Sacred Stones

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The Stone Circle — A Sacred Connection:

“For the sake of a fruitful year ahead on the eve of Beltane a couple unclothed must thrice ride around the sacred circle of stones, mounted in homage to Epona and joined as nature intended”.

It was said that the old legend was a remnant of the old Celtic religions harking way back to the horse goddess Epona and the ritual joining of the king and queen to cement their bond and guarantee the fertility of the people, their crops, livestock and the land supporting them.

We read the text together trying to work out what it meant and might really involve, particularly liking the sound of “joined as nature intended”, and deciding that riding mounted together must mean both riding the same horse around the circle together.

After a slightly boozy evening we decided to try it out for fun, so on the eve of May Day Alison brought the horse out with only a bridle with no saddle and together we walked up to the ancient stone circle at the top of the hill. Once there we both almost got cold feet, Alison particularly worrying about the slim chance of anybody seeing us, remote as we were, but encouraging each other we quickly undressed.

I watched Alison undress, entranced by her gorgeous pale skin and the sensual soft curves of her body. The promise of the dark downy triangle between her legs and the puckering of her pert nipples as they darkened and stiffened in the cool air made my cock start to thicken and lift between my thighs, warming heat flooding into my increasingly sensitive sex.

Alison lead the horse to a low stone set solidly in the earth, her soft breasts swinging enticingly as she moved. She held the horse steady as I climbed up, feeling her eyes fixed on my hardening cock bouncing provocatively near her face as I swung myself up onto the horse’s back. Holding the reins with one hand I leaned down and offered my free hand to help pull her up to join me.

She managed to get up and settle herself in front of me, her rounded buttocks pressing firmly against my increasingly hard and sensitive cock, making me acutely aware of her soft cool skin pressed delightfully against the heat my of my now upright flesh.

Lowering my hand to adjust my swollen cock to a more comfortable position I felt my own hardness, surprised how inflamed I was already at the sight and simple touch of her beautiful body.

Alison settled herself against me her widely parted thighs gripping the horse tightly as she took the reins and asked it to move forward slowly at a leisurely walk. As it did I became acutely conscious of my cock squeezing between us, rhythmically rubbing against her soft buttocks as the steady powerful movements of the horse beneath us moved our bodies to and fro against each other. It almost seemed as if I was deliberately rubbing myself against her body to excite myself but in fact it was only the natural movement of our bodies together on the slowly moving horse.

Alison canlı bahis merely pressed herself back against me though clearly enjoying the hardness and heat of my cock pressed against her, wriggling provocatively to settle me into a more comfortable position and position her pussy and clit snugly against her horse’s back, my balls against her buttocks and my upright shaft pressing against her back. The horse walked slowly around the circle, its rhythmic movements rolling my hips against her, her soft warm buttocks pressing against my groin, inevitably making my cock ache with desire harden even more and thrust up between us, its heat and hardness an obvious solid presence between us, the tip leaving wet trials of excitement on her soft cool skin.

As I moved against her soft warm body my hot shaft was sliding up and down between our gently moving bodies, rubbing itself against the small of her back insistently seeking the pleasure of her delicious body. The sensitive swollen skin at the head of my cock caught against her smooth skin then started to slide against her back as the clear glistening wetness of my excitement ran from the pouting tip.

She urged the horse on into a faster but steady rhythmic walk and as the tempo quickened she squirmed against me asking me to hold her breasts rather than her waist to stop them hurting as the horse moved us around. I eagerly complied, gently at first then with increasing pressure as I savoured the delicate soft weight of her gorgeous firm breasts resting in my palms.

She turned back towards me, smiling and said, “You seem to be enjoying this”!

All I could do in return was to lower my mouth to her neck and start to bite her gently as I began to feel her nipples, pinching them gently and making them swell between my fingertips. She moaned softly and moved her head to the side to allow me better access to her soft neck. At the same time I felt her move against the horse to angle her hips so that her clit rested directly against the coarse hairs on the ridge of the horse’s back. Without stirrups her weight rested between her legs and transmitted every small movement of the horse’s slow walk directly up against her wakening sex.

Still looking at me and smiling she leaned forward, down onto the horse’s neck. Looking back at me as her perfect rounded buttocks parted to expose her pouting pink sex, her delicate lips open and obviously moist from her own excitement.

She reached around behind herself to feel for my aching cock. Gripping it firmly she gently started to guide it down over her soft flesh and down between the widely parted cheeks of her gorgeous arse. The slick sensitive skin of my hot cock savoured the journey down between the offered cleft towards her swollen sex. Especially the frisson of excitement as it slid over the tight puckered ring of her anus lingering erotically as she used my throbbing cock to tease herself with the smooth tip, allowing it bahis siteleri to press gently against her tight hole just enough to tempt us both before guiding it lower down between her thighs.

Now she leaned back and trapped my rigid cock beneath her, capturing it between her thighs and pressing down on it against the horse’s rough back with her hot moist sex and forcing it to rub against her aching clit. As she leaned back towards me I felt the soft warmth of her body settle on me as the obvious wetness of her excitement coated my straining shaft. The weight of her body settled on me, her slick wetness engulfing me as her weight forced my hot aching shaft up against her wet open lips.

She rode on my stiffness, pressing it against her clit as she let her hips work against mine, pushing her beautiful rounded buttocks into my groin. I could feel her sex opening and her swollen lips spreading around my shaft as my captured cock tried to ease itself into a more comfortable position. The gentle insistent squeezing of her legs she was giving the horse to keep it walking on was transmitted directly to my trapped cock opening herself around it and driving it towards the centre of her aching heat.

Alison leaned forward again resting a hand on the horse’s neck and felt between us, urgently reaching for me. Her hand closed on my hot throbbing cock and she gently eased the tip up towards the centre of her excitement and the heat and wetness of her beautiful pussy.

She moved her hips in time with the horse’s rapid steady walk, rubbing her open sex against my aching cock, the smooth ripe head brushing open lips and moist exposed until I held her hips pulling her towards me as I pushed my cock slowly and gently into her soft yielding warmth. Listening to her cries of pleasure I thrust my hips towards her to enjoy the feeling of my thick hard shaft piercing the open folds of her beautiful sex and sliding naturally and easily into the depths of her welcoming body.

Moaning out load she leaned back onto me, forcing me deeper as gripped her soft heavy breasts again, pulling her onto me and pinching her nipples as I groaned with the pleasure of her warm wet cunt sliding down over my rigid throbbing cock.

She rocked back and forth with the movement of the horse, her weight on my cock opening her sex wider and wider around the thickness of my upright shaft as my cock drove upwards to spear into the soft warm recess of her cunt, my curving length forcing her delicate lips apart as it thrust deeper inside.

Her weight pinioned my cock deep inside her, squeezing my balls against her widely stretched thighs. The horse’s slow powerful movements being transmitted up to our connected bodies making my cock churn slowly but forcefully inside her wide open soaking wet cunt.

We were moving slowly around the circle fucking each other gently absorbed in the sensations being created by our bodies and the horse’s steady rhythmic movements, bahis şirketleri her wetness sensuously coating my cock and balls.

As we completed the first slow circuit of the stones I felt Alison tense and groan deep in her throat as she pushed back onto me hard. Sensing that she was about to come I gripped her tits hard and pulled her firmly towards me, driving my cock even deeper into her quivering sex. Then began to pinch and pull on her sensitive swollen nipples and making her squirm on my cock with pleasure, She shouted out loud and cried ecstatically as she thrust her tightening cunt eagerly down on my cock and I felt the contracting walls of her beautiful pussy tightly squeeze my buried cock as she came on me, her writhing body trying to milk the sperm form my buried aching cock.

She was still coming on me, using my cock as we completed the second circuit but I was very aware that I was close to coming myself and knew I could not last a lot longer. Somehow, despite the pleasure peaking in my throbbing cock and balls, I managed to stop myself from coming, concentrating on completing the final circuit as Alison rode my cock and abandoned herself to her own pleasures, using my body to wantonly satisfy herself, eagerly filling her writhing body with my hard aching flesh.

Finally the end of the third and final circuit approached and I started to let myself go letting my pleasure take me as I squeezed Alison’s tits hard and thrust myself into her open body from behind. The remorseless pleasure built in my swollen aching sex and I became intent only on my own satisfaction as I used her body to find the release I craved. The sensations in my cock grew as we both enjoyed the hard fucking that I was giving her weeping cunt. Then finally just as we completed the last circle I came inside her, shouting out load as I felt my thick musky cream pumping from my cock as it pulsed deep inside her, flooding her cunt with my sperm as it spurted forcefully against her cervix.

Alison came with me again, falling forward onto the horses neck as the thrusting of my cock inside her and the grinding of the horse’s back against her clit became too much to bear. Gripping her hips hard and pulling her onto me as I finished coming, the final spasms of my cock emptying the final drops from my balls in little intense jets for pleasure as I looked down at the wet lips of Alison’s gorgeous cunt tighten around my pulsing cock as her cunt pleasured me and the tight little ring of her arse contract forcefully as she came on my cock.

Recovering slowly Alison sat upright again letting me cup her soft warm breasts gently while I gently mouthed the back of her neck, wrapping my face in her hair. She kept the horse walking as my softening cock started to slip slowly from her body to rest wetly between her buttocks, my warm sperm running from her body to slip down between our thighs, and mix with the wetness from her own excitement.

Holding her closely I wondered if we had we completed the ritual correctly. Whatever we had done we both felt very much alive and refreshed and knew we had enjoyed something magical together and been joined in pleasure as never before.

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Tom Helps Oliver’s 1st BJ and 3 Way

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Tom, One Time Oliver Aaron sucked Jason. It was hot. I wondered who would cum first, me or Jason but as I picked up speed, I really didn’t give a fuck. Frank sure did.

“Oh man that’s it., Frank said. “Fuck me deep and hard buddy. I love it when your balls bang against me.”

“Fuck! Fuck! I love it too,” I said. “Want some cum Frank?”

“Fuck yeah, fill…me…up!”

Bang! Bang! Bam! I grabbed Frank’s ass tight as I shot my load. I pumped faster and deeper, wanting to empty my cock of all my cum.

“That’s it Tom! Oh fuck, it’s hot,” he said. “Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Oh shit!” I heard Jason yell and knew he was cumming. I fell away from Frank and sat on the bed, exhausted having cum so hard. I looked over at Jason and Aaron, but only for a bit as Frank had lubed his cock and it was at my asshole. Inside he slid, fast and deep.

“Yes! Fuck me,” I yelled.

Frank grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide, pumping his cock into me. I reached up and began to stroke and pinch his hard nipples.

“Oh yeah, Tom,” he said loudly. “You’re a good fuck.” He slid in and out always keeping his cock head inside me, his balls banging my ass when he went deep.

Aaron popped up on the bed, knelt next to my head and rubbed his hard cock on my mouth. I grabbed it, opened wide and took it in. Cock up the ass and one in the mouth, doesn’t get better than that.

As the two of them spit roasted me I heard Jason say, “Mind if I join in?” Jason was up on the bed a hot face cloth in his hand. He wiped my cock clean, kissed it and took it into his mouth. I wasn’t hard but it felt great. And knowing Jason, I’d be getting hard soon enough.

By now, Frank was close, and I wanted to feel his hot cum in me.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Fast and deep into my hungry ass he went. “Here it comes Tom, here it comes,” he yelled, and it did.

It was hot and a lot. He kept pumping cum into me and I ate it up. After too short of a time, he pulled away and backed up into the chair.

Actually, I’m guessing he fell into the chair as I couldn’t see anything, but I sure could feel Aaron’s thick, hard, dick in my mouth. I pushed him away and said, “On your back bro'” I wanted to do him right and when he was on his back, I was ready to…

Except Jason pushed me away and said, “Nah, Tom. I want this.” Jason looked down at Aaron and asked “Dildo?”

Aaron smiled and replied, “Good guess. Use the big one.”

Jason’s eyes flashed as he lubed up the big black dildo. “We have something in common, Aaron,” he said and dropped to his knees. Aaron smiled, looking at me, as the dildo, slowly slid in. Down Jason went, first licking the head of Aaron’s cock then taking the head into his mouth. I watched as Jason’s head went down Aaron’s cock and the dildo slid in at the same time. When Jason had as much of Aaron’s cock in his wet mouth, Aaron had as much of the dildo up his ass as he could take. Jason’s mouth and the dildo were in sync and from the noise Aaron was making he loved it.

“Oh shit, man” Aaron said each time Jason’s mouth and the dildo bottomed out. Jason picked up speed and watching them made my cock start to harden up. Frank saw it illegal bahis and pulled me up so I could watch Jason sucking Aaron.

Frank dropped to his knees and took my hardening cock into this hand, rubber it against his lips and licked it with his moist tongue.

Jason was on a roll now, mouth up and down, dildo in and out. Aaron was close, close then over the top. He pumped his hips up and screamed loudly as he came and came into Jason’s wanting mouth.

“Bring it me Jason, kiss me,” Aaron said as he came. Jason didn’t need much coaching as he slid the dildo out then wrapped his mouth onto Aaron’s. They swapped cum then continued to kiss. Or at least I think that’s what’s happening as Frank had my attention.

“Jason,” Frank asked. “Cum fuck Tom in the ass.”

Frank moved me next to Aaron on the bed and slid a pillow under my ass. As he knelt on the bed across form my waist, he took my cock into his mouth. By now it was really hard and aching not cum.

Oh shit! I felt Jason rub his lubed cock on then into my asshole. Oh, fuck yeah, he was balls deep. I guess with Frank’s cum already inside me it was an easy thing to do.

Jason fucked me hard and deep. Frank was sucking my cock and squeezing my balls as he did. Frank sure knew how to suck cock and he was going a great job. He started slowly and went down an inch or two then stopped, swallowed, then down again. After reaching the bottom he’d do the same coming up. I knew this wouldn’t last long and it didn’t. Frank started a slow steady up and down on my cock while I rubbed my nipples.

Meanwhile, Jason was fucking me at a pretty good clip. Usually, it takes longer for someone to cum a second time after cumming, but Jason was good at it. He fucked me hard and fast, knowing he wanted to cum, and I wanted him to.

Oh fuck! I was getting close to cumming. Ass filled and Frank going really fast, it didn’t get much better than that. I started to cum, Jason’s cock preventing my ass from clamping down like you normally do when you cum.

“Oh shit!” I yelled and pumped a large amount of cum into Frank’s mouth. Okay, fuck it, it felt like a lot and probably wasn’t but Frank enjoyed it. And so, did I. Finally, I pushed Frank away having dry fired.

“I have some cum for you Tom!” Jason said loudly. “Want it?”

“Hell yes!” I replied, and he began to fire his hot, thick cum into my ass. Fuck I love the feeling of hot cum up the ass! Bang! Bang! Bang! He continued until he had to push himself away, spent.

We all sat, lay, around catching our breaths. After a bit Aaron went to the kitchen and came back with beers for everyone. We talked for a bit then paired off to fuck and suck some more. Not sure who was fucking who, but I know I got two more loads of cum. One in each end. Fuck, I love my life!


Aaron and I got into Laughlin Thursday afternoon. Oliver had set me up with a room and I was able to get another one for Aaron down the hall in case my three way idea fell through. Rooms are cheap during the week; food is great and cheap too.

I told Oliver to meet me at the buffet around six and he was on time. I paid and we got in line.

“Thanks illegal bahis siteleri for dinner Tom,” Oliver said as he started to load his plate.

“Hey man, no problem.”

We went to a quiet part of the dining room, got drinks from the waiter, and had dinner.

“So, Olivier, I was really glad to hear back from you,” I said.

“I did a lot of thinking after we got together, and I thought I’d like to take it to the next level,” he said looking around to see if anyone could hear. “I really want to suck your cock.” He smiled when he said it. I shook my head and smiled.

‘Man, as long as you’re sure. You don’t owe me anything,” I said between bites. “I mean I would love to make this a regular thing with you, even if only I was doing the sucking.”

“See, when you say that, I know sucking must be great.”

“That’s up to you to decide,” I said. “Worse case, you do it once and decide it’s not for you. Like I said, I’m into it as long as you are.”

Now it was Oliver’s turn to smile. “So, you said before that everything was on the table with you.”

I nodded and kept eating.

“Trannies, spit roasting…is that how they say it? Three ways,” he asked.

“Oh yeah, all that and more, “I replied. “If any of that interests you let me know.”


“Oh yeah, I’ve done it all and was introduced to all of it. Easy to do.”

He nodded and ate some more. Then he asked, “What would you recommend first?”

I love newbies.

“Sucking cock first,” I replied.

“Yeah, I’m good with that. I’ll do that tonight for sure. But what next?”

“Well, fucking someone in the ass is good, but not for everyone,” I said with reflection. “I’d say sucking two dicks at the same time. A three way.”

Oliver thought a bit then said, “I think I might like that.”

First the bait. “Really? I know you’ll suck me tonight but two dicks?”

He took the bait. He looked questioning at first then nodded. “Yeah, I could do that.”

Got him. “Want to?”

“Sure,” he replied. “When?”

Time to real him in. “Tonight.”

He got quiet then said, “Tonight?”

I nodded my head and said “Yes, tonight. With that guy over there.” I pointed at Aaron who was eating at a table a bit away from us.

Oliver looked and asked, “You know him?”

“Yep, we been doing it for a couple of years now. I trust him to keep things quiet and he’s really, really, good at what he does. I brought him along just in case you might be interested.”

Oliver looked at Aaron, then at me, got quiet for a bit then said “You can trust me too. Let’s do it.”

“Mind if he joins us at the table?”

“Oh, sure, sure.”

I texted Aaron and he brought his food and drink over to our table. He introduced himself and we got more food, drink and the two got along pretty well. After a half hour or so we headed up to the room.

Once we got there we sat and relaxed for a bit. I told Oliver it would be best to let the food settle before we did anything.

After a half hour I asked Oliver “You good with getting naked? If not that’s fine too.”

He was kind of hesitant, so I said, “Tell you what, how about if we stay canlı bahis siteleri here?” I started to undo my pants as did Aaron. Once our pants and underwear dropped to our ankles, we sat down on the couch. Aaron and I started to stroke each other’s hard cocks.

“Your choice,” I said. Oliver smiled and walked over to me. He dropped down to his knees, grabbed my cock, hesitated then stuck it in his mouth. The first time is always the worse time in my experience. Usually all they want to do is the up, down, up down as fast as they can to get you to cum. Oliver was a bit different.

