Coming Home

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The ride home was hell that day – just like the day itself had been. Summers were always hot and humid and this one had been no exception. In fact, it had barely begun. The setting sun had been in my eyes most of my drive, and I was getting the edgy feeling of a headache coming on. When I got home, I was “in a mood,” as you used to say – the kind where I wanted nothing but silence, to get rid of my bra and shoes, and have a cold beer, in that order. After I pulled in the driveway and got out of the car, I got the mail, and went in the house. I thought I was the first one home – I guess I didn’t see your truck pulled around the back of the house.

I kicked off my shoes just inside the front door, and threw my briefcase on the chair. A couple of buttons on the blouse undone, and I could take off my bra, which I did, sailing it toward the chair that held my briefcase. Missed. . . oh, well. It was so damn hot. The vent in the floor partway down the hall was pumping some blissfully cold air, so I straddled it, sending an icy blast up my skirt. I hardly ever wore pantyhose, choosing stockings instead – less confining and much cooler. I pulled my still partially buttoned blouse out of my waistband, and held it out by the hem to see if I could get some of the cool air up there too. That’s how you found me when you came around the corner with the bottles of beer in your hands. I guess you had heard me drive ataköy masöz escort up.

You offered me a beer, and when I took it from your hand, you pinched my nipple through the thin silk of my blouse, the cold from your fingers and eroticism of the moment making it stiffen suddenly. You lightly rubbed the cold bottle you were holding across my other nipple, and your face broke into the wondering grin I had seen so many times before when my nipple instantly responded. I couldn’t help but grin with you – and you raised your beer in the gesture of a wordless toast. I didn’t know what we were toasting, but the beer was cold, and I never could resist your smile.

I backed slowly away from you in the semi-darkness and turned to look out the window at the setting sun, surrounded by ominous clouds that promised a storm soon. Despite the air conditioner blasting behind us, I threw the window fully open, and warm, fresh air flowed in. You followed just as slowly, till we were both standing before the open window, gazing in companionable silence at the canvas of reds, yellows, oranges, and shades of gathering gray touching the horizon with the lateness of the day. Just as the curtain began to wave lazily in at us, you moved in closer to me, lifting my hair away from my neck and starting a slow descent from my jaw downward with your lips and tongue. I could feel how ataköy otele gelen escort hard your cock was as you pulled my hip back into you, rubbing your cock against one cheek of my ass. I backed into you, lifting my hips slightly, and reached around to pull you closer. We stayed like that for a few moments, until you started tracing lazy circles on my belly with your hand, each one getting wider than the one before.

I set my beer down in the windowsill, and reached for yours too, which was empty by now. When I bent slightly to set the empty bottle down, you took advantage of the moment, sliding your still cool hand up under my skirt, and putting your other hand on the back of my neck to push me further down and raise my ass up higher. Slowly – so slowly – I felt your fingers move up my leg, and start a teasing rub on my clit through my panties. My pussy was already wet with anticipation and I’m sure you felt the heat and the wetness even before you reached inside them to rub slow, erotic circles around my clit. You humped slightly against my ass with your hard cock, and I knew if I turned now to take it out and taste, I’d find the head of your cock wet with pre-cum.

Your explorations grew more insistent – you were fingering me harder now, sliding your fingers into my juicy pussy, and rubbing my clit with your thumb. Then you started pulling ataköy rus escort my skirt up in the back, and tugging on my panties, which I was only too glad to lose. Your need had become mine, too, and I actually shivered despite the heat when I heard you open the zipper on your shorts.

Still clad in my stockings and open blouse, with my skirt over my bare ass, and panties pooled on the floor around my feet, you took me there in the open window – shoving your cock into my waiting and ready cunt with enough force to make me stand on tiptoe. My clit and my pussy were swollen and slick with my juices, and I knew you needed to feel my shuddering spasms on your cock as you made me cum. You pounded harder and harder into my pussy, your fingers on my hips gripping tightly enough to leave marks (as we later would see), and I met every stroke – pushing back off the windowsill to take your cock as deep as I could as I felt the waves of ecstasy start to build – urged on by the throaty and wordless grunts and groans we made as each of us took from and gave to the other.

Then I was exploding in a rush of electric sensations, wave after incredible wave radiating from my pussy and resonating deep into my belly. My cunt sucked greedily at your cock, and I gasped out loud as I felt you spurt hot, wet jets of cum deep inside me. Your cries were like those of an animal, and gave me another orgasmic spasm as I took all you had to give. After one last massive shudder, you helped me straighten up, your cock still buried in me, and the mix of our juices ran down my thighs. Both of us breathing heavily, you kissed the back of my sweaty neck, pinched my still hard nipples, and asked me, “All better now?”

Oh yes, darlin’. . . . all better now. . .

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