Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 05

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Susan and her new boyfriend, Tommy, have sex.

Continued from Chapter 4:

Yet, no matter what he did or didn’t do for a living, she looked at him with the thoughts of going home with him, having him strip her naked, and having sex with this bald, Brad Pitt, look-a-like. Knowing better, she knew he was a bum, a player, and a bad boy. She knew she’d regret her decision of getting involved with such a man but she was horny and he looked interested and interesting enough to scratch her itch and sexually satisfy her for the night, just one night. She only hoped he had a skilled tongue and a big cock. Unless he had a pair of gym socks in his pants, he had a bulge big enough to satisfy her sexual needs.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Brad Pitt…but without hair,” she said with a laugh.

He ran a hand over his shaved head.

“I get that all the time,” he said.

He took a step back to look at her.

“My turn,” he said looking at her as if she was standing before him naked. “Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Jennifer Nettles from the country western singing duo, Sugarland, but with tits,” he said using that comment to stare down at her big tits.

She laughed.

“No, you’re the first,” she said with another laugh. “Normally men tell me that I look more like Taylor Swift but with tits, but I don’t think I look anything like Taylor Swift. Maybe because I’m so tall and blonde men used to tell me that I looked like Faith Hill. I think I look more like Faith Hill than I do Taylor Swift or Jennifer Nettles.”

He took a step back as if he was looking at a portrait in an art gallery.

“Now that you mention her, you do look like Faith Hill,” he said. “Actually, you could be her better looking and sexier sister.”

When he didn’t invite her back to his place, she figured he was married. Yet, what did it matter if he was married or not. He was hot. She just wanted to borrow him and his cock for the night. Not really caring who he was or what he does, even if he was married or single, she only wanted him for one night. Besides, if he was married, she’d probably never see him again and that was fine with her. From that brief, first encounter, she made her move.

“Would you like to go someplace quieter? We can go back to my place,” she said.

She invited him back to her place and ended up in bed with him.

Chapter 5:

As soon as she opened her front, closed it, and locked it, in the way she pushed Jimmy up against the wall four years ago, Tommy pushed her up against her hall wall. Kissing and kissing her, French kissing her, he touched and felt her through her clothes. With one hand feeling her shapely ass through her short skirt and panty, his other hand felt her big tits through her blouse and fingered her erect nipples through her bra. As if he had four hands, instead of just two, his hands were all over her sexy, shapely body.

Kissing and kissing him, she felt his hard prick through his pants and underwear. Teasing him, she felt the length of his hard cock through his clothes with her hand. Enticing him, she fingered the head of his erection through his pants. As if she was about to punish him by rupturing him with a hard squeeze, she cup his testicles through his trousers. She couldn’t wait to feel the real thing in her hand without his pants and his underwear getting in the way of her sexual touches, feels, gropes, and strokes. She couldn’t wait to feel him in her mouth, just as she couldn’t wait to feel him buried in her pussy.

Rather than just lifting her short skirt, pulling down her panties, bending her over and, fucking her as if she was a dog, she loved it that he didn’t rush but took his sweet time with foreplay and with making out with her. Seemingly, he wanted to French kiss her just as much as she wanted to French kiss him. Seemingly, he enjoyed feeling her through her clothes just as much as she enjoyed feeling him through his clothes. With her not knowing what to expect from him the first time having sex with him, she was glad that he was taking it slow instead of rushing. She was glad that he seemingly wanted to make love to her than to just fuck her.

* * * * *

Now, it was several months after their first sexual encounter since she invited him home from the bar. Even though he had seen her bra clad breasts and naked breasts dozens of times, wanting him to take his sweet time undressing her, she loved it when he unbuttoned one button of her blouse at a time. Instead of quickly stripping her naked, as if opening an expensive present, she loved it when he took the time to look to see what each unbuttoned button revealed before unbuttoning the next button. With him looking at her with lust and sexual, wanton desire, she loved it when he looked at her unbuttoned blouse as if seeing her cleavage and bra clad breasts for the first time.