He swirled the head of my cock in his mouth, pulled it out then licked the head.

“That’s it,” I said encouragingly. “Take your time and enjoy it.”

Aaron got up and knelt next to Oliver. “Can I show you a few tricks?” he asked.

Oliver pulled off my cock and said, “That’d be great.”

“Okay, I’ll talked you though it,” Aaron said. He grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. “See, grab the balls, not tight, loose and as you suck squeeze them like this.”

And he did, onto the head of my cock he went as his other hand squeezed my balls. Down slow, squeeze, then up slow.

“Here’s a trick that’ll make you popular. I use my tongue to lick right under the head of a cock. This is the sweet spot. Just do it a few times, not too much then swirl your tongue around the head.” Aaron licked the sweet spot nice and slow, then swirled his tongue around the head of my cock, to the left three times, then right. He pulled away and said, “Now you do it.”

Oliver switched places with Aaron, cupped my balls and licked under the sweet spot, then swirled.

“There you go, that’s good, Aaron said encouragingly. Now wet your hand, grab his dick, and put your hand on your lips. Good. Now as you go down take your hand down. Go down as far as you can go, moving your hand off his cock if you need to.”

Oliver wet his hand, grabbed my cock, and slid down, hand on his lips. He got quite a ways down then, stopped then went back up.

“That’s it. Now speed it up, that’s it, up, down, nice, and slow. Squeeze his balls,” Aaron continued his tutoring.

I reached own onto Oliver’s shoulders then let go. Aaron noticed and said, “If you want it’s okay for them to grab your shoulders while you suck them, but not your head. When you suck cock, you’re in control and it’s best to let them know it. Tell him.”

Oliver took my cock out f his mouth and said “Shoulders is fine Tom. Not the head though.” Back on to my cock he went.

He was a natural, doing really well and Aaron coaching him just made it better. He started going faster then stopped, lifted his heads off me and told Aaron.

“Sit down, I want your cock now.”

Aaron did and we looked at each other. With a smile. He was learning fast and knew what he wanted. He dropped down on Aaron and started to suck, showing the teacher what the pupil had learned.

I let him suck Aaron for a good few minutes then said, “Pull you pants down Oliver, I want to show you something.”

Oliver pulled away with a frown but did as he was told. Aaron stood up next to him, both cocks hard and inches from each other. I dropped to my knees between them and grabbed each in a wet hand. I looked up at Oliver, then Aaron and slipped my tongue on Oliver’s sweet spot. He let out a breath.

“Did you like sucking Tom’s cock Oliver?” Aaron asked.

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Nothing in Life is Free Ch. 06

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Nothing in Life is Free 06

I’m not one of those people who slowly comes awake and spends several minutes in a dream-like haze. For me, the line between asleep and awake has always been sharp. I don’t wake with a start or anything like that. Sleep just ends and I come fully awake.

I was having a wonderful dream. Nikki and I were making love on a sunlit, tropical beach when I came fully awake. It was Wednesday and I was lying in my king size bed and Nikki was making love to me with her mouth. She had pulled the covers aside and was laying sideways across my large bed as she slowly, lovingly worked her mouth up and down my rather stiff cock.

I pulled another pillow under my head to prop myself up enough so that I could watch the action. Nikki was completely nude atop the covers and resting on her elbows. She was leaned over my hips, leisurely working her way up and down my shaft with her mouth.

Noticing that I was awake, she stopped blowing me and rested her chin on my hip with my cock against the side of her smiling face. “You’re awake.”

“Yeah. So are you, I see.”

“You don’t mind, do you?”

“Mind? Do I mind if you suck my dick? No.”

“I didn’t want to wake you but your cock was really hard and it made me want to touch you.”

“Men get erections throughout the night. Most of the time I’m pretty hard when I wake up in the morning. I also usually have to pee.”

“Do you have to pee?”

“Now that you’ve stopped blowing me, yeah. I kind of do.”


She scooted off the bed and stood naked between the end of the bed and the bathroom door.

I slid out of bed, also completely nude, and made my way to the bathroom with Nikki close on my heels. I raised the seat on the toilet, something I was getting used to now that Nikki was sharing my house. She stood next to me, reached across herself to grasp my cock and aimed it at the toilet bowl.

“I’ll help.”

“OK. Why not?”

It took me a minute but I was able to finally let go a stream with her holding my cock for me.

“Are enjoying yourself?”

“It’s really cool. I like how you pee standing up.”

I finished up and chuckled as she dabbed the end of my dick with a square of toilet paper. We both washed our hands, brushed our teeth and returned to the bed.

“Honey, didn’t your mom teach you anything about men? About sex? About anything at all?”

I was leaned back against the pillows and she was laying on her side with her head resting on my chest. She let her hand wander to my cock.

“I guess. When I was really young, she taught me about my vagina and about babies; she told me that I should stay away from penises. When I was eighteen, I learned about sex from our gardener but mom got really mad. She took me to a doctor and made sure I couldn’t have a baby. After that she said that I could do whatever I ‘damn well pleased.'” She imitated her mother’s stern tone.

“So, when your mom found out that you had sex, she had your tubes tied and that was it?”

“No. She fired the gardener too.”

I guess I was starting to see why she left home at twenty-one. I’m surprised she didn’t leave sooner.

“So, you’re almost twenty-three years old and you’ve learned about sex from friends and by experimenting?”

“Some friends showed me stuff but I went to the library and got some medical books and journals. I also got some magazines, some really dirty ones too, and I studied.”

“But you never really had a boyfriend; someone to love you and care for you as a person?”

“I had some boyfriends who loved me.”

“What happened to them?”

“They stopped loving me after a while.”

“Did you love them?”

She pursed her lips and thought for a moment. “I thought so but I didn’t feel like I do with you. I love you.”

“Were all your boyfriends closer to your own age?”

“Yeah. We were in college together.”

“Did you sleep with all your boyfriends?”

“You mean, did I let them fuck me? Yeah.”

“How long did your relationships usually last?”

“I don’t know. Maybe two weeks. One guy was my boyfriend for almost a month.”

I was starting to get a picture of a naïve girl who’d been used as a fuck toy by horny college boys and discarded like a used tissue and it was pissing me off. I’d better stop asking questions.

“OK. Well, you and I have been together for a little over four months now so that’s probably some sort of record, right?”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“You’re not going to leave me, are you?” I asked.

“NO! I love you!”

“OK, just checking. You’re OK with a relationship that’s lasted four months? Do you think we can last longer?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Well, what happens when I can’t give you everything you want?”

“You do give me everything I want.”

“Yes. But you said yourself that you masturbate at least four or five times a day. I can’t usually make love to you more than once, sometimes twice a day.”


“What happens when you want more canlı bahis sex than I can give you?”

“I don’t know. I can masturbate or maybe you can eat my pussy or finger me.”

“We could have a threesome with Paul once in a while too, I suppose.” I suggested.

“Yeah. That was fun.”

“What if I got you a sex toy? Would you like that?”

“You mean, like a dildo?”

“Yeah, have you had one before?”

“My mom had one. She caught me using it once and called me all sorts of names and threw it away.”

“OK. How about if I get you one of your very own? That way, you can play with it when I’m too tired.”

“OK. You wouldn’t mind? You wouldn’t be mad?”

“No. I might even like to watch sometime.”

“OK. You’re not too tired now though, right?” My cock had grown hard under her constant attention.

“Nope, I’m not tired at all.” I turned toward her in the bed and hugged her to me and we kissed passionately as I moved atop her.

I spread myself across her, straddling her so that her legs were trapped between mine. Her arms were around my neck but I held her body captive underneath me and kissed her hard. I gently blew in her ear as I kissed my way down the side of her face and neck.

“Ooooh!” She shuddered.

“You don’t like that?”

“It tickles.”

“It tickles good or bad?”

“I don’t know. Do it again.”

I kissed my way across her mouth, over the bridge of her nose, across her eyebrows and to her ear. I blew very gently, kissed her ear, gave it a lick and nibbled the lobe.

“Oh, that definitely tickles good.” She had goosebumps.

I continued to kiss my way down her neck, across her throat and to her collar bone. I kissed and licked my way across her shoulder and nuzzled her armpit with my nose. I kissed my way down her side and over the washboard that was her ribcage.

“Aaaugh! That tickles too!”

“Good or bad?”

“I like the way you tickle me.”

I kissed my way from one side to the other, stopping briefly on my way across her chest to suckle her tiny breasts and flick her nipples with my tongue. I blew into her other armpit and nuzzled it with my nose and then kissed down the ribs on her other side. She squirmed and tried to spread her legs but with my legs on either side of hers she was trapped with her knees pressed together.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me, Bishop. I want your dick in my pussy. I want to cum.”

I spread my legs just enough so that she could open a path for me to enter her; she reached down between us, took hold of my cock and pulled it toward her. She stroked the head of my cock along the length of her pussy, spreading my pre-cum everywhere and then pointed me directly at her opening.

I pressed into her and then forced her legs back together by bringing mine together. I started to piston my cock between her thighs and into her pussy. Every stroke brought me into direct contact with her clitoris.

Nikki started to whine and whimper. After only a couple of minutes she started to cry out softly but I continued my steady rhythm until she suddenly stiffened and went silent. She hugged me tightly, bit down hard on my shoulder and bucked her hips violently. I kept up my assault and she just kept cumming.

Finally, I relented, slowed and then stopped. She made an inhuman groan, threw her head back and was gasping, open mouthed for breath. I held completely still until she dropped her chin and looked me in the eye. I gave a slight thrust with my hips and her eyes went wide. Her mouth opened wide as if to scream but no sound came out. I lifted one leg and allowed her to spread her legs. “Did I hurt you?”

She was still a little breathless, “No. Not really.”

“Not really?”

“I don’t think I can take any more.”

“Are you telling me that this old man was too much for you?”

“No. I… Maybe.” She grinned.

I rolled off her and onto my back. I hadn’t cum so my cock was still pretty hard as she reached for it. Nikki turned onto her side to face me and, propping herself high on one elbow reached down and made a loose fist around my cock.

She started to gently masturbate me. She had a very light grip on me as she pulled up and pushed down in slow, even strokes. “Is this OK?”

“Yeah, honey. That’s nice.”

“Your cock is really cool.”

Nikki rested her head on my chest and turned her face toward my cock as she continued to stroke me. “Are you gonna cum?”

“If you keep doing that, I’ll cum.”

“I want to watch you cum.” She reached for my hand and placed it on my cock. “Do you masturbate too?”

“Yes. Not like I used to before you moved in, but I still jerk off.”

She guided my hand up and down my erection. “Can I watch?”

“OK.” I started stroking myself.

Nikki laid her head back down on my chest and faced my cock as I held myself vertical and moved my fist up and down. I spread my legs a bit and increased my tempo as I felt my orgasm building. Nikki reached down and cupped my balls bahis siteleri and waited while I increased my cadence even more. My legs went straight, I pointed my toes and, with a grunt I came. There was one strong spurt that landed on my belly, just above my pubic hair, another weaker one that landed on my knuckles followed by several less violent spasms and the rest of my cum ran down the back of my hand.

I let go of my dick and rested my hand over my belly button. Nikki leaned in and licked my hand clean and then worked her way down to lick the cum off my abdomen. She kept going and licked my now flaccid cock clean. She sucked all of me into her mouth and washed me thoroughly before releasing my cock onto my thigh.

“That was really cool.”

“You’ve seen a guy cum before.”

“Yeah. But I’ve never seen a guy masturbate before. Will you do it again sometime?”

“Sure, honey. Whenever you want.”

She turned her head to face me and smiled. “Cool.”

I reluctantly left my beautiful waif in bed and got up and headed for the bathroom. I stepped into the shower and started to get cleaned up. I watched through the shower door as Nikki came into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. “Don’t flush while I’m in the shower. It’ll make the water go cold.”

“OK. I don’t have to pee yet. I just wanted to watch you take a shower.”

Not sure what to say, I said nothing. I used my shower gel and a loofa sponge to clean myself as usual while Nikki sat watching me intently with an elbow on her knee and her chin in her hand.

I turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and reached for my towel. “Are you enjoying the show?”

“I like watching you. Everything you do is sexy.”

“You sure know how to make an old man feel good, Nikki.”

I finished toweling off, stepped up to the vanity and grabbed my razor and shaving gel out of the cabinet. “Are you going to watch me shave too?”

“Can I?”

“Sure, but I just don’t see what you find so fascinating.”

“I like watching you. I learn about you when I watch you.”

I spread the shaving gel on my face. “I see. You learn how to make me cum by watching me make myself cum, right?”

“Uh huh.”

“So, what do you hope to learn by watching me shower and shave?”

“I just think it’s cool.”

“You’re not sure what you should be doing so you watch other people. Is that it?”

She stared silently at me and actually blushed.

“It’s OK. You can tell me what’s going on. I probably know more than you think. I think that you know that you’re odd but you want others to think that you’re not. You want to fit in better so you want to learn to imitate what you think is ‘normal.'” I made ‘air quotes.’

I faced the mirror as I shaved and watched her surprised look in the reflection as she blushed even deeper.

“Honey, I love you the way you are. I’m fine with it if you want to pretend to the rest of the world but, with me, just be yourself. Be blunt. Ask questions, tell me what you think, tell me what scares you, tell me what you want. I’ll try to help. OK?”

Nikki nodded slowly. “You won’t think I’m a freak?”

“I’m sure you’ve been called that in the past but you’re not a freak. You’re different; but different isn’t always bad. Has anyone ever tested you for autism or Asperger’s?”

“I don’t think so.”

“OK. Are you comfortable asking me questions?”

“Uh huh.”

“Even the questions you think are completely silly?”

“I guess.”

“Well then, go ahead and ask me your question.”

“When are you going to stop loving me?” It didn’t surprise me that this would be one of her biggest worries.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you. We may not always agree. We may not always get along. We might even get angry with one another but I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“One more thing. If I don’t want to make love every time you want me to, it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped loving you. It might only mean that I’m not in the mood at the moment. Be patient with me and I’ll be patient with you. OK?”

She suddenly looked more at ease. “OK.”

I rinsed the remaining shaving gel off my face and said, “Don’t worry about it. Take your shower and I’ll go make breakfast and then we’ll do something fun today. OK?”

She smiled brightly. “OK!”

I pulled on a polo shirt and a pair of jeans and headed for the kitchen as I heard the shower start running. I made a breakfast of eggs, bacon and biscuits and had just finished setting the table for two when Nikki entered.

I stood speechless. I hadn’t looked closely at the clothes she had chosen at the thrift store recently so when she posed for me in a sleeveless summer dress that was canary yellow with white polka dots and matching sneakers, my jaw dropped open. “You look absolutely beautiful, Nikki.”

“You like it?” She gave a quick 360º twirl.

“Absolutely! It fits you well and the colour looks great on you. You look positively beautiful!”

“Thank bahis şirketleri you, Bishop. I hoped you’d like it.”

“Did you buy it for me or for you?”

“Both. I like it but I want you to like it too.”

“If you like it; I like it.”

She sat down at the table. “I’m hungry.”

I served breakfast and we ate in companionable silence. For once, she didn’t ask for seconds. She got up from the table after breakfast, rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. That was a first.

“Thanks Nikki. I appreciate your help. How would you like to go for a bike ride today?”

“I don’t have a bike.”

“Yeah, but we can get you one if you want. You do know how to ride a bike, don’t you?”

“Sure. I used to ride all over campus.”

“OK. Let’s go get you a bike.” Nikki’s face lit up and she absolutely beamed at me.

Nikki looked at a dozen different styles of bicycles in the shop and settled on a hybrid mountain/road bike. “That’s a men’s bike. Do you want a ladies’ bike?”

“No, I like this one. Can I get a basket on the back?”

She wheeled the bike into the middle of the shop and threw her leg over the seat. From my angle I caught a flash of her bright yellow thong panties. The store clerk was a kid of about eighteen or nineteen; the patch on his shirt said his name was Tim. From Tim’s angle he hadn’t gotten the view that I had. He stepped up and checked the seat height and said that it needed to be adjusted upward a bit. He held the bike and Nikki stood up on the pedals expecting him to raise the seat for her.

Tim blushed, “Uhm, maybe you should get off first.” He would’ve had to reach under her dress for the lever in order to adjust the seat. “Or, maybe your dad can do it.”

Nikki stepped off the bike and this time I was sure that Tim got a long glimpse of her yellow panties. She looked at the clerk and then at me. She turned back to the clerk and said, “Bishop’s not my dad, he’s my boyfriend.”

The kid went crimson and started to stammer. “Oh. Sorry, I just… I mean I…”

“It’s OK, Tim. I’m certainly old enough to be her dad but, I assure you, she’s got great taste in men.” I leaned in and gave Nikki a chaste kiss on the cheek.

“Yes sir, of course.” Tim continued to blush as he installed a rack and a wicker basket over the rear tire of Nikki’s new bike.

We completed the sale and rolled Nikki’s new bike out of the shop. I put it on the bike rack next to mine and we headed for the park where we rode the trails for over two hours. She was a natural. She was strong and agile and seemed never to tire. We rode down a rarely used trail into a secluded area of the park and stopped. We stood next to each other, still astride our bikes and leaned together for a kiss.

“Do you want to sit for a while? There are a couple of beers in the little cooler in your basket.” I’d thought ahead.

“Sure.” Nikki dismounted and we walked our bikes off the trail and into a small clearing. We leaned the bikes against a tree and sat together with our backs against its wide trunk and opened our beers. We sat quietly, enjoying the sunshine and the peaceful setting. I reached out to hold Nikki’s hand as we sat.

After a couple of minutes Nikki pulled my hand into her lap and with her legs straight out in front of her, spread her feet apart and began to gently rub herself with the back of my hand. I let go of her hand and turned mine palm down and continued petting her through her dress.

Nikki reached down and pulled the front of her dress up between her knees giving me access to her bare thighs and thong covered pussy. I ran my hand up between her thighs, pulled her thong aside and ran my fingers along the length of her tight little slit. With the heel of my hand on her pubic mound I stroked her pussy and dipped my fingers between her lips to find her very wet.

Nikki rested her head on my shoulder as I leisurely stroked her. I watched to see that no one was approaching and pushed my finger in and back out of her. After a few repetitions I concentrated my efforts on her clit and drew tiny circles with the pad of my middle finger. Nikki let out a quiet, “Yeah,” that was almost a sigh.

