Coffee Shop Meeting

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I never thought I would be doing this, but here I am. I’m sitting in my car outside Starbucks. It’s 5:15pm. Time to go in. I was hoping to see you arrive first and watch you go in. I had hoped seeing you while hidden in my car would help ease my nerves. But I never saw you pull up. As a matter of fact, in the last 10 minutes of my sitting here, I didn’t see anyone walk in. Did you change your mind? There are a couple cars in the parking lot though, so perhaps you beat me here.

I flip down the visor and check my reflection. I fix a stray hair, straighten my glasses, and sigh. It’s now or never. You had assured me I have no reason to be nervous. We’ve talked for several months online. We’ve seen pictures of each other. We’ve shared secrets that no one else in the world knows about. Regardless, I am a ball of nerves. But the butterflies in my stomach are not just nerves – I am excited, too. To finally meet you in person. To finally see your face light up when you smile.

I open the door, climb out of my car, take a deep breath to calm myself, and push the door closed. As I walk towards the door, the heels of my boots click against the cement (I promised you I would wear the tall black boots you have been dying to see me in) and my black knee-length skirt flows in the light early-spring breeze. I cross my arms to ward off the light chill in the air – it was too warm for a jacket today. So I chose a thin, long-sleeve, form-fitting red v-neck shirt.

I reach the entrance and pull open the door. I walk in, scan the coffee shop, and I see you standing off to the side waiting for me. You are wearing black slacks and a blue button-down shirt, open at the collar, and sleeves rolled-up casually on you forearms. You are looking at me and smiling. And as soon as I see your smile, I can’t help but smile back. The nerves immediately begin to subside – although the butterflies are still in full force.

I walk towards you and greet you with a friendly hug. I immediately notice how strong your arms feel and how sexy your broad shoulders are. You give me a friendly kiss on the cheek, and I slide my arm through yours as we walk to the counter and order our drinks. As we wait for the drinks to be made, we make small talk – how was work, how was traffic, enjoying the warmer temps? After we are given our drinks, we find a 2-seat table towards the back of the restaurant.

I expected my shyness to kick in, but instead, illegal bahis I feel at ease with you. Conversation is flowing easily, and there are no awkward pauses. At one point, the conversation does lull, but it’s still comfortable. It is like we have met before – which I suppose we have, only we had been separated by a keyboard. Now, as we sit face-to-face, the connection is even stronger than I could have imagined.

As I set my drink down, you reach for my hand. I let you take it, and we interlace our fingers playfully. You reach you other hand across the table and hold it there expectantly. I happily oblige, and our fingers of both hands are interlaced, with our forearms resting on the small table. There’s not much space between us now. And we’ve stopped talking. We’re just staring at each other. I let my gaze drop to your lips, then back up to your sexy green eyes. I see you smirk, as I feel you lightly tug my hands, inviting me to lean closer. I lean towards you, and see your eyes lock on my lips. I give your hands a gentle squeeze, letting you know it’s alright.

Our lips brush against each other gently at first. Then the kiss turns into something more passionate. I tease your lips with just the tip of my tongue, inviting you to do the same. Our tongues dance inside our kisses, and I feel the heat between us roar to life. Suddenly, all of those steamy conversations come to mind and I don’t feel like holding back.

I pull away for a moment, and glance around the coffee shop. We are the only ones here besides the people working behind the counter. Behind where you are sitting, there is a hallway leading towards the back, and my assumption is that there could be a restroom hiding back there. I give you a misconceives look, then I stand up and pull you up with me. I make my way down the hallway, pulling you behind me. I sneak a peek back at you to see your reaction, and all I see is your sexy smirk.

As expected, at the end of the hall there is a public restroom. No one sees us, so I lead us inside and lock the door behind us. I turn to you and we pick up where we left off, making out passionately. Only now, we have the privacy needed to let our hands roam. You pull me close to you, sliding your hands along my back and down to my ass. My arms are circled around your neck, and I am sliding my fingers through your hair, lightly tugging as I catch your bottom lip between my teeth, nibbling and illegal bahis siteleri pulling softly.

