Amy and Melissa’s Hot Tub Adventure

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It was a typical Friday night for Amy and Melissa. The two roommates were both in their mid 20’s and single. After a long week at work, the girls liked to hit the local bar scene, meet up with their larger group of friends and usually end up getting free drinks and dancing before taking a cab back home and sleeping it off the next day.

On this particular Friday, some of Amy’s coworkers from her office were getting together and invited Amy to join them. Amy, of course, invited her roommate to come too with the promise that some of her attractive male coworkers would probably be there and would enjoy her company also. Melissa was 5 ft 5 with a cute face and strawberry blonde hair. She kept in shape by running and had a nice body to show for it.

“Damn girl, are you looking to get all of the attention tonight or what?” Amy asked her friend.

Melissa had tied her hair back in a ponytail and was wearing a low cut tank top that accentuated her breasts. She wore a tight pair of blue jeans that hugged her ass perfectly and a pair of black heels to match her top. Melissa liked to flirt with guys a lot. She always enjoyed the attention and the drinks even if she rarely took a guy home with her.

“By the end of the night, your coworkers are gonna be begging me to come work with them.”

“Sweetie, when the night is over, they’re gonna be ready to hand us the keys to the executive suite,” laughed Amy.

Amy was a beautiful biracial brunette with long curly hair. Her 5′ 10″ athletic body was the envy of all of her friends since she was in college. She spent a lot of time at the gym and it showed. When she went out on weekends, she knew just what to wear to show off her toned body. Amy loved the attention and loved to flirt. On this night, Amy chose a tight fitting top and a matching skirt. She wanted to look sexy but also reminded herself that these were her coworkers after all.

“Goddamn Amy, you look amazing. Let’s have some fun tonight but remember we need to stay together. There’s too many creeps out there that just wanna get us alone after they get us drunk.”

“Don’t worry Melissa, I’m not doing anything without you. Plus, this is a fun group of people, we’re gonna have a great time.”

Amy and Melissa arrived at the bar to find two high top tables that had been reserved for her work group. At the first table were two women from payroll both drinking sparkling water, Amy’s friend Jim from marketing and his boyfriend Wade. They were both drinking martinis and gave Amy a friendly wave when they saw her.

Table two had already moved onto shots by the time Amy and Melissa walked over. Tina, a new hire, was clearly trying to impress the guys at the table with her just out of college drinking ability. She was a cute, petite girl with dark red hair and small tits. Amy found her to be a little annoying, but chalked it up to Tina’s age. Dave, Brian and his roommate Troy rounded out the table. Dave was a project manager in his 40’s who was clearly already enjoying a night out from the wife and kids. He flirted with Amy on occasion, heck everybody in the office did at one time or another. He was a good guy, but not somebody that would interest Amy, married or not.

Brian was a good looking, athletic 30 year old who was very well liked in the company. Amy enjoyed flirting with Brian around the water cooler, but considered him just a good friend. Brian’s roommate, Troy, was an athletic specimen. According to Brian, Troy had been all state in football, basketball and track before injuries caught up to him. He was 6 feet tall and had a chiseled upper body. He reminded Amy of the actor, Morris Chestnut.

Brian took no time in summoning the girls over to the table. After some quick introductions the waitress came brought another round of shots to the table. Amy and Melissa each quickly downed two shots.

“Don’t mind us. We’ve got some catching up to do,” said Amy to the guys.

Brian and Troy smiled at each other in approval. Brian cozied up close to Amy while Troy and Melissa started up a conversation. Brian put his hand on Amy’s hip to test the waters a little bit before making his next move. Amy smiled at him and motioned to the waitress for another round.

Melissa was enjoying the attention from Troy and grabbed him by the hand and led him over to the dance floor. They danced close and Melissa was keenly aware that Troy’s cock was growing in his pants. She reached down and ran her fingernails down over it. Through the material, she could tell that it was a very good size. Troy smiled and pulled her in even closer.

“What do you say the four of us go back to our place? There are too many eyes here. We’ve got a hot tub out back and plenty of drinks.”

Melissa walked back to the table and whispered in Amy’s ear. Amy’s eyes lit up and she licked her lips when she heard about Troy’s growing cock and his invitation.

“We’re gonna take off. It’s pretty dead here tonight,” Amy shouted over to table one. She told Brian beylikdüzü escort to text her the address and that she and Melissa would be there in one hour. They left the guys in the bar so as not to arouse any suspicion. Amy needed to get away from the rest of her work colleagues. She didn’t want to be the subject of rumors on Monday. Amy called an Uber to take the girls back to their place.

