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Angeline sat in her agent’s office and listened to Jean explain what she needed. After she was done, Jean said, “I want you to meet Michael Aldolfo, our contract lawyer. He’s here today.”

Angeline pushed her dark hair behind her ear and nodded her head. She followed down the hall of doors to Michael’s office. Jean opened the door to the opulent office with leather chairs and big mahogany desk. Angeline stepped into the office and she saw the chair behind the desk turned toward the window. She sat down in the chair opposite him.

Michael was dictating his brief when he heard the door to his office open. He turned the office chair so he was facing Angeline. He took a deep breath. She was pretty, no actually beautiful with medium wavy dark hair, big blue eyes, delicate features, petite figure and lush lips, kissable lips. It had been a long time since he was instantly attracted to a woman but he was to her.

Angeline couldn’t help but think Michael was a nice looking man. She was unsure about men, since her separation from her husband of 12 years. At 37, she felt old. But this man with his big expressive dark eyes, olive complexion, and dark hair made her pulse quicken. She wondered if she blushed at the thoughts going through her head.

“Miss or Mrs. Bresser?” Michael asked, as he looked down at his file.

“Technically still Mrs. Bresser,” Angeline said with a bit of a sigh.

“Technically mean you are separated?” Michael asked, looking up into her big blue eyes.

Angeline nodded her head, “I’m separated.”

Michael nodded his head and asked, “Did Jean explain what the contract said?”

Angeline nodded her head and Michael explained a few points to her but she was lost in his dark eyes, not really listening to what he was saying.

He closed her file and then said, “I’m not normally so forward but I was wondering what are you doing for dinner?”

Angeline blinked surprised. Had she heard right? Was he actually asking her out on a date? Her daughter was at her soon to be ex-husband’s place. She didn’t have plans. Could she go out with him? She nodded her head and said, “I would like to go out to dinner with you.”

Michael smiled and his eyes lit up. “I will pick you up at 7. Can I have your number and address?”

Angeline gave him her number and address and went to her apartment. She went to her closet and pulled out a couple of dresses. She felt like a giddy school girl. Why was her heart racing so fast? What about this man did she like so fast? Finally she picked out a little black dress that outlined her new figure. She had worked hard to be a size 6 again. She had lost nearly 100 pounds.

She heard the knock at the door and she went to answer it. She looked in the peep hole and saw it was Michael. He was wearing a dark suit with a dark tie. He was holding roses.

She opened the door and Michael walked into her apartment. He gave her the roses and she kissed his cheek. He touched her cheek and they stood frozen in time for a minute. He led her to his Mercedes and opened the door for her. They drove to a nice Italian restaurant at the edge of town. She learned he was 45 and had two kids and an ex-wife. She learned he went to law school at University of Southern California.

They spent the evening talking about anything and everything. He touched her hand and looked into her eyes as he said, “I would like to see you again.”

Angeline nodded her head and said, “I would like that. I’ve had a great time.”

Michael drove her back to her apartment. He walked her to her door and cupped her face in his hands. He could feel her tremble and he asked, “Do you mind if I kiss you?”

Angeline put her hands on his waist and looked deep into those expressive dark eyes. She whispered, “Please kiss me, Michael.”

Michael pressed his lips softly against hers and sent shivers through Angeline. He didn’t try to kiss her passionately. He looked in her eyes again and said, “I look forward to seeing you again.”

She went inside and fell against the door. Closing her eyes, she could see his dark eyes. She could get lost in those dark eyes. They were so expressive.

The next day Michael called her and asked her out to the movies. He picked her up and they went to a diner first. They ordered a simple dinner and talked. He had her laughing and was touching her hand. They held hands as they went into the movie theater. He put his hand around her shoulders. She laid her head on his shoulder and he kissed her forehead. She looked up into this eyes and he laced his hand under her hair and pulled her toward him until their lips met. They kissed softly at first and then she slipped her arms around his neck and he responded passionately. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and she responded. Breathless, he whispered, “I enjoyed that, very much.” He touched her cheek and whispered, “I want to kiss you again.” He pulled her into for another long slow kiss. He kissed down her neck and then back up to her lips.