With my body pressed against yours, I can feel you coming alive. I pull one of my arms down from around your neck, and slide my hand down along your chest, your abdomen, your waist…. I slip my hand between us, and grip the hardening bulge between your legs. I reach for your belt buckle, but your hand finds mine and stops me. You whisper, “Not yet.” Your warm breath across my ear makes my breath catch.

You guide me so I’m against the wall, and you slip one of your strong hands up my shirt and under my bra. Your thumb brushes back and forth over my puckered nipple, making my heart flutter. You then slide your hands down my sides, as you lower yourself to your knees. You lift my shirt just high enough to leave a trail of kisses down the center of my belly. Your hands slide lower, and you slip them under my skirt. You pull my skirt up, finding that I am wearing mint green bikini-cut panties. You glance up at me, and a playful smile dances across your lips. You then lean in, grab the panties with your teeth, and pull them down around my ankles. Then you grab my boot-clad calf and guide my leg up, so that my heel is now on the seat beside you. You run the tip of your tongue from the top of my tall boots along my smooth thigh, until you reach the object of your desire.

You tease my clit by circling your tongue around it slowly, then you dip your tongue into my pussy and taste the sweet wetness you have caused. I drag my fingers through your hair, as you skillfully lick and suck and taste me. I throw my head back against the wall as my hips start to rock. I grip your hair between my fingers as you drive me over the edge. My breathing is hard and I bite my lip to stop myself from crying out as I cum for you. You hear me whisper “oh my god” as I my climax starts to subside into waves. You continue licking, but my pussy is so hot and sensitive, I have to push you away.

I reach for your arms, and I pull you up. I trace your lips with my tongue, tasting myself on them. And between kisses, I whisper, “My turn.” I turn us so that you are now leaning against the wall. As I lick the last of my juices from your lips, I reach for your belt and unbuckle it. I unzip and unbutton your pants, and slide my hand between your boxers and your pants, gripping your hardness.

I squat down in front of you, getting canlı bahis siteleri down on my knees, as I pull your pants to your ankles. I then slide my fingers under your boxers and pull them down as well, releasing your throbbing cock. I drag my nails gently up your legs, resting one hand on your thigh and grabbing your cock with the other. I start stroking it slowly, and I flick the end of your cock with the tip of my tongue, as I look up at you through my eyelashes. I can see the pleasure on your face – your eyes half closed, that sexy smirk.

I am enjoying teasing you, but enough teasing already. I want to taste your cock. I want to wrap my tongue around it, and feel it throb in my mouth. I don’t hold back – I take your entire cock into my mouth, keeping my hand on the base of it with a tight grip as I stroke with a combination of my tongue, lips, and hand. As I am sucking, I begin to swirl my tongue around your cock. I slide my other hand from your thigh to between your legs, and I gently touch your balls, sliding one finger along the skin and behind them, finding that little-known-about sensitive spot.

I feel your hands resting on my bobbing head, guiding me to go faster. I tighten my grip and suck harder, anticipating the taste of your cum. I continue to caress with my other hand, slipping just the tip of one finger into you. This pushes you to your point of no return. You grab my hair as you shoot hot cum into my mouth. I greedily suck it out of you, wanting more. As you finish cumming in my mouth, I slide my lips along the length of your sensitive cock, making sure I clean every last drop. I swallow the warm, salty cum and lick my lips as I get off my knees and stand before you. You kiss me right away, hoping to get a small taste of yourself, and you find a touch of saltiness on the sweetness of my lips.

We linger for a moment, with our arms wrapped around each other, as you regain composure. I step away from you and reach down to pull my panties up, as they were still around my ankle. And you pull your boxers and pants up. I help you with your belt buckle, just so I can graze my fingers across your sensitive cock. And once we are composed and put together again, we leave the restroom and walk through the restaurant hand-in-hand. It’s time for me to go home, so you walk me to my car. We linger by my car, kissing, smiling, just enjoying each other. You ask if I’m still nervous and I laugh, knowing full well that you will never believe that I am really shy, naive and innocent as I previously warned.

We kiss good night, and I get into my car. It was an unbelievable first in-person meeting. I am looking forward to the second….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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