We sat under the tree, in the meadow for quite a while as I brought Nikki to orgasm with my fingers. She picked her head up off my shoulder, leaned back against the tree, gave a few quick, sharp breaths, shuddered and quietly came on my hand.

I stopped rubbing her but didn’t remove my hand. I rested my palm on her pubic mound, cupped her pussy with my fingers and we sat like that for another few minutes. “Thank you.”

“I enjoyed that too. I like getting you off.”

“Good. I like it too.”

“Aren’t you afraid that someone might see us, though?”

“Not really. Are you?” She pulled her dress back down to her knees and stood.

“Sort of. I worry that someone might think I’m an old pervert taking advantage of a young girl.”

“You are.”

We both broke out laughing at that. “I suppose you’re right.”

We got back on our bikes and headed back to the car and back home where we ate a light lunch in the kitchen.

“I have to get some work done now.” I excused myself, turning down the hallway toward my home office.

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Irene Reveals all to Husband

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Author’s note: A survey in 2017 of over 11,000 women and men found that women are more than twice as likely as men to lose interest in sex. Even though they were in a relationship, 34.2% of the women and 15% of the men reported lacking interest in sex.

Excuses were – too busy, really bad at sex and the novelty has worn off.

This story is about one couple who used an unconventional way of overcoming their problem.


Oscar sat with his wife on the beach looking at the late afternoon sun. The heat of the day had gone to be replaced with cooler air. They had brought with them a cold bottle of wine and some olives. It was Friday evening.

”How was work?” asked Oscar as he topped up Irene’s glass. ”Is your boss still a pig?”

Irene gave a short laugh. ”Yes. Fucking woman. She’s such a pain in the neck.”

Oscar roared with laughter. ”It’s so good to let the language flow. Say what you feel. Get it out of your system.”

”That would be the wine,” said Irene. ”It loosens the tongue.” She stretched herself and sighed. ”Are you happy, Oscar?”

Oscar looked at his wife. After 12 years of marriage and 2 children, Irene still looked good. Her curves were sexy, full breasts and nice legs. Her wavy reddish-brown hair came to her shoulders which she used to hide her shyness sometimes. ”I’m happy on one level,” replied Oscar. ”The only thing I struggle with is our sex life as you already know.”

”I know my darling. But it’s life. Children change a marriage. Their demands sap our energy. There’s less time for us, less privacy. My job is a stress. I try and get enthusiastic about sex but it’s a problem.”

”Could it be a problem that I’m not manly enough in your eyes?”

”Well, it doesn’t help that you like to have your entire groin area shaved bald as a baby.” Irene stretched her hand to touch her husband. ”I love you as a father to our children, as a provider, a confidant, reliable. But I’m no good at sex anymore. I don’t have the lust to suck you or have deep orgasms like I used to. My love for you is still there but it’s matured.”

Oscar wanted reassurance. ”You don’t mind me fantasising out loud when we have sex?”

She smiled. ”You like to imagine I have this lover, a big man, a big thing between his legs. I know it gets you excited so I’m ok with it because it’s fantasy, unrestricted imagination. When you describe these things you come easily. I suppose I get a small orgasm sometimes but generally, you come too quickly and not leave me enough time to get ready.”

”It’s not completely satisfying for either of us,” said Oscar. ”I have an erection just from thinking what your lover would do to you.”

”Fantasies, my darling.”

”Can we have some sex tonight?”

Irene nodded.

Later, with the children asleep, Oscar watched Irene get into bed alongside him. They kissed. He sensed correctly that she wanted to say something. ”When you first told me of this fantasy, for me to have a lover, I was a little shocked. But over time I can see it does get you aroused. I want to be sure, though, that you love me. I need to know you will never leave me. Because I love you.”

He kissed her and waited for more thoughts from Irene. ”And if I feel secure,” she said, ”then I can go along with your play-acting, your wandering mind, your desire to keep our sex alive.”

”I promise I will never leave you. You and the children are my family. I will always love you. I suppose I have these sex imaginations to stop myself getting into a sex rut where my curiosity is extinguished. I like to push the boundaries because it’s more exciting, even if it is weird. But I assure you, when we talk of sex games, you are safe in our marriage.”

Irene pulled away the bedsheet. ”Your shaved penis looks so small without any hair. Let me see how large it can grow.” She put her hand over his cock and manipulated it.

Oscar felt his cock go hard. He whispered, ”Your lover would have a bigger cock.”

”Yes, he would. Bigger in length. I think my lover would also be fatter around the girth of his cock.”

This sort of conversation always got Oscar aroused. ”What would Irene do with her lover’s big cock?”

”Oh ah. He would take longer to get fully erect. Not like this little thing in my hand. My lover would make me masturbate him. Maybe I would have to lick the tip of his cock.”

Oscar knew his wife didn’t like licking or sucking. ”Your lover might be too big to get in your mouth?”

”If he made me,” murmured Irene, ”if this mystery lover of mine pushed my head down I would have to do it.”

”In reality, Irene, I would agree to you having a lover, one only, to enjoy sex with him.”

”But I might want lots and lots of lovers.” She giggled to say she was joking and would never have sex with anyone else besides her husband. But she carried on the acting, the mystery while she masturbated him.

Oscar said, ”You don’t have to have lots canlı bahis şirketaleri of lovers. One man outside our marriage is enough, darling. I wouldn’t make many conditions when you find someone.” He was close to coming now.

Irene pulled him on top of her and he easily penetrated her pussy. She used her fingers to caress her clit. She whispered in his ear, ”And what conditions are you making?”

As Oscar began to fuck, he said, ”After each date with him you must tell me all the detail, everything he and you said, everything you did to each other.”

Irene moved her hips in a rhythm to make him come. ”Oh, so you want all the details? His power and size? How he claimed me? The big orgasm I had. Yes?”

A few seconds later, Oscar shuddered and came. The thought of his wife embracing wild sex, doing things she has never done before, she coming harder than ever – made him orgasm.

After he withdrew his cock, Oscar lay next to Irene and looked at her as she caressed her clit. This was often the way his wife completed her orgasm. He said, ”Think about your new man and his cock.”

”Oh yes. I’m thinking you’ll want to hear what I’ve done with my new big man. All the detail of what he’s done to me. Will that make you aroused?”

”Yes. I would be aroused but we would still love each other.” He kissed her as she moved her legs wider and increased the speed of her fingers on her clit. ”You like to masturbate, don’t you,” he said. ”Who are you thinking about?”

”Someone I’ve seen but never met. An actor perhaps or a man I’ve noticed on the beach or in a restaurant.” Irene shut her eyes as if in a dream.

It was natural, thought Oscar, to have sexy thoughts and he was pleased to see his wife enjoying herself. She had told him previously that her dreams were not as detailed as Oscar’s. She focused on the eyes and face of the man, his leg muscles especially if the man had worn shorts or swim trunks.

She completed her orgasm in silence because she needed to concentrate.

They cuddled as Irene talked, ”You mustn’t think I shall do anything like this, to have sex with another man. But I am happy to play these games. To pretend because you get fun from it.” She kissed Oscar. ”And I know you want sex more frequently than I do but I’m too busy and not very good at sex. I like just the missionary position. It’s boring for you but it doesn’t excite me to have it any other way.”

These thoughts from Irene were well known to Oscar. He tried to change her mind but the novelty of sex had worn off which is why he wondered if the situation would change for the better if she had sex outside the marriage. He had voiced these thoughts many times. Irene had never rejected them as stupid or outrageous. Instead, her opinion was that it would damage their marriage because she couldn’t have sex for lust only. Sex with someone else would need a connection with the man which would lead to some kind of love from Irene for that man.

Over the months, Irene never closed down conversations about this topic. Oscar would usually mention it first. Irene had the view that her husband would be jealous if a lover spent some time with Irene. However, she did agree that if she were made to give all the details of a lover it might lead to more sex with Oscar. Just the act of recounting events with another man could be sexy in the telling. And therefore both Oscar and Irene might have more sex together and the sex might be more adventurous and new.

Some changes did occur with Irene. Her comments about other men were interesting. There was one occasion at the beach when they stood at the edge of the surf and Oscar whispered to his wife, ”You see that guy coming out of the sea?” It was someone who probably went to the gym. ”Look at his trunks.”

Irene glanced sideways a little longer than necessary, looked back at her husband and mouthed the word ”fuck” before she said, ”It looks very big down there.”

”He’s too big for you,” responded Oscar.

”Oh. You never know till you try it.” She grinned broadly and whispered, ”I wonder what it’s like to have a decent size cock inside me.” She giggled like a schoolgirl who didn’t really mean what she’d just said.

Oscar felt his cock grow. He knew his cock was not up to the size of that stranger.

One day Irene had a call from her elder brother who lived in the Caribbean. Her brother had married a black girl and their only child, an 18-year-old boy, had enrolled in the university near where Irene lived. Her brother asked Irene if she could find somewhere for Matias to stay.

Within a week, Oscar and Irene met Matias at the airport and brought him back home. Irene had prepared several properties to view, to escort Matias to help him choose which one to rent. They would start looking at the weekend in three days.

Meanwhile, the whole family got on well with the young boy. His olive-coloured skin made him look attractive, his relaxed attitude and canlı kaçak iddaa behaviour made it easy to like him. He had dark eyes and longish hair, which touched his shoulders and gave him the appearance of a surfer. In many ways, he looked and acted younger than his age of 18.

Irene commented in private to Oscar, ”Have you noticed how beautiful his eyes are?”

It caused a grunt from Oscar.

The next day the weather was hot and they all went down to the beach. The children and Matias played in the sea. Irene strolled to the water’s edge and after a few minutes, Matias came to stand next to Irene. Suddenly, he picked her up and ran with her, Irene playfully screaming, into the sea before collapsing together in the waves. Oscar witnessed them laughing and splashing before his wife came out of the water by herself. He noticed the way she walked towards him, a sway in her hips, her hands combing through her hair which showed off her breasts. She sat down on her towel.

”He’s a strong boy,” Irene said as she watched the others. ”He reminds me the way you used to pick me up like that. Often he jumps around like a young teenager.”

In a few moments, Matias strolled back from the sea and stood in front of them, joking how much fun it had been, especially dunking Irene in the water. Oscar was interested to see Irene openly appraising Matias’s body. His abs glistened with the water dripping off him. The swim shorts, made of stretch material, had stuck to his groin and clearly showed the outline of his cock which hung loose. He didn’t seem to mind the scrutiny and he had an innocence such that the things he said or did, had no complications in his mind.

Matias turned to watch the children play. His strong buttocks had the attention of Irene. She said, ”What is that tattoo on your hip?”

He half-turned. ”You need to get closer to see it.” He obviously wasn’t going to come to Irene so she got up to examine the artwork.

She kneeled next to Matias, her eyes at the level of his hips. The tattoo was a coloured snake that started from below the side of the trunk waistband and went up over his hip and around to the front and then under the drawstring fastening. She traced the snake with her finger and slightly pulled down the wet elastic at the side so that she could find the source of the snake.

As Irene moved her finger along the tattoo, Matias casually placed his hand on top of her head. It was a personal touch that could be acceptable among the family but Oscar thought it was a sign of Matias wanting to dominate and send a signal to Oscar and Irene.

Irene continued her finger contact to his hip bone but as the snake came to his front it dived downwards below the elastic waistband. Matias made no move of his body and his hand on Irene seemed to encourage her to shift her kneeling position which she did. She found herself kneeling in front of Matias.

They watched the children come out of the sea towards them. Irene came to sit next to Oscar, a flustered look on her face. With the children drying themselves, Matias grabbed Irene’s hand and pulled her to stand. ”Come on,” he laughed, ”I’ll race you to the sea.” His manner was infectious and Irene found herself caught up in the moment. She chased after him and both of them dived into a breaking wave.

Oscar couldn’t help watching them. The 20 minutes they spent splashing around seemed long to him. He didn’t know whether to be intrigued by the possibility of Matias becoming her lover or whether he should be concerned that it was taboo to get too close to their nephew.

After they came back to their towels, Oscar was certain that Matias’s cock seemed even larger. When Matias took the children to find ice cream, it allowed Oscar to ask, ”How was it in the sea?”

She smiled, her hand played with the side of her hair. ”He has such energy like you used to be. He’s beautiful.”

”Did he make a pass at you.?”

Irene chewed her lip and looked embarrassed. ”He is a young man, a boy with hands all over the place.”

”Hands on each other?”

She looked out to sea with a dream quality in her eyes. ”The waves chucked us together.”

”I won’t be angry, Irene. What happened?”

There was a moment of silence. ”He took my hand and placed it on his cock. It was nothing serious. In fact, he didn’t know what he was doing.”

”And,” said Oscar who didn’t believe her last sentence. ”I trust you. No secrets between us.”

She took a deep breath. ”I’m not used to this. Recounting to my husband the detail.” She took Oscar’s hand. ”I was shocked at first, the feel of him, so bold and he’s our nephew for God’s sake. But his arm around my waist kept my body in contact with him. Suddenly I wanted sex, any sex, with you, with him. My limbs became weak. I think he felt my desire.”

The others were coming back with their ice creams. Oscar said, ”Tonight you can tell me everything and we’ll make love.”

That night, it seemed canlı kaçak bahis that Irene was hesitant at first to tell the details to Oscar but, in the end, she didn’t need much persuasion. They were lying side-by-side in bed. ”We were in the sea playing around in the waves. I could just touch the sandy bottom but lost my balance. Matias had me by the waist and drew me into him. I don’t know why, but I found myself with my legs around his hips. I suppose I was trying to keep my balance. I didn’t try to come away from him so we just floated up and down as each wave came over us.”

Irene glanced at the bedroom door which was shut and she lowered her voice. ”Eventually, we stood facing each other. He took my hand and held it to his groin.”

Oscar whispered, ”Did you feel his cock?”

”Yes. When he took his hand away I kept mine there, the palm of my hand cupped him. And in that instant, Matias became like a very young boy. His eyes watered, on the point of crying. I felt so protective of him.”

”He looks young for his age, younger than 18,” said Oscar who watched his wife move her hand to his cock to caress her husband.

Irene continued her story, ”Matias mumbled something about needing me, wanting me to look after him. I think he’s lonely so far from home. So it felt good to have my boy expand in my hand, to feel his cock grow.”

Oscar’s cock had gone hard and he was grateful that Irene was stroking him. Pre-cum oozed from his cock head.

”Matias is big. A feeling of pride came over me that I aroused him, me, an older woman,” said Irene, ”I need to nurture him. He’s bigger than you, Oscar. I let go of him.”

Although Oscar was being masturbated by Irene, he managed to say, ”Matias is family. He’s our nephew, your sister’s son. And he’s so young. Is this wise?”

Irene thought about it before answering, ”Before we walked out of the sea he asked me to wear a bikini next time. I was going to say ”no” but he got his hands on my bum and fingers under my swimsuit.” Irene closed her eyes while she speeded up the masturbation of her husband. ”Matias had a finger on my bum hole.” She paused. ”I loved it, Oscar. I loved that he wanted to finger my anus. I was shocked because I’ve never wanted to do anal ever, as you know, but I didn’t want him to stop.”

Oscar couldn’t hold back his orgasm.

”I let Matias do it by hitching my leg up and then he inserted his finger. In my puckered hole. I nearly fainted.” She watched Oscar come, his spunk over her hand before she continued, ”Then Matias took his finger out of me and a minute later we came out of the water to join you and the children.”

Irene looked at her husband. ”I need to do myself now.” She hitched her legs up and spread them. Her pussy was already leaking juice as she used her fingers and thumb to frig herself. ”I’m imagining Matias and his handsome face. You don’t mind, do you, Oscar? He has such lovely legs, strong and smooth.”

After she had her orgasm, they carried on talking in bed. Oscar was worried. ”I never thought you’d be interested in a teenager, 18 years old, a boy. And he’s family. It’s taboo.”

”Nothing’s going to happen like that. I’m helping Matias settle into a new stage of his life, a different country, far from home and at a university where he won’t know anybody. He needs me. But any romantic involvement is not going to happen.”

For the next two days, Oscar and Irene went to work while Matias attended opening events at the university. To make way for Matias to sleep, the children shared a room while Matias slept in the child’s vacant room. The weekend came and Irene took Matias to view possible places for him to rent. In the late afternoon, the whole family went to the beach.

Irene had bought a new bikini. The previous night, she had worn it to show her husband in their bedroom. Oscar had been fascinated by the ties on either side of the briefs. He pulled one tie and it came undone. The brief hung loose, held up by the other tie. She had pushed her husband back on the bed and then clambered on and swung her legs over him. Irene positioned her exposed pussy over his face and told Oscar to suck her. She had never been so bold before. They had very satisfying sex together.

Oscar was in the water first and watched Irene follow him down to the sea in her bikini. His cock became semi-hard so he kept himself submerged in the waves splashing with the others. Irene had become more playful with the children while Matias was nearby. Oscar was the first to stroll back to their towels with his children shortly after. He took them to find ice cream.

On his return, Oscar watched Irene and Matias who continued to jump around in and out of the waves. As they came out of the water to return to their towels, Oscar noticed his wife was tying the knot on the side of her bikini.

That night, as they cuddled in bed, Oscar asked how her relationship was going with Matias. She talked of their visits to see properties with an agent. ”Matias is so cheeky,” she said. ”He pretends to the agent that I’m his mum and he often holds my hand or touches me, on my arm, my waist. He even pinched my bottom. It made me squeal. It was embarrassing with the agent there.”

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Dying to Fuck My Sister

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And he was just standing there on the doorstep.

“James?” I screamed, running out of the house to greet him.

He dropped his bag and held his arms aloft.

“Hi Clare!”

I fell into his embrace. He scooped me up and spun me around.

My beautiful younger brother. He looked so handsome and healthy.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” I said, trying to hug deeper into his arms

“I can’t believe I’m here! Traffic was all kinds of messed up.”

“Why are you here?” I asked.

I was dog-sitting at our parents’ house while they were in New York for their wedding anniversary. James was supposed to be 1000 miles away at college.

“Let’s go inside,” he said. “I need coffee before quick-fire questions.”

As he entered the kitchen he was slobbered with affection by Rogue, our parents’ adorable Boxer-cross. Within moments the two of them were on the floor.

“Hi Rogi! I know, I know. I missed you too baby!”

They exchanged more kisses than we had.

I set about making us some coffee and fixing James a snack. He told me he was ravenous, which I took to be a good sign.

When he’d finished eating, I asked: “So what are you doing here? Apart from scaring the shit out of me.”

