Hopes For Pure Heaven… Ch. 03

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Hopes For Pure Heaven Turn To Hell Ch. 03

The next morning, Darnell awakens to Kim laying on her opposite side all uncovered. Darnell hates to wake her. She is sleeping so peacefully, yet he knew he had to if she wants to go with him to the precinct this morning. Rolling onto his side, Darnell moves in closer behind Kim. His chest now resting against her back, Darnell runs his fingertips lightly down Kim’s arm slowly wrapping his arm around her. Kissing her softly on the right side of her neck.

“Wake up my beautiful girl.” Darnell whispers softly in her ear. “It’s time for us to get up.” Kim moans softly as she nestles into Darnell.

“No I don’t want to get up baby” Kim replies in her soft little pouty voice. “I want to stay right here with you.”

“Sweetie, I don’t want to get up either. I would love nothing better then to spend the entire day lying here with you, but if we don’t get up now Monica will be walking free sometime this morning.”

“OH HELL NO!!” Kim lets out in a sudden outburst. “I don’t want that thing out ever. I would rather see her dead. To throw her body off to the rats and let them feed off her flesh wouldn’t be good enough for her. Your right baby it’s time to get up.” Darnell and Kim get up and get themselves ready. Locking up the house they head off to the precinct. Pulling into the parking lot Darnell parks the car and just looks at Kim.

“Baby, please listen to what I am going to say. You need to be good when we go in here. Let me take care of this.”

“I promise to be good just as long as I don’t have to look at her.” Kim replies. Walking hand in hand into the precinct Darnell and Kim locate Mike.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Mike asks Darnell.

“Not a hell of a lot. I am here to do what I told you last night I was going to do.” I don’t want that trash let out of here.”

“Ok, but before we do this I need to tell you both something.” Mike replies. “I really don’t think Kim is going to like it either.”

“Mike, don’t beat around the bush. You know damn well Darnell can’t stand that. I may be a female, but I am not as much of a sap as some females may be. Just tell us what you have to tell us.”

“Well what it comes down to is this, Monica has asked to talk to Darnell. I told her you two would be here this morning to take care of things, and I would pass it by you then.” Darnell looks at Kim, the grip she has on his hand now gets tighter, her breathing pattern has changed and Darnell knows full well that she is pissed.

“Darnell No! Please baby, I don’t want her to start this again.”

“Honey, It will be alright. Let’s do one thing at a time.” Darnell replies. “Let me press charges against her first, and then we and I do mean we will go and talk to her. I won’t go it alone. You will come with me.”

“Alright baby.” Darnell and Kim sit with Mike and proceed to press charges.

“Now that we have that part done and out of the way, Darnell do you wish to allow Monica the time to talk to you?” Darnell looks at Kim, and Kim shakes her head in agreement.

“Alright let’s do this and get it over with. Kim is coming with me however.”

“Are you sure you want to do this Kim?” Mike asks.

“Oh yeah as much as I hate that piece of shit, and I really don’t want to even look at her, he isn’t going alone. I don’t want her to be able to touch him in any way though.”

“She won’t be able to touch him Kim.” Mike replies. “You don’t have to worry about that. I will be in there the entire time.”

“Ok, let’s go.” Darnell and Kim walk into this little room with Mike. Mike walks off to get Monica.

“Alright you want to talk to Darnell, well he’s here and he is allowing you the time to talk to him. However I will let you know now that Kim is with him, and I swear as god as my witness if you try anything, so help me god I will take you down myself. Darnell and Kim are my best friends, and you won’t pull this shit on my watch. Darnell has already pressed charges against you. If you wish to try any of your shit I promise you I will add more charges to it, and you won’t ever get out. Do you understand me?”

“Yes I understand, but why in the hell is Kim in there?” Monica replies asking in a snotty tone. “I asked to talk to Darnell.”

“Kim is in there because she loves Darnell, and she stands beside her man no matter what. Darnell is doing all of this because of what you did to Kim. You don’t fuck with the heart of the woman Darnell loves. There is one thing you need to remember Darnell is a southern born gentleman, and he will do what ever it takes to protect the woman he loves. So you talk to Darnell with Kim present or you don’t talk to him at all. Take your pick.”
“Alright I guess if I don’t really have a choice then I will talk to Darnell with Kim present.” Mike stands casino oyna Monica up placing her back into handcuffs.

“Now what in the fuck are you doing this for?” Monica asks.

“You foolish idiot” Mike replies. “Are you normally this stupid? Did you really think I would allow you the slightest chance to be able to touch Darnell? It’s bad enough you even think about it.”

“Oh shut the fuck up and let’s just go. I may not get to touch him, but I at least get to look at him, and I get to listen to him, and if he’s wearing his cologne then I will get to smell him” Monica chuckles a devious chuckle.

“Sorry Chic he’s not wearing his cologne today. How in the hell is he supposed to wear it when in fact you stole it from him?” Taking Monica by her arm Mike leads her into the room that Darnell and Kim are in.

“Well well well could it possibly be the man who drives me absolutely crazy oh yeah and his little hussy too?” Mike pulls back on Monica’s arm.

“Remember what I told you. Don’t challenge me.” Mike says to Monica. Monica proceeds to sit on the other side of the table. Just glaring at Kim.

“Alright you little tart what in the fuck do you want?” Darnell asks. “You wanted to talk to me. Well I am here now talk god damn it. I have much more important things to do today then waste my time in here with you!”

“Oh you silly boy, it’s you that I want. You are all I have wanted right along. I was hoping you wouldn’t be bringing HER along. I was also hoping maybe this jerk cop wouldn’t be standing here either and I wouldn’t be in handcuffs. I really wanted some time alone with you. I was kind of hoping maybe I could make it up to you for what I did. If you get my meaning.”

“You are a fucken sick bitch!!” Darnell barks out. “Come on Kim let’s go. This little conversation with this piece of delusional trash is over.” Standing with Kim Darnell takes Kim’s hand into his. They turn to walk toward the door.

“Darnell honey, wait a minute please. I have something that I want to say to her then we can go. Please trust me. I need to do this Darnell.”

“Ok baby.” Darnell replies.

“Monica, I just don’t know what to say. For years you were my best friend, and now you go and pull this. I hope you rot in hell. You’ve stated to me clearly that you would have Darnell no matter what. Well I am here to tell you today as I have several times in the past few days, You WILL NOT EVER have Darnell. He is mine through and through and that’s all there is to it.” Turning toward the door, Darnell and Kim start to walk out. Darnell stops for a moment looking back at Mike.

“Mike, take care of this for me will you.”

“You bet I will.” Mike replies. “I will let you know when Monica is going to be arraigned if you and Kim choose to be there.” You go on and take Kim out of here and please try to enjoy the rest of your week up here.”

“Will do.” Darnell replies loud enough so Monica could hear as he wraps his arm around Kim holding her close to him. “For the rest of the week I intend to do nothing but what I brought Kim here for in the first place, and that’s to take care of her. In the mean time Kim and I are heading back home. We have a wonderful cozy hot tub awaiting us, and Kim’s favorite wine coolers in the fridge. I think Kim could really use that right now. You can call either my phone or Kim’s it doesn’t matter. One of them will be on for sure.”

“Hey man I have one more thing before you leave.” Mike hands Darnell back the cologne that had been stolen from him.

“Thanks man, but I am going to get another one just the same. Kim is going to destroy this one for me. It’s been handled by that piece of shit, and I for sure don’t want it now.” Walking out of the precinct Kim looks at Darnell.

“I love you.”

“I love you too baby. Let’s go home.” Darnell opens Kim’s door. Kim gets in. He closes her door. He gets himself in the car and they head home. Upon arriving back home, Darnell once again comes around opening Kim’s door. Helping her out of the car he kisses her softly.

“You come with me my baby girl.”

“Where prey tell are we going baby?”

“You shall see just come with me.” Darnell replies in his soft sexy voice. Taking her hand he leads Kim to the back of the house. Taking the cover off the hot tub looking into the crystal clear water circling his hand in it Darnell just looks at Kim and smiles.

“You and I, right here all afternoon sound good?”

“MMMmmm you bet it does.” Kim replies. Taking Kim’s hand Darnell and Kim walk into the house. Darnell takes Kim into his arms. Slowly he begins to remove Kim’s top.
“What are you doing my silly man?” Kim asks in a devious little voice.

“Well you surely can’t go in the hot tub wearing this.” Darnell replies as he finishes removing slot oyna her top. “And these either for that matter.” Darnell takes a hold of the waistband of her jeans. Kim being the naughty little girl that she’s known to be takes a hold of his hands stopping him for a moment.

“Why? Why not? Why can’t I wear them?” Kim asks in her again naughty little voice.

“Because I don’t want you to that’s why. I don’t want to feel your body through all these clothes especially when they are wet. If I am going to feel that gorgeous body of yours I want it in my hands free of articles that get in my way.” Kim lets up on his hands allowing him to finish what he has started. Darnell kneels down before Kim, kissing and licking every inch down the length of her little legs (Kim stands 5’2 ¾” tall). Darnell removes her jeans repeating the same manner back up the length of her legs. Kim moans softly as she runs her fingers through Darnell’s hair. Kim now stands before him in nothing but her bra and matching thong looking up at Darnell she smiles her naughty little smile.

“Can I go in wearing this?” Kim asks sliding her fingertips down her sides teasing Darnell.

“Oh yeah` baby girl. You can wear that.” Darnell replies. “I can easily remove that from you in the water.” Taking her hand into his they walk out to the hot tub. Darnell placing his hands on her waist helps Kim up the few steps to the tub. As Kim puts one foot into the water Darnell stops her. Nibbling gently on her left ass cheek lightly smacking the other. Kim gets in and settles herself into the water. Leaning her head back onto the edge of the tub she reaches up and grabs Darnell’s shirt. Pulling him down to her she kisses him softly.

“I love you, hurry up and get that ever so sexy body of yours in here with me.”

“I will be right back baby don’t you move.” Darnell replies. Darnell heads back into the house to gather their towels, and their drinks.

“Oh honey, can you bring me out some ice when you come back.”

“AAYAH!! Darnell shrieks as his broad shoulders draw up to his neck instantly. “Yes I can, but don’t you even think about it little one. Don’t let it even enter your mind”

“Oh I wont think about it I promise.”

Darnell heads back into the house gathering Kim’s wine cooler, his beer, and their towels, but forgetting her ice cube he returns back to the freezer. “If I know her she is going to want more than one” he thinks to himself. Gathering a few ice cubes he puts them into a cup. Darnell walks back out to the hot tub looking at Kim as she is obviously enjoying the water. Darnell hands Kim her wine cooler already opened he places his beer in the cup holder on the other side of the tub, and places their towels and her cup of ice on the table. Kim watches Darnell as he slowly begins to undress. Reaching up behind his shoulders he takes a hold of his shirt. Removing it from his body in just the slow sexy way that he knows Kim absolutely loves. Slowly Darnell removes his jeans and his boxers in the same sexy manner, yet teasing Kim just the same way she was teasing him. Darnell gets into the tub with Kim.

“Come over here with me baby girl.” Kim moves over to Darnell opening his legs she slides her body in between them. Her back rests back against his chest. Her head rests on his shoulder. Darnell wraps his arms around her. They just sat quietly together for a few minutes. Kim could feel Darnell’s heart beating, and his cock hardening between them. Darnell begins to moan softly. Darnell’s hands begin to lightly run over Kim’s belly, and up to her breasts. Darnell has Kim sit up for a moment as he unhooks the hooks on the back of her bra. Slowly he removes her bra from her. Taking her breasts into his hands massaging them gently. Lightly Darnell nibbles at Kim’s right ear. Kim slips her hand in between them gently wrapping her fingers around his hard, rigid mass. Darnell gasps.

“Turn around for a minute baby” Darnell says in his soft voice. Kim turns her body so she is now facing him. “I want you baby. I have wanted you since I woke up this morning and saw you sleeping the way you were.” Kim says not a word she just stared into Darnell’s eyes. Slowly Darnell removes her thong. Gently Kim takes Darnell’s mass into her hand sliding it up inside her ever so wet pussy. Little by little Kim begins to grind her hips into Darnell. Darnell’s moans growing louder as Kim’s pussy strokes his cock in the hot erotic way that only it can.

“AAYAH!!!” GODDAMN IT!!! FUCK DON’T STOP BABE DON’T STOP!!! Darnell lets out in a very loud sexy scream. His back arching as his head throws back. Hearing and seeing this turns Kim on even more making her even hornier. She begins to twist Darnell’s nipples as she grinds him even harder. Just then Darnell pulls Kim down onto his monster by her hips. With canlı casino siteleri one last hard thrust up inside her Kim pushes Darnell over the edge as Kim and Darnell cum together at exactly the same time. Darnell and Kim sit together holding onto one another for a good hour. Darnell and Kim get out of the hot tub, drying off they go into the house. Darnell takes Kim to the bedroom. Laying her onto the bed, Darnell and Kim make love for the rest of the afternoon. Later that evening Kim’s phone rings. Darnell answers it.

“Darnell, it’s Mike.”

“Hey man, what’s up?” Darnell asks.

“I just wanted to let you two know Monica is scheduled to be arraigned in the morning. Are you two planning to be there?”

“You bet, I know this is something that Kim really needs, this is another way for her to be able to begin to put this nightmare behind her.”

“Ok dude, you two have a good night, and I will see you tomorrow.” Mike replies. Darnell hangs up the phone and fills Kim in on what’s going on. The next morning Darnell and Kim get up and get ready to leave. Upon arriving at the courthouse Darnell looks at Kim.

“What’s the matter babe? Are you alright?”

“Yeah I am just fine baby.” Kim replies. “I guess you could say I am just a little nervous baby, but don’t you worry I am fine.”

“Kim, are you sure you want to do this?” Darnell asks. “I can take you back home if this really isn’t where you want to be.”

“Yes baby this is definitely something that I want to do. I need to be here baby.” Darnell gets out of the car and opens Kim’s door. Hand in hand they walk into the courthouse.

Everyone who is in attendance in the courtroom today is seated. Monica’s case is the first to be brought before the judge. Monica is lead into the courtroom in handcuffs. Noticing Darnell and Kim, Monica smiles and winks at Darnell. The judge looks at Monica’s lawyer, and he begins to run down the list of charges brought against her.

“How does your client plead?” the Judge asks.

“Not guilty by means of mental defect or disease your Honor.” Her attorney says. Hearing this Kim finally loses it standing up suddenly.


“Kim, Sit down.” Darnell whispers, pulling on her arm. “Baby you are going to get thrown out of here”

“I don’t rightly give a fuck. After what that piece of shit has put us through, oh hell no I don’t want her out.” Kim hollers.

Monica’s lawyer asks for bail. The prosecuting attorney proves beyond a reasonable doubt that if Monica is released she will be a threat to Darnell and Kim again. In hearing this information the Judge revokes any possibility of bail, and Monica is remanded into custody until her trial. The date is set for Monica’s trial to begin, and Kim and Darnell are both called into testify. A few days of testimony goes on, and on the last day Danny makes his presence known. Monica seeing Danny gives him this look of “Help me” Danny looked at her and did nothing but shake his head. What Monica doesn’t know is Danny has been called in to testify against her. After Danny takes the stand the jury is released for deliberation. 3 ½ hours later the jury returns with a verdict. The judge looks over their verdict.

“Madam foreperson, has the jury reached its verdict?”

“We have your honor.”

“How does the jury find?”

“We the jury find the defendant GUILTY on all charges.”

“Please poll the jury your honor.” Requested by Monica’s lawyer. The Judge polls all 12 jurors, and all twelve return the same verdict. It was a unanimous decision. Kim looks at Darnell as she breaks down in tears.

“It’s alright baby.” Darnell whispers. “I told you it’s over. She is going to spend a hell of a long time locked up behind bars.” Wrapping his arms around Kim she cries a little while longer. The following day they are all back in the courtroom for Monica’s sentencing. Monica is sentenced to 15 years in an all women’s prison. As Monica is being taken away again in handcuffs she looks over at Danny.

“Don’t bother calling me. Don’t harass me. Don’t e-mail me. And sure as hell when you ever do get out don’t come looking for me, for I won’t be there. You are a worthless piece of nothing. I gave you everything and this is how you repay me. I hope you rot in Jail.” Danny says to Monica.

“Danny, you weren’t anything to me any way I was really only using you until I could have the one thing I truly did want. And that one thing is Darnell.”

“Give it up bitch. You aren’t ever going to have Him. Darnell loves Kim he always has and he always will, and there is nothing you could ever scheme up that will ever change that. Besides by the time you get out, and the things that will be done to you in the prison; a blind old bum on the street wouldn’t even want.” Monica is then taken away to begin her fifteen-year sentence.

Stay tuned for Hopes for pure heaven turn to pure hell part 4 (Monica’s Jail experience)

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Human Sexuality 101

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You’d think graduate students would be better behaved, right? I mean, we’re adults, we’ve done the college partying thing. We’re there to get our degrees, basically, and that’s about it. At least, that’s the theory. And while, for the most part, my experience doing graduate work was like that, there was one particular incident that veered so far off the path of “appropriate” it probably would have gotten all three of us kicked out if we’d been caught.

