Co-Worker Fantasy Pt. 03

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Jacob got off the couch and headed back for the door between the rooms.

“I’m going to grab a shower before we go” he said over his shoulder as he crossed the threshold between the rooms.

She felt the space behind her on the couch getting cold and decided to get up and figure out what clothes she was putting back on. While walking to the bathroom to gauge her own current appearance she noticed he had left the doors between the rooms open and the bathroom door was wide open as well. She could hear the sounds of the shower and saw steam coming around the door.

He had managed to get the corner room, probably by flirting with the young girl at the check-in desk and it looked a bit nicer than hers so she decided to go and take a peak around.

He had a king sized bed while she had opted for the two queens. Her room was big enough to have a couch along with the two beds but his had what was almost a living room with a large kitchenette.

She couldn’t help herself, she peaked into the bathroom.

The bathroom was large and the most impressive thing about it was the shower. It was a walk-in shower, tiled in natural stone. But it was two or three times the shower you would find in a typical home. There were several rain style shower heads along the ceiling providing more of a waterfall than a shower. There was a teak wood bench in the middle where she saw Jacob sitting, enjoying the hot water running over his body. He was sitting slightly out of the main flow, with the majority of the water running down his head and his back. He was leaning back slightly with his hands on the bench and his legs wide as little trails of water ran down his chest, following the trail of hair that led from his belly button down. He looked so relaxed and the shower looked so fancy she decided she needed to try it too. She took off her bra, her one remaining garment, and walked around the wall of glass to join him in the shower.

If he was surprised by her intrusion, he didn’t show it. She moved forward, straddling him, and sat down on his lap, her knees on the bench. She leaned forward to grab the fresh bar of soap from the ledge. Leaning back and palming the bar of soap she began to rub her hands over his chest and illegal bahis down his stomach. She followed that line of hair she had noticed from his belly button down, stopping where her thighs wrapped around his waist, and dropping the soap between their bodies. One finger trailed along the hair back up to his belly button, and she felt his abs tighten; he must be a little ticklish. Her hands moved back up his chest and she pulled her eyes away from his sexy body to look at his face. He’d closed his eyes and was slightly biting his lower lip, enjoying the attention. She got both of her hands soapy again and began rubbing his shoulders, her fingers massaging any tension she found before moving down his arms, her eyes following her hands and taking in every piece of him.

As she got lower down his arms she pulled his hands up to her waist for easier access, interlocking his finger in her own before separating them, gently pulling at his fingers as she put them back on her hips. She moved back up his arms and back to his broad shoulders, enjoying the intimate feeling of skin sliding across soapy skin. Soaping up her hands again, she leaned forward, pressing her chest against his so she could run her hands across his wide back. She felt his cock hard against her, pressing into her in its attempts to stand at full attention. Her breasts slid around his chest with each movement of her arms, lubricated by the soap already on his chest. She felt a heat in her pussy as she continued rubbing herself against him, enjoying the feeling of low friction from the soap.

After a minute, she grabbed the soap again and stood up, his penis hopped up, finally getting to stand at attention. Jacob opened his eyes to watch her, his hands still glued to her hips, but remained seated. She turned around and sat down on his lap again, sandwiching his cock between his stomach and her ass cheeks. Palming the soap she bent forward, the rotation causing her butt cheeks to rub along either side of his erect cock. She rubbed the soap along the front of his leg, he moaned as she sat back up, running her hands from his ankle to his knee causing her ass to again run along his cock which was sitting happily between her two ass cheeks. She smiled, deciding to illegal bahis siteleri give his legs a lot of extra attention so she could tease Jacob with her ass and he could enjoy the view of his cockhead sticking out from between her ass cheeks.

She leaned forward again, repeating the motion and running her hands along the front of the other leg. She felt his hands run down her back and grip her hips as she went down a third time, running along the back and sides of the first leg. When she reached the knee, nearly sitting back up again, he reached around and took the soap from her hand, wrapping his other hand across her chest and up to grab her face which upset her balance and made her lean back into him as he kissed her lips tenderly. His soft lips enfolding hers with gently nibbles and his beard tickling her face. As he kissed her, he began to rub the soap across her chest, spending extra attention to pinch her nipples between his fingers and the bar of soap. She gasped with pleasure as the warm water continued to splash down her front, and he continued to replace the soap, reaching up and taking both breasts in his large hands. She moaned as he moved his kisses down her neck, continuing to pull at her nipples, the soap making his hands run easily across her smooth skin.

He pushed her forward again and moved slowly down her back with the soap. His dick was still wedged between her ass cheeks as he reached her ass with the soap. He rubbed each of her ass cheeks in turn, running his hand under each one and giving it a squeeze as she continued to sit on him. He continued rubbing the soap around her ass cheeks, running his fingers down the crevice and around his cock. He pulled her back towards him and she felt his cock slipping easily between her cheeks with the new lubrication. His hands returned to her breasts, but one quickly slipped down her stomach and rubbed the hard bar of soap in circles around her clit. She gasped, surprised, then began moaning and leaned her head back into him, rotating her hips to match his hand. She felt his hard cock sliding between her ass cheeks with each rotation of her hips. He reached around, pulling each of her legs over his knees, opening her up completely to him. She moaned canlı bahis siteleri loudly as his hand continued to push the hard bar of soap against her. His other hand moved down, teasing her slit which as dripping at this point, and not with water. He ran his fingers along the length of her pussy, slipping two fingers into her warmth, and she gasped as they found her g-spot right away. Between his fingers inside her and the bar of soap rubbing around her clit, she began breathing faster and moaning as she felt the pressure building. Hearing her getting close he increased his pace and made tighter circles with the soap around her clit. He began rubbing the hard bar of soap directly on her clit and she came hard with a scream, her pussy gripping his fingers inside of her and her hands reaching behind her to grab his hair as she arched her back into her orgasm.

When she came back to herself, still sitting in his lap, supported by his arms around her, she was distinctly aware of his hard cock between her ass cheeks. He was still moving his hips a little bit, almost like a twitch, obviously enjoying the feeling of his cock moving between her ass cheeks.

She slipped down onto her knees and took him in her mouth, his hard flesh tasting slightly of soap. She put pressure on his head with the inside of her cheek as she used her tongue to tease the length of his cock.

He grabbed her head, urgently, “I’m really close to cumming.”

She slowed her pace, smiling up at him and licking up his entire length slowly. He leaned back again, taking a deep breath.

She renewed her attention on his thick cock with vigor, grabbing his balls with one hand and stroking his shaft with the other.

He groaned as she wrapped her lips around him again and her tongue flicked across his head. He grabbed her head, and wrapped his fingers into her hair. She continued to pull him in and out of her mouth, one hand following her mouth, wrapped around his cock and her other hand playing with his balls, squeezing lightly. She felt him tense, his knees moving inward and his hand clamping down, pinning her in place as she took him fully into her mouth. He held her head on his cock as he came, yelling loudly, squirting his load in her mouth while she continued licking his cock, swallowing each squirt of his cum.

“Damn” he said.

Still kneeling on the floor in front of him, she leaned against him and laughed, “I was hungry, don’t you know you have to feed your woman?!”

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