fuck her quite desperately. I had been watching her for too long dreaming of just this moment and I wanted to savor it. I kissed my way down her soft tummy and then pushed her hand away and began to dine on her fragrant pussy licking the sweet syrupy juices that coated her nether lips. She was emitting that wonderful womanly aroma and it was driving me crazy with lust. Sara cried out and thrust her pubic bone tightly against my mouth as I licked, chewed and sucked on her fat pussy lips and erect clitoris. I was able to slide two finders deep into her and started to fuck her with them pumping in and out. Sara began to rotate her hips and cried out for me to please fuck her as she came again. I have a little technique I learned long ago. You take your tongue and spell out the alphabet using the nub of the clit as the center. It drives women crazy as you are constantly changing the direction and place that you are exciting while teasing and stimulating the super sensitive clit. Letters like the b, l, j, m, n and t allow you dip you tongue down into her gash and savor her juices while the crooked letters hit spots that are delicate and receptive but not often reached. I made it though the alphabet four times giving Sara orgasm after orgasm, each stronger than the last.

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Map It Out

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


“She said to map it out!” Ted’s jaw was set.

“You don’t have to take everything so literally,” Liz said.

“Literal? What else could a direction be? ‘Map it out.’ That’s what she said. A direct quote I believe.”

“But I think what she meant was – “

“Just lay down, will you?” Ted pointed to the bed.

“I think we could – ”

“Hey, you wanted this marriage counseling thing, you get this marriage counseling thing. Lay down.”

Liz sighed and lay down on the plaid quilt. She had really liked this quilt in the display at the bed and bath store. That was back when having your curtains be a slightly different pattern in the same colors as your bedspread was a new idea. It was probably passé now, but she hadn’t had time to track the latest trends.

With a sudden pang, Liz realized her thoughts had drifted. She corralled them and looked up at Ted. He stared back at her, impatient. Her face scrunched in a guilty expression.

“I can’t do this through clothes,” he said.

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” Liz got up and started to lift her blue t-shirt.

“That’s not what we’re mapping.” The disdain in

Ted’s voice brought that about-to-cry feeling to Liz’s blue eyes. She quickly abandoned the shirt and tamped back the tears. She’d had years of practice.

“Oh, come on. It’s not like I haven’t seen you a million times,” Ted said at her hesitation.

Liz wondered why this felt so different. Of course she had undressed in front of her husband for 27 years. Still, she turned away from him to unbutton her jeans.

As she tugged the denim over her well-rounded hips, she caught him watching. His eyes carefully tracked her newly peeled flesh.

Could it be that he was more interested than she had thought?

She secretly glanced at him again as she removed her pink panties. He acted like he was looking out the window. But she saw his eyes trace the length of her thigh.

This time when she went to the bed, she pulled the plaid bedspread back, neatly folding it in half so she lay on the sheets underneath. She wouldn’t have guessed before, but maybe there would be reason to spare the bedspread.

She lay down and brushed a few dark ringlets from her face. They spilled across the pillow. With the help of a talented hair stylist, her curls looked just as they had when she first met Ted. Ted’s hair, however, was sparser these days. Gray hair blended into the light brown and resulted in a blond look, even more blond than when he had been a swimmer in college.

Liz looked down at her body, now half unclothed. Her breasts raised the shirt in two swells. She was surprised that her nipples raised little points through both her bra and her shirt.

Ted pulled the chair from the vanity, plopped it next to the bed and sat down. He studied the task before him.

Matter of fact, he looked so studious illegal bahis that Liz bit her lower lip to keep from grinning. As he continued to stare, she pulled her knees apart.

“I need graph paper,” Ted declared.

Liz clapped her legs back together. From the next room, she heard him rummaging through a file drawer in his office. Graph paper. Liz doubted the marriage counselor had envisioned this exercise with graph paper.

Ted returned to sit with a pad of paper and a pencil. He made a few marks then reached the eraser end toward her thigh. Using the pencil, he drew her leg towards him. Liz followed his direction by spreading her knees again.

Pencil back on the paper, Ted sketched for more than a minute. Liz was surprised to feel a tightening within her as the cooler air wafted between her legs. She thought about raising her head to see what Ted was doing, but she didn’t want to disturb his concentration.

The wait lengthened. Tiny shivers rippled down her belly. Liz’s nipples poked higher through both layers of cloth. Liz closed her eyes. Ted’s fingers touched her outer lips and Liz jumped. After the wispiness of the air, an actual physical touch jarred. Ted glanced up at her, apologetic. Liz gave him a soft smile and a little nod.

Gently now, he pulled the outer lips apart. Cool air crept in and Liz inhaled a sharp hiss of air. Ted worriedly checked her face. She gave him two quick nods.

Holding her pussy open with one hand, he sketched on his graph pad with the other. Liz didn’t think her nipples could get any more erect but the tiny points rose into hard knobs. And to judge by the tightening she felt, her clit was following suit.

Ted stuck the pencil behind his ear. He extended one finger. He touched once. Her pussy twitched.

He had touched on the left top inner edge of the exposed lips. Just a brief second of contact. Then he pulled out his pencil and made a mark on the paper.

But her pussy still quivered.

He reached again. He touched just a quarter inch away. Her belly jumped. He made another mark. He touched the next quarter inch away. His finger stuck to the moist flesh so it tugged on the delicate skin as it pulled away. Tingles rippled across her cunt.

Liz gasped. Ted raised a surprised eyebrow and made a mark.

Methodically, he worked his way across the deep red skin. He touched the next quarter inch. Her cunt jerked. A moan caught in her throat. He wasn’t even done plotting her responses on the first line across the top of her open pussy and already sparks flickered back and forth across the puckered skin.

