All In A Night’s Work

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Julia felt his breathing quicken as her fingers stroked up and down the length of his thick shaft. Her lips engulfed the head of his cock as her tongue flicked lightly over the slit. She could tell he was getting close. “Oh yes!” he moaned. “Your mouth is so hot! I can’t hold on any more.”

Julia let her jaw go slack as he thrust his cock between her lips, gripping the back of her head as he forced her to take his cock deep into her mouth. She heard a low groan and then his cock erupted sending jet after jet of his salty cum. Julia swallowed hard as he spewed his load into her mouth, capturing every drop with practised ease.

“Hell, that was amazing,” he sighed as Julia sucked the last drops of cum from his flagging cock.

“My pleasure,” replied Julia slightly sarcastic tone as she wiped her mouth with the handkerchief she carried for just that purpose. “And, if you don’t mind,” she added, “that’s £30 please.” The man fumbled for his wallet then handed Julia three crisp £10 notes. Julia took the money and opened the car door. “Pleasure doing business with you,” he said as she got out of the car. Julia smiled noncommittally, shut the door and walked away.

The bright lights of the late night café beckoned to her. Julia entered ordered a coffee and took a seat by the window. Lighting a cigarette, Julia glanced up at the clock above the counter. 8:20pm, still early. It had been a pretty good night. With the four customers she’d had that evening she’d already made over £200. It was still early enough that she stood a fair chance of making enough money that she wouldn’t have to work again that week. If she was lucky she’d get another two marks and be home before midnight.

Julia took a long draw on her cigarette and sighed. She was 24 but could still pass for a teenager if she needed to. That was probably why she did so well. Her clients all loved the idea of fucking some sweet young pussy and she’d become an adept at portraying the virgin-whore displaying a mixture of innocence and experience that men seemed to desire. She’d completed her degree at 21 and had left college with a certificate and a mountain of debt. The odd jobs she’d managed to get waiting on tables had barely kept her fed with a roof over her head. She’d become increasingly more desperate and one thing had ultimately led to an other. She’d been a street girl for a little over two years. She was streetwise beyond her years an had somehow managed to avoid the pushers and pimps that preyed on women in her situation. At heart, however, she was still young, with dreams and ambitions and there were times when she hated what she’d become.

Still, it wasn’t all bad. Money was rarely a problem these days and, if all went well, her debts would be clear in less than six months. Once that burden was lifted she could start to rebuild her life. Julia lit another cigarette and drained the remains of her coffee before heading out, once more, into the night.

it was just after nine when she turned the corner and walked into the lane that had been her beat for the past six months. There were two other girls who frequently worked this stretch but tonight, it seemed, she had the lane to herself.

Within ten minutes a car turned into the lane. Julia allowed herself a small smile as she made out the familiar lines of the red BMW that was heading towards her. The car belonged to one of her more regular customers, Phil. Phil was in his late thirties and had been one of Julia’s first clients. Since then he’d called upon her every six to eight weeks. In as much as she had feelings for any of the men who came to her to have their particular urges satisfied Julia was prepared to admit that she has a bit of a soft spot for Phil. He was friendly, good looking in a rough and ready sort of way and treated her with a certain kind of respect. He was also married to a stunningly attractive woman called Karin who was only a couple of years older than Julia was. Yet despite her looks Karin was, sexually, very unadventurous. That was why Phil came to Julia. Whatever feelings of friendship they may have had for each other, theirs was essentially a business relationship. Phil had needs and he paid Julia handsomely for satisfying them.

The car pulled to a halt and the passenger door swung open. Julia leaned in through the open door. “Well hello there Mr Douglas,” she said with a smile, “don’t tell me you’ve lost your way home again?”

“Well you could put it like that I guess,” responded Phil, returning her smile. “So are you getting in or do you have a prior appointment?”

“Oh I’m sure I can fit you into my busy schedule,” she replied as she climbed into the passenger seat, pulling the door shut behind her. “So, where are you taking me tonight?” she asked coyly.

“My place,” came the response. “Karin’s away until tomorrow night so I thought that…”

“While the cat’s away…”

“Exactly.” They both laughed. “Smoke?” offered Phil as he turned the key in the ignition. Julia extracted a cigarette göztepe escort from the packet and lit up. “Thanks,” she replied.

