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This has been sitting in my storyline directory for a few months, and I finally decided to just post it and see what kind of reaction it gets.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue it, or where it may go if I do. As always, I’m open to input.

I’m getting laid off at the end of the month, and I’m going to take September and October off, so I should be posting more new stuff soon. I’m thinking about picking up some of the old storylines too.

* * * *


My body servant Lucien met me at the door of my quarters, then scurried ahead of me to hold back the curtains to the bath.

I smiled as I saw the large pool of scented water, holding my arms out to allow Lucien to strip off my gear, then my clothes.

Lucien moved quickly and efficiently, kneeling to remove my boots, then stripping off my web gear and belt, followed by my uniform blouse and pants. Tossing everything into a pile to be attended to later, he motioned me toward the bath.

“In a moment, Lucien.” I said, the fatigue obvious in my voice. “I just want to sit for a bit before I wash the day off of me.”

“As you wish sire, but I believe you would find sitting in the water more relaxing than just sitting in a chair.” Lucien said, standing off to one side. “And if I may be so bold sire, you reek, and you may need to soak before I can begin to scrub the stench from you.”

I laughed, nodding in agreement, then stepped into the large sunken tub. Lucien followed, stopping to drop his robe and pick up a plastic chair. He placed the chair, then guided me into it.

I sighed as the heat of the water enveloped me, and I let my body relax, my head lolling back against the head rest.

Lucien moved behind me, cupping his hands in the water, then soaking my short blonde hair. Squeezing a dollop of shampoo into his hand, he smoothed it over my hair, then began massaging it into my scalp.

“Damn that feels good Lucien.” I grunted, letting him move my head as he needed to.

“You need a trim sire. I can do that after we finish your bath.” He said as his nails dug into my scalp.

“That can wait.” I muttered, shaking my head out from under his hands and sliding off the chair. My hands came up as the water closed over my head, and I ran my hands through my close cropped hair, rinsing out the shampoo. Getting to my feet, I held my arms out as I turned to face him.

Lucien was used to my impatience, and he already had a sponge and bath gel ready. There was no wasted motion as he quickly washed my chest, then scrubbed under my arms, moving around to do my back and shoulders.

I sank under the water again, then stood so he could wash my legs.

Still behind me, he scrubbed the sponge over my asscheeks, then dipped his fingers between them. I spread my legs a little wider, but he had already moved on and was washing my legs.

He always saved my crotch for last, and tonight he was true to form. Squeezing a dollop of gel onto his hand, he worked up a lather then cupped my balls with one hand, massaging them gently while he wrapped his other hand lightly around my cock.

His hands moved lightly over me, and as usual, I hardened at his touch.

He continued for another minute, then started to move his hands as he looked up at me and said, “You can rinse now sire.”

“Not yet, that feels good Lucien. Keep doing it.” I said, letting my head loll back.

“As you wish sire.” He answered softly, bring both hands up and wrapping them around the thick shaft of my cock.

I had never asked Lucien to service me like this is the six years since I had found him as a starving waif outside Memphis. But it had been several weeks since I had been with a woman, and his touch was arousing me more than usual.

“Do you suck Galen’s cock when you two play together at night?” I asked, looking down at him, watching as he stroked his hands up and down over the length of my cock.

“Ye…yes sire.” He said softly, not looking up at me.

“Relax Lucien, I like the boy.” I told him. “I think he’s good for you. But tell me, who’s the bitch when you play, you or him?”

“Galen is sire.” Lucien said, looking up at me. There was a gleam in his eye that told me that he was telling me the truth.

“Good, I won’t have anyone’s little bitch serving me.” I laughed, then sobered quickly as I looked down at him. “Rinse me off and show me what kind of tricks you know.”

“Sire?” He asked. There was just the slightest quiver in his voice as he spoke.

“Rinse me off and suck my cock Lucien.” I grunted.

“Ye…yes sire.” He said, taking his hands off the stiff shaft of my cock and cupping them in the water.

I bent my knees letting my cock and balls sink into the water, and Lucien quickly rinsed the soap off me. I stood again, and he wrapped one hand around the root of my cock and held it up as he pressed his lips to the tip.

I watched as he opened his mouth, almost straining to fit the bulk of my meat between his lips. The swollen knob slipped into his mouth, and he gagged almost avcılar rus escort immediately, but didn’t pull away.

