Six Month Ch. 02

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If you haven’t read “Six Month” part one I would suggest you read that first. This is a continuation of my experiences since. For the most part I have tried to be as accurate and truthful about my experience and probably the only reason I can is because I can remain anonymous.

This is my real life experience so it may not read like a Porno movie. Things in real life unfortunately are not simple and clean cut and definitely not one-dimensional. Real life is much messier then dreamt up pornographic fantasies. Some of you may enjoy it, some of you not, but it is my experience and mine alone. I am still struggling to understand it all myself. Desire and lust can sometimes take you down a very dark path.

It’s been over six month since the events in “Six Month” the first part happened to me. I would love to say that it was all something that I had put in my past and that I had gone on with my life with David but unfortunately that’s not what happened.

I did go to that party that night dressed up in my sexy white dress and even wore my black thong panties underneath to highlight my tight rear end. I had it in my mind that I would flirt with Richard at the party, see the desire my sexy rear would invoke in his eyes. I wanted to tease him and feel his lust for my ass knowing how badly he would like to take me in the ass again.

I arrived fashionably late at the party. I checked my self in the full-length mirror in the entrance I looked very hot in the tight white dress. My legs looked great with the new pair of high-heeled shoes I had just purchased. I could feel all the guys eyes on me when I walked by. I made small talk with a few acquaintances all the while scanning the room for Richard.

I finally spotted him in the corner of one of the side rooms and to my disappointment he was chatting intimately with some slutty looking bimbo. He barely glanced my way as I walked by. The girl he was talking to obviously wasn’t a college graduate and looked out of place at this party. I bet she was a stripper or a cheap cocktail waitress. She had this skimpy trashy looking outfit on with her fake breasts hanging out all over the place. Ok, she had a nice body but honestly, take away those fake boobs and I think I had her beat in the legs and butt department.

At any rate Richard seemed entranced by her and she was obviously throwing herself at him. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as the evening progressed. This wasn’t working out the way I had expected at all. I thought I would have Richard lusting and flirting with me all night instead all he did was entertain this slut. I made it a point to be constantly surrounded by guys flirting with me and I drank quite a bit as the night progressed.

Richard passed by me at one point on his way to get another beer. He said hi to me, I acknowledged him briefly and then purposely went right back to flirting with all the guys trying desperately to make him jealous. I turned my back to him to flirt with this guy but I made sure he had a good view of my legs and more importantly my sexy tight ass. If he noticed he didn’t say or do anything, instead the next time I looked around for him he was right back with that little slut.

Near the end of the evening I saw Richard leaving the party with his hand all over the bimbo. That little tramp ruined all my plans. Who invited her to this party anyway, she definitely didn’t belong! With not much interest in the party itself I left shortly afterwards frustrated and angry.

I know this sound childish but I wanted to find out what happened to Richard and the bimbo so I drove over to Richard’s house and parked on one of the side streets close by. Richard has a wooden fence around his back yard so I could easily sneak into his back yard and look into his room without anyone catching me. I knew this was stupid but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. The liquor wasn’t helping any either. I sneaked into his yard and closed the gate behind me. The lights in his room were on and I could hear moaning inside from where I was standing. The blinds were drawn but there were spaces I could look through.

I looked through the blinds and I saw the two of them together! She was on all fours with her head down in the pillow with Richard giving it to her doggie style. She was gripping the pillow hard and moaned loudly with each thrust her face grimacing in what looked to be pleasure or perhaps pain. Then I heard her cry out “Oh god Richard, you’re going to split my ass in two! It hurts so good, your cock is so big up my ass!” I couldn’t believe it. This girl just met Richard and here she was letting him fuck her up the ass and taking it! I sank to my knees feeling weak watching her getting sodomized by him. I must admit I was getting turned on and angry at the same time watching him fucking her up the butt.

Just then he pulled out of her ass, pulled her off the bed and brought her over to the desk right next to the window where I was watching them. He pushed her violently over the desk bending her so her breasts rested on the desk and her rear was left exposed erotik film izle and vulnerable. I could see her anus red and dissented from his huge cock. I saw him put the head of his huge cock at her ass and thrust it mercilessly back into her bowels. She screamed out in pain when he did this but did not stop him. I could see his huge cock only a few feet from where I was hiding thrusting deeply in and out of her wildly dissented ass. I was panting heavily as I watched.