They went back to her izmir escort bayan apartment and he kissed her again. Breathless, he said, “I need a very cold shower.”

“I’ve enjoyed being with you tonight,” she whispered against his lips. She kissed him and then went inside.

For the next few weeks, they went out when ever they had a chance. They shared many passionate kisses. Michael met her daughter and she met his two sons. They even had a dinner as a whole group. It was after nearly two months and Michael knew he really cared about her but he wanted, needed more from her. He wanted to make love to her and he knew from their conversations that she had only been with 1 man. He knew he would have to seduce her after he told her his true feelings. He couldn’t believe it but he actually loved her.

He waited until her daughter was at her father’s and reserved the penthouse suite at a posh hotel. He opened the door and decorated the room with candles. He called her.

“Will you meet me?” he asked.

“Of course, where?” she asked.

“The Ritz Carlton, penthouse suite.”

Angeline instantly knew what he had planned. She took a deep breath and wondered if she should decline or accept. She thought about the feelings she was having for him and said, “I’m on my way.”

“I look forward to it,” Michael whispered.

Angeline wore a strapless blue dress with her hair pulled up by combs. She walked up to the door and knocked. He answered wearing a pair of jeans and button down shirt. She walked into the room, bathed in candle light. He had a dinner set up in the middle of room. Angeline put down her bag and took his hand. He led her to the table and they ate dinner by candle light.

After they ate, he went to the stereo and put on some music. He took her hand and she put her arms around his neck as he put his around her waist. She looked up into his smoldering gaze and she felt her heart quicken. He kissed her softly and whispered against her ear, “Do you know I love you.”

She looked into his eyes and whispered, “I love you, Michael.”

He whispered, “Do you want to show me?”

“Wait here,” she whispered, kissed him softly and took her bag and went to the bathroom.

He walked over the king sized bed. He pulled down the covers and thought about undressing but didn’t want to scare her either. When he turned, he saw her step up to him. She was wearing a dark blue spaghetti strapped slip. He exhaled and said, “You look beautiful. Are you sure you are ready?”

She laced her fingers with his and reached up to touch his face. He kissed her palm and she said, “I want to show you.”

He kissed her passionately on the lips and slipped his arms around her waist as she slipped hers around his neck. Breathlessly he stepped back and she pulled his shirt off. She touched his chest and up and over his arms. He lifted her straps and pushed them down over her arms, until it slipped down her body to a puddle at her feet, exposing her breasts to him. He gently ran his thumbs over each nipple and watched her close her eyes and open her mouth. He kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear lobe as she unbuckled his pants. She pushed down his jeans and he stepped out of them. He came up behind her and laced one arm around her waist and pushed her hair to the side with one hand. He kissed the nape of her neck and she arched backward into him. His hand slid up her body and he played with her breasts for awhile until he had her breathless. She turned toward him with a glint in her eyes. He kissed her passionately and she responded passionately. He lifted her up and carried her to the bed. Gently he laid her down on the bed. He slipped off his shorts, exposing his rock hard manhood. She looked over at him and her eyes went down over his chest, down over his erection and back to his smoldering gaze. She got up on her knees and put her arms around his neck as he slipped down her panties. Gently he lied her down on the pillow. He kissed her passionately and then whispered against her lips, “Put your legs around mine, sweet Angeline.”

She wrapped her legs around his as he let his hand drift down between them. His fingers slipped over her woman lips, one then the other. His thumb gently started to massage her button. She arched her body upward, scraping her breasts against his chest. He kissed her neck, gently biting down. She put her fingers in his hair as she moaned, “Michael, oh please Michael.” He felt her body start to quiver and he stopped touching her woman hood. He held her by the waist as he gently pushed his swollen manhood into her. He filled her up and she gasped. He locked gazes with her as he pushed in and out of her slowly. Rocking her hips upward to meet his thrusts, she started to shake a bit. He pushed harder and faster as he kissed her passionately.

“Michael,” she breathed against his ear. “Michael, I’m…Michael…”

“Let go, give it to me,” he whispered against her lips.

Her whole body arched upward and she held him tighter. Spasm after spasm escort izmir hit her and she squeezed him hard deep inside of her. “Michael!” she screamed.

