A Day in Slovenia

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Dani was a regular Erasmus student, at the moment studying in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She was the typical Portuguese: Tanned, big hazel eyes, a 21 year-old brunette who adored her country more than anything, in spite of all the endearment she had for this amazing nation where she had settled down for a year. Dani had always known she was fond of women. Too fond. At the age of 13, she finally realized what all those feelings meant and accepted them very naturally, as well as her closest friends.

The first semester in Slovenia flew right through her. Passed all the exams, had as much fun as she could, and in the blink of an eye, the second semester arrived.

It was the first class of the second semester, on a Thursday morning. She walked into the classroom, filled with computers, said “Hello” to her new classmates and chose a desk to work on. Five minutes later, the teacher walked through the door. Tall, shorthaired blond, very tanned from all the alpinism she practiced every weekend, big blue eyes. Dani was too busy checking her e-mail inbox to see her coming, and only noticed her as soon as she muttered the first words of that new course: “Dober dan” or “Good day”, in Slovene. Dani lifted her head from the computer screen and faced her new teacher, who was looking at her with an intriguing smile.

“You must be our faculty’s new addition, from Portugal?”

But she was too focused on her teacher’s chest: Not big, but well-shaped breasts, just as Dani liked. Trying her best to focus on her teacher’s question, something like “Ehm, yes, I am” came out of her mouth, still hypnotized by the teacher’s amazing looks. The Slovenian woman smiled and looked down for 3 seconds. “So, shall we begin?”

One month had passed since the first time Daniela put eyes on that Slovenian piece of sin. Her sex life was, let’s say, very active. But, no matter how hot the girl she was fucking was, she would close her eyes every time and picture her teacher’s body glued to hers with sweat. Every time a girl was going down on her, she would lean back her neck and grab her hair violently, picturing her teacher’s soft-looking blond hair while screaming “Fuck me, harder”. Her Thursday classes were all the same: No attention on the subject, whatsoever. If the teacher wasn’t looking, she would quickly scan all through her body, picturing the dirtiest things she would do to her. When she leaned on someone’s desk, Dani would feel this little shock right in the middle of her legs, squeezing them in a hurry to stop her crazy imagination from floating, but all she could do was close her eyes for seconds and see her teacher on all fours, begging her to fuck her harder, while the young girl buried her strap on cock deep inside her cunt, followed by her tight asshole which she would firstly lick, like a cat licking its milk.

She never had much hope of realizing her fantasies. But, from time to time, the teacher would turn out doing little things which confused her quite a lot, like leaning on her desk so close to her, that if she turned her head to the place where her teacher was, their lips would meet. Or, staring attentively at her, in the rare occasions Dani found the will to actually work. She was a clever girl, and none of these little details passed unaware to her. This raised deeply her self-confidence towards this huge sexual attraction and started acting in a more sexual way with her teacher, who noticed it.

The second semester was over, and all that was left to finish were the exams. It was uşak escort a hot June afternoon, when Dani took her usual bus on the way to the faculty, nothing new, except one thing: She was moving towards a private oral examination with her hot teacher. The night before, Dani found herself dripping wet, just of imagining the most perverted things that could happen in that office. Of course she wasn’t expecting any of them to come true.

Sitting on a chair outside her teacher’s office, she watched with attention her classmates going in and out of it, each of them taking around 5 minutes. The teacher had put her at the bottom of the list, which at first confused her until she realized her surname’s initial letter was the 4th last of the alphabet. “That explains it”, she thought.

Finally her turn came. With her heart racing, her skin smelling like baby oil and wearing her best underwear, she opened the office’s door and faced her biggest sexual fantasy since that hot September of 2010, when she first arrived to Slovenia. The teacher was more beautiful than ever: Her skin was tanned like never before, her blond hair looked healthier than ever; she was wearing a complete white dress without back, and its neckline showed off the small sun marks left on the chest, which Dani considered kind of hot; she wasn’t wearing a bra, for what Dani could see her rock solid nipples through the dress and wondered how come someone can look so hot with so much charm. She breathed deeply and took a sit.

“Hello Daniela, how are you these days?”, asked the teacher with a confident smile on her face.

“Good, good… Thank you”, Dani answered, not able to hide how nervous she was.

“Now, you look nervous! Haven’t you studied enough for the exam?”, she put on a sarcastic smile, which comforted Dani. She appreciated sarcasm.

“I did, I did, yes… I guess some things you can never get rid of, no matter how much you try. Nervousism is my only weakness, when it comes to final exams”

“I perfectly understand you, but I also know you’re an intelligent, smart girl. You’ll be fine!”

With this, the exam started. Dani had, honestly speaking, studied quite a lot, thus in the end she got all the questions correct. She felt proud of herself.

After a while, the teacher stood up and moved to the opposite side of the desk, where her student was sitting. With one hand on Dani’s shoulder (which made her muscles have a quick spasm), the teacher put two sheets in front of her, bureaucracy shit which she had to sign. With all her muscles contracted, she jotted down her signature in the bottom of each page; her teacher’s perfume was now floating around her senses. Daniela felt wet. Her teacher noticed her uncomfortable feeling and whispered on her ear:

“You know… I have always noticed how you act around me. It’s like… I have some kind of strange effect on you. Do you want to tell me what’s going on your mind?”

Dani started breathing heavily. Her heart started racing all over again and her panties were wet of so much desire.

“Needless to say… I feel the same around you, did you know that…?”, once again the teacher whispered on her ear.

Dani’s heart stopped for a fraction of seconds and came back to life as soon as she felt her teacher’s wet lips placing on her neck. They slowly slipped to the front part of her neck and she could now feel the sweet scent of her teacher’s hair… It smelled like strawberries. Dani’s fingers penetrated uşak escort bayan her hair gently, while with her right hand, the teacher started unbuttoning her student’s blouse. The Portuguese girl’s neck was now leaning back, while the Slovenian teacher’s mouth came across her chest. The teacher turned Dani’s chair so as to face her, kneeled between her legs, greedily licking, biting and sucking Dani’s nipples and unbuttoning her jeans at the same time. Dani didn’t know how to put into words how horny she felt at that moment. With her neck leaning down, this time, she watched while her teacher, the same who took part on her wildest fantasies when she couldn’t sleep, went down on her. In a quick movement, she slipped Dani’s jeans down her legs, kissing her bellybutton and going down with the tip of her tongue. The boxers came right off and Dani found herself exposed, in the middle of a teacher’s office, in Slovenia. That uncomfortable feeling lasted around 3 seconds, for her teacher’s wet tongue was now making circles around her clit, therefore driving her crazy. She tried her best not to moan, although it wasn’t easy. The damn teacher was talented. With her eyes closed, she felt the teacher’s tongue inside her, penetrating her as much as possible. She knew how wet she was and she wondered if the Slovenian teacher was enjoying licking it all off, so she opened her eyes to find a completely horny woman, licking the young girl’s juice with a pure expression of pleasure, while with one hand she’d masturbate herself, underneath her dress. Dani smiled and strongly grabbed the blond hair, it was as soft as she had imagined.

“Lick me so good, I’ve been waiting to come in your mouth for so long, if you’d only known…”

“Oh I knew it alright”, answered the teacher from between her legs.

In that moment, the teacher was sucking her so hard, the pre-orgasmic spasms began. Dani’s hand grabbed the teacher’s hair even stronger and her legs began to twitch. Her breathing was now faster than ever and her moans louder. From one second to the other, Dani came, on a violent shake, in her teacher’s mouth. The Slovenian woman licked every single drop of it, completely satisfied with her job. She went up to Dani’s lips and made her taste her own cum, putting her tongue fully inside her mouth until her student sucked it all.

“So, I guess this was the perfect goodbye”, said Dani after a while, buttoning her jeans.

“Goodbye? Who said this was goodbye? Let’s go.”

She had no idea where her teacher was about to take her, but she wanted to go. They got off the office, the teacher locked the door. Five minutes later Dani found herself in her teacher’s car, headed to the woman’s home. Now the real fun was about to start.

It was a very nice flat, indeed. Two bathrooms, one kitchen, one living room and a bedroom. There was a perfect scent of rosemary in the air, and the last rays of light penetrated through the living room’s balcony, giving it the perfect atmosphere. The teacher offered her some wine and disappeared into the bedroom for a minute. When she returned, she had with her something Dani had only tried on her wildest fantasies: a nine-inch strap on cock. The teacher unbuttoned once again Dani’s blouse, taking off her bra, followed by her jeans and boxers. In a second, the teacher was also naked. She grabbed Dani’s hand and made her feel how wet she was. And all because of her, thought the student. She strapped the big cock onto Dani’s escort uşak waist, kneeling just like she had done in her office and started sucking it, at the same time she stroked it with one hand. Most people do not understand why some lesbians do this, but Dani did, and so perfectly. Lesbian sex is all about the mind, the imagination. So she closed her eyes and grabbed the teacher’s hair, making her mouth slide back and forth through the cock. Once she was done, the teacher headed to the couch, where she laid, staring at her student provocatively. Dani moved in her direction, slowly, enjoying every second. With one knee on the sofa, she found a position between the teacher’s legs and spread them wide, putting a finger inside the pink, shaved pussy of her teacher. She was dripping wet. Then, with the cock in one hand, Dani buried it deep inside that beautiful pussy, making the teacher release a groan. Now with both legs on her student’s shoulders, the teacher started rubbing her clit while that unbelievably good Portuguese girl fucked her harder and harder, making her juices resound at each stroke. Dani couldn’t believe what she had right in front of her, so she took a few seconds to analyze it. This hot-as-fuck Slovenian teacher was lying there, with both legs on her shoulders, while she fucked her with all her strength. She was incredibly horny.

“Oh, yes! Fuck, fuck me! How I love having your cock inside my wet pussy…”

“Oh you like when I fuck you like this…? You like young Portuguese pussy…?”

“God, yes. I want you to fuck my tight asshole right now.”

That was all Dani wanted to hear. In a quick movement, the teacher turned on her back and Dani glued her hot sweaty breasts to the teacher’s back, kissing her ears, her neck, always going down and down, until she reached the bottom. With her hands, she opened the woman’s butt cheeks and licked her asshole, penetrating her with the tongue until she started drooling of pleasure. She reached the lube lying on the floor and quickly applied it all over the strap on, stroking it continuously until all was spread. Dani was now gently burying it inside the teacher’s ass, hoping she wasn’t hurting her. For Dani’s surprise, the woman had put herself on all fours, visibly turned on. Now inside that tight asshole of hers, the Portuguese student fucked her Slovenian teacher as hard as she could. Hornier than ever, the young girl started spanking her teacher’s ass, who enjoyed it as much as her. With one hand, the teacher spread one of the butt cheeks while her perfect not-big-nor-small tits swung.

“FUCK ME, YES, FUCK MY TIGHT ASS!” she screamed.

They were both covered in sweat, pussy juice and saliva. The room smelled now like sex and sweat. As disgusting as it may sound, it was the perfect environment for both of them. The red sunset was finally making its appearance and the living room was now a show of red rays of light. Dani felt like the best Erasmus student in the world; still fucking her teacher’s perfect smooth ass, she finally felt the woman’s muscles contracting: She was going to cum. Now going faster, back and forth on her teacher’s butthole, stroking her clit with two fingers, the Slovenian woman released a guttural groan, followed by a jet of cum which was now dripping from Dani’s hand. In a quick movement, the student took the strap on cock off the loose hole and laid between the teacher’s legs, still on all fours and surprised with that action. With a smile, though, she sat on Dani’s face and let her lick all the cum off of her, making her legs twitch. Five minutes later they both surrendered; the teacher laid her body next to her student’s, inhaling the perfume which was still on her neck. Not long ago, Dani was sleeping to wake up to a new day in that beautiful country, which was now home.

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A Feminine Touch

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Judy was a 30 y.o. Happily married woman. 12 years to her husband Jim and a beautiful 11 year old daughter, Kaitlin. Her husband was a successful engineer and Judy worked as an accountant in a large law firm. She started right out of college and was very good at her job. She stood 5’5″, long auburn hair. her breasts were about a 36b-c and her ass, with that delicious arch which made it seem to stick out even more, was just… perky. It did get a lot of attention but none that she was ever aware of. Her dress was always smart, not to form fitting. Just enough to show off her features without it looking as though she was trying to “advertise.”

She was very pleasant and non assuming to those she worked with. her smile always seemed to light up the room. Everyone enjoyed her presence. There were about 8 other co- workers in her section, she was the team leader, and four of them were lesbians. There was Nora, Kim, Beth and Amber. Now others may have surmised this but they did not want to go out of their way to declare it to those they worked with. Knowing that some people felt uneasy around said people, they decided to just keep it that way. But to say that Judy’s beauty was lost on them would be a mistake.

The four were out to a restaurant one evening after work. Having had their meal, they were having a drink and talking about the other girls at work. “Of all the girls at work, who turns you on the most?” Said Nora. She seemed to be the leader of the group, if we could use such defining observations,

The girls, looking at each other almost said in unison, “Judy.”

“That girls ass just makes my mouth water” said Amber. “I would never dream of hitting on her but wow! Does that ass make me wet.”

“You know” said Kim, It would be a thrill to… turn her.”

“I agree with that, but she is married, and has a child. I wouldn’t feel right breaking up that marriage. To lust is one thing but to destroy a marriage? I… I wouldn’t feel right.” said Beth, looking a little sad.

“Girls, Beth is right. As much as I would like too, I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt her family, especially her daughter.” Nora in thought, “But, just maybe, if we showed her… a feminine side of life, where she could have both worlds.” The girls all nodded in agreement as Nora spoke. ” I heard Judy saying her husband was leaving tomorrow for a week long business trip and her daughter was staying the week with her grandparents. Let’s do this. I will invite her to go bowling with us tomorrow night, some drinks and we will invite her over to my house and we will take it from there. What do you think? No pressure, just some girl time.”

The girls all agreed and Nora sat about the task of what she would do. Upon getting home she called Judy.

“Hey girl, Nora here. Say, a few of us from the office were going bowling tomorrow night and I remember you saying you were going to be alone this week. Would you want to join us, maybe have a drink afterwards? Would love to have you come? (a pun here?)

“Well… you know Nora, maybe that would be a good idea. It seems like Jim just never has time to go out much… Yes, I’ll be there.”

“Oh Judy, we would just love to have you. (another pun?) Meet us at around 8:30, and this is my treat. See you there.”

“Hey hun, who was that?” Jim said

“Oh… just Nora. Said they were going bowling and wanted to know if I wanted to go.”

“Honey, that is great. You haven’t been out in quite a while. I am sorry I don’t take you out much, with the job in all. You deserve some time out.” Hugging his wife, Judy was getting a little turned on. Then Jim dropped the bomb. “Well, I have a ton of paperwork to get ready for tomorrow’s presentation when we arrive. Love you… will miss you.”

“Oh… I know… me too.” They kissed and off he went. Judy sat on the bed, frustrated. She loved her husband very much. He did please her sexually, for the most part anyway. She just wished there was… more. When he leaves she will have to take matters into her own hands. She chuckled to herself at that thought she just had.

Jim was up and off early that morning. Judy just lay in bed, thinking, hand under the covers, slowly diddling her pussy. Wishing they could have had a good fuck, to tie her over before she left. There was a knock on her door.

“Mom? You up? Can I come in?” Her daughter was the light of her life. So compliant and giving. As she walked into the room she noticed her mom looked a little down. She walked to the bed, Judy opened the covers, hoping she could not smell her aroused pussy. Kaitlin smelled something but didn’t know what it was. She climbed in and hugged her mom. Her soft body felt nice to Judy. Not sexual… just nice and soft.

“Mom, you look kind of sad.”

“Oh… no honey… just in thought. I could never feel sad with you around, you make my day.”

