An Adulterous Affair

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I hadn’t planned on committing adultery–it just seemed to happen.

I’m executive secretary to Tom Crawford, senior partner in the Crawford Law Firm. It was Friday afternoon, and I was trying to clear my desk so I could leave work by 5:00 o’clock when Lee Matthews stopped by my office. Lee is the newest attorney to join the group. He asked if I could find a file for him before I left for the day.

“You’re not working late again, are you?” I asked merely to be polite. He was in his dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his tie loosened. He looked like he’d been sweating over a project. I knew he was handling the Smith case, and awaiting a trial date.

Lee perched on one corner of my desk while I crossed the room to the file cabinet. I heard him expell a loud sigh and I turned to look at him.

“I’m cutting my teeth on this case, Lanie,” he said shaking his head.

Everybody in the office called me Lanie, sort of a nickname for Elaine. We all got along well and I had come to think of the members of the firm as my extended family.

“Office scuttlebutt says Ray Smith is guilty of murder. Do you think he did it?”

He smiled slowly at me and I saw again how devastatingly handsome he was. The realization almost made me weak in the knees. I hurried to look away, afraid he’d be able, somehow, to read the aroused expression on my face.

“Innocent until proven guilty,” he said.

He got up from the desk and walked toward me as I pulled the file he wanted out of the cabinet. When he took it from me, our fingers brushed together. It felt like an electric shock traveling up my arm. I pulled in a quick breath and felt my cheeks pink.

“Are you all right?” Lee asked.

Our eyes met briefly and I saw something akin to interest in his blue depths.

He reached out one hand and touched my left forearm.

“I’ll be done here in a few minutes. Do you have time for a drink before heading home?”

“A drink?” I stupidly repeated.

He grinned at me. “Sorry. I forget sometimes that you’re a married woman.”

I blushed profusely and stepped around him, heading back to my desk. “And you’re a married man.”

He chuckled softly. “Yes. But my wife doesn’t understand me. How about your husband–does he understand you?”

I ignored the question about my personal life.

“We’re all friends here, Lee,” I said, gathering my courage. Truth was, I’d be going home to an empty house. Jack would be working late again. I’d love to have a drink with Lee–if I could muster the courage to accept his offer.

“So there wouldn’t be anything wrong with two friends grabbing a beer after work,” he said, staring at me.

“All right,” I agreed.

Lee promised to hurry with his work and returned to his office. I grabbed my purse and freshened my makeup. Suddenly I felt like I was going on a date and I mentally warned myself not to make too much of it. I’d joined other members of the law firm for after work drinks numerous times.

But I’d never been alone with handsome Lee Matthews before.

I contemplated backing out of going–but suddeny Lee was there in my office, suit coat on, tie straightened. He was ready to go. He took my coat off the hook near the door and held it for me. Nervously, I shrugged into the coat and picked up my purse. Time was rapidly running out ikitelli escort for me to change my mind.

We left the office and rode the elevator down to the street level. When we reached the front entrance of the office building, we saw it was snowing outside.

Lee slid one arm around my waist and we pushed through the front door. Mason’s Bar and Grill was just around the corner. We hurried along the sidewalk, snow flying in our faces. It was coming down really hard and the wind was blustery.

The closer we got to he bar the more certain I became that I was doing something I might regret, but the feel of the sturdy arm circled around my waist and the long lean male body pressing against my side battled with my ability to reason.

We were covered with snow by the time we pushed through the door of the bar. A blast of heat engulfed us with a sweet welcome. The aromas of grilling steaks and tobacco smoke lent an aura of familiarity to the bar.

We settled in a booth near the back of the bar. I brushed at the frosty snow flakes clinging to my long hair. I felt almost giddy–as though I was on some incredible adventure. It was unreal. The snow. Lee Matthews seated across a small table from me, his keen blue eyes accessing my face.

