Afternoon Ride

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Quietly he opened the barn door. It was a sunny hot afternoon towards the end of July. His horse, a huge Roman, stirred restlessly in its stall. “Hold on boy I’m coming.”

Ten minutes later Paden was riding hard across the hills into the now red setting sun. Off to his left and up a small outcropping of rock he spied a glint of light. Pulling back on the reins Paden trotted over to inspect what ever it was. Picking it out of the dust, Paden saw that it was a silver belt buckle in the shape of a heart. The sound of a snorting horse caused him to jerk around. On the rise above him there was a woman in on a sleek black stallion. Her hair blowing in the wind she turned the animal and galloped over the hills edge out of sight. Jumping on his horse Paden tore across the grassy slope.

Once he reached the top of the hill Paden could see the black horse and rider disappear into a thick stand of trees at the base of the deep gully. Digging his heels into the sides of his mount Paden again flew through the tall grass to the trees and their cool inviting shadows.

Slowing to a walk as he entered the foliage Paden peered into the shadows looking for the woman. A light breeze blew through the leaves carrying the scent of water and a female body. Getting down he guided his horse to where the smell of water was coming from. There in a small clearing was a spring fed pool. “Never seen this before, must be twenty feet deep” he said aloud.

Forgetting for the moment why he had ridden down to the shade in the first place. Quickly he stripped down and ran across the cool grass near the water and dove in. The water was cold and stole his breath for a moment. His large genitals now shrunk to normal size. cold, clean and clear the water slid across his naked body as he swam to and fro unaware of the eyes watching him, unaware of the hands that wanted to feel him, unaware of what those hands were doing to their owner in anticipation. Coming up for air Paden swam across the waters surface and climbed out of the water and walked over to his saddle bags to get a towel to dry off with. But before he could work the buckle loose his eyes locked with hers.

There at the clearings edge, standing in the shadow of an oak, was a woman. She stood almost as tall as Paden, and he was well over six feet. Her long red hair hung down to her perfectly round buttocks. The now blood colored sunlight struck her and seemed to outline her in fire. The small patch of short fuzz of hair between her thighs was red as well. Her body athletic glistened with sweat. Her breast, supple and firm, rose and fell with her ataşehir escort hungry breath. Her face held a look of a wanton need for satisfaction. Paden could feel her body from across the twenty foot gap between them. All too late did he realize what his other member was doing and how large it was doing it. The water on his skin was quickly joined by sweat. Silently the woman advanced. As she neared her eyes stayed locked on his, lust burning from them and into his own. Paden wasn’t cut but he wasn’t scrawny by any means either. And right then every muscle in his body stood out. His green eyes searched hers as she stopped mere inches from him.

Her kiss was soft at first. They simply pressed lips together for a moment. Then she quickly applied pressure. Feeling that same soul burning lust as before Paden returned the push in equal measure. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and found his. Surprised Paden did the same. As the kiss deepened they pulled each other closer. Her breast pressed against his somewhat hairy chest, her hard nipples teasing themselves on his skin. Paden’s now unusually big erection was mashed between them. She felt his pulse through it against her stomach. This only made her press to him harder. Holding her by her shoulders Paden began to explore the curves of her body. Sliding one down her back holding her head with the other he continued to drag the kiss out for as long as possible. His hand came to rest on her buttocks. He squeezed it lightly. Her hands gripping his face immediately responded by sliding down his chest and gripping his hard cock. Quickly she pulled away from his mouth and began to slide down his neck, then chest, on down his stomach and to the base of the erection.

Tracing her way up the shaft with her tongue the red head sent bolts of pleasure up through his body cause the cock in her hands to jump. Deftly she maneuvered her way around him teasing his pleasure spot. Then she took him in, just his head at first. She began to suck softly then slowly built up pressure as she slid all the way down taking in every inch. Finally her lips reached the base of Paden’s cock; his ample balls were swelling in her left hand while her right pulled at him to help stimulate. Moving quickly again she pulled back then went down again. She soon developed a rhythm that had Paden moaning with pleasure on every stroke. She could feel him close to his climax now. He was almost there and she knew it. With one final spasm and grunt his penis jerked in her mouth then shot load after hot load down her throat. Paden found avrupa yakası escort it hard to stand as she sucked out every last drop. With a small quiet moan the girl pulled away and licked her luscious lips. She locked eyes with him then stuck her tongue into his mouth.

