Closing Time

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Big Tits

There she is I thought as Christina walked into work that day, we work with kids so I knew for the next six hours I would have to keep myself in check. It was fun to tease and tempt her during the day, riding that line between sexual harassment and light hearted banter. Some people you get a feel for right away, it took a little longer with her, but when the light finally began to shine as to how much would be tolerated without fear she would think it was pressuring was one of the best days I had enjoyed at work all summer long.

I watched her move about the room interacting with all the different children in the room and wondered what that well kept little body would feel like against me. How she might moan, whimper, and how her dark skin would taste on my tongue. It had gotten to the point that she was filling masturbation fantasies on the nights my significant other and I didn’t have sex.

Now before you get discouraged let me explain that my significant other doesn’t object to my having sex with another partner, as long as I’m safe about it and I don’t throw it in her face or flaunt it. She just knows I have an above average sex drive and she also rather enjoys at times hearing me tell her about some fantasy girl I would love to fuck, or past conquests. In past I want to clarify right now I hadn’t been with anyone else in all our years together, I never really felt the urge until now with a partner that would be willing. This girl was helping me indulge in those fantasies though.

I watched once more for a few moments as she stopped and bent over to pick up something and then turned coyly to see if I was watching her. She flashed a grin and then stood back up and gave me a saucy little wink. We had only flirted up to this point but I had a feeling that she might soon be ready to show me her heaven’s gate.

As the afternoon meandered along I teased her softly whispering as the children were working on an art project that I knew a lot of black men didn’t like to go down on a girl, if she needed some help I had an idea of someone that could assist her in a little oral pleasure. Leaving it at that I smiled and walked off to help out with art time. It wouldn’t take much more to turn her I was sure, I just needed a bit more teasing and foreplay. Which is just what our banter was, there was no doubt in my mind about that.

I came up behind her as the kids glided into snack time and whispered with my mouth at her neck, “I’ll bet you taste like heaven.” I watched her give a shiver as I had almost brushed her neck with my lips and the goosebumps on her arms were quite visible.

“You are so bad, Chad,” she teased.

“Are you objecting?” I asked her with a defiant smile.

“Nope, not a bit, at least not yet.”

“Let me ask you beautiful,” I started as I used her pet name we all called her at work at times, “have you ever been with a white man?”

“No,” she replied with a twinkle in her eye, “but, I figured that a white guy would be next.”

“Well listen beautiful, I don’t want some young college guy you go to school with fucking it up for the rest of us, let a man show you what it’s all about, an older man would be willing illegal bahis to make sure you are pleased every bit as much as he is.”

Just then a child came up to ask a question and that was the end of our dialogue for a while. None of the other staff in the room seemed to notice the intimacy of our conversation and we often chatted during moments that lagged like snack time. So with no fear of people gossiping we were now well on our way to a possible interlude. I knew she was closing with me that evening and wondered if I might have a shot at cornering her at some point.

Now let me briefly describe the beauty of my lust at this time. Christina is about 5’7″, matching my height almost exactly, she is thin and is light to mildly dark complected. Her hips have that sexy swell to them and I’d guess that her breasts are about 34 B in cup size. Christina’s full lips always draw my eyes to them and she just has an air of fun about her that makes her enjoyable to be around all the time. Finally she is just now 21 and in college.

Now at 29 I’m not horrible to look at either, years of military service, working out, and playing soccer has kept me in good shape. I’m about 5’7″ as well and with a pierced tongue, shaved head and both ears and nipples pierced as well as a goatee I have had a few offers over the years. Nope, not cocky ladies, just confident, I always say.

As the ratio dwindled down and the other staff left, I grinned at Christina, “So baby, what are you doing after work?”

She knew I was teasing but shook her head, “I didn’t have any plans and what about you?”

I knew I’d be taking a big chance here but what the hell, “I was thinking of staying and cleaning a little if you’d like to help that would be great.”

“Sure for a little while and then I have to get home and study a little for class tomorrow.”

After what seemed like an eternity the last child was picked up and I locked the doors to the school. It being after hours we wouldn’t be disturbed anyway now, I thought about the little plan in my head, the man gym area was a definitely out because of surveillance cameras. No reason to lose our jobs if anything did happen tonight. We straightened up for a while and then I told her if she wanted any left over snack she could go into the kitchen and get it.

Christina looked at me for a minute and then smiled, I knew she wanted some of those left over cookies and she’d go after them tonight. When she walked into the kitchen I followed her and let the door close behind me subtly flipping the lock out of her view as she was in the refrigerator digging out the bag of cookies.

I walked up behind her and when she turned around I was inches away. I didn’t give her a chance to say anything, that might break the mood at this point, and I was not prepared to give up the one opportunity I might have here. I took one step towards her and as she started to speak put my fingers to her lips, silencing her. Her lips felt so full and soft against my finger that I had to kiss her. Worst case scenario in my mind was that she would push me away.

Best case scenario was what happened though, Christina leaned back against the illegal bahis siteleri metal door to the refrigerator and then as I leaned in she closed her eyes. I paused, wanting her to meet me a little of the way at least showing she wanted this, and making her want it even more. It took a few seconds and then I heard the bag drop to the floor as I felt her hands come up around my neck and pull me to her.

