Come Sail Away

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Big Tits

We were away on our annual spring getaway to the Caribbean. We were so very lucky to have been able find such a remote location down there. A place where the two of us can always come and just get away from everything but ourselves.

Our condo was located on one of the smaller islands in this Caribbean Paradise. The island was not cluttered with tourists. This time of year is considered to be the off season. You can see that this is truly the best get away anybody could imagine.

On the fourth day of our 2 week vacation we had rented a 35 foot sail boat. The two of us were looking forward to the time out on the open water.

The morning was simply wonderful. The clean, salty sea air filled our lungs and the ocean surface was being caressed by the new light of the day. The sea was very calm and inviting. We got to the slip around 10am and boarded our sail boat. It had been stocked with fresh fruit, bottled water, shrimp and crab, champagne, and various pre-made meals for snacking on. Everything was perfect for our 36 hours on the water.

You were wearing a pair of light blue loose fitting shorts and a T-shirt. Your hair had been braided the day we arrived. You told me that you were wearing a brand new bikini that I have not yet seen. You had saved wearing it until today.

We headed out to sea as the gentle breeze filled the sail and took us out on our little journey. Remember that I have such fine sailing skills! We snacked on grapes, strawberries, and other fresh fruit as we sailed along off the shore. After an hour or so we were about a mile down the shore and a quarter mile away from the island. Clear blue water was all around us winking and blinking at us as the sun danced on the gentle waves. This island is known for it’s very large and colorful coral reefs.

We decided to drop anchor and stay here and enjoy the nice afternoon. I suggested that we go snorkeling but you told me that you wanted to take advantage of some sun bathing before it got too hot for you. You told me that it was okay with you that I go snorkeling by myself while you get some rays.

I went down below to get the stuff for snorkeling. You went up to the front of the boat where there was a big area on the deck to lay your towel on the wooden surface. When I got back up from below you had removed your shorts and T-shirt. Leaving me a very nice view of your new bikini. It was hot pink string bikini made of a shinny looking material. The top had just enough material to cover your firm breasts. The bottom was a g-string type that left more for my imagination. The front had a small triangle covering your mound and the sides were of string and were tied. You had done so much fake baking before we got to the Caribbean that the 3 days that we were here had given your skin a very nice bronze look. You asked me what I thought as you slowly turned a 360 showing me every curve of your beautiful body. The cheeks of your exposed ass looked very inviting. I just stood there and smiled as I ogled over your body.

I threw the boat ladder over the side of the boat and then jumped into the water leaving you to your sunning. You sat down in the middle of the towel and reached for your bottle of coconut oil. As you slowly dripped some on your arms your mind began to churn a bit and suddenly your heart began to race and your breath quicken some. You looked all around over the sea as the boat gently rocked in the blue water. It seemed that you were the only one in the world. You rubbed the oil into your arms and then you reached behind and untied the top of your bikini. Exposing your breasts aksaray escort to the soft sea air and the warm golden sunlight. It felt invigorating. You leaned back a little and poured some oil on your tummy. You set the bottle down and began to message the slick liquid into your skin. All around you rubbed your tummy and then into your breasts, cupping them in your hand as you lightly pinched each nipple. The thought of being totally naked on the boat caused a tingle in your pussy.

You reached down and untied the sides of your bikini bottoms and pulled the material away from your skin. Taking the bottle of oil once again, you applied some on your legs and thighs. You carefully rubbed it in making your skin shimmer and shine in the Caribbean sunlight. Your hands reached your thighs and you parted your legs. You lay down on your back on the towel and brought your legs up as your hands rubbed your ass cheeks and in between your thighs. Moving closer and closer to your now swollen pussy lips. You really ached for my touch and you had to have some kind of release or you would go crazy. Naked in the sun on the boat was too much for your thoughts to handle. Both of your hands reached for your pussy. You began thinking of what you would do if I were there with you. You took one hand and spread your lips and the other drove two fingers deep inside. You began finger fucking yourself to a frenzy until your hips were bucking upwards during your climax. Soon you came back down to earth and you caught your breath. You lay there waiting for my return as the sun glistened off of your oiled body.