He’d been away at college for less than five weeks of his fresher year. I couldn’t understand why he was suddenly home like this unannounced.

“Did I scare you?” he asked.

“A little. You know I was never good at being here alone.”

Our family home was an 1890’s Colonial Revival house perched on top of a grassy cliff. It had stunning panoramic views of the ocean, but as a child I had been consumed with fear the house would tumble into the sea. I was eventually diagnosed with a condition called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

“I decided to take a break from college,” my brother said.

“You only just started!”

“And now I need a break.”

“How’s your health?” I asked.

He looked at his empty soup bowl.


When he looked back up, his eyes were veiled with tears.

“Oh Jesus. No. It came back?”

He nodded.

“More treatment?”

He shook his head.

“But you can still fight it, right?” I said, my own eyes now welling up.

He shook his head again.

I raced over to him and collapsed into his arms. I was more hysterical than he was. It had always been that way. After the tears had died down, we continued to hold one another in silence.

“How long have you got?” I asked. I couldn’t bear the answer, whatever it was.

“30 days,” he said.

“Oh god, no!”

I clutched him even harder and wailed for another few minutes.

When the new storm of grief had subsided, I remembered our parents.

“We’ve got to call them,” I said, reaching for my phone. “Did you tell them already?”

“Not yet. I came home to tell you all together. Forgot they were on a trip this weekend.”

“You forgot their silver anniversary trip to New York City? The one they’ve been planning for, like, six years?”

“I forgot it was this weekend,” he said.

“We have to call them.”

“Let’s not spoil their trip.”

“James, you don’t spoil things by telling people the truth. The truth spoils things. Mom and Dad need to know. There’s nothing more important to them than you, and that includes me!”

I went to dial Mom’s number.

“Stop!” he said. “Please. Don’t do that thing where you take over.”

His silvery eyes were so sad and vulnerable.

“Then explain it to me,” I said, putting the phone down.

“It’s Friday afternoon. Mom and Dad will be back Monday morning. The news isn’t going to change before then. We’ll tell them together on Monday. I don’t want to do it over the phone, that’s why I drove here. And I’m not prepared to ruin their anniversary…”

“No, you’re going to ruin their lives.”

“I don’t want them rushing home early. I wanted you and I to have some time together this weekend.”

“You didn’t know I was going to be here!”

“Well, I do now. And it’s likely to be our last time…”

“Don’t you say it,” I said, pummeling his chest with my hands. “Don’t you fucking dare!”

We clasped one another tightly in another tearful embrace. I could feel his heart beating through my chest.

I wanted to freeze the moment in amber.


Somehow we fell asleep.

We must have been exhausted from the emotion – and in his case, the driving.

When I awoke, the living room had grown dark and a cloud-masked sunset lit the ocean a strange, metallic gray.

I watched James sleeping at the other end of the couch.

He looked so peaceful that it made me think of his ultimate sleep. Tears began to pour down my cheeks again, but quietly.

I couldn’t fall apart, however much I longed to. I had to be strong for him.

I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my brother. I wasn’t prepared for it.

Even though the possibility had hung over us since he was 8 years old and had first been diagnosed with a rare form of genetic lung disease.

He had collapsed at school and almost died, and it began a near-endless journey of medications, therapies and surgeries canlı bahis şirketleri to try and save his life.

Quite often the desperate and increasingly radical attempts to save him meant that he had little or no real quality of life along the way. His childhood existence was taken up mostly with trying not to die.

He missed years of school, lost out on many of the basics of growing up; had never had a girlfriend or got to travel.

He was 19 years old now, and had recently begun an art degree.

We were excited for him because it was the first time he’d been able to focus on something that wasn’t his health.

And now this.

My heart was in a million pieces.

In a cruel twist he looked healthier than I had remembered seeing him. His hair had never been so thick or lustrous, falling in golden locks around his ears. His eyebrows had never been so striking or dark, or his jaw so masculine and strong.

It was tragically unfair the disease would choose this moment to be victorious.

I wished I could call Mom and Dad. I respected my brother’s right to tell them himself. But he didn’t realize how much I needed their support – especially Mom’s.

The burden of the news was a pressure I wasn’t sure I could handle alone. I had a history of anxiety issues, mostly related to my vertigo.

I knew I had my brother for support, of course. But it felt weak to lean on him to help me deal with his own tragedy.

If I couldn’t be brave, what chance did he have?


His eyes flickered awake and he looked at me.

“Did we fall asleep all night?”

“Less than an hour!” I said, glancing at the clock. “It’s the dark clouds.”

“I’m starving,” he said.

“Look at the ocean. It’s stunning!”

He sat up to see. The last red lines of sunlight were disappearing beneath the horizon, as though a blood-red wound was closing over the sea.

Then it was gone and darkness filled the sky.

Rogue was whining.

“Start a fire,” I said to James. “I’ll fix us something to eat. Come on girl, supper time!”

Approximately three minutes later I came back into the living room.

“It turns out we only have dog food,” I said.

“Well, someone’s gonna be happy,” said James.

“I was supposed to get groceries this afternoon but my little brother showed up out of the blue to break my heart.”

“Ah, it’s my fault!” he said, laughing.

“Shall we get home delivery?”

“Better still… ” he said sitting up, “let’s go to the store, and on the way back we can get Scoops!”

Scoops was this cool, indie ice cream store we’d loved since we were kids.

“It’s hardly on the way,” I said. “It’s like ten minutes farther. You do know there’s a storm coming?”

“I’d like to taste Scoops one last time,” he said.

“Oh god,” I said, remembering with horror. “Of course we’ll go to Scoops!”

My eyes filled with tears for the ninth time that evening. It looked like I had pinkeye.

I prayed we wouldn’t run into anyone at the store. It was such a small neighborhood.

“Shall we take Rogue?” James asked.

The dog was noisily devouring the only bowl of food left in the world.

“She’ll be fine for a bit. We’ll be right back.”


James drove us to the store in Dad’s car.

I don’t know if he could tell I was watching him in the darkness.

He had never looked so grown up, or so physically attractive. But his mood was darker than I’d known it. He was carrying the crushing burden of his fate.

My heart broke for him. This should have been the moment he was starting out on a wild ride. Instead his life was coming to an end. How did a person process something like that?

“Why didn’t you call ahead?” I asked him.


“Let Mom and Dad know you were coming?”

“I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Surprise! I’m dying!” I said.

He laughed. “Fair point. But then how much better is: I’m coming home for an important announcement. Assemble the family at dawn!”

“Oh god, they would have insisted you tell them instantly,” I said.


“Slow down,” I urged him.

The short drive was steep and mostly downhill and my brother was not the most confidence-inducing driver.

“I hate it that we can’t tell Mom and Dad yet,” I said.

“Please, Clare. Don’t start this again.”

“I’m not bringing it up to argue,” I said. “I told you, it’s up to you. I just feel sick thinking of them at the ballet right now, enchanted by the dancing. And they don’t know. They don’t know this thing that’s going to break their hearts.”

“I hope it doesn’t affect Dad’s heart,” he said.

“The ballet? All those girls in tights?”

He laughed.

“Of course it’s going to,” I said. “It’s going to stop Dad’s heart. And Mom’s. And mine. Forever. We will never, ever recover from this, James.” I was clutching at his arm on the gear shift. “I’m sorry but we won’t.”

“It’s ok. You’re still in shock. I’ve had longer to process it than you. You’ll be fine when we get some ice cream down you.”

“How long have you known?” I asked.

“I got the test results back a week ago. They canlı kaçak iddaa ran them again to be sure. The second ones were worse.”


“But I’ve lived with this shit my whole life, Clare, we all have. If this family knows how to do anything it’s prepare for me to die.”

“You could defy expectations again,” I said, hopefully.

“Not this time. My luck has run out.”

We pulled into the lot of the convenience store.

The wind had picked up and on the short walk from the car to the store entrance, a light rain began to fall.

“Fuck Scoops,” he said. “Let’s get ice cream from here.”

We managed to choose and purchase our groceries quickly and decisively, and would have been out the store within minutes, but we heard a voice:

“James Wilson? No way! James!”

It was a girl called Wendy who had been in James’s year at High School.

“OMG! You look amazing,” she said to him. “Sophi!” Her friend was finishing in the checkout line behind her. “Look who it is! It’s James Wilson from school!”

“OMG,” said Sophi, in exactly the same tone as her friend. “No way. You look amazing!”

“You really do!” Wendy agreed. “So are you, like, better now? Everyone thought you were going to die.”

“They really did,” Sophi assured him.

“I’m a ghost,” he said.

“How long are you home? Maybe you should take my number,” said Wendy. She was practically purring.

“I’m hanging with my sister this weekend,” said James politely. “But nice to see you both.”

“Ok, bye James!”

“See ya James! I’m on Instagram!”

Their voices were like kisses blown after him.

We had to grab the groceries and make a mad dash for the car because the rain was falling so heavily now.

“Be careful driving back up the hill,” I warned him. “It gets slippery in this weather.”

“I do know,” he said, “I have been in this family for 19 years too, did you notice? I was the one on a ventilator.”

“I don’t mean to fuss you like Mom does.”

“Then don’t.”

“Ok. Stopped.”

The visibility was poor on the narrow, climbing road.

“What flavor ice cream did we get again?”

“You got plain,” he said. “I got butterscotch hazelnut. Which one of us lives life in the fast lane?”

“I didn’t get plain. I got vanilla!”

“Which is plain.”

“Vanilla is a flavor like everything else. Maybe we could mix n’ match. Pretty please?” I walked my fingers up his arm.

“I am pleased you acknowledge the error of your choice,” he said. “And yes, my butterscotch hazelnut will come to the rescue of your plain, boring life!”

“Boring? How dare you!”

He stopped joking for a moment and said more seriously: “I’d give anything for a boring life.”

“I want you to know,” I said, “if I could give my life to save you, I would.”

He reached for my hand and kissed it to his lips.

“I know that’s true.”

We listened to the billowing storm outside for a while, and the squeaky defense of the windshield wipers.

“Who were those two girls at the store?” I asked.

“They were in my year. Can’t say they ever spoke to me. But then no girls spoke to me.”

“Well, they were super into you tonight.”

“I know, it’s tiresome,” he said.

“I don’t get it. Why are you upset two hot girls think you’re a stud?”

He snapped at me: “Because it’s too late, Clare! They paid no attention to me when I was at school. No girls did. When I was fixed up to respirators, or carrying an IV drip into Geography class. I was the weird, sick kid. Nobody saw me as a regular guy.”

“Well, they have a big crush on you now,” I said. “You could take some satisfaction from that.”

“I can’t get no satisfaction,” he said.

He didn’t mean it as a joke.


When we arrived home, I made us dinner while James went upstairs to shower.

I probably should have jumped in the shower too. My hair was a tangled mess from the rain. But I figured we should eat because it was almost 8 PM.

The storm continued unabated and several times the lights flashed off and on.

When James came downstairs he was barefoot. He wore a pair of cargo pants and a sweater. His hair was still drying and looked darker than usual. I don’t think he’d ever appeared more tragically beautiful. His eyes were a hollow gray.

I wanted to rush over and hold him and never let him go.

Instead I was burning his supper.

“Shit,” I said, blowing the flame out on the grill pan. “I can’t do anything right.”

“You do more right than anyone in this family,” he said.

It was sweet and I might have cried if there was any moisture left in my tear ducts.

Dinner didn’t taste too bad, but James seemed preoccupied. It wasn’t as though I couldn’t understand why.

We treated ourselves with a bottle of expensive wine, stolen from Dad’s cellar, and reminisced about growing up in the big house on top of a cliff. We laughed so much, and I cried several times, despite not imagining I could anymore.

We recalled how growing up he had been the sickly one, while I was the one whose vertigo was so bad I had to be carried up flights of stairs until I was 7. He canlı kaçak bahis mocked me for not being able to step foot out onto the balcony, even now – I hadn’t dared go out there for almost seventeen years.

And the whole time it hammered down with rain. We could hear it on the shutters and the rooftops. As the wind rattled the window panes like it was demanding something from us.

After dinner we sat on the sofa in front of the fire. James at one end, me at the other; our legs like sardines beneath the blue whale blanket, as we’d named it – because it was blue and big enough to envelop us. It almost still did.

We opened a second bottle of wine but went with a cheaper one this time because we already knew Dad was gonna freak.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell him I’m dying,” said James, laughing.

“That’s not funny,” I said. Although it was a relief he still had his sense of humor.

I couldn’t tell the difference between the cheap bottle and the expensive one we’d finished. They both tasted exactly like wine. But both made me tipsy.

Then we ate our ice cream, and my brother shared his, like a gentleman.

He was right. I had picked the inferior flavor. I’d played it safe. Because that’s what I did. I was afraid of heights, while he liked to scale them.

“There’s something I have to ask you,” he said in-between mouthfuls. “A sort of favor.”

“You already know the answer’s yes,” I said. “I told you, anything you need!”

“You might not say yes to this one.”

He sounded serious.

“Try me!”

I was merry from the wine and high on the butterscotch

“It’s pretty personal,” he said.


“And quite intimate.”

Now I was super curious.

“Did you know I’m still a virgin?” he asked.

‘So what?” I said. “I was a virgin til I was 21!”

“Yeah, but I’m not going to be 21.”

I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach again.

“I’m not going to be 20,” he said. “I’m never gonna know what it’s like to have that with someone.”

It was harder for him to talk about this than it had been for him to tell me he was dying.

“Oh god James. I hate this for you.”

“And it hurts because I always figured sex is pretty awesome.”

“Well, it’s overrated and misrepresented by movies and magazines,” I said, “and porno. But yeah, it’s okay.”

“I don’t want to die a virgin, Clare.”

“We’ll hire you a hooker!” I said triumphantly. “And I mean a high-quality, clean one. You could even keep her for a few days!”

I made it sound like we could grab her from Vons.

“I bet Dad would pay,” I said. “Knowing Dad, he’ll ask her to stick around!” I got up to find a local newspaper for the racy classifieds at the back.

“Clare, no! Come back,” he said. “I don’t want a hooker. I’m trying to have a conversation with you.”

“Or you could call those girls from the grocery store! They looked like they would have serviced you there and then!”

“Clare, please” he said, “this is serious. I’m trying to ask something. And it’s not easy. I need you to hear me out.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m all ears.”

I poured myself another glass of wine to be all ears with.

“I already know how I want to fix the problem,” he said, “and I don’t want to do it with a random person. I want to experience it with somebody I love and trust; someone who matters.”

“Ah! You want to make love,” I said.


“It is much better when feelings are involved,” I said, confidently – as if I was any authority on sexual matters.

“But I don’t have time left to grow feelings with someone,” he said.

He looked like he was about to cry. I reached out for his hand and held it.

“I’ll never know what it feels like to be touched. Or kissed,” he said. He began sobbing, but almost as quickly, started to laugh: “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry when I asked you this.”

“Asked me what?”

His eyes were beautiful and intense.

“Asked me what, James?”

“Would you make love to me?”

I was so shocked that the room began to wobble.

“No I will not!” I said. “And you shouldn’t ask me that. Are you even serious?”

He nodded.

“Oh my God, you’re serious!”

I downed my glass of wine. I wanted to cry. I felt dizzy and lightheaded

“We already love each other,” he said.

This time I got up. I didn’t know where I was headed but it was in the vague direction of the wall.

“Clare, don’t leave. Come back!”

“Not if you’re going to carry on with this creepy talk,” I said. “We’re brother and sister, James.”

The rain outside grew more intense, as if it were as appalled as me.

“Just come back and sit down,” he said, “you promised you’d help.”

“Not by spreading my legs for you, little brother.”

“All I want is for you to listen.”

He dangled the bottle of wine mid-air, ready to pour me another glass if I returned.

It seemed like a reasonable deal so I sat back down.

“I totally understand your gut reaction,” he said, refilling my glass. “It would be mine too, under normal circumstances. But I’m dying. Really fast. And to put that in perspective, I’m not going to live to see the finale of The Masked Singer. People spend 30 days of their lives in the blink of an eye. But it’s all I’ve got left. You’re the only one who can grant me this wish. No-one will ever have to know. And it will be about love.”

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Night Moves

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Big Tits

I was on the edge of the bed, my legs over his broad shoulders, his cum covered chest inches from my lips, his cock ready to slide into my ass pussy, I was going to be his and pleasing this man was all I could imagine doing at this moment. I wanted him, he wanted me, this was everything I’d hoped for.

It started with a financial planning conference in Austin in the sweet summertime. I was there to pick up some Continuing Ed credits, get up to date on trends and, perhaps, get to play a little in this liberal bastion in the middle of conservative Texas.

Hi, I’m Bill, an older bi-sexual man, still in the closet, 55 years old, single and thanks to tennis and cycling in great shape. I didn’t have any expectations for this trip except to be open to all possibilities. Women were still of interest to me, but I found that an occasional fling with a male lover seemed to make me happy and quiet a certain longing that I had inside. Sometimes, I liked the strength and power of a male lover. I liked to submit to a man, but also to give it back hard in a more physical and powerful manner than a woman usually wants. I didn’t want love, I didn’t want commitment, I simply wanted animal lust and a lover who didn’t care about traditional male/ female roles, I wanted heat and passion. Oh the wonder, I wanted to feel the lightning and I didn’t want to wait on the thunder. I wanted it now.

I’d let my hair grow, it’s blonde and wavy and it was to the point now that I had quite the mane, I could even tie it back now. I’m successful enough that I don’t care if every other guy in my industry kept it high and tight, I was proud of my hair and how it was now reaching past my collar, I liked the fact that it made me look a little softer, a little less intense. Like, hey, this old guy must be pretty successful if he can look like an old rock musician. Or, maybe I just liked the idea that people like to run their fingers through it.

A vendor wanted to take a bunch of us out to dinner after the first session and though I usually pass on group activities like this, I remembered my decision to be open to new ideas on this trip and I went with a group of other financial types from all over the country to a local restaurant. There were güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri about 10 of us, 4 women along with 6 men and I enjoyed some barbecue while hearing a presentation about some bullshit product while killing some beers. Everyone was friendly enough but I found myself drawn to him, to Jose.

