Ali’s Awakening with Taboo Sex

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My name is Ali Adab. When I sit back today and write about this earlier phase of my life, it looks very ridiculous and I realize how short sighted I was. But that is for another day. Today I have decided to pen about the first and foremost life changing event which led to the new awakened me. The reason I am putting this event here is that I cannot afford to put it elsewhere without causing lots of social issues.

I was an 18 year old young boy who had recently joined for nursing course in the medical college. I was the pride of my family and locality as few people from my locality managed to get this far. Before I went to join my classes, my father gave a big talk about the importance of the family and how to keep myself from losing my Islam way of life.

As we entered the second year of my medical college I was involved in many humanitarian endeavors. I used to visit many patients especially those in the cancer ward and spend time with them, help people who need blood for surgery by arranging donors. Many a time, I used to rope in my friends to do the blood donation. I used to feel this is what gives piety. But at the same time I used to limit my interaction with my classmates who are not of Islam faith. I used to spend times with only my select group of friends and used to have animosity to my Hindu brethren

Once just after my mid semester exams I had yet to get a conformed train ticket to go home. Most of my friends were leaving for their short vacation. As I had nothing else to do, I thought about visiting one of the wards to see a few patients. As I was walking through the ward I saw one young lady crying silently against the wall. So I enquired the nurse who directed me to a young man lying in the bed. As I went and talked to him I came to know that he was admitted with diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. He was admitted for palliative care. Seeing me talking to him, the lady who was crying behind the wall came and talked to me.

She told me her name was Basundara. She had come all the way from West Bengal with her 3 year old son to get treatment for her husband. She had only limited resources with her. I took her aside and asked the reason for her crying. So with trepidation she told that she had almost run out of money and she did not know how to purchase food for herself and her child. I was moved by the sorrow and dismay in her eyes, that I reassured her not to worry. I took down the address of the lodge where she was staying and left.

In the evening I managed to get some roti and egg for the mother and child and took it to the lodge. She greeted me warmly and I was making my excuses to go. But her son brought his toys and dragged me into the house to play with him. As I could not say no to the little one I entered her small one room lodge room. She opened the food packet and served it to her son who was eating it hungrily. As I sat watching this site, Basundara came and sat next to me. We started talking and she told me her life story. She was married of to her husband at the age of 14. In less than a year she had her son. They had a relatively happy married life despite the hardships and money was hard to come by. Her husband was hard working and he took care of her and child. He started becoming unwell about 6 months back and since then they were going to multiple local quacks who professed to heal hm. Finally getting tired of this she had come to the big city medical college to get treatment.

But now she had lost all hope and the doctors have given her husband only a few weeks to live. She was unsure what to do and how to even raise the money for the treatment. As she said this, tears started flowing freely and my heart was touched. I put my hand over her shoulder as she sobbed against my chest. I was staring at her forehead and noticed that she was just eighteen years old, one year older than me. She was fair with beautiful round face and innocent eyes. She had beautiful black oiled hair with a broad sindoor mark on her forehead and a slim petite body. As I clutched her shoulders while she sobbed the sight and thought of this young girl – woman, who is the wife of a stranger but utterly shattered and looking for consolation from me stirred the protective manly instincts in me. My eyes blurred with tears and my throat became dry as I held her closer. I placed my cheek against her forehead I got a thrill running down from my cheek through my heart and down to my groin.

I noticed the tingling in my groin with surprise. It was a feeling which was distinctly familiar to me. But I could not place it at the heat of the moment. And speaking of heat- I could literally feel the heat radiating from my body as well as feel the warm glow from where Basundara’s body rested against me. After what felt like an eternity halkalı escort but must have been five or ten minutes she raised her head and looked at my face. She apologized for her emotional outburst and I reassured her it was fine. I must have told some vague half cooked monologue about the need for emotional release and how it is necessary for healthy human life. She smiled sheepishly and by then her son had drifted towards her, having finished his dinner and concerned by his mother’s crying. So she took him in her arms and excused herself saying, she need to put him to sleep. She put him on the mat on the floor and slowly sang to him in a Bengali song, the words of which I could not understand.

As I kept gazing at her, my thoughts were in turmoil. Here was I gazing at a strange woman and thinking protectively about her like never before. I was having mixed thoughts of taking care of her from the world and its sorrows but at the same time wanting to keep her for myself and to touch and smell and taste her. As I kept listening to her lullaby she was lying on her side on the floor slowly caressing her son’s forehead. My eyes slowly ran over her body taking in every curve and bulge in her sari. I noticed that her sari was of very fine material and that her blouse had very short sleeves. I could see her smooth fine milky arms and the deep cleft between her breasts being accentuated as she lay on her side. She was looking like a heavenly beauty suffering patiently with her ill husband and her son and realized that this was what I wanted in the woman who is to become the mother of my children. I gazed at the slow rise and fall of her breasts as she sang and the small dew of sweat running down her neck along her chest down into the fleshy gulf between her breasts. And I realized with growing horror and fascination that the tingling in my groin has translated to an erection.