Richard began familiar pistoning in and out of her ass as he came close to climaxing. She was moaning and crying in pain with each thrust but at the same time she kept saying cum in my mouth, I want it in my mouth.

Richard pulled out of her ass and she immediately turned around, got on her knees and began jerking him off with her hands. She open her mouth and I watched as stream after stream of his hot cum jetted over her face, in her hair and in her open waiting mouth! The spurts of cum finally began to subside and her face was covered with his seed.

What happened next really took me by surprised as if I wasn’t already shocked by what I had witnessed. She opened her mouth wide and proceeded to take his whole cock down her throat. She began licking and sucking his spent cock with wild abandon! I couldn’t believe what I saw. His cock had just spend half an hour lodged deep within her bowels and now she was sucking it like it was an ice cream bar! Not to sound crude but I can’t imagine his cock would be clean after spending all that time deep in her rectum and now she was tasting all of it her own anal secretions in her mouth! This was too much!

I got up and my knees were shaking badly. My stomach was churning and the liquor was doing a number on my head. I was not sure what I felt at that moment, angry, scared, jealous, excited, aroused, grossed out or perhaps a mixture of all of the above. I felt like a little girl insecure and scared. I think perhaps a part of me felt inadequate, this girl just met him and was able to please him with her ass and just did something I would never have dreamt of doing, something that until now I thought only happened in the rauchiest porno movies! I have seen a couple of porno movies with anal sex and even in those movies I’ve never even seen a porn star suck on a cock after it was just up their butt!

I was pretty shaken and upset by the time I got back in my car and pulled off. I kept replaying over and over again what I had just witnessed, his cock in and out of her ass, the cum all over her face and the grand finale her taking his cock straight from her own ass and into her mouth. I felt frustrated and furious at him, and jealous of her, but also horny as hell. I drove around restlessly aimlessly at 3am searching for what I don’t know. I ended up at a truck stop out on the interstate.

Without even thinking about what I was doing and why I was here I got out and went into the bar/lounge at next to the truck stop. The fact of the matter was I didn’t know myself what I was up to or perhaps I did deep down inside but I wasn’t ready to admit it even to myself. I sat at the bar and ordered a stiff drink still replaying the events in my head. Within minutes a trucker sat down next to me and began trying to pick me up.

He was in his late twenties, had a good physique and a sexy bad boy persona about him kind of like Richard. He was sexy but in any other situation I don’t think I would have given him the time of day. As a rule I avoid working class men but in my current mind set I decided to engage him.

Too many drinks later and way beyond drunk we flirted shamelessly together. Somehow the topic turned to sexual fantasies. Perhaps because of the earlier events of the evening and the fact that I was still horny as hell or perhaps because I was very drunk at this point I told him about my dream of getting fucked up in ass while bent over the toilet of a public restroom and how it made me so hot! I said it just like that too. Liquor can make you say and do the damnest things which is why I normally have my liquor under control. The room was spinning hard. I remember him leaving to get something and the next thing I knew he was next to me again guiding me into the men’s restroom at the truck stop.

We began making out in the restroom and I felt his hard muscular body against me. He had me pushed up against the stall and began ripping off my dress. I felt his hands all over my body fueling my lust. I felt him slip his fingers between my legs and into my pussy while his tongue snaked in and out of my mouth making arousing me even more. I felt so hot and my pussy was wet to his touch. I had managed to unbuckle his jeans and had my hand down his pants caressing his rock hard cock.

Before I knew it I was completely naked in the stall and his jeans were down to his knees. He pushed my down until I was kneeling on the cold tiles on the floor. He pulled out a tube of some kind of lubricant and said turn around lover and bend over the toilet I got what you need. I looked at him disoriented so he easily lifted me up turned film izle me around so I was facing the toilet with him behind me and shoved me down until I was my breasts were mashed against the toilet and my head was practically in the toilet.