“Oooh mom. I love you soooo much.” She hugged her more. “Mom, you are going to be here all by yourself next week. I could ask grandma if I could stay here at night with you, that way you wouldn’t be so van escort lonely.”

“Kaitlin, that is so sweet of you. But no. I will be all right. Grandma and grandpa have things planned to do with you and I wouldn’t want to spoil that. Just call me in the evening, maybe we can Skype. That would be enough.”

“Ok mom, if you say so. But if you get lonely, you tell me. Kay?”

Hugging her tightly. “What did I do to get such a wonderful daughter as you?”

“You and Dad have good genes maybe?”

“Yah… that’s it. You are the best of us both. Well, let’s get you ready, your grandparents are expecting you this morning.” She dropped her off and returned home. Getting into her chores to help her forget her aloneness.


The day did pass quickly. She dressed, a button up blouse and a pair of knee shorts. Not to tight, but it was hard not to display that ass of hers. Before long she was bowling and having the time of her life. The girls were laughing and drinking. After about three games. “Hey girls, let’s go over to my house. We can have a few more drinks and every one could crash if we get to drunk.” Nora was hoping Judy would agree. She did and ended up following them to Norah’s house.

Getting out of her car, Judy spoke. “Wow Nora, this is a nice place. Do you live alone here?”

“Oh yes. I didn’t want the apartment life. Thought if I ever settled down, I would have a nice place.” They walked into her living room. All the girls sat down. No one really near each other. They didn’t want Judy to feel… out of place. “Hey let me get some drinks” Nora went into the kitchen and brought out some wine and poured everyone a drink.

They all sat around talking about work, family and such. None giving an hint of their sexuality. They had been drinking for a while. Judy was beginning to feel the effects as Kim asked her a question. “Judy, you seem to be a happily married woman.”

Hesitating a little. “Well Jim… is a wonderful husband. And my daughter is just… the best.”

“I’ll bet he is good in bed.”

“Amber? Honestly, that is not something we talk about.” Nora said, slightly scolding her.

“No… that’s ok Nora. We are girls here. Jim is… good to me… that way. But sometimes I think there must be… more. I hear others talking about their… you know… sex life. And I must say, I think I am missing something. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jim but sometimes I wish he was more… “

“Feminine maybe?” said Beth

“Well… yes. I guess that is a way of putting it. I mean, sometimes I wish he was more… I don’t know… in touch with me… softer maybe.” Nora poured her some more wine and she drank most of it.

“Judy, maybe you need to add something to your life.” Said Amber.

“Oh… I would never cheat on my husband… never.” She was almost in tears. Nora went to the sofa and took her hand.

“Judy. We would never suggest that. To make a point. May I ask you a very personal, sexual question?”

Feeling a little embarrassed she said, “Well… I suppose.”

“Judy, you play with yourself to make yourself cumm, do you not?” This took her by surprise. If she had not been a little inebriated, she probably would have walked out. But she felt a sense of caring, comfort, and this held her there.

Looking down, feeling very conscious, “Well yes. Especially when Jim is away and when I haven’t felt… “

“Satisfied? Judy it is alright to admit this. I think a lot of marriages experience this sort of thing. But I think you can do something about it.”

Looking up at Nora. “Really? But how? I mean I would never cheat on him.”

“Ok, When you are playing with yourself and having an orgasm, without him, isn’t that in a way… cheating?” Judy just looked at her, really thinking that through.

“You know, I have never thought of it that way but… I suppose you are right.”

“Judy, how open minded are you about sexuality?”

“I… don’t know. I guess I am open to any point of view. I mean I know mine is not the only one.”

“Judy would you say we here are all friends?”

“Oh, why yes. I think of all of you as my friends, not just co-workers.”

Nora looked at the rest. They nodded their heads, knowing what she was going to say. “Judy I am going to tell you something that I don’t think you know. I hope it will not ruin our friendship.”

“Oh Nora, I don’t know what you could possible say that would make me think that.”

“Judy? All four of us… are lesbians.”

Her eyes got really big, her mouth opened. The girls thought they had totally ruined their relationship with her.

“Oooh… ok. Didn’t see that coming.” Still holding Nora’s hand.

“Judy, does that make you feel any different toward us?” She sat there, trying to take this all in, especially in her state of mind. She finally said and to everyone’s surprise.

“Uhh… no. You know, If you hadn’t of told me, I would never have guessed. I mean you girls never flaunt yourself, I have never seen you… hitting on any one. No, escort van I don’t think any worse of you for who you are. Soooo what did you mean by… adding something to my… life?”

“Judy, we would never want to come between you and your family, believe me, we would die if we did. We respect you too much for that. But… you said you were looking for something more… softer, to add to what you already have. Judy, if you would permit, we could offer you that softness, you so crave. No strings or commitment. Not trying to turn you.(was that a lie?) We would never come on to you, only if you were willing.”

Thinking for some time. “What would I… have to do?”

“Nothing Judy. We could show you the softness of a woman. Let you in on a world you know nothing of. We would do nothing you would not want to do. Can leave or quit any time, and we will still be your friends. You can have both, if you want to.”

She thought long and hard on this. She really did want… something and this did seem like what she was looking for. She did trust Nora and the others. Why not. What does she have to lose. “Oh… ok, what do I have to do?”

Nora, holding her hand, standing said “Just come with us.” and she led her upstairs to her bedroom. The other girls were wet with the anticipation of what might transpire. They would let Nora lead the way. She took her into her bedroom. It was plush. carpet, lighting, mirrors everywhere. a king size bed. It was beautiful. “Judy, stand there as we get ready.”

Judy stood there, hands folded across her chest. She was awe struck as the girls all began removing their clothes. Laying them neatly on a chair. They were stunning. Beautiful bodies. Perky titts and all also had shaved pussie’s, and she couldn’t help to notice they were wet. Nora came over to her. “Are you still ok with this?” Judy nodded yes, feeling a bit scared. Not knowing what was going to happen.

“Judy, we want to disrobe you. OK?” Judy just nodded her head. Nora walked up to her and began unbuttoning her blouse. No hurry. The girls unsnapped her shorts and removed them and her panties. Noticing they were a little damp. Beth, behind her, brought them to her nose and sniffed. A big smile coming to her face. The girls looked at her with a little envy. Removing her shoes and socks, she now stood there, completely naked. Feeling a little embarrassed.

Nora took her hands, holding her arms out, like you would a child, admiring them. “Judy, you are so… beautiful. Your body is fantastic. Would never know you had a child. Now, does our nakedness make you feel… awkward?”

“Well… no. And I could say the same of all of you, your bodies are just perfect.”

“And soft.” said Nora. I see you also shave your pussy. That makes you look so lovely. Now how do you feel about seeing our nakedness. Does it do anything for you?”

“To be honest? I don’t know. Tingly maybe?”

“Judy, may I touch your body?’

“Well… I guess so… yes.” She was very apprehensive. A little scared as this was something totally new to her and yet… arousing?” her feelings were confusing.

“Judy, would you kneel on the carpet with me, your hands at your side.” She slowly sank to her knees staying upright. Nora got down behind her. Judy opened her legs some and her feet more so Nora could kneel behind her. Nora placed her hands on her shoulders and the girls stood close to her. One in front and one on each side, their hands on their bellies.

“Judy, unlike men, a woman, no matter who she is, I think they enjoy the female body, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes” She said softly.

” Our parts are so soft and need to be treated that way.” She ran her hands down her arms and back up again. “A woman’s touch is so soft and unhurried.” The girls in unison began slowly rubbing their hands on their body. Touching themselves everywhere. Judy was so enraptured with this as Nora kept stroking her arms. Judy was beginning to relax. Enjoying Nora’s hands on her. Her hands went to her neck and over her shoulders, around and down her back. “Judy, may I go… farther?”

“Yessss. Nora it does feel… wonderful.” Nora’s hands went over her shoulders and down her arms. Going across her belly and cumming up to her titties, she held them underneath. Judy took in a breath. Never having a woman’s hands on her breasts before. Nora brought her hands out, fingers opened around the base of her titts. She began softly swirling her fingers, bringing them up toward her nipples stopping at her areolas.

“Mmm.” Said Judy, her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations.

“Watch how softly the girls are on their own titties. No hurry.” The girls were caressing their titties and nipples, making them hard. Judy, looking up, stared at them, feeling her own nipples come to life as Nora began swirling her fingers around the nipples. “Look at their pussies Judy, as they open like a flower.”

Judy watched as the girls brought their hands down to their pussies, caressing their lips and eventually rubbing their clits as they were all protruding van escort bayan out. They were getting wetter and you could smell the aroma from each pussy as it was stroked.

“Look at their pussies Judy. Fingers slowly bringing each one to life. Only the way a woman can do it. Soft and slow.” Nora ran her hands down the side of Judy’s legs, running her fingers to the inside and slowly bringing them up, closer to Judy’s pussy, when she got to the edge, her hands came out and up her side to her titties and then back down again. Softly caressing her body. Judy could feel the arousal. Never knowing it would or could be like this.

“Can you smell the aroma of their aroused pussies Judy? Lean in and see how each one smells a little different. go ahead, don’t be afraid, just sniff the aroma.” Judy did lean close to each one and sniffed. As she did so, each girl raised their hand up and leaned their pussy toward Judy, almost touching her nose to their pussy. All knew they wanted to so badly. Nora thought she would take it to another level.

“Judy, have you ever tasted your own pussy?”

“Mm… yes”

“Would you like to taste another girl? Your call, no one is forcing you. Just to see what it would be like? Amber, open your pussy some for Judy.” Amber opened her pussy, just enough to see her hole. Placing her pussy a fraction of an inch from Judy’s lips. Nora was still caressing Judy but not touching her pussy. Her fingers would come almost to her lips and then pull away. Her arousal was climbing, and having a pussy so close. Could she do such a thing?

“If you want Judy, just stick out your tongue some and taste Amber’s pussy. You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.” Judy slowly stuck out her tongue, Amber backed away some till she got it out then she leaned forward and Judy’s tongue went to her hole.

Judy brought her tongue back but not without Ambers juice on it. Amber almost came right there. It was all she could do to hold it. To feel Judy’s tongue on her pussy. Something she had fantasized about before, but never thought in her wildest dreams would it actually happen. Judy brought her tongue into her mouth and tasted Amber. Not reproached at all of her taste.

“Well Judy, what did you think, was it that bad?”

“Uhh… no… not really.”

Still caressing her, rubbing her legs, next to her pussy lips, but not touching was getting Judy worked up. “Girls, turn around and show Judy what else we have to offer.” The girls turned around, opened their legs, reached back and opened their ass so Judy could see their pucker.

“Judy, you may not believe me but this is another part of a woman that is so wonderfully soft. and amazing when treated properly. Has your husband ever done anything with your… ass?”

“Uhh nooo. I think he thinks it’s… not something to bother with.”

“And how do you feel. Have you ever played with yours?”

“Well… yes… sometimes… it does feel… I don’t know… nice?”

“Judy do you like the aroma of your ass?”

“Yah.I guess I do, now that you mention it. Is that bad Nora?”

“Oh my word no Judy, just the opposite. Just look at those puckers, aren’t they beautiful? So pink and soft looking. Judy, if you want now, lean in a sniff each one. Tell me what you think.”

Judy couldn’t believe she doing this. Smelling another girls ass but it also just seemed… right. She smelled each one going around to each one a few times. The girls could feel her nose lightly touch their hole. It would cause them to wink it. The girls were so turned on by this.

“Judy? Again, would you like to see what one would taste like?” she waited for her answer.

“I… I guess I could try. Is it very offensive?”

“Oh no, just stick your tongue out and try it. poke it in a little and go around the hole. Again, your choice.”

Judy decided to try it, after all she had come this far, and she had always hoped that maybe Jim would have done it to her so she could see what it was like. As soon as her tongue touched Beth’s ass, she backed up some as Judy pressed her tongue into her ass and then rimmed it before taking it back into her mouth.

Just then Beth grabbed her pussy, squeezing her legs together and she came. Moaning and clutching her pussy. “Why Judy. Congratulations, you just made Beth cumm. How do you feel about that?”

Judy was beside herself. Never in her life did she ever think she would make another cumm. “Uhh gee Nora… I don’t know… hard to describe. I mean I am glad for her but coming from me… I don’t know.”

“Judy, you have just given pleasure to someone. Never feel guilty about that. If they didn’t like it they would have told you. Beth? How did it feel?”

Beth looking at Judy. “Ohh Judy it was… wonderful. I mean your tongue… in there… back there, I hope I don’t scare you but it felt… wow!”

Judy didn’t expect that. Now it was time for the next step for Judy.


Nora stood and Judy stood with her. The girls were all standing around her. “Judy are you ready to feel how soft a woman can be?”

“Yes… I guess… yes ok” All the girls came in and rubbed their bodies against Judy, slowly and softly running their hands all over her. Judy closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. Her arousal is so high now. Her pussy is leaking. Nora placed her knee between Judy’s legs.

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God, I love that feeling.


Your mouth changes strategy again and again-at one moment pulling the tender flesh of my swollen nipples in, and in the next releasing the suction completely. The resulting sounds become a symphony of pleasure in my mind.

I look down to watch you, sitting on the bed and feasting on me. Our eyes lock over the swell of my tits and my clit hardens as I imagine that beautiful mouth applying its efforts a little lower.

My hands busy themselves with memorizing the soft fullness of your breasts, at times roughly taking control, kneading and slapping, and then softly just following the curves, running the tip of my thumb over the soft areolas to the hard tips.

Your focus is on me, however. You move in an unchoreographed display of desire. You alternate between focusing on my sensitive nipples and taking in more of the surrounding skin. Your teeth sometimes rake over me; your tongue shows its appreciation, sweeping across my tits in long, firm strokes.

By now, I am soaked. My clit is full and wanting. My pussy is hungry. You reach over and pick up the harness. I help you into it, unable to resist shaping my hands around your amazing ass, dragging my fingers up the back of your thighs. You have little patience for my trabzon escort distractions, though. You position me where you want me on the edge of the bed. In order to ensure I am ready, you lightly play with my clit-even deigning to suck it lightly for just a moment-before slipping your finger inside of me. You finger-fuck me until two fingers encounter little resistance, then slap the toy against my clit and apply the warmed lube.

You sink into me, slowly. As the resistance builds, you gently guide your hips forward and back, taking me a little more with each stroke. Soon, you are completely engulfed by my pussy. I revel in the feeling of fullness, of the closeness of our bodies, and the heat of your hips and pussy as they rest on top of mine.

You don’t wait long. In no time, your hips have begun a steady assault, fucking me with that great, deep, slow rhythm. By the time you are ready to really fuck me, my thighs are splayed as wide as they can be, my pussy shamelessly taking everything you’re giving, begging for even more. Coherent speech is impossible at this point; “Fuck”, “God,” “Please,” and moans/grunts are all that I can manage. There is nothing else like this, nothing else that satisfies as well as your dick buried in me.

You position trabzon escort bayan yourself to where you can have more leverage and really fuck me in earnest now. Your hands grip the back of my thighs, pushing my feet closer to my head, and you hit that deep spot. God damn, it feels amazing. You slam your clit into me with every thrust and as you pound into my hot, slutty pussy, sweat collects on your skin in small beads. My hands are everywhere-your tits, your back, your ass, wrapped in the softness of the blankets… My eyes shut tightly, but you’ll have none of that. You slow your pace. You slap me gently and tell me to open my eyes. I hesitate, but once you threaten to stop fucking me, I force them open and they lock onto yours once more.