He pushed deep and quick as his body started to stiffen. He looked deep into her eyes as he groaned, “Angeline!” He pushed one last time and squirted his seed deep inside of her. He fell on to her, pressing his sweaty forehead against hers. He playfully kissed her lips and then said, “I love you, sweet Angeline.”

She whispered, “I love you, Michael.”

He kissed her and then rolled onto his back. He laced his arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest. He ran his fingers through her hair and said, “I just want to take a breath and then I’m going to love you again.”

She looked up at him and grinned. “That’s the first time I’ve ever come making love.”

He furrowed his brows together and asked, “Really? Well, I’m glad I could pleasure you. Come kiss me and let’s see if I can do it again?”

He made love to her yet again and he did pleasure her. He drove to heights of passion that she had never felt before. She enjoyed the next two days with him. They spent most of the time in bed together. Before they knew it, it was Sunday morning. She woke up first and looked over at him sleeping. He had his arms around her and his legs wrapped around hers. It was the first time she had slept with a man, who held her. He looked so adorable. His lashes touched his cheeks and his lips were parted as he slept. She leaned over and pressed her lips to his. He kissed her back softly and then opened his eyes slowly as he ran his hand down over her back. He touched her cheek with his other hand.

“I can’t believe it’s Sunday already,” he said. “I wish it was still Saturday. I have had an incredible weekend with you that I don’t want to end.”

“I know,” she whispered before she kissed his lips again. She pressed her body against him and saw his gaze change. He rolled her onto her back and whispered, “Does my sweetness need to be loved?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a long slow kiss. He whispered against her ear, “Where have you been all my life?”

He took her home and kissed her passionately before he left. She made it home only an hour before her daughter got home. Angeline paid the taxi and went inside. She was smiling a secret smile when her daughter saw her. Her daughter said, “Mama, I’ve never seen you smile like that.”

Michael called her later that night. He said, “I miss you already. I don’t look forward to sleeping alone tonight. I don’t look forward to waking up alone tomorrow morning. I wish you were here with me.”

Angeline said, “I wish the same, lover. You have touched me so deeply, so passionately. I have never felt like that before. I’ve never experienced such passion in my life. You took my breath away. I know I will dream about it. I will long for it.”

“I promise we will be together again. I know I need you. I really need you. I want you so much, sweetness. I love you.”

He was a complete gentleman around her daughter. He would hold Angeline’s hand every where they went but he didn’t do anything else. They were sitting on the couch after her daughter went to bed. He laced his arms around her waist as she leaned back against him. He slipped his hand under her blouse and gently caressed her stomach. He kissed her neck so softly. She turned her head and he looked deep into her eyes. “I know I should go because I can’t get one thought out of my head.”

She stood up and opened her hand to him. He raised a dark brow at her and asked, “Are you sure? Your daughter is her room.”

“We just have to be quiet about it,” she said softly and then blushed.

He took her hand and stood up. He pulled her into an embrace. After kissing her lips softly, he whispered, “You’re amazing.”

He followed her to her room. She stepped up to the bed and he walked up behind her. He reached around her and unbuttoned her blouse while he kissed her neck. He slid the blouse off her and then unbuckled her bra. He slid it off and he laid both hands on her breasts. He messaged her nipples and nibbled on her neck. She leaned up against him, running her hand up his leg. While he continued to play with her breasts, she unbuckled her pants and slid them down her legs. She stepped out of them and he whispered, “Lay down on the bed for me, sweetness.”

She lied back on the pillow and he pulled off her panties, leaving her completely naked. He pulled off his polo and jeans before he threw them into a nearby chair. He climbed up on the bed, between her legs. He sat on his legs and put his fingers on her woman’s lips. Gently he caressed one then the other. She rocked her hips up to his fingers which was replaced with his tongue. She gasped and put the pillow over her face and bit down. He sucked her button into his mouth. He nibbled and sucked on her button as he gently inserted two fingers into her wetness. He thrust his fingers in and out as he sucked and licked her button. She raised izmir escort her hips up to his mouth. He could feel her start to quiver. She grabbed the comforter with one hand and pulled up on it and laced her fingers into his dark hair with the other. “Look at me,” he said, raising his head up.

