Club Tub Fun Ch. 02

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“It’s a start,” she said. “We still have time unless you need to go.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere unless it’s to take you home and fuck you silly,” I said as I slid back into the tub.

Kara climbed over my lap, straddling me, her bikini rubbing my cock. I don’t know if she was aware how wild that makes me, but I pushed my hips up to meet her thrusts.

“We can do that here too,” she said. I brushed some of my cum that was on her face on to my fingers and held them out for her to lick. She sucked at them, then flicked the tip of her tongue over them to catch the last of it.

“Looks like I missed a little,” she said.

“Ummm, I kind of shot a lot,” I said.

I was a long way past 17, but I was getting hard as a teenager again. I rubbed some cum into Kara’s breasts as we kissed.

While sucking at her breasts again, I slipped my right hand into her bikini bottoms, my middle finger riding over her clit.

“Baby, I need to feel you inside me,” said Kara as she broke our kiss.

I threw caution to the bahis firmaları wind, I wanted to fuck her my absolute favorite way.

“Leave your bottoms on, baby, let me fuck you in your bikini,” I moaned.

“Ohhh, you are a naughty boy,” she said. She pulled my hand from her bottoms, licking her juices off my finger before parting them and writhing her pussy lips over my cock.

“Is that what my naughty boy wants?” she asked, balancing herself on my shoulders.

I strained upwards as she rode me, the head of my cock teased by the softness of her trimmed landing strip.

“Or is this what my naughty boy wants?” Kara asked as she slid over my cock head and let her soft pussy engulf me.

We kissed more as she slid down over me. Her lips were tight as I entered, but her pussy was silky, inviting and deep. As she rose up, Kara clenched my cock with her pussy muscles, wrapping around me as tightly as she had with her mouth.

I gripped her hips and pulled her as she rocked, watching her breasts jiggle. I don’t know kaçak iddaa exactly why women in bikinis make me so crazy, but Kara was human Viagra and it felt like each upward move stretched my cock.

Meanwhile, her moans had turned to babbling, calling out “yessyesssohhhbabyyesss” as she bounced over me.

“Ohhhgoodbaby, let me fuck you from behind,” I called out. “Mmmmyesssbaby,” she said sliding up off my cock.

Her ass was so nice and full as she turned away from me. She was only standing for a brief moment before going down on all fours and positioning herself in front of one of the jets

I moved in behind her, holding her hips as Kara pulled her bikini aside again. I made one push along her soaked pussy lips, pulled back a moment, then pushed inside her as she rocked back on me.

I cupped her breasts, fingers covering her nipples and pinching as I thrust inside her. Ramming faster, I moved one hand down and rubbed her clit as the jets pulsed against her.

“OhyesssI’mcummminnngggg,” she cried out. “Fuckmefuckmefuckme.”

Her kaçak bahis pussy let go in another torrent, spasming all over me. No longer in control enough to clench my cock with her pussy, Kara’s orgasm left her pitched forward, crying out in delight.

As she subsided, I felt another large spurt building.

“Where do you want my cum baby?” I called out, wondering if I could even stop it from gushing inside her pussy.

“Fuck my pussy, cum in it,” she said. “Cum inside me now baby.”

The first burst froze me, I rammed myself all the way inside her. I pulled back, feeling her bikini bottom caress my cock, then rammed in once more and held tight. I can’t remember everything I yelled, but I can’t remember two more intense orgasms that what she drove me to that night.

I pulled all the way out for the last spurt, spraying it inside her bikini.

When we were finished, my knees ached and it was all I could do to lean back on the seat of the tub. Kara turned around, then slid in next to me.

“God Kara, do you know how long I’ve wanted to do that?”

“I hope for about as long as I’ve wanted you to,” she said as she pulled her top up again. “I’ve got closing shift again Wednesday, do you think you can recover by then?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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