He was a dark haired beauty with big dark eyes, of Cuban descent I later learned, and he was quite a gentleman. From Miami, he was in his forties and wore a Cubavera shirt, designer jeans and was a distinguished and handsome man. I didn’t fail to notice that he seemed to catch my eye now and then and seemed to smile at everything I said. “Of course,” I said, “I’d love to join you for a drink,” when he asked after the presentation was through. To new experiences…

He was married but, oddly, said the same thing I was thinking, he was “open to new experiences” on the road. How did he know my secret? How did he pick me out of the crowd? I was embarrassed but flattered, he was a handsome man and I glanced down at his jeans, I was going to get some dick tonight if I didn’t screw this one up and his looked perfect. We switched from beer to Angels Envy and had a long conversation about work, the world, and then, of course, women, there was a certain tension in the air. He admitted that he liked men too and found me very attractive. His wife, he confessed, would never understand his need for gay sex, he wasn’t sure that he understood either. I told him that I understood his concerns and felt the same way about him, that I thought he was a beautiful man. We toasted to “working and practicing” and I invited him up to my room where I had a vape pen and sativa waiting. I didn’t have to ask twice.

We got high, put on some Caribbean music and then he gracefully stood up from the hotel guest chair and asked me to dance with him. I’m not a very good dancer but I melted into him and let him lead, I let go of my male persona and became the Bi me, the one who is a just little bit slutty. There’s a feeling when I let this happen, when I surrender to my true nature and it is delicious. I needed to be here, to be wanted, to be vulnerable and see where things went from here.

I felt our chests rubbing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri together, my nipples, hard and rubbing against his through our shirts. He reached up and pulled my head down to his, kissing my softly at first, then with more urgency, more tongue. He was built like a bull, strong, lean and as my thigh was now finding out, hung like one too. I wanted this man, but I let him take the lead, this was what he was used to, being the aggressor and I was willing to let him do it his way.

Were we using each other? Hell yes, did we care? No, neither one of us cared! I found myself getting on my knees, there was no question that I was to please him first and I wanted him hard and ready for me. His cock was sooo thick and had a little upward curve and he moaned with urgency as I sucked him in, getting him all the way back in my throat and moaning around his cock, I was in heat and so was he. “Stop!” he begged, he was afraid of cumming too soon, I stopped for a second and whispered in my most seductive voice, “I’ll get you hard again baby, cum for me!” And I slipped him back in my mouth after pushing him back on the bed, I’m sure his wife never over-powered him like that. He grabbed my hair as I lay over him, I was alternately fisting his cock, playing with his balls, and sucking him like the whore I was at that moment. Finally, his ass came right off the bed,his cock filling my mouth and, as I massaged his nuts he exploded, I pulled off for a minute, looked into his eyes so he could see my enjoyment and let ropes of cum cover my face and then I plunged down on him to drink in my reward, his sweet, hot cum.

I sat up and he kissed me full on the mouth, tasting and licking his own seed and while panting and moaning, my Latino God was just getting started.

I undressed for him, taking my time to reveal my pink, lacy panties, a little surprise I put on when I thought I might end up back in my room pleasuring myself to Literotica, I wanted to feel sexy. But: Jose and I had both gotten lucky and he was excited and pleased by my lingerie. He leaped forward licking my hard cock through my lace, moaning like he’d never had such much pleasure. Now it was my turn to fuck his mouth güvenilir bahis şirketleri and I grabbed the back of his head, pulled aside my panties and stuffed my big cock down his throat, asking him, “Is this what you want? You want this dick?” and he did. He sucked me and work one and then two fingers into my ass until I exploded all over his face, his tits, and then down his throat, I might have roared just a little when I came. The neighbors were probably disturbed.

Of course this man was hard again, and, since he already had his fingers in my ass, I went with it, sliding up and down on his fingers while reaching down to make him even harder.

And that’s where you found me at the beginning of this story, my new lover, with my cum dripping off his chest and mouth was was standing in front of me, ready to penetrate me and I was ready. I am usually not into ass play, but when I get like this, get slutty, my ass is wet and ready, I wanted him. I had some JO lotion with me in the room and I had the presence of mind to reach over and hand the bottle to Jose who first lubed me, then his magnificent cock and then… He slipped the head of the bottle of lotion in me and fucked me with it until I begged him for the cock, “Fuck me poppy! Fuck me!”

And he did, as he slid in I licked his cum covered nipples, then sucking them has his cock slid into me. It took a few minutes to stretch out enough to accommodate his girth, then he started to jackhammer me, almost jumping up and down off the floor as a pounded my ass, filling me with his hot cock. “Fill me Poppy, breed me!” I heard a voice screaming, and it was my voice, I’ve never had a night like this, a night where my lover and I both totally let go, to be ourselves, to please each other as we pleased ourselves. We were getting our share…

He exploded in me with my legs wrapped around his powerful ass, going as deep as he could go, my ass on a pillow when he finally exploded and I think I screamed this time, no roar, a scream and my man was happy and spent. The neighbors were probably awake for sure now.

When he could breath again he thanked me for a wonderful time and we kissed a while longer, finally he got up to go, our time of wonder was over. It was just a night, a night where two of us filled a need, a longing, a night I look back on with fondness and weak knees. I have his number, but Jose and I could never be lovers, I didn’t want to ruin his marriage after all, and besides, we’d kill one another, the sex was that crazy… but I have his number…

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Avril O’Connor was like a sister to me. I was an only child and, when I met her at boarding school for the first time, I absolutely loathed her. We were both 14, she, tall and skinny, I, short and dumpy. She had long, slightly wavy and very glossy blonde hair, mine was reddish, and unmanageable. She was also clever, routinely coming first in any tests we were subjected to. You probably think that the cause of my loathing was simple jealousy, but the truth was that I had worked out, despite being a gauche 14 year old, that I was gay and resented the fact that someone so beautiful as Avril was unlikely to reciprocate any feelings I might have. In a youthful show of stupidity, I turned disappointment into hatred, albeit unexpressed.

It all changed during a geography field trip when we were 15. Our teacher, Miss Parminter, was almost a caricature. She had teeth like a horse, a grey bun and wore horn-rimmed spectacles, a khaki bush hat, canvas trousers with pockets everywhere, and sported a haversack. Yes, haversack. No rucksack for her. This was made of canvas too and also had more pockets and leather straps than looked good for it. Her boots were elderly, her socks hairy and pulled up over her trousers. She marched, rather than walked and she took long, ungainly strides. I was going through that sullen phase. Everything was boring. I hated school that year and would gladly have been anywhere but in that dank woodland trying to recognise land features that were so incomprehensibly recorded on the Ordnance Survey map we’d all been given.

The crocodile of ‘young ladies’ got a bit stretched out in the wake of Miss Parminter’s energetic march and I decided that I’d take a breather. I slipped into a cool clearing only to find Avril, lying on her back with a bottle of cider at her side and a cigarette in her mouth.

“Hi, Ginge,” Ginger or Ginge being the name assigned to me although I am in fact Theresa. “Pull up a toadstool and have a drink.” I looked around to check we were unobserved. “Don’t worry, Pony wont discover we’re missing for ages yet.” Pony Parminter was the teacher’s nickname due, largely, to her teeth. “Have a drink.” She passed me the bottle and I took a grateful swig. “Fancy a fag?” I didn’t smoke but, somehow eager to cement a friendship since she was being so sharing, I took one and, after an initial paroxysm of coughing, discovered I actually liked it and felt very sophisticated.

“First one?” I nodded. “Well, you did rather well.” She smiled “I nearly threw up my first time.” I took another sip of cider. “Finish it, if you want. I’ve got a couple more. It doesn’t pay to come on a field trip without some means of numbing oneself.”

“What happens when she finds we’re missing?”

“Oh, that’s easy. We’ll make our way back to the hostel and tell her we got lost but managed to find our way back by map reading. She’ll be delighted.”

“Can you read the map?”

“Don’t be ludicrous. I left a trail of peanuts on the path.” She waved a packet of nuts at me that she had taken from her jeans pocket. “Got to plan these things. My sister is in the sixth form and she gave me tuition in Pony management.”

I laughed, my nervousness reduced by the alcohol. “How long do you reckon we have?”

“My sister, June, reckons about half an hour. Then we amble back making it look as though we were a bit scared.”

“And what if we bump into the rest of them.”

“Oh, simplicity itself. We ask them if they got lost.”

I discovered Avril was a great companion. She made me laugh, was bold but not reckless and she had a delightful sense of mischief. The fact she was lovely to look at somehow made it all seem even more wonderful. The crush I had on her was squeezed a little further than ever.

We started walking back, following the trail of peanuts through the woodland. “Got a boyfriend?” I said I had not. “Nor me. I had one before I came to school. He’s 16 and said he wasn’t going to wait for me because boys need to get a lot of sex in early on so they’re ready for when the time comes. Not that we ever had actual sex. I dont think he knew how. Prick.”

“What time?” She looked at her watch, but I said, “no, for when what time comes?”

“Oh. I couldn’t be bothered to ask. I didn’t want him to wait anyway. I want someone a bit more experienced than a spotty 16 year old. Have you seen the new Chemistry teacher, Mr Sandell?” I nodded. “Now that’s the sort of thing I want. Except his beard is ginger. Oh, nothing against ginger hair, so don’t sulk, but a ginger beard makes it look like he’s tried to eat the cat. Lovely bum though, don’t you think?”

I agreed of course. In those days, girls like me learned to hide themselves behind a disguise of being normal.

“When we get back from this nauseatingly boring trip, I shall try to seduce him. It won’t work, of course, but it’ll be good practice.”

Finally we arrived back at the hostel. Pony Parminter was strutting about anxiously and almost leapt into the air when we emerged through a hedge. “Avril O’Connor, Theresa Lewis, where have you two been?” I couldn’t decide if she was scared or angry.

Avril canlı bahis şirketleri looked her straight in the eye. “We got a bit lost Miss, but we managed to find our way back using the map.” She’d been holding the map, and showed it to Pony, revealing a few well-judged pencil marks for the sake of authenticity. “Ginger here is great with a compass.”

Pony looked at me, gimlet-eyed. “You have a compass, Theresa?”

Avril was ready for that. “She borrowed mine, Miss. She didn’t think to bring one of her own.”

Pony turned and addressed the rest of the group in laudatory tones. “See, girls,” pronounced Gells, of course, “how a map and a compass can save lives in difficult circumstances. Avril and Theresa have been very resourceful and employed the skills I have tried so hard to teach you.” She turned back to us. “Well done you two. Supper will be by the barbecue at 7. Go and get showered and changed.”

From that day on we were inseparable. My rather naive lust turned to genuine friendship and, although I realised she was never going to be my lover, she was always going to be my friend.

All through school she was there for me; wiser, craftier and loyal. When a 15 year old Prudence Hawkins, known as Sticks, bullied me and threatened to beat me up, Avril was there, beside me. Hawkins was captain of the under 16s hockey team, hence the soubriquet Sticks, and built like a bulldozer. She was taller, heavier and stronger than either of us but Avril got between us. “You’re far too fat to go threatening people, Sticks. For one you’re not quick enough to catch us and if you fall over, you’ll never get up again.”

Sticks took an almighty swing with her fist which Avril evaded only to kick her very hard in the stomach. Sticks went down like a ton of bricks, unable to draw breath for a few seconds. When she could, she uttered dire threats. “Fuck off,” said Avril.

I told her later how brave she was. “Bollocks. Sticks is all wind and piss and I managed to kick a bit of wind out of her.”

Avril’s sister, June became head girl, and, as if by regal succession, so too, later, did Avril. She was much more subversive than her sister and continued, despite apparent maturity and respectability much admired by the teaching staff, to play fast and loose with school rules and to lead me along in her glorious escapades.

We had a last hurrah when we travelled the world together for our gap year. It was glorious. We were free of school, parents and looking to explore the world that was opening up before us.

By this time she was well aware I was gay. “Sorry to disappoint, Ginge. I’m definitely the boring, straight sort but, hell, fuck who you want, I say,” was all she’d said when she had forced me into confessing my sexuality. “My uncle’s as queer as a three-eyed antelope and a bloody marvellous bloke.”

Separated by different Universities, she at Cambridge, I at Bristol, we kept in touch loosely for the following few years until we both returned to our home city with our academic qualifications secured. We’d seen each other during that time of course, holidays and so on, but on our return to our families’ homes, we’d had a reunion party for two during which we drank copious amounts of white wine, smoked and bragged of our successes, failures and conquests during our University careers.

“Weren’t you dating an Austrian medic at one point?” she asked.

“Margarethe. She’s in her final year of her doctorate back in Vienna now.”

“What was she like?”

“Bloody vigorous.”

Avril hooted with laughter. “What a great compliment. I had the great insult of having a brief and meaningful with a music student, called Kevin, who dumped me for a boy in the orchestra. Apparently he played trombone so he probably gave a better blow job even than me.”

“Surely not.”

“I know it’s hard to believe.”

I was a bridesmaid at her wedding. The hen party was a riot and we barely made the church the following morning. As I adjusted her dress when she got out of the wedding car she said, “Christ, I think I am going to vomit.”

“Must have been something you ate,” I said. Laughter, the best cure for nausea and nerves. We managed to get through the ceremony and reception.

She called me a few days after returning from her honeymoon. It was a call mainly to thank me but as she was about to hang up, she said, “You’ll find someone too, you know.” She knew I’d been in a bit of a sexual desert since the collapse of a relationship a year before her wedding.

Little did she know, but I had. At least, I was in the early stages of dating a rather lovely solicitor called Annabelle but known as Belle. I’d met her when I had gone to their practice to discuss an advertising feature. I have omitted to tell you I’d studied journalism at Bristol and was now the youngest and most inexperienced reporter on a local paper. That meant I spent many hours in the lower criminal courts, reporting on the mischief perpetrated by the criminals of the district, visit bereaved families to get a glimpse into the life of the paragon (nothing enhances your reputation canlı kaçak iddaa like dying) that was the late Grandfather or whatever, and reported on such major events as church fetes and school sports days.

Annabelle Day met me in the reception area and suggested that, rather than talk in her office, we should go to a local cafe and she would brief me there. She was smart, in a black trouser suit with a cap of ash blonde hair that contrasted with surprisingly blue eyes. Lust alert. We sat at a table with a cafetière of coffee and a couple of cups and I took copious notes as she told me what they wanted. She gave me a couple of brochures that outlined their services, a few photographs of the partners but, sadly, not one of her. I was being total professional outwardly, and rather the opposite in my knickers under my tidy, black and grey dress.

“Oh,” she said, “and please call me Belle, I hate Annabelle. I am Belle Day – Belle de Jour, get it?”

I got it.

I went back to the office and got stuck into the piece. I asked my boss to read it before I went back to her and he said, “It’ll do,” which was high praise even if he did correct three spelling errors. I called Belle and we set up a meeting to review the piece. She pronounced it perfect and asked me out for a drink after work one evening. I agreed, probably all too eagerly.

We had a great time and it extended into having a curry together after a few glasses of wine. She had a wonderful sense of humour, and laughed, like a drain, over my recounting of the geography field trip. I felt comfortable with her. Comfortable enough that when she asked me if I had a boyfriend, I replied that men weren’t quite my thing, but not to worry, I wasn’t the aggressive sort. She nodded and smiled and that was that.

She called me when I was in the office, Friday, a few days after the feature had been published. “My boss was absolutely delighted with your piece for us. He says there will be more. The response has been brilliant. Fancy a drink after work?” I did. “Oh, and Theresa, men aren’t my thing either.” She rang off before I could say anything. I sat at my desk in a sort of trance, still holding the phone.

“Lewis!” my boss’s voice shattered my trance, “where’s that fucking court report?”

I got to the bar a few minutes late. Belle was sitting at a table in the courtyard behind the bar, smoking a cigarette which she waved at me as I sat. “A vice, but who gives a shit?”

“Not me. Can I have one? I smoke about 10 a year but smelling yours has made me want one.”

“Bumming fags on a second date?”

Was it a date? Goodness me. “Not a phrase you could use comfortably in America.”

She laughed as she seemed to always; with genuine gusto. We drank wine, smoked a few cigarettes and then a sort of serious look came over her. “This is a second date, isn’t it?”

“I’d say not.”

“No?” She looked almost crestfallen.

“No, the first time we met for a drink was you saying thank you. This is a first date.”

She beamed. “Pedant.”

“And,” I said, compounding my mistake, “I felt butterflies in my stomach earlier this evening. That’s a sure sign of a first date.”

She leaned forward and her hand covered mine. “Well, that’s a bit of a shame.”?


“Because,” she whispered, “I never take a woman to bed on a first date.”

Now, that was a bit of a surprise. Two things about it in fact. One was ‘take a woman to bed’ which is so, so different from ‘go to bed with a woman,’ and made me shiver, and the fact that she was bold enough to mention going to bed at all.

I looked into her eyes. Her hand closed over mine. “Am I allowed to answer your question again?” She nodded. “This is, definitely and incontrovertibly, a second date.”

“Good answer.”

Her flat was nearer, and bigger, than mine. It was on the ground floor, like mine. We got through the street door, then the door to her apartment and that was when she kissed me for the first time. There was no hurry. We stood, and after a few false starts when she’d get really close to my mouth then ease back a fraction, our lips met, mine parted and we started a little tongue wrestling and touching each other; arms, shoulders, backs, hips, until her fingers found the zip at the back of my dress and she, very slowly, pulled it down. Once she’d opened it, her hand started to stroke my spine and i lifted my arms around her neck and revelled in her touch. Her free hand found my breast and palmed it through the soft cotton of my dress. Well, I thought, two can play that game, so I slipped my hand inside the leather jacket she was wearing and discovered that, like me, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipple was hard and I rolled it gently between my fingertips and that was when it all started to get a bit more urgent.

Belle stepped back and forced my dress down off my shoulders until it fell to the floor and I as left in just my rather unexciting cotton knickers and canvas shoes. She devoured my breasts and her hand went between my legs. Having pushed her jacket off her shoulders, she helped by shrugging it off then canlı kaçak bahis re-engaging with my nipple as I unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it out of her trousers. I always find undoing trousers a pain in the arse but, with a little help it was accomplished and I worked my hand inside her panties as hers was inside mine. She almost tripped over her trousers as she hastened to get me into her bedroom and she laughed that full-body laugh of hers. I held her up as she, comically, hopped out of her pants and then we were on the bed.

What followed is a blur. Finally naked, she almost ripped my knickers off but didn’t bother with my shoes. She went down between my thighs, licked me, fingered me, then back up to my tits, her mound pressed to mine. Then I was on my front and she was lying on top of me, kissing my neck. Now on my back, she straddled my face and leaned down so we were both kissing cunt, licking, tasting. That was how she came. It was a howl, an ecstatic, primal bellow that was the catalyst for my own more muted orgasm.