Once her blouse was unbuttoned, and her bra clad breasts were exposed to his horny eyes, pendik escort he made her feel sexually wanted and desired as a woman. Then, as if he was a sculptor holding a priceless work of art, she loved how he gently cupped her breasts through her bra with his big hands while feeling the impressions her nipples made through her bra. Instead of rushing to remove her bra and to see, feel, fondle, and suck her naked breasts, she loved it when he leaned down to suck her nipples through her bra. Oh, my God, watching him suck her nipple erect through her bra made her so wet and she thought she’d cum right there.

Rather than just lifting her bra over her big tits, after kissing her and feeling her breasts through her bra while fingering and sucking her nipples through her bra, she preferred him stealthily unhooking her bra from the back. As if he was a horny teenager in the backseat of a car, she loved it when he stared at her breasts and felt her breasts as if her breasts were the first naked breasts he had ever seen and felt. With her bra straps still on her shoulders and her bra cups still cradling her breasts, she loved when he felt her big tits and fingered and sucked her nipples through her unhooked bra before he removed her bra. Then, as if she was a painter presenting her painting to him, her masterpiece, she loved it when he lifted and removed her bra to expose her big tits to his horny eyes.

There was nothing more sexually exciting than him touching, feeling, fondling, and sucking her breasts for the first time as there was now months later. Teasing her while kissing and kissing her, she loved it when he slid a slow hand across her nipples before fingering her nipples. She loved it when he pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples before leaning down to take her nipples in his mouth, first one and then the other. With dirty talk her sexy, sexual thing, she loved having her nipples sucked as much as she loved it when he talked dirty to her.

With him looking so very much like Brad Pitt, her bald Brad Pitt, she enjoyed pretending that she was having sex with the real Brad Pitt while perhaps he pretended he was having sex with Faith Hill or Jennifer Nettles. What seemingly worked for one, in imagining having sex with a celebrity, sexual partner, seemingly worked for the other. Sexual fantasies were healthy and allowed them to continue to keep their romance exciting and alive much longer than what they both thought would only be a one night stand.

“You have such big tits. They’re so firm,” he said squeezing them. “They’d so shapely,” he said staring at them. “I love your big breasts Susan.”

He looked up at her before staring back down at her naked breasts.

“Thank you, Tommy.

She looked down at her naked breasts before looking back up at him.

“I love feeling your firm breasts through your blouse while fingering the impressions your nipples make through your bra,” he said playing her slow game of seduction while feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples through her bra. “I love feeling your tits through your clothes before removing your bra to feel, finger, and suck your naked tits,” he said taking her nipples in his mouth, first one and then the other.

Yet, not portraying who he really was, somehow she knew that if it was up to him, she’d already be naked and on all fours while he pounded her pussy or humped her mouth. Having been with enough men to know who he was, if she was some wicked whore, a paid escort, or a nasty prostitute, if it was up him, he would have already been finished by now and out the door. With him the type, somehow she knew that if it was up to him, he’d rather take care of his sexual needs first than wanting to take care of her sexual needs first. Still, with him her age, a few years older, she’d rather be having sex with him than having sex with a man who was 15 years younger than her, as she did when she had sex with Jimmy four, long years ago.

“Thank you, Tommy. I love my big tits too,” said Susan laughing while looking down to cup her big breasts in her hands.

She slowly ran her hands over her naked breasts as if she was running her hands over his bald head or passing her hands over two crystal balls. She slowly slid her palms over her nipples. With just a sexy smile, she encouraged him to continue touching her and feeling her while kissing and kissing her.

“I love removing your bra and seeing your big breasts as if seeing them for the first time. I love fingering your nipples, pulling your nipples, turning your nipples, twisting your nipples, and sucking your nipples,” he said. “You have such amazing tits, so shapely and so firm. Then, when I finger them before sucking them, your nipples become so hard and so erect that I can’t get enough from fingering them and sucking them.”

She loved it when he paid so much attention to her breasts. She loved it when he complimented her breasts. She loved it when he felt and sucked her big tits. She loved the way that he looked suadiye escort at her naked tits and touched her naked tits. She became so very sexually excited when he pulled, turned, twisted, and nibbled on her nipples.