“Amy, his cock felt huge. Bigger than any of the guys I’ve ever been with for sure.”

Amy had been with a few black guys before and knew that Melissa was undoubtedly telling the truth.

“I’ve been wanting Brian for awhile now, but Troy is super hot. Can we share tonight? I think those boys are expecting a wild night and my pussy is getting wet just thinking about it.”

Melissa put her hand under Amy’s skirt and giggled.

“You naughty girl. Your panties are soaking wet. What are you imagining doing in that hot tub?”

“Everything,” Amy said. “Everything.”

When they arrived at their place, both girls freshened up and changed into casual shorts and t-shirts with their bikinis underneath. Amy wore a teal colored bikini that accentuated her amazing curves and Melissa wore a skimpy red bikini that she usually reserved for sun bathing alone. They added some fresh lipstick and jumped into another Uber that had just arrived.

When they arrived, Troy greeted them at the door dressed in a Lakers jersey and swim trunks and handed them each a cocktail.

“Brian’s already chilling in the hot tub. He told me to fix the drinks and find out what else you need before heading out,” Troy told the girls.

Wasting no time, Amy grabbed Troy’s hand and walked him over to the sofa. She and Melissa sat on either side of him. Troy was grinning ear to ear. They put their drinks on the coffee table and Amy moved closer and slid her tongue in his mouth. Melissa started rubbing his cock through his shorts and could feel his cock throbbing.

Troy moved his hands to Amy’s tits and started massaging them while they continued to make out. He loved the brunette’s pretty face and perfect mouth. Their tongues swirled around together while his cock kept growing. He wanted to feel Amy’s mouth wrapped around his hard black cock.

Melissa had her head on his lap now licking the fabric of his shorts. She was not as aggressive as her friend, but she was clearly enjoying herself and her right hand was rubbing her pussy between her legs and over her own clothes.

“Amy, I think it’s time to unwrap our first present,” Melissa called to her friend.

Amy broke from her sensual embrace and moved lower on the couch. The two friends looked each other in the eyes as Melissa peeled back the swim trunks. Amy’s eyes opened wide as she saw that her friend had been right. Melissa continued pulling down his shorts until he was fully exposed for the girls to admire. She grabbed his cock at the base and pushed it towards Amy’s waiting mouth.

Amy licked her full red lips and lowered her mouth onto Troy’s hard black cock. Troy let out a load groan. Melissa still had her hand on the base of his cock and began jerking him off while Amy sucked and licked his engorged head. Amy knew she was great at sucking cock. Many guys had told her before that she was easily the best they’d ever had. Troy grabbed hold of her sexy curly hair while she bobbed up and down on his throbbing cock. The saliva from Amy’s mouth provided the perfect lube for Melissa to keep jerking him off.

Melissa moved into position and began licking Troy’s balls and taking them one by one into her mouth and sucking on them. Troy felt as though his cock would explode at any moment. He had a beautiful brunette deep throating his cock while her blonde friend worshipped his balls. His stretched his long arm and his hand found its way under Melissa’s waistband and into her bikini bottoms. He cupped the blonde’s ass and spanked it hard. Melissa winced but only a little.

Melissa lifted her head. “Maybe we should go outside and check on Brian.”

“Not yet, baby. Lick my cock at the same time as your friend. Show me how much you sexy bitches like to share.”

Amy pulled her mouth off of the huge cock and pushed it into Melissa’s mouth. She had never had anything close to this size and she had a hard time taking it into her mouth. Amy’s saliva had created a big mess all over his cock and Melissa sucked his head and cleaned him off. Amy began licking up and down and Melissa soon joined. Troy sat back and watched the two girls licking his cock up and down while they massaged his balls. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned. On cue, Amy took the huge black cock back into her waiting mouth.

Troy pushed her head even further down. “Fuck yeah, baby. Swallow that cock while I pump my fucking cum down your throat. Oh fuck.” Troy shot load after load of cum into Amy’s mouth. Amy loved the feeling of cum hitting the back of her throat and the sexy brunette swallowed bostancı escort every drop.

“Hey, none for me?” Melissa pouted and smiled. Troy pulled his cock out of Amy’s mouth. Amy pulled her friend close and kissed her deeply. Melissa could still taste the cum on Amy’s tongue even though she had swallowed the massive load.

