Ahead on Pointes Ch. 01

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(A companion story to Careful what you ask for)

Chapter 1.

Steve Haslam winced as he bent his bruised and aching body to unlace his mud-caked football boots and ease them off his swollen feet. He felt exhausted but well satisfied having scored an injury time equaliser in a hard fought two-all draw with their neighbouring local league rivals who were only a point behind them in the battle for promotion to the top division. He smiled as he received back-slapping congratulations from several of his mud-spattered team mates as they headed for the showers. He smiled even more as he thought about Lorna.

She would be finishing her pointe class about now. He pictured her perfect little bottom – gorgeously moulded within her white leotard and tights impregnated and darkened with the sweat of her pale skin now in the afterglow of her extreme exertions – cushioning her body as she sat on the wooden floor of the dance studio. He imagined her bending and stretching her slender legs snow-white pure in her tights as she loosened the ribbons of her beautiful white satin ballet shoes from around her tiny ankles and slipped her shoes from her perfect little feet. He thought of the blessed relief and satisfaction she must be feeling as she rubbed her tired and sore feet through the smooth sheerness of her tights, just as he was rubbing his through his football socks.

He imagined her then slipping her lovely little feet into her pretty pale-pink ankle socks that she had chosen to wear instead of her usual white ones and then easing her feet into her white plimsolls. Then for a few minutes she would wander around the studio chatting to her friends while she looked a picture of sensual gamine loveliness in her white leotard, tights and plimsolls with her pink ankle socks giving an eye-catching blush of colour. Finally she would pull on her grey hooded sweatshirt and pink jogging bottoms over her elfin-lithe body and coltish legs before going home to shower and put something on at least as sexy to await his return. He towelled his damp face and hair, imagining her dabbing with her soft white fluffy towel at the sweat beading her lovely face. Then she would gently pat the smooth porcelain skin above her cleavage, on her slender shoulders tightly traversed by the thin straps of her leotard, and on the taut nape of her neck bare below her hair. He pictured the little wisps of her hair that would have escaped the tight confinement of her ballet bun to curl down and dip their ends in her sweat as they lightly caressed her neck.

His mind filled with such happy thoughts, he was about to slip off his shirt, now more brown than the scarlet it had started the match as, when he heard the less-than-welcome backhanded compliment of Bryn Tyler, the team full back and well up on the list of Steve’s least-favourite people.

“Nice one Ace. Better late than never, I guess.”

“I’m with you, so far. “Steve preferred to keep any conversation with Bryn Tyler to the necessary minimum. But Bryn never gave up easily.

“How’s things with you and that posh bird.”

“Fine thanks. Her name’s Lorna.” Steve managed to stay coolly to the point. Bryn switched to another axis of attack.

“A mate of mine’s a cabbie round your way and he tells me he often sees you and her going in and out of that dance studio place in Benfield Road on a Tuesday night. He also tells me that Tuesday’s the night they have evening classes for ballet. Is she turning you into a poof or something?”

Steve might have been struggling not to lose his rag and thump him at this point. But since his life-changing experience of meeting Lorna and the amazing circumstances in which he had met her, he had become much more secure and settled in himself and much more self-assured and controlled. Now he sat back on the slatted bench and looked Bryn straight in the eye.

“It’s a pity you keep forgetting to shift your brain out of neutral and think about what you’re about to say before you open your mouth. In the first place, what’s Lorna going to get out of changing my sexual orientation? And since when did what you do show what your sexual orientation is anyway? Lots of girls play football now but no-one automatically assumes they must therefore be lesbians. Secondly, have you ever stopped to think about how incredibly sexy ballet is? Every Tuesday night for two hours I get to see the most beautiful, sexy girl I’ve ever met show off her stuff in a skin-tight leotard and tights. Not only that, I can get hot and sweaty with her and thirty other great looking girls all wearing leotards, tee-shirts, tights and leggings.”

“I wouldn’t mind a bit of that,” chipped in Paul Radcliffe, the team’s goalkeeper, who would do almost anything if there was a chance to chase a bit of skirt. Encouraged, Steve warmed to his theme.

