Amyla, the Radiant Elf Princess Pt. 03

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(I’ve really enjoyed writing this serial, so I’ve decided to continue it! Please comment with feedback and your thoughts, I love hearing what people think of my work and ideas for directions for the future! Thanks!!)

Prince Revan grunted and moaned one last time before finishing inside Amyla. He was coated in sweat and panting like a dog due to the last hour of so-called passionate love making. He smiled to himself once he dismounted her and laid on the bed next his wife. Princess Amyla laid there, unsatisfied from the sex.

She turned to face away from her underperforming husband and looked to the large oak door. She wondered if the human thought of her as much as she thought of him…that huge cock inside her. She still felt sore even after 3 days since the ceremony. Ever since she felt like a whole new woman, exactly like her step-mother told her. She felt more in touch with her sexual needs and desires, looking at other men in different ways while continuing to resent her husband; but whoever she looked at sexually, her mind would always drift back to the human…Geon and his huge cock. Even now her lip quivered and mouth filled with saliva at the thought of it. She moved a hand to under the bedsheets and began to touch herself quietly, rubbing herself while using her other hand to squeeze one of her huge breasts. She closed her eyes and imagined the human taking her again, taking out his cock and pushing it inside her once more.

The princess let out a quiet “Yes…” as her rubbing hastened. Her tongue slowly slithered out of her plump lips as she parted them. She felt shivers overtaking her body as she came; her toes curled and her eyes shut tight, imagining her hung human cumming all over her, glazing her in the same thick warm goo which flowed out of her for what seemed like hours!

Revan laid there, knowing full well that his wife was not imagining him, but that filthy scum of life Geon. Humans. They should all be exterminated for being so useless. He formed a vicious scowl on his face as he got out of bed roughly and exited the room, leaving the princess to her lusty fantasies. She laid there sprawled out on the bed, now all to herself. She tried to think about other things, like sleep, or what she was going to wear tomorrow…or finally agree on where the baby’s room will be…her half-breed baby. She smiled and raised up facing the wall on the far side of the room.

“Guard.” She said covering herself with the bedsheet before the door swung open and slammed on its hinges. The large, burly guard stood there, one hand on the hilt of his sheathed sword, darting his head left to right to see what his princess was calling about.

“There is no one here. I need you to do something.” She said waving at him to get his attention. He looked to her and stood up straight, eyes wandering to her covered body. Amyla rolled her eyes and pulled the sheets down to let her breasts hang free, rising and falling with her breaths. The guard gasped and stared at them, before remembering his duties and stared at the wall behind Amyla. She giggled cutely and threw her head back.

“Go get the human from his cell. I want to talk to him.” After a few moments the guard shook his head.

“I am afraid I cannot do that my lady. I cannot abandon my post!” he called out like he had done so for many years as a royal guard. Amyla pouted and crossed her arms underneath her tits.

“Well, call for my servants. Suki and Belle. Tell them to get the human out from his cell and bring him here.” The guard nodded and bowed before giving her exposed upper body one last glace before leaving the room. She threw herself back down onto the bed and grinned, her husband was gone, and she had a proposal for Geon.

“So, after that she’s been very different. She usually liked to wear revealing dressed but now its all see through silk and really small skirts.” Jonna sat on the table with a pint of ale, chugging large gulps in the dungeon with the human. Geon sat in the same cell which he woke up in a number of days ago, only this time he was free to leave the cell, but still confined to the dungeon.

“Is that so?” he asked his new friend as he too took a large gulp of ale.

Jonna nodded back to him “You’ve done something to her…can’t say I blame her; you’ve been gifted by the god’s human.” He raised his pint in toast as he took another gulp.

“So why ikitelli escort am I still here? I had the idea that I would be let go after this ceremony.” Geon leaned on the wall of the cell, enjoying the friendly chat.

“Well, we would usually wipe your memory and send you on your way, but the princess begged her father yesterday to not let you go just yet.” Just at that moment, before Geon could interpret the information which Jonna had given him the sound of keys entered the room and the door opened. Both Geon and Jonna looked to see who was entering and was surprised to see the two serving girls whom Geon had saw with his guard when he first arrived.

“Suki, Belle. Why are you here this late in the evening?” he asked quizzically. Suki, a tall brunette who was much slimmer than Amyla, but still had good looking curves spoke first.

“We have been ordered to bring the human to her highness.” Belle, the shorter, bronze skinned girl with long frizzy black hair spoke with her full lips (arguable much thicker than the princess) spoke second.

“We have to tell him the proper etiquette when addressing her highness in private.” The room stayed quiet for a moment as Jonna kept quiet with a far away look on his face.

“LEAVE!” they both called and pointed to the door. He jumped and took another gulp of ale, nodded and looked at Geon

“I’ll be at the tavern, these girls can talk forever so ill be back in a few hours.” He shrugged off the glares the serving girls shot him as he slowly placed his half full pint and proceeded to exit the room, hearing his foot steps grow fainter they both smiled at each other.