Spent, we lay like that, face to cunt. Finally, she rolled off me, moved to lie beside me.

“You know what?”?


“I could mistake you for being queer.”?

“How dare you?”

She kissed me again and that, inevitably led to a second round.

I was, as they say, walking on air that weekend. I stayed the night with her, then, after a breakfast fuck and a bit of toast for breakfast, we walked the couple of miles to my flat in warm sunshine; the weather seeming to reflect my mood. We had showered together at hers, so I changed and then we went out to find somewhere for lunch. She stayed at mine that night, but had had the forethought to bring clean knickers so we were able to go for a walk in the country without having to return to her place.

I slept alone that Sunday night and felt her absence like an ache.

Before I went to bed, I called Avril. “Hi, Avril, it seems ages since we’ve spoken and I just wanted to see how you’re doing.”

“You got laid, didn’t you?”


“Come off it, Ginge. How long have I know you? Your voice is completely different when you’ve had sex.”

We laughed our way through a twenty minute conversation, largely about me describing Belle and telling Avril I’d told Belle about the field trip and her reaction.

“She sounds lovely. Don’t fuck it up.”

Monday morning and I was in the Magistrates Court. That is the lowest of the criminal courts and where all the shit goes on, drink driving, brawls, petty theft, along with a few more serious cases that were being referred up to the Crown Court, where the more serious offences are dealt with. When the court adjourned for lunch I went outside and ate a sandwich, sitting on a bench. A woman I vaguely recognised sat down next to me. She was about fifty her hair tied back in a severe bun, a rather elderly looking grey trouser suit and sensible brogue shoes.

“I’m DS Roberts, Frances. You’re the cub reporter on the ‘Voice,’ right?”

“Yes, Theresa Lewis.”

“See that guy standing by the fountain, talking to the older man?” I did. “He’s probably the most corrupt lawyer in this city.”

I turned back to look at her. “Why are you telling me?”

“Because someone needs to do something about him and I have been warned off.”?

“Warned off by whom?”?

“My bosses. That makes me even more sure I’m right and I have no idea where it might end up. Don’t look now, but I have slipped an envelope into your bag. Read it when you get back to your office. My private number’s in there too.”

Then she was gone.

Fortunately, the court finished early that afternoon and I went back to the office, eager to see what she’d given me. It was an A4 envelope stuffed with papers.

The first thing was a typewritten note., an old-fashioned, mechanical typewriter.

“Never reveal how you got this. James Palmer is a solicitor. He has his own firm and mostly deals with criminal cases. He works alone but with a group of private investigators. They are mostly ex-coppers and thugs. Two of his clients are big players in vice. One is Gerry Kola, an Albanian. He’s loaded and owns a few bars and a nightclub. But that’s all cover. He runs women, some as young as 14, into the UK from Eastern Europe. The other is his sidekick, a local boy called Henry Palmer. They are both protected and I think it’s by a couple of Detectives in our vice squad. See what you can do, but be careful.”

I phoned her. “Why me?”

“Because nobody would ever think someone as insignificant as you would be given the steer. Take care. They’re bad men, especially Kola.”

The dossier was surprisingly detailed. So now, I had to decide what to do. I could go it alone to start with, build on the dossier. Or, I could go straight to my boss and tell him what I’d been given. He’d laugh me out of his office. But then, there was Larry Snape. Larry was a drunk, a relic from the unreconstructed past of journalism, a once great investigative journalist brought low by a libel case and whisky. He now, out of our editor’s rarely exposed sympathy for him, or for anyone else, come to that, did a column in our Saturday edition on farming, about which he knew as much as my bicycle does. I absolutely adored him. On his day he was funny and amazingly good company. He called me his Tess of the D’urbervilles.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Keeping It in the Family Ch. 03

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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This third chapter in this series is submissive Gillian’s version of the story. It is a work of total fiction and all characters are aged 18 or older.

When her telephone rang at about six thirty one Wednesday evening, sounding its’ special ring tone, Gillian hurried to answer it. The ring tone (Mistress of Mine by The Little River Band) had been chosen especially for her, and to let it ring for too long showed disrespect and a lack of attention. Gillian always tried to answer it before her Mistress had been kept waiting for too long. Failure to prevent a long wait would result in a very severe, very painful punishment. And even though she regarded herself as a pain slut, someone who got incredible pleasure from pain, Gillian knew from experience that a ‘failure to obey’ punishment would mean that she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a good few days. Thankfully, she picked up the handset from its holder just as the second ring died away.

“Good evening, Mistress Olwen. How may I be of service to you?”

Gillian listened to the soft lilt of her Mistress’s voice as she issued her instructions. Mistress Olwen didn’t need to raise her voice to get her point over. She was exactly the same in school. Firm but fair. Gillian appreciated her as a colleague and her deputy head-teacher, and adored her as a Mistress.

She listened carefully to her instructions. She was required to report within five minutes. That was easily possible, given that she only lived three hundred yards up the road from Olwen. Gillian confirmed that she was on her way, and replaced the handset.

She quickly stripped naked and washed under her arms and between her legs. She sent up a silent prayer of thanks to the gods of kink that she had decided to treat herself to a wank when she’d got home from school a few hours previously.

This was not one of her chastity and denial weeks, so she’d gone straight upstairs and used her favourite rabbit vibrator to give herself a delicious orgasm. It was then that she noticed some stubble around her cunt lips, and she’d gone into the bathroom and shaved herself. Now, as she prepared to present herself to her Mistress, she would have a beautifully smooth cunt. Mistress Olwen didn’t approve of hairy or stubble-ridden cunt. She quickly put on her blouse, slacks and a pair of sandals and hurried off to report to her Mistress.

Gillian gave the special knock on Olwen’s front door – three separate knocks each two seconds apart. She heard the buzz of the door being automatically unlocked and she entered the hallway of Mistress Olwen’s house. Closing the front door quietly behind her, she advanced to the chair in the hallway and slipped her sandals off. It took a mere thirty seconds for her to strip naked, and then she knocked on the sitting room door.

Hearing the command to enter, she went in and was immediately aware of her Mistress sitting open legged in her favourite armchair. Mistress was puffing contentedly on her pipe, her head wreathed in creamy pipe smoke.

“I’m ready. Get on with it,” instructed Mistress Olwen, and Gillian sank to her knees between the open legs of her Mistress and lowered her face into the waiting cunt.

Mistress Olwen smelt delicious and Gillian licked all along the length of her slit before inserting her tongue into Olwen’s cunt. She wiggled her tongue around and found Olwen’s clit. Sucking gently, she teased it out from under its protective hood. Olwen moaned with pleasure.

Gillian continued to lick and suck, savouring the cunt juice that her oral worship was provoking. Olwen continued to puff her pipe and to explain her reason for summoning Gillian on a Wednesday evening.

“My sister has just been on the phone,” she began. “She’s going on a fortnight’s trip to Germany to see the famous Oberammargau Passion Play. It will give me the chance to see my great-nephew on a much more regular basis from a week on Saturday. He and I have been fucking for some time now.”

Olwen took her pipe out of her mouth and pulled Gillian’s head closer into her cunt, and Gillian began to tongue fuck her Mistress.

“A few weeks ago, I learned that he has a fantasy to watch me punish a submissive woman,” continued Olwen, “preferably a mature woman, and one who smokes too. I thought maybe I’d introduce you to him. I might even let him fuck you.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Gillian replied. “You always think of such exciting ways to humiliate me. I am yours to command.”

Olwen pulled Gillian’s face up off her cunt and kissed her. Gillian loved the smokey taste of her Mistress’s mouth, whilst Olwen murmured her approval.

“Mmmm! I love your cunt breath,” she said dreamily.

“Thank you, Mistress,” replied Gillan. “You’re talking about Noel, aren’t you?”

When Olwen nodded that this was indeed the case, Gillian continued,

“You know I taught him in year five, don’t you?”

“No I didn’t,” replied Olwen. “I hadn’t joined the staff when you were still teaching year five.”

Gillian took her Mistress’s illegal bahis pipe out of her hands and puffed gently on it. Olwen looked at her sternly, and seemed on the verge of disapproval, but Gillian moved in quickly to give her a kiss, and so she contented herself with tweaking Gillian’s nipples instead.

When the kiss ended, Olwen looked thoughtfully at her submissive.

“I take it that you’re up for a play session with my great-nephew and me?” she asked.

“Yes indeed, Mistress,” replied Gillian eagerly. “What a turn-on to be punished and then fucked. Do you think Noel will do it?”

“I’m sure that I’ll be able to persuade him,” replied Olwen dryly. “Now I know that it is mid-week, and that we both have school tomorrow, but I am gagging to be fucked. Let’s go upstairs. My double headed dildo is in my bedside cabinet.”

The two women went upstairs and Gillian watched as Olwen slid one end of her dildo into her cunt. She held it as if it was a cock. Without waiting to be told, Gillian got on her back and opened her legs. Olwen knelt between her knees.

She rubbed the free end of her dildo up and down Gillian’s wet cunt lips. The submissive moaned with desire. They kissed and massaged each other’s tits.

“Please fuck me, Mistress,” begged Gillian. “I’m your bitch to be used as you see fit. Fuck your slut bitch.”

Olwen obliged, sliding her dildo into Gillian’s sopping wet cunt. Both women moaned with pleasure. They kissed deeply and Olwen dribbled a thick globule of saliva onto Gillian’s tongue.

“Swallow,” she instructed, and Gillian obeyed, licking her lips to show how much she enjoyed this.

Once they began their sawing motion, both women settled into a familiar comfortable rhythm. Both were being penetrated and pleasured, and the heady reek of sex in general and cunt in particular soon pervaded the bedroom.

Gillian offered her mouth for kissing and when Olwen obliged, she slid her tongue into her Mistress’s mouth. Olwen clamped down on it, trapping it in her mouth. This was a regular feature of their fuck play and Gillian loved it. When Olwen released her, she opened her mouth to receive a thick globule of saliva which she held on her tongue until she was allowed to swallow it. Olwen continued to fuck her with vigour.

Afterwards, the two lovers shared a cigar and they talked about what Olwen had planned. As she walked home later on that evening, Gillian shivered in anticipation of the pain and the pleasure she would shortly be experiencing.

It is not surprising that neither Olwen nor Gillian discussed their private lifestyle in school. However, Olwen couldn’t resist putting her head round the headteacher’s office door early on the last Monday of the school term.

“My sister went to Germany on Saturday,” she said with a grin, having first ascertained that Gillian was alone in her room. “I spent most of the weekend with Noel and I brought up that thing we talked about.”

Gillian flushed with pleasure as she recalled Olwen’s plan.

“And?” she asked breathlessly.

“We’re on for this weekend!” Olwen confirmed with a wink. “I’ll be chatting with Noel most evenings this week, and we’ll work out between us what we intend to do with you.”

“Chatting. Yeah, right,” thought Gillian, but she didn’t voice her thoughts, of course. Instead, she looked hopefully at Olwen.

“Can you give me a clue, please?” she begged, only to receive a wicked grin and a shake of Olwen’s head.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” she said, withdrawing her head and waggling her fingers in a gesture of farewell. Gillian closed her office door and sat down. Her heart was beating nineteen to the dozen and she had a delicious tingle in her cunt. She touched herself and smiled. She couldn’t wait for this week and this term to end!

Although time went painfully slowly for Gillian, eventually school broke up for the summer holidays at 3 o’clock on the following Friday afternoon. All the children had gone home, as had most of the teaching staff. Gillian sat nervously in her office. She’d seen very little of Olwen during the last hectic week of term. She wondered if she should go and seek out her Mistress and ask her for any specific instructions.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sharp knock on the door. It opened and Olwen waltzed in. Gillian stood up, looking inquisitively at her Mistress.

“It’s ok,” Olwen said, “everyone’s gone except the cleaners. If I thought it was safe, I’d let you show your gratitude to me by allowing you to worship me here in your office. But we wouldn’t want the cleaners to walk in and see you on your knees with your face in my cunt, would we?”

She gave Gillian a quick kiss and tweaked her nipple.

“I’m going home now,” she said. “You do the same. You’ll get a phone call at some point this evening giving you specific instructions. When you get them, follow them to the letter. We are going to have a wonderful time these next few days until my sister comes home!”

Gillian illegal bahis siteleri realised that she’d been holding her breath. She let it out in a gasp of relief.

“Oh thank you, Mistress ” she said fervently, taking Olwen’s hand and kissing it. “I thought you were going to say that everything was off. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. I can’t wait for it to begin!”

The two women walked out of school together, calling goodbye to the cleaners that they passed on their way out. Both of them got into their cars and drove home. Olwen knew that Noel would be home already, as he finished early on a Friday. So she drove to Ursula’s house. Gillian drove home, her mind working furiously on what she needed to do before her phone call.

Gillian rushed into the house and ran upstairs. She stripped naked and went into the shower where she shaved her legs, her armpits, her cunt and with some difficulty, her arse. She gave herself a thorough wash and moisturised all over. Lastly, she lubed her arsehole and inserted a short, thick butt plug. She hoped that at some point either Olwen or Noel (or both if she was really lucky!) would fuck her in the arse at some point. She wrapped herself in her dressing gown, put her slippers on and went downstairs.

Turning the radio on for some company, Gillian scrambled some eggs and put two slices of bread in the toaster. She ate her tea in front of the television, trying and failing to concentrate on some inane quiz show.

“Please ring” she silently implored the telephone.

When the telephone did ring, Gillian nearly jumped out of her skin, despite the fact that she had been expecting the phone call for almost an hour. She snatched up the receiver and before pressing the ‘answer’ button, she forced herself to take a few deep breaths to calm herself. She connected the call.

“Good evening, Mistress Olwen. How may I be of service to you?”

Silence. Then she heard,

“This isn’t your Mistress. There’s a new kid in town tonight.”

Gillian didn’t miss a beat. Her training kicked in automatically.

“Good evening, young Master. How may I be of service to you?”

“What are you wearing at the moment?” The question was asked politely, but forcefully.

“Nothing, Sir. I am totally naked,” she answered truthfully.

“Your Mistress informs me that you own a pair of knee high boots and a three quarter length winter coat. Am I correct?”

“Perfectly correct, Sir,” replied Gillian in a calm voice that belied the terror she felt at what she supposed she was going to be ordered to do.

“Good,” continued the stranger’s voice calmly. Wear your coat and your boots and nothing else. It is now eleven minutes to seven. Walk down the road to Mistress Olwen’s house. Stay on the pavement opposite and stop outside the house. Wait until you see a light come on in the left hand bedroom window upstairs. Then, and only then, cross the road and enter. The front door will be open. Take your coat off and hang it in the hallway. Knock and enter as normal. Do you understand?”

“Perfectly, Sir,” replied Gillian before repeating her instructions word for word. She heard the word “Dismissed”, and she realised that she was holding a telephone handset that had recently been disconnected.

Telling herself to remain calm, Gillian went upstairs to the bathroom, where she removed her butt plug. She moved to her bedroom and took her boots out of her wardrobe and put them on. Next, she found her winter coat, and put it on. The lining was cold and made her shiver. She checked herself out in the mirror on the wall of the upstairs landing. She looked perfectly acceptable, if a bit strange wearing a heavy winter coat on a warm, balmy summer evening. Still, she had her instructions. She went back downstairs, out of the front door and started to walk towards Mistress Olwen’s house.

With nothing on underneath her coat, the silk lining rubbed against her nipples and Gillian hadn’t gone ten yards before they were both as hard as bullets. She slowed down, enjoying the sensation. It took her less than three minutes to reach the designated spot opposite Mistress Olwen’s house. She stopped and looked at the upstairs windows. Both were in darkness.

Gillian looked around nervously. The occasional car went past, but thankfully, the road was clear of pedestrians. She checked the windows again. Still dark.

From their vantage point in the darkened bedroom, Olwen and Noel could see Gillian standing alone opposite the house. She looked anxious.

“How long are you going to make her stand there?” whispered Noel.

“She can’t hear you from there, silly,” replied Olwen with a grin. “Let’s give her a few more minutes.”

She touched Noel’s cock through his trousers.

“Well you’re ready at least,” she remarked dryly, opening his zip and slipping her hand inside. “Oh my word!” she breathed, smiling at her young lover. “I’m of a mind to leave that slut there all night and take you to bed myself. You can fuck canlı bahis siteleri my brains out!”

Noel fondled Olwen’s tits and gave her a kiss.

“That sounds lovely,” he admitted, “but it would be a shame not to have some entertainment first. I’m really looking forward to seeing you punish your submissive. And don’t forget, you promised me a threesome,” he added with glee.

Olwen pouted at her great-nephew. “Only if you promise to cum in me,” she said sulkily. “I want to make that slut eat a cream pie.”

“We have plenty of time,” argued Noel lifting her skirt and inserting a couple of fingers into his great-aunt’s cunt. “By the time gran comes home a week tomorrow, both you and Gillian are going to be very well fucked indeed!”

He withdrew his fingers and licked them. “I wonder what her cunt tastes like?” he asked dreamily. “If it’s as sweet as yours, I’ll be well happy.”

“Why don’t we go and find out?” Olwen said with a smile. She took Noel’s hand and as they both looked out of the bedroom window, she flicked the light switch on. As they watched, Gillian looked both ways, up and down the street, and crossed the road.

Olwen switched the light off and she and Noel went downstairs. They had reached the foot of the stairs when they heard the three distinct knocks on the front door. Olwen kissed Noel quickly and went to open the door.

Gillian stepped in quickly and seeing her Mistress, greeted her respectfully.

“Good evening, Mistress. Submissive slut Gillian reporting as instructed.”

Olwen smiled at her. She stroked Gillian’s face tenderly.

“My great nephew and I are going to enjoy this,” she said sweetly. “Take your coat and your boots of and display yourself to Noel. He likes the more mature woman.”

Without a hint of embarrassment, Gillian opened her coat and slipped it off. Noel sucked in his breath in appreciation.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped. “Your tits are lovely! They remind me of a spaniel’s ears. I bet they swing beautifully when you’re bent over and being fucked from behind!”

Gillian blushed. “Thank you, Sir,” she said, bending down to unzip and remove her boots. When she was naked, she presented her smooth pink cunt and then turned around and, pulling her arse cheeks apart, displayed her brown and puckered arsehole. Noel murmured in appreciation.

