All Tangled Up In Christmas Ribbons

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An echo of flesh being smacked resounds in the tiny warm bedroom. All that can be heard is his low groaning, as if he had just seen an advertisement for his dream car. Not voluntarily, though quite welcomingly, he takes in deep slow breaths – fire breathing.

—-She’s never seen him like this. In fact, she’s just met him an hour and a half ago. This very attractive, poised career-oriented younger man, 7 years her junior, was just another acquaintance she made through her Internet chatting. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought she’d be the one on the giving end -or- beginning, rather. There was a slight grin forming on her rosy cheeks, under the drape of matted hair framing her dark yet European features. Velvet ruby lips she wanted that night, for when she’d meet him at that train station. If he turned out to be really 5ft 6 and dorky instead of the 5ft 11 and cute he had advertised, at least she would have mesmerized him by how glossy her lips looked. They were fine lips, a little bit pointy, always half grinning, and the bottom one somehow often enough found itself bitten, in anxiety or tumult. Made a rather sexy impact. At least she could have made him regret not having those same lips around his hardness, simply because he lied. But he did not. He was in fact 5ft 11, very athletic, rugby type of hardcore athlete, with a pair of thighs to feast and grab onto for hours of wild riding. Smooth hazel eyes, and lips that had some ‘HHMMPH’ to them. Square jaw bone. In an early, eager chat session they had had, he had described himself as a bit of a thrill seeker, always looking for a new experience, and not having any qualms about burning the candle at both ends. This fresh spontaneous meeting enthoused her but made her rather self-conscious. She was not used to great thrills.—-

The crimson silken ribbons were leaving such a nice dramatic contrast against his wrists, with his dark skin. Just a nice tan from the days he worked in the south. He had luckily been transferred back, shortly after they ‘met’. Manicured nails, she noticed too. Her slick hand barely rose in the air, and smacked his left ass cheek again – SMACK. Her hips rose with his torso and hips bucking without real intention. She sat on his lower back, the silk stockings’ bands digging in the flesh of her thighs, and making that much more of a contrast to her bare and burning cunt. Cunt – they had discussed that word. Too often used in a derogative manner. They both loved the sound of it, how the ‘t’ stuck to the roof of the mouth. How the ‘n’ mimicked a low moaning tone. And by default, how the ‘c’ of ‘cunt’ made a bold and clean cut statement. “Fill my cunt, like a total slut… now”, he had wanted her to say, to groan in his ear while his cock was just running back and forth along her slit, teasing the heck out of her. In a fit of pride/hormonal imbalance/pure lust (she didn’t want to know exactly why but), she overturned him, pinning him to the bedspread onto his stomach. She had grabbed the ribbons from a desk drawer, full of nick nacs and got back onto him, one goal in mind. Make HIM cum first, but beg for it.

She fastened the ribbons to the right leg of the bed, underneath the headboard. Stretched him out in haste across the bed almost methodically, with his ass over the edge of the bed, his knees barely touching the ground and she settled herself, kneeling next to him. Reaching over to the nightstand, the clink of the bottle of tequila hitting the glass chandelier made him jump a little, as she brought the bottle to her. “Oh ungh..” became the whimper that escaped his lips. He was probably busy figuring out what was at hand for the rest of the night, until glass hitting glass sucked him out of this guessing mode. Her middle and forefinger dipping into her glass of water, she grabs a slippery ice cube. Letting the cube slide down between his shoulder blades, pendik escort she notices the frame of his torso wiggling as a shiver grinds through his teeth. Her tongue and lips lap and suck the cool trail left by the ice, pointing all the way down to the small of his back. Her tongue drags long flat strokes, moving the ice cube around, her hair brushing on either sides of him, the back and forth tingling making his rib cage rise and fall. She sucks the remainder of the cube and crunches her molars onto it, gets on top of him, pussy hovering over his mid back, crushing the ice to a melting pulp in her smiling mouth. Taking a long deep breath, she follows the outline of his ass cheek with her oily fingertips. Half a lime in her other hand, she squeezes it almost dry.

—-They had considered having a drink, before going back to her place in order to ‘break the ice’. However, after the initial uneasy ‘hug and hello’, he insisted it would be fine to just settle down in front of a nice fire at her place, drink something warm, maybe some hot coco, or even some egg nog, and ‘talk a while’. That was the theme they had bull shitted about. Both knew that this wasn’t going to be a long night of awesome chit chat. ‘Twas the night to be jolly, after all.