Suki and Belle looked at Geon. Smiling devilishly. “So.” Suki said as they approached the cell.

“What was fucking the princess like?” Belle twirled her finger through her hair and bit her bottom lip as they looked at him. Geon blushed lightly as he looked at them both. He could remember every second of the ceremony, he played it back over and over in his dreams, he wanted nothing more than to go meet the princess again, especially if the rumours about her becoming more sexualised was true.

“It was amazing…where you in the crowd.” He asked them.

They nodded eagerly. “I was with my brother.” Belle called,

“I was with my mother…we’ve had lots of conversations about you!” Suki giggled and, like Belle, started to play with her hair while catching glances between Geon’s legs. Uncomfortable at the information Geon nodded and placed his pint on the floor.

“So, do you know why the princess wants to talk to me.” Suki gestured for him to sit on his bed, which he slowly did as they stood in front of him.

“I think we all know why. Her sex drive has been going wild since you fucked her silly.” Belle sat beside Geon on his left, while Suki joined him on his right.

“She wants you again. This time away from prying eyes.” The taller serving girl placed a hand on his leg while the shorter one did the same.

“She’s going to want you to be her master.” Geon didn’t know who said that, as they both leaned forward and started to nibble on his neck, causing blood to flow to his third leg.

“And that means she’s the only one who can lay a finger on you.” He looked down to see their hands rubbing the long thick bulge which was pushing on the fabric of his trousers.

“We want to see it up close…together.” Belle pulled his face toward her and planted a kiss on him, squeezing his cock hard when their tongues danced with each other. Geon heard a sigh from behind him and felt another hand pull at his head. This time Suki kissed him rubbing his covered shaft with her slender fingers.

“We want you to own us before you own our princess.” Both girls slid down between his legs, they sat on their knees patiently waiting for their desire to be revealed to them. Their elf ears twitched as they saw it pulse and throb through the trousers.

Geon looked at them both…he was experienced with women, but never two at the same time. He hooked his fingers around the waist of his trousers and pushed them down, his cock jumped out and slapped Belle in the face as it hung between the faces of the supermodel-like servants. Their eyes widened as their hands already started to wrap around the thickness. Suki was the first to plant a wet kiss on the shaft and look kadıköy escort up at him with her blue eyes, moaning as she started to lick the tip wanting to taste his precum. Belle moaned and planted her lips around his balls sucking them loudly, jerking him off as she dribbled saliva onto them. Suki started to bob up and down on his cock, rubbing it around her face every few seconds, she wanted to smell like cock, so she smeared the leaking precum of the human all over her face.

Belle pulled up from his balls and giggled “let me go!” She sighed as Suki gave a reluctant glare before letting her have her mouth filled with cock. While the bronze goddess sucked Geon off, the taller one slowly started to take off her white uniform and reveal her naked body. She squatted behind Belle and started to hold her hair back, pushing her head forward so she could deepthroat Geon.

Wet GAK GAK GAK sounds filled the room as Belle choked on cock, behind the deepthroating noise, there was also faint gulping noises coming from Belle. As Geon had never been given a better blowjob his felt himself close to cumming already, his precum was shooting out like any normal human’s hard ejaculate, and Belle was swallowing it all!

Feeling himself close to cumming he pushed Belle off of his cock, groaning as it pulsed heavily “That close already? Well I guess we could tease you for a little while before you fuck us.” Suki winked and leaned forward to start making out with Belle, they seemed to know what each other liked, as Suki began to spank Belle’s thick ass. They both looked at him while Geon started to lightly masturbate in front of them.

“You know, Amyla thinks of you while her husband fucks her.” Belle moaned between kisses.

“Calls your name when her husband leaves her so unsatisfied!” they both giggle as Suki starts to undress Belle.

“Is it true that she asked you to fuck her ass? I’ve seen her you know? Fingering her ass with her face buried into the sheets calling for you to fuck her ass.” Geon couldn’t help jerking off faster, he wanted that to be true, her wanting him to fuck her, wanting to be her master.

“I bet she wants to worship that thing. We do too…” Suki stood and mounted Geon, looking slightly worried at the sheer size of it compared to her. She breathed deeply before lowering herself onto him. Once his large head penetrated her, she screamed with pleasure, using his knees as a way to keep herself upright she lowered herself more into him, Belle watched in awe as she saw Suki orgasm before getting more than 4 inches of his cock inside her. She closed her eyes and grinned as she rotated her hips in circles trying to get used to his size.

After 3 minutes of getting fucked by his cock, Suki was on the floor moaning to herself as she watched Belle in front of her getting fucked on all fours, she too looked like she was having the time of her life. Geon pumped her hard and fast as he could feel himself get close to cumming.

“Cum inside her human. She wants to be like princess Amyla!” Suki moaned as she was too tired and sexually fatigued to do anything, Belle seemed to moan louder as she took more of him in.