“Well I don’t know about you, Aunty Olwen,” he said with a grin, “but I can’t wait to get started. Let’s go! I seem to remember Miss North giving me the odd ruler across my knuckles when I was a naughty little boy. Well it’s pay-back time. I’m a naughty big boy now, and I want to see Mrs Owen getting a good caning before I fuck her brains out!”

They all went upstairs into the back bedroom, which Olwen used as a punishment and play room. Apart from a wide whipping bench, the only other furniture in the room was a kitchen table against one wall, and a large bean bag in the corner opposite the door. All Olwen’s toys were laid out neatly on the table.

“Make yourself comfortable on the bean bag,” she smiled at Noel, “unless you want to give me a hand? I’m going to prepare her for caning. Her tits need binding and her nipples clamping.”

Noel grinned. “I’ll help,” he replied eagerly. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Olwen picked up two thick loops of rubber band. She handed one to Noel.

“Watch me,” she said softly. She grabbed one of Gillian’s tits and held it up. Slipping the rubber loop around her tit, she began to wrap it round and round. Soon it was wrapped up at the base and stood out proudly.

“Your turn,” she said, and Noel copied Olwen’s movements. Being stronger than her, he was able to make five complete loops with his rubber band. Gillian’s tits were already very red and very, very tightly wrapped. Her long, thick nipples stuck out like coat pegs. Olwen tweaked them both, bringing a gasp of pain from Gillian.

“Pass me those nipple clamps, lovely ” she said to Noel, and she quickly and efficiently clamped Gillian’s nipples.

“Now those weights,” she said, indicating two tear shaped lumps of lead, which she clipped to the chain between the nipple clamps. She led Gillian over to the whipping bench and bent her over it.

“I’m ready to cane her now,” she informed Noel. He took his cock out of his trousers and rubbed it against Gillian’s cheek.

“Kiss it,” he hissed and she obeyed, locking her eyes onto his and keeping eye contact as she did.

Noel nudged one of the weights with his foot, causing it to swing like a pendulum. Gillian moaned in pain, but continued to kiss his cock.

Out of the corner of his eye, Noel saw Olwen raise her hand. There was a whistling sound and a sharp crack. Gillian jumped. The caning had begun. Each stroke brought it’s own symphony of sound. The whistle of the cane through the air, the crack of wood on flesh and the hiss of pain all combined to make a very enjoyable melody. Noel reluctantly moved so as to see the evidence of his great-aunt’s efforts.

Gillian’s pale creamy arse now displayed a series of angry red stripes. Olwen paused for breath and Noel moved closer to kiss her tenderly.

“This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen” he murmured. “It beats watching porn. I can’t wait to fuck you!”

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Hostage Pumpkins

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This story contains massive milk filled breasts and some bondage.

Quick Pauline misadventure. Enjoy!


Pauline was home alone watching tv. Not like she ever felt judged around Conor, but she felt a lot more comfortable not wearing a bra without anybody around. The freckled little farmer could rest her super swollen milk tanks on either side of her lap, using the couch to carry most of her dairy globes. She still wore her giant milk pads, but the only other covering she had up top was a half buttoned flannel. Her fat ass stretched some accommodating jeans, almost sitting on the remote at her side.

Conor had gone out on a little adventure of his own, a quest to help a friend from out of town. It was a little iffy whether Conor was hoping to bang her or not, but as long as he was romantically faithful to herself, Pauline didn’t mind one bit. It did mean, however, that Pauline would need a different kind of scratching post to reach that itch between her thighs. It was hard to tell what kind of adventure she could get up to herself. Usually the universe would throw her into some sexual chaos. Not that she actively looked for men besides Conor, it just happened to be convenient at times when he wasn’t around. But like most days this would probably be a quiet evening.

Police sirens from town were slowly approaching her home. She walked up to the window out of boredom, very little else to do. From the window, she noticed a few police cars chasing a fancy cadillac. It was pretty plain, another day another crook she guessed, until the car broke off the road. The cadillac screeched to a halt, grinding over the road and sliding into Pauline’s poor summer grass.

“Damnit!” she cursed him. Why’d he have to mess up her lawn?

Then the man got out. He was big, an intimidating man dressed in black with a ski mask and his hands full. One arm carried a strange metal box while the other held some dark tool – a gun it seemed! Every moment made Pauline panic more and more. Now he’d run up to her door, just as the cops were reaching the farm.

“Open up!” the man’s gravelly voice boomed.

“Uh – no!”

Pauline ran to her rifle, hanging in the middle of her living room. She reached for it but recoiled at the sound of a gunshot. The criminal had shot her lock, busting through the door.

“Freeze!” he yelled.

Pauline held her hands up. It took some work with her heavy chest but she got back to her feet and looked to her trespasser. Even with the ski mask, she could tell he was staring at her breasts, a look of great confusion on his face.

“Freeze!” came voices from behind. Pauline recognized the officers who’d come to save her and felt a wave of relief wash over.

The man turned back and kicked the door shut. It didn’t stay closed, as the whole latch had been mangled by his bullet. He cursed at the men outside through the crack and threw the safe down. All the while his pistol was trained on Pauline.

“Alright, no sudden moves – here’s what you’re gonna do:”


There in her laundry room the two hid, Pauline bound and gagged by some rope and her own clothes. Inside the two sat, not sharing a word, occasionally staring at each other, trying to block out the constant sound of police sirens. More cars had come, Pauline guessed, as the sounds had picked up in volume.

“Mr. Roper!” a megaphone called to the house, “We have the house surrounded, please come out with your hands up! Failure to do so will require further action on our behalf and we don’t wanna hurt anybody, not even you! Please!”

Mr. Roper made no attempt to move outside. This was the second message the police had thrown his way and he was not interested in surrendering himself.

It did seem to stress him out though. The criminal slunk down the wall, face in his hands. He clutched the gun and its trigger with a dangerous amount of force, close to firing into the ceiling. After some sort of revelation, he got up, took in a deep sigh, and looked around Pauline’s house. He didn’t dare enter the living room out of fear he’d be shot or something, but it wasn’t as if there was much in the rooms available either. Nothing useful in the bathroom, a lot of useless junk in the bedroom, and Pauline’s extra large shirts didn’t seem like they’d be any extra help.

There he stood over Pauline. His eyes definitely glanced over her chest, but it looked like he was sizing her up rather than enjoying the view. She definitely wasn’t in modest dress, but he seemed to have a lot of other things on his mind. Mr. Roper then bent over, pointing the gun at her again.

“Listen, uh… whoever you is… I saw the name ‘Pauline’ around, that’s ya name huh?”

Pauline looked between Mr. Roper’s face and his gun. The only other body language she gave him were angry eyebrows.

“Ok fine, fuck you, you’re udders now, ya like that huh?”

She just rolled her eyes. Mr. Roper decided to put his gun on her dryer – it didn’t seem like he needed it to keep her in check, and she certainly wasn’t bahis firmaları taking him any more seriously with it. He looked around for a moment before taking his mask off.

“Sorry, just a little stressed, uh, Pauline. Real unkind to make fun a ya condition or whatever. I’m Saul.”

It wasn’t clear what Saul was expecting but Pauline just kept glaring at him.

“Look… I didn’t mean ta fuck up ya day. I’m not exactly in a good place either right now, ya feel me?”

Pauline scoffed through the gag.

“Ok shut up!” He stomped his foot and grabbed the gun again. “Y’know I don’t have to explain shit to you, ya bitchy hick! You wouldn’t understand anyways, you got ya farm here, big stupid checks comin your way, got enough stupd money to get ya big stupid implants-“

She shook her head ‘no’. Saul stopped and gave her a big smile.

“Ya kiddin me, right? Like hell, these don’t even look like implants, just them plastic fakes.”

He nudged her areola. Pauline shook her body to move away from his gun, protesting through her gag. He kept poking her with the weapon, chuckling at her discomfort.

“Hehehe… yeah no way girly, boobs don’t grow that big. Anyways-” Saul buried his face in his hands again and paced in a circle. “I’m pretty fucked. Shoulda never broke in, now I can’t go ta jail cuz they’ll nevah let me out.”

Pauline said something through her gag.

“Wha- oh, shut up. You gotta plan for me?”

She nodded her head ‘yes’.

“Alright, alright, love to here what my little captive has to say. ‘Turn myself in’ right? I ungag ya and ya tell me that I’m gonna punch ya, here me?”

No response.

Saul decided letting Pauline talk wouldn’t present any kind of danger to him, if anything he could talk to somebody besides himself in what many would call a moment of weakness. He undid the gag and backed up, waiting. Pauline stretched her jaw a little before talking.

“Hi.” she said.

“Hi to you too.” he replied.

“Ok, first of all, fuck you for all this, like honestly-“

“I’M SORRY!” Saul shouted. A look of pain and anger stretched across his face. “What was I supposed to do?! I’m on the run, cops on me-“

“Why were they on you, huh? That metal box?” she nodded to his strange container. It looked a lot like a safe, but much more crude.

“Yeah, that fuckin metal box. It’s money I was owed and now it’s been restored but the guy who owed me fuckin called the cops and now I’m here.

“What’s that all about?”

“Nonna ya damn business, shrimp bitch. That why ya wear this things around, just chillin on ya couch, feelin less small?”

“Ok, the second thing – mostly mother nature right here. These things are real and I don’t care what you think cuz I don’t care to prove it.”

“Oh I bet I could, but you enjoy your little fetish there.”

Saul tapped her nipple with his foot. Pauline turned away again, but her massive tits were too big to really move them any significant distance. Saul noticed that the nipple he’d toyed with seemed a bit larger now. He brushed it off as his imagination, but it certainly surprised him.

“But anyways, you said you had a fuckin plan?”

“Yeah, last point – just turn yourself in.”

“You!-” Saul raised his fist, “I said I’d hit you if ya said that!”

“Yeah, sure add some more charges on top of everything else you’ve done. You’re surrounded, and I know these cops. – they’re ruthless, especially when they have a hostage to save. You might have power over me right now, but you’re not gettin out of this house a free man.”

Saul lowered his shaking hand, frustrated rage across his masked face. Finally Saul took his mask off and threw it on the ground. He even threw his gun at the ground before jamming a finger right into Pauline’s face.

“Man fuck you. Fuck. You!”

Saul pounded on the walls and her dryer and any solid surface he could find in the laundry room. But he didn’t hit Pauline, yet at least, he was still on the fence between actually giving up and actually trying to shoot his way out. That decision was pretty balanced, but he leaned towards the option that involved killing Pauline. If he at least got to shoot her and shoot some cops it’d be a good try at life.

“You seem stressed.”

The banging stopped. Saul turned to look right at Pauline, his now visible brow furrowed. “Ya don’t fuckin say, huh?! This funny to you?! You enjoying tha front row seat ta me squirmin? That’s fair-“

His voice cracked at the last words and a few tears came through his eyes. He slouched down, truly defeated. It wasn’t clear what decision he made, but one thing was certain: he was fucked.

Pauline was thrown into this situation with a pretty reasonable mindset – this P.O.S broke in, tied her up, and now he’s crumbling under the mistakes he’s made. That catharsis of seeing Saul Roper reaching the end of his normal life became a lot less satisfying when he was crying with fear and dread. Another poor man – he was super fucked, Pauline knew, but maybe this didn’t have kaçak iddaa to be so bad.

Saul looked back up to Pauline. Her sympathetic expression made him angrier.

“Oh, now ya feel bad for me? Or- lemme guess- ya cracked the case on me bein stressed, tryna determine if I feel angry? Sad? Alone…” Saul’s tone lowered with each word, until he barely had a voice at all.

“I can help you.”

“What? Oh, like you can explain ta tha cops why I broke in, stole the money? I’mma textbook man gone mad, I fucked up and now I’m gonna pay for it regardless.”

“Probably, but I think the real problem right now is how stressed you are.”

“Y’know ya bitchy attitude’s part ta blame for that?”

“Yeah, and I’m sorry I stressed you out, Saul. I know you’re under a lot of pressure and even if we aren’t on the same side I think we’ll both be happier if you’re happier.”

“Ok, so… what? Ya got some icecream unda ya bed or what? I mean, you’re awfully pretty, I can always go for a, y’know-“

“You wanna touch my boobs?”

Saul smirked. “I was gonna ask for a dick suckin, but-“

“Yeah no we just met that might be a bit much. But you don’t seem like a huge boob guy so I feel less weird about you touching my boobs.”

He looked her chest over. The half buttoned flannel and her fat nipples underneath were pretty enticing, but she was right. Her boobs looked pretty ridiculous and he was still convinced they weren’t real.

“Ok, what? That’s supposed ta make me feel better?”

“Well-” Pauline scooted closer to him, jiggling her jugs with each thrust. “-just give’m a try. I’ve been told they make pretty good stress balls and that seems like just the ticket.”

“K, fuck it.”

Saul gave her tits a rough squeeze. At first he was just molesting them with all his anger and strength, to Pauline’s pleasant surprise. But after a few squeezes he slowed down, feeling around her entire chest.

“Holy fuck, these are good. They’re warm, they feel like normal tits-“

“They’re real, and they’re a lot more fun to play with without the shirt.”

Pauline swung her chest side to side, inviting Saul to explore. He opened her buttons and her bust sent the shirt tails flying to the side. Out sprang Pauline’s patented milkzookas, firm and full. Her nipples were covered by milk pads but they dropped away with the support of the shirt. Saul was impressed, and even more so when he began rubbing her bare breasts.

“These are real, huh? I don’t think they make’m with blood pumpin through, huh?”

“Real as can be, and real fun to play with, huh?”

“Wouldn’t call’m my cup a tea but they’re pretty fun!”

Saul giggled as he bounced her tit around. Her massive nipple flailed up and down in his face, beads of white milk sprouting from the ducts.

Pauline smiled wide, “Y’know what always makes me feel better? Helping other people. You wanna help me out Saul?”

He nodded, eyes hypnotized by her fat teat.

“My areola there, all that puffy, stretchy skin around that nipple you’re eye’n? That part makes the best kinda stress relief. You can let me really have it there.”

“Ok… wait wait wait,” Saul stepped back much to Pauline’s dissapointment.


“Ya seem like a nice lady, Pauline. I’m already gettin pinned with plenty a crimes I’ve done, I don’t wanna be a creep too.”

“No it’s all fine and dandy by me, man.” Pauline purred “You’re pretty strong, and those strong hands are just what my titties need right now.”

“…you prone ta stockholm syndrome?”

Pauline rolled her eyes, “You don’t have to play with my tits if you don’t want to.”

“Oh no, I’m willing and able…”

Saul sunk his hands into her sea of areola, fingers sifting through her flesh. Pauline moaned. Her nipple sent a straight of milk right by Saul’s head, surprising him. That seemed to only encourage his working hands. He didn’t hold back now, and Pauline took on some hefty man handling. Saul pulled and molded the softer edge of her breast like puddy, finding all the spots that made Pauline react. Milk and moans were a simple and fun reward to pull out, and this massive sack of milk was far more fun to play with than he could’ve expected. He wasn’t a boob guy, especially not an unnaturally enormous boob guy, but he probably wouldn’t have many opportunities to do this again.

Saul found a particularly soft spot below her nipple and squeezed it hard. Pauline gave an exceptionally loud moan followed by a serious hose-down of milk. The blast painted the laundry room wall white, and the stream would only increase as he attacked.

“T-that’s one of my favorite spots – oh!” Pauline cooed.

“Ya don’t say, huh?”

“Saul- oh! Quick question – agh! Y-you thirsty?”

The question was only strange to Saul for a moment, before it became much more logical. Pauline’s nipple was his next target. His fingers gripped the hot nub, her nipple too large to fully encompass. The end shot another thick, creamy spray directly into his mouth, almost too much for kaçak bahis the man. He took all though, and swallowed it in one gulp.

“Mmm… again, not that much a milk guy but you’re tasty.”

“Thanks. Milk bar’s open for sucking, don’t be afraid to get rough.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. Pauline’s nipple was stuffed right into his mouth, her fat, stretchy nipple filling a good portion of his mouth. He hadn’t even begun sucking and Pauline was cooing and gyrating with glee. His mouth didn’t need to be rough to make her squirt – his gentle chewing and rude tongue made her boob gush plenty enough! It didn’t taste as great in such a big torrent, but what Pauline said earlier was true. The fact that she was enjoying this so much made him happy to.

Saul unlatched. Her nipple was still ready to feed but he let her tit hang to her side. At this point he realized she was still tied to the chair.

“Ah… ya want outta those? I think I’m… ready…”

Pauline’s smile turned to a frown. “Oh, what? Ready to move on or-“

Saul looked out the laundry room door. “Ready ta turn myself in. Thanks for tha ‘stress relief’ hehehe, real fun body you got.”

“Oh! We… don’t have to be done yet, right? You still seem kinda sad, and that’s not good, right?”

Saul nodded, “I suppose me being less than content can be seen as kinda not good.”

Pauline nodded back. “Well then maybe helping me with something else would make you feel better.”

The busty farmer flailed her tits about for a moment, getting drops of milk around the floor. It wasn’t clear what she was up to at first but then her pants suddenly fell away. She leaned back, letting her tits hang to the sides – she was bare naked down to her ankles, legs spread. Saul was distraught, not sure how far he could bring himself.

“Look, ya lovely! But that blowjob bit earlier was more a joke, I don’t want ya lookin back regrettin this!”

“Oh c’mon, do I look like I’m regretting this?”

Pauline thrust herself towards Saul, showing how wet she’d become. She bit her lip as he bent down. His face was right up to her midriff, lips near her own set below the belt.

“Hey Saul, you said you’re not a boob guy – you like a fat ass?”

“Who doesn’t?”

“Don’t know if you noticed when you were tyin me up, but in case you forgot reach around.”

Saul’s hands slid along her sides, reaching her fat, freckly ass cushions. Each buttcheek was plenty large in their own regard, and plenty of fun to squeeze like her teats. He played with his bottom for a bit before using those squishy handles to bring Pauline’s pelvis closer. Without warning he dug his tongue into her body. She lurched forward, the unexpected surprise making her weak. Once he’d gotten going, she held his head closer with her knees.

“Oh, a little higher. Yes!”

Saul had found her other weak point. Pauline bucked in her chair, encouraging him to dig deep. Saliva and Pauline’s fluids began to trickle out the sides of his mouth, a truly juicy flavor. Each jolt made her titties rock, hanging milk tanks sending white spurts into the ground.

