Alexandra Flatly Ch. 01

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Alexandra Flatly Chapter One. I meat my new breast friend.

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

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All characters are 18 or over.

When Alexandra Flatly, the new transfer student, walked into our Advanced Placement English class every male jaw hit the desktop! Flatly was completely inappropriate as a last name! Squeezed into a mohair sweater and short, tight skirt was the body of a top-heavy stripper! She looked to be about five foot eight inches tall. Her mile-long legs were caressed by dark hose. As she slithered into her assigned seat across the aisle from me she crossed her legs. The flash of thigh and glimpse of dark hose top announced that she didn’t wear pantyhose, but stockings held up by a garter belt. Her massive, bullet shaped breasts thrust arrogantly against the tight grip of her soft sweater.

Her auburn hair brushed her shoulders while she glanced around. Her dark eyes were accented by makeup that gave her a feline, predatory look. Her full red lips quirked into an arrogant smile as she accepted as her due the worshipful stares of every male in the room. And the hateful glares of the suddenly outclassed girls.

Every male had the same immediate reaction as I did, I am sure. But in my case the hard-on that formed was so large as to defy all logic. To my utter shame I possessed a dick so big that all the boys teased me and all the girls shunned me.

That Friday night at the Spring Hop Alexandra’s entrance was equally stunning. Wearing a strapless gown her massive breasts seemed to defy gravity. The square cut bodice boldly displayed the rounded tops of her breasts. Her legs, revealed and then concealed by a thigh-high slit, were magnificent as she danced on stiletto heels that no other girl in school could possibly have managed.

Every boy, including me, wanted to dance with her. But the informal pecking order dictated that I would have to wait. The competition to dance with her led several times to the brink of a fist fight. She seemed oblivious to all the commotion. She danced once and only once with each of the boys. Each in turn was dismissed with a smile and the next was met with the same smile. No matter what the tempo of the music she preferred to dance as close to her partner as possible. Just watching that magnificent body rubbing up against her dance partner was enough to bring the dead to life.

I tried to time things as it became my chance to dance with Alexandra. Emerging from the men’s room my dick, which was a constant source of embarrassment in the locker room, was limp with the recent release I had provided myself in the privacy of a stall. As I tapped on her shoulder I was eager but not over-excited. She was almost my height and as her arms went around my neck she leaned heavily into my chest. Her breasts dug firmly into me as we moved to the slow music. I felt individual points mash into me at the tip of each bosom. Her extravagant nipples were rock hard!

As we moved, her hips, pelvis and stomach thrust and ground against me. In response my dick began to thicken and harden. Despite my attempts to avoid it she quickly became aware of my growing condition. Instead of giggling and pulling away as had so many others she just tightened her grip and moved even closer to me.

Her boobs were squashed against me. Glancing down I saw large crescents of breast flesh pushed up over her low cut dress. Her cleavage was shifting and flexing as she rubbed herself against me. What her dress exposed was more tit than most of the other girls in school possessed. And it was less than half of her magnificent endowment! That realization caused my dick to get harder and longer. Noticing the focus of my gaze she grinned slightly etiler escort and leaned her shoulders back to give me a better look. This also forced her pelvis tightly against my prick. She moaned softly.

I looked up to see her eyes half closed. She regarded me from under heavily made-up eye lids, a small smile broken as her tongue came out to languidly wet her lower lip. “Ohhhh, Tommy, I’m so glad you asked me to dance!” Her voice was smoky and low.

Her body was pressed urgently against mine from breast to mid-thigh. I knew that she could feel my growing excitement. I expected at any moment that she would push me away. The size of my erect penis had always embarrassed me. She did not seem fazed by it. In fact she seemed to want to encourage it’s expansion.

“Ohhh, Tommy, is that ALL you?” Did her voice hold a twinge of excitement? Her pelvis swished side to side as she snuggled even closer to me her head resting on my shoulder.

“Um, ahh, ” I mumbled, not sure how to respond.

“Why don’t you take me home?” she asked.

“Me?” I stammered.

“Sure, lets blow this joint” she responded. Her voice husked to a whisper and I thought I heard her say “Then I’ll blow your joint.” But I must have imagined it.

“You want to have ME take you home?” I asked again, not believing my ears. I had never had any luck with the girls in school!

