Company Coming Ch. 3

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Big Tits

“I can’t believe the two of you did that today!” We had just gone into our bedroom after having a rather quiet evening. Nothing had been mentioned about the afternoon and I had spent the evening with a raging hard-on. Finally we had called it a night and I had my first chance to be alone with Bev.

Bev laughed, “I can’t either and I CAN’T believe you came home early!…but I’m glad you did. Look at your cock, it’s been hard all evening. Is there something you want?” Bev dropped her robe and stood naked before me, her fingers tracing circles around her nipples as she teased me.

“I couldn’t believe I got hard the second time, but I never came. But my cock wouldn’t go soft. Then all evening I could only think about the two of you! How was your shower?”

“Oh damn Honey! You should have been there! She told me about Gina. They used to use her sister’s dildo and fuck themselves.” I could tell it was exciting Bev, her finger was between her thighs and she was beginning to rub deep into her slit. She sat down on the bed and motioned me over.

“Lay down here.” She patted the bed beside her as I sat beside her. She pushed me back flat and holding my cock straddled my hips lowering herself onto me. “uggggg…damn your so hard! Feel so good.” She had taken me completely to the base of my cock. Her slit spread open her finger continued playing with her clit. “She told me how they used to insert it and then watch each other jack off their clits. Don’t cum yet, I love the feel of your cock! I’ve never felt it so hard!” She wasn’t moving at all except for her fingers. The muscles of her pussy were spasming and grabbing my cock like a mouth sucking me off.

“I’m trying not to! But I can’t hold off much longer!” I tightened the muscles in my thighs and belly trying to keep from shooting my load.

“She said that one time they experimented. Did you see the size of Betty’s clit?” I could only nod my head. “She said they put their cunts together and she rubbed her clit on Gina’s and they both got off. Can you imagine! Rubbing clits together and both cumming? Ohhhhh damn Jon!…” Her finger was moving faster, the labia spread; swollen; deep pink.

“ahhhhHHHHHHH…can’t hold!!” The cum filled my balls and was traveling up the shaft.

“gaaaaaAAAAAAA…fuckkkkkKKKK!!” Her climax coursed through her body. Her finger pressed tight against her clit as she began cumming. The muscles of her cunt tightened and spasmed around my cock shaft. I held every muscle in my body tight as her pussy sucked me off. “Oh gawd Jon, I’m cumming all over your hard cock. It feels so goooooddddddd! You know Betty fucked me with her clit while we were in the shower!?…don’t you!??” Her muscles released me at the same time I couldn’t hold any longer…

“cummmmmmm…nowwwwwww…” My hips lifted up off the bed and I released my load. Volley after volley of cum shot deep into her. It began oozing along the sides of my cock and coated my balls. “She fucked you?!?!…ohhhhhhhhhhhh…” The cum had subsided but she held my cock firmly inside her.

“Yes lover she did, and I want her to do it again. And I want to do her…do all the things we didn’t when we were kids. Is that ok with you? Can I play with her …cum with her…”

“Yes…yes…anything you want to do…” My mind was in a whirl from what she was saying! “I’d love to see it!…watch it…”

“Do you want to fuck her hot pussy? Lick her clit until she cums?” Bev hadn’t moved off me and was rubbing my cum along the lips and over her clit. “Will you lick me too? Make me cum? Did you enjoy cleaning my breasts last night? You’ve never tasted your own cum before? Did you like it?” She stared into my eyes as she talked.

“I…well…it was different…but ok I guess.” That ataköy escort was the truth, but inwardly not something I really cared for.

Bev could tell my hesitation. “But you would again for me, wouldn’t you? Betty has never seen it, but told me she has masturbated thinking about it. She wants to suck your cock while she watches you lick my full pussy all clean. Just think you could use one of our fantasies that we like. The one where you watch me get fucked and filled by another man and then you come in and suck his cum out of me…”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We had fantasized about everything in the past, and that was one fantasy we both enjoyed at times. Watching her get load after load and then having me clean her up was at times a great turn-on. Only fantasy though, but then tasting my own cum yesterday hadn’t been so bad. Besides she had really found it erotic!

“Jon…I want you to do that to me right now…please? Look how hard and pink my little clitty is? Will you help me?…I’ll let you watch Betty and I do each other…and you can put your cock in her while I watch you…would you like that?” She spread the lips apart and I could see the hard button.

“Yes! YES!! I will do it…anything…your clit is so hard.” I watched as she teased along the lips and over her clit with a soft touch of her finger.