She moved the pillow and looked down at him. Their gazes locked and he whispered, “Let go for me, sweetness. Give it to me; give into me.” He bit on the inside of her leg and she giggled. He looked up at her and grinned. “I’m going to mark what’s mine.” He went back to her leg and sucked hard until a mark appeared. Then he went back to sucking on her button as he thrust his fingers. She fell back on the pillow and her mouth fell open. Her legs started to quake and she stiffened. She put the pillow to her mouth and she screamed into it as spasm after spasm hit her. Before her spasms slowed, he had slid up her body and penetrated her. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the lips as she moaned. He pushed deep and hard into her as she started to quake. She kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, “I do love you, Michael.”

He kissed her hard as he started to stiffen and then he moaned her name into her mouth as he spurted his seed inside of her. He rested his forehead against hers and then put his face into her neck as she wrapped her arms tighter around him. “I love you, sweetness. I enjoy being with you so very much. I’ve never been with a woman who just surrenders to my desires like you do. I want to explore more with you, give you so much more, my lover.”

He rolled onto his back and he pulled her onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her before he gently ran his fingers up and down her back. Soon they were sleeping in each other’s arms. She woke up with a start and he was sound asleep tangled in her arms. Gently she woke him up and said, “You have to go before Ginny wakes up.”

Michael kissed her passionately and hopped off the bed. He grabbed his polo and jeans before he slipped on his sneakers. She put on her robe and walked him to the door. He cupped her face and said, “I can’t wait to hold you again, sweetness. I will miss you very much.” He kissed her and then left. Angeline went back to her bedroom and dressed in a nightgown before she crawled back into bed. She put her face to his pillow. She could smell him.

The next weekend Ginny was back to her father’s house. After Angeline took her to the train, she opened her cell phone. She looked at her watch. It was only 3. She knew he would be at work.

“Adolfo, here,” he said in his officially sounding voice.

“Hello, Michael,” she said.

“Angeline, how are you, sweetness? I have been thinking about you. It has been almost a week since I last saw you.”

“Are you busy this weekend?”

“No, did you have ideas for the weekend?” he asked with a husky voice. She could hear the passion in his voice.

“How about we spend the weekend at my apartment? We can be as loud as we want and we will be completely alone.”

“I’ll be there at 6,” he said.

“I look forward to it,” she said.

“I love you, sweetness. Good bye.”

“I love you, Michael. Good bye.”

Angeline placed candles all over her room. She dressed in a black negligee and put her hair up into a French twist. She lit the candles on her dinner table. She put on some of her best perfume and went to the door when she heard the knock. She looked in the peephole and saw Michael dressed in a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie. He was holding a bag and bouquet of roses. She opened the door for him and he looked her up and down as he took a big breath. He put down his bag and the roses before he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up. He kissed her passionately and then put her down on her bare feet. He gave her the roses and put his bag into her bedroom that was lit in candle light.

As they ate dinner, they talked and laughed together. Once the dishes were cleared, he came into the kitchen. She was closing the dishwasher when he walked up behind her. He laced his arm around her waist and kissed the nape of her neck. He bit down on the sensitive spot and she purred, “Michael, you know just how to touch me.” She turned around and put her arms around his neck. He kissed her softly and then whispered, “I do love spending time with you.”

“I love spending time with you.”

“I wish I met you when I was 25. I would have married you and been happy growing old with you. You have such passion in you. I don’t ever want to let you go. I enjoy you so very much, sweetness. I know it won’t be long until I will want to see you everyday, spend every night in your arms. I hope that doesn’t scare you, my sweet.”

She shook her head and said, “I know how intense we are together. It only gets hotter and more intense as we go. I want us to be together as long as you want. I’m yours.”

He kissed her and then took her hand. He led her to the bedroom. After he pulled off his tie and then pulled off his shirt, he kissed her gently on the lips. He lifted the straps of her negligee and pushed the straps down her arms, sending shivers through her. He pushed down her panties and took her hand. “Climb up on the bed on your knees facing away from me.”

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