Mark, Mom and Mindy Ch. 04

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Tammi shot up in bed. How long had she been sleeping? Why was she so exhausted? It must have been the stress. She thought about the previous day, the stale smell of sex still filled the room.

The clock read two, she had gone to bed at noon.

“That’s not bad,” she thought to herself.

Slowly she got out of bed. She was so groggy but she knew she had to go find Mark. She had to talk to him before things got out of hand. Maybe a couple of hours was good for him. Maybe he had calmed down.

She reached down and touched herself. Whether it was her son or not, he had awoken some feeling in her that she had held back. Feelings of submitting to her husband like a good wife. Feelings of being used for pleasure that made her feel whole inside.

Tammi had always felt uncomfortable about that. The need to be used. Something about her strict religious upbringing made her feel guilty to do otherwise. She didn’t want to love sex, she said to herself, to be loved while having sex was the most important thing. Mark had cherished her during sex. Mark did the thing she hated for him to do. He had both forced her and loved her at the same time. That excited her.

That scared her.

She got up and stumbled across the mess from the night before. She had to find him. This had to stop before it went too far. Before she went too far.

The house was too dark. Tammi finally realized that she had slept fourteen hours, not just two. It was two in the morning.

Did she dare enter his bedroom? He might get the wrong idea. She couldn’t be loud or Mindy would hear. She felt her stomach come to her throat. She wanted this to end now. She had to end it now. Even if it meant waking him and telling him at two in the morning to stop.

Nervously she approached his door. Was it unlocked? He always locked it. No, it wouldn’t be unlocked tonight, she thought, he wanted me to come in.

That thought sent chills through her. Her son wanted her to come to him. He wanted her to come to him and please him. It made her feel like she had done something wrong. She didn’t raise him right. This was all her fault. Guilt felt heavy on her shoulders.

She felt a shudder run through her and she started to cry.

How long she sat outside the door she didn’t know. She was disoriented and it was late. It might have been minutes or an hour. All she knew is that when she was done, she found the door open and slipped inside.

She stood over his bed and listened to him breathe. She could tell he was sound asleep, his heavy pants filled the entire room seeming to never cease. Her thighs tightened, remembering his cock deep inside her. His warmth shooting into her. His seed coming out of her, coating her walls. She felt her lips moistening.

It was wrong to think of that. She felt disgusted with herself. How could she think of that. He had raped her. Her own son. If it had been anyone else, she thought to herself, she would have called the police. He would be in jail.

Not her son. levent escort She couldn’t do that to him. What if he had done this to other women? What if that’s why he couldn’t keep a girlfriend? Did I do something wrong when I brought him up?

She watched his chest go in and out for what felt like an eternity. He was so peaceful. So calm. Not like he was the night before. Not like he was when he lustfully stole her sex. He was really a good boy, she thought, something happened to make him mad with desire.

How would she wake him up? Should she shake him? Maybe lay down next to him and comfort him, let him gently realize she was there scolding him. Yes, she was gong to scold him. What he had done was beyond anything she could imagine. He was being a very bad boy, grown or not, and she was his mother.

She gulped and slowly slid down into the bed. He was naked, it made her feel scared. She never slept naked and told her kids not to.

“I might come in to grab some clothes for laundry while you’re sleeping in,” she told them.

He never listened. He would always be above the sheets, often his shaft hard like a teenager usually was. She tried to look away but too often she looked. He was so much bigger now than then. So much more of a man. She started to remember the feeling of him inside of her again.

“Mark, honey,” she whispered into his ear, “it’s me. I wanted to talk to you.”

Mark slowly woke from his deep slumber and panicked. He felt his sister’s soft breathing at his back. His mother couldn’t be here. He couldn’t have them both in his bed. Quickly he shoved the palm of his hand over her mouth. She had to be quiet.

“Don’t move,” he gripped her waist tight to his and rolled completely over her to her and off the bed.

Mark didn’t know what else to do. He pressed his hand harder against her mouth as she tried to talk. She couldn’t talk, he thought. It would ruin everything.

Tammi stayed as still as she could. Her body was tensed in fear. She couldn’t bear him like this. Her own son forcing her. It was humiliating.

When she was married it was okay. Her husband could come home after a late night with the boys and push her around. She loved him. She knew he loved her, even if he forced her to do things she wasn’t always comfortable doing. She was supposed to do things. She was his wife.

Her son was a boy. Someone she had suckled at her breast until he was almost four. A boy who’s body she had cleaned with many warm wet cloths. A teenager who soiled the sheets she was constantly having to wash with his sex. Her boy. He couldn’t do the things her husband did. She didn’t raise him to be that way.

She raised him to love women. She went out of her way to hold him close. To give him as much affection as she could. She didn’t want him to become her husband. Her husband was a loving man, but he was a violent man towards women. He wanted them to bend to his will. Her husband wanted women to do his thing and forget maltepe escort their own.

Mark pulled her. His hand behind her head, the other on her mouth. He shoved her to her bedroom forcefully and quickly. Her body convulsed in fear over what he was thinking. Everything came back to her.

