Alex and Anna: At Work

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Close Up

Rain splattered against Alex’s window looking out of his sixth floor office. It is weather typical of Portland and irked him to no end. Many times he and Anna had discussed moving someplace sunnier; sometimes this conversation included Hawaii and California, other times Florida and North Carolina.

Alex removed his Buddy Holly-esque glasses, dropped them to his desk, and rubbed his eyes. He leaned back into his chair and sighed. It was definitely a Wednesday and he struggled to get over this particular Hump Day. It didn’t help that he would be staying at the office late into the night. Yet another Friday deadline loomed too close, considering all the meetings he had attended that week. But the only thing that laid on his mind this particular afternoon is of his wife, Anna. He…and a certain Little Alex…missed her dearly. He desperately wanted to sneak out of the office for a nooner with her, but knew that would be impossible since she was also at work at that time.

Thankfully, his annoyingly loud and vain officemate left for the week. Diego’s desk had been left asunder with University of South Florida’s blue and orange mascot, the bull gator, guarding it while he went home to visit his family. At least that had made for a very tranquil week, or as tranquil as it could be at his work.

Alex looked past his computer to the wall behind it where his Corgi calendar hung. Alex and Anna’s clearly marked on it is their vacation, but it still lay almost two weeks away. How could he possibly wait that long to escape this hell hole he called work?

He heard a knock at his door. “Come in,” he managed to grunt out as cheerfully as possible. He couldn’t let his bosses know how disenchanted he had become with his job. He quickly put on his glasses before the door even cracked open. He didn’t need his bosses catching him gazing at his beloved Corgi calendar and daydreaming of leaving the firm. If they knew that, they’d start bugging him with TPS report-like garbage that he didn’t need in his life, now or ever.

The door closed and he glanced over to see who it had come in.

“Hey sexy,” the voice called.

Alex did a double-take to make sure the vision he saw is correct. Indeed, his wife had entered his office, wrapped in a gray trench coat that dripped avrupa yakası escort water all over the carpet. He started to stand up, but Anna stopped him.

“No, stay right there. That’s exactly where I want you.”

Alex raised his eyebrow and felt his cock stiffen a little. No, he thought. She wouldn’t…not here…would she? This made it twitch a little more at the thought of past encounters they had had in the most unlikely places: a quickie in the stairwell leading up to their apartment, a rendezvous in the park at night, and once in their car in a parking garage. The windows stayed steamed up during their ride home, and both giggled like schoolchildren at what they just did. That only led to a steamier session as soon as they arrived home that night.

He turned his chair to face her. Once he stopped swiveling, Anna reached for the ties on the coat. She slowly unwound the tails from each other, slipping her fingers seductively into the knot, letting Alex think of his fingers slipping into something else…

The knot finally undone, her fingers grazed down the side of her neck and onto the first button. Her nail circled it slowly before slipping it through the slit of a hole it came through. She repeated the same movement three more times. Alex sat transfixed the entire time, his cock growing with each button that came undone. When the last one finally sprung loose, he had also become fully sprung. Anna eased the trench coat open, revealing the most delectable lingerie he had ever seen on his woman. The panties and bra matched; they were black with white pinstripes and crisscross lace detailing on the hips and between the cups. They had to be Victoria’s Secret; no other brand can create cleavage and sex appeal like they do.

The coat dropped to the floor in a puddle around her high-heel-clad feet. “Do you think this is appropriate for the office?” Anna asked seductively while sauntering towards Alex. She leaned over him and placed one hand on the arm of his chair. Pushing her hip to one side, she added, “I think the pinstripes give it a little…something extra.” She added a wink before turning around and walking away. The view amazed Alex. Those pole dancing classes were certainly paying off, he thought bakırköy escort to himself.

She bent over—Alex groaned quietly—and picked up the briefcase she had brought in. She set it on Diego’s desk and popped the lid open. Anna reached in to it and pulled something out. Alex didn’t know what it could be until he heard some music start playing. She turned it up a little bit and turned to face him.

“This will help cover the noise we will make.” She gave one last smirk before slowly walking over to him, her hips sashaying with each step. Alex stared hungrily at her body; everything about it entranced him: the swell of her breasts, the curve of her waist, the jut of her hips. Once she arrived in front of Alex, she didn’t stop moving. Instead, she climbed onto his lap facing him, her legs planted on either side of his.

“Have you worked hard today?” she coyly asked while loosening his tie and then belt. His reply came out muffled when Anna brought his head to hers with his tie and kissed him passionately. Her tongue traced around his lips before darting between them briefly. Alex’s strong hands moved from her waist to her butt, holding her closer to him while he ground their hips together. He had no patience for her teasing; he had already been on the road to horniness before she had set foot in his office. Alex placed one hand on the back of her neck, drawing their lips together even tighter. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he made the same movement against her with his stiff cock. Anna moaned into his mouth at the same time as her fingers made quick work of his zipper. She reached into his pants and fished around his boxers before bringing it out into the open.

Alex broke their kiss. “Did you lock the door?”

“Mhmmm” she replied and started kissing him again, deep kisses that made his blood boil.

Rubbing the head of his cock with her thumb, she spread his precum around and down the shaft. Her hand shook hard from need, but she knew Alex obviously—very obviously—needed this more than she did. She moved her hand down around his shaft and jacked it with short, hurried movements. Her hand had become a frenzy of motion, but when she realized that his breathing had become labored, she stopped short.

Panting, beşiktaş escort Alex’s mind reeled. “What…why did you stop?” he gasped. He reached for her hand to try to coax her to continue her ministrations. Anna deftly moved her hand away.

“You don’t get to have all the fun,” she managed to get out before Alex wrapped his arms around her and tried to push her down onto his cock. He growled with frustration before realizing the swatch of fabric blocking his entrance. He moved the fabric aside and pushed himself into her with one hand, and pulled her down onto him with his other hand before she realized what had happened.

“I…can’t…wait…” he grunted out between thrusts. In all honestly, Anna couldn’t, either.

Alex jackhammered into her, his chair creaking under their weight and motion. He grabbed her and pulled her close to him, his mouth sucking and tongue flicking on her neck. He found her sweet spot almost immediately when she started gasping with the pleasure of it all. Some women had sensitive breasts, but his woman’s neck was her erogenous zone. He found it incredibly sexy that her neck was on display for everyone to see, yet he was the only one that knew it. He thrust into her harder with this thought lurking in his mind.

Anna’s hands had crept between their sweaty bodies, reaching ever lower to find her clit. While Alex moved up into her, she circled her clit with her finger before going all-out and rubbing it. She felt him grow inside her; how that could be possible, she did not know. He moved closer to the edge of orgasmic bliss and she knew she was right beside him. With one final hard, deep thrust, Alex let out the breath he had been holding in with a low growl. Anna felt him spurt inside of her and she flicked her clit even faster. Her orgasm took her immediately; her clenching walls felt divine against his hard shaft, which pushed even more of his seed out of him. He gave her short, quick thrusts while she rode out her orgasm.

Anna leaned against him, their hearts pounding in rhythm together.

“That…was…amazing,” Alex choked out. He breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of her hair and their sex.

“Mmmmm,” she replied. She sat up a little with his semi-hard cock still buried deep inside her. “When will you be home tonight?”

“Uhhh,” Alex started, his mind coming back together again. “Well, I have this report due on Friday…” he began.

Anna cut him off. “Let me rephrase: When will you be home tonight for round two?”

“Anytime you say, babe,” he replied before covering her mouth for one last kiss.

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