Troy pulled up his trunks and the girls sat up and straightened themselves up a bit.

“Should we fix our makeup, Amy?”

“Let’s just go outside and see what Brian is up to,” Amy said.

Troy opened up the sliding glass door to the patio. Brian was chilling in the hot tub with empty beer cans scattered on the ground nearby.

“Hey Brian, look who just got here,” Troy called to his friend.

“Ladies…so glad to see you. I was starting to think you were gonna no-show,” Brian said.

“Well, its been a busy night, but we’re here now,” Melissa replied.

Troy handed each of the girls a fresh drink. They both took big gulps and put them down near the hot tub. Without saying a word, both girls stripped down to their bikinis. Brian could feel his cock stir below the water. “Fuck,” he thought. “Look at the fucking bodies on these two.”

Melissa stepped into the hot tub first. She moved closer to Brian, but decided to sit on the edge of the tub first in order to get used to the heat a little bit. Amy stood nearby and decided to finish her drink before getting in. Troy stood behind her and admired her bikini clad ass.

Melissa chatted and flirted with Brian whose eyes kept glancing over at Amy. Brian still had no idea where this was all going and was completely oblivious to what had just transpired inside with his roommate. Just then, Melissa slid down into the tub and onto his lap. Brian was startled at first, but quickly responded by removing Melissa’s bikini top and caressing her tits. Melissa leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. Amy watched from a few feet away with a drink in one hand while she started rubbing her pussy with the other hand. Watching the scene unfold before him, Troy’s cock started to grow again.

Melissa began grinding into Brian’s growing cock. “Take these off,” she said. Brian didn’t need to be told twice. Melissa also removed her bottoms and climbed back on cowgirl style. Brian’s cock entered Melissa’s wet pussy with ease. His hands guided her up and down on his cock. He stole glances at Amy who was now furiously rubbing her pussy just a few feet away.

Troy moved in behind Amy and put his hands on her sexy ass. The bikini bottoms were a little small by design and it made Amy’s ass look amazing. Troy began peeling the swimsuit off of her and slid it down her legs until Amy kicked it to the side. Troy put his face up against Amy’s ass and started caressing her cheeks. He spread them apart just a bit and inhaled Amy’s sweet scent. Troy slid a finger into Amy’s pussy and began circling her ass with his tongue. Amy reached back and forced his face up against her ass.

Melissa was bouncing up and down on Brian’s hard dick while he sucked her tits. She felt her first orgasm building up inside her and needed to release it.

“Oh God, Brian, don’t stop. Don’t stop. I want you to make me cum. Oh fuck yesssss.”

Brian took another look at Amy who was holding his black friend’s face against her ass and he unloaded his cum into Melissa’s wet pussy. He came harder than he ever had and Melissa stuck her tongue in his mouth while grinding hard on his cock.

“Fuck, that felt so good,” Brian said. Sweating hard, he propped himself up on the side of the hot tub to both catch a breather and get a better view of Amy and Troy.

A few feet away, Troy continued to finger the sexy brunette while his face was pinned up against her ass. Amy released her grip, but Troy has gotten the message. He spread her ass open and his tongue found her tight asshole. The taste of her juices mixed with sweat drove him wild and he licked her sweet ass up and down and his tongue plunged in and out of Amy’s ass.

“You like how my ass tastes, you dirty boy? Do you think Brian would like it too? Brian do you like what you see?”

Brian’s cock was still hard from fucking her friend and now he sat there jerking off watching his coworker get her ass eaten by his black friend.

“Amy, get in the fucking hot tub already,” shouted Melissa.

Amy took her top off and exposed her beautiful tits to Brian for the first time. She climbed in to the hot tub and joined her friend. Melissa greeted her with a passionate kiss and wrapped her arms around her. Troy climbed in and set on the side a couple of feet away from Brian. The guys sat there stroking their cocks while Amy and Melissa were completely making out now in front of them. Melissa’s hands had disappeared under the water while Amy’s hands groped her friend’s tits. They continued for a couple of minutes before turning their attention to the hard cocks that awaited them.

Brian’s çekmeköy escort cock throbbed harder than ever and his gorgeous brunette coworker grabbed hold of it and began kissing him. He couldn’t believe that after all of their flirting, they were now making out in his hot tub while she jerked his cock. Right next to them, Melissa had already started sucking on Troy’s big hard dick.

