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Ass Gape

“CLICK …CLICK…CLICK,” was the sound she heard, as she pulled her arm to see how far it would go. Then felt the other arm as it was pulled upwards. She pulled it back, but wasn’t strong enough.

Then “CLICK… CLICK… CLICK.” The other hand now restrained. She knew she was safe but her heart pounded with excitement. The hand cuffs held her arms above her head. They rattled as she shook them, tugging. She could see him removeing his clothing as he made his way to the foot of the bed. Blushing a little, she closed her legs that were still free. He reached up and gently removed her panties that were sticking to her puss from the moistness. Sensually slid them off. She pulled with her arms to pull herself up, but his strength was greater as he pulled her back to him. He started to spread her legs apart as she thrust a kick to let him know she still had two long weapons. He grabbed the legs and thrust them up, and pushed them to her chest. Knees now buried in her breast as he held them there tight.

Her ass was exsposed and pointing straight up in the air. It was there that his lips met with her pussy lapping from the ass to the slit, and around the clit. The tongue wet and hard and flicking, she moaned in pleasure. She pulled on the hand cuffs and then settled in to recieve. She relaxed only to tense up again as illegal bahis her pussy was ravished. He eased up on her legs but she kept them there, ass straight up in the air.

He stroked his cock that starting to swell, positioned himself and slapped it against her ass. Again and again. He put the head of his dick at her slit and rubbed them together. He could tell she was ready by her pumping hips trying to reach him and no one holding her legs yet they were still in the air. He pushed his cock over and over her wet pussy. He was now hard as a rock. She was wiggleing to greet him.

He reached up and cupped her breast and squeezed ever so gently and she pushed her body up for him to press harder. Finding the nipple, he placed it between two fingers and twisted and rolled them till she moaned. He darted his head between her legs to lick up the juices that were now flowing. Letting him know she was ready. Around every inch of her sweet slit he put his tongue. Then grabbed her hips, hardened his tongue and trust it in her as he pulled her to him. In and out the tongue went. Her hips grinding to recieve every bit of this effection.

Then he raised up and leaned forward, falling to one hand while the other wrapped behind her head. Pulling her head to him, he kissed her waiting mouth passionatly. They stretched illegal bahis siteleri there tongues and rolled them around each others. There mouths wet and hot breaths panting, his cock found the opening of her pussy and he pressed it in her as she pushed to recieve him. In the cock went and out to the edge and in even deeper as she grasp for air.

He licked down her cheek to the neck and below the ear. Trusting more and more…in deeper his cock went into the pussy each time he pushed. Her legs now wrapped around him in an attempt to comfort herself from his strong poundings. She pulled on her arms that were still bound. He sucked on her neck and thrust profusely. Pounding…pounding and thrusting with such strength that she waled out a cry, “dont…stop.”

He bowed up on his arms, arched his back and thrust even greater. Her pants and moans encouraged him. She wanted to bury her nails into him and tense to extasy. Her legs open to recieve all of him as he pounded away. A leg in each hand he spread her apart. Continued his rythem and thrust as she tensed, he could feel the inner walls of her pussy tense around his cock. Thrusting more rapidly as he swelled to his maximum size.

Feeling the head of his dick reaching the limits of her size. In and out, pounding the uterus as she screamed in pain and pleasure. canlı bahis siteleri the sound of sloshing and the flow of juices let him know she had cum. She relaxed a bit as he pounded to his full beat and quivered and continued a slower stride. She smiled as she felt the warmness in side her. He pulled his cock out of her. She wet her lips.

He layed his dick on her little bush as more cum oozed out. She kept looking at it as it shrank a bit. Whimpering and licked her lips again as she said, “I want a taste.”

He brought himself to her side as it was starting to hang. She stuck her tongue out and run it along his shaft. Licking the sticky rod and opened her mouth and swallowed it whole. Pulled back her head as it slid out of her mouth. Again she took it all in her mouth and tasted its flavor. Rolled her tongue around while it was in her mouth. The warmth and wet mouth aroused him again as it started to swell. She licked the head of his cock again as it started to rise.

“CLICK…CLICK…CLICK,” she felt her arm fall to the bed . “CLICK.. CLICK ..CLICK,”then the other. She pulled them to her side as they were tired from strain. He leaned down to kiss her, as there lips met. and their embrass was tight. He fell to the bed with her holding tight and kissing madly. She positioned herself upon him and licked his cheek. As his arms fell above him from exaustion.

There came the sound, “CLICK ..CLICK.” Then, “CLICK…CLICK.” He pulled his hands and arms to find that he was now the victum. As she smiled and said, “now my turn.” “He he,” as she snickered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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