Christmas with Summer Ch. 03

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“Where did you delinquents run off and disappear to? Christ, you two look like you just won the lotto!”

We were all in the kitchen, and John was smirking at a grinning Dave and Summer. Dave was in his shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Summer stood beside him wearing only her amazingly tiny terry cloth beach shorts and sheer cover-up top, which was buttoned at just one spot a few inches below her bare breasts. Made of a pale pink gauze material, it hung loosely above her belly button to reveal a beautiful expanse of golden brown skin down to the upper edge of her skimpy shorts. Since her sheer cover-up wasn’t designed to be worn without a bikini top or bra, her excited breasts were essentially naked, and her shorts were so small that if she’d had any pubic hair it would’ve shown in the valley formed by her hip bones and lower abdomen. Instead, the front of her shorts offered a captivating view of her satin-smooth mound. In the back, more than half of her bewitching bottom was exposed.

Rather than answer John’s question, Summer chose to deflect. “Where did you guys go? You totally ditched us!”

“We went to grab some stuff for the football games on New Year’s Day,” Aaron said, and John punched him in the shoulder.

Summer just laughed, “You guys are the worst liars ever!” She turned her attention to a sheepish Dave, who was idly picking a piece of nonexistent lint from his t-shirt. “You said they went off to play basketball, so you’re in on this too! Okay, fine, if you guys are really that desperate to keep some big secret from me, why don’t we just build you a nice Calvin and Hobbes treehouse with a ‘No Girls Allowed!’ sign! You monkeys can sit up there and scheme your dorky schemes without having to worry about some kooties-carrying GIRL hanging around to foil your dastardly plans!”

We were all beaming at her, and she couldn’t help but get caught up in it.

“Fine. Whatever you guys are up to, it just better be good,” she grinned.

“Now hold on there, missy,” Aaron said. “Let’s get back to you two. Where were you, and why does Dave look like even more of a drooling mongoloid than usual?”

“Hold on, gentlemen,” I said. “I recognize that look. I’d bet my left nut that Summer had another adventure while we were away. I would also guess from his goofy expression that Summer must have included Dave in her latest escapade. Is that about right, Dave?”

“A gentleman never kisses and tells…” Summer said, protecting her gallant knight’s honor.

“Fine,” said John. “Dave is a gentleman, so he’s off the hook, but you’re not. There’s no rule against a lady kissing and telling, so spill it!”

A grinning Summer playfully kicked John in the stomach, and he caught her foot in his hands. As they stumbled together into the den, he held on; Summer was forced to hop around awkwardly, laughing at him to let her go while calling him every foul and perfectly accurate name in the book.

Even hopping around so gracelessly, Summer still managed to draw gasps from Aaron and especially Dave, who stood right beside her. At the best of times, her beach shorts only just covered the bare necessities. Sans her g-string panties, with one leg raised to waist level? Adding to the sexy tableau was her barely-there top shifting back and forth over her jiggling tits.

Truly, we were being treated to a rare combination of erotic beauty and slapstick comedy. As Summer twisted and hopped around on one leg, her breasts kept bouncing into the open, and her tiny shorts were gapping to expose her naked pussy. With the way her lower mouth was also jumping up and down and winking open and closed, even her gorgeous pussy looked like it was giggling happily!

“Incredible,” Aaron said to Dave, who could only nod in agreement.

“Let me go!!” cried Summer.

“Speak, and ye shall be set free!” crowed John, adding a hearty baritone laugh.

Summer was hopping, twisting and slapping at John to let her go, and I guess Dave became concerned for her safety, perhaps thinking she’d wrench her knee or something. I don’t know, but for whatever reason, he came to her rescue by holding her up from behind. Wrapping his hands around her waist, he lifted her until she was crotch high, stretched out between himself and John.

“Haaaa!” Summer exulted, laughing at John. “Whatcha gonna do now, smart guy? At least someone here has a shred of chivalry!”

Suspended in the air between them, a giggling, twisting Summer was playfully kicking John in the stomach with her newly emancipated hopping foot. John would try to catch it, only to have her kick him with her other foot.

Quickly realizing he’d been defeated, he abruptly let her go, and with her legs spread wide her lower body dropped unceremoniously to the floor – thump! Dave was still holding her upright, his forearms having slid beneath her armpits. When she’d fallen, his wrists had tugged on her wispy top to the point that her one button had popped open.

He suddenly realized that he was cupping her naked breasts.