Your eyes tell me what I already know. You want to possess me. To remove any notion that I am anything other than your wanton bitch, built solely for your pleasure. You fuck me. Long. Deep. Slow. You twist and pinch my sensitive nipples. It takes everything I have to maintain eye contact as you remove every shred of propriety from me. I suffer through a small orgasm as you grind into my clit, but you don’t even change your pace. You would normally slow and let me regroup, but today you fuck me right through every escort trabzon tremor.

You’ve made it clear: I am your plaything and just along for the ride. Your fucking feels divine, though, and that sexy little smile confirms that you know it. You hand me the lube and tell me to pour a little more over my clit and your cock. I know you’re going to make me touch myself and I am resistant, embarrassed and unsure. But your eyes narrow and I know that if I don’t comply, I won’t get what I need.

The lube is colder now and after I spread some on the exposed part of your dick, I lightly stroke myself, trying to mimic the movements you make when you make me feel so goddamn good. My fingers slide slowly up and down my shaft, ending at my clit. Your rhythm has slowed now and your movements are confined to short, shallow strokes, allowing the natural tightening of my pussy to set in as my clit takes charge. I watch as the fire in your eyes grows as I increase the intensity of my stroking and really begin to jerk myself off for you. I can tell that you’re at the edge and you’re losing control of your hips.

You only require this display for a moment. As much as it drives you wild, It is meant as a lesson in self discovery, not as a lesson in embarrassment. You hand me the vibrator and, with a smile, tell me that I better get to it. I immediately apply it to my needy clit. It does not take long. The feeling of your body over mine, so close and warm. The fullness of your cock inside me. You take what you need from me and I can’t take any more. My orgasm explodes over me minutes after yours takes you.

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A Hot Day In Camp

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Even now, after five years have passed, the memories of that summer and the events that transpired one hot July afternoon still have the ability to stoke the fires of my passion to the point where I am reduced to a steaming, juicy mass of sexual desire. God, I’m getting wet just writing about it. I just had to share this experience with someone and I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.

My name is Cindy and at the time this happened I had just turned eighteen years old. I am of average height with long black hair and a better than average body if I do say so myself. I have long firm legs which I like to show off with tight shorts or very short miniskirts. I seldom wear panties and once in a while I will spread my legs in public places and give unsuspecting young women a peek at my pussy all the while pretending that I am unaware that I am flashing them. My breasts, while not overly large, are ample and firm with nipples that sometimes get about an inch long when properly aroused. My pussy, I have been told, is beautiful with full pink lips that part with ease when I am turned on.

That particular summer I had landed a job in a summer camp as a basic computer skills teacher. This camp was a girls-only facility for the daughters of wealthy adults who needed to brush up on certain skills that it was felt they would need in college the following fall. As you might imagine these girls were not too thrilled to be spending the summer at some camp their parents had picked out. Parties, drinking and other so-called bad behaviors were pretty common but frankly I couldn’t have cared less. It was just a temporary job to me.

On the day in question the girls were being bussed to the nearby lake for a sort of farewell party. Lucky me had been chosen to stay behind at camp and mind the store.

Just before the busses pulled out, Miss Hanlon, the camps group leader came into the admin center where I was sitting at the main desk and told me that two girls were being left behind at camp as punishment. Looking at her clipboard she said,” it’s Gina Smalley and Karen Lavern.”

“What did they do this time ,” I asked? Needless to say this wasn’t the first time they had been in trouble.

“Let’s just say they were caught in a compromising position and leave it at that,” she said with a raised eyebrow. “Not at all what we expect from our young women. Go over to their cabin later and check on them will you Cindy?”

Soon the busses were gone and I was left on my own. It wasn’t long and boredom began setting in. As my mind began to wander I began thinking about the two girls who were left alone in camp with me.

Gina I had met several times and I began to picture her in my mind. She had red hair that hung down to her shoulders and had a beautiful body. She favored tight shorts that hugged her ass suggestively and t-shirts that hinted at large breasts and firm pointy nipples. Oh oh. As I pictured her the first traces of desire made their appearance. I felt a tingling sensation start in the pit of my stomach and slowly begin to spread in all directions. My nipples began to stand up and without even realizing I was doing it my legs began to spread.

My thoughts turned to Karen Lavern. Sweet sweet Karen was one of those girls that could make you cream in your pants just by looking at her. Blond and blue-eyed she was simply stunning from head to toe. A face destined to grace magazine covers as a top flight model, a body to die for with long tan legs, ample breasts and a firm round ass that I was sure she didn’t mind showing off. Best of all were her large, firm lips which drove me crazy every time I saw her. I guess bee-stung is the way an erotic writer would describe them and she had a habit of slowly wetting them with her tongue when she was in my computer class. Thinking about her now was getting me more aroused than ever.

I slipped my hand down between my legs and began to slowly and gently massage my warm pussy. My other hand slipped inside my t-shirt and began to lightly caress my stiffening nipple. Good thing no one was around. I began to picture those beautiful lips of Karens first licking and then sucking my hot nipple. I could feel it growing to its full length in her warm wet mouth. She would tease it with her tongue and when I couldn’t stand it any more she would slurp it up with her beautiful lips, sucking it and licking it at the same time. I imagined the hand rubbing my pussy was hers and could almost hear her whisper how much she wanted to slide down to her knees , lick her way slowly up my long legs and the eat my wet hungry cunt.

Oh God I was getting hot! My fingers were inside my pussy now rubbing and probing. My clit was throbbing and each time my fingers found it I thought I would explode. Switching hands I put my pussy juice coated fingers in my mouth and licked all of that wonderful nectar off of my hand. Umm it tasted so good.

Rinnnnnggggg!! The sound of the phone ringing surprised me so much that I almost fell yozgat escort off the chair. My wonderful daydream disappeared instantly. Somewhat embarrassed I answered the call and took down some meaningless information for someone or other. I only hoped they couldn’t tell from my breathless tone that I had been up to anything. Hanging up I tried to regain my composure but truth be told, I was still hot as a pistol. Maybe a walk would cool me down. Anyway I had to check up on Gina and Karen. I had to laugh…Christ if they only knew the way I had been picturing them in my minds eye.

Their cabin was about fifty yards down the main road and just slightly into the surrounding woods. I figured that by the time I walked down there I would be back to normal. And you know I probably would have been except for the fact that several of my fingers were still wet with my pussy juices and I kept licking it off on the way down there. I must admit that I love the taste of wet, dripping cunt and tasting my own juice only served to keep my sexual desire burning. After I checked on the girls I thought I’d head over to my own cabin and give my dildo a good workout.

About ten yards from the cabin I suddenly stopped short. Had my ears deceived me or was that a moan of desire I had heard? Listening closer I heard the unmistakable sound of a woman’s moan and then someone said quite distinctly,” Oh yesss, do it you fucking slut! Go on put your tongue right in there”

Oh my God I thought, could that be what I thought it was? Could Gina or Karen be in there with someone? Or maybe with each other? I had to find out. All pretense of checking up on them was gone now. I wanted only to creep up on the cabin and see for myself what was happening. Drawing closer to the screen door that led into the cabin I distinctly heard Gina’s voice say,” that’s it you fucking butt slut, lick it good. Oh yeah!”

Peeking in through the screen door I saw a sight that instantly had my pussy flowing all over again. Beautiful Gina was kneeling on the old couch, her delightful ass lifted high in the air and her long red hair hanging down over her head and cascading onto the end of the couch. And sitting behind her was the object of my former daydream, Karen. Peering in closer I could see that Karen had spread apart Gina’s luscious ass cheeks and was slowly and lovingly licking Gina’s asshole! Her tongue would slowly lick the inside of each ass cheek and then return to Gina’s asshole itself Where she would slowly move her tongue back and forth and then push it inside the hole itself. Once inside the ass her tongue would start a fucking motion sliding in and out.

As you might imagine Gina was beside herself with passion. She was urging Karen on with the filthiest language I had ever heard.

“Yes yes lick my asshole you fucking assloving whore! Put you tongue way up there and lick me clean! Ohh that’s it you nasty cunt. Suck it! Suck my ass juices right out you bitch!”

Far from offending Karen, Gina’s dirty talk seemed to turn her on even more. Once in a while she would raise her face from Gina’s ass and say,” Ohh baby your ass tastes soo good, I want to lick it all day!” Then she would bury her face back in Gina’s ass and start over again.

I was a goner by this time. My cunt was throbbing and pussy juice was running down my leg. I had never seen anything like this before. I had never had a tongue caress my ass the way Karen’s was doing to Gina’s and the sight nearly drove me mad. At one point Karen raised her face from Gina’s ass and I could clearly see those beautiful bee-stung lips of hers coated with Gina’s hot ass juices. When she stuck out her tongue and slowly licked up all of the juices that had collected there I neatly fainted. What I did do was lose my balance and fall into the screen door. The door popped open and I fell head first into the room. There I lay flat on my stomach with my hand still in my panties and dripping wet.

Gina, whose head had been facing away from me, sat straight up with a look of surprise on her face. Karen however barely flinched and looking me straight in the eyes said,” I was wondering if you were coming in or if you would just stand out there with you hand in you pants all day”. I started to mumble some lame excuse or other but I was totally tonguetied.

“Who the fuck is this?” Gina asked Karen.

“This is that bitch that teaches computer courses here. You remember me telling you about that girl that spends half the class staring at my pussy? Well this is her in the flesh.”

“Oh yeah, I remember,” Gina said, a smile starting to appear on her face. ”Well since you enjoy looking so much why don’t you crawl over here and get a close look?” She then slid her ass out to the front of the couch and spread her creamy thighs slowly apart. There right in front of me about five feet away was Gina’s beautiful pussy. Her pussy had been shaved recently and stood wide open. I saw that it was still glistening yozgat escort bayan wet from her previous passion. Her pussylips were full and if there was any part of her still hidden that problem was solved when Karen reached down and spread Gina’s cunt wide open with her fingers. Gina’s eyes got a glazed, faraway look and she let out a soft moan.

“Come on baby,” Karen said. “Come here and taste this.” Lifting her fingers to her mouth Karen began slowly licking some of Gina’s juices from her fingers. Still looking me straight in the eyes she said,” ummm it tastes almost as good as her ass.”

At this point there was no way that I could refuse these two hot sluts anything at all. Making my way to the couch as best I could on my knees I waited just long enough for Karen to again reach down and spread Gina’s pussy wide open and then I bent forward and kissed her wet slit. Oh God, it smelled wonderful and tasted even better. Extending my tongue I slowly began to lick and explore the outside of her wet, gooey pussy. She began slowly moaning and pushed her hips even farther forward so that I could get at her cunt easier. I ran my tongue up and down the length of that gorgeous slit lingering on her protruding clit. Gina was in heaven and I wasn’t far behind.

Karen slid to the floor next to me and began nibbling on my earlobe while one of her hands found my breasts and began rubbing my nipples. The combination of sensations was almost too much to handle.

“That’s it baby lick her pussy good,” Karen whispered in my ear. “Tongue fuck her and lick up all that sweet cum.”

Pulling my face away from Gina’s dripping gash, Karen leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth with those beautiful lips of hers and buried her tongue in my mouth. Our lips and tongues joyfully swapped Gina’s cuntjuice. Turning back to Gina I buried my tongue as far into her cunt as I could. Licking in all directions I sucked up as much juice as I could ,not wanting to miss a drop. Karen had managed to get my blouse and bra off by this time and was happily slurping on my rock hard nipples. Switching back and forth between them I could feel her saliva dripping delightfully off of them. Lying on her back under me, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that her pussy was within easy reach so I reached out and began stroking my fingers back and forth over her wet slit. Two of my fingers slid right in up to my knuckles. She let out a squeal of delight and renewed her efforts on my nipples. Her fingers found my pussy through my parted shorts and began working their magic on me.

Gina suddenly began bucking her hips even faster and I knew that she was about to come. Driving my tongue in and out of her hole I was determined to make her come and to suck up every drop.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck,” she moaned.” I’m coming you bitch! Don’t stop. Suck me. Suck me!” I felt her pussy twitch several times and suddenly I tasted more juice fill my mouth. Determined not to lose a drop of that glorious cumjuice I sucked and licked even harder and was rewarded with even more cum. God, who knew a woman could come so much? Gina couldn’t stand any more and pushed my face away from her dripping pussy. My face was covered with her juices and I knew her cum was dripping suggestively out of my mouth and slowly over my lips. Karen, who never missed a thing, was quick to climb to her knees and lick the cum off of my cheeks and lips. When her mouth found mine I gladly swapped some of Gina’s cum from my mouth to Karen. She happily slurped it up. We swapped as much of it back and forth as we could before we each swallowed what was left. It was glorious!

Gina, who had regained her senses while Karen and I ate her cum, suddenly leaned forward and said, “ well if you two cum guzzling sluts are finished now, I think, Karen it’s about time that we taught our new friend a new trick. How about it, Karen?”

“ Oh yeah,” she said and then told me to get my shorts off and directed me unto the couch in the same position Gina had been in when I first saw them. I was on my knees with my ass sticking high into the air and my hair hanging down over the end of the couch. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I had a pretty good idea. I had never felt this horny in my life and I was ready for anything. Karen flipped unto her back and slid under my upraised hips with her head right at pussy level. Gina reached down between Karen’s legs and began finger fucking her with three fingers. After a few seconds she removed her fingers from Karen’s dripping pussy and walked around to the end of the couch where my head was. Slowly she rubbed Karen’s pussy juice all over my lips and face until I was coated with it.

“We don’t do this for just anybody,” Gina said smiling. “Here’s some pussy juice to taste while we’re tasting you.” She then walked back behind me and it was then that Karen’s tongue found my cunt for the first time. Now I’ve had my pussy eaten before but never, never like Karen escort yozgat did it. Her tongue had a PH.D and she used all of her knowledge on me. First gentle, then insistent, her tongue and lips ranged freely over the length of my slit bringing me to levels of desire I had previously only dreamt of.. I knew my pussy was dripping and every drop that found Karen’s mouth brought a moan of thanksgiving from her. Her tongue was deep inside my pussy when Gina made her presence known.

I first felt a soft kiss on each of my ass cheeks and then heard Gina say, “ ohh you’re going to love this and so am I.” I felt Gina lightly grasp my ass cheeks and slowly pull them apart. I felt just the slightest rush of cool air caress my ass as my cheeks parted. Licking some of Karen’s tasty cuntjuice from my lips, I tensed awaiting Gina’s touch.

“ Oh baby, You’ve got a beautiful ass. Has anyone ever told you that before? Karen I swear it’s as pretty as yours and you know how much I love your sweet ass.” She bent forward and lightly ran her tongue from the bottom of my pussy along the whole length of my asshole. The feeling was electric and I thought I was going to go right through the roof of the cabin.

“Umm that tastes sooo good,” she whispered. She slowly began licking the inside of my ass cheeks, covering every inch of skin she could reach. She reached down to my wet pussy with one of her fingers and after getting it soaking wet she began to lightly rub it on the outside of my hot puckered asshole itself. I had never been touched there before and found that I loved the sensation. I was squirming to the point that Karen was havin trouble keeping her tongue in my pussy.

Slowly Gina’s touch on my asshole became more insistent and suddenly I felt her finger slide right into my ass.

“Oh there it goes,” she cooed. “Let’s see how you like this.” She began gently sliding her finger in and out of my ass. Her tongue would dart all over my ass and ass cheeks as she slowly fucked my hole. She was driving me crazy and I suddenly felt her finger slip out of my ass with a small popping sound. I heard her say “ taste this Karen,” and I felt Karen’s lips leave my pussy and I knew that Gina was feeding Karen her finger that had just left my ass.

“ Oh that is so sweet,” I heard Karen say just before I felt her lips find my pussy again.