“I called round earlier but you weren’t about,” Phil said conversationally. “I decided to try again hoping you were on another call rather than having the night off. If you hadn’t been here this time I’d have probably tried again later but I’m glad I didn’t have to.”

“Poor Phil,” said Julia as she drew on her cigarette. “All that trouble just to see me. Surely it would be a lot easier if you just got yourself a mistress. Probably cheaper too.”

“But I don’t want a mistress,” said Phil, “not unless you’re offering. You know what I want and you let me have it without ever complaining. OK, so I have to pay you but at least you don’t expect me to leave my wife or expect me to lavish you with expensive gifts. No, as long as you’re willing to cater to my needs I’m happy the way things are.”

“Well then, I guess that’s settled,” replied Julia, ” and, being brutally honest, I need your money more than I need your gifts but if and when I ever get out of this line of work let me know if you’re still interested. Who knows? Maybe some day I will make you that offer.”

Phil laughed. “You know, Julia? That’s what I like most about you, you’re strictly all business. Just be sure that when you do give up the street life may even hold you to what you’ve just said.”

Somehow, in spite of herself, Julia couldn’t help laughing too. “Pass me your mobile,” she said.


” So I can program in the number of mine. That way, if you need me you can call me instead of driving around looking for me. It wouldn’t do either of us much good if you got yourself arrested for kerb crawling now would it?”

“I guess that’s true,” replied Phil. “See! I told you,” he added, “all business but thanks, I appreciate it.”

The remainder of the journey passed in silence and in less than ten minutes they were inside Phil’s house. Julia sat on the sofa while Phil went to fetch them some wine. Returning to the living room he handed Julia her glass then sat down beside her. She took a sip of her wine then asked, “So what’s it to be? The usual?” Phil smiled and nodded.

Julia stood up and picked a cushion of the sofa. Positioning it between Phil’s feet, she knelt down and reached up to undo his jeans. Phil shifted his buttocks as Julia slowly pulled first his jeans and then his shorts down over his hips. Pulling them off his legs, she reached forward and began to stroke his dick lightly. It quickly began to swell and soon Julia’s hand was stroking its length using just the amount of pressure she knew he liked.

Up and down, over and over, with practised ease he hand glided along his shaft. “God that feels great,” gasped Phil. Julia smiled and began to run her tongue up the inside of his thighs as her hand continued its relentless stroking.

Experience had taught Julia exactly what Phil wanted. His wife, Karin detested even the idea of oral sex and that was where Julia came in. What his wife wouldn’t give him Julia provided and she had learned to read his needs like an open book. Without needing to be asked she adjusted her position slightly then ran her tongue up the underside of his cock.

“Ohhh!” Phil sighed as Julia’s tongue worked its way up from his balls to the crown. She swirled her tongue around the engorged head and flicked the slit with the tip of her tongue before opening her lips wide to accept his cock into her mouth.

Phil moaned softly as Julia’s lips worked their way steadily up and down his prick. Cupping his balls in one hand, she squeezed gently as her other hand worked in tandem with her mouth. Sighs of pleasure escaping from Phil proclaimed that her work was being appreciated as she licked and sucked his engorged knob.

“Mmm, that feels so good!” Phil moaned as Julia swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. She increased her pace and her head began to bob up and down faster and faster taking the head of his cock deep into the back of her throat with every stroke.

Phil’s balls felt full and heavy as she stroked and squeezed them. His cock twitched involuntarily inside her mouth. Julia could sense his pent up frustration as beads of pre-cum began o ooze from his slit. As she became aware of the hot, salty flavour, Julia considered once again how easily she’d become accustomed to the taste of a man’s cum in her mouth. This would be the third different load she’d swallowed to night and she had to suppress a shudder when she considered just how many men must have emptied their loads into her mouth over the last two years.

A groan from Phil brought her back to the present. His breath was coming in gasps as his climax approached. “Oh Julia, sweet Julia!” he moaned as she sucked hard on his cock. Her hand beat more rapidly along his shaft as she slid her mouth back so that only the very tip of his cock remained in her mouth. His hips began to istanbul escort thrust as she flicked her tongue over the slit, licking away the increasing flow of pre-cum.