I remember the smell of urine and the pain of my knees against the cold wet dirty tiles. I remember the feel of cold hard porcelain against my breasts and arms and thinking where’s the toilet seat, just like a man to leave the seat up, this thought made me giggle as I stared into the bottom of the toilet. I felt so exposed and vulnerable. My ass was wide open and exposed to him. The thought of licking the toilet seat like in my dream crossed my mind except the seat was up and I would have had to lick the rim of the bowl instead. Guess I wasn’t that drunk because I decided against it. It felt like a dream, I was excited, confused and disoriented all at the same time.

I felt something cold on my anus and the feel of his fingers pressing against it as one finger began to penetrate me from behind. My head was pounding hard and I remember thinking what is going on, this must be a dream. Am I really in the Men’s bathroom with my head in the toilet about to get fucked up the ass by a complete stranger? What the hell am I doing! This thought suddenly sobered me up and I began to panic.

I tried to struggle to my feet but he held me down. I struggled hard and began screaming, let me up, I can’t do this, I’m sorry. He finally let me back up to my feet and said what the hell is wrong with you girl! What are you some kind of tease? This was your fantasy bitch. I kept looking around for my dress and trying to get pass him and out of the stall. He said listen you little bitch, your not leaving me like this, get down and give me a blow job. With that he shoved me back down on my knees, the cold hard tile hurting me and he thrust his cock in my face. I remember being scared and confused, the whole room was still spinning. It seemed like a dream but I opened my mouth and began sucking his cock in earnest.

He held the back of my head and began thrusting violently into my mouth fucking my throat. I was scared and sucked hard trying to get him off so I could get out of there but a part of me was also extremely aroused. Here I was kneeling on the bathroom floor of the men’s room with this sexy guy fucking my mouth. I tried my best not to gag as more and more of his cock filled my mouth and throat. I don’t know how long I knelt there pleasuring him with my mouth.

The next thing I remember I was choking, my mouth was full of cum, some even went up into my sinuses. I swallowed the best I could to stop from choking. He pulled out of my mouth and continued to shoot his sperm while I coughed and tried to clear my throat. My sinus hurt from the cum I had some how managed to snort. I could smell and taste his cum everywhere making my stomach queasy. I could feel his warm cum splashing over my face and in my hair.

I remember him saying thanks baby and the next thing I remember he was gone and I was alone in the bathroom stall. I found my dress on the ground by the toilet wet and dirty with one strap ripped. I had no idea where my panties were. I pulled the dress on the best I could and ran out of there forgetting totally to wipe my face first. My only thought was to get home. I must have been a sight to see running out of the Men’s room with a filthy white dress and cum all over my face and hair. Thank god it was at some unknown bar at the edge of town. I would die if anyone I knew saw me!

Somehow I made home in one piece. It scares me now when I think back what could have happened if a state trooper pulled me over. I am sure my blood alcohol was way above .01 and what would he have thought seeing all that cum on my face. As it was I made it home safely. Still intoxicated I remember feeling hot and sexy with the smell and taste of him, his cum still enveloping me.

Taking off my dirty dress I got between my satin sheets and began masturbating furiously. I remember taking the dry cum on my face and in my hair and placing it in my mouth savoring the scent and taste and the way it would burn my throat. I thought about what I witnessed at Richards and what happened to me at the truck stop. I remember cumming hard and falling asleep with the truckers dry cum still on my face and the taste and smell of his seed all around me.

I awoke with the worst hangover since getting drunk my first time as a first year student at Penn State. I could still taste and smell his cum on me. I looked in the mirror and I had dry white flaky cum all over my face. I looked like such a slut, not a pretty sight to behold. I didn’t even want to think about the night before. It was all a bad dream! I couldn’t believe what I had seen and done. I washed it all away in the shower feeling ashamed of myself wondering what my dad would think of me if he saw me now.

Dave got back from his business trip the following Friday. I was razzled all week feeling angry, jealous, guilty and confused. He was excited to see me and wanted to get seks filmi izle intimate but I acted coldly towards him to his confusion. I told him I didn’t feel good and didn’t fell like having sex. Basically I behaved like a total bitch towards him and I feel really bad about it now. He didn’t deserve to be treated like that but I was so confused at the time and to into my own feeling and frustrations to care about him.