Gina bent forward and I could feel her tongue begin licking my ass again. Without her finger in the way this time there was nothing to stop her tongue from going right to the hole itself. I felt it gently pushing at the entrance and she reached down to spread my cheeks as far apart as possible. She began a sort of corkscrewing motion with her tongue and I felt my tight little asshole open up and her greedy tongue push inside. I swear I saw bright lights flashing when her tongue went inside my asshole. That’s the only way I can describe it. Her tongue began moving around in there and I was out of my mind. In and out her tongue went and with every movement I would push my hips backward to meet her strokes.

Karen gave up on trying to match my movements and eat my pussy at the same time and slid out from underneath me to watch Gina work.

Giggling, Karen said, “oh Gina you ass loving bitch, lick that hole. You love that asshole don’t you you whore. Just save some for me, I want some of that ass too.” Gina didn’t bother answering she just shoved her tongue farther up my ass. Karen leaned forward and began licking the inside of my ass cheeks as far as she could reach with Gina’s head in her way. Oh God, two tongues working my ass over…how much could I stand? I raised my head slightly and noticed a large mirror on the wall right in front of me. As I gazed at the mirror I felt Gina’s hot tongue slide slowly out of my hole. In the mirror I could clearly see Gina raise her head away from me and then Karen did too. Gina smiled at Karen with lust filled eyes and slowly stuck her long tongue straight out of her mouth. Karen moaned and wrapped her lips around Gina’s tongue and sucked it right into her greedy mouth. Slurping noisily she sucked every bit of the taste of my ass off of Gina’s tongue.

Gina pulled back her head, laughed, and said, “ Now go get some right from the source you ass licking bitch.” Believe me Karen didn’t need to be told twice and immediately buried her face in my asshole. Her tongue rammed straight up my wide open hole and she began licking out my hot ass with a vengeance. Sucking, slurping and licking noises from my ass were the only sounds that could be heard except for my moans of pleasure and an occasional laugh from Gina as she watched Karen work. Noticing that I could see her in the mirror Gina arose and walked around to the end of the couch where my head was. Kneeling down to look me in the face she said, “how do you like it baby? Karen’s the best fucking asslicker in the world and you’ve got her tongue in your ass right now.”

I couldn’t argue with that statement what with Karen’s tongue about three inches up my ass at the moment greedily trying to lick out every drop of my ass juice. A series of moans was my only reply.

“ Next we’re going to teach you to lick ass baby and then you’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon licking out both of our assholes. How would you like that?”

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A College of New Perceptions Ch. 2

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Kelly’s awareness slowly increased as her senses began to awaken. She could feel the slow even rising and falling of the taut flesh were her head rested. She could feel the soft, neatly trimmed pubic hair tickling her nose and lips. The skin on her face felt tight from the dried cum of her earlier feast. The aroma of the first pussy she had ever made love to filled her nostrils. Kelly inhaled deeply and savoured Sandra’s essence sighed and felt her body quiver.

Sandra was still sleeping and as Kelly looked up between her full breasts she could see a contented smile on her friends face. She looked back down to Sandra’s sex and let her fingers run through the golden curls. She let her fingertips slowly trace the outer lip of one side than the other. Watching as her slight touch instantly made the lips start to swell and deepen in colour. She kissed lightly were the lips parted and wondered how did she get so lucky to have found some one like Sandra.

Kelly could feel the heat in her own crotch grow as she contemplated Sandra’s clit snuggled in the folds of the inner lips. Lightly swirling her tongue around the nub she moved back slightly to watch it expand. The wave of ecstasy that ran through her body enforced her feelings that her newfound sexuality was just what she needed to fill a void that had unknowingly been part of her.

Sandra moaned and Kelly smiled up to her to see she appeared still asleep. She noticed the fleshy coloured dildo poking out from under the pillow where it had been hidden. At first the sight repulsed her but looking back at Sandra’s face a thought came to her. Sandra had had men before in her life and a fear over came her that she might one day lose her lover to a man. She reached up and pulled it out and set it down between Sandra’s legs and looked at it. She swallowed back the disgust she had for this thing thinking that she would need to overcome her aversion if she ever wanted to keep her lover forever.

The rubber phallus was well over a foot long and it surprised her to see that it had glands at both ends. She would have to ask why about that sometime. She held it about an inch from the end and rubbed the tip along Sandra’s slit. It pulled at the flesh with its dryness. Looking up at Sandra’s face she thought to herself, “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She took the end into her mouth to wet it. She gagged at first thinking of the incident with her cousin but never the less she braved on wanting to satisfy her lover completely.

When she thought it was slick enough with spit Kelly pushed her face into her lover’s pussy, inhaling deeply and slurping on the folds of pussy meat until she felt better. Sandra moaned once again so Kelly stopped licking. She didn’t want her to know what she was doing until it was done. Making sure she still slept she rubbed the fake cock along Sandra’s slit. With her free hand, Kelly spread the lips open and found the opening of her vagina. Kelly slowly forced the dildo in stopping as the glands disappeared to look up at Sandra. Her breathing started to deepen and a groan escaped her. Slowly pulling it almost out before pushing it back in deeper Kelly found that she was getting wetter and the shaking she felt was from the excitement that began coursing through her body.

“I’m fucking my lover.” She thought to herself as she felt her body tremor.

Kelly moved up onto her knees as she sawed the fake cock in and out of Sandra’s cunt as already over half of it slid easily in.

“Oh God,” Sandra suddenly moaned urfa escort startling Kelly into stopping, “No, don’t stop.”

Both girls were shaking with desire as Kelly continued. Sandra’s breathing came in gasps as she quickly neared her orgasm.

“Deeper Kelly, faster,” Sandra groaned in a hoarse whisper as sweat appeared on her face.

Kelly doubled her efforts, holding onto the very end she drove the fake cock as deep as she could as fast as her arms could move. In moments Sandra’s hips were bouncing of the bed in rhythm to the thrusts she felt.

Sandra pulled a pillow over her head and screamed her orgasm into and clamped her legs together pulling her knees up she rolled onto her side. Her body shook with the tremors that spread out through her body.

Kelly watched in amazement at the intensity of the orgasm she just gave her friend and stroked her back softly in comfort. Looking down to where only the very tip of the dildo protruded from between the tightly clamped legs Kelly could see it twitching with some force of Sandra’s convulsing body. She felt an urge and following it, reached out to hold it. She couldn’t understand why, she just had too. So lying behind Sandra she slowly took it into her mouth. She could taste Sandra’s juices, she told herself it was Sandra’s cock and she could do anything for her as her body shivered feeling the convulsions of Sandra’s orgasm through the fake cock.

When Sandra’s senses returned to almost normal she could feel Kelly’s breath between her legs. Propped on one elbow she looked down as she opened her legs. A small orgasm made her tremble when she saw what Kelly was doing.

“You look so cute dear,” Sandra cooed, ” But if you don’t stop I’m going to pee in your face.”

They giggled, and Kelly said, “I dare you too.” Before taking the dildo’s end back into her mouth.

“I should you nasty girl,” She teased, ” but I’m the one how’ll have to explain why my sheets are pissed in.”

Kelly watched as Sandra got off the bed pulled a cotton sundress over her head while she donned a baggy tracksuit.

“Aren’t you going to take it out before you go to the john?” Kelly asked.

“No,” she replied, “You’re the one who put it there, while I was asleep I might add, so you are the one who’s going to take it out.” Kelly stared open mouthed when she continued, “Besides I’ve got something that I want do with it later. Close your mouth if your coming with me dear or else people might think your simple.”

Sandra laughed and leaving the door open started off to the washroom. Kelly followed wondering how she would pee with that big thing stuck up inside her hoping no one else would be there so she could watch. Before she caught up she noticed that Sandra’s hips undulated more than usual and wondered if was from her orgasm or the cock she had hidden between her legs.

Sandra took the last stall and left the door wide open. Kelly stood facing her and watched as she lifted her dress and straddled the toilet bowl. The dildo had sipped out about a couple of inches.

“Don’t be shy dear,” Sandra whispered, ” come and get a close look, that’s what you want.”

Kelly looked up at her roommate and shivered taking two steps closer. Sandra placed a hand on her shoulder and forced her downwards until she kneeled in front with her eyes in line with her pussy.

Kelly watched, as the dildo seemed to twitch before a dribble of urine started to slowly gain force and become a thick stream. urfa escort bayan Sandra sighed and felt Kelly lean in closer feeling her breath quicken on her upper thighs.

Watching as her lovers pee engulfed the protruding fake cock Kelly realized she was extremely turned on. Her shaking hands slid up the back of Sandra’s legs and moulded to her ass cheeks as she leaned towards the golden flow. As the stream dissipated she extended her tongue until she tasted the hot salty fluid. Sandra gasped, a fantasy had just came true for her as Kelly lapped at her crotch.

Then they heard the outer door open, Kelly dove under the partition of the next stall. Luckily the door was shut because she could feel the hot flush that spread over her cheeks and knew they were red under the layer of piss that still dripped from her chin. She felt embarrassed at almost getting caught, but also there was exhilaration at what she had just done. She had felt on the verge of an orgasm and hadn’t even touched herself. It was so dirty and nasty and yet she knew she couldn’t wait to do it again and smiled to herself with a shiver of lust.

Looking down she saw Sandra’s hand and grasped it, “Wait until I get you back to our room you dirty girl.” She whispered through the wall. “Don’t you dare wipe yourself either.”

Kelly shivered at the thought of what Sandra had planned while she relieved herself before they headed back to their room.

As soon as the door shut Sandra dropped to her knees behind Kelly and pulled her pants down to her ankles. She rubbed and squeezed the firm smooth cheeks.

“Bend over and grab your ankles.” She ordered.

With a giggle she complied and watched from between her legs as Sandra first sniffed then moved down to lick her inner thighs upwards stopping as the tip of her nose brushed her outer labia. Shaking with ecstasy Kelly felt herself falling over before she felt hands grip her upper thighs pulling her back directly onto Sandra’s face as she licked and sucked ever inch moaning all the while. She was so excited that within moments her knees went rubbery and she fell into a heap of quivering flesh in front of the kneeling Sandra.

“I never felt anything so good before.” Kelly sighed in contentment.

Sandra smiled down and chuckled, “I’m not finished with you yet lover. You started something and I’m going to finish it.”

“I don’t think I could move right now.” She replied.

“You won’t have to.” Sandra leered down with grin.

Standing and removing her dress Sandra pulled the limp girl to the bed and placed her in the middle. Kelly noticed that the fake cock seemed about halfway out now and it glistened in the light from her juices. Sandra placed a foot on either side of her head and lowered herself until the phallus was just above her lips.

“You want to suck my girly cock lover?” She cooed.

Kelly reached up with her tongue and tasted the combination of pussy and piss on it and with a nervous voice answered, “Yes.”

“Then ask for it”

Kelly was shaking as she realized she was turned on by the passive role she was falling into, “Yes, please, let me suck on it Sandra.”

“Suck on what?”

“Your girly cock, please Sandra let me suck on your girly cock.” She found herself pleading with lust.

As she strained her tongue up again, Sandra lowered half of the exposed dildo into her mouth. Kelly gagged at first until she closed her eyes and pretended that it was just Sandra’s escort urfa clit invading her mouth. Sandra rose and fell fucking her lover’s mouth for a few minutes. Leaving just the glands between Kelly’s lips she reached down and pulled her legs up until Kelly was balanced on her shoulders with her thighs resting on either side of her own head.

“Do you like sucking my girly cock baby?” she asked.

All Kelly could do was moan around fake penis as Sandra sucked her clit into her mouth.

“Wait until you see, or rather feel what I’ve got planned for you next.”

Sandra stood letting Kelly’s legs slide over her shoulders so that her toes touched the mattress beside her head. Holding the girls hips up she straddled her and looked back down to Kelly.

“Are you ready lover?” she asked the frightened face behind her.

“I’m not sure.” She replied with a quavering voice.

“Don’t worry dear, I’ll be gentle for your first time, unless you say something different dear.”

Before Kelly could say anything else Sandra drove the fake cock about two inches deep into Kelly’s exposed vagina. Kelly gasped never having anything bigger than a finger or two inside her before and she felt like she had been split in two.

Sandra looked at Kelly’s face and asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

Kelly wasn’t sure what to say at first but when she opened her eyes and looked into Sandra’s she knew instantly that she wanted to give herself in a way that she never thought she would give herself to anyone.

“Please Sandra,” she replied her voice breaking with emotion, ” Take me, and make me a woman.”

Sandra managed to spin herself so that she looked straight into Kelly’s eyes. She saw the desirer she felt in herself Slowly she began to rise until just the head stayed buried and pushed back in until she felt the restriction of Kelly’s hymen. She kept up her slow movements until she sensed that her lover had started to relax and begin to enjoy being penetrated. Kelly was moaning now and her eyes became glassy as Sandra rubbed circles around her clit with a finger.

Just as it appeared that Kelly was nearing an orgasm Sandra stopped, smiled down at her lover and drove the fake cock down until their pussies mashed together. Sandra’s hips vibrated with Kelly’s as she bit down on her hand to stop the scream she felt coming. But it wasn’t the one of pain she expected at loosing her hymen but one of ecstasy as she orgasmed with Sandra as she drove the fake cock in and out until her legs gave out. She slumped against the wall the penis dragged Kelly with her until she turned and pulled herself out from under Sandra. They both lay side-by-side catching their breath and held each other, basking in the after glow of their mutual orgasms. Kelly stared into Sandra’s eyes trying to decide if this was just lust she felt or was it love

They stayed like that for a while, faces close enough to feel each other’s warm breath softly caressing the others face. They both sighed simultaneously and giggled breaking their trance.

“I’ve never felt this satisfied or content before.” Sandra whispered.

“I wish we had done this sooner.” Kelly giggled and blushed.

“You’re pretty naughty for a virgin.” Sandra smiled turning Kelly’s blush darker.

“Kelly I could this with you for ever. I don’t think I could be happy again with man.”

Kelly beamed at Sandra and a tear fell from the corner of eye.

“Why are you crying?” Sandra asked.

“I’m just so happy.” She replied, “Sandra, I think I’m in love with you.”

“I don’t think dear, I know I’m in love with you.”

They stared into each other’s misted eyes before smiling and then kissed a deep soulful kiss of only which lovers could share. Each silently wishing it would always be this way forever.

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A Beautiful Day

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It was a beautiful hot and sunny day, It was your day off, hubby was at work and the kids to school, the sun shone and you thought to yourself, this is just how I like it, my day to do exactly what I want, and I am going to sunbathe.

Out came your sunbed and off came your clothes, at least some of them, you put on Bikini bottoms but left the tops off and after you covered yourself with sun block, you settled down to roast.

Your garden is well protected by fences and hedges, and no-one could overlook you lying on your sunbed, so you felt quite safe sunbathing topless, but you had a loose skirt and top to hand, just in case—-.

You sizzled for an hour, and then your mouth felt dry and you wanted a drink, before you stood up you slipped on your loose top, which was enough to cover your shoulders and breasts, and started up the garden path towards your house, when a voice called you,

“Hey Rachel, day off today?” It was Helen your neighbour from two doors away.

“Yes,” you replied, “I was just going to make a coffee, do you want one?”

“Oooh yes” replied Helen, “I’ll be right round.”

You grabbed your loose skirt and wrapped it around your hips, then went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. You had known Helen for some years but not all that well, more acquaintances really but you did like her, and sometimes had a chat.

The coffee was poured by the time she turned up. and you handed a mug to her. Helen was about your age, slightly taller and fair haired, she was quite pretty and had a nice figure. You had fancied her husband when they first moved in, but only in passing.

You leaned against your kitchen unit and Helen stood facing you, she was wearing jeans and open necked shirt, you could just see the top of her bra. Helen was very easy to talk to and you found yourselves chatting away about anything that came into your heads, about work and friends and hobbies and likes and dislikes, and eventually, relationships. You admitted that your sex life was a bit dull right now, You had been married for twelve years you told her and laughingly said that you could do with a change.

