All I Miss is The Sex

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I was married for fourteen years and in that time my sex life active and satisfying. My wife and I explored numerous positions, locations and employed a number of tools. for almost a decade and a half I enjoyed the kind of sex that strangers read about to get off.

Unfortunately the banal drudge of reality sunk in and though we had explosive sexual chemistry there came a time when we couldn’t share our lives together. We took turns inviting the attentions of another, feeling excitement and jealousy in turn. What we discovered from this was that the anger and possessiveness of each others sexual favor continued to be a great source of passion between us.

After we had severed our marital ties we continued to fuck each other with a vigor neither of us had before known. Whether because we had to prove our superiority to each other or it was the simple freedom of knowing there was no longer any pretense between us, the sex had never been hotter.

The first time, I was drunk and had every intention of ending our lustful encounters with our marriage vows but she threw me on the bed and ripped off my clothes with a raw and animalistic desire I hadn’t seen in years and weighted down by the booze, let her mount me. Her mouth kissed mine tentative teeth and a teasing tongue while her hands gripped tightly around my biceps and her ground her hips into mine with wicked abandon.

The next morning she claimed that it would never be that good again, that it was a goodbye fuck and a farewell to the love we shared…If only. Our marriage was over but we kept finding our way into coitus night after night. The sex was dirtier, hotter and more frequent than it had ever been. It makes me wonder how many other people have experienced the best sex imaginable with someone they can’t live with.

I admit that after a while I felt as if this arrangement was impeding our ability to move on with bostancı escort our lives and took the initiative to tell her no one night when she said she would need to use me later that night. It wasn’t easy but at that moment I was thinking above my waist.

Consequently, she went home with another guy that night and they’ve been dating ever since. We separated for all the right reasons and the man she found was exactly what she wanted but couldn’t get from me…except for the sex.

We were close enough that we remained friends and as such she confided in me that his penis was smaller than mine. This confidence was shared for the express reason that she felt bad for thinking it should matter and was quick to point out that he made up for his size with enthusiasm.

It might have ended there but several weeks later she confessed that they’re love making was just that, always soft and intimate but never dirty and she missed that. Not that making love wasn’t nice but she was really missing being fucked. For what ever reason her perfect boyfriend could not see the woman he loved as someone to be a sexual object.

This was too much for me to handle and I told her that it was important that we not discuss her unfulfilled needs lest I feel compelled to subsidize her nastier longings. I still wanted to move on with my life and believed that I deserved the chance to find someone who was right for me. Not to mention my misgivings about fucking her when she was supposed to be committed to someone else.

Another couple of weeks passed and I was left to memories, wet dreams and a video taken with my cell phone just after we called it quits. The real tragedy of this tale is that during all this time I hadn’t found anyone else to occupy my bed but then I hadn’t wanted to rush into anything.

It happened one afternoon when she called me over to the ataşehir escort house on the premise that she had packed some of my things that had been overlooked. She was dressed in a tiny black dress with fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. As my penis pushed against the fabric of my pants I remembered that her new man didn’t appreciate her in such flash and I also new he was a fool.

She sauntered deliberately to me with strides lead by her hips, when she had me against the wall she kissed me, forcefully and hungrily. I didn’t resist and let her put my hands on her hips where with slight adjustments I could press my thumbs into her pelvis and pull on her ass with my fingers.

Our mouths unlocked and I nuzzled into the soft space between her shoulder and neck where my teeth coaxed breathy moans from her lips. Her hands tore at my belt and ripped off my pants to get to my throbbing hard on. She cooed and purred as her hands reacquainted themselves with my size and shape. Jerking it in even, squeezing thrusts, she looked into my eyes “I haven’t had a cock in my mouth in so long” She squatted right there and licked my head in a couple circles before engulfing me in her talented tongue pierced mouth.

My back arched and my hands flexed and pressed against the wall before letting them rest on her dark curls as she bobbed expertly on my cock. She moaned and slurped with obscene hunger while her hand worked the base of my shaft and rubbed her spit into my balls.

Within minutes I was crying out wordless exclamations before erupting into her throat. She gagged and choked but managed to swallow everything and looked up at me with eyes I had never seen before, reflecting a lust that the satyrs would sing of.

She stood up and walked to the fridge where she poured herself a glass of wine, she downed the Zinfandel like she had my semen then licked çekmeköy escort her lips while flashing me a smile between desire and shame. I lifted my pants and joined her around the island counter. I crept up behind her and whispered into her ear as I cradled her waist and lifted the hem of her dress. “No one has to know and nothing has to change.”

Beneath her dress, a black garter held up the stockings and her black lace panties were wet with arousal. A couple of quick strokes over her clit with my fingers and her body arched into mine. With her dress hiked up around her waist and her body bent over the counter, I pulled her panties to the side and pressed my still throbbing member into her steamy slit.

Once my head was lodged in her hole I began to thrust hard and fast to the appreciative rhythm of her squealing moans. I held on to her hips and ground myself against her at the end of each thrust. Through heavy panting she cheered me on “oh god, its so deep and so big….Fuck me, fuck me like a dirty whore….” her words trailed off into primal groans and lustful screams.

Then I felt the familiar grip as she climaxed around my engulfed cock, her hot juices spilling down my legs as she came. Now she was tighter, wet and more sensitive to my attentions. My hips bounced off her ass with a quick and steady pace.

She was moaning and humming as I pushed my way toward my own release and reached up and pulled her hair at the base of her scalp. There was a squeal that became a grunting moan and then her vaginal muscles clenched tighter around me. As I came, shooting the culmination of my lust into her, I pushed her neck down and glided the palm of my hand down her spine.

She ground her hips into my climax bringing herself to that peak one last time, the sensation of a man’s hot semen jetting so deep within her was enough to pry one last orgasm from her, as long as her body has been primed with a few of them prior.

I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and gave her time to do the same and as we met there was no shame in each others eyes. There was no longer any love between us but there was lust and some how we accepted this as the evolution of our relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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