Don’t resist, she said to herself. Let him do whatever he wants. He loves you. He won’t hurt you. He won’t kill you. Let him take you and talk to him in the morning. Just like Tom. Just like her husband used to be. He has the same genes. He has the same lust. He is from the same seed.

Mark shoved her back on the bed. Why had his sister insisted on sleeping with him? He told her over and over again not to. That he wanted to be alone. Mindy wouldn’t leave him alone. She was everywhere. He wanted mom, and she wasn’t giving him any space to have her. She was keeping him from her and each moment he was away made his lust grow stronger.

Now that he had his mother in his grasp, he couldn’t contain himself. He started pawing at her clothes. Removing each piece as quickly as possible until she was nude before him. He ached for her touch. Her breasts in his mouth or her moist sex surrounding his cock. He ached for her in ways that made him nearly insane.

Tammi wanted him to pull the hand from her mouth. Wanted him to let her speak, but he wasn’t cooperating. He was pinning her down. She knew he was going to force her again.

She swallowed hard. She had been in this position many times. She’d tell Tom no, but he was too overcome to listen. She knew it was going to hurt both physically and emotionally. She had to make it as painless as possible.

She opened her legs wide and raised her hips to her son’s hot shaft. She knew what he needed. He needed to be released from his desire. She couldn’t talk to him until he had it. He was too lustful. He was too full of his male hormones to listen. He needed to be emptied.

Mark couldn’t believe it. He felt her hips rise to him eagerly. She was the woman she was two nights ago. The woman who wanted him instead of the woman who let him take her. He felt his cock shake and rise to his belly. His mother was wanting him.

The feelings were overwhelming. Her hips touching his cock. He had ached for her and now he could feel her ache for him. He wanted so badly to press inside. To feel her comforting warmth.

“Oh mom,” he moaned and found her opening, “I love you.”

Tammi couldn’t bear it. Her husband would call her names when he made her have sex and love her the next morning. He’d call her a bitch or something worse. Something to make her feel little as she was taken. It was almost unbearable to have her son love her as he raped her. She started to sob, her body shaking uncontrollably.

She tried to peel his hand from her mouth. She couldn’t let him force her and tell her he loved her. It hurt her too much.

Mark felt her body convulsing. She couldn’t be coming so soon. He wanted her to mecidiyeköy escort wait. To feel his seed filling her belly again. He quickened his pace. How he loved the feeling of her hot walls against him. Her slipperiness sending his body closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy. He needed to come with her.

“Oh mom,” he moaned into her ear, “not yet, I’m not ready.”

His hot breath in her ear gave her goosebumps. What did he mean? She felt the sobs take over her entire being. She was so confused by him. She didn’t know what was going on. She started to jerk with each sob.

Mark pulled a breast to his mouth and suckled it. Then thrusting even harder, he felt his mother’s shaking beneath him and wanted to be sure to explode with her. He wanted to feel at one with her. He pushed and pushed until he felt like he could contain his lust no longer.

“Mom,” he moaned into her ear, his palm still tight against her mouth, “I’m going to come so much into you that you’re going to feel me loving you for a year.”

With that Mark shoved himself as hard and strong as he could into his mother’s sex and let his seed burst forth. He felt her walls jerking against him and couldn’t help himself. He wanted to fill her. He wanted her to know how much he loved her.

Slowly he removed his hand from her mouth and quickly covered it with this lips. He shot his tongue into her mouth with each thrust, in and out. Feeling for her tongue, loving her warm mouth.

Tammi felt the tears run down her cheeks. What had he just said? What did he mean? She felt her whole body shivering in fear. Was he trying to get her pregnant? She didn’t want to feel him come in her at all and he was acting like it was her mad desire.

Mark’s tongue and shaft continued entering her against her desires. He started coming inside her. She could feel the warm juices shooting up into her belly, his hot shaft pulsing. Didn’t he know what he was doing? Didn’t he know that if he kept doing it disaster would strike? She shuddered at the thought of giving birth to her grandchild.

The seed filled her. She knew then that she would be pregnant with his child. That she would bear the burden of his loins. The timing was right. He wanted her as every man would if they were near her at this time of her cycle. He must have instinctively knew she was fertile ground for his seed.

Mark couldn’t resist. He felt her walls pulling the seed from him. He knew she needed him to fill her. He knew how much she wanted it. He pressed harder and harder into her until he had nothing left to give then collapsed on top of her.

Tammi put her arms around him. It wasn’t time to talk, she thought. It wouldn’t be time until the morning. When he was least likely to want for her, she convinced herself. When he was least likely to rape her. When he wasn’t too exhausted to listen.

She caressed him. He was such a good boy she thought. How could he force someone? How could he force his own mother? Tears started rolling from her eyes. She had raised her son and now she felt that burden weighing heavy on her. It was her fault.

They drifted off to sleep.

Mindy had watched the entire thing. Going to bed with her brother wasn’t such a bad idea, she thought. She rubbed herself. She was in control and she was relishing it.

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