As I squirmed to hide my erection she suddenly got up and came towards me. For a moment I thought she had seen me gawking at her or my erection. But as I saw the gentle smile on her face I realized with relief that I was still safe and my protective instincts took over. I crossed my leg and moved to the side to afford her space to sit beside me. As she brushed past me I got a whiff of her fragrance which reminded me of nature and earthen beauty. This was her scent, not masked by the fragrances and deodorants which all of us have taken on to wearing nowadays. This was the scent which I can only describe as the scent of a young woman with a whiff of sweat and the oil which she used on her hair. I looked deeply into her eyes smiling back at her with my heart brimming with love and joy. She smiled and thanked me for the help that I had been. As she mentioned it, her smile started fading and her beautiful face got clouded like the rain clouds on a sunny day. My heart yearned out to her and I leaned forward to comfort her.

At first she seemed surprised at my gesture as she stiffened her back then she resigned herself to her state and took comfort in my arms. I was enjoying the fragrance of her hair losing track of time. We remained like that for a while till I was shaken out of her fragrance induced reverie by the feeling of wetness on my shirt. As I lifted her face to me I could see tears pouring down her face. I comforted her and wiped her tears and on the spur of the moment kissed slightly on her tear and sindoor smeared forehead. She seemed mildly surprised by my actions but not shocked enough to let go of me. This emboldened me further and I hugged her closely to my chest. She hugged me back fiercely sobbing all the way and my hands wandered over her soft, warm milky arms. It reached the sleeves of her blouse and as I hugged her closer my fingers crept under the seams of her blouse sleeves. I felt the soft stubble of her underarm hair. This realization that I was touching something forbidden, brought a rush of warm blood pounding to my penis making me cringe with pain as it grew in the confines of my pants. I gasped and readjusted the crotch of my pants but it went unnoticed by Basundhara.

“Basundhara,” I said, raising her face to look into mine, “your sorrow is breaking my heart.”

“I cannot keep looking at you and not do anything as you are paining.”

She smiled back and I continued, “I cannot do anything for your husband as its beyond my power.”

“But whatever is in my power to reduce your grief I would like to do.” Saying this I leaned forward and kissed softly on her lips.

Basundara gasped and leaned back breaking the kiss. She seemed shocked and confused. I started getting nervous thinking whether I have overdone it.

“I did not mean to offend you but the only thing I have in my power to do I would be ikitelli escort happy to give you.”

“I would like to take you in my arms and comfort you and if possible not let you down at all.”

She had confusion writ all over her face. She stammered that this was not the correct thing to do and that she has a husband.

I continued on, “you are in great distress and in the coming days you need more strength to cope with your sorrows. What I would like to share with you is that special comfort. I had reserved this to share it with my wife on the first day of our marriage. This was to be our special comfort, but today seeing you in distress I will not be able to go on with my life if I leave you paining. This is against all my upbringing and my parent’s teaching, but I realize that sometimes you cannot be selfish.”

I must have blabbered and looked red from the stress of vocalizing my feelings and my confused ideology. She looked at me incredulously for a few minutes. The time seemed to drag on and I could feel my heart sinking into my shoes as I realized I have delivered my spiel and I am going to be thrown out of her room. In that moment I might have considered throwing myself off the balcony to save myself from the growing embarrassment of having proposed sex with a wife lamenting over her dying husband and the despair that I am going to lose this exquisite woman.

After what seemed like an eternity she broke the impasse with a deep sigh. She looked at me with her innocent captivating eyes and uttered the words which brought me back to the world of the living.

“How can you and me… But what about my husband?” She sighed; “my husband is gone, isn’t he.” She looked at me as if begging me to give her the answer she yearned for. Then she put her head against my chest and sobbed, “I have no husband anymore” I let her sob into my chest and then I raised her loving face to me. I gazed into the tear brimmed pools that is her eyes and felt a constriction around my throat. I did not have any words to comfort this woman and so I kissed her softly and gently on her full crimson lips made puffy with crying. I tasted her salty tears. But this time she did not pull back. I enjoyed my first full length salty kiss and I could feel her body’s heaving lessening.

I held her closer to my body taking care to press my body against the whole length of her torso. I dared to press my crotch against her, enjoying the relief to my penis which had been throbbing inside my pants for the last hour. I slowly felt the curves and the softness of a woman’s body for the first time in my life. I took care enjoying the warmth of her body and the wetness of her mouth while her fragrance filled my nostrils. Oh.. I was in bliss thinking what a lucky man her husband was. When I considered that she is sharing with me what she had already shared with another man, the thought filled me suddenly with lust. I had always thought that a woman who was not a virgin will be a turnoff for me. But surprisingly, the idea of sharing such a captivating enticing woman with such mysteries with another man was very arousing.

I surfaced for air from my deep kiss with her and both of us locked our eyes. She had a flushed face with tousled hair and her chest was heaving from the excitement. I gazed down the depths of her cleavage catching my first glimpse of her soft milky breasts. She saw me looking at her breasts, smiled at me and took my hand and placed it over her breast. I felt my heart quickening and could feel her heart beat. I swear both of our hearts were beating in sync at that moment. She led me away from the couch towards the bed.