At last Pauline moaned a long, deep cry of joy. Each teat pumped milk into the floor and clothes piles. Her legs went limp but Saul kept working her like a dog at their water bowl, pulling her ass even closer. He ceased his stimulation but rested between Pauline’s plump thighs.

“…hey Pauline, you want outta those bonds?”

“Sure… but I gotta lay down after that.”

After being freed, Pauline just laid on the ground. Saul stood over her in the pleasant silence. She pat her boob, inviting him down.

“Those make good pillows, huh?”

“Great chairs too. Fuck, you could sit on it if you wanted.”

“Really? I’m kinda heavy.”

“Yeah I noticed. Take your dick out first.”

Saul’s blood started rushing, but he was already hard as stone. He was quick to get naked, his thick dick a pleasant but expected trait. Sitting on Pauline’s boob was handled with a bit more grace, however – crazy big tits or not, this was just flesh. A small, pancaked, flesh beanbag, it felt like. Pauline purred as his bare butt squeezed milk out her nipple. It shot into the hall outside the laundry room in a milky stream of boob artillery.

“Up-sorry! Am I too heavy?”

“No, just fine. You milked the other one pretty good, and now you can help me empty this tank…”

Pauline moved forward, making Saul lean further back on her fat tit. She got her lap right over his lap and flicked his dick with her tongue. It twitched. She made his dick dance around a little more before pulling her hair back.

“..while I empty yours.”

Teeth glided along Saul’s length. Length wasn’t his crowning achievement, but he was pretty thick. Pauline had to gawk on his cock to keep from constantly biting into his meat, and even then her teeth skid along the head. Saul moaned, plenty stimulated by a master at her craft.

His fun was cut short, however, as she slopped off his cock.

“Hey so, don’t take this the wrong way, but I could fuck you up pretty bad if I was salty about the whole break in thing.”

Saul went through a confusing mix of emotions, ending on a bit of fear. “Um… well… yeah you could… uh-“

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Anything for My Son Ch. 04

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Thank you to all that have enjoyed my stories, and to the constructive feedback and criticisms that I have received. I’m an amateur writer with no prior skill or knowledge in the subject, and simply write for my own enjoyment and meditative purposes. Still, I put a lot of effort into it, so thank you for reading and enjoying.

There have been many requests to keep this story between just the mom and son. Unfortunately I’ve had it outlined, and also always intended, for other characters to be involved. Apologies to those wanting just mom and son antics, however, I’m nearly finished with different story that will be just a mother and son story. So please wait patiently for that one.

People have also asked me to give some kind of warning if characters, other than the son, are going to be involved with the mother. So consider this the warning, there will be characters other than the son who will engage in sexual activities with the mother.

My stories are more on the unrealistic and cartoonish side of things. Especially with body proportions. If you are looking for something closer to reality and more grounded, this may disappoint. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Any and all characters are purely from my imagination, and any resemblence to a real life person or copyrighted character is purely coincidental and unintended.

All characters are over the age of eighteen.


The morning brings out a bright sun with a clear blue sky. Though the sun is out in clear view, the morning air is still cool. Outside in the backyard, a buxom woman can be seen doing yoga on top of a mat in the middle of her lawn. The brunette bombshell has been doing her yoga routine for nearly an hour now. Even while wearing an extremely thin baby blue yoga shorts and white athletic top, the brunette is sweating profusely. The workout outfit Is so thin and skin-tight that it clings to her body’s naked form as though she is wearing nothing. The skimpiness of her shorts and top shows ample amounts of her cleavage, displays her entire tone belly bare, and nearly all of her shapely long legs. All of her tantalizing parts are slippery wet and shining, completely covering in her sweat. A man’s head appears over the fence next door and greets the woman, “Morning Victoria.”

Victoria is a single mother of an eighteen-year-old boy who recently graduated from high school just over a month ago. Years before, her ex-husband cheated on her, which led to their divorce, AND immediately after the divorce, she fucked her ex-husband’s best friend because she knew it would piss him off. However, in doing so, Victoria became keenly aware of how much she loved sex. Which led her into a life of constant horniness and numerous sexual desires that seemed to escalate in intensity ever since.

Over the years, Victoria had adopted a lifestyle of a promiscuous slut, and conducted herself with sexual provocativeness to fulfill her sexual urges. Her urges includes teasing men, which is an act that greatly arouses her own horniness, and she teases through revealing clothes that accentuates her huge tits and perfect round ass. She also always finds ways to pose, position, and maneuver her body in ways that tantalizes any onlookers. Whether the situation is as ordinary as shopping at the grocery store, or a sexually common situation as a night club. Doing yoga in her backyard is one of those ordinary situations.

The yoga pose that Victoria is currently in has her laying on her belly and straighten legs. With her pelvis and legs still touching the ground, she plants her palms into the mat and pushes her shoulders upward, causing her enormous tits to protrude outward as she holds the pose. Slightly turning her head towards the neighbor, she replies with huffing breaths, “Oh, morning Ivan, how is your morning starting out?” She deliberately does the pose incorrectly to make her curvaceous ass look rounder, and to also make her massive tits seemingly hover in mid-air like they were two spherical objects.

Victoria has done her yoga exercise routines often in her backyard during the mornings when the weather is nice. She knows her neighbors from either side had spied on her every chance they got, and sometimes had given the most ridiculous reasons for being out in their backyard so early. For this particular morning though, it was not her idea to do yoga outside in the backyard, but rather it was her sons.

Her years of provocative displays of her body and seduction were always meant to play with men, and Victoria never thought her son, Andy, could be turned on by any of it. She thought a son could never desire his mother that way, but a few weeks ago, her son confessed that he has been sexually fantasizing about her for a while. After that, Victoria decided to fulfill her son’s sexual desires, believing that in doing so, her son will break away from his shy shell and become more confident in himself and how he’ll interact with woman his age.

So, she let her son lose his virginity to her, and afterwards, she told him he bahis firmaları can do whatever he desires with her; whenever he wants, wherever he wants, and in whatever way he wants. It’ll be up to him to initiate, and to her delight, Victoria’s son did as she wanted. He played with her every chance he got; asked her to do things for him or to him, touched her whenever he pleased , fucked her whenever he desired, and told her exactly how he felt and thought about her. At first, he was very nervous and shaky, but with time, he became more confident. It’s now been a few weeks, and her son is not only the most confident he’s ever been, but his skills in pleasing her is getting better and better.

Though she loves getting fucked by her son multiple times a day, she still lusts for different cocks. Her son’s father was her first and only man she’s ever had sex with, now her body is greatly desiring the feel of as many different cocks as she can possibly get. At first, her son didn’t want her to fuck anyone else, he wanted them to be together, just the two of them forever. But Victoria didn’t want him to go through what she went through with his father; to grow older and desiring to know the feel of different pussies, and then completely breaking it off with her to pursue that desire. And Victoria has yet to be completely satisfied with her desires to play with other men. So, she convinced her son to be okay with her fucking whomever she wants, and for him to also do the same.

To further help her son be more assertive in life and be less hesitant in situations, Victoria encourages him to make requests of anything. His request for her to do yoga in the backyard came after his discovery that the neighbors love to spy on her whenever they have the chance. Her son is coming to a greater understanding of who he is and what he wants. Seeing others lust for her when they’re out and about gives him a great sense of gratification and confidence knowing that he gets to fuck and play with a woman that’s so desired. In addition, to Victoria’s great delight, her son has come to realize how much of a slut for cock she is, and he’s slowly beginning to treat her and talk to her like one. Making her buy and wear even more salacious and revealing outfits, telling her who to seduce and tease, who to fuck, and how to fuck them. So, he chose the yoga outfit for her and requested she do an enticing yoga routine, knowing that when she finishes, she’ll be an extremely horny slut ready to get fucked by him.

As she does small talk with the neighbor, who is in his late fifties, Victoria continues to go through different yoga poses. Through the sliver of gap in the fence that divides their properties, she is amusing at the rapid movements that she notices, and assumes he’s jerking off while leering at her body as they talk. The neighbors from both sides had jerked off in front of her in various ways. However, Victoria has yet to allow them the pleasure of fucking her. The idea that they believe she is unawares to their naughty and dirty acts makes the teasing all the more fun. As she finishes up her workout, she notices Ivan’s eyes close, his body becomes rigid, mouth clenches, and knows he just came watching her. What a dirty man, doing this right in front of her… she loves it.

Standing herself up, Victoria rolls her yoga mat into a tight bind. Then she stands there, knowing there are horny men are gawking at her. Beads of sweat drips down her neck, curving over the surface of her bulbous mounds, and into her deep cleavage. The flimsy white athletic top she wears, with no bra underneath, is drenching in sweat, and becomes translucent enough to seem as though she is topless. Her brown nipples, stiffening from the excitement of being watched, is very noticeable. Her baby blue shorts, though darkening from her sweat, is not as translucent, but clings tightly to her flesh and shows an obvious camel toe.

Her dampened brown hair straggles around her sweaty face in a messy state. She looks down at her body, completely soaking in sweat from an intense workout and excitement. Then, she looks at Ivan with a smile, and cheekily apologizes to him, “Sorry for not looking too decent Ivan.” Victoria teasingly slides her hand across her chest to give the impression of wiping her sweat. The effect also slightly jiggles her massive wet tits at him. “I know Vanessa hates it when I’m so… indecent.” She stresses the last word.

“Oh no Victoria,” Ivan replies with a stutter. “You look grea–, I mean so fin–, I mean, don’t worry about it. You’re doing a workout, people aren’t supposed to look well-groomed during a workout. So, you know… keep doing what you’re doing. And uh, well… don’t worry about my wife… I just won’t tell her. How ’bout that?” Ivan finishes with a chuckle.

Victoria and Ivan bid each other goodbye, she then turns to head towards her house. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots a kid from the other neighboring house, also recently graduated along with her son’s class, scurrying quickly back into his house. Although kaçak iddaa being watched by neighbors is a titillating feeling, what made her most excited, is knowing her son was watching her from his bedroom window. Lifting her head up, she meets her son’s eyes, who looks at her licking his lips and giving her a smile. Just as quickly, he vanishes, and Victoria’s body tingles imagining what he’s going to do.

Andy had been waking up early for a long time to spy on his mom working out in the mornings. Nowadays, he no longer has to hide or be slick about what he’s doing. When she had worked out inside the house, he would gawk in clear view of her, salivating and touching himself as she did her exercises. Normally, he would wait for her to finish, because exercising is a big part of maintaining her sexiness. But when she’s done, or close to being done, he jumps on her, because watching her just builds up his horniness. However, they both agreed he wouldn’t do this when she’s outside in the backyard, or rather, they both agreed to not do anything that could be discovered by the public in general. Otherwise, Andy may never be able to play with his mom ever again, and he doesn’t want that. So, this morning, he eagerly watched her until she finishes, and as their eyes met, he ran downstairs to meet her.

Once he arrived at the foot of the stairs, he sees his mom in the kitchen with her back facing him, and drinking a glass of water. Her wet sweaty body has moistened her clothes to a point where they are clinging to her form. His eyes narrows to her round bulging ass, causing Andy to lick his lips in hunger. The hunger for his mom has been building all morning, and as she stands in the kitchen looking so delectable, he can no longer keep himself calm. So, he quickly drops his athletic shorts to first release his aching cock. Which immediately springs up due to its stiffness, and bounces up and down as it settles in place to eventually pointing at his mom. Then, throwing his shirt onto the floor, Andy’s mom turns herself around, and she stares in delighted surprise at his nakedness.

His mom turns to face him with a sensual expression on her face, then spreads her legs more than shoulder width apart in an enticing standing pose. He stares hungrily as she tensely slides her hands all over her body, seductively pressing into her flesh, teasing him even further. She ends with one hand cupping her large tits, and the other slowly sliding into the frontside of her yoga shorts. The salacious sight intensified an already brimming build-up within Andy. So, he only let just her fingertips in before he charged at her with voracious hunger.

He wraps his arms around his mom and pulls her tightly into him. Andy immediately plunges his mouth all over his mom, pushes his hard cock against her toned abs; her slippery belly sliding his cock from side-to-side. As he mauls his mom, licking and sucking her lips, face, and neck, Andy could taste the saltiness of her sweat. The slipperiness of her body allows him to easily slide himself against her, lathering her sweat onto him. . His hands roam her body, feeling her skin, her form, squeezing her tits, her as. He begins to kiss and lick down her neck, moving onto her bulbous tits.

“Damn, mom, it’s so damn hard to resist you. I don’t know how I ever did it before. I don’t know how anyone does it.”

Both of his hands now grasps his mom’s tits, massaging them roughly from outside her wet top. Meanwhile, Andy’s face is shoved into her cleavage, feeling her wet slippery firm mounds pressing into his face. He sucks in as much of her bulging fullness as he can into his mouth, licking whatever he can as he does so. His mom’s arms are wrapped around his head, pulling him deep into her firm bouncy mounds.

Victoria tilts her head back to moan, “SSSSS, oooh sweetie. Mommy is so horny for her son’s hard cock.” Her son has requested that she refer to herself in the third person, calling herself “Mommy,” when speaking directly with him. He couldn’t articulate to her why, simply telling her that it turns him on. Victoria believes it adds an extra level of naughtiness for him. Though she has found that she feels very naughty when referring to herself as “Mommy” in the third person as well. So she has been adamant about speaking in the third person with her son ever since, choosing the right moments do so.

Victoria somehow finds herself now on top of her kitchen counter, completely ecstatic with her son’s lust. She’s thrilled at his squeezing hands, his sucking mouth, and licking tongue. His fingers and face wedges deeply into her bountiful fullness. Her son’s lustful hunger is absolutely apparent, and her own lust is just as great. Her nipples especially, which greatly tingles with a desire to be played with. So, she wraps her legs around him and pulls him into her, then pulls off her top and reveals her stiffened nipples so that they may receive the play they so desire.

Her son looks at her stiff nipples with a smile, knowing exactly what she wants. “You’re such a naughty kaçak bahis mom. Wanting your son to suck on your nipples.”

“MMMMM, mommy loves being naughty. It makes her so much hornier.”

Without needing any direction, her son immediately sucks in her nipples while pinching and pulling her other one. As he clamps down on her nipple with his teeth, using the amount of pressure that really turns her on, Victoria lets out a loud moan. Tingling sensations throbs within her tits and pussy. She continues to revel in pleasures as her son switches back and forth between her two nipples.

To her disappointment, Victoria’s son pulls himself off her tits. “Oh sweetie, mommy is so horny. Don’t stop.” She tells him in a begging voice. An expression of horny yearning can be seen on Victoria’s face, which her son returns with a hungry smile. With rapid dexterity, her son pulls her yoga shorts off, and without needing any lubrication on his cock, quickly plunges his hard cock into her pussy.

“OHHH, sssss, yes!”

A rush of intense orgasmic sensations erupts throughout Victoria’s body, immediately upon his cock’s insertion. Her pelvis is on the edge of the counter as one hand grips the edge while the other props up her body; leaning back to allow her son to watch himself fuck his mother. Her calves rubs against his shoulders as he holds onto her thighs. Then her son uses them as leverage, so that he can thrust into her as hard and fast as he can. She has taught her son how to fuck in many different ways, using many different techniques and rhythms. When he is as horny and hungry as he is now, he sometimes pounds fast and hard to get that immediate satisfaction as quickly as he can.

Her son watches his cock quickly thrust in and out of her pussy. Each thrust generates a loud smacking sound, and also propels her massive tits to wildly bounce on each impact of their pelvis. Victoria easily gets off on many different styles and techniques of sex, so this quick hard pounding is doing as much for her orgasmic build-up as any other kind. And she knows it’s one of her son’s favorite styles because it allows him to not think too much about what he needs to do. Leaving him to act purely on desire, and completely focus on feeling the pleasures.

Feeling her son’s grip on her thighs tightening and his body clenching, Victoria knows her son is going to cum soon. So, to goad him on, in a tantalizing voice she says, “Oh sweetie. You’re making mommy feel so good. Suck mommy sweetie. Fuck mommy hard. Pound mommy’s pussy. Mommy loves your cock.” Her son begins to thrust harder and faster, breathing heavily and quickly. Oh yes sweetie. Mommy is so wet for you. Mommy’s sweet boy has such a hard cock. Oooh, yes sweetie, cum for mommy, cum hard for mommy sweetie.” She tells him, as her son’s build-up is brimming on the edge.

Victoria, herself, is feeling on the edge as well. Her body is brimming with orgasmic fire, screaming to burst and release. Every muscle clenches trying to hold back an explosion, like a dam about to burst. The tension propels her pussy to squeeze her son’s cock tight; desiring to suck him in deep, not wanting his hardness to escape until her orgasm erupts. Her eyes never leaves his face, watching him stare at his own performance. He then lifts his head, and their eyes meet. The blissful expression she sees compels her to tell him, “Cum in mommy.”

Immediately, Victoria’s son gives one last thrust as hard as he could using his grip on her thighs as leverage. Digging his fingers into her thighs more deeply, her son jerks his head and lurches his body as he moans in ecstasy. The first shot of her son’s cum that she feels in her pussy ignites her orgasm and shatters her tensions. The burst sends shockwaves throughout her body, feeling every euphoric pleasure at its greatest peak in every pore.

“OOOHHH yes! YES, YES, YES! Cum inside mommy! Fill mommy’s pussy with your cum!” Victoria’s body contorts, twists, and jerks as her son thrusts in rhythm with each shot of his cum. While she revels in the orgasmic sensations flowing through her body, her eyes scrunches, still locking onto her son, who continues to pump cum into her. A satisfied expression replacing the one of hunger.

Her son’s grip begins to loosen, his thrusts slows down, the smacking of their bodies lessens as the expulsion of cum nears its end. Victoria relaxes her body, breathing heavily and slowly. Andy himself is also relaxing, serenely smiling at his mom. He let’s go of her legs and leans his torso forward to wrap his arms around her waist. Pulling her into him, Victoria’s firm tits squishes into her son’s chest. She wraps her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, his cock still in her, and they lock lips. Their tongues gently wrestling, and the lips softly smacking.

They pull apart with Victoria smiling at her son. “MMMMM, that was hot sweetie. You fucked mommy real good.” Her son smiles back at her, his cock softening inside her pussy. The softening thickness slides out of her, leaving an empty gap that feels wrong. As her son takes a step back, she looks at his semi-erect cock angling downward. Wet and slimy with the mixture of their combined juices, it drips down at his cock’s tip as one long thin string down to the floor.

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