We were taking Human Sexuality that semester, almost our last—one more semester and we’d all have a Masters in Psychology. There were three of us who missed one of the “audio-visual” days in the class. I happened to have jury duty. I don’t know what Matt and Laurie’s excuses were, but I had a feeling they were probably together doing something they shouldn’t have been. They were both married—to other people—but we all knew what was going on between them.

Our professor was a typical California crunchy-granola type, very soft-spoken and sweet. I think we all found it a little disconcerting to be talking about vaginas and penises and erectile dysfunction with a woman who could barely speak above a whisper. I remember her always fighting with her long, frizzy brown hair, pushing it behind her ears, pulling it back into ponytails that hung halfway down her back. She fidgeted. She made me nervous, even if the topic really didn’t.

I think that was the reason she insisted on the videos. She was in love with the videos as a teaching tool, or really, replacement was more like it. Matt and Laurie had passed notes through the erectile dysfunction video two weeks before, and I’d worked on the paper I had due for Marriage and Family.

Not that parts of the video weren’t interesting. The last one had been intriguing. But it was shocking to sit in a classroom with fifty other people and watch couples practice techniques to prolong erection on the flat screen up front. They were real couples—real men, with real penises. Rather hard ones. And their partners were real women, learning how to squeeze the base of the penis just before ejaculation. Which meant watching these men get stroked off a lot, getting thisclose to coming. Over and over.

I admit, I was soaking wet after that one. I knew it was supposed to be clinical and a learning experience, but damn… The body responds, sometimes, involuntarily. I crossed and uncrossed my legs a lot during that class. Did a lot of wiggling in my seat. Wondered if anyone else was having the same reaction I was? I mean, how could they not? I know Matt and Laurie left together pretty quickly after class, and I saw his hand slip low on her behind, squeezing, as they went out the door.

The video the three of us had missed was about masturbation. “Normalizing Masturbation” was the title, she told us as she slipped the tape into the VCR. Laurie and Matt exchanged a look. I tried not to watch them and focused on the screen, thinking about the paper I had due in Ethics and wondering if I was going to have time to work on it if the prof left the room.

I didn’t have to wonder long—she told us we could go after the tape was finished, that she’d be in her office in the next building if we needed her. I actually considered leaving. I think Laurie and Matt did too. We exchanged a raised eyebrow sort look when she left, contemplating, and I probably would have gone. I think they would have, too.

But then the tape started.

And it started with a nude woman, lying on her back, hooked up to electrodes as if she were a science experiment. It was clearly a late seventies or early eighties video—she had short, dark feathered hair, and I don’t think she’d ever even thought about any sort of depilatory process between her thighs, as was the current fashion. I was shaved completely smooth down there except for a small curly-red landing strip. I wondered briefly if Laurie was shaved, something that had never occurred to me before. She was stunning, impeccably dressed, always in short skirts showing off her long, smooth, tanned legs

But that we were watching a nude woman on a table hooked up to all sorts of machines wasn’t the shocking part. That casino oyna came next, when the narrator told us she was going to masturbate, and they would be measuring her physical response—hence all the wires. Laurie leaned over to Matt and whispered something to him, her long dark hair hiding her face as she did. He gave a low laugh, his eyes skipping from the screen over to me.

It was a surreptitious look, something I could tell he didn’t want Laurie to see, and that, coupled with the fact that the woman on the screen was now spreading her pussy open for all of us to see, made my pulse increase. It was a good thing I wasn’t hooked up to any wires, I decided. Matt and Laurie were talking, their voices too low for me to hear, his shaved head bent toward hers. I found intentionally bald men incredibly sexy. They really made a handsome couple.

I took out the notes I’d made already for my paper, trying to concentrate, but on the screen the woman was using two fingers to rub her clit. The narrator was explaining that the clitoris was the female equivalent of the male penis, hidden behind a “hood” of flesh similar to the male’s foreskin. The clitoris was extremely sensitive and felt good when touched, the narrator went on.

Well, duh. I crossed my legs, squeezing them together, feeling my own clit throbbing. The woman on screen was breathing faster. Hell, so was I. The words on the paper in front of me blurred as I listened to her masturbate, her fingers moving faster and faster between her legs. I glanced at the screen—my face was almost as flushed as hers. High color dotted her cheeks, and her lip-glossed mouth opened with a soft sigh, a low moan. Christ, this was like watching porn—except in a classroom, where I wasn’t supposed to be turned on by it!

Just a few desks away, Matt and Laurie were responding, too. Laurie slid down in her seat, her skirt riding up, and although her back was to me, I saw Matt leaning in toward her, and I wondered where his hand was. The thought made my heart race and I tried not to look like I was watching, but I was—I was watching hard. Then Laurie’s bare foot—she’d kicked off her heels—found its way to Matt’s crotch, rubbing there. His hips pressed forward to give him better access and I stared at the bulge there.

When Laurie’s head went back against the desk seat, I couldn’t help but see the similarities between her flushed face and the woman on the screen. They were both breathing hard, breasts rising and falling, mouths open in soft “o’s” as they got closer to climax. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing—either on screen or off. Matt and Laurie were paying no attention to me. I glanced at the door, wondering if someone might come in, my pussy aching between my legs. God, I wanted him to touch me like that. I could tell he was touching her—I couldn’t see his hand up under her skirt, but I saw the muscles high on his arm moving, flexing with the motion.

“Almost,” I heard Laurie whisper and my clit throbbed. I couldn’t stop staring. The woman on the screen was nothing compared to the show going on right in front of me. The sight was irresistible, and so was the blissful agony between my legs. I had to touch myself. I had to. I wasn’t wearing a skirt—I rarely wore them at all—but I pressed the seam of my jeans against my clit, moving it back and forth as Laurie pushed her hips forward, back. She was fucking his hand under her skirt, and I wanted to see. God, I wanted to see.

I lifted my eyes to the screen for a moment. The woman there was just as close as Laurie, her thighs shaking, her nipples hard. The narrator told us the obvious—the woman was about to have an orgasm. When I turned my gaze back to the room, my eyes met Matt’s and I froze. He was watching me, his arm and hand still working under Laurie’s skirt. His gaze dropped deliberately between my legs, where my hand pressed against that ache.

“Take them off,” he mouthed. Laurie’s eyes were closed. She couldn’t see me, wasn’t aware of anything but her own pleasure. I flushed, shaking my head, moving my hand away. There was no way I could do anything so…

“Do it.” His eyes were dark, demanding, again the words just mouthed, slot oyna no sound. But his insistence was clear enough. His other hand moved between his legs, unzipping his own jeans. I gaped, wide-eyed, as his cock appeared above his zipper, standing straight up and hard. I had to swallow the sudden burst of saliva in my mouth. He made me very hungry.

“You.” He mouthed it again, pointing in my direction, and I found myself standing in a daze, unbuttoning my jeans, sliding them down my hips. I had to toe off my shoes to get them off and Matt nodded encouragement as Laurie moaned softly, shuddering in her seat. I stood there in my blouse and panties—just plain white cotton—feeling shy and afraid of getting caught, but unable to help myself.

Then he crooked a finger at me, and I went. On the screen, there was yet another woman hooked up to more wires. The last one had climaxed already. The narrator explained that this time, they would show a woman who could have multiple orgasms. Christ, I would kill for just one, I thought, as I approached my classmates. Laurie’s eyes were open now, and she looked around, seeing me standing beside the desk in my panties, arms crossed as if I were cold, or ashamed. Maybe a little of both.

“Fran!” she gasped my name, eyes widening, taking in my state of undress. I opened my mouth to explain, but no words came out.

“She looked lonely over there,” Matt explained with a grin.

Laurie sat up in her seat, and my body responded when Matt took a glistening hand out from under her skirt and licked his fingers. She looked me up and down and then smiled.

“I bet you’ve got a gorgeous pussy.” She tugged on the elastic of my panties, pulling me toward her and peeking in all at once. “I always wondered…oh god, she is a redhead all over. And shaved. Oh… Matt… look.”

“I’m looking.” His hand stayed wrapped around his cock. “Pull them off.”

Laurie did as she was told, and I let her, gasping when her fingers parted my already swollen pussy lips, probing inside. She pressed me back against the desk behind her, making me sit. I glanced over my shoulder at the door, still afraid someone might come in, but that thought quickly left my head when she used her hands to spread my thighs, leaning in and kissing my clit.

“Oh my god,” I whispered, leaning back on the desk, using my hands to prop myself up. Matt was standing now, coming toward us. He undid my blouse, my bra, groaning at the sight of my cherry-tipped nipples, already hard when he sucked them into his mouth. His hand moved slowly up and down the length of his cock, and I wanted to touch it, but didn’t know if I should. I was in the middle of this, Laurie’s tongue making heavenly circles around my clit, matching Matt’s motion over my nipple, and I was still holding back, unsure.

I didn’t get a chance, though. He moved behind Laurie, lifting her skirt. She was standing, leaning over to lick me, and she arched her back when he entered her, moaning against my pussy, making me writhe. Her face was wet with my juices, her tongue working fast, lightning fast against my clit.

“Oh Laurie, I’m…” I was going to tell her. The sight of Matt fucking her from behind, his hungry eyes on me, the velvet feel of her tongue, and the sound of the woman moaning as she masturbated on the flat screen in the front of the classroom were all too much. I was coming—but I couldn’t speak. My breath was gone, my voice, and I made no sound at all as I lifted my hips to her eager mouth, my whole body quivering with my climax.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful,” Matt murmured, pumping his cock into Laurie even faster.

The narrator’s voice said, “There are some women who can have more than one orgasm during the same session. Watch as our subject continues to touch herself after the first climax experience. Her arousal state is still heightened…”

I whimpered when Laurie’s mouth moved to kiss my thigh. “More?” Even to my own ears, my words sounded like a plea.

“Sounds like someone else can have multiple orgasms,” Matt said with a grin.

I nodded, eager, my fingers moving to my clit, rubbing.

“Ahhh damn… Laurie, canlı casino siteleri I want to fuck her, too.”

“So do it.” Laurie stood, moving out of the way, her eyes bright. “Fuck that sweet little shaved puss.”

I looked between them as he moved forward, his cock slick with Laurie’s come. I grabbed it before he reached his goal, sliding my hand up and down the length, feeling it pulse. God I loved the feel of a cock in my hand. Matt bit his lip as I aimed him, wiggling into position, and he grabbed my hips before plunging in deep.

“Oh yeahhhh.” He stayed there a moment, savoring, and so was I, loving how much he filled my aching hole. Laurie’s hand moved over my breasts, my belly, as Matt began to move inside me. Her other hand was under her skirt, and I realized I still hadn’t seen her, and had a sudden longing to taste her. I hadn’t been with a woman since college—undergrad, anyway—but I was so turned on I could barely stand it.

“Come here,” I murmured, reaching for Laurie and laying back completely on the desk, long ways. There was just enough room for my torso, my head hanging off the back, Matt working his cock between my thighs at the other end. Laurie lifted her skirt for me—no panties, and her pussy was shaved, too, leaving a dark triangle above—and I grabbed her hips, pulling her to me and fastening onto her with a desperate hunger.

“Lift your skirt higher,” Matt ordered, pumping his cock faster into my pussy. “Oh fuck, that’s gorgeous. Lick her, Frannie. That’s so good. God you’re so tight and wet, I can’t…”

Laurie was up on her tiptoes, working her hips in circles, pressing her cunt against my mouth, and my whole face was soon covered with her juices. Her clit was hard under my tongue and I focused there, my hand sneaking down to rub my own clit as Matt pounding into me, his hands gripping my hips hard.

“Oh god, oh god,” Laurie moaned, and I felt hands on my breasts—they were soft and small, hers—pinching my nipples, making me suck her clit harder. “Fran, I’m gonna come all over your face!”

I made a low noise in my throat, wrapping my arms around her hips, diving in deep and moaning when I felt Matt’s fingers take over on my clit where mine had left off. Laurie’s whole body tensed as she came, little shivers moving through her again and again, and her juices were so copious now they pooled at the hollow of my throat.

“Ahhhhh god!” Matt was going to come, and I was almost there. Laurie, still gasping, moved toward him, her hands on my thighs, pulling my legs back. I moved up to my elbows, still swallowing the taste of Laurie’s pussy, and the sight of Matt’s cock sliding into my smooth, wet slit sent a quick rush of pleasure through me.

Then I couldn’t see anything, because Laurie’s mouth was on my clit, her tongue lashing over and over. I groaned at the loss when Matt slid out of me, but a moment later he flooded my clit with his come, hot pulsing waves of it spurting against my flesh, and the sensation took me over the edge. I arched and shuddered on the desk as Laurie kept working between my legs, licking up the flooding river of Matt’s cum from my throbbing clit as fast as he could shoot it.

On the screen, the narrator continued, “Masturbation is a natural part of human sexuality, and nothing to be ashamed of…”

Maybe so, but I flushed with embarrassment now in the aftermath. I found my panties under the desk, pulled my jeans on as quickly as I could, while Matt and Laurie zipped and straightened. I kept glancing at the door, but it never opened.

When I was fully dressed again, I shouldered my backpack, still tasting Laurie in my mouth, and turned to face them.

“Wanna go out to lunch?” Laurie suggested, holding her hand out to me.

I hesitated for a moment, glancing at the credits on the screen. “I guess… it’s over.”

“The video? Feh!” Matt grinned as we fell into a formation as we walked, me between the two of them. “Too bad someone wasn’t taping us.”

“Thank god they weren’t!” I gasped.

“Oh come on, Frannie. You know it was good.” Laurie laughed at my shocked expression. “Now that’s what I call Human Sexuality 101!”



If you enjoyed this story, please check out my other work, here on Lit and elsewhere. If you want to know more about me, check out my profile. And thanks for reading!


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Hospital Hospitality

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I was in the midst of my freshman year in college and was taking my prerequisite courses to enter the nursing program. My grades were phenomenal but I needed something extra to help my resume. I might have only been 19 years old at that time, but I was a “giving person” who volunteered while in high school at different places to help the needy but had not had time to do that while at my university.

To fulfil my resume and heart string need, I went to the local hospital near Anaheim to see if I could get some volunteer hours. Sure enough, I met with a Dr. Howard who gave me four hours on Tuesdays after my classes and an additional five hours every Saturday. It was a perfect set up which also fit my schedule.

The first day, I was lost and entered the hospital not really knowing what to expect. I was more or less a gopher and helping out. It was quite exhausting but fulfilling until the serious injuries began to arrive. It was much different around the ER as opposed to the hospital rooms but I needed to gain experience at both.

As time marched forward, I began to get more comfortable with all of the surroundings. I had been there about a month when a seriously injured man had come in. He was a welder who was working at the port of Long Beach when he had fallen and gotten his leg crushed by a steel beam. He was bloody and they rushed him straight to surgery.

I left for the day and when I returned that Saturday, I walked into his room to see if he needed anything and he was intubated, with some family and his girlfriend sitting around his bedside talking. I offered my help and they were appreciative. I checked his chart and his name was Zach. He had a skull fracture in his forehead, a broken jaw, broken ribs and his crushed leg had been amputated below the knee. He quite simply was a wreck.

He was coma induced for several days and in the midst of that one morning, my supervising nurse had given me instructions to give sponge baths to three patients that could not for themselves. The first was older lady who had hip replacement and the second person was of all people, Zach.

Even though he was extremely banged up with bandages all over him, I could tell he was about 30 years old, 6’1, 220 pounds with brown hair and a matching goatee even though most of his upper head was covered with those bandages. With my warm sudsy water, gently washed his body under his gown the best I could. When it was time to do his lower half, I moved the blanket down and was shocked to see it. There was a catheter hose coming out of it but his penis was absolutely huge. Even in its flaccid state, it was a wonder combining the length with the girth.

I was a little taken back and maybe even a little embarrassed but I gulped and proceeded to clean it like the professional I was trying to be. After finishing his bath, I rolled my bath bucket into the hallway where there were three nurses on duty standing behind the desk, snickering.

I wasn’t sure the reason until the pretty black nurse in her thirties with a long hair weave said, “Honey, you have just witnessed it haven’t you? That thing has its own zip code.”

I began to laugh as I then knew the reason for their snickering. I shook my head and Denise continued, “I have seen a couple of brothers with things close to that but I have never seen a white boy with one that big.” Over the next week when I worked, after I had given Zach’s thing its bath, the girls would always playfully tease me.

Finally, his body had healed enough and the respirator along with several tubes were removed. However, he was taken into surgery to wire shut his broken jaw. Within the hour afterwards, he began to wake up. His family was gathered around and it was a celebratory occasion. He couldn’t speak but he was gingerly hugging everyone and he spent the day writing on a small white board to communicate with his family.

The catheter had been removed so he could move around with crutches to get his blood flowing and use the restroom on his own. He was recovering on schedule but was to remain in the hospital for a several more weeks. That next Saturday I was working, changing sheets, and doing the things nurses hate to do when I arrived in Zach’s room.