Julia felt him tense. “Oh yes! Oh Julia! Oooohh!” he moaned. Julia let her mouth go slack. She sucked hard and felt his body shudder as his cum began to surge from his cock. She swallowed hard as jet after jet of Phil’s cum filled her mouth. It took all of her concentration to ensure that not a single drop escaped as cum erupted from his cock like a geyser in full flow. When at last he began to subside Julia used her hand to squeeze the last few drops into her mouth. Satisfied, finally that there was no more to be had, Julia let his cock slip from her mouth. She licked her lips, looked up and smiled. “Somebody need that!” she exclaimed with a smile.

“Too right I did!” replied Phil. “Hardly surprising though when you consider that Karin and I have probably only had sex twice since I last saw you.”

A look of genuine concern crossed Julia’s face. As often as she’d heard the hard luck stories of her various customers she couldn’t help feeling sorry for Phil. She’d spent enough time with him to get to know about his domestic situation. He was a wealthy man with a beautiful young wife who spent his money regularly employing the services of a prostitute when he wanted anything other than straight forward, missionary position sex. “Are things really that bad between you?” she asked.

Phil sighed then shrugged. “Probably not, really.” he said. “It’s just as much my fault. I’ve been so busy lately. Too busy to take even what little satisfaction Karin is prepared to offer. I just can’t seem to make the effort to even try with her at the moment.” He glanced down and saw the concern in Julia’s eyes. “Don’t you worry about it,” he said, “it’ll sort itself out eventually. It always does. I do still love her in a mostly celibate kind of way.” Then with a wicked grin he continued, “Enough of that. I didn’t bring you here to talk about my domestic woes. Get your pretty little arse up on the sofa and spread those legs I’m hungry for the taste of your well fucked pussy! How many cocks has it had tonight my sweet little whore?”

With a cheeky smile, Julia hitched up her short black leather skirt to reveal her neatly trimmed mound. She positioned herself on the edge of the sofa and opened her legs. She ran her fingers through the pink, fleshy lips of her pussy, spreading the juices that were already flowing from her hole and said “Well, if you really must know, it’s been three so far.”

Phil smiled, “In that case it’ll need a little oral massage to relieve it then.”

Julia laughed then gasped as Phil’s tongue flicked between her lips and over her clit. “Mmm, you taste good,” murmured Phil as he moved his mouth closer and began to lick in earnest.

Julia squirmed and sighed with pleasure at the touch of his tongue. Phil always insisted in eating Julia to orgasm as part of “their arrangement” and for once she was able to concentrate on her own pleasure instead of someone else’s. She moaned loudly as Phil’s mouth fastened on her clit, using his teeth to gently nibble on her most sensitive flesh. With her eyes closed she undid her blouse, pushed aside her bra and began to caress and softly squeeze her breasts as Phil’s tongue darted in and out of her pussy.

Hot fire spread from her pussy to engulf her whole body as Phil’s tongue lapped and probed. “Mmm ahhhh!” she sighed as she pinched her nipples. “Eat me!” she demanded. “Fuck me with your tongue. Mmm, ohhhh!”

Responding to Julia’s ardent demands Phil increase his pace. His tongue darted n her hole then, lapping with broad strokes , worked its ay to her clit. He felt the first tremors of her approaching climax as he sucked each lip into his mouth in turn. He heard Julia moan encouragement as he flicked his tongue in and out of her moist pussy. He returned his attention to her clit and was rewarded with a loud “Yesss”! as his tongue flicked over her swollen bud.

Julia began to lose control. She moaned and writhe to the touch of Phil’s tongue as the pressure of her impending orgasm mounted, yearning for release. With fingers firmly gripping her nipples she squeezed her breasts together, threw back her head and moaned, “Yessss! Ohh, oh, mmm, ahh yesss!” as waves of pleasure broke over her. She reached down, gripping the back of Phil’s head and pushed him into her.

Phil felt Julia’s body heave each time his tongue licked slowly over her clit. Each convulsion was accompanied with a lust filled groan as her orgasm peaked, subsided then peaked again until, begging him finally to stop, Julia could take no more. “Oh God that was good,” she sighed as she let her body fall back into the soft embrace of the sofa.

Phil smiled and sat down next to her, “I think someone needed that too!” he said.

