Afternoon with the Riding Crop

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For several days my husband I were hoping to get laid. Every day, something came up (not his cock) and I missed out. Well, one day he was laying in bed reading an erotic story and playing with his dick. I looked at the clock and knew this would not end well. After 10 minutes of gently stroking his dick, our daughter walked in and the fire went out.

Finally on Sunday, our daughter was out of the house for the entire day. For some reason we thought a quick trip to the gym would be a good idea. We grabbed a workout and then headed home for fun.

We had been discussing several options during the days leading up to our private time. We had some new coconut oil I wanted to try out on my ass. Maybe he could fuck me good and hard in the ass? He suggested he could tie me up and take advantage of me? I was hoping he would tie up my titties and provide some less than gentle loving. It seemed as if the options were limitless.

Having returned from the gym, I needed a shower. He opted for the jacuzzi so we split up for a bit. Ten minutes later we were crawling into bed naked. I jacked up my heated mattress pad so I could enjoy whatever would come to pass in comfort.

My husband was reading some erotica to get us started. I was just laying there checking out his package and his nice muscles.

He was nicely caressing my leg.

I wanted more.

I reached for my toy drawer and pulled out my remote controlled vibrating butt plug.

My husband was still reading and I don’t think he noticed the toy right away.

I was trying to get it to work and to sync with my phone.

“Nice choice” I heard from my right. Hmmm… He is awake and aware of me next to him!

Next I heard, “let’s try the coconut oil.” Learning about and getting the coconut oil is a whole other story. I leaned to my left presenting him my ass. I was a little surprised that the coconut oil was in his bedside drawer.

He started to lube me up with just one finger. He circled my ass several times and then slowly eased his finger in my butt. He gently fucked my ass with that one finger for a moment.

Then he got a bit more of the oil and went right back at my ass. He probed deeper and ensured my ass was well coated with the oil.

Next, he took control of the toy and applied a bit of oil to the tip and shaft of the butt plug. He slowly fucked it into my ass. It easily slid home and felt great. Just the right size so I could tell it was there, but not so big that I struggled to take it.

I lay back down and started to get comfortable. I took off my glasses and put my head back on the pillow. The next thing I knew, he tossed his sleeping blindfold at me. No mystery what he wanted me to do with that!

I quickly put the blindfold on and lay flat on my back. He returned to reading for a moment or two. I think he was bored with the story and then I heard porn. He found a movie that sounded like two girls were going at it with a strap on or double headed dildo. Not a bad soundtrack to what I hoped would be happening to me soon.

My bakırköy escort husband got out of bed and then returned after being gone for less than a minute. He approached my side of the bed and began to caress my body with something. I could tell it was not his hand, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

WHACK. I felt the crop hit my left tit. He didn’t hit me too hard, but I sure knew he was there. He tapered off and hit me again and again—These were just love taps!

He alternated between hitting my tits and caressing my body. He never hit or touched my nipples, just the flesh on my breasts. He would drag the double leather flap on the end of the crop up and down my belly.

He ran it over my thighs and onto my mons. He lifted it and swatted my thighs. He started at my left knee and made small slaps as he got closer to my pussy. Then he jumped to my right knee and did the same set of small slaps as he again got closer to my pussy.

He “four pointed” my arms and legs and told me not to move. While I love being tied up, this was nice too. It was up to me to resist moving and stay in this position. I knew if I moved he would either punish me with some very hard smacks or he would punish me by stopping. I was not in the mood for either.

I was totally enjoying this little game of teasing my tits, teasing my thighs, and caressing my body. I could feel a flood forming in my pussy. I don’t think I was leaking yet, but I knew it would not be long.

I felt him stop and lean over me. He licked gently between my tits and onto my neck. He nuzzled me as he breathed into my neck. He nibbled on my neck and then delicately licked the same spot to make it better.

With a brisk movement, he was back with the riding crop. He warmed up each breast by striking in a circle around the nipple. He never hit the nipple, just the flesh around it. First the right breast and then the left. He made several trips around each breast, alternating each time. My nipples were so hard I think they could cut glass!

He leaned over me again and I was hoping for a kiss. I got one, but it was on my right nipple. Damn! He sucked hard and I almost came. It felt so fucking good. The anticipation was awesome. He sucked and sucked on my nipple and then pulled my tit into his mouth.

Quickly he switched to my left nipple. And he sucked and sucked and then pulled the whole tit into his mouth.

Before I knew it, he was back with riding crop. I am sure this went on for 10-15 minutes. It was wonderful! It was amazing! It was fantastic! I never wanted it to end… But I also wanted to cum!

There I was with the butt plug pulsing in my ass and my nipples on fire. My pussy was certainly dripping by now, but I could not feel it.

Every once in a while, he would stop teasing my breasts and would slide the crop down over my belly. He caressed my mons and slapped my thighs. Finally, I could feel him getting closer and closer to my pussy. And then he stopped! The fucker just stopped and left me laying there…

I bostancı escort only waited about 10 seconds before he brought he crop down right on my right nipple. I screamed out in pain. And pleasure.