With a fluid motion the red headed woman disengaged her lips from his and fell back in a graceful arc and caught her self on her hands then pushed up into a full back bend. Paden looked on in amazement until she then spread her legs apart to expose herself to him. What she wanted was more than clear. Paden fell to his knees. Very gently he parted the little bit of flesh around her vagina. She suppressed a shudder that tried to run up from his tease. Barely touching her he rubbed the spot in very slow very small circles. Just grazing the pink and very wet very warm skin. He watched goose bumps rise on the skin directly around her genitals and spread across her body. A slight controlled tremor ran through her. As one hand held her open the other slid in and out of her cunt stimulating it further. Giving his lover no warning Paden moved his face forward to just breath in her scent and then blow across her sensitive exposed pussy. The red head finally gave way and a moan escaped her. He could tell how hungry for his tongue she was. Seeing that it was time to excite her, his tongue darted out and danced around her clit, tickling it. The circles were slow then gradually built up speed. Soon his lips were firmly pressed against her while he explored her as deep as possible. His lover was now visibly moving, humping his face, rocking back and forth in her back bend position. Paden was growing tired and it was getting harder to breath through his nose and keep up he pace. It was time to make her cum. She was getting loud now. Suddenly Paden closed his lips down hard on her cunt and sucked in with as much force as he could muster. She jerked hard closing her legs on his head and almost falling, but he wasn’t done yet. Another hard pull at her, and another spasm came, but she was still holding out. With all the oomph he had Paden gave all and practically inhaled her then pressed down with his lips. As her flesh was pulled out between them under all that pressure she explosively came all over him. Paden drank in what he could and let the rest run. Not being able to contain herself she fell out of her strange backbend position. She had not expected this from a simple farm hand, nothing like this. She struggled to catch her breath, as did he.

Paden stood slowly and looked down at her glistening bağdat vaddesi escort wet body on the sand and smiled. She gazed back and returned the smile with a wink. Quickly and with little effort Paden scooped her up in his arms. She gave a small sound of surprise. Slowly he walked into the water until it was up to her neck and they were both where they could float. Letting go he dove under her and across the lagoon to a shady spot under the trees. When he turned around and surface for air she was right there with a seductive grin on her face. A wordless message passed between them and then she was on him in a second. His large cock was up again. With a little surprise she found it difficult to slid far enough up out of the water to get it in.

It was even more of a surprise to find out how big it felt inside her as it parted her and applied more pressure than she ever expected. With a little more effort and a grunt from both of them she got settled all the way on him. She could feel the heat of his balls as she sat on them. Very gently she began to move. A slow rhythmic up and down motion. Paden felt how hot she was growing and that she had lead to control the muscles inside her to squeeze just his head rather hard. Just for fun he stopped kissing her and switched between her breasts for a while. Stimulating hr nipples to a firm then hard texture. If only they gave milk… he thought.

She was moving faster now, her legs wrapped around him so she could grind her pelvis against his. The whole lagoon was soon in motion from the waves they were making in the water. His lips found her again. As their tongues played tag the lovers took turns moaning and gripping each other’s buttocks. Eventually the motion became so intense that they had to stop kissing to just to breathe and moan louder. They were close now. Her insides were hotter than ever and he was beginning to quiver. They were practically splashing now. Her breast were bouncing in and out of the water as she slid half way up his cock and dropped back down again. They couldn’t keep up much longer. Both practically screaming in unison they came hard and furious. Paden squirted and enormous hot load deep inside her, She responded by gripping him tighter to her body and squeezing his cock with her muscles so hard that it hurt. Paden had to carry the red head back to the opposite side to keep her from drowning.

With what little strength he had left he got her up on his horse and wrapped in a blanket. An hour later she was in his bed asleep. Lying next to her, Paden listened to her deep breathing and reflected on the eventful afternoon. Quietly she rolled over and while still asleep slid her hand under the covers to his soft cock. As she began to play with it a smile spread across her face. Paden grinned. Yep, it was going to be a good night. With that he cut off the light moved her on top, so he could wake her up gently; at least as gentle as possible anyway…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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