The kiss was slow, with hunger and intensity that only new lovers feel. That first kiss, the anticipation of what was to come next. Not knowing what we patent as our routine and method of getting the opposite sex right where we want them. I slipped my tongue through her parted lips and when she felt the hoop in my tongue she began to tease it with her own intrigued by the object and the kiss we were sharing.

I slowly slid my hand up her t-shirt emblazoned with our company’s logo and cupped on of her breasts, working my hand under the cup of her bra and thumbing the hard nipple I found there. Lifting her shirt higher, I slid my hand around her back and unhooked her bra, cursing the gods for making back clasping bras. I fumbled for a moment, and we shared a quick giggle before resuming our kiss, once the bra was unfastened and hung loosely from her torso I broke the kiss and attacked her breasts with my mouth. Running my pierced tongue over her nipples, flicking the hard tip with the hoop in my ring. She moaned and cooed and reached down to run her hand over my rapidly rising cock.

I quickly kissed her again as I unbuttoned her jeans and slid my hand down inside her panties, I found only a light patch of hair there as I found my target. Slipping my fingers deeper I rubbed her soft pussy lips until they opened their petals to my touch, as my fingers grew more moist with her lubrication I found her clit with my thumb and stroked it softly. I grabbed her hand with my free hand and guided her to the back of the kitchen where the washer and dryer were. Finally removing my fingers from her pussy I scooped her up and sat her on the washer, before doing so I gave her jeans and panties a tug and got them down to her thighs. As I sat her on the cold metal she gave a squeal and then lifted her legs as I pulled her shoes off along with her pants and panties. As they hit the floor I came back up and embraced Christina, a long slow kiss as I worked my fingers back inside her exposed pussy now.

Christina was gasping when I broke away and pulled her legs up to my shoulders and ducked down and lapped at her swollen clit. I marveled at how her dark skin looked against my tan hands keeping her thighs spread wide. She tasted as good as I had expected and I couldn’t wait to slip my tongue deep inside her tight little pussy. Christina, lifted her hips letting me know she wanted more and as I slipped two fingers inside her I felt her pussy clamp down around them as I found her sweet spot inside. My tongue danced all over her lips and clit, doing the alphabet, and figure eights and anything else I could think of. Finally she squealed and her pink insides shivered around my fingers as she cried out, “I’m cumming!”

I continued to lick and lap at her until she pushed canlı bahis siteleri me away. It was then I realized I was still completely clothed and I think it hit her then too. “We have to get you out of those clothes that was amazing and I need to know if you fuck as good as you kiss and eat pussy.”

She slipped down off the washer and told me to take off my shirt as she knelt before me. I could feel her hands at my waistband as I lifted the shirt over my head. In that instant I felt my shorts and boxers slide down to my ankles as her mouth enveloped my cock. She didn’t give it a lick or a kiss before hand just went right into sucking my cock with those lovely full lips of hers.

I put a hand on the back of her head and caressed her hair, whispering I knew she’d be a good cocksucker and that she was doing a great job. As soon as she had gotten me completely hard, which I must say had been the minute she took me in her mouth, Christina stood up and leaned over the washing machine flicking it to the rinse cycle. As she wiggled that ass back at me she turned her head and flashed me a smile. “Come on Chad, fuck this black pussy,” she teased.

I took her beckoning and pressed my full 7 ½ inches deep inside her pussy. She moaned at once and began to push back against me. I didn’t care right then if I was the biggest or smallest dick she had ever had inside her, what mattered right then was she was on the business end of my dick and business had never been finer.

I grabbed Christina’s hips and plunged deep inside over and over, giving her ass a playful smack and telling her she was going to get employee of the month at least. “Shut up and fuck me boss,” she replied.

I watched her hands for that telltale sign as she grabbed the side of the washer and then her t-shirt which was balled up in front of her. I began to reach around her lithe body and rub her clit gently and in time with our fucking as I probed her pussy as deep as I could get. I wanted to get deeper though and I grabbed our shirts from her hand and tossed them to the floor. I pulled back long enough to maneuver her down to her hands and knees and with that sexy black ass in the air and waiting I pushed inside her tight, wet center again.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck me baby, make me cum again,” she whimpered.

I knew I was close to cumming and let her know, “Where do you want it beautiful?” I asked her.

“Anywhere Chad, in me, on me wherever you like.”

I slammed into her harder gripping her hips, I’d worry about the after effects later, I wanted to cum in and on this sexy beauty and let her know that for today she was mine. As I neared climax I felt her hands begin to caress her clit and her other hand slipped between her legs to rub my balls every chance they had. She had her face on one of the shirts and I swear Christina had never looked more beautiful than at that moment.

I picked up the pace now rapidly fucking her hard and deep as I held her hips, her moans and squeals getting steadily louder as I felt her pussy gripping and milking my cock. It put me over the edge and as I began to shoot my load inside her I gave a few more pushes and then pulled out and milked my shooting cock over her ass. Giving it a playful slap one more time.

After we cleaned up and walked out into the gym Christina gave me a quick kiss, “I’m closing with you again on Thursday,” she giggled, as we walked out to our cars.

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