“Tommy, I’ve danced with every other boy here. You are more of a man than any of them! Believe me, I know” Her pelvis hunched against me in emphasis. Her eyes closed with a dreamy smile as she slid her pelvis against my rampant hard-on.

“You can’t want to take anyone else home, can you?” she continued, her emerald eyes regarded mine with a mixture of arrogance and smokey desire. “Look at me! I’m prettier than any of the other girls, I’ve got a body that makes all these other girls look like boys! I deserve the big… the best! That’s you!” She snuggled even closer as she said this her lips fleetingly caressed my neck and ear lobe.

I couldn’t believe my luck as we ducked out the door leaving the crowd of hopeful guys behind.

“Oh, baby, I can’t wait,” she moaned, pulling me into a deserted Home Ec classroom. Her lips grafted themselves to mine, her tongue swabbing out my mouth as she kissed me harder than I had ever been kissed. Her whole body leaned into mine, breasts heaving, pelvis sliding side to side. Her hands urgently pulled me closer to her.

“Oh, Tommy!” her hand groped blindly for my crotch as she slid her wet tongue into my ear. “I have to see this big beauty!”

“But, but Alexandra…” I protested vainly.

In seconds she had my pants down to my knees. With a moan she slithered down in front of me giving me an inspiring view of cleavage and tits as she knelt in front of me.

Her shaking hands grabbed the waist band of my shorts and began to pull them down. She gasped in delight as the root of my cock was revealed. “So THICK!” she moaned. Her delight changed to frustration as she struggled to un-entangle my dick from my briefs. Cursing in frustration she tugged and pulled. Finally reaching in with her other hand to hold my dick out of the way, she pulled my briefs down my legs.

When released my dick snapped upward almost hitting Alexandra on the face. Grabbing it with both hands Alexandra cuddled it to her cheek as she looked up at me with worshipful eyes.

“I just KNEW you were hung, honey. I love a big dick! Let’s get you harder!”

My ego soared as she began to lick up and down my shaft from my groin to the rapidly expanding head of my dick. I had always been self-conscious of the size of my dick. Now here was a girl who seemed to get hot at the sight of it.

“OH, baby, let me get my lips around this. Ummm, you feel so good fındıkzade escort in my mouth, honey!” She murmured thru her cock stuffed lips.

Her mouth and tongue went wild over my dick. Within moments I had reached full erection. Gasping for air Alexandra pulled back and gazed in wonder at the rampant staff she now held. Both her hands grasped less than half it’s length. She had to use both hands to encircle it’s massive girth.

“God, honey, I knew you were hung, but this is unbelievable! How big is this monster?” Her tongue darted out to wet her lips as she gaped at my steel hard shaft.

Reaching behind me she picked up a tape measure that had been left on the worktable I was leaning against.

“I’ve gotta see this!” she stammered as she wrapped the tape around the middle of my shaft. “Oh, my God! More than nine inches! And thicker at the bottom!” Her voice was quivering with excitement. Her hands moved expertly, had she had done this before? “And over fourteen inches long! I don’t believe it. How do you lug this thing around?”

“It’s a lot smaller when I’m not excited,” I explained.

“Who cares about that? I’ve found the biggest dick in the world!” she breathed in awe. Her hands were running up and down my shaft while she gazed up at me. Her eyes were misted over with lust, her tongue continually wetting her glistening lips.

“You’d kill me if you tried to cram this into my pussy! But I’ve got to try this.” Her voice died away with a gurgle as she crammed her lips over the tip of my dick.

“Come on, baby, feed me your dick!” With a groan she managed to force the head into her mouth. “It’s so big, I think it’s going to split my lips,” she moaned. “But I don’t care, I’ve got to take it!”

Ramming her head forward she forced herself farther and farther down my shaft. Her breath was coming in panting gasps thru her nose as she continued to cram inch after inch down her gullet. Her hair was flailing the air as her head moved in and out.

“Feed me your cum, honey. I want it all!” She gasped as she let my dick slip from her lips. I was right on the verge as she went back to work on my dick.

She went as far down on my dick as she could – less than half way. Her hands pumped and squeezed the part of my shaft that she could not ingest. My dick swelled out her throat dramatically.

I grabbed her head with both hands as I felt the cum blast up from my balls. With a groan I started to spurt wad after wad of cum deep into her throat. She pulled back so that my dick head filled her mouth. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she swallowed.