With my head giddy with anticipation I sat on the bed lowering my face to her abdomen. I parted her sari and caught sight of her soft abdomen with a hint of stretch marks that must have marked the birth of her son. I kissed her naval and felt her abdomen muscles getting taut with excitement. I ran my tongue along her naval and down her abdomen while my hands encircled her buttocks. I felt the softness of her lovely curved buttocks through her sari. Then I pulled her onto me as I lay on the bed. She was not resisting me at all and I felt her lovely breasts crushed against my chest. I looked at her lovely face and she reached towards me and started unbuttoning my shirt. I left her to caress my chest as she slowly removed my shirt causing me to have goose bumps where her fingers grazed my chest. I took this opportunity to remove the pallu of her sari exposing her torso to my inspection save for the blouse. Then as we embraced each other, I untied her blouse exposing her sensuous breasts for my eyes. At first she covered her breasts by crossing her arms but it was a half hearted attempt and I firmly istanbul escort pulled her arms down. Thus exposing the first set of breasts I had seen as an adult. I looked longingly at the beautiful curves of her breasts, the dark brown areolae and the beautiful pert nipples standing to attention. As I kept gazing at them I saw goose bumps starting to develop on her areolae signaling to me the excitement she must be feeling. My longing gaze ignited passion in her as she hugged me fiercely and we both fell on the bed panting.

We rolled on the bed exploring each other and grunting and giggling with passion and joy. I explored her silky smooth arms and the beautiful stubble I had felt underneath her arms. I made her raise her arms over her head making her mumble some excuse about not properly shaving. I dismissed her excuses and kissed and licked her pits with passion. I felt the smell and taste of her pungent but earthy sweat but instead of turning me off it aroused me greatly. I made her caress my aching manhood and she hissed with excitement. She started to remove my pants and I reciprocated by pulling off her sari from her waist. Now this is a more difficult task than it sounds and after lots of giggling and rolling around we were left behind in our under wears. I looked down at my tenting boxer with a wet spot and could see a wet spot down on her panties as well. I pulled of my boxers and took her hand and placed it on my penis. I lay back, enjoying the sight of this beautiful woman, her sensual body with its curves, the sweet fragrance of her hair with the sharp taste of her sweat in my mouth. The woman I have surrendered my manhood to, and who had my penis throbbing with pleasure and leaking with love in her hands.

As she climbed on top of me I felt my hands wandering over her soft panties and started slowly tugging it downward. This exposed her proverbial honey pot to my penis and I pressed firmly against her hirsute loins. We both started gyrating against each other squeezing my cock against her body. We moved and rolled against each other exposing and relishing every bit of our exposed skins and the pleasure that is being fired throughout our bodies. We kissed each other moaning with joy as our two bodies entwined into one. I felt the soft hands of Basundara reaching down and grabbing my cock. Then still lying on top of me she guided my virgin manhood into her adept nether regions. And as my cock eased smoothly into her woman hood, having been well lubricated by our consummate love making. The joy of slipping myself into this slippery land of bliss made me groan deeply and I felt my whole body shuddering in response. Basundara gave a yelp of joy as she felt my penis penetrating her. She clung to me taking deep breaths squeezing my buttocks firmly. We paused looking into each other’s eyes as the realization that we have crossed the threshold and broken the taboo walls. A Muslim having sex in secret with an older Hindu woman while her husband is alive awoke great arousal and lust within me.

In response to the raging lust, I thrust my penis deep into Basundara, awaking her from her trance. She hugged me close to her breasts drowning me in her beautiful breasts. I greedily sucked on her nipples flicking my tongue first across one areola and then the other, enjoying the firm feeling of her nipples in my mouth and the tiny goose bumps on her areolae. Basundara was like a beast awakened as she slammed again and again onto my turgid penis each time groaning with pleasure. Her breasts and her face becoming a blur as she kept pounding herself, making me hold onto her, lest I get thrown off the ride.

I decided to lay back and enjoy the sight of this exquisite petite woman, her lovely breasts banging on my chest as she kept riding my penis. The sight of my recently virgin cock pounding repeatedly into her hairy pussy initiated a deep unstoppable pleasure way starting all the way up from my balls. It slowly extended till the root of my turgid penis before I even realized what had happened. Screaming her name, I thrust myself into her with all my strength as my cock jerked, sending wave after wave of pure bliss radiating from my cock through my whole body. And as I spent myself inside her, I could feel her stiffening and her vaginal walls squeezing my erupting penis.

We must have lain like that for five minutes, before either of us started moving. Basundara climbed off my cock, lending me an exquisite look at her well fucked hairy pussy. I could see globs of my semen dripping out of her pussy and sliding down my deflating cock, pooling below my balls. We were both sweaty and sticky, but this did not stop us from snuggling each other as we lay next to each other. I ran my fingers over her firm sweaty breasts gently leading it to her hairy underarm. And the last memory I had before I dozed off was the tangy smell of Basundara on my finger tips.


If you have read this far, I thank you for bearing with me. This is my first attempt in putting to pen certain important sexual encounters I had in my life. Do leave a review.

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