Co-Ed Fantasies Ch. 02

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It’s late on a cold, January afternoon. Once again, you’re away and I am left all alone to think of all the things that I will do to you as soon as I have the chance. I’ve been thinking more and more of investing in a set of handcuffs and using them to my liking. The more I think about it, the more aroused I become, and I begin to drift into another of my erotic fantasies.

I have just returned from the local “toy” store with a few things to spice up our sex life. As I empty out my bag, I can hardly believe all of the new playthings that I have to tantalize you with.

First of all, we have the handcuffs. Since I decided that they would be a toy for both of us, I decided to invest in the furry ones so as to keep from injuring my delicate wrists when you get the chance to have your way with me.

Next, I pull out the three vibrators that I bought as well: a 5″, 7″, and 9″. I know that we’re going to have fun using these, just because I know how much you enjoy pleasing me.

Finally, we have the blind fold. This will be used for whichever one of us wants to add a hint of mystery to our little enactments.

As I’m sitting there waiting for you to get back, I begin to test out the vibrators. Being as I wasn’t yet as aroused as I am when you’re around, I had to start bahis firmaları out with the 5″. I stripped off my clothes, and then lay down on the bed. I turn it on, and press the vibrating rod against my clit. The sensation’s almost enough to make me start cumming right then and there, so I realize that I have to tone it down a bit.

I slowly start inserting it into my now drenched pussy. I’m becoming so wrapped up in the feelings that I don’t hear you enter the room. All of a sudden, I hear you ask me if I’d like a hand with it. Unable to resist, I tell you that of course I’d like a hand with it, as well as a few other choice body parts.

As you glance over my new selection of toys, you casually pick up the handcuffs. From the look in your eyes, I can tell that I’ve lost all control over the situation and I am now at your mercy. You gently handcuff my hands together, and place them above my head. You then take the 7″ vibrator and start caressing me without turning it on. You slide it in and out of me a couple of times to make sure that it’ll fit alright, and then you turn it on.

Watching you from the position I’m in and having the vibrator buried deep inside of me makes me start to writhe in pleasure. It’s only a few seconds before I start feeling the waves of an intense orgasm washing kaçak iddaa over me. I start screaming as loudly as I can, not caring who hears me or what’s going on apart from our encounter.

I can see the look of pleasure on your face from my reaction to your tantalizing torture. I beg you to remove the handcuffs so that I can please you, but you refuse. You tell me to climb onto my knees and bend over. You reach between my legs and start caressing my clit with your fingers. The pleasure from the orgasm is still slightly throbbing in my pussy, and I try to squirm away from the pleasure, it feels so good. You quickly grab hold of my hips and gently smack my ass to let me know that you want me to stay right where I am. Knowing I have no other choice, I comply and wait for you to start teasing me again.

You pick up the 5″ vibrator, and slather it in lubricating jelly. After making sure it’s nice and lubricated, you position the tip at the entrance to my anus. Aware that I’ve never had anything bigger than your finger inserted in there, you slowly start easing it in while caressing my clit with your other hand. As soon as it’s entered as far as you’d like it to be, you turn it on, and my ass starts vibrating. I tell you to put your other fingers in my pussy and that I’ll take care of rubbing kaçak bahis my clit.

The pleasure is so intense is that I quickly start shaking in the throes of another powerful orgasm. As soon as I’m finished, you remove the vibrator from my ass and throw it to the side. You finally decide that it’s alright to take the handcuffs off of my hands, and I immediately turn around and push you down on the bed. I then straddle your face and begin sucking your thick rod in a 69 position. You realize what I’m doing and quickly start licking my pussy… I’m sucking you so hard that you can’t seem to keep up… I slow down and lick my way up and down your huge cock. I take just the tip of your penis in my mouth and gently suck on the head. I can tell it’s driving you wild, and you remove your face from my pussy and beg me to let you fuck me.

So I turn around and straddle your throbbing cock. I’m riding you very slowly at first, then I speed up, until I’m riding you so hard that the bed feels like it’s going to break. I can tell by the look on your face that you’re incredibly close to cumming, and I ride you harder and harder, until your juices explode inside of my throbbing, wet pussy. Just as you finish, I start cumming again. That’s when I realize that I forgot to use the blindfold… I guess it’s something that we’ll have to save for next time…

I slowly drift out of my fantasy and begin to get ready for the evening to be spent driving you wild. Note to self: visit 24 hour porn store ASAP.

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