Twenty or thirty minutes had passed since I last went into the water. I came to the side of the boat and began to climb the ladder that was located more towards the rear of the boat. When I got onto the deck I went to the front of the boat and found you there all sprawled out and laying on your back totally naked. My mouth just about dropped to the deck seeing you in this display. You looked good enough to eat lying there sporting no tan lines. Your eyes were closed but I knew you weren’t asleep. Your chest was rising up and down rapidly and your nipples were very hard. I could tell that you were extremely turned on. I approached you slowly trying not to make a sound. The sun and the light breeze were drying the water from my body and I had goose bumps everywhere or was it because of what I was thinking of doing to you. I reached your feet and looked at your parted legs.

You had totally shaved yourself. Something you had not done in quite a while. All of the oil that you had applied on yourself just added to the beauty that lay before me. All wet looking and turned on. I got down on all fours and crawled over your legs. Water dripped from me and landed on your oiled skin where it beaded up like a well-waxed car. You let out a gentle sigh. I reached out and placed my hands on your hips. You parted your thighs wider. I lay between them. I saw that your pussy lips were swollen and glistening. I didn’t know if the wetness was from the oil or if it was from your own juices. I leaned down and kissed you gently just above your cunt. You moaned and bent your knees up. I could think of no other place on this earth that I’d rather be than with you right now. In the sun with a light gentle sea breeze all around in the middle of the ocean and gently rocking on a boat.

I took my entire tongue and laid it flat against your pussy lips and then slowly rubbed it upward towards your hardening clit. You taste so good. A sweet nectar that I enjoy laboring for. I licked you again and anal yapan escort again taking your juices and smearing it all around your pussy. Your clit getting harder and harder. Soon I slid my tongue deep into your opening. This made you bring your legs closer to your chest. Your pussy was wide open for me to feast upon. Your breathing was very rapid and you began moaning louder. Your hips began to move up and down with my tongue. You begged for me to eat your pussy and make you cum. I wrapped my lips around your clit and attacked it with the tip of my tongue. Up and down and then side to side. Over and over again.

Your legs began to twitch and I could feel your pussy muscles begin to twitch as well. I denied your request and teased you and made your orgasm wait until I wanted you to cum. You were wreathing around on the deck of the boat as my tongue danced on your pussy. When I felt that you had had enough I brought my fingers into play and slowly inserted two of them into your wet waiting cunt. You told me that you were not going to be able hold this one back. You raised yourself on your elbows and watched me devour your pussy. My fingers moved in and out of your cunt as my tongue titillated your clit. The wave of your orgasm started to rush over you. Your pussy began to spasm against my mouth and fingers. You came so hard that your thighs began to close around my head. Your pussy twitched and twitched as it came all over my fingers and tongue soaking them with your juices. You screamed that you were cumming but your voice was lost in the endless sea around us even though the breeze carried it away. Your orgasm subsided and the boat rocked along with you as you calmed down.

You rose up and looked at me and told me that it was my turn. You told me that you had to go and cool off first. You jumped off the side of the boat into the water and I followed you in. We were side by side treading water. I went to grab for you but you dove under the water. Before I knew what was happening you had my trunks pulled down to my knees. You came back up for air and told me that I was overdressed. I took the hint and shed my trunks and tossed them back up onto the deck of the boat. We swam around naked for a little bit before we returned to the boat.