Helen sympathised with you and said she fully understood how you felt, then suddenly she reached out and touched your nipple.

You froze for a second or two and stared at her, she seemed quite matter of fact and smiled disarmingly, still moving her finger in a circular motion around your nipple. Despite yourself, you felt yourself becoming aroused and your nipple became hard, you made no attempt to stop her. She clearly took this as a signal to carry on.

Helen stopped smiling and put her coffee cup down, she stepped closer to you and took your cup from you, then her tunceli escort hand returned to your breast this time covering it and squeezing it carefully. She opened the buttons in the front of your top until your breasts were exposed, you were getting hotter and your breathing shallower and faster, your pulse pounded in your head and your mouth dried up. Not a word was spoken, and you seemed unable to prevent your neighbour caressing your body.

She was now almost pressing up against you and she put her arms around you and kissed your lips. You melted into her arms and kissed her back. She opened the button on your loose skirt and pushed the zip down letting your skirt fall by your feet. Helen kissed you continually and at the same time she pushed her hand down the front of your bikini bottoms.

You felt her fingers in your slit, she pushed down opening up the lips and folds of your cunt and felt her push her finger inside you, she was biting on your neck and pushing her finger in and out of your pussy.

“Oooooooooo,” you whimpered, you knew you were very wet. She dropped to her knees on the kitchen floor and pulled your bikini bottoms down, she gasped when she saw your pussy.

“Oh Rachel, Your pussy is so beautiful,” she murmured., and she stood up to hold you close to her own body. You felt pleased that you had trimmed your pussy hair only that morning, and now you were totally naked in the arms of another woman. Helen was still fully clothed, you took her hand and said “Come,” and ran with her up the stairs to your bedroom.

You lay on your bed your knees bent and legs open, Helen stood at the bottom of the bed gazing at your pussy, unable to take her eyes off it.

“Come Helen'” you murmured to her and watched as she maddeningly slowly undressed.

You held your arms out to her and she joined you on the bed. You thrilled to each others bodies, Now it was your turn to look at her nakedness, similar yet different to your own, and you thrilled at what you could see, never in your life had you been naked in bed with another female, you felt like you were in a dream.

Helen lay half over your belly, her tits flattened against yours and her thigh resting against your pussy, you could feel the wetness of her pussy on your leg, she pressed her mouth to yours which you opened to allow her in, your tongues duelled together, her hand and fingers played with your nipples and she moved her thigh harder against your pussy.

Helen’s skin felt so soft and smooth, you moved your hand over her bum and into the crease of her buttocks, almost accidentally your fingers touched the lower folds of her cunt, they felt so full and wet.

Helen tunceli escort bayan moaned and lifted herself up off you, into a kneeling position. she leaned forward to suck on your nipple, while her hand stroked your belly then slid down between your legs.

Gently she circled your clit, driving your passions upward then slipped two fingers into your hungry hole.

Her fingers seemed to fill your body, you bore down on her hand, you wanted to feel more of her inside you.

Helen moved down your body, dabbing little kisses on your skin, she pushed her tongue into your belly button and tugged on your pussy hairs with her teeth. she opened your pussy lips with her nose, you heard her gasps of pleasure, then she sucked your clitoris and surrounding folds of your cunt into her mouth.

The effect on your body was instant, You tingled and throbbed, every nerve exploded, and your passions filled every sense and thought.

Your body was charged with electric shocks and the accompanying orgasm was like none you had ever experienced before. You bucked and shook, and the emotion brought sobs to your throat.

Helen rose from between your legs, and her face was covered in your cum, she just looked at you, her eyes wide with amazement. “OH Rachel!” she managed to say, “you are wonderful.”

You lay in each others arms and talked about how you found yourselves here. Helen told you she had loved a woman a few years before and you had stirred old memories when you were standing in front of her with your erect nipples poking through your top.

You confessed to her that it was your first time with a woman, and she had brought feelings of immense sexual satisfaction to you, feelings you seemed to have lost with your husband. Then you laughed and said you had been having fanciful thoughts of having an affair with a man, but never dreamt of having sex with another woman.

After a deep lingering kiss with your naked bodies locked together, Helen took your hand and placed it between her legs, you realised you had your fingers on another woman’s sex, and once more your lust and passion welled up inside you.

Helen just had a thin line of hair running along the lips of her cunt, it was so attractive and felt so soft to your exploring fingers, she opened her legs wide, urging you to go on. You looked up at her face and her eyes were closed and she pursed her lips, defying her growing passion, You looked at her breasts, round and spongy and the long nipple attached to each one.

Helen opened her eyes, wondering why you had stopped, She saw the wonderment in your face and smiled,

“Go on Rachel,” she urged, “I want you to fuck me.”

You escort tunceli slid your fingers up and down her slit, still coming to terms with how another woman’s body felt, “How will I do that?” you asked her slightly puzzled.

“With your fingers darling, stroke my clit and push your fingers into my hole, the way you do it to yourself,” she ended with a smile.

Helen lay back down and you began to play with her pussy with relish, your fingers were wet with her juices and when you pushed your fingers inside her they made squelching noises.

” Suck my nipples,” Helen whispered, and you lowered your mouth on to her breasts, you nibbled her with your teeth and she began to writhe under you, At the top of her slit you found her clitoris had grown and you rubbed it between your thumb and forefinger.

Helen’s body began to tremble, you heard her moan and gasp, she lifted her bum off the bed and thrust upwards into your hand, you moved your hand to her hole and pushed two fingers firmly into her.

“OHOHOHAAAAA!” she cried out, and half sat up forcing you off her tit, but now you had her and wanted to keep her, you pumped your fingers in and out of your female neighbours cunt while licking and kissing her belly.

Helen was right on the verge and a second later she came in a fury. You lifted up but did not pull out of her sex, your fingers were soaked with her juices and she seemed to have no control over her body movements, she turned and writhed and wriggled and convulsed all at the same time, She sat up and wrenched your fingers out of her body and thrust them deep into her own mouth sucking and swallowing whatever juices she could retrieve.

“WOW! Helen, That was amazing!” you marvelled, as Helen calmed down and came to rest.

“Oh yes Rachel, it felt so good, I’m still tingling,”

You and Helen lay quietly together while you both recovered, she played gently with your nipples.

“You are so beautiful naked Rachel,” she whispered softly.

“And so are you Helen,” You replied, “But I must admit I never ever thought of seeing you this way.”

“Are you glad you have seen me naked,” she asked with a smile.

“Oh yes, very glad,” you answered.

Helen looked at the clock and said “Whoops, I had better go, my children will be home from school soon.”

You lay on your bed and watched as she got up and dressed herself, then she turned to you, gave you another intimate kiss and said, “thank you Rachel, I loved what we did today, and if you ever fancy making me another cup of coffee, please be sure to call.”

“I will,” you promised smiling, “on my very next day off, and the family out of the way.” and with a wave, Helen left.

You didn’t get up straight away, you lay there for sometime just thinking of what you had enjoyed with Helen.Your fingers slipped between your legs and stroked your pussy lips, just as her fingers had done only minutes before, My day turned out even better than I thought it would, you told yourself with immense satisfaction.

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A Girl Called Sami Ch. 11

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Sami’s dad came to pick Sami and her stuff up from the dorm, including her motor scooter; with all of her stuff taking up the bed of the pickup, they had to rent a small trailer for the scoot.

It was a fun drive home with her dad, talking about stuff they didn’t usually get to talk about. He informed her that he finally made the decision to sell off the 300 acre parcel, the one with all the Southern Pines, to one of the biggest wood processors in the country.

He told her of taking some of the money for use to ‘fix’ up the house a bit. As usual with her dad, he understated the situation.

Pulling into the long driveway of their farm, Sami was blown away by all the improvements they had done since she had been home last, at Christmas.

“Damn, pops, the place looks great,” Sami exclaimed as her eyes swept the yard and 100 year old family homestead, freshly painted and with a new side-porch.

“Watch your language, Samantha June,” her dad cautioned, but with a soft smile on his face. He was never able to be stern with Samantha, never; for him, Samantha June would always be his ‘baby’.

The following weekend after she had arrived home, Bonnie drove from Gulfport to pick Sami up for the trip to Memphis. Bonnie spent Friday night with Sami and her family and on Saturday, the girls headed north for Memphis and their summer adventures, whatever they might be.


The apartment, their apartment for the summer, was in a gated community, had two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom; there was a half-bath as well, in the hallway. The girls each chose a bedroom to unload their stuff into, though in truth they would be sharing a bed.

But to outsiders, guests and the like, it appeared that they each had their own space, and that was the point, after all.

Bonnie knew some of the staff at the station, of course, having made trips with her dad on occasion; Sami was accepted as ‘family’ by Bonnie’s uncle and he made her transition into the station’s art department, an easy one. Sami’s eye for detail and finesse on projects soon earned her the respect of her co-workers.

All in all, it was a very smooth transition from student-athlete to worker-bee.

At the end of their first work week, the girls debated where to go to celebrate that fact.

“I so don’t want pizza or anything like that,” Bonnie proclaimed as she drove them home.

“No, me either,” Sami agreed, deep in thought about some options for food and fun for them tonight.

“Feel like some BBQ?” offered Bonnie.

“Yeah, I could do BBQ, that’s sounds good.”

“Then, maybe hit Beale Street to check out some Blues Clubs?” Bonnie further suggested.

“It’s Friday night in Memphis, Tennessee; seems like it’d be against the law not to do BBQ and Blues, don’t you think?” Sami said in agreement.

“Seems like,” agreed Bonnie as she turned into the drive of their complex.

Sami and Bonnie were getting dangerously close to becoming a couple, something both said that they didn’t want, but neither doing anything to ensure that they didn’t.

For her part, Sami wasn’t at all sure about what was going on with her feelings about Bonnie; but she was honest enough to admit that she felt something for Bonnie that she didn’t see coming, whatever it was.

As far as Bonnie was concerned, she was stone-cold nuts about Sami-girl, plain and simple, no mystery to her at all. Did she love Sami? Definitely; was she in love with Sami? Probably; was she concerned that she felt that way about another female? Not in the slightest.

And while the sex was a huge factor in Bonnie’s feelings for Sami, it wasn’t the most important part of her relationship with Sami. No, that would be the genuine concern and caring that she knew Sami had for her; not even Roy ever cared about her in that way, about her as a person, with thoughts, ideas, desires. No, no one ever really bothered to find the real Bonnie Sue, no one but Sami.

For Bonnie Sue, it was enough.

They were just finishing off the plate of ribs that they had split, fingers and lips smeared with BBQ sauce, when Bonnie said, “There’s a couple of clubs we can get into without ID. The owners are friends of my uncle,” wiping her mouth with her seventh napkin of the night.

“Cool,” replied Sami, wiping her mouth and hands afterwards with one of those ‘wet naps’ that are supplied with the Rib dinners.

Paying their server, and leaving a generous tip, the girls strolled out of the rib joint, heading for the clubs.

They took their time, casually strolling in the cooler night air, stopping periodically to stand outside of a club to listen to the music. They people-watched the Beale Street scene during their walk, always a fun thing to do in Memphis, especially on the weekends.

As they passed a smaller club, Sami glanced at the playbill on the outside board that advertised the acts, as well as food and drink offerings.

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Sami suddenly exclaimed to no one in particular.

“What? yalova escort bayan What are you blabbering about?” Bonnie asked when she stopped and turned to look at Sami.

“Look at this playbill, second group from the top, on the left,” Sami simply said.

Looking at the advertising poster, Bonnie asked, “this one, ‘Billie and the Blues Crew’?” her eyes back on Sami afterwards.

“Remember the girl I told you about? The one who worked at the Grille with me and was an art major that lived in our dorm, above us?” Sami was saying, “You know, the one I said didn’t come back to school and I couldn’t contact her?”

“Yeah?” Bonnie answered, her eyebrows scrunched together, trying to connect the dots.

“That’s her, the chick on the left, in the picture, that’s Billie, from upstairs,” Sami proclaimed.

“Wow, that’s incredible; almost kinda’ spooky,” offered Bonnie, then taking another look at the photo on the poster, “huh, she’s kinda’ hot, don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah, very hot indeed,” Sami said mysteriously, but smiling when she said it.

Reading the poster for dates, Sami typed a memo into her cell phone, telling Bonnie that come hell or high water, they were coming to see Billie; Sami needed to find out what the hell had happened to Billie after last summer semester ended.

The girls visited a couple of clubs, and Bonnie was right, they had no problem about ID in either. The music was good at both clubs, but since they couldn’t drink, they decided to call it an early night.

“We can drink at the apartment; Daddy has a liquor cabinet and I know it’s fully stocked,” suggested Bonnie.

“We can do that,” agreed Sami as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Get me drunk, and I’ll do things to you,” Bonnie teased.

“And if I don’t get you drunk?”

“I’ll still do things to you,” promised Bonnie, with a wink and evil grin to Sami.

Bonnie never disappoints, thought Sami, as she moved her hips in response to Bonnie’s mouth and tongue’s attention to Sami’s pussy.

The surprise for Sami was when she felt Bonnie’s finger rubbed across and around her puckered asshole; the surprise, causing Sami to climax within fifteen seconds.

We should think about getting us a dildo, Sami thought, climaxing again, right after the thought.


“Sami, it’s Billie; I got your note,” Sami heard after answering her cell phone’s ring.

Sami had dropped off a note with her numbers for Billie with the club manager on that Saturday, the day after seeing the playbill.

Sami launched into a litany of questions, immediately, trying to cram a lot into the little time she had to speak, since she was at work when Billie called.

“Sami, I know, I know; Look, the club’s ‘dark’ tonight, and the band will be doing sound checks for a few hours; can you meet me, after you get off of work, and we’ll have a beer and I’ll bring you up to speed, okay?”

“Mind if my roomie tags along, since we’ll be in her car?” Sami asked.

“Of course not, Blondie; see you tonight and oh, park in back of the club, you’ll see our bus and I’ll make sure the club’s people know that you’re my guests, okay?” Billie answered.

“See you after work, and Billie? I’m so relieved to hear from you, I was so damned worried,” Sami answered.

“Yeah, I know baby, I’m sorry, I really am,” Billie’s voice sounding contrite.

Sami and Bonnie parked next to the tour bus and were let into the club after they had knocked on the back door. When Billie saw Sami turn the corner, from the exit hallway, she shrieked and jumped off of the stage and ran into Sami’s opened arms, both of them hugging so tightly, their bodies almost looked like one.

“Bonnie? Right?” Billie said when she and Sami broke their embrace.

“Yes; now I remember you,” Bonnie said in greeting, “I remember you from the dorm.”

“Yep, right above you guys, in 304,” Billie said, accepting Bonnie’s hug of friendship.

“Johnny, can we get a couple of cold brews for my friends,” Billie called to the bartender who was stocking the beer boxes.

Johnny looked at Sami and Bonnie, as if judging their age-status, then to Billie; making up his mind, he replied, “Yeah, sure Billie, but if anyone asks, ya’ll got the beer yourselves when I was taking a leak, okay?”

“Okay, and thanks, sweetie,” Billie replied.

Billie’s tale, the condensed version;

Billie’s been playing music with most of her band mates since ninth grade; they had always attracted attention in and around her hometown of Greenville, Mississippi, the heart and soul of Mississippi Delta Blues, and had always ‘talked’ of making music a full time career at some point.

When Billie returned home between semesters last summer, they were asked to take part in a Blues Festival in Greenville which showcased local artists and groups. Fate had placed an A one thing led to another, talks became intense, and decisions had to be made about returning to school or grabbing yalova escort at the brass ring in front of them.