“Thirdly, have you ever bothered to think through the prejudice that dancers are weak and effeminate and realise just how strong and single-minded a dancer has to be. We ache for a bit after each game but they live with pain and discomfort all through ümraniye escort their careers. We do a bit of training now and then, but they spend almost their whole waking lives either performing, rehearsing, practising every day or maintaining their fitness. Have you ever thought about how much strength it takes to lift a girl right up above your head and keep her up there even as she’s constantly moving and changing her centre of balance?”

He was aware that everyone had stopped to listen to him. He decided to go for the clincher.

“And fourthly, doing ballet has made me a better footballer. It gives my whole body a fantastic workout, much better than the training we do. I’m far more aware of my body and how it moves. My balance and agility have improved. And have you noticed how many more goals I’ve been scoring lately, including the one that’s saved us a point today? Some ballet training would improve your defending. Their striker left you for dead for their first goal.”

“Too right mate,” piped up Tunde Adewala, Bryn’s partner in defence. Bryn, silenced and head shaking, stomped off to the showers to an accompaniment of jeers and good-natured ribbing from his team mates.

Steve showered thoroughly and when he was dressed he chatted for a few minutes with some of his mates before heading off for his next appointment. He carried two bags to his red BMW sports convertible, one containing his mud-caked football gear, the other his ballet outfit.


He had been having special one-to-one ballet tuition with Irina Kopcek since Lorna had introduced him to her many months previously. He had first gone to her dancewear shop to buy some ballet shoes and clothing for the ballet fetish games that he and Lorna loved to play together on their “quiet nights in”. He had spent a couple of hours with her, fascinated by her stories of life as a ballerina with the Czech National Ballet, and they had become friends there and then. He went with Lorna to a regular adult ballet class on Tuesday evenings to learn and build up his basic ballet technique. But his special sessions with Irina were intended to help him achieve a desire he had had for many years, to dance on pointe in real ballet shoes with blocked toes and ribbons around his ankles.

She greeted him warmly as he walked into her shop. She was a tall, lean, blonde, classically Slavic beauty in her early 50’s. As usual she was already dressed for their lesson. She wore a long white blouse with a pretty lace collar, a flowing dark blue skirt with a pattern of little white polka dots, which showed just the right length of bare legs below her knees, and red leather soft-soled ballet slippers. Her long hair was gathered tightly on the back of her head and her piercing blue eyes contrasted with her bright red lipstick that matched her immaculately groomed nails. She spoke perfect English with an attractive mezzo tone and a wonderful singsong Czech intonation.

“So lovely to see you Steve. On time as usual.”

“Would I ever dare be late for one of your classes?” he asked rhetorically.

She asked her assistant, a young and very pretty dance student named Emily who worked there during her college vacations, to mind the shop while she and Steve went to her studio at the back of building. She made strong dark coffee for them while he changed into his ballet outfit in the little changing room at the side. He experienced the thrill, as he always did, of pulling on his tights and enjoying the way they felt on his legs and how they moulded and shaped them. And he loved holding his leotard by its shoulder straps as he stepped into and through the leg holes in the gusset and then pulled and stretched the figure-hugging Nylon/Lycra material over his body until he could insert his arms under the straps. He always loved the feel through his tights as he slipped his feet into his ballet slippers. He looked at himself in a full-length mirror and rested his hands on the smooth curves of his hips as he turned and flexed his feet and legs to start warming them up. He smoothed his hands over his bottom and gave his buttocks a little squeeze just for the pleasure of feeling them through the clingy smoothness of his leotard and tights.

When he was ready he joined Irina in the studio and after he had amused her as they drank their coffee with his story of his conversation with Bryn Tyler, they began the lesson. For the next hour and a half, with only a short break in the middle, she put him through a gruellingly challenging programme of exercises designed to test and increase the strength of his feet and leg muscles in preparation for going up on pointe. He was now able confidently to dance on demi-pointe, balancing on the bottoms of his toes as he lifted his heels.

At each stage of his programme, she would carefully feel his ankles and legs where his muscles were being worked and tested by the exercises he was performing. They had always enjoyed a playfully flirtatious friendship. He loved the feel through his tights üsküdar escort of her firm, probing, testing grip on his ankles, calves, thighs and hips. She relished the feel of his strong, firm leg muscles flexing under her touch through his tights but, being totally professional in her desire to teach him all she knew of ballet, she only betrayed her pleasure with hint of a smile and a gleam in her eyes.