“Fuck…” Geon groaned as he felt his balls contracting about to explode. Before he did, he pulled out of Belle and masturbated furiously, peeling his foreskin back and forth, he didn’t want to impregnate another woman not even a week after the ceremony. Belle looked disheartened that he did not cum inside her, but she turned around and started to suck him off once more.

“Mmmm, she likes to drink cum too…I should know!” Belles eyes widened as Geon came in her mouth, her cheeks expanded and loud gulping filled the air, her eyes locked on the human, unchanging. She tried her best to swallow him all, but alas was not able to keep it all in, cum began to leak heavily out of the sides of her lips as tears formed in her eyes, either from the cum, or from sadness that she was losing a few precious drops. After a few more moments Geon’s cock began to soften in Belles mouth. His orgasm had finally stopped as it slid out of her mouth, once he sat down breathing hard, he saw Belle sitting on her knees still looking at him. She was swirling the cum in her mouth around, chewing it and gargling it to show off her filthiness.

Geon moaned as he watched her use his cum like mouthwash, kartal escort before moving over to a prone Suki and planting a kiss, exchanging the cum from her mouth into the taller elf. Belle looked at Geon once they broke the kiss and opened her mouth to show that it was all gone. Geon knew that she did not swallow it, and looked at Suki. Already he felt himself get hard again.

“As much as we would like to continue. Amyla would kill us if she learned that we did this…We will stay here and wait until Jonna comes back…” Suki seemed to enjoy that idea as she let out an audible moan.

“She’s waiting in her private quarters. Go up 3 floors and keep walking until you see a red door, through there and go up the stairs until you see a hallway, it’s the second door you’ll come across.” Belle winked at him and went back to Suki, continuing to play with each other.

Amyla sat on her bed, heart beating fast, she knew what she wanted, and what she was going to offer…but why was he taking so long? Since she gave the order to the guard, she had put on a purple silk night gown which was tied up to ensure her cleavage spilled out, wearing absolutely nothing underneath. She had also combed her hair and decided that she should look the part too, wearing the tiara from the ceremony and took extra time to don eyeshadow and lipstick. She looked at herself in the mirror impressed by how she looked, her long pointed hears twitched as she heard a knock on the door.

“Enter.” She said timidly, hoping that it was who she asked for. Geon entered the room, leaving the door open. He stood there for a moment and decided that bowing would be the most appropriate action. He did so by bending himself at almost a 90-degree angle. Amyla giggled as she stood up and approached him, making sure to sway her hips and show her legs slip through the nightgown.

“The father of my future child should not bow to his mate.” She placed a finger on his chin and pulled up, which lead him to stand upright once more. She looked at him up and down, similarly to when they first met.

“Where are Suki and Belle?” she asked crossing her arms under her bust to further push them out.

“They said they’re waiting for Jonna.” He replied trying not to show that he fucked them only a few minutes ago.

Amyla signed and brushed a strand of loose hair back behind her ear to join the rest of her silky-smooth blonde hair. “They like his company. I would too if I wasn’t married already…or know of a certain human.” She looked up at him with those bright emerald eyes, made even more alluring by the makeup she had put on for him.

“Speaking of…I have something to say master-I mean mister.” She blushed heavily and turned around, mad at herself for letting her urges slip out already. Geon felt his heart skip, it seemed that the girls’ idea wasn’t just to make him horny, it really was true.

“Listen…I want you to stay.” She muttered lightly still with her back turned.

“You can come and go as you please, go to the outside world…but I want you to live here with me.” She turned around once more and batted her eyelashes at him.

“I don’t want another husband. I want someone who can give me what I want.” She reached forward and stroked his cheek softly. He felt her hand brush up against his face, her smooth skin causing pleasure to sink into him. Amyla’s face became more alluring, she bit her lip and pressed her thick thighs together.

“Why pay for a dirty whore in a tavern when you can have a married one for free?” She pushed herself onto him and looked up into him, her eyes suddenly filled with desire; the string keeping her tits pressed together coming loose.

“I’ll be your good little whore daddy…can you fuck me whenever and wherever?” the princess began to grind up and down on Geon as his face remained expressionless

“You’re fucking horse cock turned me into this…I think its right if you feed this devil inside me by being my master don’t you? Fucking say something master…take me like one of your dirty whores!” she held her robe and practically ripped it in two, now naked, the slutty princess leaped and wrapped her thick legs around the human, rubbing her hands through his hair, brushing her plump, red lips over his cheeks and lips.

Geon moaned as he felt his cock grow harder than it ever had before. He gripped her ass and spanked it making her moan loudly. “Get on the bed princess. Face down, ass up.” Amyla looked at him like a child at Christmas “Yes master…I’ll do everything you say!”

Amyla forgot her ring was on. All memory of her husband was forcibly removed from her mind…she was a new woman and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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