Before I could react, he brought it down on my left nipple. This one really hurt. I have a piercing in my left nipple and when he hits it good and hard, it can really hurt. I screamed more loudly and I am sure he smiled.

And then he slipped forward again. I could feel him place the crop on the bed to my left. He grabbed my right tit in both hands and pressed them together. My nipple surged upwards to be met with his mouth. He engulfed my nipple and sucked hard. I loved it!

He moved his hands to my left tit and engulfed that nipple in the same way. My ass came off the bed and I soooo needed his dick. I moaned loudly in pleasure and he knew I needed more.

He released my tit and, sure enough, he was back at me with the crop. He circled each breast with small, loving smacks of the crop. He caressed his way down my belly and started to gently smack my mons.

He shifted left and right onto my thighs, but always returned to my mons. And then he stopped. Again he stopped.

I could feel him moving a bit and then I felt his hands on my pussy. He pressed fingers on either side and pressed my labia together. Then he pulled them apart. I could only imagine how wet and pink and lovely my flower looked. I wish he would have taken a picture for me!

He opened and closed my snatch several times and then grabbed the crop. He resumed smacking my mons, moving left and right around my clit. He never touched it, but he sure got close. I am sure my flesh was getting pink, or maybe even an angry red as he was smacking it over and over.

He put the crop down and put his fingers on either side of my pussy again. I felt him open and close me. And then he slipped a finger into me. He started down by my plugged up ass and pulled it up and in. Now I could feel it, I was soaked.

He brought his wet finger to my right nipple. He circled my nipple coating it with my juice.

He dipped it again and then coated my left nipple.

He went back for more and then he approached my mouth. He painted my lips with my pussy juice. I licked them and enjoyed my taste.

However, before I could finish, he slapped the shit out of my clit with the crop. I cringed and slammed my knees together.

He pushed my legs apart and yelled at me. He properly informed me that the “taste treat” placed on my nipples and lips was there for his pleasure and not mine. Well how the fuck was I supposed to know that?

I tried to relax, but I had no idea if he was going to kiss me, slap me, or fuck me. Not knowing was driving me crazy.

Then I felt him move and it was his finger at my pussy. He again painted my lips with my pussy juice and I knew better than to lick my lips. I sat still as he began to lick and then suck my nipples.

I am sure he was loving his “taste treat” çekmeköy escort and I was jealous as hell. Pussy covered titty can be awesome! And as he sucked my nipples, my pussy just got wetter.

Before I could fully enjoy my nipples, he was back slapping my pussy. He slipped down in between my legs so he could block my knees from closing.

And then he went at my clit with the crop. He was using the lightest of touches and set a fast pace on my clit. The plug was still vibrating in my ass and I was ready to blow!

He was hitting my clit so fast I lost track of time. I tried to count the blows, but I couldn’t. I tried to focus on the pleasure, but the pain crept into my mind. I tried to focus on the pain and the pleasure surged over me.

He stopped for a nano second and then slapped my tits again. My pussy ached and my ass throbbed.

Back to my pussy. I started to close my legs. I shifted my right leg inward. He pushed it back and continue to slap my pussy. My mons was on fire, my clit was throbbing and I was cumming!

I twisted my left leg in. He pushed it back and hit my clit again and again. I tried to close both legs and he kept hitting me. My orgasm was not going to stop anytime soon…

And then he hit my nipple and I screamed again. Holy shit did that hurt. Holy shit did that feel good. Holy shit was I cumming!

“Fuck me!” I screamed at him. “Fuck me now!”

He pushed my knees apart and slid in between them. I reached for his dick to slide it home, but he blocked me.

He held my legs apart and began to smack my clit with his cock. He had replaced the crop with his cock. He continue to slap me and I continue to cum. This didn’t suck!

He rubbed his head up and down my slit. He smacked my clit.

He rubbed it up and down and just poked it into my pussy. Then he smacked my clit again and again with the head of his cock.

“Fuck me damn it!” I needed to be filled and he knew it. I hate it when he teases me like this. But you know I love it too! He is sooo good to me.

“Ahhhh!” He slid home and filled me. He pushed my thighs apart and began to fuck me in earnest.

His left hand reached down and began to saw the butt plug in and out of my ass. He pulled it almost all of the way out and then pressed it home. Fuck I was so close. I needed to cum again and again.

He fucked my ass for a moment and then decided I need more. He slipped a finger into my ass next to the butt plug. That worked for a moment.

I don’t know how he reads my mind, but he does. He ripped the plug from my ass and continue to pound my pussy. He slipped two fingers in my ass and within seconds added a third.

With three fingers in my ass, his dick in my pussy, and red, angry welts all over my tits and pussy I was a sight. I was thrashing now and fully engulfed in a massive orgasm. I was screaming, he was moaning. He sucked on my neck and mumbled something that sounded like “oh fuck” and maybe a “god damn” as he continued to fuck both my holes.

I was ready to die when he slammed me one final time and came to rest on top of me. He kissed me passionately and we both shared the flavor on my lips. He pressed up and away and sat back on his heels. He looked with pride at my pink pussy.

He slipped his dick out and said, “wow, you sure are foamy.” Well no shit Sherlock. I was well fucked and we were both ready for a nap!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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