At the end of his lesson, after spending an extra long time feeling his ankles with particularly scrupulous attention, she beamed up at him and said what he had longed to hear her say for many months.

“Next week bring your pointe shoes. You are ready to be a real Czech ballerina.”

They laughed at their private joke, which they had shared since he had bought his first tutu from her and they hugged each other and kissed on both cheeks in affection and sheer joy for the occasion and the achievement. He felt ecstatic.

“I feel wonderful. I can’t thank you enough Darling,” he smiled and hugged her again. She brushed his hair up from his eyes and pinched his cheek in an almost motherly gesture of fondness.

“I’m so proud of you and what you’ve achieved. You have learned quickly and you have learned well. I wish all my students were like you, so dedicated and so determined. But this is only the end of the beginning. You will have to work even harder from now on.”


Steve had phoned Lorna with his good news. She was ecstatic with happiness, imagining all the lovely times they would now be able to enjoy together dressed in their tutus and dancing en pointe in their ballet shoes in her little studio which she had converted her spare bedroom into. As he opened the front door of the flat, the silence and stillness within made him tremble with excitement at the thought of the surprise that he knew she had prepared for him.

“I’m in the bedroom Darling.”

Her call confirmed his hopes and sent his body into overdrive so much that even the SAS couldn’t have burst into their bedroom faster or more decisively than he did. The sight that met his eager gaze was wonderful to behold. Since coming back from her ballet class, Lorna had showered her beautiful ballerina body, washed the wonderfully soft, long mane of her raven-dark hair and cleaned, freshened and perfumed every e-zone and orifice. She had made up her gorgeous dark eyes with eye shadow, liner and mascara so that his heart skipped with excitement at her alluring come-and-get-me gaze upon him. Her pouting little rosebud lips shone lusciously bright red with her beaming smile and matched the scarlet sheen of her perfectly painted and manicured nails. Now she was face down on the bed. Her head, turned sideways to look at him with her deep love and desire for him, rested on the delicate white framework of her folded arms. She had drawn up her knees and folded her girlishly slim legs beneath her so that her lovely pert little bottom sat invitingly above the soles of her pretty and perfect little feet.

In her lovely hair she had tied a red silk ribbon with white polka dots into a large bow. Another thin silk ribbon tied at the back encircled her swan-slender neck. Around her upper body, leaving bare her trim midriff, she wore a beautiful white satin and lace bodice that tied with laces on her gracefully arched back and caressed and cupped her perfect little round breasts that he could just see nestling beneath the curve of her body. A tiny wraparound skirt, also red with white polka dots, delicately draped her slim thighs and trim hips. It fully revealed the white shining glory of her beautiful bottom in gorgeous white satin pants that displayed the magnificent curves of her cheeks and the canyon of her crack whilst hiding them excitingly from view. To satisfy his adoration of her slender, shapely ankles and wonderfully sexy little feet she wore little frilly white cotton ankle socks and beautiful soft soled ballet slippers in shiny red satin. She had fallen in love with them as soon as she had seen them in Irina’s shop the previous week and he had bought them for her there and then.

“Here’s your reward for doing so brilliantly Darling”, she breathed to him in her lovely light soprano voice with her perfect pronunciation and diction, turning up the fire that already glowed within him.

“Ballet Girl, you’re so gorgeous”, he grinned at her with such delight in his eyes that a warm shiver went all through her body. Lowering and softening his voice to make her tremble even more with excitement he added, “And when I get such a special surprise present like this I like to examine it very carefully before I open it up.”

They both loved lots of foreplay. First he treated her to the sight of him slowly undressing down to his little black briefs. She opened up her legs and he knelt behind her on the bed and began to caress and stroke her all over while he sought out every one of her sensitive spots and her warm soft hollows and crannies to kiss and breathe deeply on her sweet feminine anadolu yakası escort scent. She revelled in the feel of his fingers on her scalp as he ran them through her hair. She gasped and giggled with pleasure as he kissed and nuzzled her ears and her neck and yelped as he blew gently into her ears before exploring them with the tip of his tongue warm and moist. She tensed with excited anticipation as he slowly undid the laces of her bodice and then purred with pleasure as he slipped his warm hands inside the warm spaces of the cups and cupped her breasts. She moaned with delight as he rubbed her swollen, throbbing nipples with his palms while he squeezed her softly yielding flesh. He enveloped her body with his, leaning over her to kiss her neck, tingling with her excitement, through the soft dark curtain of her hair. And he continued to probe her breasts as he pushed the great bulge of his erection swelling and stretching his pants as firmly closely as he could into her bottom cleft, straining against the white satin barrier of her pants stretched over it.