“Jeez, ankara escort cop a feel, why don’t you?” she grinned, looking up at him. Trying to balance herself, she was leaning back against him with her knees bent and her legs spread. She smiled at the sight of his hands holding her breasts.

Blushing furiously, Dave quickly released her, though not before we were again treated to a clear shot of her naked pussy through the leg holes of her tiny shorts. Having taken his hands away, he’d also left her breasts completely bare.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to—”

“I was only kidding, sweetie!” she said, cutting him off with a beautiful grin. “Everyone else in this house keeps having ‘accidents’ where I end up naked, so how could I be mad at you when you do it too? Besides, you’re the only one who always defends my honor when I’m attacked by these brutish louts!” Still grinning, she dismissively waved her hand in the general direction of John and Aaron, who laughed at her praise.

With Dave still kneeling behind her she demurely pulled her top closed, though she made no move to button it. Instead, she let the two sides of her sheer blouse rest loosely atop her erect nipples as she reached back over her head to take his hands and bring them below her breasts. Snuggling into him, she cupped their hands together on her bare stomach.

“Oh, okay,” she said, skootching down a bit to lay her shoulders in Dave’s lap. He was sitting Indian-style behind her, and her legs were still spread. I could definitely see her pussy through the gaping leg holes of her tiny shorts. I was pretty sure Aaron and John could too, as they were standing on either side of me. “I’ll tell you guys what happened…” she smiled. Closing her eyes, she casually began to loll her knees open and closed.

Though she lay nearly naked between us on a hardwood floor, she seemed quite relaxed. She was just remarkable, and so incredibly sexy.

“We went to the beach together, David and I…” she began, caressing Dave’s hands atop her bare tummy.

“Yeah…and?” grinned John, kneeling to take a seat beside her hip. Aaron and I did the same, forming a circle around her. John sat to her left, I was down by her feet between her spread legs, and Aaron cozied up to her right thigh.

“So, once we’d picked a good spot,” she continued, smiling to herself with her eyes closed, “I peeled off this top and slipped out of these little shorts. David and I played together in the surf.”

Dave smiled at her, and she squeezed his hands. She was obviously leaving out the pertinent stuff. Just as obviously, they were thoroughly enjoying her little tease.

John asked, “You went naked in the ocean, just like that?”

“Oh, didn’t I mention that I had something on beneath these little cover-ups?”

“No, you didn’t,” I chuckled, stroking her ankle.

Smiling softly, she lay her foot in my lap. “My mistake,” she said, her eyes still closed. “No, I didn’t just run naked into the ocean. I had my bikini on.”

Aaron grinned, “Your bikini seems to have gone missing, Summer. All I see is you beneath your beautiful outfit.”

“Oh, David has it somewhere,” she smiled.

“Yep,” Dave said, patting her beach bag. “It’s right here. That is one niiiice bikini.”

“You sure did seem to like it,” she purred, reaching up behind her head to cup his face and playfully tickle his chin. “I wore my Wicked Weasel, the pink g-string bikini. You know the one,” she said, opening her eyes to look at me. Running her left foot along the outside of my thigh, she gave me a devilish smile as her tiny shorts gapped further on that side.

I could see her labia moistly parting, revealing her pink center. When I began to caress her thigh, she spread her legs quite a bit wider, fully opening herself to us.

Also, when she’d brought her hands to Dave’s face, the left side of her blouse fell from her breast. She saw it slip away; biting her lip, she closed her eyes again.

She was definitely turned on, and more than a little nervous.

Dave leaned down to cover her back up. She put her hand over his, pressing it firmly to her breast. “Thank you, sweetie. I don’t think these other guys will help me at all,” she cooed, her lips parting into another soft smile when he began gently squeezing and caressing her beautiful breast.

“Yeah, yeah,” John said, clearly agitated. “What happened next?”

“My, aren’t you the excitable boy! So curious!” she giggled. “What happened next?” she smiled, turning to Aaron. “What would you guess happened next?” Taking his hand, she placed it high on her thigh. She had Dave’s left hand on her breast, the other on her bare stomach, Aaron’s hand on her thigh, and I was caressing her calf. Only John wasn’t touching her as she continued to smile at Aaron.

Smiling right back, Aaron caressed her thigh, his circling fingertips drawing nearer and nearer to her pussy. “Well, I would guess that you made Dave and a lot of other lucky beachgoers very happy.”

She looked escort ankara up at Dave. “Only a few, huh?”

“Four, if you count me,” he grinned.