I picked a fight with him over something stupid, let the fight escalate and then suggested we cool it off and stop seeing each other for a while. I was wrong and behaving badly but I couldn’t help it. I guess it was for the best. I felt guilty when I was with him nobody likes to feel guilty all the time. He was too good for me anyway. I don’t think he would want anything to do with me if he knew that while he was away on a business trip I was kneeling on the floor in the Men’s room of a dirty truck stop blowing some anonymous trucker. I don’t think I could call myself a good girl anymore.

With David gone all I could think about was Richard. I began masturbating often to memories of him rapping my virgin ass. I constantly thought about Richard fucking me in the ass, lusting after and hurting me. It was like nothing else turned me on anymore. I tried desperately to fantasize about something else but the only thought that turned me on was his huge sexy cock sodomizing me. All I could think about was his big cock violating me. I went on several dates during this time period, there was always an endless supply of suitors but I didn’t sleep with any of them. None of them interested or excited me.

I came home from these dates frustrated and more often then not I would end up masturbating to thoughts of Richard. All I could think about was Richard, his big juicy hard cock and him raping me in the ass on my birthday that horrible unforgettable night. Richard became an obsession for me. It was a very dark depressing time in my life. I don’t know if I loved him, lusted after him or hated him. I heard through the grapevine that he was seeing that slut bimbo from the party now. I am told her name is Angela and she works as a hairdresser at some salon. White trash in my book. She probably desperately trying to hold on to good-looking professional like Richard who is way out of her class. I know I hated her!

One Sunday a few weeks later, I awoke from yet another pathetic night of fantasizing about Richard, and decided enough is enough. I need to get on with my life. I showed, got dressed in my Sunday best and decided to go to church for some spiritual guidance which I am afraid I was in desperate need of. I drove off with the full intention of going to church but somehow ended up at Richard’s house. I saw Angela driving away as I pulled up. She was probably rushing off to work at some cheap salon the bitch. Not sure what I was doing I found myself knocking on his door. Richard answered and said Alyson, what a surprise, come on in cutie with the same self assured grin on his face.

He was in his boxers and nothing else. His lean abs looked sexy in the morning light. He caught me checking out his body and smiled. He said you’re looking good, what brings you here in your Sunday best? Did you miss me? I told him I was in the neighborhood and I just thought I’d stop by to say hi as a friend. I was nervous and my voice shook a little. I hoped Richard wouldn’t pick up on this but he did.

He grew more confident I as I became more nervous. I hated myself for not sounding casual and self-assured like I had hoped. So, Alyson, you just stopped by to say hi to a friend did you? Are you sure that’s the only reason you’re here? “Of course”, I said, “If you’re busy I’ll get going”. He just eyed me with that lustful grin not saying anything enjoying how the silence was making me more nervous by the minute.

He flashed an evil smile at me and said “Are you sure your not looking for a morning screw? I just finished up with Angela so unless your offering me something I can’t resist I am afraid I won’t be able to accommodate you”. I couldn’t believe he said that to me, what a cocky arrogant SOB bastard! God I hated him! I was so pissed off. I wanted to tell him to go to hell, that he wasn’t all that. That I wouldn’t sleep with him for a million dollars. That he will never ever touch me again. I wanted to slap that smug grin off his face. I even wanted to kick him in the balls and watch him double over in agony. I wanted to do all those things but I did none of them.

Instead my body seemed to have a mind of its own and before I knew it I had moved towards him and was kissing him passionately on the mouth running my tongue over his lips, his tongue followed suite and entered my mouth. I took his sweet tongue and sucked on it deliciously while I ran my hands over his boxers searching for what I had been dreaming about. His huge cock. Even flaccid it felt huge and heavy though his shorts. I felt overwhelmed with lust and desire. I was finally in his embrace again feeling the heat of his bare body against my hands, his lips and tongue on mine and the feel of his hot sexy monster cock. After dreaming about him for so many many nights I was finally touching the object of my obsession. I wanted him so bad. It was an irrational all consuming desire for him and him alone!

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