Clone Him Or Kill Him

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You throw me on the bed and tear off my panties. I try to grab at your belt and kiss you but you push me back down, grab my legs and pull me to the end of the bed. Spreading my legs wide, you slide your palms up to the inner junction of my thighs. You use your thumbs to spread my silky lower lips apart while you inhale my scent and imagine how sweet I’m going to taste. Finally, you taste me, using the full, thick, flat surface of your tongue to slide from the bottom to the top of my pussy.

Over and over again you lick me, savoring my flavor, making me wetter and wetter while I grab your hair, trying to push your tongue deeper inside of me. You keep licking my entire pussy, but ignoring my clit. You stop just under my clit, and pulse your tongue back and forth in a concentrated motion, building pressure on just that spot until finally you plunge two thick fingers inside me closing your mouth over my clit at the same time, driving me crazy. I can’t take it anymore; I feel knot building at the base of my stomach, it feels like I’m about to explode.

I’m so wet illegal bahis and so much of my juice is flowing from me now that you can’t catch it all. Still you want more, and you won’t stop even now that I’m trying to push you away and begging you to stop. You keep sucking and licking and fucking me with your fingers, with your tongue. I give up trying to get you to release me and grab on to the bed head instead.

I feel it coming, I’m cumming… cumming, so hard I start bucking underneath you and my back arches up off the bed, my legs stiffen and my knees lock around your head as my toes curl. I feel a gush of liquid spurting from me. Oh my God, am I squirting!? I never squirt….

You sit back, pull out your fingers and look at your handy work, smiling to yourself and smirking at me. Then you stand up, and I wonder just what the hell you are doing now?

I can barely keep my eyes open I’m so exhausted. I hear your belt hit the floor and look up to see you’re now naked with your beautiful, thick, 6 inch cock standing at attention for me.

Is illegal bahis siteleri this man kidding? “I can’t even move my arm right now…I definitely can’t manage you” I say in a half humorous, half annoyed voice. You laugh and flip me over to my stomach with my knees on the ground and the rest of me against the bed.

You run your hand over my clit, through my pussy, front to back again and again. I squirted so hard and I’m still so wet, I can hear it. But I’m so sensitive down there that the slightest touch feels like an electric shock so again I try to push you away.

“I really am not going anywhere, I’m just thinking I need an hour sleep and then we can go again.” But you’re not having any of that, so you pin both my wrists behind my back and use your other hand, the hand covered in my juices to glide over your cock, lubricating it.

I can hear you starting to breathe hard behind me while you admire my body and how open my position is while you touch yourself. Then I feel the head of your cock pushing inside me… slowly at first, taking canlı bahis siteleri shallow strokes so I can get used to your width. Each time you enter me you give me just a little more until you’re almost halfway in and I’m starting to move with you.

Then you stop, pulling all the way out and before I can ask you what’s wrong, I feel you slam your full length into me. I scream your name as you fuck me long, hard and deep. You feel so good. You pull me up so my back is against your chest and you wrap your arms around me, playing with my breasts. I turn my head to look back at you and you devour my lips, your tongue invading my mouth and imitating your cock. I can still taste myself on you and you can feel my muscles clenching around your length, squeezing, convulsing and milking your cock as I cum, over and over while you ride me. You can’t hold out anymore, your hands slide down to grab my hips and you scream my name as you slam into me one last time releasing a never ending stream of your cum inside of me and collapsing on my back as your still semi hard dick slides out of me.

You sit back just to watch as your cum leaks out of my exposed, raw pussy and you can’t help but slide your fingers back into me, spreading my legs to start playing with me again.

( I need to either clone him or kill him…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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