“Music’s always been my first love,” Billie was saying as she toyed with her beer bottle on the table in front of her, “so, I decided, we, the group, decided to take the chance with music.”

“Daddy was transferred by his job to the west coast, and I chose to stay in Greenville, to chase the dream,” Billie was saying, “Julie and I have been involved for a while, ever since high school, really, and moved in together; we spent every damned day rehearsing, perfecting our sounds and harmonies with the rest of the guys.”

“I was going to call you, you know? But, well hell, Sami, there’s no excuse, I guess is the truth of the matter,” Billie confessed, “It’s not that I didn’t think about it, but as we started cutting tracks in the studio and playing clubs and venues across the east coast, I just didn’t and I feel like a turd because my laziness caused you to worry; I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, Sami,” Billie concluded, wiping a small tear from the corner of her eye.

Smiling, Sami reached with her hand and wiped a tear from the corner of the other eye, and leaning towards Billie, she kissed her a sweet, tender kiss of friendship, and squeezed Billie’s hand in hers afterwards.

“All is forgiven, baby; I’m just glad that you’re alive, well, and happy; really, I am,” Sami said to her.

“Hey Billie, we’re ready to do the sound checks whenever you are,” a very attractive girl called out from the stage.

“Jules, come over here for a second, I’d like you to meet some friends of mine,” Billie called back.

Jules, or Julie, was also multiracial, like Billie, and was not unattractive to the eye. On the slim side, and 5’6’ish, with full breasts popping over the top of her low cut top, she garnered a lot of attention from both men and women when she entered a room.

“Ladies, May I present, Jules, bass player extraordinaire; Jules, my friends, Bonnie and Sami,” Billie introduced with a hand to each.

“Nice to meet you girls, any friends of….wait, Sami? Sami, as in ‘magic-tongue Sami’?” Jules interrupted herself to ask, her eyes hard on Sami-girl’s face, now.

Though the blushing didn’t show on her Café au Lait complexion, Billie could feel the heat rising up her neck to her face.

Sami’s face did indeed show the blush that appeared upon hearing the remark, and it took a lot for Sami to blush.

Bonnie’s face didn’t register anything, but her mind, ah yes; her mind was flashing erotica by the bucketful.

“Oops, sorry Billie, sorta’ slipped out,” Jules said, but without the smile leaving her face, or her eyes leaving Sami’s face.

“No more weed for you tonight, big-mouth,” Billie said in an attempt to recover the moment.

“Anyway, very glad to meet you two ladies; Billie, we’re ready when you are,” and smiling at Bonnie and Sami, Jules returned to the stage.

“Sorry about that, Sami; Jules gets a bit loose-tongued when she smokes,” Billie’s face clearly showing remorse for the comment, “Hey, how ’bout you gals come to our show Friday evening, as my guests; we always do our full shows on Friday nights, okay?”

“Love to, Billie, thanks,” Sami said for them both.

“Great, meet us at the bus around 8 or so and we’ll blow a bone before the show, okay?”

“It’s a date,” and hugging each other in goodbye, Billie went to the stage, and the girls headed for the back door, after thanking Johnny for the beers.

“What beers? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Johnny replied with a smile and a nod of acknowledgement.

Don’t ask Bonnie what she and Sami talked about on the drive from the club to their apartment, she couldn’t have told you; oh, she conversed with Sami, but only part of her brain took care of handling that.

The rest of the her brain was overflowing with images of Sami’s fair skin and blonde hair moving up and down between Billie’s legs, and of Sami’s tongue, Sami’s magic tongue deep inside of Billie’s snatch.

When Bonnie and Sami walked inside of their apartment, it would be fair to say that Bonnie came close to the line of ‘forced sex’ on Sami; except that with Sami, there was no forcing necessary.

“Wow, what the hell got your motor running?” Sami asked as she twirled Bonnie’s hair in her fingers; Bonnie’s head was lying on Sami’s thigh, her mouth and lips wet with Sami-juice.

“Couldn’t get the image out of my head of you going down on Billie,” Bonnie truthfully replied, “and it sorta’ turned me on.”

“Sorta’ my ass,” Sami laughingly said, “If the image turned your crank, the real thing would probably give you a stroke.”

“I’d risk it,” Bonnie said with a chuckle, “Billie’s a real cutie; yeah, I’d risk it.”

“I could always give Billie a call and invite her and Jules to our place for dinner, if you’d like,” Sami said, sort of half-jokingly.

“Yeah, why don’t you do that,” Bonnie said, seriously, before she kissed up Sami’s stomach, then taking escort yalova Sami’s tit into her mouth.


When Sami called Billie the next morning, she didn’t mince her words with Billie about the invite.

“And after dinner, if you two are up for it, we’d kinda’ like some play time with ya’ll; Bonnie is hot to get into your pants Billie and, truthfully, I’d like to get to know Jules better.”

“Hang on a sec, Sami,” Billie said, then holding the phone to her chest, Sami heard Billie relay the invite for food and play; she also heard Jules’ reply of “Hell, yeah!”

“Sounds like that’ll work, Sami-girl; want us to bring anything?”

“Nope, we have it covered, and I’ll pick ya’ll up at 6’ish.”

Bonnie stayed behind to keep an eye on dinner while Sami drove downtown to pick up Billie and Jules. They shared a doob on the drive back to the apartment, and Jules kept her eyes on Sami for the entire drive back to the apartment.

Sami kept darting her eyes to the rearview mirror, to Jules in the backseat, to the swell of her breasts showing above her low-cut, spaghetti-strapped top. When Jules caught Sami looking at her in the mirror, she just smiled seductively at Sami, which was turning Sami on immensely.

Once at the apartment, Billie latched onto Bonnie, keeping her company in the kitchen, talking and flirting brazenly with her. Sami and Jules fixed drinks for all of them, and joining Sami, they went out onto the patio, leaving the patio light off, leaving it dark.

Standing next to each other, the sexual tension was palatable in the night air of Memphis that night. Turning to Sami, Jules reached to Sami lips with her own, opening her mouth to accept Sami’s tongue as Sami had done to accept hers. When Sami’s hand found her breast, Jules held their kiss while she pulled her top down so that Sami could fondle her freely, without the bother of material.

Breaking their kiss, they held each other’s eyes in their own, and Sami’s hand continued to squeeze and caress Jules’ tit. The only reason they didn’t screw on the patio was the fact that they were called in for dinner by Bonnie and Billie.

“After dinner? You and me, your bed,” Jules said to Sami, “and we’ll pick this back up where we left off,” and giving Sami a kiss to think about, they joined the girls for dinner.

They wasted little time in eating, did these four young women, all anxious to move to ‘dessert’; leaving the dishes rinsed and in the sink, the girls gathered in the living room to share a joint, to mellow out, and to leave inhibitions elsewhere, if anyone had any.

Bonnie and Billie started with kisses and touches to each other, neither particularly caring that Jules and Sami were watching, for a while, anyway.

When Sami began kissing Jules’ breast swell while fondling her, Jules just closed her eyes and enjoyed Sami’s kisses and touches; and when Sami pulled down her top to take her chocolate-colored areola and nipple into her mouth, Jules moaned softly from pure enjoyment at what Sami was doing to her.

“Your bed?” Jules suggested, and when they rose to head that way, it was apparent that Billie and Bonnie were going to screw right there in the living room, both of them half-undressed, kissing and fondling each other in a sexual frenzy.

Sami undressed Jules, taking her time in doing so, enjoying her kisses and tongue tasting of Jules’ body as she did so.

Jules was doing her damnedest not to climax as Sami’s tongue flicked back and forth across her clit as she stood there, her clothes in a pile at her feet and Sami on her knees with her hands squeezing Jules’ fine ass, pulling her love-box to Sami’s mouth and tongue.

And just when she thought she was going to lose the battle and climax, Sami pulled her mouth away from Jules’ pussy, her pubes now wet from Sami’s mouth and tongue.

Standing, Sami gently pushed Jules backwards onto the bed, her pussy at the edge and her legs dangling to the floor. Staring into Jules’ eyes as she stripped off her own clothes, Sami was about to burst with desire for this black girl.

Sami leaned over Jules, supporting her body with her arms on either side of Jules, on the bed; leaning down, she kissed Jules hard and lustfully while Jules fondled Sami’s breasts.

Moving her mouth to Jules’ breasts, Sami sucked and licked her large nipples, biting them, tonguing them as Jules’ insides turned to mush under Sami’s tongue strokes. Kissing down Jules’ belly, Sami finally kneeled between Jules’ legs; slipping her hands under Jules’ ass, she lifted her pussy to her mouth, Jules’ clit swollen and large between Sami’s lips.

“Oh, Damn,” Jules cried when the orgasm exploded, catching her by surprise, but in a good way. And just as that climax began to ebb, Jules felt Sami’s tongue enter her, and the ride started all over again, and again, and again…

“Oh, oh, oh, Damnit, Damnit girl, don’t stop, please, whatever you do, don’t stop,” Billie was begging Bonnie as Bonnie Sue Madison was busying herself with eating Billie’s sweet-tasting pussy.

Inwardly, Bonnie smiled to herself when she heard those words from Billie; sliding her tongue further into Billie’s pussy, Bonnie Sue Madison, of the Gulfport Madisons, had no fucking intention of stopping as she noisily munched on Billie’s sex-wet snatch…

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Feeding Her Addiction

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Emily sat at the kitchen bar staring into her phone over a cup of coffee. She was scrolling through her snap chats, although she was happily married she loved teasing younger men till they came for her, it was a morning ritual by now.

She almost leapt out of her seat when Dean put his hands on her hips. She flipped her phone face down on the counter.

“Jesus! you scared me babe!”

“Sorry Em, hey I gotta go, I’m running late.”

He took a swig of her coffee, kissed her cheek, squeezed her ass making her jump again.

“Hey!” She called out to him and poked her tongue at him as he hurried out the door giggling to himself.

Emily loved how her husband still made her feel like they were still kid’s.

She was 56 now her wavy shoulder length hair was going from dirty blonde to grey, her c up breasts were perky and firm, something she was very proud of. She took care of her body and worked out, she loved showing off her body to all the boys online.

Once she was sure Dean had left she got up and went to the bedroom. Running her hands over her body, she undressed stripping for nobody but her self, she could feel herself getting wet at what she was going to do. This was the best part of her day.

Opening up her snapchat she went through and played the videos from the night before.

Instantly she was inundated with streams of cum, moans and various voices begging her name. It was ecstasy, she started running her hand over her panties covering her mound.

She wasn’t sure how much time passed, the room stank of pussy and sweat, tekirdağ escort the sheets were wet under her ass and she was in a trance, she wanted so bad to get fucked. She licked her fingers clean, savoring her self. God it was so fucking hot in here…

She jumped up.

“Oh fuck!”

Dean had scheduled their AC to get fixed today.

She looked over at her bedside clock, as she did she heard a knock at their door.

Panicking she quickly snatched a bathrobe, threw it on and hurried to the front door.

“Hi! Sorry I was uhhh in the shower…” She said stumbling over here words.

Kerry had a shitty morning, his balls were killing him. His girl had been teasing him all week, finally this morning he fucked her like an animal.

His phone began blaring his bosses ringtone.

Kerry groaned, he wanted to cum inside her so bad but he was already running late.

“Aww honey, maybe you can use your little fuck doll tonight instead” she said coyly.

She was on all fours swaying her ass side to side. He quickly got dressed as she began moaning and rubbing her clit.

Kerry groaned as he watched her. He regretted not being able to shower but he did wash her pussy off of his face at least.

When his client opened the door Kerry froze.

The older woman in front of him was glowing red blushing, her hair was tussled and the barth robe was maybe more revealing than she intended…or maybe it was intended.

His thick uncut cock stirred.

“Ha, I’d be in the shower too if my AC was broken tekirdağ escort bayan in this heat. My name is Kerry.” He offered a hand shake.

She cringed a bit but shook his hand. She hoped he couldn’t tell she has been playing with her pussy with it moments prior.

For the first time she really took him in.

His hair was brown and short, he face was hard and he had big brown eyes. He was much taller than her and taller than Dean too. He looked maybe as if he was in his early twenties. Her pussy pulsed as she drank him in.

“So are you going to show me your unit?” he asked.

“Oh yeah!” She blushed. “Over here, it’s been doing this thing where it runs for a bit then shuts off after a few minutes..” she carried on but she was talking fast and flustered. She had just spent all morning watching boys like him shoot their thick ropes of cum for her and now it was like one was actually in her house.

He stared at her as she frantically spoke. He kneeled down to look at the unit. He was hit by the mouthwatering aroma of pussy, his mind clouded and he turned to look at up at her.

Her bathrobe eneded just above the knee, he was surprised she answered the door in it but didn’t think too much of it. Now he was kneeling beside her he could see rivulets of her juice running down her thigh.

When she made eye contact with him looking up at her it was more than she could take, even she noticed the aura of sex she gave off. She shifted on her feet nervously and felt her thighs slippery and wet. Aghast escort tekirdağ she looked down and strings of her cum hung between her thighs.

They both saw her mess, then looked at each other again.

Kerry’s mind clouded, between his blue balls earlier and now being in front of this woman giving off waves of sex, his animal brain took over.

He grabbed her inner thigh and ran his hand up it till it was slick. He half grunted then groaned.

Emily’s knees buckled just at the touch, she was painfully horny, her whole body quivered. She had never actually cheated on Dean, though they had spoken about him sharing her… She felt the young man’s fingers read her pussy. His slick fingers gently ran up her lips and circle her clit.

“Mmmm god, come with me.” She pulled herself away and took his hand and lead him to her bedroom.

Kerry stood at the edge of her bed and watched this older woman get on all fours on her bed and crawl up to him, she started to unbuckle his belt.

“I’m Kerry by the way”, his heart was pounding.

“Emily” she panted, she reached into his briefs and pulled his cock out, she groaned at the sight of it. His cock was thick, uncut with the foreskin covering most of the head and had bulging veins up and down the shaft.

Before she put it in her mouth she could tell he had pussy already on him, her pussy throbbed as she took him in her mouth. She was so drunk on sex, she run her younger under his foreskin, caressing the head of his cock and tasting the previous woman’s cum.

Kerry ran his hands over her back and shoulders. This woman was deciding him, he watched her lick Cassie’s creamy pussy juice at the bar of his cock. Groaning he pulled her by the hair, making a pop sound when his cock came free of her mouth.

“Turn around” he all but grunted. Emily spun around, arched her back and stuck her ass up. Presenting for him.

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Lustful Women I, Barbro Ch. 01

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My talking scale keeps nagging about that I am overweight. But it has got it wrong. Well, maybe I have some extra roundness on my very female, hourglass body but that only gives me a lovely, rounded look. But what the scale doesn´t consider is my two pairs of great assets, my boobs and my ass. They are full, round and firm and on my rather small frame they look even bigger. That´s where my excess weight is to be found.

I like my body. And I know that most men like it too. Oh yes, indeed they do. And I always dress to make the best of it.

I had passed a basement door on quite a few occasions and read a discreet sign saying that inside was Club Diane, members only.

One evening I decided to watch the door and see what type of people went inside. I got curious when I found that it was ordinary looking people in my age and older. Most were single but there were also a few couples.

I got bold and went through the door and down a flight of stairs. I came to a reception and was asked to show my membership card. I told the truth that I wasn’t a member but that I had heard about the club and asked for information. I was given a folder and an application form and was told that I could become a member and join the next meeting if I mailed the application within a day or two. I went home and studied the folder and immediately felt that I really wanted to join that club. I mailed the application first thing in the morning and got an invitation by returning mail. I had become a member and with butterflies in my stomach went to my first meeting.