He was sound asleep but a tent was literally formed in the blanket covering his waist. He had an erection pushing the white blanket up very high so I tried to ignore it and work around him but my curiosity was getting the best of me. I knew that he had an impressive penis while soft but now it was stiff in all its glory and I needed to see it. I took the edge of the sheet and pulled it up to where I could get a glimpse and gulped. It had to have been at least ten inches long and as thick as a beer bottle.

I couldn’t take my mind off of it. I knew that he had been banged up for a few weeks and had not had any sexual relief. I don’t know what got into me but I became aroused and put myself into sneaky mode. After quietly checking the entrance for people, I slowly closed the door careful to not make any noise. Taking the hand lotion from the shelf, I boldly folded casino oyna the blanket up over his hard cock and laid it across his stomach.

I squirted some lotion on my hand and rubbed my hands briskly together to warm it up. Tentatively, I reached out and took hold of his thick manhood. I could only manage my fingers halfway around the fleshy girth. As I began to stroke up and down, using the thick lubricant as my guide, I was getting myself turned on.

On about the tenth stroke, Zach’s eyes popped open. I smiled but never stopped jerking his meat when I softly asked, “Does it feel good?”

He couldn’t speak but did calmly nod his head in approval. Once I got that affirmation, I became more aggressive on his big dick, even adding my second hand to provide the perfect surface friction. There was so much lotion, the slurping and sloshing sounded like a dog lapping water in a bowl.

Zach rested his head back on the pillow while I jerked him. I loved the feeling of that thick flesh between my palms. I paused to move the blanket completely away, exposing his bare upper torso. His abdominal muscles began to tense and just as he arched his back, his pee hole slit opened and a thick rope of cum jolted out in the midst of his sustained grunt. It landed on his neck and chest. Several more streams splatted in a trail near one another. I could feel the individual pulse of each spurt as it flew from the large head. I never stopped jacking it off until the cum was just drizzling down the tip.

Zach’s eyes closed in relief as let out a huge sigh. I giggled, “You needed that didn’t you?”

He mumbled, “Umm…hmmm.”

There was then a large problem. Thick white cum covered his chest and stomach and I didn’t want anyone to enter the room to discover that I hadn’t been completely “professional,” in my actions. Taking a washcloth, I wetted it and began cleaning up the mess. The thick cum was stuck in his chest hair and it took me several minutes to complete the task. Just as I had gotten the last of the semen eradicated, there was a tap on the door and his girlfriend entered. I had dodged a bullet and smiled at him as I left. He gave me a little wink.

During my break, I had noticed that I was still very wet from what I had done. It was taboo and the fact his cock was so big and unloaded such a huge amount of sperm was such an erotic experience. I was going to use that experience to my advantage. There was a small private room with a soft chair for people to grieve on the third floor and I immediately made my way to it.

Once inside, the door had no locking mechanism and I feared that I would be discovered, so after I shimmed my scrubs down to my ankles, I leaned against the door to keep it closed, So from my squatting position, I spread my legs as far as my stretched panties would allow. Using my middle finger, I was furiously rubbing my clit while periodically sliding it into my pussy to gather lube. I would taste my wetness and also use the goo to slide my finger with great speed on my nub. When I began to orgasm, I had to bite my lip and slide down the door until my ass had collided with the floor. It felt amazing and after licking my finger clean, I went back to work.

The rest of the weekend, I could not stop myself from masturbating every day to the vision of Zach’s large dong exploding all over. On Tuesday, since I had learned the patterns of his visitors and made sure I was around when they weren’t. I slipped inside the door and Zach was sitting in his bed watching TV with no way of talking. I could see the excited acceptance in his eyes as he recalled who I was and what I had done the previous visit.

I smiled, “How are you feeling today?” He nodded his head to assure me he was doing OK.

My smile widened as I asked softly, “Did you like that last time?” Once again he nodded and I seductive asked, “Do you want me to do it again?”

His eyes twinkled and he nodded his head more profoundly. I started out clinical like I was his nurse as I shut the door, scooped up the bottle of lotion, neatly flipped his blanket back and hiked up his hospital gown. That big dick was sprawled down his thigh like a snake sleeping in the warm sun. Three big squirts of lotion in my palm and I took hold of the beast and began pumping it to life.

He moaned and laid back into the bed. At first my hand was moving slowly just to build him up and spread the lotion evenly. Soon I found myself quickening the pace and the slurping sound of my fist action was growing louder once again. When I added my second hand, he let out a large grunt, “Unnnnnggggggggggggggg!” Those familiar ropes of semen were spraying all over. I tried to control the target by pointing the thick meat toward his chest but it was too late.

I was in awe. Zach had cum even more than the last time making an even larger mess. It was going to be quite a chore to not only clean up the sticky globs off the floor, but the huge mess on him and the thick paste the combination of lotion and semen had created. It took me ten minutes, two towels and a warm washcloth to finally complete the slot oyna task. I was worried someone would catch me so the cleanup was very stressful while I think Zach was amused watching me hurry. I left prior to anyone entering and let out a deep sigh of relief as I exited.

During my next shift, I entered his room with the intention to jack him off and get out like my two previous encounters. I decided, the cleanup might be quicker if I didn’t use lotion, so instead I used my own saliva. The problem was with the size of his hard cock, I had to spit several times just to keep it moist. Zach was enjoying himself but even with me using two hands, it was taking him a little longer than usual. I was excited to feel the protruding veins more easily but became worried, I would not have enough time for the clean up after he finished.

So I’m jerking and spitting and jerking and spitting and finally I feel him getting closer. His eyes rolled back so at the last minute, I decided to have him cum in my mouth to prevent a mess. His body began to tense so I wrapped my warm lips around the spongy apple shaped head and stroked faster. He let out an extended growl and thrust his hips upward as he blasted his thick cum into the roof of my mouth and into the back of my throat. It was so warm and it seemed like it would never stop. Several spurts later, I had a mouthful and Zach’s body began to relax.

Squeezing the last few drops out the shaft, I carefully tilted my head so not to lose any sperm out of my mouth. Once my lips had broken free, I took a large swallow and the mouth full of yogurt like jizz had disappeared into my stomach. It was salty but also had a sweeter taste due to the amount of natural fruit juice he had consumed while at the hospital. Satisfied, I had performed my naughty deed, I turned to leave the room and stopped in my tracks.

There stood Denise with a smile while waving her finger, “Uh Oh! You’re busted girl. I caught you drinkin from that hose.”

I really couldn’t say much because there was no excuse or reason that could explain my actions with the exception of pure horniness. I shrugged my shoulders and responded, “I just couldn’t resist.”

Zach and I thought I was in big trouble but to my surprise, Denise laughed, “Please come to the hallway with me.”

I asked desperately, “Are you going to tell on me?”

“Oh no honey. That is not my style. What I wanted to know is just how good is that big rod?”

“You would not believe how much cum it shoots. And that is every time.”

“Every time? You did it more than once?”

“Oh yeah…a few times.”

“Have you fucked it?”

“No. I haven’t done that. That would be too risky.”

“Girlfriend, I say we fuck that thing. That dick is just too scrumptious to not try it.”

So the rest of our shift, we discussed a plan to be able to ride Zach’s tremendous manhood on my next work day. We would be each other’s look out while the other stood up on the bed and fucked it. We both laughed when we asked if he would mind because we already knew the answer.

Denise flipped her hair, “Honey, once you go black, you never go back works the other way too. He will love this black pussy.”

We texted each other on the day I was supposed to work. The plan was in place and once I made my rounds at the hospital, we hashed out the perfect time. We both entered Zach’s room to find him dozing off. She lifted his sheet and then is gown so we could see the sleeping monster.

She whispered, “Damn he was blessed. Let’s take turns sucking it and get it ready for action.”

I stood on one side of the bed and Denise stood on the other. We both leaned over on our forearms and elbows and took the flaccid cock in our hands. She was the first to put it in her mouth while we stroked it together. Even with her large lips, Zach’s cock completely filled her mouth. Her saliva was running down both sides and I would grab it from her and add my own. We alternated sucking that massive meat like we were sharing a Popsicle.

Looking in Zach’s eyes, we knew he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Finally, when it was my turn to suck it, Denise stood up. She had an amazing figure with a larger booty and huge boobs but a tiny waist. The five foot ebony hottie removed her shoes, scrubs bottoms and her panties.

While disrobing she snapped, “Fuck this. I want this big white dick inside me. Britt go watch the door while I ride this fucker.”

I let go of Zach’s wet glistening dong and it snapped down on his stomach stretching well past his belly button. I stood at the door peeking into the hallway while Denise climbed up onto the bed with Zach. She was straddling his lap and facing him. She squatted and as she arrived to his hips, she took hold of his big cock and held it in place so she could guide it into her meaty pussy. The head was pressed inside her folds and when she began to sit further, it stretched its way into her pink slit. I found it erotic to see her black lips gripping the white cock. That contrast in color made my own pussy twitch.

As inch after inch begin canlı casino siteleri to disappear, Denise squealed, “Holy shit. This thing is huge. Britt, you have to feel it. Damn girlfriend, I’m am completely filled up and it ain’t even all the way in yet.”

After Denise had finally sat down and that ten inch snake was hidden, she rested while taking three deep breaths in order to give herself time to acclimate to its size. Keeping her feet dug into the mattress and her head in place, Denise moved her ass up and down allowing her tight pussy to milk the cock she was riding. She was looking down and watching it while she bounced. With her jaw half clenched she moved her lower body faster as if trying to draw the orgasm from her body.

She looked up at me and shrieked, “Oh damn Britt! Oh damn! I’m going to cum on this big mother fucker! Oh damn! You need to feel it…it is amazing! It is stretching my shit out!”

I was getting turned on just by watching her. Not only would she slam herself completely down on all ten inches which was impressive enough for her small five foot frame, she would also thrust inward to make sure the head gave her vagina a complete cervix kiss.

I continued to watch out the door and when she let out an orgasm squeal, I shut it to prevent the noise from traveling down the hallway. “Ooooooooo…yeaaaaaah! I’m cuuuummmmin! Oooooooooo! Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

She plopped herself down on Zach’s dong and shook like a lady possessed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she was babbling. Finally, when Denise had regained her composure, she climbed up and off of that dick. It was covered in her goopy slime. Her legs were weak and she was almost disoriented looking for her pants. While searching, she kept mumbling incoherently, “Oh my god! That wa fafsllesslff aeefeee siffoeldd.”

Once she regained focus and while putting her pants back on, she directed me, “Girl, you need to take that thing for a ride! Go on and get some of that dick…I will stand guard.”

Denise came to where I was standing and stood with her head half in the room and half peering out the door. Zach had no problem with us girls taking advantage of him and I wondered what he would have said, had he been able to speak. I removed my scrub pants and black silk panties and hung them over the side rail on the bed. Before I climbed up, I lifted his hard cock and admired all of Denise’s lady cum slathered on it like lotion. It was just too tempting for me so I leaned down and began to suck and lick it off. It was extremely tangy and slightly musky but tasted great.

When I had cleaned Zach’s dong thoroughly, it was time to mount up. I carefully climbed onto the bed and stood the same way Denise had earlier. I squatted and placed the bulbous head at my opening and even though my pussy was dripping wet, it wouldn’t slide in as easily as it had done with her. It was so big and I was not used to it so I had to take my time.

I sank my weight until the tip forced its way inside my pussy. I gasped! The sheer size stretched my inner walls to the max and I had to carefully descend to prevent injury. Once I had most of the shaft lodged inside me, I began to ride it slowly allowing the thickness to apply the perfect friction.

I also watched it momentarily as I bounced up and down on it before looking up at Denise and panting, “Oh my God…you are right! This feels amazing! I cannot get over how big it is! My boyfriend isn’t half this size. Oh! Oh! Yeah! I can get used to this!”

From across the room, Denise laughed, “See girl…I told you. Ride it like you mean it! Don’t be shy!”

I took her advice and bounced on it slightly harder. What I liked most was that it was so big, I could bounce extremely high and it wouldn’t slip out. My pace picked up and soon I was going so hard, the poor bed was starting to drag back and forth on the cold hard floor.

Denise was encouraging me, “There you go! Just like that! Now make yourself cum all over it! Do it!”

My tits were bouncing inside my shirt and my hair was flopping up and down but I could not stop. I was approaching an orgasm even though the intercourse was slightly painful. My outer lips were hugging his shaft and almost turning inside out. I was building and building and about to release when suddenly, Zach growled and started shooting his cum up inside me.

His entire body locked up and the warm semen was so plentiful that it oozed down both sides of his shaft even though it was such a snug fit inside my pussy. His sperm was supplying that extra lubrication needed for me to get off. I was bouncing so hard, the bed was about to collapse when my climax hit. I let out a loud wail, “Ohhhhhhhhh! Aughhhhhhhhh…I’m cummmmmming! Ohhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The pleasure was so powerful that I became dizzy and almost lost my balance. When I finished cumming, I stood back up and held my hand over my pussy so not to make a huge mess with Zach’s load dripping out of me. I carried my pants with my opposite hand. I immediately entered the bathroom so I could wipe the slime from my gooey hole. With the quantity, I nearly used a half a roll of toilet paper. When I left the bathroom, Denise had gotten everything back in order and we both kissed Zach on the cheek and thanked him. His eyes thanked us in return.

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Home Games

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Author’s Note: I’ve called the seniors’ retirement community in this story simply The Home, a name that I didn’t want to use because of its connotations of involuntary confinement of the mentally unfortunate. But I was afraid that if I called it by any appropriate name that might occur to me – The Oaks, Sunshine Acres, Leisure Lodge, etc. – I’d run the risk of picking a name really in use by some reputable institution, and by so doing offend some very fine people. People with good lawyers. So, The Home it is. And I like the story title that came from it.


It hadn’t been easy, but Liza had managed to get Will, her aging father, to move from his in-town apartment to the pleasantly rural seniors’ community where he now lived. Will had resisted the move for months. At age 76, Will’s health was still very good, and his mind reasonably clear and sharp, but Liza was becoming concerned about him nonetheless. He was having moments of absentmindedness, and was now prone to the kind of minor mishaps that result in superficial cuts, bruises, and burns.

It had been a stressful move, with Will figuratively dragging his heels every step of the way and protesting loudly that he wasn’t ready to be treated like an old man.

“I’ll show ’em, Liza!” he told his daughter on the day he moved into The Home. “I’ll show ’em I’m not the useless old fart they think I am.”

“You do that, Daddy,” she’d answered with a smile. “You show ’em!”

Now, four months later, her father was doing just that, and Liza had new reasons to be concerned about him. She was now getting regular calls from The Home with complaints about Will’s misbehavior. Apparently her father’s way of proving he was still young at heart was to make sexual advances on any females at The Home who couldn’t move faster than he could. The targets of his very public mischief included both other residents and members of The Home’s staff. Nurses and cleaning staff women under the age of 40 were at special risk.

Will usually approached his victims from the rear, and his attacks usually consisted of nothing more than a slap and squeeze of a rump cheek or a momentary grab of a handful of a breast from the side. But he was also known to occasionally spend a night in the room of one of the more accommodating female residents. Thanks to the miracle of modern drugs which enabled Will to achieve a reasonably firm and lasting erection, he was an ongoing threat (or godsend) to anyone with a still-functioning pussy.

He quickly picked up the nickname of Dom William, the DOM part being simply the short form of Dirty Old Man. To the staff, he was now simply The Dom. It was not a term of respect or affection.

The Home’s staff just didn’t know what to do about Liza’s father. Their problem was complicated by the fact that some of the female residents loved the unexpected and long-absent attention they were getting from the horny newcomer. Those ladies made it clear that they didn’t want the staff interfering with Will’s rampages. For every woman who complained that Will had groped her ass at the Sunday brunch buffet, there were others who made a point of putting their generous bottoms within his reach at every opportunity. And in these economically difficult times, The Home didn’t want to throw out any resident whose bills got paid on time.

The male residents of The Home, who were far outnumbered by the women, reacted to Will’s behavior with either priggish disdain (“The man has no manners at all!”), or mild amusement (“I get a kick out of watching him fool around that way.”), or undisguised envy (“How can I get some of what he’s getting?”). The female residents took sides on the matter too, depending on their own views of Will’s behavior, and even those who didn’t like what Will was doing took a sort of guilty pleasure in watching The Dom at work. He certainly knew a thing or two about low-level sexual assault techniques.

Rumors began flying wildly around The Home about Will’s capabilities in the bedroom. His ability to give a soul-shattering orgasm to a woman who hadn’t had one in decades (or ever!) was one of them. The prodigious size of his erection was another. Of course none of those who were passing such rumors around were among those who had actually been in a position to assess their accuracy. The ladies who had fallen under Will’s seductive spell, the ones who had reputedly shared their beds with him, weren’t talking. And they weren’t complaining.

The Administrator of The Home, John Offenbach (Jack to everyone, and JackOff to some behind his back), knew that some action was required on his part in this matter, and soon. Who knows what the Board of Directors might do to him if word got to them about this mess? If the damned government inspectors looked into it, Jack might be job hunting the very next day. The Media would have a field day over it, and the Public Relations issues he’d be forced to deal with would be nightmarish. And lawsuits lodged by the families of Will’s ‘victims’ weren’t out of the question either.