“I need your mouth on my cock, Amy. Please,” Brian practically begged.

“Is this what you think about work? Huh? Getting jerked off and telling me to suck your cock. Playing with my tits, fucking my pussy, eating my ass?” Amy teased.

“Fuck yes, Amy, I want it so bad.”

Amy lowered her head to his lap and began licking all over. She repeatedly slid her tongue over the tip of the hard cock. She looked over at her friend who was now trying to fit as much of the hard black cock into her mouth as she could. Amy then took Brian’s cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat.

“Holy fuck,” Brian practically screamed.

Amy held her position for a few seconds until coming up for air. She proceeded to deep throat his cock over and over again until he forced her to stop. He never imagined that Amy would be this wild and such a cock slut. She leaned over and took Troy’s cock in her mouth while Melissa started kissing him.

Brian saw his next move and quickly got behind Amy and pushed his cock into her hot wet pussy.

“Fuck yes, Brian, give me that hard dick while I suck this black cock.”

Brian grabbed Amy’s hips and pounded her pussy as hard as he could. Amy was licking and sucking Troy’s cock like she was possessed. Melissa knew that Amy was experienced and loved sex but even she marveled at her friend’s enthusiastic ability right now to please these two cocks.

Troy’s hands moved all over Melissa’s tits while Amy bobbed up and down on his cock for the second time tonight. Melissa had started rubbing her pussy as she watched her sexy friend. Troy moved his hands off of her tits and now gripped Amy’s head and fucked her mouth as hard as he could.

Brian inserted a finger into Amy’s tight asshole as he continued to pound her pussy. Her sphincter tightened around his finger as the water provided a small amount of lubrication. Melissa moved off of the side and over to Brian. She placed her face near her friend’s pussy and Brian pulled out of Amy and stuck his cock into Melissa’s mouth. She loved the taste of her friend’s pussy and licked his cock up and down again. Brian wanted to taste Amy’s ass and so he spread her wide and started licking her pretty pink asshole while her friend sucked his cock and Troy fucked Amy’s face.

Brian’s brain could hardly register everything that was happening at the moment. He was worshipping his sexy coworkers hot ass AND getting blown by her hot friend. Despite having shot his load less than an hour before, Brian was sure that his cock had never been this hard in his life.

Melissa stopped sucking long enough to make a suggestion. “Why don’t you slide that hard dick into her asshole now.”

“Oh fuck yes, please.” Amy moaned after coming up for air. Her face was a mess from choking and swallowing Troy’s hard cock for the last several minutes.

Brian wasted no time and lined his cock up to her waiting hole that he had lubed up with his tongue. He entered her slowly and Amy’s ass opened up a little more. She squirmed and moaned again, but the brunette pushed her ass back against his thrusts until it was fully inside of her. Brian could feel his cum starting to build up as his cock slid in and out of Amy’s ass. Amy’s face was buried in Troy’s lap again as she continued sucking on the black cock.

Melissa was now licking Amy’s pussy as Brian continued pounding her ass. Melissa had tasted Amy’s pussy before but certainly never while her ass was getting filled up.

Amy was in complete sexual ecstasy as she got worked over by the guys and Melissa. She felt herself nearing orgasm and her pussy exploded all over Melissa’s face. Melissa loved the taste of the pussy juice and her tongue licked everywhere to savor each and every drop of cum.

Brian couldn’t hold back any longer and as he pounded Amy’s ass, he started to cum deep inside of her.

“Oh fuck, Amy, your ass feels so fucking good. I need to fill you up with cum.”

Brian kept unloading stream after stream of cum deep into Amy’s ass. He had never cum so hard in his life. His cock popped out of her ass and no sooner did the cum begin to ooze out than Melissa assumed the position and began licking the creampie out of her friend’s ass.

This had become too much for Troy to take and he pulled his cock out of Amy’s hungry mouth and kept it aimed it at her pretty face.

“Yeah, I want you to jerk that cock all over me. Make a mess all over my face, yeah make a mess on me. All over my face,” Amy screamed.

Troy obliged and shot his huge load all over the pretty brunette’s face until it was covered in cum. Amy wiped some away from her eyes, but soon Melissa was licking it from her face and they began to make out. Troy’s cum mixed with Brian’s which mixed with Amy’s and the girls shared all of it.

Brian and Troy sat back completely exhausted with their minds blown at all that had happened in a span of a few hours.

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