“Should I even count you, though? You just sat there, reading your book.”

They exchanged smiles, and he gave her breast a firmer squeeze. Arching her back while clutching his hand in appreciation, she let out a breathy gasp.

John was losing his mind. “He sat there reading his book while you were doing WHAT?”

With a cute little laugh, Summer gently kneed him in the leg. Grabbing her thigh, he held it as a warning, letting her know that he could easily mess with her again.

Once she had all of us touching her, she arched her back more dramatically and spread her legs even wider. Letting loose with a comically fake moan, she cried out, “You’re on to me, John! It’s exactly what you suspect! I fucked EVERYONE! Starting off, I stripped naked; then, while David read his book, I roamed up and down the beach giving blowjobs to the churro vendors. ‘Oh yeah, baby, give me your big, thick, hot churro!'” Wildly thrusting her hips, she cupped her breasts and faked a mind-blowing orgasm as she continued, “God, John, you should’ve seen me. I was so out of control that I literally went to my knees and begged David to fuck me right there on the picnic table, but he just wouldn’t! I was going out of my mind with sheer lust, wondering who could I get to fuck my brains out, when a bunch of volleyball players came over and at least temporarily sated my wicked hunger by treating me to an awesome gangbang! Ooooooh, it was so great, David, wasn’t it?”

Dave just sat there in silence, beaming over her performance. Sliding both hands beneath her top, he squeezed her bare breasts, and she beamed right back at him. John was grinning as he looked over at Aaron, then back to Summer. Smiling coyly, she suggestively sucked her pinky to tease him even more. He glanced at Aaron, and they exchanged quick nods.

Summer exploded in a fit of laughing spasms when they jumped her with another massive tickle attack! While Dave held her arms, I held her feet – proper and just punishment for her tormenting of poor John.

Aaron and John just went crazy on her! They frantically tickled her tummy, her armpits, the undersides of her thighs, and everywhere else she’d respond. Summer was bucking wildly in her efforts to escape, her firm, naked breasts bouncing madly as her hips thrashed. The only thing keeping her shorts from coming all the way off was the fact that her legs were so widely spread. Her skimpy little shorts had slid down to where we could all see her bare slit, and with each bucking of her hips her fully engorged clit tantalized our hungry eyes.

Finally, by some unspoken arrangement, we declared a cease-fire.

Summer lay panting in Dave’s arms, gently punching us. With her top open and moisture shining on her smooth skin, her pussy pink and glistening, she was beautifully naked. Slowly a glowing, happy smile came to her face. “You guys are just terrible,” she said softly.

“Did you really wear your pink g-string bikini?” I asked.

“Yes…at least for a little while.”

The challenge was clear in her sparkling eyes.

“When did you take it off?” I asked, throwing it back to her.

“When it was time to begin some serious flirting. David wanted to watch me flirt.”

Dave tensed at that.

“It’s okay, sweetie. Relax,” she said, returning his hands to her bare breasts.

Naked, surrounded by four lusting guys, Summer was telling the biggest and burliest one to relax. Amazing.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” grinned John, turning to me. “What’s the big deal about her pink bikini?”

“Jeez! Fine, let me up,” Summer said, laughing at John’s anxiousness. “I’ll put it on already, okay? If you guys wouldn’t have ditched us, you would’ve already seen me in it all day anyway!”

Sitting up against Dave, she shook her shoulders, making her top float into his lap. Leaning back, she brought her knees together before lifting her hips to slide her shorts off. When she raised her feet nice and high to slip the tiny scrap of terry cloth down her legs, damn, her pussy looked so enticing with her swollen lips tucked neatly together in the gap at the top of her perfect thighs.

Completely naked, she rolled onto her hands and knees, facing away from us. Reaching diagonally across Dave’s lap, she grabbed her bag and began searching for her bikini. Her ass was raised high, and with a little giggle she gave it a sexy wiggle. At the sight of her bent over so invitingly, I leaned forward to kiss her wet, smiling pussy. She gasped, then she simply lowered her head and upper body to the floor. Spreading her legs, she continued to wiggle her bottom as I penetrated her beautiful sex. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, letting me lick her ass and pussy for many long moments before I finally sat up again.

Still wiggling her bottom, she poked her head back into her beach bag to resume her search. “Aha! There you are!” she giggled. ankara escort bayan Triumphantly holding up her bikini, she showed us the tiny strips of pink Lycra. “Be right back!” she said happily, literally skipping away.

