Confessions of a Homewrecker Ch. 01

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It’s a late Thursday night. I am sitting at the bar in my hotel after a long hard day. I’m on a business trip in Chicago and I have done nothing but work for three days straight. I haven’t even spoken to my wife since I left New York on Monday. I’m still in my suit, too tired to change after a grueling day of meetings. I’ve just started on my third scotch of the night and, though, at thirty-two, I can hold my liquor well, things are starting to become hazy.

Like for instance, that beautiful girl who just entered the bar appears to be looking at me. Probably my imagination, for who wouldn’t want that looking at them.

She’s breathtaking. A soft, sultry face, full lips and soft gray eyes. Long layers of chestnut colored hair frame her face. Her shoulders and arms are slender and delicate. She’s wearing a red dress, cut low, revealing ample, but perky and firm, cleavage, and cut high, showing off several inches of tanned, toned thigh. Her long legs culminate in a pair of strappy black stiletto heals.

As she walks towards the bar, I sharply breathe in, hardly believing that she’s coming towards my direction. Giving me a slight smile, she sits down two seats away from mine.

“Martini, dry,” She orders in a throaty, seductive voice, as the bartender leans towards her. Before I can control myself, I blurt out, “Charge the lady’s drinks to my room.”

“Yes, sir,” The bartender replies with a knowing nod. I blush furiously, knowing exactly what the bartender is thinking, and reminding myself that I’m a married man.

To my surprise, the beauty swivels around on her bar stool, long legs in my direction and gives me an irresistibly smile.

“Thanks,” She says, extending a delicate, manicured hand, “I’m Anna, Anna Carlson.”

“James Percy.” I reply, grasping her hand tight. I nervously knock back the rest of my scotch, unsure of what to say next.

“So, Mr. Percy what brings you here, business or pleasure?” Anna asks, cocking her head flirtatiously.

“Business, I’m afraid,” I reply, unable to stop my eyes from tracing up and down her perfect legs. “I travel here a lot, so I keep a suite upstairs. I’m from New York.” I nervously tip back my glass only to realize I have nothing but ice left.

“You poor thing, you must have been working all day!” Anna purred. “I know just the thing to help you unwind: I’ll give you an excellent massage.” I try to hide my eagerness and mutter a quick thank you. Anna drained her martini and stood up, her hip brushing against my side as she moved past me. She comes around behind me and I signal the bartender for another round. Ever so gently, she avcılar grup yapan escort lightly drags her fingers down my neck and starts massaging my tight shoulder muscles hard. I lean my head back slightly and I can feel her breasts cushioning it. I close my eyes and inhale the sweet scent of her perfume; it’s light, but very sensual. The bar seems to dissolve with the tension as she rubs my back. Without thinking about what I’m doing, I notice that my fingers are carelessly grazing the back of her thigh. I’m embarrassed at my lack of control but I don’t pull away.

“You must let all your troubles go,” Anna croons in my ear; I can feel her warm breath on my neck. She helps me slide off my suit jacket and lays it on the bar before continuing down my back.

“That feels so good.” I say. Anna brings her mouth close to my ear and I can feel her breasts on my back.

“Thanks,” She whispers, her lips touching my ear as she does. Anna then gives my shoulders a good rub and slides her hands down the front of my chest, feeling my pecks. She loosens my tie and unbuttons the two top buttons of my shirt, allowing her fingers to comb through my chest hair. Then, she reaches past me to grab the martini that the bartender just brought over; she leans over my shoulder, her breast resting by my neck, and takes a sip. I swivel around on the bar stool so I’m facing her, and I am confronted by a smooth canal of cleavage. As she stands straight again, Anna places her hands on the front of my chest. Unaware of my actions, I place my hands just above her hips and pull her towards me so our knees are touching.

“Are you feeling better?” She whispers, sliding her knees along the sides of my thighs, closing the gap between our bodies. I rub her shoulders and arms, feeling her soft skin against my fingers.

“Yea,” I breathe, placing my hands on her thighs and sliding upwards. My mouth practically waters as I touch her skin and stare at her luscious breasts. Anna leans in and gives me a very soft, almost innocent kiss. I can’t help myself; I want to devour her.

“Anna,” I begin, my voice ragged. “I’m married.”

“I know,” She replies, touching her forehead to mine. “It’s ok.” In the back of my mind I remember that I’m a married man and my wife is home alone. I’ve never strayed before, but between my stress and my wife’s busy schedule, we haven’t been together in a while. I know it’s wrong, but maybe one night of pure, unspoiled pleasure is just what I need.