Jack looked into his computer files on the residents’ families, and casino oyna located the information on Will’s family. Liza was listed as The Home’s contact person in situations like this. The file said that she was 45 and unmarried. He wondered if perhaps she was still a virgin. To Jack, virgins were a personal challenge. He believed that it was his mission in life to correct any such aberrations of nature, and virgins past the age of about 21 were a dangerous threat to his world order. He believed that there was something psychologically unwholesome, physically unhealthy, and just plain weird about a girl who kept her legs closed tightly together past her teens. Fortunately for them, he was there to ease their pain (although in the short term some pain might have to be endured). He did them the ultimate favor by easing their legs apart and fucking some Common Sense into them.

He’d often fantasized about having a government job that required him to travel about the country, solving that very problem for girls on their 21st birthday. Their mothers and older sisters would be oh so grateful to him for his dedication, and that would usually mean tending to their carnal needs as well before he moved on to his next assignment.

To say that Jack was a womanizer would be to seriously understate the case. The man lived to screw pussy, and his life was a continuing search for the next one lucky enough to receive the blessings of his eveready manhood. He was 51 now and, sexually speaking, was enjoying a very well-serviced bachelorhood.

His job, and the convenience of living in the Administrator’s Residence on The Home’s grounds, allowed him to keep his cock in fighting trim, with very little effort required on his part to find suitable docking stations for it. The younger staff members couldn’t (or felt that they shouldn’t) resist the aura of power and prestige that Jack exuded, and there were always the young and appreciative female members of the residents’ families. He was Cock of The Home, the resident rooster, and Will was a definitely unwelcome second rooster who had to be stopped.

Jack’s authoritarian management style did not sit well with the residents and staff of The Home. Most of the residents didn’t like him, and most of the staff people feared him. He demanded prim and proper behavior from the residents, while practicing a hedonistic and profligate lifestyle himself. Jack firmly believed that sex was not for the elderly, and fortunately he wasn’t elderly yet.

He gave Liza a call. She agreed to meet with him at his office on an afternoon in the coming week. He’d met her only once, several months ago and only briefly at that time, on the day she’d signed the contracts for her father’s admissiion to The Home. He really couldn’t remember much of anything about her, which meant that she hadn’t shown the usual eagerness to spreadeagle herself on his big office desk. Maybe she’d been on her period that day, he thought. Maybe she was a lesbian. Ugh.

* * * * *

Something happened to Liza at her meeting with Jack that caught her totally by surprise. It started to happen the moment that Jack’s secretary Rose ushered Liza into her boss’ private office. Liza felt almost immediate and powerful sexual attraction for the handsome man she now remembered having met months before.

Her erogenous rush couldn’t be satisfactorily explained by the fact that sex was going to be on the agenda of their discussion. Liza’s sudden and intense sexual desire for Jack was more likely due to the combination of his imposing physique, his intoxicating male fragrance, and the natural take-charge attitude he displayed as he invited Liza and Rose to sit in the comfortable armchairs in front of his desk. His very big desk. The man’s desk was goddam huge, thought Liza with a naughty thrill, facing her handsome host across an impressive expanse of highly polished mahogany which felt surprisingly warm to her touch.

Jack was pleased at how Liza was dressed today. She’d chosen to wear a nearly transparent silk blouse, and a skirt which clung snugly to her curves and gave teasing hints of what delights might lie hidden at the tops of her retro seamed stockings. He intended to do some treasure hunting up there later.

Rose, who at age 54 had been an employee of The Home for a lot longer than her boss had, knew enough to move her chair a few feet away so that she sat unobtrusively off to one side. She was not going to engage in the conversation. Rose had been asked by Jack to take notes of the meeting, a security precaution he thought prudent considering the delicate legal issues at stake in this matter. Unbeknownst to Rose, he’d also secretly activated a small voice recorder in one of his desk drawers, one more way of protecting himself and The Home against the possibility of facing false charges later on. Jack was mildly paranoid in matters of security, particularly of his own.

Jack looked hungrily at Liza’s nicely proportioned breasts, lovingly cradled in lacy bra cups that poked proudly at her blouse. He could almost taste her nipples already. He wished that Rose wasn’t there, but it slot oyna was a bit late now to tell her that his hidden recorder had made her presence unnecessary. His attention was entirely on the lovely and very sexy woman across the desk from himself. She’d be a very good fuck, he was sure.

Liza almost immediately forgot entirely that Rose was there. Her attention was riveted on Jack’s deep blue eyes, mesmerizing mouth, and amazing arms and shoulders. She decided that Jack must do some serious working out, perhaps at The Home’s gymnasium.

Jack casually uncrossed his legs, to bring some relief to the uncomfortable position his stiffening penis was in. Liza failed to notice this, but Rose saw it and knew exactly what it meant. Rose had been present at such sexually-charged situations many times since Jack had first occupied this office. The body language being spoken by her boss and his guest reminded her that she was, as always, just a bystander witnessing a mating dance that was well underway and rapidly increasing in tempo. She knew Jack well. She’d seen this dance many times before, and it pissed her off that Jack had never asked her to dance. Rumor had it that it was Rose who had coined the ‘JackOff’ nickname.

Jack and Liza managed to carry on a conversation about the problems her father was causing, and about possible solutions to them. Jack smoothly managed to comment on those issues in ways that could easily be misconstrued as applying to the urges that he and Liza were now experiencing. Rose was impressed with her boss’ seduction skills, as she always was, and she hated knowing that Jack was barely aware of her presence in the room, as he always was. Rose dutifully took notes of it all, or at least those parts of it which were spoken aloud. It was clear to her that the meeting was going to end at whatever point Jack could no longer resist his need to find a private enough place to fuck Liza into submission.

Liza hastened her fate greatly by agreeing quickly to let The Home’s staff take whatever action they deemed necessary in the circumstances, even if that meant bending some rules in order to be able to enforce some others. She certainly didn’t want The Home to ask her father to leave, but she recognized the necessity of having the welfare of all of the residents looked after properly. The meeting seemed to be coming to a satisfactory conclusion, and not a moment too soon for Jack.

Rose was the only one in the room who understood fully what this agreement meant in practical terms. It meant that The Home was going to have to find acceptable outlets for Will’s untamed lusts. The staff would effectively be pimping for one of its residents, and would have to be careful to never give the appearance of doing so. Rose wondered if her own name might be suggested at some point as one of Will’s potential bedmates. She’d heard the rumors about The Dom, and she wouldn’t mind finding out for herself how true they were. Maybe she shouldn’t wait to be asked, she thought. Maybe she could volunteer.

The meeting came to an end. Jack invited Liza to stay long enough to join him for coffee in the Dining Room, and told Rose that he wouldn’t need her for anything else this afternoon. Rose understood perfectly, and privately guessed that Jack and Liza wouldn’t actually make it to the Dining Room without getting sidetracked to one of Jack’s fucksites. Rose shook Liza’s hand, gave Jack an understanding nod, and went home for the day.

Rose was right. Jack didn’t even bother to go directly toward the Dining Room. He guided Liza through an unmarked side door and down an empty corridor which turned a corner before ending in a space big enough to turn a hospital bed in. Sitting incongruously in that clearing was a sofa which which had been removed long ago from the Staff Lounge, but which looked surprisingly dustfree and appeared to have been put regularly to its intended use. They had all the privacy they needed, and the promise of reasonable comfort as well.

Jack took Liza in his arms, disregarding the gasp of surprise that came from Liza’s pretty mouth, and kissed her hungrily. She showed no resistance, and Jack hadn’t anticipated any. Their tongues lashed wildly together. Jack’s strong hands on her buttocks pulled her lower body forcefully against the bulge his fully erect cock made in his slacks, moulding her body to his.

Foreplay was quite unnecessary. Much of the meeting seemed to have served that function, and Jack never saw much point in it anyway. He undressed Liza and himself with the swift and methodical expertise that comes from experience, eased her down on her back on the sofa, mounted her, and proceeded to fuck her with just the right amount of power and dominance that he wanted her to feel. She wasn’t a virgin, and he didn’t know whether that fact should please him or disappoint him.

He put a hand gently over her mouth when she came, guessing correctly that she would be noisy at that moment. He rolled onto his back just as his own orgasm arrived, taking her with him so that she lay upon him as his upthrusting cock jerked and twitched within the snug sheath canlı casino siteleri of her pussy. He let her rest on him as their pounding heartbeats and gasping breaths returned slowly to their more relaxed rhythms, a considerate gesture on his part that he silently congratulated himself for thinking of. Jack mentally carved another notch in the bedpost of his imaginary conquest bed.

Liza wondered for just a moment if she might have inherited a penchant for bizarre sexual behavior from her randy father. If so, she now owed Will a special thank-you. She hadn’t been so well fucked in some time.

* * * * *

Will was summoned to Jack’s office the next morning to have the new groundrules explained to him. Will was handed a list of four names, names provided to Jack by his staff people. Three were the names of female residents known to have welcomed The Dom to their beds, and the fourth was the name of a staff person who had shared The Dom’s own bed at least once. Jack didn’t recognize the staff person’s name, and assumed she was a member of the Housekeeping staff. A lot of personnel turnover went on in that department all the time. All four women had been asked to sign a statement attesting to the fact that their intimacy with Will had been undertaken of their own free will, and that no liability in regard to it lay with The Home. All four had cheerfully signed the statement. Jack thought that the cleaning lady must be damned good at her job, since she apparently felt at no risk of losing it over this affair.

Jack took a deep breath before giving Will permission to continue doing the one thing that Jack very much wanted him to stop doing. Will was told that he could continue to have sex with the women on the list, and with any others that were willing to sign the same release form, on the condition that he would immediately stop engaging in any inappropriate behavior within view of the other residents. Will agreed to this. The men sealed their agreement with a firm handshake, and Jack made a mental note to wash his hands thoroughly at his earliest opportunity.

As soon as Will got back to his room after his meeting with Jack, he took his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar down from the wall and made the rounds of the women who would be the charter members of his harem. He felt rather like a polygamist who had the law on his side, a polygamist with no obligation whatsoever to support or provide for any of his wives. Perfect. The women studied the calendar and then signed their names in those day squares that they wished to reserve. He returned to his room and checked to make sure that his supply of erectile-function medication was adequate for the coming weeks. Will was now officially The Home’s Resident Stud.

The men who didn’t approve of what Will had been doing felt better about things, now that the nasty man’s distasteful sins would only be committed behind closed doors and could thus easily be treated as if they were no longer happening. Those who had enjoyed watching him play grabass with the ladies were disappointed, now that the free show was over. Those who had been jealous of him were divided. The more ambitious ones now found hope for similar arrangements of their own, while the less self-confident ones became so depressed that The Home’s staff psychologist was called in to help them deal with their grief.

Liza was getting occasional calls from Jack now, but his calls no longer had anything to do with her father, for which she was thankful. Jack was careful not to tell her much about her father’s new lifestyle at The Home, except to say that Will was no longer doing anything that would upset the other residents. Jack managed to have sex with Liza now and then, but rarely enough so that Liza knew she was just one among the many names in his Little Black Book. They occasionally got together in The Administrator’s residence at The Home, and he once fucked her in the back of The Home’s cargo van, but he preferred returning her to his Lucky Sofa hidden in that little-used back corridor. Liza occasionally wondered how many other women had yielded to Jack’s charms on that sofa, but she never smelled any perfumes or sexual discharges, her own or anyone else’s, on its upholstery. The Housekeeping staff here must be very good and very thorough, she thought. Her father, who knew something of the talents of the cleaning staff himself, would have agreed.

* * * * *

Will’s former misbehavior was no longer a problem for the residents of The Home, and locating bedmates for The Dom had turned out to be unnecessary. The Home’s staff were now availing themselves of Will’s services, something that Rose had foreseen but Jack had not. A number of female staff people were spending a disturbing amount of their offduty time in Will’s bedroom, and Jack was stunned to learn that his secretary was among them. In fact, Rose had signed up to shack up with The Dom for a full week of her annual vacation. And even before that week, Jack caught sight of her on one of her days off headed toward Will’s place with a cheerful ‘I’m about to get laid’ attitude about her. She was dressed in a highly provocative way, in garments obviously purchased from outlets specializing in exotic and fetish clothing and obviously meant to be worn by women half Rose’s age and several dress sizes smaller that she was.

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Home For The Summer Ch. 1

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Summer had come to 1952 as does to every year. Harry Truman was still in the White House, but Ike seemed a likely choice to replace him in the November election. In Korea an interminable war wore on, and on, with seemingly pointless fighting along the 38th parallel that left behind countless dead and wounded American and Chinese soldiers. Me, I had just finished my Junior year at an out of state university where I was on scholarship as a basketball player. Safely deferred from the carnage in Korea as an Air Force ROTC Cadet, I was home for summer vacation and living off the fat of the land.

I had spent the first month of my vacation in ROTC Cadet training at Eglin AFB in Florida, and the next three weeks as an assistant councilor at a basketball camp in the mountains of North Carolina run by a friend of my college coach. By the time I arrived home the good paying summer jobs in construction had long since all been taken. The truth was, however, I really didn’t need a job, and didn’t want to be bothered with one. The Air Force had paid me a few bucks in salary, and being a ‘student athlete’ has its privileges.

I had been handsomely overpaid for my time at the basketball camp, and an alumni of my school, the local Ford dealer, saw to it that while I was home I had a used car to drive, a credit card for gas, and a few dollars spending money. This arrangement was of course on the Q.T., and we were careful to stay under the NCAA radar. The car was nothing fancy, just the kind of not-quite-junk transportation that any college kid might be driving. The charges on the credit card were listed as gas for ‘demos’, and the cash that he gave me would have been impossible to track.

By the time I arrived home that summer my parents had already moved away from the neighborhood where I had grown up. My Mother had finally convinced my father to move her from the little frame house in town where they had lived for fifteen years into one of the suburban VA and FHA subdivisions that were springing up like weeds everywhere after WWII. Who would have believed that dairy pastures and tomato fields so far from the urban core of what was at the time was still quaintly known as ‘downtown’ would ever be filled with a whole new city of houses?

The new house was certainly a big step up for my parents. A wall of sliding glass doors at the rear of what was now called a ‘family room’ opened onto a huge roofed porch that was a part of a screened in patio that in turn surrounded a swimming pool (unbelievable–my mom and dad with a swimming pool?). The house was air-conditioned, it had a two car garage (who ever heard of having two cars in a family?), a ‘high fidelity’ record player (stereo was still in the future), and even a TV (a gadget that my father had firmly rejected until then).

The move was not without its loss, however. Our neighbors of so many years had been left behind, and my parents were now living among strangers…, nice people I’m sure, but strangers none the less. This little story is about those a couple of those strangers, specifically those who lived next door, Mrs. Margaret (Peg) Stockton, and her daughter Carol.

Mrs. Stockton was tall, dark and willowy, a very attractive brunette in her late thirties with as good looking a set of boobs as I have ever seen on a woman before or since, and her legs were almost as perfect. She was divorced, and worked evenings from 5 to 11, Monday thru Friday, as an auditor at nearby bank reconciling the day’s transactions. Her daughter was also very pretty, although there was almost no resemblance to her mother. Carol was petite, very fair and blond, with nice legs, but no where near as well built up top as her mother. She was eighteen, and had just graduated from high school in June.

The local girls I had dated in high school were either married, scattered and out of the picture, or had new boyfriends. Dateless and lonesome, I decided to see what Carol Stockton was all about, although with some reluctance. As a sophisticated 21 year old college guy, I looked upon a date with a teenage high school girl as robbing the cradle, and I felt more than a little guilty about it. You might think a three year difference in age would be absurdly inconsequential, but to me at 21 it seemed like a lot. I needn’t have been so concerned. I soon discovered that Carol was damn popular with more attention than she could handle from boys her own age. I didn’t like to ask for dates days and weeks ahead, and consequently I had never done well with the over dated belle-of-the-ball types that Carol clearly was. I think she did sort of want to go out with me. After all I WAS a college Greek letter fraternity man and a basketball jock to boot, but she could never seem to find time for me in her busy social schedule.

I had just about given up on her by the Saturday afternoon I knocked on the Stockton door to make one more try at inviting Carol to a movie. She wasn’t home but her mother was. Mrs. Stockton casino oyna met me at the door to tell me the same bad news that I had heard so many times before. Carol was spending the afternoon on a picnic with one boyfriend, and she already had a date with still another one for tonight. I guess Mrs. Stockton must have felt sorry for me, because she invited me in and we made small talk for a few minutes. Then, right out of the blue, she asked me if I would like something to drink.

“Cola or something harder,” She offered. “I just had a swim and I’m ready to salute the sun going over the yardarm if you’d like to join me in having a highball. I have soft drinks though if you’d rather. Me, I take a little spirits every day at this time. I find its good for the digestion, and even better for my morale.”

Well, I could plainly see she had been swimming. Her long dark hair was neatly wrapped in that towel-turban thing that women somehow tie around their head to dry their hair. Even more positive evidence though was a still wet bikini. It was as skimpy as any I had ever seen on a live woman (‘two Band-Aids and a cork’ was the 1952 facetious description for this almost nude style recently made famous on French beaches). although she had thrown on a robe to answer the door, as we walked inside the sash came untied and the robe fell open. She made no particular effort to close it, and I had my very first opportunity to inventory, and enjoy, my neighbor’s lovely tanned and taut body.