I have now been a member of the club for a few years. I seldom miss a meeting. The members are anonymous to each other. We always wear masks. But that is also the only thing we wear during the meetings. The first thing we do when we come to the club is to undress and then we mingle in the bar. Not that I drink much, only a glass of wine to get going. The mask is excellent. I don´t think my face match my body, so the mask prevents people from getting distracted. They can look directly at my voluptuous, very womanly body with its ample firm boobs and thick, dark brown pussy bush.

I am immensely proud of my body and work hard to keep it in shape.

That’s why the club suits me. I always come early. In the bar I look through the selection of men and try to judge their suitability. All members are free to ask anyone for a fuck. You can of course decline but that seldom happens to me. After about half an hour I have normally selected the man I want and ask him for a dance. We go into the next, dimly lit room where soft music is playing. I make sure that he holds me close, and I grind my pussy into his crotch. I want him hard before I decide definitely. But I am seldom mistaken. I think I can judge men by now. Well, perhaps not their characters and minds but their ability to fuck.

When I have made up my mind, I lick his ear and ask if he wants to fuck me. He is hot by now and only wants one thing; to stick his cock into my pussy. So, he happily follows me to the inner room, a big room also dimly lit but not darker than that anyone can watch the couples copulating on the couches or at the bar stretching along the mirrored wall.

Already during the dance, I asked him how he would like to fuck me given the chance. Now I promise him to do it his way but only if he caresses me first until I cum. He normally gets very turned on and eager to please me. I just wait for him to start and follow his lead. If he wants me on a couch I lay down. If he wants me to bend over a bar, I do that. I let him lead. It’s his task to please me. Later on, I will take command.

Well, normally the man can make me cum with his hands and mouth. Then it’s his turn to get attention and I willingly do what he asks for. He can have me in every way he wants except fucking my ass. Not that I don´t like that, but I save it for the men I know well and really like. I prefer to have his cock in my pussy, but I have to accept if he cums while I am giving him head. But the promise of letting him fuck me the way he wants almost always works. They want to cum with the cock in my pussy.

Well, after some afterwards cuddling I withdraw to the ladies to freshen up. I return to the bar for another glass of wine and to look at the newly arrivals. I often go back into the inner room to watch how the men are behaving. There are always new nights ahead and I like to be well prepared. Fucking is a serious business, and I don’t like to be disappointed from choosing the wrong man.

Now the time has come to find another man. The reason for coming early is just that. Many members come late, and the bar normally holds several fresh men, many of which I recognize from earlier nights. Not the faces of course, we all wear our masks all the time. But I recognize the bodies and especially the cocks. That’s why I always spend some time in the inner room to watch.

I choose a new man and the history repeats itself. The club is open until late sivas escort and often I try to catch a third man especially if one of the previous wasn’t as good as I had expected. When choosing the third man I try to get one that already has had his cock exercised in another woman that night. If he is still around, he is horny and most likely has a good staying power. The possibility is high that he will take his time before cuming the second time. If I am right, I get a very satisfying banging where I can cum several times before he fires his load into me.

I love the club and the possibilities it gives me. After an evening there I feel really satisfied.

After my first year with the club Frank, the bartender and owner, asked if I wanted to join a smaller and more intimate society. Membership was by invitation only and he said he had been watching me and thought that I would fit in nicely. When he said that it might include a lot of fucking, I accepted on the spot.

The first night with the society was disappointing to start with although it looked promising in the beginning. There were several more men than women present which was promising. But it turned out that the society was meant more for watching and showing off than actual fucking except for a few women. But they got very well fucked instead. The meeting started at a precise hour with a stiff drink. We didn’t get naked although the clothing was very revealing especially the women’s wear. Many men wore tight fitting elastic pants without underwear. When they got aroused their cocks were very nicely outlined.

The stage manager Carla, a busty blonde, took the floor. She was a co-owner of the club and manned the reception. She asked all the women to write their first name on a small card and put it in a bowl she was carrying around. She drew a card and read out the name loud. The selected woman cried out of joy and the rest of us cheered. The woman was called to enter a stage with a bed set up in the middle of the room. Carla asked the men who wanted to fuck that woman to line up. Only then did I understand that the woman was going to be gang banged although in civilized manners.

Carla announced that she was going to select supporting women, one for each man that had lined up, and drew a few more cards from the bowl. The selected women quickly went up to the waiting men. The women started to fondle them making them ready for action. The first man in line was given head by his woman until Carla decided that he was hard enough. She pulled a condom on his cock and pushed him up on the stage where the woman was waiting, lying on her back. I hadn’t noticed it before, but an elderly man was licking her pussy warming her up. When the first man was pushed up on stage the old man withdrew, and the woman spread her legs invitingly. He entered her swiftly and started to fuck her. The woman enjoyed it and had started to moan when the man suddenly erupted. The woman got disappointed, but her face cleared when the next man in line entered the stage. He was well hung which the woman soon got aware of hoping for the best. And he didn’t disappoint her. He made her cum twice before she finished him off. A new man took the stage.

I had been distraught by a man behind me. We had all gathered around the stage to get close looks and the man behind me pressed his body close to me. I felt his erect cock against my ass. I wasn’t sure about the code of conduct, but I reached behind me and grabbed his cock through his pants. It felt nice and hard, so I thought what the hell. I wanted to be fucked. So, I just simply pulled his pants down and lifted my dress. I wasn’t wearing panties, so I leaned a little forward and grabbed his balls and pulled him into my pussy. It was easy. I was more aroused than I had been aware of and my pussy was creamy. The man grabbed my hips and started to fuck me with long slow strokes.

On the stage the well-hung man had been replaced by another man. When he was about to enter the woman his cock suddenly lost its hardness. The woman cried out in anger and slapped the poor man’s ass. He had to step down as a loser. But another was ready to take his place.

The man behind me started to grunt and soon I felt his seed splash into me. I was disappointed that he had cum so quickly although I had enjoyed having his cock in me while watching the show. He withdrew quickly and when I turned around, he was no longer behind me. But a woman and a man smiled at me behind their masks.

After the woman on stage had had another man who had performed satisfactorily and made her cum, Carla announced a switch of women. A new name was drawn from the bowl and a woman cried out. She quickly entered the stage and got naked. The old man returned and started to lick her pussy.

Carla announced that this woman wanted to be taken from behind. She quickly rose and bent over the couch wriggling her ass. The old man was back licking her. Carla asked for volunteers and some sivas escort bayan men lined up. Again, Carla selected a few women to get the men ready. Carla took care of the first in line herself. I noticed that she gave excellent head and very soon had him in battle condition. She pulled the condom on his cock and sent him up on the stage. The woman was waiting eagerly for him. She wriggled her ass in anticipation and her hand come out between her thighs to guide his cock. He slid in easily and started to bang her.

The couple who had smiled at me after being fucked came close to me. “May I fuck you like the other man,” the man whispered politely and put my hand on his cock. It felt very thick and grew under my hand. “Please let him fuck you,” I heard a female voice in my other ear. “He is my husband and I want to watch him fuck you. Please, you won’t regret it, just feel his cock. I know you are going to like it; he is so big. Please.”

The woman on stage was crying out loud. The man fucking her was obviously good. I felt the strong desire in my pussy. Why not try the couple out. “All right,” I whispered to the wife beside me. “But I want you to take his cock out and guide him into me and then to fondle my clit to make me cum. And when he is about to deliver, I want you to shove a finger up his ass. Will you do that?” I looked at her and her eyes became hazy of lust. “Oh my god, yes I will. I have never done something like that before. Oh my goodness.”

She quickly went behind me, lifted my skirt and pulled the pants of her husband down. I felt his stiff cock smack my ass when it got free. The wife held the cock firmly and caressed my ass with it. She pushed it down to the crack of my ass and into my pussy slit when I leaned slightly forward moving my feet apart. She used the cock to caress me and gave my clit a good working over.

On the stage the man was replaced. The woman was in heaven getting a new cock inside her pussy. She moaned and screamed constantly, and the audience cheered. It turned me on and I leaned forward even more supporting myself with my hands on my knees. The wife got the message and put the cock head at my pussy entrance stretching my pussy opening wide. The couple was prepared when I pushed back. The man grabbed my hips and pulled himself close to me and the woman pushed him from behind. With a few rocking motions he got his cock fully inside just as the woman on stage cried out loudly. I wanted to do the same but kept quiet. His cock felt heavenly in my pussy, stretching it wide.

The man started to fuck me with short hard jabs. The woman put her hand up my blouse on the back and unclasped my bra. She moved her hand to the front and fondled my boobs pinching my nipples hard. She was inventive and did things I hadn’t asked for. But I liked it.

I enjoyed the couple’s efforts and watched as a new man mounted the woman on stage. She was beyond control and shuddered as soon as he put his cock at her ass. He didn’t find the opening right away and the woman wasn’t very helpful being lost in her emotions. Carla quickly grasped the situation, jumped up on stage, grabbed his cock and steered it into the pussy. Carla patted his ass and went down again. I thought that it looked like the help a stallion often needs when he jumps a mare, something I had watched several times.

The woman moved her hand from my boobs and found my clit. My arousal grew quickly when she fondled me and suddenly I was in line with the woman on stage. I could hear her excitement build up and so did mine. We cum at the same time, my muffled cries drowned in her yelling and the cheers from the audience. And like the woman on stage, I didn’t get a rest either. Both our men kept on fucking. I noticed that my man had picked up the rhythm from the man on stage. My woman resumed caressing my clit squatting down. I looked down and saw that her narrow skirt was pulled up around her waist and her pussy was glistening in the light. She frantically frigged her protruding clit. But she was able to keep watch. She noticed immediately when her husband´s cock stiffened as a preparation for coming. I wasn’t sure if she did as I had asked her but suddenly the man behind me shuddered and pulled me close at him. I heard the man on stage roar and the woman screamed. My woman frigged my clit. The cock of the man behind me was forcefully shoved deep into me When his load spurted into me I cum as well. The woman under me shrieked. From the stage came roars and screams and I understood that we all had cum together. The audience cheered again, and the people nearby looked at us and not at the stage. Well, I didn’t mind. I felt heavenly and the man behind me still had his cock inside my pussy.

The wife rose. “You liked it? I was right, wasn’t I? You really enjoyed his cock. It’s so nice, don’t you think? I loved seeing it stretch your pussy wide and sink in to the hilt,” she whispered, very anxious to know that I was pleased. “Oh, excuse escort sivas me I have to help you both,” she added and knelt again. The cock slipped out of me. It had very quickly gone limp which she was aware of. Very efficiently she licked it clean looking up at him smilingly.

I startled when I suddenly felt her lips high up on my inner thigh. She licked up the juice trickling downwards. My knees buckled when she put her mouth over my pussy and sucked. Her tongue lapped out the juice from the inside. She finished her job by licking all around my pussy and flicked over my clit.

“So, nice and clean, aren’t you?” she said smilingly when she rose. “It tastes and smells very nice, your fragrance mixed with the seed of my husband. Thank you so much,” she said and hugged my waist. Well, I am not into women but what she had done felt genuinely nice, like a natural thing and a very pleasant ending of a tremendous fuck.

The woman on stage had had enough. She had collapsed on the couch when the man had let go of his grip of her hips and withdrew from her pussy. His limp cock glistened from her juice. He looked happy.

Carla jumped up on stage. “Well, ladies and gentlemen. I think we have had enough for tonight. Anne here really gave it all, didn´t she?” she said and started to applaud the woman on the couch. The audience followed her lead and cheered highly. The woman looked up, smiled faintly but couldn’t rise. Two women jumped up and very gently helped her off stage.

Carla took the floor again. “Well, we have two men who have been made ready to enter the woman on stage. Ladies in charge, you know what you are expected to do. On stage please,” she commanded.

I wondered what was going to happen. My woman got excited and squeezed my ass. “Watch this,” she whispered in my ear.

The audience got quiet when two couples entered the stage. The men were already naked and with semi erect cocks. The two women quickly knelt in front of them. I suddenly understood that the task of the supporting woman also included finishing him off if he didn’t get the chance to fuck the performing woman. Carla didn’t want a man to leave with blue balls.

Both women knelt before her man and started to suck his cock. They quickly got hard and looked nice standing on stage with jutting cocks. The women worked quickly and efficiently, and the men soon grunted and cum. One woman swallowed it all, the other let the cum splash over her face. But she licked her lips and scooped some of it up and put it in her mouth.

The show was over for the night. The members left but I stayed behind hoping for a chat with Carla. She stood at the door taking farewell. I was the last.

“Hi Barbro, did you enjoy the show? Did you have a good time?” She asked professionally. “Well, I know you enjoyed yourself. I saw you. And twice,” she said and smiled sweetly.

“Oh yes, indeed,” I said. “I wanted to ask you about that. I wasn’t sure if I broke the rules, but I thought that my partners ought to know. Was it all right?”

“But of course. Not very usual though, but within the limits. Well, you proved right away that Frank and I were right. Not only will you fit in, but you will be a real asset to this society I am sure. We checked you out carefully,” she said smilingly.

Frank is the owner of the club together with Carla.

“Oh, you have checked me out, what do you mean?” I asked wanting to know.

“Well, Frank fucked you and I watched part of it, didn’t I?” She said giggling.

“Have Frank fucked me? When was that? I haven’t fucked Frank; I choose my men very carefully at the club.” I was even more puzzled.

“Oh yes, you have, a couple of weeks ago. But of course, Frank had to wear a mask as an ordinary member. I am sure you remember his cock; it gets like a banana and bends slightly to the right when erect. And yes, we know that you select your men carefully. Frank has tried to get your attention for quite some time, but you have rejected him. That’s why it has taken you so long to get an invitation to this society, but now we are happy that you are here.”

“Oh my goodness, was that Frank? Well, he was incredibly good, he really satisfied me.”

“Oh yes, he knows how to please a woman. Ask me, I know,” Carla said and smiled. “Well, would you like to go on stage next time?”

“Oh my god, yes. I really would like that. But don’t I have to wait for my number to come up? I mean there is a random process when a card is drawn, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Well, that’s what most of the men think. But all women know that I decide who should go on stage. I am responsible for putting on a good show, aren’t I? Besides, 90 % of the women don’t want to fuck on stage. One third of them are very satisfied just by watching, one third also want to get a man ready for action now and then. To touch and suck other cocks than their husbands´ are enough. The last third have joined only because their husbands want it. They are wise enough to know that it’s better to be present when he lets out some steam. It’s only about ten percent who really want to be a star on stage. That’s why we invite women like you to join. Women who really like to fuck and to show off doing it. So, when you want to go on stage just hand me your card and don’t throw it in the bowl.

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P.J. was feeling good, had an extra spring in her step and glimmer in her eyes. Being in the country always made her feel both thankful and alive. The early afternoon sunlight warmed her arms and legs, bared to it by the sleeveless, form-fitting t-shirt and shorts. Although she felt great, she considered that the next few days might be like watching paint dry. Being out here in the middle of the East Texas pineywoods babysitting a crew of redneck water-well-drillers could possibly be boring beyond description.

As they drove in, dispersed in three Dodge trucks, P.J. steeled herself for the usual patronizing “yes, ma’ams” that floated effortlessly, probably since birth, from these young men’s mouths. For god’s sake, they drove Dodges, she sniffed, eyeing with passion her own bright red Ford F-350 dually.

The first young man out she recognized. It was the master-driller to whom she’d spoken the day before, Jimmie Ray. Tall, thin, quiet, he approached P.J. in a kind of sideways motion, tipping the brim of his CAT gimme cap.

“Mornin’ ma’am,” he drawled. He was silent for half a minute after P.J. returned the salutation. He continued.

“Where d’ya think you want this well? You gonna build somewhere here?”

“Well, yes, I’m thinking of building here within a year or two. The house will probably be right over there,” and P.J. pointed to an area that she and her cousin had been clearing over the past few months.