“Didn’t I just?” she replied. Opening her eyes she looked down to she Phil’s cock standing proudly to kadıköy escort attention. “I see someone’s perked up in time for the final act,” she said with an arch little smile. Phil laughed as Julia leaned forward and began to rummage in her bag. Extracting a condom and pulling it from its wrapper she said, “Just let me put this on you while I get my breath back.” Julia expertly unrolled the condom over his dick. Once it was securely in place she reached into her bag once more and removed the tube of lubricant she kept there for times like this. Squeezing the tube she applied a blob to the head of his sheathed prick the slowly rubbed it into place. Satisfied that she had applied a sufficient quantity Julia stood on the floor and leaned forward. Steadying herself on the arm of the sofa she parted her leg and wriggled her bum suggestively. “Ready when you are,” she said as Phil stood up and positioned himself behind her.

Phil positioned the lubricated head of his cock at the entrance to her back passage. Julia gasped as she felt his knob press against the resistance of her anal muscles. She felt her arsehole yield to the steady pressure of his cock as it began to push in to her. “Ungh, ohh,” she sighed as first the head and then the shaft worked their way into her tight rear opening. She pushed her hips back slowly, taking him into her until, at last, his cock was buried root deep in her arse. Phil placed his hands on her hips and paused, partially to let Julia become accustomed to having him inside her and partially to savour he sensation of feeling his cock gripped deep within her arse. He closed his eyes and, as he always did, tried to imagine that the tight young arse he was about to fuck belonged to his wife, Karin. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind of regret as he pulled back and began to thrust.

Julia gave a soft moan as Phil’s cock began to slide in and out of her arse. As her hips began to move back to meet the next inward plunge of his dick she briefly pondered how easy it had become. Phil’s cock had penetrated her with little effort. It almost never hurt any more, unless they were exceptionally rough. Her arse had simply become another place for a man to put is cock. In fact, she realized bitterly, it was the one they paid the most for. She tried desperately to remember a time in the not so distant past when she couldn’t have brought herself to think about what was now a commonplace act.

“Hell, your arse is so fucking tight,” gasped Phil as he began to increase his pace. With every thrust Julia felt his pubic hair tickling the stretched and sensitive skin of her anal opening, she felt his balls slapping against her enflamed labia. His cock filled her and, as she frequently did, she wondered what it would be like if, just once, she was to felt his cock in her cunt. That, however, was not part of their arrangement. Generous as he was, Phil saw no reason to pay for what he could get at home.

In and out. Phil’s cock plunged into the tight confines of Julia’s anal passage over and over. “Yes,” she urged, “Fuck my arse. Go on fuck it, Oh yes, your cock feels so good in me. Fuck my arse. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeoooh!” Julia forced her hips back to meet his thrusts as Phil’s cock sawed in and out of her arsehole with increasing force. “Oh God,” moaned Phil, “it’s so tight. Your arse is so tight. I’m fucking your pretty little arse. Oh Julia!” Julia’s legs began to tremble as the force of Phil’s strokes increased. His breathing was ragged as his cock surged deep into her bowels. Julia could tell he was close to boiling point. She urged him on with a stream of obscenities, “Oh yes, that’s it. Fuck me, fuck me hard and cum in my fucking arse!”

“Oh, oh uuuunnh aaah!” gasped Phil as, with one final thrust his cock erupted. Julia felt his cock twitch inside her bowels as it pumped out it’s load. Unable to support herself any longer she fell forward on to the sofa. As she did, Phil’s cock slipped from her arse which was, now, tender from he pounding it had endured. Phil staggered round and slumped, exhausted, on to the sofa beside her. After a few moments Julia stood up, re-buttoned her blouse and straightened her skirt. Phil removed the condom from his flagging penis and stood up. “I’ll be back in a minute,” he said as he turned and made his way to the bathroom. When he returned he found Julia with her coat was on, getting ready to leave. “Is there anything I can get you before you go?” he asked. “Something to eat maybe? Or would you like a lift home?”

Smiling, Julia replied, “No thanks, I’m fine. Nice of you to offer though.”

Phil returned her smile. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his wallet. “Well then,” he said, “I guess I’d better give you this.” Removing five crisp £50 notes from his wallet and handed them to her then he pulled out another £10. Julia was about to protest but he cut her off, saying, “It’s late. I’d really be a lot happier if you got a taxi home. Julia thanked him then, on impulse, kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Good night.” she said then turned and left, closing the door behind her.

It was almost 11 o’ clock when Julia got home. Tired, she made herself a quick supper and got ready for bed. She’d made almost £500 in a little over four hours. All in all, it had been a pretty good night’s work.

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