I’ll tell you no lie, what was under that robe rattled me. I did my best not to stare, but those gorgeous tits, full and swaying, scantily covered by an almost-not-there bra just could not be ignored. My horny must have been pretty obvious, but Mrs. Stockton was a gracious hostess. She accepted the lust in my eyes as disappointment over her daughter not being home.

“Yes ma’am,” I answered. “I’d like that. I’ll have a bourbon whiskey on the rocks if you have bourbon. Scotch or Irish will be fine if you don’t.”

She smiled at my answer. This was one extraordinarily beautiful woman, and that smile made her even more so. I decided that this Mrs. Stockton was indeed something special, so special that even her made-to-kill-for body might be only the surface package of what she had to offer, the scant bikini not withstanding. A good pair of tits and long legs are nice, and good for a woman to have, but a smile like that always charms me right out of my tree.

“Ah yes, a young man whose choice of liquor is beyond his years,” was her comment.

I think she was laughing at me but I didn’t care…, I was already in love.

“Well, I don’t know about that ma’am,” I told her. It’s what my dad always ordered, and I picked it up from him. He told me when he sent me off to school that if I didn’t get anything else out of college, he hoped I would learn to drink like a gentleman…, and when I did get drunk, to do that like a gentleman too.”

“A wise man your dad,” she answered me handing me my whisky in a generous glass, and accentuating her words with another of those dawn-coming-up smiles.

“Here, bring your drink out to the pool where we can be more comfortable.”

I took the glass she offered and followed her like an obedient puppy out to the pouch by the pool. The porch, pool and patio were identical to those at my parents home except that Mrs. Stockton had a small hot tub and Jacuzzi over in one corner of he patio. She laid down on the lounge. I took a seat in on one of the chairs. He robe was still open. One nipple was about to escape from the tiny cup that was supposed to hide it, and between her legs I could see a single wisp of pubic hair that had slipped out from under the narrow strip of cloth that covered her crotch. God, but she was sexy!

“So,” she asked me, resuming the small talk, “I know that your name is Ricky Newton, and that you’re home on summer vacation visiting your folks next door. I hear that you’re a big time basketball star at some school up north somewhere, but that’s about all. Is there anything else that you’re famous for Ricky?”

“No ma’am, that’s about it. I’m a student athlete at Lincoln State University In Illinois. We play basketball in a fast league up there.” I threw in that last comment a little defensively because down South here if you don’t play for Duke or North Carolina, or at least for some other ACC school, nobody thinks your basketball team is worth a shit.

“Well, I don’t think that’s quite all,” she replied. “Your mother told me that her son plays a mean game of chess, . I love to play but Carol doesn’t. She would rather chase around after boys. If you don’t have anything better to do this afternoon, perhaps you would like to entertain the neighbor lady next door with a game or two? I have the board and pieces right here.”

“Sure,” I quickly agreed. I was quite proud of how well I played chess. I had never been in a tournament or anything, but I won almost all the slot oyna time at my fraternity house and there were some good players there. The truth was tho, at that moment I didn’t give a damn what game she wanted to play. ‘Go fish’ or ‘pin the tail on the donkey,’ any game she wanted would have been fine with me. Anything for an excuse to hang around and feast my eyes on the body of this sexy and almost nude woman.

I soon got my comeuppance on the chess board, however. This gal could some kind of play. She beat me two games to one with two draws. It didn’t help any that I couldn’t concentrate on the pieces very well while watching those sexy tits bob and sway every time she reached over the board. Besides, she kept filling my whiskey glass, and although she drank every bit as much as I did, she didn’t seem to be as tipsy and giddy as I was. Maybe that was because she wasn’t all horny watching and waiting for a lovely breast to fall out of a bikini bra.

Hours slipped by, lost in the fierce competition of between the white and black pieces on the checkered board. While we played the sun went down, and Carol came home, changed clothes and went out again with her second date of the day. We took a time out while Carol was there for her mother to fix an evening snack for everybody. I did notice that while Carol was home, Mrs. Stockton’s robe was tied and closed, but after Carol left it somehow became untied and open again.

It must have been almost nine o’clock by the time my neighbor and chess opponent checkmated me in our rubber match. It was pitch dark by then and the only light on the porch and patio was a small lamp shining on the chess board, and another small one over the bar in the far corner of the porch. I was three sheets to the breeze from all that whiskey, but true to my dad’s instruction, I was still trying to be a gentleman.

“Great game,” my lovely competitor commented, “you play really well. We are going to have to do this a lot this summer…, if you want to of course.”

IF I WANTED TO? God damn wild horses weren’t going to keep me from this lady’s chess board. She didn’t even need to be in a bikini. You can bet I’d be there any time she would have me, what ever she might be wearing.

“How about one for the road?” she asked.

“OK,” I answered, “but just one more. All this whiskey is beginning to get to me.”

I waited as she fixed us both another round at the bar. When she brought my glass back she was smiling again. Damn that smile anyway. In the moonlight it was even more wonderful and overwhelming. It just melted me at the knees every time she turned it on.

“Hey,” she began,. “I don’t want to seem forward but how about taking a dip in the hot tub with me. All that nice warm water will be relaxing. When you get home you’ll sleep like a baby.”

Now hot tubs and Jacuzzis were rare things in 1952. Except for the stainless steel ‘whirlpool’ machine in the training room at the gym, I had never been in one. In the training room I went in naked, of course, but no one else was in the tub with me. I had heard stories about the avant-garde (said to be all free love communists anyway) who took communal baths in the privacy of their own hot tubs, sometimes even in the nude according to rumor.

During the proper and genteel ‘50s, however, most people considered sharing a bath tub, even a great big one with bubbling water, to be immodest, if not downright immoral, with or without swimming suits. That you were married to your bathing partner didn’t alter that general opinion in the least, and here I was being invited to soak with a lovely lady whom I had never even met before today. Was this proper? Who cared! Did I want to sit in a tub of hot swirling water with a beautiful woman wearing a bikini that was hardly there? Damn right I did! I would have sold my soul to the devil for the chance…, but there was a problem…, would she let me bathe with her in my underwear.

“Yes Ma’am, that sounds great. But I’m not dressed for it. I’d have to go in my boxer shorts.” I also thought…, “And Yeah, I will also need a big sack to cover the hard-on I’m going to have”…, but of course I didn’t say any of that out loud.

“Oh pooh’” she answered me. “I know what the male anatomy looks like, and anyway I’ve been walking around almost nude all afternoon. It’s your turn now. Get those pants off. We’re going to parboil you in your shorts.”

She knelt at my feet to help take my shoes off. It was a quite innocent gesture of course, but to have an almost nude woman at his feet can unhinge a guy’s sense of reality. That bare female back curtsying before me sent a flood of erotic fantasies racing thru my head. Wasn’t I a Sultan and she one of my harem girls come to pleasure me for the night? Or perhaps I was the district attorney and she the wife of an accused criminal willing to trade her body for his freedom? More likely she might have been nothing more than my most recent female canlı casino siteleri conquest, seduced by my sophisticated charm and big dick, and now on her knees begging for me to fuck her again? The reaction of my prick was inevitable. By the time she and I had my shirt and pants off, I had a full erection, and worse, the damn thing was in plain view with maybe eight of its nine inches sticking out through the fly of my boxers.

“My goodness Ricky,” she exclaimed. Her eyes got big, apparently in honest amazement. “Where did you get that thing. I told you that I knew about male anatomy but I’ve never seen one THAT big. Do the girls around here know you’re armed like this? Surely not, or you wouldn’t need to be over here asking my daughter to go with you to the movies. And speaking of my daughter, I don’t think I want Carol to go out with you at all. If she finds out how well you’re hung, you may be more temptation than she could stand.”

She wasn’t serious, only teasing me. I knew because she was giggling the whole time, and damn, there was that smile again. Smile at me like that lady and you can make fun of my dick all you want. Jesus, but I was frustrated. I wanted this woman so bad my nuts were aching, and I didn’t have a clue how to do anything about it. So, I just stood there like a fool with a silly I’m-a-good-sport grin on my face, embarrassed and blushing a beet red as she went on to discuss my exhibitionist problem.

“Look, under the circumstances,” she said glancing down at my rampant penis, “I think we might as well dispense with these shorts. They don’t seem to be holding or hiding a thing. You’ll just have to soak in the nude. A young man with your build and a dick like that certainly has no reason to be modest anyway. When I was in Junior High, we had a swimming hole down at the river where we girls would slip away and go skinny dipping with the boys. It was fun to be so naughty, and it gave the guys with big penises a chance to show off on the bank.

We girls called them ‘bank-walkers’, and poked fun at them even when secretly we might have been just a little impressed. You, Ricky, would have made a great bank-walker. Still, I can understand you don’t want to be the only one naked in my tub. That wouldn’t be fair I agree. I guess the only thing for me to do is to soak naked too. I’d bet you’ve seen most of my goodies by now anyhow so what do I have to hide? Besides, to be honest with you, I always hot tub in the nude. I firmly believe that any other way is stupid, Victorian, and prudish. I don’t go wadding in the ocean surf with my shoes on, and I don’t bathe in my clothes….. “

“Here untie me.” She turned abruptly offering me the string bow at the back of her bra.

I was certain I had just died and gone to heaven. Here I was stripping the bra off the best set of tits I had ever seen while the beautiful woman who went with them was pulling down her panties. Another of those smiles lit up her face as she turned back to face me again, buck ass naked now. That confused me even further. As much as I wanted to look down and admire those bare sexy jugs of hers, and get my first good look at her pussy, I couldn’t take my eyes off her face and that smile. Her eyes were such soft and loving pools as they stared into mine that I was partly paralyzed and entirely speechless. I stood there dumbly, too hypnotized to take this dream of a woman in my arms and hug her against my body, erection and all, as I now know I should have.

Fortunately I had stumbled upon a woman who was as understanding about my shy inexperience and stupidity as she was beautiful. She certainly had every reason to laugh at me, but instead she took me by the hand and led me over to the hot tub partially hidden in its dark corner lit only by moonlight. She left us in the dark, but with the flick of a couple of switches, and the turn of some valves, steaming hot water was soon swirling and bubbling thigh deep in that little tub. And it WAS little. I suspect this was a tub built to hold one person only. Two people at the same time might be possible, but it was going to be a tight squeeze. My bath partner said we should try to sit side by side, meshing together as if we were pieces in a puzzle.

She put me in first, her hands guiding me gradually into a temperature that at first seemed scalding, but which soon eased to just damned hot as I became accustomed to the heat. Once she had me seated, she carefully slithered her naked body across mine (God, if I could only have canned that feeling and saved it forever), and then slipped sideways past my flank into the tiny unused hole beside me. We may have been crowded together like two sardines in a can, but we were none the less successfully seated more or less side by side. Trust me! I had no objections. The sensations that ran through me were absolutely incredible! A lovely feminine naked body was pressing against my flank, and my libido was rising to a boiling point even hotter than the water I was sitting in.

“I hope you don’t mind being a little crowded.” she apologized. “I don’t want you to think I’m getting fresh. It’s just that there isn’t much room. But isn’t the water just wonderful.”

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My Sex Life Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: My First Blow-Job

Just over two weeks after Patrick had eaten my pussy for the first time I gave my first ever blow-job. It was a Friday night and it was at my friend, Nicki’s, 18th birthday party.

The guy in question was called Stevie; he was the older brother of one of Nicki’s other friends. The reason I was with him was because Patrick and I had had a row over something pretty inconsequential a few days before and, at the last minute, he decided he wasn’t going. Stevie was, I admit, very good looking and when he started chatting me up, I decided I wasn’t going to turn down the advances of one of the fittest guys there (yes, I am that shallow).

As the evening went on, I (of course) had had a few drinks and was a little bit giddy. I’d been dancing with Stevie most of the night and I’d taken every opportunity to rub myself against him, discovering, not surprisingly, that he was more than mildly interested. Stevie wasn’t shy in coming forward either and he never missed a chance to feel my tits or caress my arse. There again, the fact that we spent a fair bit of time with our tongues down each other’s throats was also a bit of a give away.

At some point he decided we might want to see if we could find somewhere a little more private. I readily agreed although it soon transpired that there wasn’t a free room in the house, although not before I’d discreetly investigated the noises coming (or should that be cumming?) from behind Nicki’s poker oyna bedroom door. I’d pretty much expected her boyfriend, Craig to be there, I hadn’t counted on the other guy (who’s name I didn’t know and now can’t remember) being there as well. There again, I shouldn’t have been too surprised; Nicki’s never had a problem when it comes to pulling. I have to say, the brief glimpse of my one of best friends being ‘spit-roasted’ was a huge turn on.

Anyway, as it turned out, neither Stevie nor I had any condoms and I wasn’t on the pill so he wasn’t going to be stealing my somewhat dubious virtue. With that in mind, we decided to go for a walk.

At the time, Nicki lived in North Berwick (if you get the train into Edinburgh from East Lothian, you’ve probably seen her on numerous occasions as part of the gaggle of our fellow pupils who use that train every day to get to and from School) and her house was pretty close to the shore. Stevie and I walked along the shore for about 15 minutes before we came to a suitably secluded spot.

We sat down on a bench and started snogging again, becoming ever more heated as time passed (which was just as well as it was early March and still pretty cold.

After a few minutes, I got up of the bench and, stopping only to make sure no-one was about, knelt down in front of him. I quickly undid his trousers then reached inside. I freed his stiffening cock which, incidentally was bigger than Patrick’s (I’m such a shallow bitch) and canlı poker oyna gave it a few gentle stokes. Then, without warning, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock.

There was a surprised gasp of pleasure as my lips slid slowly up and down Stevie’s cock. He mumbled his appreciation as I licked his shaft from top to bottom, coating his cock with my saliva.

Then I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, my hands stroking the remainder and playing with his balls. At the bottom of each stoke I sucked him hard, at the top of each stoke I flicked my tongue around the crown of his cock. I varied my pace, going faster then slower, over and over, driving him wild.

I slid my lips up and down, along the length of his shaft and once I got used to it, I started taking him deeper into the back of my throat (although there were a few chocking coughs as I experimented; Oops).

Stevie started moving his hips to meet my lips, driving his cock deeper into my mouth. My hand pumped eagerly at the base of his cock as I increased the pace of my movement. I was sucking him so hard my jaw was beginning to ache.

As I stroked and licked and sucked his cock my other hand was down the front of my jeans, inside my knickers, furiously playing with my pussy. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and the increasing excitement made me suck even harder.

Suddenly, Stevie’s cock began to twitch and then he exploded, filling my mouth with jets internet casino of his hot, sticky cum. I noticed that his cum tasted slightly different to the few drops of Patrick’s I’d tasted before. As he came in my mouth I drove two fingers deep into my pussy, my thumb pressing into my clit, and then, suddenly I was cumming too. I tried to take his whole load but, I confess, some of it did spill out (can I claim having an orgasm as a mitigating factor?). The intensity of the sensations I was feeling was so great I collapsed against him, his cum still dribbling down my chin.

After a few minutes, to give ourselves a chance to recover, I wiped my chin and gave his cock a few final licks, removing the last of his cum. As he tucked himself away, I sat down beside him and kissed him some more.

We stayed there for a few minutes but, as we were now noticing the cold, we decided to head back to Nicki’s. We’d only been walking for about 30 seconds when we turned a corner and, almost literally, bumped into someone walking their dog. Imagine the display he’d have encountered if Stevie had held on few a few minutes more.

When we got back, I headed straight to the bathroom to check myself out and give my face a quick wash. Luckily none of Stevie’s cum had landed on my clothes. Afterwards, I returned to the party and spent the rest of the evening snogging Stevie.

Not surprisingly, Patrick dumped me when he heard about my exploits. I wasn’t too bothered. I would have told him myself only one of his friends who was there that night beat me to it.

So, there you go, I hadn’t even lost my virginity and I was already a two-timing, cum hungry slut; and I was loving it!!!

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Holiday Party

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Eve and I had been invited to the Christmas party a group of us hold every year. It is a festive event, attended by a couple dozen people in one of the more expansive homes in our neighborhood. Eve, now that we are retired, spends most of her time in jeans and t shirts, maybe a sweatshirt in the cooler part of the year, cutoffs when it’s really hot. We rarely dress up much, so this is a chance to put on something a little more formal, and show that we can still look presentable. I enjoy these dressier events. While I’m not wild about the suit, I really enjoy seeing my wife in her party clothes. As good as Eve looks in jeans, she is gorgeous dressed up.

Eve, my wife, is a stunner. At 64(I’m 57), she’s still at the 110 pounds she was when I met her twenty years ago, and it is well distributed on her 5’2″ frame. Her blonde hair, once halfway down her back, now cut to shoulder length, frames her face perfectly. Her B cup tits sit nicely on her chest, just a little sag in them, and she has a perfect little round ass that looks amazing in jeans, and even better naked. What I like best is that when she smiles, she lights up the whole room.