Tightening his grip at the root of my cock, he pressed his head forward, gagging roughly as my cock moved deeper into his mouth.

“Stop Lucien.” I said, pushing him away. I sank into the water again, running my hands over my cock, then stood and moved to the side of the tub.

Lucien rushed to the side of the pool and grabbed a towel, holding it open for me. I let him wrap it around me as I moved up the steps out of the tub.

“I’m sorry sire, I tried. I didn’t mean to displease you. I…” He sputtered.

“It’s fine Lucien, I shouldn’t have asked you to do that my friend.” I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. “It’s been a while since I’ve been with a woman, and I forgot myself.”

“I can do it sire…”

“Calm yourself Lucien.” I said, dropping the towel and slipping a robe on. “I’d wager Galen’s cock is a bit smaller than what you found in front of you.”

“Much smaller.” He said, trying not to smile. “If you want the truth, his cock is much, much, much smaller…”

“Too much information Lucien. Let’s talk about trophies while you bring me dinner.” I laughed, stepping through the curtains. “Did you see any women I might like when they were bringing the new captives in?”


The United States of America was gone. It had crumbled under the bloated bureaucracy of the Clinton Administration. That would be Hillary Clinton, the 46th president. She followed Donald Trump after his single lackluster term.

Assuming office in 2021 at age seventy four, President Clinton used the new Democratic majority in the house and senate to implement the programs that would create the socialist nanny state her party had dreamed of for decades. The welfare roles swelled as wealthy private citizens and corporations fled America’s shores.

Within two years, unemployment was over sixty percent, and the lowest tax rate had skyrocketed to seventy percent.

In 2027, congress passed the 28th amendment repealing the 22nd amendment, which limits the number of terms a president can serve. The following year, martial law was declared and the 2028 elections were suspended following the bombing at the Republican convention in Miami. President Clinton promised that the elections would be rescheduled as soon as order could be restored.

In 2030, after two years with no elections, Texas was the first state to secede from the union.

President Clinton gave the Texans an ultimatum with a forty eight hour deadline, but the first nukes fell on Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth before twelve hours had passed. Clinton denied ordering the attack even as she was being executed on the south lawn of the White House three days later, following the coup led by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Twenty-three other states seceded before the day was over.

The next six years were a free for all of political and military maneuvering. Alliances formed and fell, the strongest being the Kansas-Nebraska Confederation, which was now a nuclear power.

I was a major in the Marines at the time of the collapse, and followed the orders of the ever changing chain of command for more than three years before leading my regiment in a mutiny. Five other regiments joined us, and we moved north, sweeping quickly through New England, then west into New York and Pennsylvania.

Those territories were pacified in less than three months as food supplies were stabilized, and conscripts brought in to reinforce the ranks.

Ohio and West Virginia petitioned for protection, which resulted in Kentucky and Virginia falling to our forces six months later. I wanted to consolidate our position and build up our forces, but a declaration of war by the Southern Coalition resulted in pre-emptive nuclear strikes on thirty northeastern and southern cities by the Kansas-Nebraska Confederation.

The southies sued for peace and joined forces with mine, and together we marched west, capturing Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri before taking the new Kansas-Nebraska Confederation capitol at Wichita.

The Texans had taken the Mexican states of Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango, along with the neighboring American states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.

California moved to gobble up the western states, but the Mormons beat them to it. Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada fell quickly, followed by Washington and Oregon. California tried to go it alone for almost a year, but finally threw in with the Mormons.

Montana merged with the Dakotas, and together they captured Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, along with the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

When things finally settled down, my forces controlled the states east of the Mississippi, the Texans had the southwest, the Mormons the west, and the Dakotas controlled the north central.

Since then, there has been an uneasy peace, with each of the major avcılar türbanlı escort domains sniping at their neighbors, taking little bits of land as the opportunity presented itself.

Which is where we are now.


“Sit Lucien.” I said as I wolfed down the steak, loaded baked potato and green beans he’d laid out for me. “You know I don’t like to eat when you’re hovering about like that.”

“Yes sire.” He replied, taking a seat in the chair opposite me.

“Tell me about trophies. Did you see anything I might like?”