“Well,” he drawled. “That’s a fur piece from your trailer.” He paused, looking from where P.J. had pointed to where the fifth-wheel was parked. Any number of P.J.’s friends from the city would have thought he was talking about some kind of mink jacket. He meant that where she pointed to was quite a distance from the trailer.

“Yes,” she replied. “Yes, it is. But I can always have more line run when I finally build. As I said, it’ll probably be a while.”

She allowed him to take this in before she continued.

“So, can we drill somewhere down this way,” she pointed north of where they now stood. “It’s a bit out of the way, and I like that . . . if you think it’s a suitable site,” she deferred to his expertise.

And she didn’t doubt the young man’s experience. He’d come highly recommended. Both his father and grandfather had been drillers.

“Don’t make much difference where we drill around here. Lots of water.”

“Well, that’s heartening.”

“So, over there then,” he said as he pointed to where P.J. had just indicated.

“Yes, that’d be good if you think it’ll work.”

“Yes’m. That’s where you want it, that’s where we drill it.”

And in her brain, as some kind of portent, P.J. repeated his words, “that’s where you want it, that’s where we drill it.” She’d been in a rather lusty mood all day and his words, so ripe with rather randy connotation, seem to conjure some evil sprite within her. As he started to explain the first steps of the process, P.J. watched as behind him the other men were milling around and waiting to get to work. Some were still inside the trucks, and, soon, out of one of them leapt a young man who immediately caught P.J.’ s eye and started the evil sprite within to spinning like a top. He was the Homo sapiens version of a Clydesdale–beautiful and sturdy, quite serviceable. He walked with his hands in the pockets of his thin overalls, pulling the already tight canvas material even more tautly over his ample cheeks. P.J.’s eyes involuntarily followed the young man’s form as he sauntered down to the lake’s edge to determine placement of the large hose that would run water up to the drilling rig.

As P.J. watched him walk by, she caught herself openly gaping at the first full sight of his behind. “Good, god,” she thought. “Would I ever love to dig my fingers into those ass cheeks!” This would be no easy task, she mused. The young man had the highest, shapeliest, hardest-looking butt she’d ever seen. Each cheek was perfectly molded and large. The young man was built low to the ground–his powerful, muscular legs reminded P.J. of tree trunks. Well, she giggled to herself, he’d have to have sturdy limbs to hold up that massive butt. A quarter inch shorter or taller in height would have marred the unholy symmetry of his shape. She wondered what might be on the front side of the butt, but figured it wouldn’t really matter that much since she’d be reveling in the backside if given an opportunity.

The driller was still speaking to P.J., but she hadn’t heard all he’d said. Finally, as his voice grew purposely louder, P.J. turned her attention to him and answered more particular questions about placement of the well and other pertinent things.

“We’ll get started right away. Shouldn’t take more than three days,” he explained. “Shouldn’t have to drill more than two-hundred forty, two-hundred seventy feet.”

What a shame, P.J. silently thought to herself, I thought this was going to be bad, but I could watch this kid, her eyes went back to the Clydesdale, for more than three days, for sure.

As siirt escort P.J. walked back to the trailer, lost in thoughts of the red-haired Clydesdale, she was unaware ten pairs of eyes were riveted on her own shapely bottom. Jimmie Ray thought to himself that it was just as well that she was going, apparently, inside. Keep the guys’ minds on their work.

P.J. climbed the three steps, entered the trailer, and settled herself inside the chair near the large window. She had an excellent view of the crew. Equipment was driven in–the drilling rig itself, a flatbed trailer filled with steel and PVC pipe and various utility items, and another on whose surface rode a backhoe. Because the near two-mile sandy dirt road was not always easily passable, they’d elected to leave the flatbed trailers and the drilling rig near the FM road until they’d determined the condition of the sandy one.

Little Red, as P.J. had now named the young man, jumped up and down and around as the tasks dictated. He wore tight white carpenter overalls and a white long sleeved t-shirt with the sleeves pushed up to reveal powerful forearms covered in golden red hair. On his head, the golden red hair was cropped close but with enough length to reflect the gold flecks in the hair in the sunlight. If he had freckles it wasn’t obvious, for the young man was so evenly bronzed that any freckles would have been obscured. She had yet to get a really close look at his face, especially now that all the crew had donned their hard hats.

This first day, half-day really, was one of preparation. The men scurried around, running the hose from the drilling site down to the lake and attaching it to the Honda generator which would pump the lake water up to the rig. Others pulled lengths of pipe from the trailer and carried them to the drilling site. Still others moved equipment into various places, preparing for the day ahead.

As the master-driller ambled up to the trailer, P.J. intercepted him, opening the door and stepping out.

“We gotta run the ‘lectricity down where you want the pump. Gonna dig a trench first though. Any place you don’t want us to dig?”

P.J. stepped down, closed the door behind her, and followed the driller around to the end of the trailer.

“Well,” she said, “I suppose the straightest course would be the best. There’s nothing underground between here and there. Just do it the shortest way. Make it easy.”

“Yes, ma’am. Sounds good.” A pause. “I won’t do the ‘lectricity ’til tomorrow, but we’ll get everything else ready today.”

And with that, he touched his cap and moseyed away.

P.J. had expected a ditchwitch to appear from somewhere amid all the machinery. Surely they had one on one of those trailers. But no ditchwitch. Suddenly, Mr. Master-Driller Jimmie Ray was directing Little Red, pointing from the utility pole to back where they now stood. As he grabbed a shovel from one of the flatbed trailers, P.J. now understood that Little Red was going to dig the trench by hand. Oh, my god. It was a good seventy-five feet from the pole to the area where the pump was going in.

She started walking quickly towards Jimmie Ray who, as he caught side of her coming his way, turned and headed back towards her.

She knew her look was incredulous as she asked the question.

“He’s going to dig the trench by hand,” and her voice went up as she emphasized the word “hand.”

“Why, yes, ma’am. It’s soft sand. Won’t be much to the diggin’. Just rained yestiddy.”

P.J. shook her head in astonishment. She hadn’t been thinking about the sand as much as she’d been thinking about the distance and the sheer physical exertion of wielding a shovel for that length of time. She returned to her perch in the trailer’s large window.

The next hour saw P.J.’s inner-sprite move from mild excitement to a feverish pitch as she watched the young man work his way methodically up to the window where she sat. Stand up, foot on shovel, push into sand, bend, scoop, dump, and stand again. She became so mesmerized by the predictable motion that she found herself rocking in time with it. She also rocked for other reasons. She noticed it was getting warmer and warmer inside the trailer.

The afternoon passed too quickly. Shortly after Little Red had finished the trench, Jimmie signaled to all that it was time to go. He made his way up to the trailer’s door where P.J. met him.

“Back in the mornin’,” her drawled. “Get an early start.”

And they were, in moments, gone, the sound of the diesel engines fading as they neared the paved road.

But the evil sprite remained, and P.J. spent the evening and too much of the night trying to make it go away.


Saturday morning, Little Red was wearing pale blue overalls, again not denim but a smoother, lighter sheeting material, and a white t-shirt. If possible, these overalls fit more snugly than yesterday’s. The material was thinner and the perfect globes of Little Red’s ass tightly bounced. Literally siirt escort bayan fuckin’ bounced, P.J. marveled, as he walked.

Today, the actual drilling began, and P.J. watched, fascinated, as the process developed. When the steel pipes had been buried to a certain length, drilling would cease and more pipe would be added. P.J. couldn’t tell exactly how it was done, but it appeared that some kind of metal collar was used to thread on to the pipe lengths and put them together.

From time to time, Jimmie Ray would closely inspect some of the core material brought up from underground. He’d smell it, rub it between his fingers, and one time, P.J. swore, he actually tasted it. It wasn’t long after lunch on Saturday that he came to the trailer to tell her that they’d hit water much earlier than he’d expected–about a hundred sixty feet. But he wanted to go down a bit more to make sure they got good water. And the drilling continued.

P.J. gaped at Red as he used his animal strength to tighten the collar on the pipe before it descended again, longer now, into the sandy soil. As he grabbed the pipe, P.J. had an excellent view of his backside, the power of his thighs, back, and arms. She wasn’t sure what to do with her pent up energy, but the evil sprite had been doing a full-fledged Riverdance in her brain for many hours before she finally decided she’d better put the energy to use and went outside and climbed on the riding mower.

When the crew finally took an afternoon break, P.J. was glad to see Little Red head down to the lake’s edge to check the generator and the hose. She stopped the lawn tractor, got off, and nonchalantly followed him.

What the hell, she asked herself. Life’s good. Short, too. You want ‘im, just go for it. Put the line out. See if he’s bitin’.

He felt her come up behind him. And smelled her. He hadn’t been close to her today, so he was just now getting a whiff of the perfume. But he, and the others, had taken advantage of their eyesight frequently since arriving this morning. She’d been riding the lawnmower, and the uneven terrain had made her breasts bounce, to Little Red’s mind at least, infernally. They were the kind he liked–not too small, not too large, round and seemingly firm.

As he turned around, P.J. stopped her forward approach, smiled, and asked her opening question.

“What do people do for entertainment around here,” she inquired of Little Red.

“En-ter-tai-un-ment,” he asked, drawing the word out to five syllables. “You mean whadda we do for fun?”

“Why, yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Where might you go to entertain yourselves?

“Hmmm,” he mused, stroking his chin before continuing. “Well, prah-bly T’s Club over to Shebbyville.”

What the young man meant was an establishment in Shelbyville, but he pronounced it in the local fashion, to Shebbyville.

Little Red eyed her for a moment, excused himself, then turned and completed his current task. But the way he had eyed her made P.J. think she might head the other red male in her life, her truck, out to Shelbyville tonight. And the sprite broke into an absolute jig. She returned up the incline and decided on a glass of iced tea. She’d offered tea to the workers earlier, but Jimmie motioned her over to one of the trucks and lifted the lid on a huge ice chest revealing bottles of water and a half-dozen or more kinds of canned drinks, including iced tea.

“Thanks anyway,” he’d said. Now, she definitely felt the need to cool her insides.

P.J. sought shelter, both from the sun and her increasing excitement, by pulling a chair under the shade of a huge sweetgum tree and slowly sipping the cold tea. Little Red was apparently hot as well, for she saw him slug down two cans of something in what seemed only a couple of gulps.

Before they packed up for the evening, the head driller came to tell P.J. that they’d return tomorrow. She was a bit surprised since tomorrow was Sunday. He explained that they had a big job on Tuesday and wanted to make sure they were through here in plenty of time. Surprises sometimes happened, he’d said. He added that they wouldn’t be early in the morning, probably around 10:00 o’clock, and projected that they’d be through by early afternoon.

She nodded assent and said she’d see them in the morning.

The trucks fired up, the purr, at least to her ears, of the diesel engines resounding in the usually quiet woods. The truck driven by the master-driller pulled out first. A moment or two later, a second one followed. The third truck idled, then slowly pulled up closer to where P.J. stood in the shade. Little Red rolled down the passenger side window and leaned his forearm on the truck.

“Know where Shebbyville is?”

“Yep,” P.J. replied.

“Welp, we’ll be there this evenin’. At T’s. Y’know. Case you wanna come.”

“Well,” P.J. waited before finishing her thought. “Maybe I’ll see ya there.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

And with that the window rolled up and the escort siirt truck rolled out.


P.J. determined on the short skirt, but eschewed the low-cut blouse. The long-sleeved t-shirt, fairly snug, would do nicely. She looked rather like a toy person, a doll, in relation to the big truck she crawled into. The drive to Shelbyville was about half an hour. She popped a Lucinda Williams CD into the player and screamed “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road” along with Lucinda, repeating the same song all the way to T’s, a private club not hard to find since the whole town of Shelbyville consisted of two major streets and only a dozen or so minor ones. She hadn’t even had to ask anyone. The parked vehicles in a large parking lot led her the way.

When she pulled in, the lot was jammed, not surprising since T’s shared the parking space with the all-you-can-eat-catfish restaurant next door. In fact, the lot wound its way behind the buildings and it seemed that nearly every space was taken. She had to park pretty far away, a bit worried about leaving Big Red so far from the front door. She laughed at herself when she looked around and counted no less than forty similar trucks within a stone’s throw.

She jumped down out of the truck and made her way to the front door of the club. A group of men idled on the porch that stretched the width of the building, sucking in their collective breath as P.J. approached them.

As she slowly climbed the five steps, the three men wearing cowboy hats slowly put their fingertips to their hat brims. Quite a compliment to an old woman, P.J. thought. She smiled broadly and offered a “good evening, gentlemen,” and again the sprite danced to her inner tune.

“Evenin’, ma’am,” came responses from all around.

It was dark, noisy, and smoky inside. P.J. made her way to the bar in an effort to locate either Little Red or some of the men from the crew. Finally, beer in hand, P.J. spotted Little Red on the other side of the room moving around in a collection of mostly-western attired young men, two of whom she recognized from the crew.

Little Red, too, had followed the uniform code of the evening. He wore starched and creased Wranglers, she wondered to herself where he’d gotten a pair to fit that body, and a crisp white shirt, no hat. The red hair glowed when he stepped under various faint spotlights located around the dimly-lit room.

It wasn’t long, a buzz seemed to have accompanied her arrival, before Little Red headed her way. He wasn’t shy. He wasn’t cocky. He simply wanted to have a good time. They made small talk over the fairly loud music and finished their beers. Then, hand outstretched, Little Red asked P.J. to dance.

And around they went, two-stepping along with the rest of the crowd, laughing and enjoying the band and each other, eventually falling into a comfortable pattern. Four songs later, Little Red asked if she wanted another beer. P.J. nodded yes, then managed to communicate that she was headed to the ladies’ room and would be right back.

The restrooms were located down a long wooden hallway at the back of the building. P.J. smiled wryly as she read “Dude-ettes” on the ladies’ room door. Hmmm, she thought to herself, it certainly was not as insulting as the designation of “Sluts” in a Los Angeles nightclub she’d once visited. She went in and relieved herself, checking her reflection in the mirror before returning to the melee outside. Her face was pleasantly flushed, and the sprite was apparently attempting a getaway through her sparkling eyes. She was having fun. More fun than she’d had in a while.

He met her in the hall. Just enough beer to make him lose what little inhibition he exhibited around the older woman. He stood in front of P.J., smiling down at her. Although he wasn’t tall, perhaps 5’8″ or so, he was taller than her 5’3″ frame. He lightly pushed her back to the wall and leaned into her, placing a surprisingly good kiss on her lips. She returned the kiss, increasing its fervor as he pressed into her with more of his weight.

In less than two minutes, P.J.’s hand tucked into Little Red’s, they headed out the exit door at the end of the restroom hallway. Exit Only — No Entrance, the sign on the door read. Moments later they were in Little Red’s vehicle, not a truck, parked in the lot at the back of the building. Must’ve been Daddy’s old car. And a fine one it was, too. The 1970 Roadrunner had an ample backseat area.

P.J. practically broke into girlish laughter as Red gallantly opened the backdoor and swept his hand before him in a gesture of invitation. She crawled in, Red right behind her. As they settled down, each near one of the corners of the backseat, P.J. realized that Little Red smelled very good. He did not smell of pine, not of English Leather or Brut. In fact, he smelled of Dolce & Gabbana, the cologne that many of her male students back in fashion-conscious Big D wore. Suddenly, she wanted to know Little Red’s real name.

“What’s your name?” she asked. “I’m P.J.”

“Yes, ma’am. I know.” He paused. “Don’t laugh at mine, okay?” he asked defensively.

“Of course I won’t laugh. Go ahead. Tell me.”

“Well, I’m named after my grandfathers. All four of them. My full name is Archibald Jackson Caleb David McNeff.” He eyed her for a response when he finished.

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