“You’re beautiful, Lanie,” he said. “The snow somehow compliments your Asian looks.”

My heart was fluttering at his words. I had no idea he’d ever say such things to me. My eyes glanced suddenly to the gold wedding band he wore and I thought of my husband. I couldn’t do anything that would hurt Jack. I loved him.

Lee ordered a beer for himself and a glass of red wine for me.

“I remembered,” he said, smiling at me.

“I’m impressed,” I replied, picking up the glass of wine.

God! What was I doing there?

We made small talk over our drinks. The weather, work, our hobbies.

“I’ve taken up golf,” he confided. “Word has it that old man Crawford doesn’t promote anybody who isn’t a golfer.”

We laughed. Ordered more drinks.

My head was beginning to feel dizzy. I had drank too much wine. What was I thinking? How could I possibly drive in a snowstorm if I got drunk?

“I should go,” I said, staring at him. A part of me didn’t want to. I was so relaxed from the wine that I dared be honest with myself.

“I know,” he said. He got up and helped me with my coat. Then he curled his arm around my waist and pulled me against his side.

“This is nice,” he whispered in my ear.

I smiled up at him and the most erotic sensations skittered through me. Suddenly I wanted to be in his arms, to press my body–my naked body–against his and, God help me–I wanted him to seduce me!

My knees almost buckled with the thought.

When we left the bar, we headed back to the office building. The parking garage was in the basement and it was still snowing, perhaps harder then before.

“I can’t drive in this,” I admitted. “I’ll have to call a cab.”

“I doubt if they’re running, but we can go back to the office and call.”

We hurried along the sidewalk, getting snow covered again. Luckily the office building was home to several businesses and unlocked at all hours. We rode the elevator back up to our floor and I went to my desk to find the number for a cab.

“I’ll take kadıköy escort you home, Lanie–if you think your husband won’t mind.”

The tone of his voice pulled my gaze to him. There was more than mere concern in his eyes. I thought then of Jack, and Lee’s wife, Melody. But only for a moment. As I gazed at Lee, Jack and Melody didn’t seem to be real. That is, they didn’t seem to hold any meaning in our immediate situation.

Lee combed one hand through his hair as though contemplating what he was aobut to say. He crossed the room toward me and suddenly I wanted to run into his arms.

I put the telephone receiver back in its cradle. I wasn’t calling a cab. I didn’t want to go home.

“Lee,” I began, rising from my chair.


His voice was little more than a whisper as he reached out to me. He traced one finger along my right cheek.

“God! You’re beautiful.”


I felt like a teenager–all giddy and quivering inside.

“I haven’t felt like this in years,” I confessed.

I placed my palm against his chest and felt his heart beating. His warmth immediately penetrated my palm. His aftershave beckoned to my senses.

He pulled me against his chest and his mouth came down to cover mine. It was a kiss that began as a soft, tentative attempt to see where I stood on the matter, but immediately turned greedy when I parted my lips for him.

He growled deep in his throat and poked his tongue inside my mouth. We began a sensual play, a waltz of sorts, that sent my emotions soaring.

His kisses were hot, sensual, suggestive. My whole body felt on fire. I wanted sex. I wanted him to tear off my clothes and take me there, roughly, on the floor perhaps–

“Lanie,” he whispered, dragging his mouth from mine.

He started opening my blouse, his fingers shaking as he worked each pearl button through its opening. And I raised my hands and started unbuttoning his shirt.

There was no turning back now.

His bare chest was soon visible to my eyes and my eager finger skimmed across the smooth expanse. He was quite muscular, I found, though I had surmised he might be. I knew he worked out at a local gym–he’d said so once when a number of us went to the bar for after work drinks.

He quickly rid me of my blouse and bra. His hands were on my breasts. I bit my lip–the touch of his hands was so exquisite on my bare skin. He dipped his head and pulled my left nipple into his mouth.

“God!” I said in a breathy whisper. “That feels wonderful!”