The neighborhood Christmas party is an unofficial annual event, with the host duties rotated among 7 or 8 families with larger homes capable of handling a couple dozen attendees. A similar party is held for New Year’s and the other major holidays. It is a chance for all of us who are busy during the year to get together and catch up with a healthy dose of food and drink to spur on the good cheer. Tonight’s soiree was being held at the home of our friends Ben and Jan, a couple in their late 40’s. Eve and I would go to the party and usually end up separated as we visited with various friends and neighbors through the evening.

The night of the party, I was in a sport coat and tie, but Eve was dressed to impress, in a short green sparkly wrap dress that looked quite festive. The wrap part of it came to a deep V, showing a little bit of cleavage, with the bonus that it hung slightly when she leaned over, giving me a look at her bare right breast underneath-I spent a lot of time with her at the hors d’oeuvres table, and later at the buffet when we were getting dinner. The hem was about 4″ above her knees, and showed off her legs nicely. Black boots completed her look. I knew I’d enjoy seeing her across the room at the party.

As we usually did, we mingled in the early part of the party, then sat together at dinner. Once we finished, it was back to mingling, some of which we did together, some separately. We knew all the people there, some better than others, so it was easy for us to get separated as we’d get pulled away by various friends. We’d catch up with each other periodically, comparing notes on who we had talked to, and what they were doing. We’d part with a squeeze of the hands and a quick kiss, then go back to working the room.

Eve was well aware that I enjoyed checking her out, especially when she dressed up. She normally did not go braless, so it was a pleasant surprise that she did tonight. I think she lingered over the Vienna sausages on purpose, just to let me get a good look at her right tit, knowing it would get me started. Normally, she was not much for showing herself off in pubic, though every once in a while she’d surprise me by going braless to some event where I didn’t expect it, and I’d get a short, discreet flash of tit along with her thousand watt smile when she knew she’d gotten my attention. More rarely, she’d go without panties. The surprises would keep coming tonight.

We had gotten separated again as the party rolled on. I was talking to a couple of the guys, while Eve had been commandeered by some of the wives. She was sitting with them on a sofa when I saw her. I was headed to the bar, so I walked up to ask her if she needed another drink. She said she’d like that. I got her a glass of wine and returned. While I was getting the wine, I looked back over at her. Our eyes met briefly. As we gazed at each other, she slowly opened her legs, revealing her toned thighs and thin white panties. She held her position for a long moment, smiling at me, making my heart skip. I smiled back, and she poker oyna closed up before anyone could notice. I brought her wine over and handed it to her. She gave me a knowing smile, and said thanks.

A little while later, while we were catching up, I said to her, “You’re going to get coal in your stocking for being such a naughty girl.”

“Not if I flash Santa my panties,” she replied, giving me a kiss on the cheek and walking off to chat with a friend. I just smiled as she looked over her shoulder at me.

A while later, I caught up with Eve again. This time, she was perched on the edge of a recliner talking to another couple of our neighbors. She was at an angle to them, so they could not see what I could. Her dress had ridden up a bit due to her position, and was really high on her thighs. I caught her eye, holding up my drink to ask her if she needed a refill. She nodded yes. As our eyes met, she again opened her thighs. This time, instead of the white panties I was expecting, I saw a lot of thigh and a wisp of blonde hair, barely hiding her slightly open slit. She smiled at me, I smiled back and shook my head at her. I brought her another glass of wine, enjoying the view as I approached. Our friends were clueless about the muff shot my wife was giving me right under their noses. As I handed Eve her drink, I mouthed “bad girl”. She looked at me and just smiled.

About 30 minutes later, I had broken away from a couple of guys and was looking for Eve. I didn’t see her, and thought maybe she’d gone to freshen up. As I was walking down the hall, the bathroom door opened. Eve stepped out, almost right into me. She looked up at me a moment, then grabbed my tie and pulled me into the bathroom, closing the door and kissing me hard. She lifted herself up onto the counter, her dress riding up and exposing her blonde twat. She reached down, undid my belt and opened my zipper, pushing my briefs down, breaking our kiss long enough to say, “We don’t have much time.” She had my cock out and hard in no time while I freed her tits from the loose top of her dress. She pulled me to her, and I pushed my cock into her open outer lips. Eve is small, and as a result, really tight. I rubbed the head up and down a few times to open up her inner lips, but I was still able to get only about half the head in. I knelt in front of her. She looked down.

“We gotta hurry, we don’t have time for that!!” Normally, I’d spend ten minutes or longer with my face planted in her little furry cunt, a tasty treat that I enjoy licking, and she enjoys getting licked. Today, I just wanted to be able to get in quickly. I gave her a long, slow lick, my tongue flat on her pussy, all the way from her ass to her clit. I dragged it between her labia, and slowly swirled it on her clit. A shock wave ran through Eve’s body. I had done what I set out to do. I kissed up her belly, then stood to kiss her face again. I put the head of my cock at her opening.

“Just helping things along,” I said.

Eve smiled. “I know how you like to linger down there. Much as I love it, and you know how I do, this has to be a quickie.” I pushed the head of my dick into her labia, now a much easier entry. I felt them spread to accept my probing head, then grip me as it fully entered her. I slowly worked my whole shaft inside her, the head pressing against her cervix. Eve sighed.

“See, thirty seconds of tongue makes everything go so much easier. And you’re tastier than the cannoli,” I teased her, licking my lips. I started stroking in and out of Eve, watching my cock push her labia in when I pushed forward, and distend them when I pulled back. She was leaning back on the counter as I held her little round ass, guiding our motion. I would pull all the way out every half dozen strokes or so, tease her clit and push back in. She’d jump when I did it, and smile at me. A couple of times, I just rubbed the top of my cock head on her clit, making her sigh more intensely each time, then pound into her pussy. Eve would close her eyes as my cock hit the deepest part of her, her hips bucking into my groin, her little tits shaking as I bottomed out in her. I pulled her a little closer to the edge of the counter so I could go canlı poker oyna really deep, now that she was well juiced. I pounded harder, my balls slapping against her ass. I heard someone coming down the hall, and looked at Eve.

“Glad I locked the door,” I said quietly. We heard the doorknob rattle as someone tried to come in.

Eve looked up at me, her breathing now getting short. “Just a minute,” she said, hoping to stave off the interloper.

“Oh, sorry, didn’t know someone was in there,” came a female voice from the other side of the door.

“If only she knew,” said Eve, smiling at me. I resumed my assault on her little blonde pussy, changing my angle so my cock would be riding on her clit. She closed her eyes as the stimulation built the pressure, and I felt her boot clad legs wrap around me. I slowed my pace and pushed deep, letting her feel the fullness of my swelling cock inside her. A moment later, she kissed me hard, then pulled away, her mouth open to scream, but no sound coming out. Her pussy got really wet, and her hips thrust into me.

I was feeling the pressure too. “How about an early Christmas present??”

“Oh, baby, give it to me, you know how I hate waiting for Christmas morning,” Eve panted.

My cock swelled and began to splash come inside her. When I come, Eve almost always comes with me, and this was like every other time, only more so, perhaps due to the excitement of sneaking a fuck in our neighbors’ bathroom while there was a party going on. Eve let out a moan, then covered her mouth, a big smile coming over her face. Her pussy spasmed around my spewing cock, intensifying the feeling for both of us. It took a moment for the orgasmic high to settle, and we knew we had to get out of there quickly. I pulled out of Eve, rubbing my cock in her bush. A few seconds later, a long drip of my come spilled from her pussy onto the floor. As I watched it hang a moment, then drop as more seeped from her soaking hole, she smiled and looked up at me.

“Honey, would you like some egg nog??” she asked, smiling.

“I’d love some,” I replied, going down to taste her. I licked a long moment, gathering my sperm on my tongue, then stood up and leaned to Eve to kiss her.

“Mmm, that’s a tasty holiday treat,” said Eve as our kiss ended. She caught her breath for a moment, then pulled her panties out of the pocket in her dress. “Better put these back on, or I’ll be giving us away,” she said, slipping one side over her boot clad leg, then the other, pulling them up as far as she could. She hopped off the counter, pulling them all the way into place over her dripping slit.

I laughed. “Yeah, going around the party with my come sliding down your leg will make people think it’s a swing party.”

“Ha ha,” said Eve. “Not that half the guys here wouldn’t like a shot at me,” she said as she tucked her tits back into her dress.

“I bet they would,” I said, knowing Eve is one of the hotter wives in the group. We put ourselves back together, shared a quick kiss, and went back to the party. Eve shot me a couple of looks at her panties after we went back. They were quite obviously wet, which only served to get my cock starting to rise again.

We left shortly after that, having had our fill of holiday cheer and good food. As we rode home, I asked Eve if she had cleaned up the spot on the bathroom floor where my come had dripped out of her.

She looked at me and smiled. “No,” she said. “But it serves them right. Let them wonder who was fucking on their bathroom counter.”

“What brought that on??” I asked, taken aback by my wife’s sudden change in demeanor.

“Remember last summer, when we had the pool party??”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, I caught Ben and Jan screwing in our main bathroom.”

“Really??” I was surprised. They didn’t seem the type. But then, nobody does.

“Yeah. I walked past and I could hear what sounded like a couple going at it. I lingered in the bedroom for a few minutes, then looked down the hall when I heard the door unlock. They came out looking like the cat that ate the canary.”

“So a little turn about is fair play??”

Eve looked at me with a internet casino big smile. “Absolutely. I wonder if they’ll figure it out when they find the puddle in front of their sink.”

Later that night, we lay in bed together, Eve’s back cuddled up to my chest. I had gotten hard again, and my cock was nestled nicely into Eve’s slippery blonde pussy, her right thigh up over mine. “Ya know, I bet we could sneak a quickie in every house where we go to a party,” said Eve. “Especially in the summer, when there are a lot of pool parties, and we’re only in bathing suits.”

I laughed. “Why not. Seems like at least one set of neighbors is marking their territory. Why not us too?? Who is doing the New Year’s party??”

“Lorraine and Bob. That would be a good place to sneak a quickie, too. Bob’s been hitting on me for a couple of years. It would serve them right.”

“If you’re not careful, and he sees you with come running down your leg, like almost happened tonight, it really could wind up as a swing party,” I cautioned Eve.

“Well, he is kind of cute,” said Eve, looking over her shoulder at me. “It wouldn’t take a whole lot of encouragement to get him to go for me.” I thought a moment. I had occasionally joked that we could turn one of these parties into a real orgy with the right mix of people, and maybe she might like to sample some of the neighborhood talent.

She was right about Bob-he was an attractive man, 55 or so, blond, surfer tan, and in pretty good shape for his age. His wife, Lorraine, was a looker, about 5’7″, auburn hair, nice tits, full, round ass, nice legs. She was approaching 60, but could be Catherine Zeta Jones’ twin sister. We all got along well. If Eve and I were going to do a swap, Bob and Lorraine were a good match and the most likely candidates.

“Tell ya what,” I said, half hoping to call her bluff, half hoping it would plant a seed. “You can go for Bob if I can have a crack at Lorraine.”

Eve thought a moment. “Deal!!” she said, smiling at me.

I leaned over to kiss her. It was an intensely erotic kiss, despite our odd angle. My cock pulled back, almost out of her pussy, as we kissed. I took hold of her right leg, using it for leverage to push back into her. I held deep, my balls on her clit. “Just think, a week from now, you could have my come and Bob’s inside you.” I felt Eve’s hips shake as I said it. “Hmm, I think someone likes the idea.”

Eve ground back at me. “I think someone else likes the idea, too. Or are you just excited about getting Lorraine in the sack??”

“Maybe a bit of both,” I teased her. I poured gas on the fire. “Maybe we can all meet in the same room, and watch each other, maybe switch off.”

Eve again looked back at me. “You just want to watch me with another man,” she teased. “I felt you getting harder.”

I was, too. I felt my cock filling Eve’s pussy a little more fully. “Could be fun, you taking some strange cock for the first time in, what, 20 years, while I watch. I have to admit, I would enjoy seeing that.” I reached around to play with Eve’s clit while slowly stroking in and out of her. I felt her pussy clutch my swelling hard on, then get very wet. “Oh, now who likes this little fantasy,” I teased her as she came over my cock. I held on while Eve climaxed, then relaxed. A few minutes more, and I unloaded my second barrage of semen into her that night. I stayed hard for another five minutes or so, and I could feel my come seeping out of Eve’s soaked pussy around my cock, dripping down her thigh onto the bed.

“Ya know, I was going to suggest you quit wearing panties to these parties, since it would make our quickies just a little quicker, but I think you’re going to need something to contain the mess, so maybe that’s not such a great idea.”

“Ha, you’d love nothing more than for me to have nothing under a short dress, even if it means everyone can see your come running down my thighs.”

“That will get the guys started,” I laughed. “They’ll all think it’s hot, and want you more than they do already. The wives will think you’re a slut, while secretly wishing they had the nerve to do it, too.”

Eve laughed at my assessment. “You’re probably right on about that!! But I’ll have to do something. Maybe crotchless panties.”

“Now that’s exciting,” I said. “We’ll have to go shopping.” I kissed Eve and we fell asleep together. New adventures awaited.

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Consoling Mom

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I was at college when I got a call from my mother.

“I need to tell you this Todd, your father and I are now divorced.”

I thought my jaw would drop to the floor. My mother wanted me to come home as soon as I could. I told her I was in the middle of finals. I couldn’t just up and leave right now. I could hear her crying as we talked. She soon hung up and left me to figure out what happened. I never heard anything from my Dad. He was an asshole when it came to things like this. He would talk to me when he saw me next. That was his attitude. It was a couple of weeks before I could break free.

I took the bus home and my Mom met me at the bus depot. She hugged me tight and then we drove back home. My dad had long since moved out. Mom did tell me that things hadn’t been good for some time. My Dad eventually said there was some other woman in his life now. He wanted a divorce. It took my mother completely by surprise. I think she was still trying to recover from the news. We got home and Mom cooked supper. She even broke out a bottle of wine for both of us.

One bottle led to another. I was soon feeling mellow after we finished eating. We went and sat on the couch and Mom poured her sorrow out to me. She had no idea what to do. She didn’t like the idea of starting all over with a new man. I thought I’d better comfort my Mom. I put my arm around her and listened to what she was saying. My Mom was soon resting her head on my shoulder.

My Mom was still in her early forties and she was an attractive woman. She had long, dark brown hair down to her shoulders. I know you shouldn’t look, but my Mom had big breasts. She had to be at least a ‘C’ cup and she was shapely. Maybe I noticed these things after I had a few glasses of wine in me. Mom brought her head up and we looked each other in the face. I don’t know what came over me, I kissed my mother on the lips.

I think she was a little shocked at first. I didn’t let her pull away.

“We shouldn’t be doing that Todd,” she told me.

I didn’t want to hear that right then. I didn’t have a girlfriend casino siteleri at that time and I had been stressed out from all the school work and tests as of late. I was also so horny right then. I opened my mouth and I kissed my mother again. Somehow I forced my tongue into her mouth and our tongues touched. Something gave way in my mother. We were soon groping each other. I guess I forced the action. I stood up and stripped off my clothes.

There I stood before my Mom with my dick hanging out. Mom got this strange look on her face. She then reached over and took my cock in her hand. She slowly drew me closer and she wrapped her lips around my dick. Fuck, did that feel good. I couldn’t pass this up. I put a hand on the back of her head and I urged her to go down on my rod. Soon my mother was bobbing up and down my growing shaft. I was surprised my Mom could take all of me down her throat.

I am around eight inches in length and fairly thick. Mom didn’t seem to have any trouble inhaling my cock. It didn’t take long before I was completely hard. I pulled out of my mother’s mouth. I pulled her up to her feet and I undressed her. I thought my mouth would water when I saw her completely nude. Mom was shaved down to just a small patch of pubic hair. Her boobs were enormous.

“Maybe we better go back to a bedroom,” my Mom said to me.

We made it back to my Mom’s bed. She got onto her back and I climbed on top of her. My mouth went directly to her big breasts. I just went wild. I was sucking and biting on her big nipples. They had to have been the size of silver dollars. My Mom was getting into it alright. She had her hands on my head and she was urging me to make her nipples hard. I could have worked on her tits all night long, but I had to have more than that.

I pulled away and I looked down at my Mom’s pussy. She was wet and my dick was just inches away. I moved my hips forward and my mushroom brushed against her folds.

“I need you so badly, Todd.”

Just like that I pushed my stiff prick into my mother’s pussy. She let out this gasp as I slowly slot oyna slided deeper inside. Mom brought her legs up and gave me easy access. I held my dick inside her for a brief moment and then I started to take my mother. I would bury my cock in the whole way and pull back slowly, just leaving the tip of my dick inside. I think this made my Mom go crazy.

Please Todd, fuck me as hard as you can.”

I didn’t need much urging from my mother. My ass was going up and down as I gave all eight eight inches to my Mom. My mother was so needy that evening. She tighten her pussy muscles around my rod and she squeezed me harder than any woman I could ever remember. Between the alcohol and the idea of fucking your mother, I was like some bull in heat. I was going to make sure my Mom would never forget the fucking I gave her.