Back on the deck we dried off. You stood in front of me and took hold of my cock and began to stroke it to life. It got hard in an instant. You got down on your knees and began to kiss the head of it as your hands played with my ass. When I was good and hard you took it slowly into your mouth and moved downward as your lips wrapped around the shaft. Your hand grabbed my balls and played with them. When my cock was all the way down your throat your tongue began to move in tiny circles on the underside of my cock. It felt so incredible. You moved your mouth up and down the length of my shaft getting it all wet with your saliva. My cock glistened in the sunlight as you withdrew your mouth and kissed my balls. Again your hands went to my ass and kneaded the cheeks as your mouth returned to slide up and down my cock.

Soon you were tasting my pre cum as my hips began to pump into your mouth. You moaned a little as you tasted my love juices leak from the tip of my cock. Withdrawing my shaft from your hot mouth you instructed me to lay down on the towel on my tummy so that you could put some oil on me. You began by straddling me and sitting on my bare ass. You slowly dropped some oil on my back and began rubbing it into my shoulders first until I was nice and relaxed.

The rocking of the boat, the atakent escort warm sun, the gentle sea breeze and your delightful touch all felt wonderful. You inched your way down my back until you were to my waistline. You got up and turned around and sat back down on the middle of my back. Your ass was sliding around on my back when you put oil on my legs. You purposely rubbed your pussy into my well-oiled back. After my legs were done you pour a generous amount of oil on my ass on both cheeks and then down the crack letting it drip down to my balls. You rubbed my ass cheeks. My cock was getting hard against the wooden deck of the boat. You reached down and rubbed my nuts and got them well oiled. When you were finished you got up and instructed me to flip over. I rolled over and showed you my hard aching cock as you stood over me shadowing me against the tropical sunlight.

You stood there for a while and just stared at my cock and me. You licked your lips. You got down on one knee and straddled me. My cock was right under your pussy. You reached down and grabbed my shaft with your hand and aimed the purplish head to your wet opening. You slid down slowly until your pussy swallowed the entire length of my shaft. As you sat there you poured oil on my chest and when you began rubbing it into my skin you rocked back and forth on my cock. Then you reached to my upper shoulders to rub them letting your pussy slide up my cock.

You leaned down and kissed my mouth searching for my tongue. Then you told me that you loved the way my cock feels inside your cunt. You began riding up and down my long shaft giving it a good lube job with your pussy juices. You began moaning loudly and then you arched your back and ground your pussy into me. Rubbing your clit on my pubic hair. We both could feel my cock grow bigger. Your pussy began to spasm and you screamed that you were going to cum.

I felt it as the waves of pleasure flowed through you down to your pussy where it clenched and hugged my throbbing cock. You came all over my shaft. Then you sat there for a while catching your breath while you finished rubbing my chest. Next you stood up and turned around and sat back down. Again you sat on my cock. You leaned way over so you could put oil on my legs. As you did this it gave me a perfect view of your sweet ass and my cock inside your wet pussy. Your pussy lips were swollen and were tightly hugging my shaft.

After my legs got a good rub down you began stroking my cock with your wet hot cunt. Up and down you rode as I looked down and watched my hard, pussy juice covered cock slide in and out of your opening. You reached down and grabbed for my balls and messaged them. Then you began rubbing your clit as you fucked me. You leaned way over my legs while your hand stayed on your clit. I grabbed the oil and let some drip down the crack of your wide-open ass. I began rubbing the slick oil into your ass. You began fucking me faster and faster. Every stroke my cock left your opened hole and then back in again. The head of my cock was getting bigger and bigger and was spreading you wider and wider as it slammed into you. I told you that I was close to cumming and you began moaning again. My fingers dance on your ass hole and pussy lips. The view was more than I could handle. Your pussy began to clench down on my cock again driving me to the point of no return. I took my cock out and came all over your ass and pussy. You felt the warm come splatter your openings right when you came. You reached down and rubbed the slick goo into your pussy and clit and then you really began coming. You were wreathing in lust as the waves of orgasm swept over you again and again.

We rested a bit and then you said you wanted me to show you what I saw in the coral reef. I got up and got your snorkeling gear. We put on our flippers and masks and jumped into the water leaving our swim suits on the boat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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