As fast as she swallowed she could not keep up with me! My cum over-flowed her mouth. Cum dripped from the tight-stretched corners of her mouth to drool over her chin and cascade onto the tops of her exposed tits. She was groaning and moaning, gurgling sounds mixed with gasps and panting breaths as she struggled to keep up with the streams of cum that just kept erupting from my rock hard dick!

She didn’t let my cock slip out of her mouth until she had wrung out every drop of cum I had to offer. A small pool of cum had gathered in her cleavage and there were dribbles all over the top of her tits and the neckline of her dress.

My first sexual experience! The best looking girl in school gave me a blow job while going crazy for the size of my dick! I could have died happy, right at that moment.

I watched, awe struck, as she used her fingers to push the cum on her chin into her mouth and swallowed it up.

“Yummy, and SOOO much of it!” she said. “And look, you came so much it spilled all over my tits!”

“Do you think semen makes titties grow?” she asked with a giggle, “Lets find out.” Quick as a flash she pulled the top of her dress down into her göztepe escort lap as she knelt in front of me.

I goggled at the biggest, firmest tits I could imagine. Alexandra’s tits were huge! Massive and firm, they stuck almost straight out from her rib cage. Each one shaped like half a football although they were larger than that. Her nipples were centered on pink aureolas, jutting out at least a half inch. Despite having cum so much just moments ago my dick began to revive! Demonstrating that each one was much more than a handful, Alexandra smoothed the cum all over her tits. Mashing them against her chest, she pushed them together, jiggled and bounced them up and down and massaged them until all the cum had been absorbed. When she let them go they quivered firmly, again pointing almost straight ahead. The nipples seemed to look outward, away from each other. Even unsupported her cleavage was amazing!

“Aren’t they wonderful?” she asked, looking up at me as I watched her. “I just love having big titties. And they are so firm!” She jiggled them together. Leaning a little closer to me she confided, “I never wear a bra! Do you like my big tits?”

“Yeah, I sure do!” I enthused. “You’ve got a great body!”

“I know! I’m so lucky! 42-22-34! If I ever bought a bra I’d have to get a 36F Cup! I’ll let you jerk off on my tits sometime, honey! I know you’ll like that!”

Just the thought had me on the brink!

I drove her home. As I drove she leaned against me. Her breast mashed against my side, I put my arm around her and slipped my hand into the top of dress to play with her tits. She raised no objection. She was using both hands in my crotch. Her hands molded my pants leg to the shaft of my steel-like dick.

Parked in front of her house she gave me another blow job. This time I managed to play with those massively firm tits as she worked. They were wonderful! And Alexandra seemed to enjoy what I was doing almost as much as I was. I’d never imagined that I would have a chance to play with a pair of tits as big and firm as hers! It was a night I would never forget, I knew.

The next day in school I was treated like a king by my fellow students. The guys deferred to me and the girls looked at me in a completely different way. And Alexandra got me alone and gave me a quickie blow job. Once in the morning and again in the afternoon.

She didn’t seem to be able to get enough of me! And for my part, every time I saw her or thought of her, my dick would race down the leg of my pants. I got some strange looks in the hall, I’ll tell you!

That weekend I picked up Alexandra Friday night and we went to a movie. As usual when we were together our hands couldn’t stay off of each other. Before the lights dimmed her hands were in my lap playing with my dick through my pants. To make things easier I had stopped wearing underwear. As the movie started I heard a zip and felt a cool breeze waft over my balls and shaft. With-in seconds my cock was jutting out the fly of my pants.

As I started to protest that it was too public, Alexandra unbuttoned her sweater and slid my hand into her cleavage. That shut me up, I’ll tell you! For the entire length of the movie I played with Alexandra’s nipples and breasts while she teased my dick. It was only as the movie reached it’s climax that she slid down in her seat and swallowed as much of me as she could while I grunted and released jet after jet of cum into her hot mouth.

I came like a fountain, again overwhelming Alexandra’s ability to handle the torrent of cum that I produced. I feared that her gurgles and panting would draw attention but to my relief no one seemed to notice.

Later that night, as she prepared to once again swallow as much of my rock hard prick as she could I tried to slide my hand into her crotch.

“Now, Tommy, none of that! I promised my Mother I would remain pure! Blow jobs don’t count! And I just love the way you fondle my big tits! Now, sit back and let Alexandra do her thing on your super big dick!”

I relented, of course. But I wondered if I was ever to get into her pussy.

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