“Oh I want to cum again.” Bev slipped off my cock. It was still semi-rigid from being held inside her and slapped against my belly when she pulled off. Moving up my chest left a wet trail of my cum. She turned and lowering herself I could see my cum along her pussy lips and down between the folds towards her clit. Her knees were over my shoulders pinning my upper arms to the bed. “Then get me off lover…use your tongue…” Her pussy engulfed my mouth and she began moving slowly. Her entire slit rubbing up and down covering me with my cum and hers. “ummmmm…oh yes…that’s right… ok now…”

I felt the bed move and at the same time a hand closed around my cock. “Here’s a special treat Jon.” It had to be Betty! She held my cock just below the crown and pulled down, the skin was taunt. She held me firmly at the base making it stand rigid. I felt her lips pass over the head and take my entire length. Releasing the base she took my entire length and began to suck. “ummmm… ummm…” She began sucking the entire length taking me deep into her throat. I began licking and sucking furiously into Bev’s cunt.

“ohh damn! Jon! Yesss…” Bev leaned forward supporting herself with her hands. I could feel her breath against my belly. She continued to undulate her hips allowing me to taste the entire length of her slit. “Clean my full pussy…I’m watching Betty suck your prick…she’s licking our cum off from it…ohh lover, she’s fingering her pussy now. You can’t see it but her finger is rubbing her clit…yessss lick my hard clit!”

The taste of my own release mixed with Bev’s was intoxicating. I couldn’t suck and swallow fast enough the mixture of my salty and her sweet juices. Seeing her fucked by other men and then cleaning her filled pussy had been a fantasy of mine, and ours many times. I had never done this nor even tasted my own. This feeling of new lips sucking my cock, while my wife related in vivid detail was erotic. I could bend my arms at the elbows and held her thighs tightly, pulling her pussy tight to my lips. I forced my tongue as deep as I could lapping up all the juices and swallowed excitedly.

Betty held my cock tightly in her mouth and raised up away from it. Fully erect it slapped against my belly. “His cock is so big and so hard! Bev are these the items you wanted me to use?”

“Yes, I don’t want him to lose that beautiful hard-on!” ataköy eve gelen escort Bev rested her weight on my face and shoulders, her hands rested on my hips. “…and I am going to watch.”

I could feel Betty moving about and then felt the rubber cock ring sliding down the shaft of my cock. Bev and I had used it a number of times to keep my cock rigid. Betty pulled it down to the base then stretching it even move anchored it firmly under my balls. I could feel it pulling against the base of my shaft and also pulling against the backside of my scrotum. It wasn’t uncomfortable but caused my cock to stand straight up in the air with my balls snuggled tight against it.

“My God, look at it standing so hard and the veins sticking out!” Bev gasped.

“We should have a taste of the pre-cum leaking out.” Betty giggled. My muscles tightened as I felt two tongues licking the tip of my cock. One pair of lips would glide along the shaft and another would take the head into her mouth. Then the lips would change. They continued taking turns until my cock throbbed. My arousal at the point between pain and pleasure.

“These panties are going to be tight.” Betty remarked.

“Yes but they will work just fine, I think.”

What were they doing? Why did they have panties? I tried to move to speak but Bev’s pussy had my mouth fully occupied. I could feel the silky material being moved up over my calves and knees. Bev’s breasts pressed against my belly as leaned down and her hands cupped my asscheeks and gently spread them apart.

“Jon really likes to feel this sometimes. Especially when he is jacking off. He’ll shoot cum all over me and himself.” She pulled me apart farther and I knew then what was coming!

“Oh gawd! I’ve never done this! I want to cum just thinking about it!”

“mmmmMMMMUUUGGGFFFFF…” I moaned as Betty pressed the small cock looking dildo against my tight hole. The crown passed the tight muscle and then she slowly began fucking me. Each time it went deeper and deeper into me. Finally the entire 6 inches was buried and pressed against my prostrate. My cock held rigid by the cock ring and now this cock penetrating me!

“Yes, now pull the panties up.” Bev instructed. “But keep the front of them down under his balls and cock.” Betty pulled the panties up. When she was finished they were firmly holding the dildo in my ass and pushed my balls even tighter to the base of my cock.

“Oh my God! His cock is throbbing and so hard!” Betty stared down at the site. My cock forced to stand straight up from my belly; the cockring wrapped around it and my balls; the panties pushed up against them.

“Do you want him to fuck you? Feel his hot cum unload?” Bev had continued to press her cunt against my mouth and now moved back cradling my head in her hands. “Watch lover…watch Betty slide down your engorged prick. Do you want to cum in that hot pussy?”