As soon as her key slid into the lock, his warm bare hands were underneath her buttoned up coat, mysteriously went past her long scarf, sweater and right underneath her bra. His mouth was all over her neck it seemed and, in the dark private entrance, all you could hear was “Fuck, I had a hard on all through the ride, coming here. Your tits feel as good as I had imagined baby”. They shoved themselves through the doorway, not minding the giant red and gold wreath sprinkled with candy canes, and glittery gingerbread men. She had a taste for decorating, and Christmas was another savoring moment. Two flights of stairs, and a lot of tongue sucking and french kissing and groping and fingering and stroking later, she was leaning against the dinner table, fumbling with his belt as he fingered her cunt – her pants not even undone. “Haven’t they invented a mistletoe for people like us yet?” he asks, as he looks into her eyes through the dimly lit dining room, seeing only the sparkle of her earrings and diamond pendant he had put on her.

Ackwardly, through a tight crowd of travelers, he had taken the necklace from his coat pocket and delicately wrapped it around her neck. He clipped it on, his gloved fingers tracing the gold necklace, making her shiver and sigh, eyes half closed. It was Christmas eve, alot of people were going to and fro, but somehow they seemed alone in their own little bubble, waiting for the cab to pick them up in front of the station. His arm around her waist, snuggled close, his lips barely touching her ear. That’s what had reminded him to give her his present.–

“Mistletoe for people like us?” she giggles. “Handsome”, she pauses, catching her breath from laughing “Babe, if they had mistletoes made for me and you, it would be something like a pulley or a hanging set of ropes and cuffs, ready to be used for wild fuck sessions, complete with a custom made shower and luuuube dispenser.” she grinned. He grabbed her jaw instantly and dove in with his tongue, kissing her harder than she’d been kissed before, her ass slowly edging off the dinner table. His hands caught her in time, and pulled her up to carry her to the nearest wall, any wall, wherever that may be. ‘clink’, ‘bamm’, “oh shit!” – she laughs. They had stumbled against the tree. “Oh screw that” she quickly replied. She regained her steadiness, pushed him hastily against the opposite wall in the hallway, frames getting tossed out of balance, the christmas tree ornaments still clunking in the dying echo.—-

She shifts her ass a little further back, tosses her long brown hair back and leans tuzla escort in slow to lick the drops of lime juice right where they have dribbled – all over his ass cheek. Long languid licks, one following the other. As she drags her tongue up, the light from the street giving his ass the perfect silhouette it deserves, she notices the fresh snow floating down. This being the night before Christmas, she reminds herself she had been too much of a good girl this year perhaps, therefore no time like the present to toss those inhibitions out the window and fuck the living daylights out of this self-proclaimed ‘sex god’ groaning underneath her.

Her flat tongue seeks the trails of lime juice. Her warm saliva leaving a hot trail behind the cool droplets – all his to cope with. She gathers every drop. Leaning back up, suddenly resting the bottle on his ass cheek, he jumps again. Cold glass bottle. She shouldn’t have done that without caressing his skin first. Oh what the hell. Taking a good swig of tequila… she sucks her fingertips, and drags them across his lips. Vain attempt to suck and bite her fingertips, she leans down instantly to lick the crack of his ass. Pause – smack. ‘That was a sharp sound’, thinking to herself. She’s biting her lower lip. She knows she is loving it. She knows he’s digging it even more. “Can I have a sip of my drink, please?”, she hears. “Why yes you may, Santa” she snorts. She takes another swig of Tequila and swirls around and down, to give him a kiss. As his lips let her tongue slip in, he suckles the sip right out of that kiss. It made for a very warm heated kiss as he tried to suck on her tongue. She just rose back up to brace her hands on his sides and drag her tongue down his ass crack… all the way to his balls. She senses the bed shake for one second, figuring his arms must have reflexed, and tugged at the ribbon. She grins, her tongue darting between his ass cheeks.

Reaching down over the edge of the bed, her fingernails rake his inner thighs, not even reaching the top, where his cock is pressed into the mattress, pointing furiously to the ground. She draws tiny circles along his inner thighs, one nail at a time, repeating with each finger, as her tongue wiggles between his asshole and his balls. She’s loving how his ass seems to clench, the muscles tighten and release as if on command, to the strength of her flicking her tongue back and forth. She suckles on that tender yet firm nerve between balls and asshole, as her hands grab handfuls of muscle and flesh from his ass, pressing his ass cheeks wider apart. Clench… intentional. Her tongue darts its way, into, and past the rim of his asshole. Wiggling, slow and intent. He groans so loud. She hums, and groans, feeling curious about how this tightness feels, pushing her tongue deeper still, squeezing it in. She’s salivating. She lets her tongue slide out, and drags it around. His balls, sucked one by one, rolled and tossed around by her tongue. Licking back to the top of his ass crack, her teeth grip into the flesh of his ass cheek as she sucks and growls low. Slippery hands massaging his ass, pressing both ass cheeks together, and apart. And again, biting a little more, into the other ass cheek, muscles clenching, her hands pressing them together, apart…