He released the zipper on my skirt and it fell to the floor. At once I stepped out of my shoes and helped him with my pantyhose, placing my hands atop his as he pushed the nylon fabric down my hips and thighs.

I stood naked before him. His gaze was hot on my skin. His hands brushed my taut nipples and lowered to my belly. When he lightly skimmed one palm across my crotch, I sucked in a quick breath. It felt like I was being touched for the first time.

He took my hand suddenly and led me to the leather couch pushed against the far wall of the office. He pushed me down on it and levered himself atop my body.

His heat engulfed me. I spread my legs and felt his erection push against my belly. His mouth was on my breasts, lathing my sensitive kartal escort flesh, wetting my nipples.

Spasms of erotic sensations wracked my body. I was allowing a man–someone other than my husband–to take liberties with my body.

But God it felt good.

And I wanted it to continue–I wanted him to touch every inch of my flesh, to ignite my passion until I cried out for him to take me.

His mouth was oh so hot. He suckled my breasts, until my nipples were sensitive clusters perched ripe and rosy atop my heaving mounds. Then he dragged his mouth lower on my body, wetting my stomach with his tongue. Lower…lower…

My God! His mouth was on my crotch!

I moaned my delight and opened my legs wider, levering one foot to the back of the couch.

“I’ve been wanting to do this to you since I first saw you,” he whispered.

He parted my fleshy pussy lips and stroked the tip of his tongue across my clitoris.

“Oh,” I murmured and slid lower on the couch, pushing my crotch against his mouth. I wanted more–more of everything he had to offer.

His tongue lathed me then, wet and burning hot, amid my moist folds and sensitive secret regions. I closed my eyes and savored every minute second of his caressing. I delved my fingers into his thick dark hair and gently pressed his face into my pussy.

Suddenly a need flared inside me–a need I had almost forgotten. I was on the verge of orgasm and I wanted Lee’s engorged cock inside me when I came. Orgasm was always so much more intense–much better than being stroked to climax.

“Fuck me, Lee! Do it now!”

He hurried to do my bidding, making me smile. I bit my lip, holding the sensations at bay. He positioned himself on his knees between my gaping legs. He grasped my buttocks in his hands. Raising my butt upward, he lunged inside me!

My breath caught in my throat!

He thrust wildly–exactly as I hoped he would–and all reality seemed to hang suspended in time while I rode the wave of no return.

The hot length of him slid inside me, pumped deeply. His fingers dug into my buttocks, causing a measure of pain that somehow brought further excitement to me. Briefly I wondered if he was into something more than the norm. He suddenly brought one hand up to my right breast and squeezed it–terribly hard–making me cry out.

“Do you like it rough, Lanie?” he asked, his breath coming in short gasps. “Do you like it rough, baby?”

I panted, a little confused by the pain he was bringing to me.

Suddenly I couldn’t answer–orgasm was upon me. I bucked my hips, lunging upward to open myself up. I wanted every centimeter of his cock slamming inside me.

“I’m coming!” I screeched. “I’m coming!”

“Enjoy it, baby! Enjoy it!”

The orgasmic explosion wracked my body. I reached for Lee’s hips and dug my nails in, holding on, while the incredible burst of sensations spiraled throughout my body.

Later when the sensations had waned from my body, Lee lay atop me on the couch. My breathing was still somewhat eratic. His head lay against my breasts and I toyed idly with his dark hair. Periodically he tongued my left nipple. I knew he wanted to play some more. And so did I. I’d never enjoyed sex so much.

Suddenly I thought of my husband. But just as quickly, I was distracted by Lee’s fingers trailing along my side. I smiled and stretched, dislodging his head from between my breasts.

“I’m going to hell for committing adultry,” I said. I skimmed my palm along his naked chest.

His eyes locked with mine as his fingers delved inside my sopping wet pussy. He smiled at me.

“We’ll go together,” he said.

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