Then, he ran a slow hand from her ankle all the way up her thigh. She loved it when he felt and fondled her legs before continuing to slide a slow hand up her short skirt to touch her pussy through her bikini panty with his fingertips before cupping her pussy through her panty. With his hand moving so slowly and his touch so delicately light, he sent shivers down her spine and goosebumps on her arms. Oh my God, already so very wet, she was so horny. With her so very horny and so very sexually frustrated, she thought she’d cum right there. She was so ready to be licked, fingered, and fucked. She couldn’t wait for him to remove her panties and take her pussy in his mouth and lick her to orgasm.

She loved how he took his sweet time kissing her while feeling her. As if she was having sex with a woman instead of with a man, she loved it when he pressed down to slide a slow, firm finger, along her pussy slit to rub her clit through her panty. Not rushing her, instead of just pulling off her panties and mounting her, she loved it when he pushed her panty aside with his finger to rub her clit and finger her wet pussy. She gasped when he felt her warm wetness with his fingertip.

Making her wait, seemingly making her beg to feel his big, hard cock inside of her, she loved it when he stuck his finger inside of her while kissing and kissing her. Finally, with her more than willing and ready for sex, she loved it how he got her so very wet and in the mood for sex by rubbing her clit and masturbating her. As much as she couldn’t wait for him to make love to her, she loved him masturbating her while kissing her, feeling her breasts, and fingering her nipples. She only hoped that he’d continue to take his sweet time and eat her pussy and lick her pussy before fucking her pussy to orgasmic pleasure.

* * * * *

While he fingered her pussy through her panties, she fingered his cock through his pants. Knowing what he wanted, she unbuckled him, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled down his zipper. She reached her hand inside to wrap her fingers around his cock through his underwear. Then, pulling his underwear down, she exposed his cock and balls.

Other than feeling Tommy’s prick, it had been a long while, too long, since she felt another man’s prick in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. The last time was four long years ago when she had her wicked sexual way with her 24-year-old co-worker and subordinate, Jimmy. She looked down at his erection before looking back up at him. Touching his naked prick with her manicured fingertips, she fondled the head of his naked cock with her fingertips before wrapping her long, fingers around his cock slowly stroked his naked prick. When she got him hard enough with her hand, she moved down to get him even harder with her mouth.

Careful not to suck him too hard or stroke him too fast, she didn’t want him to cum in her mouth, not yet. She stroked him and sucked him while he continued fondling her big breasts and fingering her erect nipples. They each made one another sexually crazy with lust and with the anticipation of having deep penetrating, hot sex. They each got the other ready for sex, for making love, and for fucking.

“Do you have protection?” Susan stopped to look at him. “A condom?”

He gave her a smart look.

“You know that I don’t use them,” he said. “Don’t worry. I promise not to cum in you,” he said with a little laugh. “Besides, I’d much rather cum in your beautiful mouth than in your pussy.”

When he was ready and when he was hard enough, she removed her panties and lifted up her short skirt. She threw her leg over him and mounted him. She lowered her wet cunt down to meet his erect cock. If it was up to her, she’d prefer to have more kissing, touching, licking, sucking, and feeling, before having sexual intercourse but she knew that he could only wait so long. Besides, with her so horny too, she could only wait so long to feel him inside of her. Moreover, she was already late for work and needed to get there in time for her presentation.

She took his cock in her hand and aligning it with her pussy lips, she lowered herself down on his lap. The size of him filling her pussy always surprised her and she gasped with the width of him parting her pussy lips. Sliding inside of her as if he belonged there, she slowly humped him. Deeper and deeper his cock slid inside of her until they had enough suction to hump one another without him falling out of her. Then, with the length of him sliding all the way inside of her and hitting something deep inside of her, she knew that he couldn’t go any further.

With her big breasts bouncing up and down and swaying side to side, he reached up his hands to harness her tits. Feeling them while fondling them, he fingered tuzla escort her nipples. She bounced on him as if he was an amusement ride. She rode him as if she was riding the mechanical bull at the bar. She fucked him in the way that he wanted to be fucked. She fucked him in the way that she needed to be fucked. She fucked him in the way that he was fucking her.

“Fuck me, Susan, fuck me. Fuck me, baby,” he said knowing that dirty talk turned her on enough for her to have an orgasm. “Oh, my God. I just love your tight pussy. I love your warm, wet cunt.”

Then, as if ready to give her a baby, with him on all fours, he rolled her over in the way that she imagined he rolled his wife over when trying to make her pregnant.