I slide the tips of my fingers under her skirt and give her a gentle kiss on her sweet mouth. avcılar masöz escort She kisses me back hungrily, pressing herself against my chest and wrapping her hands around my neck and head. Finally, she pulls away, finishes her drink and stands up, adjusting her dress. Noticing her shivering, I place my jacket over her shoulders, my fingers lingering on the collar. Anna reaches up and grabs my hand from the jacket and leads me towards the elevators.

I press the elevator call button and patiently wait for it to come. I stand behind Anna, my hands resting on her hips, smelling her hair. Then, I feel her press her shapely butt into my hips and she reaches behind herself with one hand and strokes my neck, kissing my jaw bone. I look down at her, staring straight at Anna’s sumptuous cleavage practically popping out of her dress. Unable to control my self any longer, she feels my cock harden against her.

Finally, the elevator clangs open and she grabs my tie and pulls me in the elevator. As the doors slide shut, Anna pushes me against the wall. I slide my hands along her waist, inside my jacket. She kisses me lightly on the lips, then on my neck and chest. Then, without hesitating, Anna slides down to the floor and swiftly opens my belt and pants fly.

My cock sprang free, and Anna took it gently in her hands, stroking her long elegant fingers along its length. I shudder, gripping the railing on the wall in pleasure. Anna then wraps her lips around the tip of my cock and presses her tongue against its head. She begins to suck and the pressure on my cock makes me moan softly. I run my fingers through her hair encouragingly as her lips slide along my shaft. Anna grabs the back of my thighs and takes my entire cock into her mouth, running her tongue along the length and massaging her lips around the base.

“Oh Anna!” I moan out loud as I feel myself releasing into her mouth. Just in time, the elevator slides open and Anna zips up my pants, wipes her mouth and leads me out into the hallway. I can only watch her silenced by awe.

I take her hand and show her towards my suite, nervous as we approach the door. I stand in front of the door, debating whether or not I should actually open it. Anna comes up behind me and wraps her arms around my chest, under my arms, kissing my neck and ear. She seems to sense my nervousness and she turns me around, pushing me against the door. Anna kisses me hard and powerfully, exploring my mouth with her tongue as she reaches into my pants pockets and pulls out the key. She swiftly unlocks the door herself and, still locking her lips avcılar otele gelen escort with mine, guides me into the dark suite. We fumble for the lights, our bodies entwined and banging off of the walls.

I lead her to the bed and we fall down on top of it. Anna props herself up on her elbow and looks at me with her seductive eyes expectantly. She reaches over with her other hand and unbuttons my shirt all the way down and slides my tie out from around my neck. Anna gets up on her knees and shimmies out of my jacket, letting it fall the floor. I sit up too and she straddles my waist, planting her knees on either side of my hips. I slide my hands up her thighs and under her ass as she grinds her hips into my lap and kisses my neck and shoulders. I put my hands on her back and unzip the back of her dress. I slide the straps down her shoulders and kiss her collar bone. I gently run my fingers up and down her spine, grateful that Anna’s not wearing a bra.

As her sumptuous breasts spill over the top of her dress and touch my chest, she easily slides my belt out from around me and, once again, unzips my pants. Anna moves down my body, sliding off my pants. I know that she’s ready to service me again, but I have to have all of her. Now.

I wrap one hand around the back of her neck and pull her mouth back to mine, flipping her over on her back and kissing her mouth and neck and collar bone. Pushing her dress down around her waist, I slide my tongue between her breasts, circling one, then the other. I continue to gently kiss down her body, across her toned stomach, sliding her dress down around her knees. I trace the inside of her thigh with my tongue, teasing her. In one swift motion, I drag her dress and flimsy lace panties down to her ankles and toss them aside.

Kissing the inside of her ankles, I take off her sexy high heals. I press my mouth to against her arches and then, releasing her foot, crawl over her body. I kiss her neck and mouth hungrily, forcing her legs apart with my hands. She complies, allowing for me to nestle my hard cock against her warm, wet clit. I slide the head of my cock into her, slowly. Inch my inch, I fill her. Anna arches her back and wraps her legs around my waist, lifting her hips to meet my stroke. I thrust my cock deep inside of her, pull it out, and then thrust again, moaning against Anna’s hair.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Percy,” Anna calls, “Right there; don’t stop!” With her encouragement I thrust harder, filling her tight pussy again and again. My groans and grunts grow louder as I feel the pressure building up in my cock. I can feel the walls of Anna’s pussy contracting against me and I know she’s almost there too.

A hoarse exclaim of pleasure escapes Anna’s throat as she reaches climax. At that moment, my cock releases, filling her pussy with spurts of come. Anna’s body seizes up as her juices flow. Then just as suddenly as it started, we both stop, collapsing in a mess of tangled white sheets and bodily fluids.

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