“Yes…YES!” As Bev held my head in her hands I watched Betty straddle my hips, her moist slit hovering above my cock. A cock that I couldn’t believe! The veins stood out along the shaft and the beat of my heart could be seen in them, the head a deep purple. “Ohhhhgawd! Let me cum in her!” With a leg on each side of my hips caused Betty’s slit to open. The pink swollen labia framed by her soft trimmed pubic hair. Her clit at the top of the apex erect and jutting out from between the lips. The head of my cock disappeared into the heat! “uggghhhhh…” I could feel the muscles of her pussy grab at my shaft as it ascended into her. Slowly she lowered herself onto my manhood until you could only see her soft light brown hair intertwined with my own.

Reaching around behind her, Betty ataköy grup yapan escort pulled the cockring over my balls so that it gripped only my shaft. “Do you have a load for me Jon? Give me your hot load of cum. Fill me up.” Placing her hands on my hips she began pumping up and down in short complete strokes, her eyes began to glass over. The feeling was intense, her pussy held my shaft tightly and pulled the skin along the length. My balls began to fill and I could feel my juices begin to churn in my belly.

“Oh yes, fuck him! He’s getting ready to unload inside you. Look at her ride your cock Jon! Let him fill you and then do me again with your clit Betty! I want to feel your hard clit against mine!”

“agggrrrHHHHHH…” My first load of cum erupted deep inside Betty. She raised up off my cock and grabbing the dildo planted in my ass pushed it deeper and then pulled it out rapidly.

“Jack off onto my pussy…cum on my slit and all over my clit! Do it Jon…put your hot wet cum all over my slit!!”

I did as I was told, completely lost in lust! As she pulled the dildo out of my ass the next load shot past her cunt and up her belly. My hand circled my shaft and I began pumping, emptying my balls. “gawddDDDDDAMNNNNN…” Load after load splattered against her large clit and drooled down along her swollen pink slit. I continued to pump my cock until the cum flowed over the tip and down along my hand.

“Oh that feels so good!” Betty stroked her cum covered clit as they both watched the cum put a cream coating on the pinkness.

Bev reached out and cupped Betty’s breasts in her hands. “Come up here lover and let me feel your clit.” She guided Betty up over my chest and with her legs straddling my shoulders her cum soaked cunt was above my face. A trail of my cum was along my belly and chest as it dripped from her. Bev moved a little closer to her and with her legs on each side of my head I could see her swollen pouting slit right above me. “Jon I want you to watch,” and she pulled Betty tight to her. I was like slow motion! Their breasts touched and pressed tightly together…their bellys touched…as their arms went around each others waist they pulled tighter and Betty’s rigid clit met and entered Bev’s cunt lips and pressed tight against her clit.

“ohhhhhBettyyyyyyyI’m…going…cummmmmm…” Bev grabbed Betty’s asscheeks and began slamming against her. My own cock emptied had begun to soften but I continued to stroke the semi-flaccid shaft. My cum dripped off her cunt and I reached up with my tongue and began to lick the two slits that were rubbing tightly together just millimeters from my eyes.

“ohhhhhhyessssssss…” Both women gasped as my tongue licked across the two slits.

“Betty! Betty! Ohhh gawddddddd…yesssSSSSSS…” Bev’s hips bucked and churned against her friend and her orgasm slammed through her. Completely soaking her pussy and directly into my mouth. “OHH…Ohhhhhh…ohhhh…” Bev’s legs gave out and she collapsed against my mouth. My mouth sucked her juices

Slowly Bev moved back away from us and bending forward, her lips sucked the erect clit into her mouth. My own tongue worked along the slit and between the lips. I watched as Bev sucked the clit as she would my cock. Leaving my cock my hands grabbed her hips and I lifted my head closer to her sealing my mouth tight to her cunt hole. My tongue explored as deep as it could and I tasted her juices and mine. Bev continued to suck her huge clit. Suddenly Betty’s entire body began to tremble…

“OHHHHHHHHHHYESSSSSSSSSSSS…” she literally screamed and her juices filled my mouth and ran down my chin and neck. Shaking she pumped her hips against our mouths and tongues. “I’MMMM CUMMInggg…”

As her orgasm subsided I watched as Bev released her hold on Betty’s clit and as it lost it’s hardness slip back into the deep pink lips of her pussy. Together the two ladies curled up on each side of me and together holding my flaccid cock we drifted off to sleep. My own last thought as sleep overtook me…’maybe company isn’t so bad after all…”

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