We all watched as first her tits bounced merrily past us, then it was her incredible ass and gorgeous pussy dancing together atop those perfect thighs, until finally she’d scampered out of sight.

“As if there was ever any doubt,” said John, after a long silence.

“Nope. None,” I grinned.

“Did you guys get everything handled?” Dave asked.

“We’re all set,” said Aaron.

“Do you think she suspects anything?” I asked Dave. “You were with her all day. Was she suspicious about us bailing on her?”

“Nope. She completely bought it, and she wouldn’t have suspected a damn thing if you morons could’ve just gotten your stories straight! You told me to tell her you were out playing basketball!”

“My fault,” I said. “I told you and John, but I never got around to telling Aaron. Oh well. So, okay, fine, she knows something’s up.”

“Yeah,” John said, “but there’s no way she could have any idea what it is. Besides, remember her gift to me?”

“You’re supposed to design a fun game for everyone,” I said.

“Right. Think about it. That fits perfectly with what we’re already planning. She knows she assigned us each our different tasks, so she knows we have to come up with something creative now. That’s all she’ll think we were doing. No way in hell she’ll ever suspect what we really did today, and I’ll just make it part of my assignment. Everything will appear completely normal to her. She’ll never see it coming.”

“Okay, what are you guys whispering about now? What’s this about ‘cumming,’ and why wasn’t I invited?”

Smiling playfully for everyone, Summer had returned to the den wearing her pale pink g-string bikini. I don’t know what she did while she was away, but the little triangles of her totally sheer top barely covered her nipples. They certainly didn’t cover her delicious light brown areolas, which were fully exposed on either side of the narrow triangles. Her top was damp, so it hid nothing, and her tiny g-string bottoms were equally damp and transparent. They were also sitting slightly askew over her pussy, leaving a beautiful crimson lip showing.

Grinning, she stood before us with her hands on her hips.

“Yep, that’s the one,” I said to John, proudly gesturing to her scandalous bikini.

“Wow, Summer, you wore that to the beach?” Aaron asked, his question equal parts lust and surprise.

“Most of the time, yep!” she answered brightly.

“But not the whole time,” added Dave, which obviously surprised and delighted Summer.

“Nope!” she said, laughing as she climbed back into his lap. “For part of the day I wasn’t wearing it, huh?”

John said, “You mean you were wearing your little shorts and that see-through top instead of the bikini, right?”

“Yeah, at one point. That’s what she wore after she showered herself off by the snack stand, and also during the ride home,” Dave replied, gently tickling her thighs. Squealing happily, she just hugged herself more tightly against him.

“Okay,” said John, “so she was either wearing that bikini or the shorts and top, right?”

Dave and Summer shared a secret grin before laughing together. “Go ahead,” she smiled. “Tell them.”

“Fine, fine,” Dave said, with an exaggerated sigh. “John, you’re missing Option C: ‘Summer got naked.’ Once she began seriously flirting, as she calls it, she ended up going totally naked.”

“Only for David’s benefit!” she giggled sweetly.

“You got naked and flirted with this big, hairy ogre?” laughed John. Turning to Dave, he grinned, “Jesus, dude.”

“Well, yes and no,” she smiled. “I did get naked, and I was definitely flirting. It was for David’s benefit that I got naked and flirted, though it wasn’t David with whom I was actually flirting. Well, okay, it still was, really.”

Snuggling closer, she hugged Dave’s side. He responded by squeezing her hip, making her purr in his arms.

“You lost me,” Aaron said.

“Can I take a shot at it?” I asked.

“Please do,” said Summer. “I’ll bet you nail it.”

“Okay, knowing Summer, I’m guessing she got naked for Dave’s benefit, only she did it by getting naked for and flirting with another guy while making sure Dave could watch.”

“You got it, only make it ‘other guys,’ plural,” Dave said, leering at Summer, who squirmed happily in his lap. “She was absolutely fucking awesome. I’ve never seen such an incredible ‘flirting’ performance.”

Summer just laughed. “Well, maybe I went a little too far, but I knew I’d be fine. Those poor guys were terrified of David! Besides, he only got what was coming to him. He totally asked for it! He even threatened to make me walk home if I covered up!”

Beaming at Dave, she turned in his lap to straddle and hug him. Her knees were on the outside of his thighs, her arms around his neck. Her back was arched, which lifted and spread her ass, leaving her g-string only partially covering her asshole before dipping into her pussy.

Dave wrapped his big arms around her, his hands settling on her lower back.

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