“Yes sire, I picked out seven, four ladies maids and three from the serving staff.” He answered, barely hiding his smirk.

I nodded as I took another bite of the steak, waiting for him to continue. He knew I liked his taste in women, since it matched mine so closely.

“I’ve had them taken to the concubines quarters, but warned them that not all of them will be staying there.” He went on. “I told Isabelle to have three of them ready for tonight in case you might wish…in case you might want a test drive.”

“Like you know what a test drive is.” I laughed. “Tell me about them.”

“A test drive is when you try something out to see if you will like it sire.” Lucien grinned, then added, “I test drive all your concubines before I let you see them.”

“I know, and I appreciate that Lucien. You take such good care of me.” I said, pushing the plate away. “Do you want any of this? You made too much as usual.”

“I’ll eat when we’re…”

“Eat it now, while it’s still warm.” I said, pushing the plate closer to him.

“Thank you sire.” He said, nodding. He pulled the plate closer to him and cut off a piece of the steak, pausing before he put it in his mouth.

“The one I know is a keeper is enormous. She’s at least six feet tall, and has big, fluffy boobs bigger than my head. She’s got a smooth, wide ass and firm, thick thighs. She’s a blonde, but we can dye her hair, I know you don’t like blondes. But the rug matches the drapes, so that might be a shame. Isabelle took one look at that rug and got out her scissors and razor.”

“God, I hope she doesn’t take it all off.” I muttered, picking up the bottle and topping off my wine glass.

“Isabelle knows you like some fur on the burger sire.” Lucien said around a mouthful of food. “She remembers how you shaved her head for shaving a pussy before you told her to.”

“Rico did that on his own.” I laughed, taking a sip of wine. “I told him to cut her hair, not shave her head. He did a month in the comfort brigade for not following orders.”

“This one knows she’s headed for concubine duty, and seemed pleased to hear it.” Lucien went on. “The other two, a redhead and a brunette are both five-ten or so, nice tits, decent ass and legs, but nothing special. The blonde is the prize in this group.”

“Call down and see if she’s been cleaned and prepped.” I told him, getting up and heading for my bedroom. “Then roll three or four joints, and do that blend thing you do. Make me up an I wanna fuck all night buzz if you can manage it.”

“A pinch of Sens, a pinch of Thai Stick, a dash of dirt weed Mexican chokin’ dope topped off with a hint of Maui Wowee.” He chuckled, picking up the plate and heading for the kitchen. “One of my favorites. I’ll send them in with the blonde.”


She came into my bedroom wearing a sheer white robe, open in the front. I could see her belly, the inner slopes of her tits, and the neat little triangle Isabelle had left between her legs.

Lucien was right, her tits were bigger than his head. She had true heavy hangers, they had to be an F-cup in the old measurement, and were capped with palm sized aureoles and thumb sized nipples. Her nipples were already hard, and I wondered if Lucien had done that.

She stood just inside the open doorway looking at me.

“You’re the blonde Lucien told me about.” I said, looking her up and down. “Do you have a name?”

“I like The Blonde, my lord.” She said lightly.

“It’s sire, not my lord, and we can call you The Blonde when we’re talking about you, but I want to know what to call you when I’m talking to you.”

“Rhonda. My name is Rhonda sire.”

“Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda…” I sang, smiling at her as I sat up and crossed my legs in front of me.

“I was named after that song. It was my mother’s favorite.”

“Then I probably would have liked her. I love sixties music, and the Beach Boys are a favorite.” I grinned. “So tell me Rhonda, did they tell you why you’re here tonight?”

“I’m here to serve you sire.”

“And what do you think that means?”

“It’s pretty obvious. You’re going to fuck me sire.”

“First off, you’ve got that backwards, you’re going to be fucking me.” I said, barely managing to keep a straight face. “What I would like to happen is we have very pleasant sex together for as long as we have the energy, then you smother me in those big assed tits till I fall asleep. How does that sound to you?”

“It avcılar ucuz escort depends sire. Can I say no?”

“Sure. You can sit that bottle of wine and the glasses on the nightstand, and go tell Lucien I’m not interested. He’ll find you something else to do around here. What did you do for Lord Barton?”

“I was lead cook at the small estate, this estate.” She said, smiling at me. “You’re sitting on his bed.”