He murmured with pleasure as he luxuriated in the wonderful feel, sight, smell and sound of the exciting and gorgeous woman he loved and adored so much. Feeling his desire for her growing ever more urgent in his loins he released his hold on her breasts and drew himself back to her bottom still pointing enticingly skyward. Her heart thumped deeply as he slowly pulled down the back of her white satin pants to reveal the soft white stretch of her porcelain skin over the curves of her bottom. She giggled again as he kissed her cheeks all over. Then she gasped, “Oh you animal, that’s gorgeous!” as he slowly licked the entire length of her cleft from top to bottom as if he was celebrating the softness of the skin of a ripe peach before biting into its soft moist flesh.

As his tongue reached the end of its heady journey between her spread thighs his nostrils caught a wonderful drift of her perfume wafting between her legs. He stroked her bottom as he asked her.

“Your pussy smells of your perfume you gorgeous creature. What have you done?”

“I douched myself with a mixture of perfume and warm water. And I gave myself an enema too.”

“I wish I’d been here to watch you. What did it feel like.”

She loved telling him in detail.

“It was wonderful. I sat naked straddling the bidet with my legs wide apart, stuck a big syringe up myself and pumped myself full of solution. It was so lovely to feel it flowing in and out of me. It was like I was being fucked by a living stream of water. Next time we’re by the sea I’m going to sit on the beach naked with my legs wide apart, open myself right up and let the waves wash right up into and out of my cunt over and over again until I come.”

“I’ll make sure I’ve got the video camera”, he replied eagerly.

The image of her naked and wet in the throes of her aquatic pleasure raked up his desire for her. He turned her gently over onto her back. She looked up at him wide eyed, breathing hard through her slightly parted lips in delightful anticipation. Her long dark hair spread all over the pillow and caressed her arms that she had lifted to rest on either side of her head in an attitude of total surrender to him. Her undone bodice draped loosely over her breasts and her pants, already pulled down at the back to the topmost folds of her thighs while the crotch was already stained dark by her excitement, barely covered her womanhood tingling and throbbing between her spread legs. He longed to uncover her.

“Now I’ve had a good feel of the wrapping, lets take a good look at what’s inside”.

Her heart racing in response to his desire, she arched and undulated her body and sighed with delight as he gently lifted her bodice to uncover her breasts. Her nipples sprouted stiffly from her areolas that flushed pink in wide saucers against her pale skin. Then he pulled her pants down her legs and off over her feet, pointed in her ballet slippers and little white girlie-girl ankle socks. To his delight, he revealed her vagina, open wide and already glistening with her love juices and so red and swollenly pouting that it looked like it was sprouting from her groin, set magnificently within a surround of perfectly smooth porcelain skin burnished with a sheen of baby oil. Overwhelmed with love and desire for her, he thought he had never seen her look so beautiful, ripe and ready to be most wonderfully fucked.

“You’ve shaved yourself again. You look so beautiful My Love.”

Her smile melted his heart.

“You deserve it My Darling. I’m so proud of you. It’ll be so lovely to dance naked in our ballet shoes on pointe together. Now look at me and tell me what you see and what you’ll do to me.”

They both loved to excite each other with sexy talk as they made love. He responded to her request with relish as he slowly removed his pants to reveal his huge erection to her delighted gaze.

“I’m going to stroke and kiss the whole length of your bare legs. I’m going to kiss and caress your lovely feet and ankles through your ballet slippers and your ankle socks. I’m going to slide my fingers all over and around your gorgeous shaved mound. I’ll rub my big swollen head against your swollen lips and your throbbing clit until you nearly come and then I’ll fill your wide-open cunt with my big swollen dick and fuck you until you can’t take any more.”

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