I must have been at the top of my game that evening. We must have fucked a good couple of hours. I was able to hold back for the longest time. My mother was having all these orgasms. I could feel her pussy gripping and then releasing my erect cock. Mom was getting so wet as well. When I slid my cock in, you could hear her pussy making slurping noises.

“When you are ready, I need your cum Todd.”

My mother didn’t need to beg for my load. The idea of blowing my cream inside my mother had me so turned on. When I got close I slammed my pubic bone against hers. Mom cried out and I shot my hot cream into her body. I looked down at my Mom’s face and her eyes went wide. My steamy load was coating her pussy walls. She squeezed me as hard as she could and took all my spunk from my cock. Mom had her arms locked around my back and she held on tightly.

That had to be the most intense lovemaking I had experienced up to that point. I think my mother felt the same way.

“God, you feel so good inside me Todd, I don’t want you to ever pull out.”

I wish I could stay hard for my mother for as long as she wanted, but all good things have to cum to an end. I pulled out of my mother when I went soft. My Mom was panting as my white juices came spilling out of canlı casino siteleri her pussy. I have to say there was a lot of our love creams mixed together. A large pool of it collected onto the bed sheets.

“I love you Todd,” Mom said to me.

I just smiled and looked down at my Mom’s puffy pussy lips. It looked like she had been totally fucked out. We left Mom’s bed and we went to my bedroom to sleep for the night. When I woke up the next morning I had briefly forgotten what had happened last night. Just for an instance and then I snapped back to reality. There was my naked mother next to me on the bed. Mom heard me stir and she turned over.

“Can you go again?” She asked me.

Like that Mom started stroking my cock with her hand. It didn’t take much before I was hard once more. Mom then climbed on top of me. She guided my stiff pecker to her wet hole and she lowered herself onto my staff. All I can tell you is that my mother craved hard cock. She worked those pussy lips all over my dick. The palms of my hands found her big tits and I started to massage each of them.

We didn’t go quite as long that morning. I didn’t have much of a load left in me. My Mom did have more orgasms. I must have brought my Mom to a climax a few times that morning. As she got close I would slow down and let her come back down. That went on for some time until I began to pump my dick into my Mom’s belly and I didn’t let up.

“You’re driving me crazy doing that, Todd”

I guess that was my purpose. I brought my mother to a hot boil and then the juices started to flow. Mom let out this scream and I gave her whatever cum I had left in me. This morning’s fuck may have been more intense for my mother than the last night’s. We continued on for some minutes and then my Mom collapsed onto my chest.

“I’m not going to be able to let you go back to school,” she told me.

The remaining time we had together was spent fucking for a large portion of the day. By the time I had to go back my dick was so red and tender. It was hard to believe my mother fucked my brains out like that. Mom saw me to the bus depot and she told me to visit her as soon as I could. I don’t know how all of this will play out, but I know my mother’s pussy is all mine now and I will be having her again and again.

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Back in the Saddle Ch. 06

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Kaitlyn and I got back to the campsite and it looked like mostly everyone was there. Brad was still sleeping and Dan had gone off in search of breakfast and coffee. I had packed everything I thought I’d need for meals, so I offered to make some eggs and sausage. It seemed to get everyone moving, so soon we had a few griddles going as well as a couple of pots for coffee. It turned out to be a huge breakfast as everyone chipped in together. Soon we were all eating and just generally talking about what we expected for the day. Dan came back with a couple of biscuits and saw all of us chowing down and looked sad. “If I’d know breakfast would be like this, I wouldn’t have gone down to buy these biscuits.” We all just laughed at him for a few minutes and gave him a hard time.

After breakfast was done, the folks who didn’t cook gathered all the dirty plates and pan and went off to clean them. Sean and I checked our supplies and noticed things were getting low, so we wrote down a list of things to get and asked if anyone else wanted anything from the Walmart.. Kaitlyn and Mary offered to come along. We soon had a pretty big list as we wanted to make sure we had enough food for a late night meal after the show and breakfast in the morning. Sean, Kaitlyn, Mary and I climbed into my truck and we headed to the local store. We split the list in half and Kaitlyn and I took our half and went our own way. As we walked, we asked each other questions to get to know each other better. She seemed to be a dream girl. My answers to her questions seemed to make her happy as well and we moved through the store pretty quickly. On our last aisle, she shocked me.

“I think Cheryl wants to have sex with you.”

I stopped walking and just stared at her as she took a couple more steps. “What did you say?”

“Well, she was asking me all kinds of questions about last night while we were eating breakfast. Specifically about last night. She started to say something, looked over at you and then said something else entirely. But I’m pretty sure she wants to have sex with you.”

I just stared at her a few minutes longer. “What did you say to her?”

“I told her what you did that made me scream.” She just smiled and evil smile and turned to start walking away.

I was stunned to say the least. “I hope you know I didn’t say anything to her.”

“I know. Trust me, you earned quite a few points for that. But I’m pretty sure she’s going to ask to ‘borrow’ you.”

“And you know that how?”

“I heard her talking to Mary this morning before we got out of bed. She came up here hoping she’d hook up with you. I think Sean told Mary that you were single and Mary told Cheryl so that she’d come up here. She was apparently really sad when she found out about me and you.” And she just smiled again. “If I said yes, would you?”

I was being tested and she didn’t care if it was obvious or not. I took a chance. “Only if you gave me permission, but I’d rather save up for you.”

She had no response to that. Kaitlyn just kept walking. We ran into Sean and Mary at that point and headed to the register to pay. Kaitlyn didn’t say anything on the ride back to the campsite. We unloaded everything from the truck and refilled our coolers. Kaitlyn started to walk away and I followed her over to her tent. She turned around quickly and I almost walked right into her. Her eyes were glowing and she had a strange look on her face. “We’re not exclusive and ” I shut her up with a hard kiss right there. Her arms went around my neck and she kissed me back. When I pulled away from the kiss, there were tears in her eyes. “Good answer buster.” I kissed her again and we stayed like that for a while till I heard someone shout “Get a room guys”.

It was Al and he was just laughing. “Some of us are ready to head to the show. You guys coming?” We weren’t ready and told them we’d catch up at the show. Al just smiled and said “OK, see you guys over there.”

I gave her another kiss and started to walk away, but she still had my hand. “If she asks me nicely, I’m going to say go for it. And it’s not a test. But I’m heading back to school tomorrow night and won’t see you for a few weeks. If you want to mess around with her, that fine. But only if you give me details.” Then she smiled that damn smile, my dick got hard and she slipped inside her tent. What the hell did that mean?

I headed up to my tent to get things ready and when I backed out, Cheryl was standing there. She was wearing a summer dress that came to just above mid-thigh and hugged her tits and hips perfectly. It made me catch my breath. “Oh, I was just coming to see if you and Kaitlyn were coming yet.”

“No, I need a little more time. We’ll see you at the show.”

“OK” and she walked up to where the others were waiting.

By the time I had my pack ready, Kaitlyn was waiting for me. “That’s casino siteleri quite the dress Cheryl has on. Probably give you easy access to all the important parts.”

Kaitlyn had changed and was even more stunning then Cheryl. Her summer dress came down to her knees, but her tits were standing out from her chest magnificently. It was cut low enough to show a nice piece of cleavage and I just wanted to stuff my head between her tits. I dropped my pack and grabbed her, crushing her tits against my chest. Then I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth. I reached down and grabbed her ass to pull it against my hardening dick. I suddenly realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. I felt her smile against my mouth and my dick jumped again. “I expect to use the office again and thought this would make it easier for you.” Then she pulled away and sashayed away, her hips swinging back and forth. I grabbed my pack and ran after her.

I took her hand and stopped walking. “So, why do you want me to have sex with Cheryl?”

“Because I want to be there and watch.” I thought I was going to have to change my shorts. I could see her nipples get hard.

“Just watch?”

“Well, maybe more if she’s interested. If she asks, I’m going to tell her I want to be there.”

I couldn’t take anymore. I grabbed her hand and headed back to my tent. She tried to resist, but when I turned to look at her, she was smiling. Then we were both moving towards the tent. We barely got inside when she dropped to her knees, undid my shorts and pulled my dick out. It was already leaking pre-cum and she stuck out her tongue to lick it. I reached down, but she pushed my hands away and kept giving my head small licks. The whole time she was looking up at me. Then, when I didn’t think I could take anymore, she took the whole thing into her mouth. Her hands were now busy between her legs. She had her dress bunched up and her fingers were playing with her clit. It didn’t take long and I could see her pussy getting wetter. I tried to pull her up, but she didn’t move. Suddenly, her eyes closed and she stopped sucking for just a moment. I saw her body shutter and her fingers got wetter. Then she was sucking again and I couldn’t take anymore. I started shooting down her throat and she swallowed it all.

When I was finally done, she stood up and kissed me full on the lips. We kissed for a while longer and then headed out of the tent. “I knew I’d get to you. But don’t think this is the last you’ve heard about Cheryl from me. I like her. She seems really nice and if I’m going to share you, she’d be someone I’d be OK with.”

“Who said I wanted to be shared.”

“Nobody. And just so you know, I’m only going to let Cheryl have you if I’m able to watch or participate.”

“Interested in a little girl-on-girl?”

“Yes. One time in college I hooked up with my roommate and had a good time. It only happened once and we were both drunk as hell. But I’ve been thinking about it and since I’ve already done more this weekend then any other time, I figured I’d give this a try too.”

We walked up to the buses quietly. I was thinking about what she said. To be honest, I was definitely interested. I just wanted to make sure she was going to be cool with it. Plus, she was right. She was going to be gone for a month and then at the end of summer, gone again. I just wanted to make sure everything was going to be cool.

On the bus, we got seats today and just sat quietly holding hands. By the time we found our spot at the main stage, everyone had scattered, so Kaitlyn and I looked at the schedule and headed to our first show. She took out her phone and texted her friends to say we had arrived and to see where they were. I also did the same to my friends.

A couple of hours later we headed back to the main stage and found some of our group eating lunch. Kaitlyn and I pulled out a couple of sandwiches and drinks from the cooler and got comfortable. While we ate, Cheryl and Mary came over with some food from the food court. I noticed that Cheryl was quiet, but Mary was talking up a storm. “So when did you guys get here? Catch any of the shows yet?”

Kaitlyn caught her up on where we had been. There weren’t any bands either of us were interested in, so we just made ourselves comfortable on the blankets. I think I dozed for a bit because I suddenly stirred and realized I was alone. I just lay there for a while linger, soaking up the sun and music. I grabbed my phone and texted Kaitlyn to find out where she was. She was over at the lakeside stage so I grabbed my pack and headed that way. It took a while, but I found her, Cheryl and Mary. They shifted to give me some room as one of the top bands was playing and the area was packed. Kaitlyn actually sat between my legs as I leaned back against our two packs. Cheryl and Mary stood up to dance and in the process I got a sneak slot oyna peak up Cheryl’s skirt. I wasn’t totally sure, but I don’t think she was wearing panties. I looked down and saw that Kaitlyn was looking at me. “Get a nice show?”

I just smiled at her and closed my eyes to soak in the music. When the band finally ended their set, Mary got up and headed off to see another band she liked. Cheryl stayed with us since she liked the next band coming on. She sat back down facing Kaitlyn and me. I could see her nipples poking against the material of her dress, but tried not to stare. I just closed my eyes and soaked up some more sun. Then I heard the question I knew was coming. “Do you think I can borrow Johnny for a while?”

“Depends.” I opened my eyes and was just staring at them. I could feel the tension between them.

“On what?”

“If I can watch or even join in.” Cheryl’s eyes went wide. It was eerily quiet and I realized I was holding my breath.

“I’ve never done that or even thought about something like that.” They sat there staring at each other for a while. “Tell me what he did to you that made you scream last night.”

Kaitlyn thought about it for a minute. “We were 69ing and he was licking me, especially my clit. I was already getting close and he gave one hard suck on my clit. I exploded.”

Cheryl didn’t say anything. I was starting to feel like the meat caught between two hungry lions. Kaitlyn was still leaning back against me and I could feel her breathing and heartbeat faster. Cheryl had a strange look on her face, but I also noticed she was breathing somewhat harder and her nipples were straining against the material of her dress. Her hands were in her lap, clenching and unclenching her dress. Cheryl looked around real quick. “Why do you want to watch?”

“Because I want to see what it looks like in person. Let’s just call it a fantasy of mine.”

“There has to be a reason better then that.”

Kaitlyn paused before answering. “OK.” She sat up and looked around. “Let’s move further back from everyone.” We got up and moved to the back of the grassy area where nobody could hear us. I sat down and Kaitlyn took up her position between my legs, using me as the back of a lounge. Cheryl sat directly in front of us, legs crossed. “When I was in college I had a roommate that looked a lot like you. Tall, blond, blue eyes. The main difference was that she had bigger tits. They must have been D cups at least. And the guys flocked to her like ants to a picnic.” Cheryl frowned at that. Kaitlyn noticed and said “I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with yours, just that hers were bigger.”

“I’ve always wished they were bigger. My best friend in college had huge tits too and the guys followed her around like lost puppies.”

Kaitlyn said “I think you have perfect tits. I always thought hers were too big. What about you Johnny?” I didn’t say anything at first, but then they were both looking at me. I felt my cheeks get hot.

“I think they’re fantastic.”

“You’re just saying that. How can they compare to Kaitlyn’s. Hers are perfect.”

I was starting to get turned on and my dick was getting hard. Kaitlyn must have noticed because she shifted a little. “Do you want me to continue or talk about tits for a while. Johnny here seems to be enjoying it.”

Cheryl laughed. “No, go on with your story.”

“OK. Anyway, she was also a pretty big slut. She was watched really closely at home and now that she was free from her parents, she went crazy. Every night she’d be out late drinking and coming home in the middle of the night a total mess. Me on the other hand, only went out once in a while. I had my boyfriend from high school, but he was going to another college. We had been messing around a lot, especially during the summer and now I was really missing him. One night my roommate came back to our dorm room with this guy she had met that night. She tried to be quiet, but I’m guessing they were both drunk and stumbled over everything. I woke up, but acted like I was still asleep. I tried to keep my eyes closed, but I could hear them kissing and pulling each others clothes off. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for about a month and was really horny. Listening to them go at each other was getting me hotter, so I opened my eyes. She was wearing just her bra and panties while he was down to just his underwear. There was enough light that I could see his bulge. She reached behind her and undid her bra, then dropped it onto the floor. He couldn’t help himself and just grabbed them. He then bent over and started to kiss her tits. By now, my pussy was on fire so I started to rub it through my pj’s bottoms. After a couple of minutes, she got down on her knees and pulled his dick out and started to suck. The quick look I got showed me that his dick wasn’t very big. Not that I had seen very many, but he was definitely canlı casino siteleri smaller then my boyfriend.”

She paused to take a drink. I could feel her heart racing. Cheryl seemed to be breathing heavy now too and I noticed her hands had moved closer to her pussy. Kaitlyn put her drink down and looked at Cheryl. Then she continued. “I watched her give the guy a blowjob for a while. I could hear her slurping away and the guy was moaning. But it almost sounded forced. He then grabbed her by her head and pulled her up. He pushed her panties down her legs and pushed her onto the bed. She was laying across her bed and I was able to see her pussy. It was soaking wet and glistening in the light from the window. By now my pussy was gushing and I was doing everything I could to be quiet, but it was getting tough. I actually had to stop to let myself calm down. The guy moved between his legs, pushed her knees apart and just stabbed into her pussy. She let out a scream and tried to push him off, but he just started to fuck her. I don’t even think he lasted 30 seconds. He grunted a couple of times and I could see his ass get tight, then he was done. He moved back and let her legs drop. I could see her pussy was wide open and his cum was leaking out of her. Then he got started to get dressed. She asked him where he was going and he just finished getting dressed and headed for the door. She tried to stop him, but he just left. She just lay there and started to cry. I got up and went over to her, but she pulled away from me. But I sat on her bed and eventually she got up and put a shirt on, then we sat there and spoke for a long time.”

Nobody said anything for a long time and then Kaitlyn said “Ever since that night, I’ve wanted to watch two people having sex. It got me so hot. I called my boyfriend and invited myself to see him that next weekend and we had crazy, wild sex for two days. Of course, then he broke up with me the next weekend saying it was too much being apart like. But I’ve wanted to watch ever since and now’s as good a chance as any to do that.”

Cheryl was just staring at Kaitlyn. “But why me with Johnny. Why not just watch some porn?”

“Because porn isn’t the same. I’ve tried that and it just doesn’t do it for me.”

“OK, but why me and Johnny.”

“Because I know what Johnny does to me and I also know he has a thing for you and you have a thing for him.”

It was quiet for a while longer. I kept my mouth shut, knowing anything that I said would be bad and probably put me into the doghouse. “Besides, like I said before, I’m leaving for school after tomorrow and won’t be back for a month. Then I’m home for a while before heading out of town again. I already decided I’m not going to make him wait for me, so maybe you two can get together. And why not start now. This way, everyone can be happy.”

I pushed Kaitlyn off my lap and turned her around. I could see that tears were starting to form. “You’re stupid, you know that? I’m not some male slut who can’t keep his dick in his pants.” She punched me in the shoulder and then started laughing. Cheryl was just staring at us, but didn’t say anything.

