Always Safe

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Well just now, the memory of a lady I knew in the mid-80s keeps coming back.

In between my travels, I would visit my hometown for a short break, like a vacation. On one occasion, when I was about 24, I was introduced to this lady who was a year younger than me then. She was slight of build with lovely dark skin.

Well, we saw each other a few times and soon she invited me to sleep at her house, after we had gone out to dinner. She showed me the spare bedroom, and before long, I had cleaned up and was settled do for the night.

I had just turned the lights off when I heard a knock on my door and she asked if I was comfortable. I said yes and asked her to come in. I was already in the bed and was surprised when she asked if I wanted to sit around in her room for a while. I was not one to refuse and found, to my delight, that she had laid a mattress on the floor.

Of course, we didn’t do much talking that night. I sat myself down on the mattress and invited kozyatağı escort bayan her to sit in front of me after she had dimmed the light. She was very forward and direct saying that I could not fuck her, as she wanted to remain a virgin until she married. Anything else was ok with her. I accepted her conditions and asked her to lie down beside me.

Her head was on the pillow and she was smiling as I moved closer to her. She feigned shyness, burying her face into my neck as I kissed her lightly on the forehead. Then on the cheek. Then on her lips. By then, she had stopped kissing my neck and had raised her mouth to meet mine.

It wasn’t long before both of us were completely naked, my lips and hands had settled around her small nipples, sucking and pulling. I alternated, first working on one then the other breast. I licked around the nipple, and then flicked it with my tongue before sucking on küçükçekmece escort bayan it. My other hand would pinch her other nipple, gently pulling it. It would be a few years after this that I would meet a woman who loved to have her nipples pinched hard But we’ll get into that story later.

Her hand had found my cock. She pulled and stroked, toying with my knob. A times she’d reach to cup my balls, gently running her fingers in them. Every time we kissed, she would open her mouth and suck in my tongue, one hand playing with my bum. She took particular delight in licking the beads of sweat on my forehead and neck, groaning softly every time she got a taste of sweat. She also loved the musky smell of my armpits and would sometimes raised my arms, push her face into my armpits and take deep breaths. And again she would let out her groan.

The only other sound she made in bed was the sound of her küçükyalı escort bayan breathing.

I loved playing with her nipples, but also wanted to taste her pussy, the one I was not allowed to fuck. I moved lower down, licking and kissing her belly as my fingers traced lines up and down her thighs, stopping just before I touched her pussy.

This excited her even more and she started thrusting her hips. I spread her legs wider, and continued to lick lower, ever closer to her pussy. I loved her smell; a strong tangy scent, like sour sweat and the thick flavours of her juice. I held her thighs wide apart as I lapped he juice up, licking slowly up and downwards. When I looked up, I saw she had propped herself on her elbows, and was watching me eat her pussy.

When I raised myself up, she lay back down and started to play with herself. I could not see much in the dim light but I could tell her movements were getting faster and harder. I crawled next to her, raised onto my knees and started to stroke myself next to her breasts. I lifter her wet fingers to my lips for a last taste before I came on her breasts. In the half light, I could see her rub my cum over her breasts as she finished herself off with some hard rubbing.

Over the next two months, we would use each other in similar ways always finding relief without penetration; her chastity always safe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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