She looked around the room, then walked over and sat the wine and the glasses on the dresser. She shook something out of one of the glasses before she turned to me.

“That cute little boy you sent to fetch me said to give you these.” She said, holding up three joints. “He said these will give us an I wanna fuck all night buzz.”

“That’s what I told him I wanted. The kid is a wizard when it comes to…”

“Do you have a lighter?” She asked, cutting me off.

“Sure.” I said, leaning back and picking up a lighter from the nightstand behind me. I tossed it to her and watched as she let the robe slip from her shoulders, then put one of the joints in her mouth.

She lit the joint and took a long, slow hit, then motioned me forward with one finger as she came to a stop at the foot of the bed.

I crawled over, staring at the juicy jugs hanging under her like a pair of udders. She put her fingers under my chin and lifted it, leaning closer and planting her lips on mine. Her tongue teased at my lips until I opened them, then snaked inside. We swapped spit for a moment, then I gasped as she blew smoke into my mouth.

I barely suppressed the urge to choke, and inhaled slowly as she kept exhaling smoke into my mouth.

I held my breath as she kept kissing me, and when I figured out that she wasn’t going to back off, I blew the smoke back into her mouth.

She didn’t miss a beat. We traded the smoke two or three more times before she pulled away. There was no smoke when she exhaled the last time.

“I have two rules.” She said as she let her hands rest on her hips. “First, in this room, we’re equals. Second, you always make me cum. And I get to cum first.”

“That’s three rules, but I can live with them, provided you earn it.” I said, leaning back and sliding my lounging pants down, then off. I tossed them off the side of the bed and scooted back so I was leaning against the headboard. “Now come over here and blow me another shotgun.”

Lifting one knee, then the other onto the bed, she knee walked over until she was between my legs.

“It’s called a kiss hit.” She said, putting the joint in her mouth and taking a long hit.

“You don’t waste as much smoke as you do with a shotgun.” She croaked as she leaned toward me.

“Good to know.” I muttered and I brought my hand to the back of her head and pulled her to me, kissing her hungrily.


“I was beginning to wonder if this thing was ever going to get hard.” She giggled as she handed me the joint. We were on the second one, and her other hand was stroking lazily up and down the shaft of my cock.

“I didn’t see any point in wasting a good hard-on if I wasn’t going to use it.” I said, my voice raspy from the pot.

“Really…well, let’s see if you have the same control keeping it hard that you do keeping it from getting hard.” She said, sliding over on top of me, then planting her knees on either side of my hips.

“I uh…I was going to taste that before we got it all…”

“Oh, you’re not going to cum in me yet sire.” She laughed, holding her hand out for the joint. “I just want to stick it in and stir up the pot a little before I feed you your snack.”

I gritted my teeth as she rubbed the head of my cock between the slippery lips of her pussy. The short hairs on her outer lips tickled and scratched the glans, making me groan.

“Put it in.” I panted as I felt her push down lightly, the tip of my cock starting to enter her.

“Oh, not yet! I’m not wet enough to take a monster like this.” She said, leaning toward me. Her hand moved up and down the shaft of my cock as she moved the tip in slow circles around the opening to her cunt. She held the doob in front of my face and smiled. “Here, hit this, it will distract you.”

I let her put the joint between my lips and took a long drag, then put my hands on her hips, pulling her down as I arched my hips up at her.

“If that thing goes in me before I say it can, I’m going to walk out, and you can give me whatever shit job you want. Now give me a kiss hit before I let you fuck me.” She said in a husky voice.

“Yes ma’am.” I whispered, pressing my lips to hers. I opened my mouth at the first touch of her tongue and blew the smoke into her mouth.

We kissed for almost five minutes, the smoke long since gone. Our hands were all over each others bodies, and I know for a fact that the head of my cock slipped inside her at least three times. One of those times she took me almost halfway in.

“I want you to fuck me.” She panted into my mouth. “Grab my ass and pull me down on this big beautiful dick and just fuck the shit out of me.”

“Yeeesssssss!” I groaned, tightening my grip on her hips and jerking her down to meet the upward thrust of my throbbing cockstalk. I buried it to the balls on one long, powerful plunge, then started bouncing my hips off the bed, launching her up off my cock, then guiding her back down onto it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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