“Oh, my God, fuck me Tom. Slam your big, hard cock inside of me,” said Susan wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his back. “Make me cum Tommy. Make me cum. Give me an orgasm. I need to cum.”

He turned her back around to face him.

“I’m going to give you the orgasm of your life,” he said fucking her while in the missionary position.

Determined to make her cum, he fucked her faster and he fucked her harder.

“Don’t stop Tommy. Please don’t stop. Fuck me, Tom. Oh, my God, just fuck me. Slam that big, hard cock, in my warm wet pussy. Fuck me Tommy. Fuck me. Give me an orgasm. I need to cum. I want to cum,” said Susan. “Oh, my God, Tommy! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”

As if he was a stripper at a CFNM show or a porn star in a porn film, he was giving Susan what she wanted, a good, hard fucking. On top of her in the missionary position, he was giving her pussy a really hard, fast pounding. Fucking her faster and fucking her harder, he slammed his cock in her as hard as he could and as fast as he could. With her big tits bouncing as if they were keeping time to the rhythm of him fucking her, and with her returning his humps with her humps, her whole body moved with his.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum Susan,” he said.

With her knowing how to stop a man from cumming, she pinched, turned, and twisted his nipples really hard.

“Don’t you dare cum inside of me. I can still get pregnant,” she said with a voice of a She-Devil or Linda Blair as Regan from the Exorcist. “You promised you wouldn’t cum inside of me when you refused to wear a condom,” she said.

Without him getting down on one knee and putting a ring on her finger, there was no way she wanted his baby. He’d have to commit to her to get her pregnant. At the very least, he’d have to tell her that he loved her to get her pregnant. He’d have to marry her to get her pregnant. She wanted a big church wedding while wearing a white, wedding gown without having a big, baby bump preceding her down the aisle.

He slowed his fucking. Now, more making love to her than fucking her, he was careful not to cum inside of her. The last thing he wanted to do was the last thing she wanted him to do and that was for him to fill her with his seed. Neither of them wanted her to be pregnant with his child.

Unfortunately, with her feeling that she was too old for a baby, in the way she wanted kids ten years ago was the way that she didn’t want a child now. Too set in her life and happy in her career as a writer, she couldn’t afford to have a child. Moreover, suspecting that he’d never marry her, the last thing she wanted to be was a single mother. The last thing she wanted was for a baby to be her total responsibility.

“Ow! Jesus Susan. Okay, okay. Don’t worry. I won’t cum in you. Just let go of my nipple. Okay? Fuck that hurt,” he said rubbing his sore nipple. “Baseball. Boring baseball. I need to think of baseball,” he said continuing to hump her.

She returned his humps with her humps.

“I’m almost there. I’m ready to cum,” she said. “After you fuck me, I’ll suck you. Okay?” She looked him in the eye. “After you fuck me and after you give me an orgasm, I’ll suck you. You can cum in my mouth and I’ll swallow you. Okay?”

Careful not to cum in her pussy, wanting more to cum in her mouth than in her pussy anyway, he fondled her big tits while fingering her erect nipples. Playing with her hard, erect nipples always got her off whenever she was this close to cumming. Not nearly as hard as she pulled, turned, and twisted his nipple, he pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples while humping her. Then, leaning his mouth down closer to her, he sucked her nipples, first one and then the other, before taking each one in his mouth to bite and nibble on her nipples.

“Cum, Susan, cum,” he said. “Cum all over my cock,” he said knowing how much she loved him talking dirty to her. “I’m going to split your cunt wide open with my big prick. I’m going to fuck you until you have an orgasm. I’m not going to stop pounding your pussy until you cum. Cum, Susan, cum.”

She stopped humping him to arch her back and tighten her legs. Obviously, she was on the verge of cumming. He just needed to hump her a little harder and a little faster while being careful not to ejaculate inside of her.

“That’s it. Right there. Don’t stop. Oh fuck, Tommy, please don’t stop. Oh fuck. Please don’t cum inside of me. Hump me harder and hump me faster. Fuck me, Tommy, fuck me. Just don’t cum in me. Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m cumming. I’m cumming Tommy. I’m cumming,” she said collapsing in the softness of her mattress.

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