“Look Johnny, I’m not the type of girl that just goes around having sex with any guy I meet either. This weekend has been awesome and since I’m letting my hair down, I want to really go crazy. This is something I want and if Cheryl is willing to go along, let’s go for it.”

I stared into Kaitlyn’s eyes for a minute and decided she was being honest. Then we both looked at Cheryl. She pulled back a bit but then sat up straight. This didn’t help me as her tits really strained against her dress and her nipples were still standing out straight. The hem of her dress was also pulled up and I could almost see her crotch, but not quite. Kaitlyn leaned back against me again and one of her hands took mine and held it in front of her. She was in charge and wanted Cheryl to know it.

Finally, Cheryl spoke up. “Can I think about it for a bit?” She looked directly into my eyes. “I came up here to get laid and had heard you were single. It’s not like we would see each other back home and I guessed that we could have some fun. I didn’t expect someone else to beat me to you. But I also don’t know that I want to put on a show for someone. It was going to be hard enough for me, especially after that guy I told you about. It kind of made me feel self-conscious about myself.”

I finally decided to speak. “It’s not going to work out if there is too much pressure. Let’s just sit and listen to the next show and see where things go.” Kaitlyn had pulled away from me and they were both staring at me. Then they looked at each other and laughed.

Kaitlyn said, “That is not what I thought I’d hear from you.” And Cheryl piped in “Leave it to a man to be logical. But I think I have to agree with him.”

“Me too” Kaitlyn said.

The next band had just started and Kaitlyn moved to one side of me and Cheryl on the other. I just leaned back, closed my eyes and let the music flow over me. It’s going to be an interesting afternoon.

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Conscience Doth Make Cowards of Us

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To Incest Web Site.

My mother is young and attractive and I have wanted her ever since I reached puberty. I am sure she also wants me but neither of us will make the move to initiate sexual intercourse between us. What can I do to overcome this impasse?


From Incest Web Site.
To N.

Your mother is probably still bound by anti-incest sexual mores. She may desire you a great deal, but cannot break through to freedom from conscience. If you wish to engage in sexual intercourse with her, and are sure she really does desire you, then you may need to be forceful. In this way, she can tell herself that you raped her and she is therefore not guilty. If you please her she will soon come around, and may eventually even initiate sexual intimacy with you.

I found the paper in a chest of drawers in Norton’s old bedroom. It was tucked right at the back of a drawer and was probably long forgotten. He must have taken it off the Internet and typed it onto one sheet. I stood looking down at it in my hand.

But this is to get a long way ahead of my story.

My name is Sarah Briggs. As I write this I am forty years of age, but the events I wish to relate took place some years ago.

It was in the early years at high school when, as the result of some sexual experimentation with one of the senior boys, I got pregnant. He was a beautiful young man and I was said to be a very attractive girl. I think we were in love.

Once my pregnancy was revealed, he was sent away to a Boys Private School to finish his education, and we never saw each other again. I was offered an abortion or alternatively, adoption of the child when it was born.

My parents were fairly enlightened people, and after careful discussion, left the choice to me. My choice was to have the baby and keep it. After the birth of the baby, Norton, and a period of breastfeeding, I returned to high school for a while.

My mother took care of Norton but instead of the “big sister” fiction often used in these situations, I was always acknowledged as his mother and within my time and maturity limitations, I always sought to behave like a mother towards him.

I did not stay at high school until the final year, but went to what was called, “A Business College”, for one year. Here I was taught the skills of office work at, I might add, great expense to my parents, who fortunately could afford it.

Graduates from this college were very much in demand, and on leaving I quickly got a job in the office of a local woolen mill.

It was a privately owned family company and I was constantly in the presence of the boss, Alfred Passmore, the son of the man who had established the company.

Alfred was about forty-two years of age when I first met him. He was good looking, dynamic, and was a divorcee who had a daughter about my own age who lived with her mother. I was infatuated with him, and he made no secret of his lust for me.

We were very soon sexually involved with each other and when we decided to get married, my parents were very doubtful about his suitability. Apart from the wide age gap, they found him very pretentious and demanding, but I being still very young, saw these aspects of him as those of a strong free spirited male. I was determined to marry him.

I had hidden nothing from Alfred about my past sexual behaviour and pregnancy, but he was so enraptured, he agreed to accept Norton along with me. Norton was six years old at the time of our wedding.

Despite the wide age difference between Alfred and I, everything went wonderfully well for the first six months of our marriage. I suppose this is often the case, especially with girls, who like me are infatuated with their newly acquired partner.

Despite my being hot for Alfred, I did notice that in our love making, he did not so much ask me to do things for and to him, but commanded, “Do this to me.” They were things that I would have happily done, but just wished he would ask instead of ordering. However, this was passed over in the first flush of our sex life.

Then something was revealed that put a maggot of doubt into my mind.

I had looked forward to having children with Alfred, and after six months had past, and as far as I knew we used no contraceptives, I had not got pregnant. Since Alfred was pumping his sperm into me almost every night, I began to worry that there might be something wrong with me, or with him.

Since I had got pregnant with my previous lover after only a couple of sexual intercourse’s, I had assumed that there was nothing wrong with me in that department. Without saying anything to Alfred, I had a medical check up to find out if anything was amiss, and was told I was perfectly able to get pregnant.

Finally, I put the matter to Alfred, and he laughed. Where I had been completely open and honest with him, he had not paid me the same compliment.

“My dear girl, I had a vasectomy years ago. Don’t want any more little brats running round casino siteleri the place, do we? Got one already, haven’t we?” referring of course, to Norton. “Makes sure you behave yourself as well.” He gave another laugh.

I was very hurt that he had not told me about his vasectomy, and the attitude he took to children. Most of all, I was hurt by the implication that I might be sexually unfaithful.

For six months, I had done for Alfred in bed whatever he wanted. I had denied him nothing, and now he was suggesting I needed something to keep me faithful to him. I was angry and disappointed.

As with many of these situations, the full impact does not take place immediately, but that little maggot of doubt works away in the mind almost unacknowledged. Things that one engaged in with pleasure start to become disagreeable.

For example, I had quite enjoyed giving Alfred oral sex, even though he did not do the same for me, but now I began to find it distasteful. His desire for anal sex with me, once happily agreed to, now became an unpleasant chore.

The change within the relationship is hardly noticed at first, but it works away inside.

Alfred did not seem to discern any change in my feelings. He was still infatuated with me, and I must add, I think with him self. He did not seem to notice, for example, how, although I still sucked his penis and swallowed his semen, I did it as what I now thought of as a “duty,” along with other things that he wanted me to do.

So our marriage trundled along with me being the “dutiful wife.”

Eight years into my marriage, my father died. He had been a dear man and a loving father, and I was distraught. I sought comfort from Alfred, and all I got was the remark, “Oh well, dear girl, these things happen. Did he leave you anything?”

When, another two years later my mother died, Alfred’s sole concern was how much I had inherited. He was furious when he discovered that it had been legally tied up in such a way that he could not get his hands on it. The interest was for my sole use, and while he might persuade me to hand over some of that to him, he could not get at the capital.

I had grown in maturity over the preceding years, and still wanted to make our marriage work, but it seemed to have become an affair of expedience. I looked after his home and he earned the money running his woolen mill.

One feature of our married life was Alfred’s frequent absences. These had of necessity always occurred, but two four years into our marriage they started to become more frequent, and they lasted longer.

“Be away for a couple of weeks on business,” he would announce, and leave the next day. On his return I would receive what I called “My token ‘hello’ sexual intercourse.”

I naturally wondered what had happened to the ardour of his early days with me. It might be expected to diminish after a while, but not to the extent of a “quickie” when he got back from a “business trip” and nothing thereafter until another return.

I tried to convince myself that as Alfred was now in his fifties, his libido had diminished, but from what I read and the comments of friends, it seemed that this was not the case with most men.

Then belatedly in our marriage, a thought occurred to me. I had never forgotten his early questioning of my fidelity. If his having had a vasectomy seemed to guarantee my sexual fidelity, the very opposite could apply to him. He could very safely go spreading his seed around without consequences, at least as far as pregnancies were concerned.

From the time of his deception over the vasectomy, my own sexual drive for Alfred had gradually diminished, but my sexual hunger had not waned. If anything, the absence of sexual gratification with Alfred had increased my craving for sensual contact. In addition, I still yearned for children.

I took to masturbating frequently, but while this gave some temporary relief to my sexual tensions, I nearly always ended up crying for want of what I thought of as “the real thing.”

I thought of putting myself on the contraceptive pill and having affairs, but that monster, the conscience, arose to point an accusing finger at me. Alfred had married me knowing of my past, and accepted Norton along with me. I felt I owed him fidelity for that, if for no other reason, and so I went on with my aching need.

Although Alfred had accepted Norton, it had been a nominal acceptance. He was not unkind to him, but generally ignored him. Norton was now sixteen, and as I now paid for his education out of the interest payments from the investment left by my parents, Alfred had no cause for complaint on that score.

Norton had grown up to look very like his real father, handsome and athletic. Early every morning he would dive into our swimming pool. Watching him, I delighted in his beautiful body and young manhood with its early morning erection I could see pressing against his thin swimming briefs. I thought, “My God, some lucky woman is going to enjoy slot oyna her self with him.”

Looking at him, I often felt a lurch in my stomach and a faint throbbing in my clitoris. Conscience reared up, and I struggled to suppress my emotions, earnestly trying to deny what I was thinking and feeling.

Part of the difficulty was, that the age difference between Alfred and I was more than the difference between Norton and I. Since Norton received no affection from Alfred, and I was beginning to feel less and less involved in Alfred’s life, Norton and I sought the warmth we needed in each other.

There had been love between us from the start. This appears to be innate to mothers and their sons. As the so-called “experts” tell us, there is a special bond between mothers and sons. That love or bond between Norton and I had increased over the years, but I could not, or would not, acknowledge the possibilities that lay within that bond.

A still young and passionate woman, unsatisfied by her husband, living constantly and often alone, apart from the presence of a virile young man, even though her son, was a precarious situation.

Remembering the circumstances of his conception, as he entered puberty, I counseled Norton on sexual behaviour as best I could, telling him to be sure the girl had protection or that he used a condom. I felt something of a hypocrite because as I warned him against getting a girl pregnant, I could feel no regret that I had conceived him.

I had not followed up my earlier suspicions about Alfred, his vasectomy and the “business trips.” One day, however, a neighbour was relating to me how she had met up with Alfred in a restaurant entertaining his “cousin.”

“Very attractive girl, isn’t she?” the innocent neighbour went on.

As far as I knew, Alfred had no cousin in that town, and he wasn’t supposed to be there anyway.

I can’t say I was shattered. The information merely confirmed what I already suspected. When Alfred returned, and was about to give me my token “hello” in bed that night, I drew back from him and said, “Don’t you think you’d better save it for your ’cousin’?”

He moved to his side of the bed and said, “So the bitch told you!”

“Yes, she told me.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on, Sarah, there’s nothing to it. It gets lonely out there on the road.”

“You weren’t supposed to be in that town.”

“I just made a diversion after a tip off that there might be some business to pick up.”

I didn’t believe him.

He moved over to me again and began fondling my breasts. I tried to push him away, but this seemed to make him all the more insistent. His finger explored my vagina, and as I was so often in a state of semi-arousal, he could feel my wetness.

“Come on, I know you want it.”

I don’t know if it was because I couldn’t be bothered to struggle, or because I thought, “Even this is better than nothing,” I laid back and let him have me. When he finished, I hastened to the bathroom to wash his sperm out of me. I felt a sense of disgust at the lack of my self-respect, that I would let him touch me, let alone have sex with me.

From that time on I lived in the house as a matter of convenience, and any sexual relationship with Alfred really did become a “token” event. I was not proud of myself, knowing that I should get out of the situation, but I seemed to have no energy to make the move.

Such love and affection as I did receive, came from Norton. This too began to trouble me. If he was kissing me goodbye he pulled me close, and I could feel his hard manhood pressing agianst me. Sometimes he would sit beside me in the evening on the sofa watching television when Alfred was not at home, and he would put his arm round me. I would rest my head on his shoulder and I could feel him quivering and see his erection.

So many times, I felt him watching me, as I watched him. Longing, desiring, yet not daring. I began to ached for him and I now had no doubt that he hungered for me. We were both in torment, torturing each other by merely being present to each other.

The throbbing of my clitoris and the wetness between my legs warned me constantly of my precarious position with Norton. As I masturbated, my fantasy was now always of Norton entering me, of putting his hot young sperm into me.

Conscience scowled at me and I quailed before it. I could not permit my son to have sex with me, yet my thought was, “If only he would rape me.”

This of course, was the coward’s way out. If he took my by force, the blame could not be laid at my door. Conscience made sure I knew what I was doing. “You want him to take you by force so you can avoid any responsibility!”

I was caught between my conscience and my hunger for my son. This conflict only added to my already depressed state. I decided to fend Norton off, to have as little physical contact with him as possible. I tried not to look at his body and his young hard penis, canlı casino siteleri but like so much that we repress, it only comes back with redoubled force. It is like a boiler with the fire still raging beneath it and the safety valve jammed, something has to finally give way, so the boiler explodes.

Norton must have realised that something was very wrong with me because he kept asking about my health and well being. As I tried to avoid contact with him, so he would approach and put his arms round me, and I could not bring myself to push him away.

The boiler was near to exploding.

The crisis came early one morning when Alfred was away. It had been a hot night, and it was an even hotter morning. I decided to join Norton for a swim. I put on my bikini and together we dived into the pool.

We swam and splashed around for about fifteen minutes, then got out of the pool to dry our selves in the sun on loungers at the poolside. I lay down, but Norton did not move to his lounger, instead he bent over and kissed me. His tongue probed at my lips and I responded, opening my mouth for him to enter.

His hand came to my breasts and began to fondle them through the top of my bikini.

I was captivated by what he was doing to me, and even at this stage I was lubricating. I was succumbing without a struggle. Then my wretched conscience loomed over me, and I began fending him off.

“No Norton, no. You musn’t, not with your mother. Please darling, stop… stop before its too late…Don’t do this to me…please…”

He didn’t stop. He had my top off and his hands stroked my naked breasts, then as I tried to fight him off he tore down my bikini bottom and was over me. The very athleticism I had loved in him now turned against me. He was much too strong for me.

He kept saying, “Don’t fight me mother, please. I don’t want to hurt you. I love you and I know you love and want me, so please, don’t fight me.”

He had forced my legs apart and had come between them with his body, his beautiful manhood already probing for my entrance.

“Darling… don’t… please don’t… you’ll make me pregnant…please don’t do this to me…”

My pleading achieved nothing. He was determined to have me, no doubt being prepared to pay the price if I charged him with rape. He wanted me as badly as that!

He entered me. I was ready for him, my vagina soaked with my fluid. It was as if I took a whip to conscience and cowardice, and drove them yelping like thrashed curs, out of me. My craving for Norton swamped all else. The boiler had finally exploded.

He thrust his entire length into me and I surrendered. He was crying out, “I love you, I love you,” over and over again.

I heard a voice saying, “Take me, take me my darling. Make me have you. Don’t…please don’t stop…all of you, give me all of you.”

His shaft was tight against the walls of my vagina and I began to rhythmically clench and release him with my vaginal muscle. With each clasp, he groaned aloud.

I was with him, feeling every movement of his beautiful lance in me, thrusting as if he would strike to my heart, yet I was somehow outside myself. It was as if I was both the viewer and the viewed at the same time. I saw two people loving and being loved, and knew that it was Norton and I. It was an experience I had never had with Alfred or Norton’s father.

Then suddenly I was no longer a viewer. I became totally engrossed in my union with Norton. I felt his approaching orgasm as he speeded up his movement within me. I no longer clenched him with my vagina, but opened myself to him. My legs were round him to pull him in deeper. His hands were under my buttocks as he struggled to get the last millimetre into me.

His groans had increased in volume, and I felt myself beginning to shake and I was pleading with him again, “Please, darling, don’t make me…its torture…please no…oh no.”

Them my orgasm was upon me, taking possession of me, its impact jarring me from head to foot. My pleading changed.

“Don’t stop, darling, please don’t stop…fuck me to death…I want to die with you…all of it…fertilise me…please…my darling…”

I was weeping, as his sperm seemed to blow up in me like a long suppressed volcano finally exploding with a violent pulsing rhythm that I thought would never stop.

I had never felt such waves of love pass through me, or such unity with a lover. In the fever of our mutual climax, I felt as if Norton and I were no longer two persons, but one. He had come from my body, and now he had returned.

As someone has said, “In the midst of the ecstatic moment of sexual union, there lurks the tragedy of separation.” However long a couple may make their sexual union last, it must inevitably end. At least the physical union must end with withdrawal, even if their spiritual communion goes on.

As the zenith of our mutual climax passed, we lay, still physically united. As many women experience, I continued to have the after-tremors of my orgasm. Many men do not seem to realise how cruel they are to withdraw from the woman as soon as they have ejaculated. It leaves the woman still experiencing what together they have brought about, and she feels deserted, even betrayed.

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