Liz prepared herself for the next touch. The last one still glowed. The next would be just to the right. Just a bit over. She wouldn’t flinch at this one. It was just a touch.

Here came his finger. Getting closer. Almost there.


The illegal bahis siteleri nerves in her pussy twanged like a taut string. Ted made a mark.

Time stretched. Ted moved so deliberately. The mark took forever.

The vibrating pussy nerves grew right out of her skin. They strained into the space above her body, longing for the next touch.

Finally, his finger approached. Ah, it was coming. Oh, don’t stop now, don’t stop.

His finger touched, her pussy leaped. His finger left, the flushed flesh pulsed. The air licked and her cunt flashed with flame.

Ted made his notation.

Waiting, oh the waiting. It was too long to wait. She ached for the next touch. Her cunt swelled to reach it.

Ah, finally. The touch, a tug, the void. Each sensation only heightened the next.

Ted watched her reactions. He listened to her ragged breathing. He placed a mark.

His finger drew near. Not close enough. It lingered. Oh, now, please, now.

He touched. Her pussy clenched. Lightning speared her depths. She moaned.

“Good gosh, Liz. I’m not even close to your clit yet.”

Liz lay panting and didn’t bother to answer.

“You mean all these years I’ve been rubbing away and all you needed was little touches?”

Liz tried to shrug her shoulders but her attention was distracted by his finger. It hovered just above her engorged flesh. So close. So close. Just a little more. Why didn’t he touch again?

Ted’s eyes darted from his wife’s reddening face to her cunt and suddenly he grinned. He grinned like a man with a discarded lottery ticket that just turned out to be a winner.

His eyes began to gleam.

“You like these touches?” he asked. “Like this?”

Liz gasped.

“These little touches?”

Ted no longer stopped to plot points on the graph paper. With wicked precision, he touched each point across his wife’s quivering sex.

Liz’s breath came in short puffs.

Then Ted stopped. Liz whimpered.

“Oh, now, Lizzie isn’t getting wet, is she?”

The woman grabbed the sheet under her hands.

Ted slid a finger along her slit, barely touching, testing his theory.

A moan warbled from Liz’s throat.

Ted gently touched the wetness he’d found.

“Fuck me, you moron,” Liz hissed.

Ted’s hand jumped away as if he’d been burned.

“YOU are asking me to fuck you?” He sat in stunned silence.

Liz wanted his finger back. Or his cock. Or his tongue. Anything!

“Is this what the counselor wanted?” Ted shook his head in wonder. “The lady’s better than I thought.”

“Ted, come on. Please.” His hand had been away too long.

“Little Lizzie WANTS Teddie now? Is that what I hear?”

Liz nodded rapidly, furiously.

“Well, I think she’ll just have to wait.”

“What!” Liz yelped.

“Now, now. canlı bahis siteleri We need to complete the exercise. I’ve barely got a proper start.”

Liz stared at her husband. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He was going to – to – wait?

“Now I’m going to try this sliding technique.” He slid his finger from the top of her cunt all the way to the bottom. “Oh. That gets a wiggle and moan.” He made a mark on the paper.

He slid his finger down the other side of her clit this time.

“Oh, oh, please.”

“No, no use begging. We’re paying big bucks for this therapist. We’re gonna get our money’s worth.”

The sheet in Liz’s hand bunched and twisted. Her legs writhed. Her hips squirmed.

In the midst of the aroused fog in her brain, Liz had a sudden inspiration. Her hand shot out and grabbed her husband’s crotch.

“Yikes!” she exclaimed.

There in her husband’s jeans was the largest lump she had felt in years. She looked up at him in surprise. He looked down in equal astonishment.

“But neither of us even touched me,” he mumbled in bewilderment. His face squinched in thought. “You mean if I play with you, then I –,” his voice trailed off in wonder.

Liz took her chance. She leapt for his pants. She had the fly open before he collected his thoughts. His cock sprung free.

“No! I’m not done mapping!” He pushed her back onto the bed.

Liz wrapped a leg around him, pulling him on top of her. She ground her hips up to his. She wiggled just so.

In slid his cock. His nice, long, hot cock. Into a pussy that had made its own juices. A cunt that, after all these dry years, maddeningly wanted to bury his cock in a tight hot grip.

Ted sent one glance towards the graph paper on the floor then he gave way. His wife felt so good. Her hot cunt squeezed him, swallowed him, enflamed him. He felt like a kid in the back seat of his Chevy. He pumped long deep thrusts, wild with abandon, driven unstoppably.

Liz bucked against the onslaught. Her cunt filled with a flood of fire. It overflowed her belly, raged up her breasts, bloomed across her face. She wanted this union, this dance, this cleaving with her husband to last forever. Gads, had she ever felt like this?

Liz screamed just before her husband grimaced and grunted. Their bodies contorted for long seconds, gripped in a unity beyond force. Ted collapsed onto his side of the bed. Liz rolled to her side and laid her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her and squeezed.

Gradually, their breathing slowed. Ted said, “Um, the map still isn’t complete.”

Liz looked up at him. “There are three days left until our next appointment.”

“I guess we’ll just have to do more on the assignment.”

Liz snuggled close to her husband’s warm body. “Yeah. I guess we’ll just have to.”

(Dear Reader, if you would be so kind as to drop me an e-note, I would like to know, on a scale of 1 – 10, how arousing you found this story to be. If you could also point out which sections contributed the most to your reaction, I’d be very grateful. Thank you, Andi).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32