Afternoon Fun

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Today started as any other, woke at 5:30, got the kids off to school, went to work: Same old same old!!

I had to be home by 4pm to let a contractor in to do some work.

At 3:55 me cell rung, its the office of the contractor saying he is outside my home hooting but no one is opening for him. Slightly annoyed I told the person on the phone that is customary to ring a door bell not blow a hooter, I don’t open my gate every time some idiot blows his hooter!

The door bell rings 30 seconds later, I answer and reluctantly allow this idiot access to my yard. I am alone, busy busy, laundry chores before my family get home.

I go to the front door to let the idiot in!!

Fuck!! he is absolutely stunning. His face, his body, skin and hair colour are exactly what I love. My heart skips a beat. Wow!!!

I allow him in, in fact I have to hold myself back, I want to hug him Hello. I take him to where he has to work. I go to the laundry and look down the passage at him. He is sitting on top of the ladder working; his face is in a cupboard his body is open to my scrutiny. And scrutinise it I do!! He has a T shirt and shorts on, his legs are bare, they are beautifully tanned and muscular, he has beautiful calves.

I look higher: He is sitting on top of the ladder with a huge hard on?!! for me!!? I am the only one around?

Did he notice I was so surprised to see him, did my nipple become erects when I saw him. I know my pussy reacted the second he came into my line of sight. The man he reminded me of used to be able to get me wet with just one look. Did he pick up this thought.

After about and hour, I casually go to the ladder, look up at him and ask him if he would like something to drink. He says he is almost done and would love a cup of coffee and that he will be done before the kettle is boiled. I go to the zeytinburnu escort kitchen, switch the kettle on, and remove my bra, I shove it in the cupboard under the sink.

I have a beautiful slightly see through turquoise long sleeved blouse on, skinny jeans moccasin boots. My boss was trying to feel my arse and look down the top at my breasts all day long, so I know I am looking hot.

He asks me to open the gate for him as he want to put his ladder and tools away.

I do this, a couple of minutes later he comes back into the house, I see he has changed his shirt, he has a clean fresh one on and I can smell he has put some aftershave on too.

Great smell, but I know immediately he has done this before. He is not the man I miss so, this is a player. The hard on was for me, but the person to him is interchangeable, its the pussy he wants and needs.!! That’s cool, I know the rules of engagement on casual sex!! so glad he went out and put the after shave on. This man had the ability to break my heart all over again. But not any more. I will shag him ’till I can’t shag no more, but he will never steal my heart.

He walks up to me and puts his arms around me, I respond and melt into him, I lift up my face, he kisses me deeply, his hands caress my backside. and then go up my back under my shirt. (this is one practised man 🙂 No mind, I can play this game, if fact I welcome it.

He kisses and caresses me so sweetly, he knows exactly were to touch and how to suck. Its been so long for me I am about to explode already.

He lifts my shirt up and off , then begins sucking my breasts, alternating between them and my lips. He picks me up with ease and sits me on the kitchen counter he opens my legs and i stands between them. The blinds are open, my neighbours will acıbadem escort be able to see what is going on if they take the time to look.

I don’t care I just want that huge hard on inside my body. He pulls my boots off, and peels my skinny jeans off my legs. I am now sitting on the counter with only a pure white, tiny, lacy thong on, the spot in the kitchen counter where he has me perched can be seen from the glass front door? but he seems to be oblivious to this fact. I check out the kitchen clock clock, we have half an hour at most. I whisper this in his ear, he looks at me and smiles. He slips his hand onto my hips under the thong and rolls it off. I am sitting on the counter naked legs open, he is in between them working my lips breasts, his hand starts caressing my already wet pussy. I need him so badly, he will not allow me to take his shirt off or undo his shorts, he stops me every time I try, so I feel and caress him through his clothing. He lifts me and pulls me forward so my pussy is at the edge of the counter, leans me back slightly and starts licking my pussy, he gently rolls my clit between his lips, then slips a finger into my so ready pussy. He finger fucks me and sucks me at the same time. Then he stops, just like that! stops!!! I am about to burst and he stops!! He takes my hand and pulls me gently off the counter, he says I may now undress him.

I do this, first his shirt, then his shorts. He is standing in his boxers, he is huge!! will he fit into me? I am so small? He slowly kisses me and guides my head down to his cock, I pull his boxers off, as he steps out of them his cock peeps at me. It is so beautiful, the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long while. I want him in me, but I know this is what he wants, so I have to be patient enjoy this cock in any which anadolu yakası escort way it is offered. I gently cup his balls, hold his shaft and then gently lick him slowly rolling my tongue around the head of his penis, I suck and lick suck and lick, slowly I begin to take his whole shaft into my mouth. I mouth fuck him for a while. He then tugs at me and indicates for me to stand up. He turns me around and leans me over the work surface. Slowly he pushes his huge cock into me from the back, he stretched my little, ever so wet pussy to its capacity, slowly he pushes until I have all of him inside of me, he gently starts building momentum, he fucks me, harder and harder, then seriously fucking, getting harder and harder all the time, he gives me what I have wanted from him since the first second I laid eyes on him. He pumps harder and harder. I can hear our bodies slapping together, our juices mingling and multiplying, I am so noisy saying things like, yes baby! harder! fuck me!! harder!!! he is breathing so rapidly, he is saying all sorts fabulously rude things to me, he begins to tell me how sweet my pussy tastes, and how much he wants me to cum in his mouth. ‘Too late’ I say ‘I am cumming already’.

He pull out of me, picks me up turns me around and lays me on the counter again. He sucks and licks me whilst I come. I am in heaven, but I miss his cock in me already. When finish cumming, he helps me off the counter, leans me over it again. This time he roughly pushes into me and begins immediately pumping away furiously, until he cums. He fills me completely I over flow, his cum is running down my legs, but he carries on pumping! This man is amazing.

I look at the clock again. My family will be here any second. I tell him he has to go. He just pulls out of me, smiles and dresses quickly, then leaves. I am standing at the front door still quivering inside from the amazing orgasm still horny and in need of more. I go back to the kitchen, pick up my clothing and quickly get into the shower. I am hardly in it when I hear my family come in the front door.

That night when I open the kitchen cupboard I find my bra. LOL, that was a beautiful shag. Wonder if he will come back for more?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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