—-They both have this power trip thing about spanking and having the last word in bed. Although his attitude is predominant, and clear as ice water, her will power often shifts from “Do me, now” to “please… fuck me like a total slut…oh please”. However, the dynamic between them is quite special. The first that gets to administer the spanks is probably the winner. Both of them tipping back and forth, delightfully undecided between dominant and dominated.

When it came to entering her bedroom, he grabbed her hips, from behind ümraniye escort and made this mock motion of fucking her doggy style, his hands on her sides, than clamping them onto her shoulders. She couldn’t help but melt. He guided her, with this mock fucking, up against the foot of her bed where she tipped, and fell onto her stomach. He left her like that, while he checked through the drawers of the night table, and found her fuck toys, a good sized dildo, tiny vibrator, a collection of precious other little things. Though what caught his attention was the bottle of scented massage oil. Her eyes were closed. She heard this slick wet sound in a steady pumping rhythm coming closer to her ear. He was stroking his cock, standing at the side of the bed, fist tight around the base of the shaft. His fist rolled all the way up to the beautiful purple mushroom head, slick and completely coated with his precum mixed with the oil. The scent of jasmine like a fog around the bed. She licked her lips, as if her mouth had gone dry without notice. That’s when he threw the bottle of massage oil onto the bed and pounced. His teeth dug into her neck as his hand reached into the back of her pants, and snaked its way right down to her cunt, his fingers kissing the wet puddle of cunt juices he had provoked. That massage oil was all they would be wearing, in a few minutes.—-

SMACK!! SMACK!! – pause – SSSSSMAAACK!! Her cunt throbs, her breath comes into short rhythmic gasps, ultimately her head rolls back. SMACK.

The earth seems to move, bed stirs – all she can feel is her clit burning up, being rubbed raw like it’s never been rubbed before and a warm wet sensation slipping into her cunt. He’s come loose.

” ‘Tis the season baby!” SMACK!! His fingers digging into her ass, his grip pulling her cunt onto his determined open mouth, his tongue probing and filling her tight cunt as his teeth graze against her clit and cunt lips. “Do you like Santa’s llllong hard laps, lllittle lady?” She can sense his grin. She can’t answer that, her cunt tingling. She braces herself, fists clenched into the now dampening bedspread, his cock standing straight at attention right in front of her face. Feeling wide open, naked and vulnerable, she gives in. Her head dives first, mouth embracing his inner thighs and balls, as his feet have gained stability on the edge on the mattress, his hips bucking slowly but intently up to her mouth. She suddenly feels his one hand releasing her ass and pushing her head down. His cock was just on the verge of penetrating her mouth.

Gasps, groans, he’s fucking her mouth. Her senses go hay wire. “Good girl” he groans and clamps his mouth on her cunt again. Clit – throbbing hard; his tongue – feels bigger than any of her fuck toys, maybe because it’s so eager; fingers digging into her ass cheek – too close to making her cum; his hips thrusting up, his fist tangled in her hair – she so badly wants him to fill her mouth with his white hot cum, to gush and explode and to swallow him whole! His slick fingertip invades her ass. Gasps. No time. Her throat constricts over the head of his cock, his hips bucking up, locking her head there. His finger wriggles into her ass, she bucks senseless. No more waiting. He cums. She cums.

The thumping of her heart, coated by his low moans, rush through her whole body. She can feel his tongue lapping and digging into her cunt, as his cock rolls in and out of her mouth, jutting, coating the whole interior of her mouth with his warm cum. He moans “FFFFFucccck! Fuck! Fuck! MMmm… ungh, Good girl!” his breath resounds from between her thighs, as he wraps his arm tenderly over her hips, around her waist and laps like a kitten at her cunt lips, so excruciatingly slow and rough. “Mmmmmmerry Christmas baby”, she slowly whimpers. His finger still pushing and gliding into her asshole. She gasps, and breathes deep raw breaths. Her lips caressing the length of his half hard shaft. The snow covers the Christmas lights outside her bedroom window. Smacks her lips together. SMACK! his hand impacts on her red ass -“Still planning to wake me up with a silk red ribbon tied around cock?” he groaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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